wife fucked by my cousin


wife fucked by my cousinThis is the story of my wife rittu whom I got fucked with my cousin dimpy.I got married to rittu in 1996 and before my marriage me and my cousin dimpy who was 3 years younger to me was very frank with each other.In fact I taught dimpy how to mastubarate in our teenage years….it was I used to hold his dick in my hands and used to stroke his cock and he often used to cum in my hands.dimpy also stated jacking my hard cock and in fact we used to rub our cocks with each other until we cum together.We only used to pkay with our cocks and never did any sex anal.Once I blowjobed dimpys cock and he came in my mouth.This was the story during our teenage days and then my marriage was fixed with rittu and we got married in delhi.my cousin also came to my marriage and we only shared normal relation as if nothing happened before and we both knew that our days of stroking our cocks are over and now it will be my cock banging my wifes pussy.I used to daily fuck rittu in different positions and even used to make her drink my cum. I used to sex slave her and she used to fulfill my every sexual desire.Once after 4 years of our marriage I got a call from my cousin dimpy and he said that since he is in delhi for some official work.I told him to have dinner together and he agreed to it.I told rittu that dimpy would be coming to our house for dinner and to prepare some nice dishes for him since we are meeting after many years. Rittu dressed her self in black saree and with her ripe luscious body in high heels and she was looking daam sexy in her dress.I asked her if I can fuck her now but she said later in night .As we were discussing the doorbell rang and I went to open the door and there I saw my cousin standing with flowers in his hand.I gave him a tight hug without even realizing that we used to hug each other naked in our teeanage days.Rittu then came and dimpy gave her the flowers banquet and wished her hello in a formal manner.We escorted dimpy to the drawing room and sat down and enquired about each other and our work and rittu also sat down opposite dimpy with her curvecious ass on the sofa and her tight boobs poking out of her black saree.I then got up and went to the bar room to make some drinks for my cousin.I bought the scoctch bottle right in the drawing room as I kew that we both are going to finsh the bottle..Rittu and dimpy were just chating causally.I poured a glass of scotch for dimpy and myself and told rittu to get some snacks from the kitchen.As soon as rittu got up and went to kitchen dimpy turned her face backward to look at my wife ripe ass.I knew that dimpy was not married yet and he might be still be looking for someone to stroke his hard cock.As I poured more drinks in our glasses we were now getting more opened up and in between I saw dimpy placing his hand on my thighs.I thougt that he might be doing it causally but after sometime he placed his hand on my cock.I was very surprised by his actions and I thought that he might have forgotten all the old things and started a new life.soon rittu came with the snacks and I shoved his hand away from my cock.Rittu then served us snacks and in between dimpy also was feasting his eyes on my wifes body.Even when rittu was now serving snacks he used to touch her hands.I now anadolu yakası escort felt that dimpy was getting high and then on pretex of excusing from rittu I told him to come with me and see my house.As I took dimpy to the terrace he caught hold of me and started unzipping his cock and placed it in my hands. I told him that now I have changed and these things are over for me.He begged me to stroke his cock as he was in the urge of cumming.I refused of doing so and told him to find some woman and fuck her as he should change his habits as he is a grown up man now but then he told me that it was very difficult for him to get out of this situation as it was me who got him into this habit.He then pleaded with me to stoke his cock but then I told him to wait as I had other thing in mind.I thought if it was me me who got him into this habit then I should get him out of this habit also.I told dimpy to follow me .I then took him to the drawing room where rittu was sitting and waiting for us. She told me that snacks were getting colder and she should now serve dinner.I told rittu to wait for some more time and she should also join us with drinks.I knew that me and rittu had some drinks together but never in front of someone.Rittu was hesitant to have a drink but then I poured her a glass of scotch and then I asked dimpy to cheers together.Soon then I put on some soft music and then again I pored another peg for rittu.I also told dimpy to enjoy his drinks slowly as he failed to understand what was I upto.Rittu was also now getting little dazed with her drinks .I again then made one more drink for rittu and sat down beside her.I asked rittu if she was feeling okay and she said she is feeling good.I then told dimpy to put on a dance number and he put up some good bollywood item number.I asked rittu to dance to this number but she refused.Dimpy then asked rittu for hand and she got up to dance with him.Both dimpy and rittu were now dancing in dim lights and I went to barroom to make more drinks for them.Rittu was now on high and I then unfurled her hair loose and she was dancing in a black saree typically looking like a bargirl dancing in some Bombay pubs.Dimpy now came and sat beside me and again paced his hands on my cock though rittu was dancing in front of him.I told him to have some patience.I then got up and changed the music to slow balldancing and we gave our hands to each other and started enjoying the slow instumentel music.I then asked dimpy if he can make some few drinks for us as I wanted rittu to be total drunk today without knowing of my intentions.Rittu was now fully drunk and kneeling on my body as she was loosing her balance.I made rittu sat down on the sofa and started kissing her.Rittu also responded passionately kissing me without knowing dimpy was in front of us.Dimpy now unzipped his pant and took out his cock for stroking.I took dimpy to the other side and I told him that this is the woman he is going to fuck tonight and should stop stroking his cock and get ready for a hot pussy.Dimpy was very amazed that that I was offering my wife for her but then I told him there is always a first time and rittu also didn’t knew about it.He then asked how it will happen and I told him go and ataşehir escort wait in my bedroom and put the dim light on.Dimpy was quite nervous now and he sipped another drink and went inside my bedroom.I then went to rittu who was intoxicated but she was responding to me.I told riitu to let us go to the bedroom .I took her hands and went inside the bedroom.Dimpy was waiting over there and was sitted on the sofa. as rittu didn’t notice him as she was on high.I caught hold of ritu and started kissing her as my tounge deep inside her mouth and my hand holding her ripe ass.Rittu was also deepthoroting my tounge and then now I waved dimpy to come near me.dimpy got from sofa and came near us.I gave him direction to bring his mouth closer to our mouth and as soon as I split from rittu mouth dimpy forced his mouth in rittus mouth and both were now liplocked to each other mouth.dimpys height was same as me and rittu didn’t reliased that she is kissing my cousin.Dimpy had never had a woman before and on getting such a ripe luscious body he was also on a high.Both dimpy and rittu was now kissing passionately and their bodies hugging each other tightly as if there was no tommorow.Rittu was now sensing something differently as dimpy was not leaving her for breath.I then qukily went to bar to make another drink for rittu and handed over glass to dimpy.Dimpy the gave the glass to rittu and she gulped the scotch in single stroke. Dimpy now took off rittu saree and and now she was in black petticoat and blouse.He then tore off rittu blouse and petticoatt and she was left to exposed in red bra and panty with her heels on.Rittu was now looking like a drunkard prostitute without realing that some other man was going to fuck her.I winked at dimpy to take off his clothes and he took off his shirt and pants.he too became naked with his undies on and now he came close to rittu and got hold of her.Rittu sensing a hot body hugged him tght and started kissing her passionately.And now rittu hands were moving toward dimpys cock and she put her hands in his undies and caught hold of dimpys cock and my what a sensation dimpy had as if he was waiting for that moment.Dimpy unhooked rittus bra and started biting her nipples .he caught both rittus boobs in her hand and started fondling the tits as if a c***d was hungry for mothers milk.Dimpy now made rittu turned back and from behind he started fingering rittus hot pussy with one hand and other hand squeezing rittus tits.He kept on fingering rittu pusssy for 20 mins and the he made her lie on the bed and both their mouths were liplocked without separating.Rittu still did nor released that my cousin was feeling her juicy body.Dimpys now took off rittus panty and he also took off his undies and now both the bodies were tightly in embracing each other and rittu hand were stroking dipmy hard cock.Ii also took all off my clothes and started stroking my cock in dim light.I then got up and gave dirctions to dimpy to bring rittu on top him and turn to 69 position. Rittu now took dimpys cock in her mouth thinking that it was my cock and and started sucking it..Mine and dimpys cock were of same size and so rittu did not not find any diffence.I then directed to dimy to lick rittus chut but then dimpy ümraniye escort had never licked any woman pussy before.I then quikly bought my tounge near rittus chuts lips and started licking her so that rittu doesnt reliase that some mischief is going on.Inbetween dimpy also bought his tounge near rittus chut and and my and dimpys tounge were now licking rittus chut together and in between our tounges used to kiss together tasting her pussy juice,Now dimpy was fully engrossed in licking rittus pussy deeping her tounge inside her chut and rittu was aslso deepthorating dimpys lund..I went and sat down on the sofa and watched dimpy and rittu in 69 positoon for one hour.I also wonder why dinpy was not cumming as he was fully enjoying the act with rittu.Now rittu mouth was fully tierd and she asked me for another drink without realizing that she is on on top of dimpy.body.dimpy then quikly went to the barrom to make a drink for rittu and I followed him there.I told dimpy my cock is also very hard and both our cocks were in hard position .Dimpy took my cock again in his hand and started stoking me but then I told him that together we will fuck rittu turn by turn.Dimpy agreed to it and then I tok the drink in my hand and went to the bedroom.rittu was lying nude on the bed with only heel on her .I handed over the drink and again she guldped the scotch in single storke.she now got ready in with her legs widely split and then I enterted my cock in her pussy slowly by slowly.She again embraced me to a tight kiss and dimpy was looking from behind all the scences.I started pimping rittu vigoursly but I did not wanted to cumm as dimpy also wanted to fuck her.I withdrew my cock and asked dimpy to take my position and soon he came to my position and started stoking his virgin cock in my wifes hot pussy.rittu pussylips welcomed his cock into her vagina and both stared fucking each other.Rittu was now very hot and she made dimpy lied down on the bed and came on top of him.She inserted her chut lips in his erect cock and started pumping him very hard.Dimpys hands were now sqeezing rittus boobs and both the bodies were fucking each other very vigoursly.rittu now was about to cum and she started stroking his hard cock very hard.both dimpy and rittu came togther and dimpy insered all his sperms in my wifes chut and rittu still did not find out that my cousin had loaded his sperms in her chut.Both then lied down on the bed and my cock still erect came near the bed and told dimpy to make way for me.dimpy quikly kneeled down on the bed and I came on the bed beside rittus body and as rittu got up to clean her chut I caught hold of her and started fucking her.Rittu did not know how a cock becme erect so quikly but she didn’t say anything and responded to my act and as I inserted my lund in her chut my cock could feel the sticky cum of dimpys in her chut.this got me more hardon and stared fucking rittu very hard and soon I also came in her chut mixing my spems with dimpys spems.We both dozed off to night sleep Rittu now dozzed off to sleep and then I and dimpy made a quite getaway to another room where dimpy thanked me to such a lovely experience of a woman which he would never forget.Now dimpy has given up the habit of stroking his cock and he only fuck woman of all ages and kind and he is getting married next week and has invited me for his marriage and also for honeymoon which I would narrate the experience with his wife after the honeymoon and meanwhile rittu has become pregnant and I wonder whose sperms has fertilized with rittus eggs and she gave birth to our healthy baby c***d

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