How I Became Vanessa Chapter 2


How I Became Vanessa Chapter 2Hello dear readers,I strongly encourage you to read the first chapter of this story to fully grasp the sudden changes which affected my life.I dressed up with a very tight black long sleeves top and a black mini-skirt. I added a choker necklace like the one Elena used to wear. I chose a pair of black fence net thigh highs to show my beautiful legs and stiletto high heels. I also chose to wear my shorter blonde wig (jaw-length) and some heavy make up.I didn’t know I wasn’t alone. I was starting to prepare my ass with some lubricant and to squeeze my big black dildo in when Elena came out of her room, walking sexily towards me, wearing the same outfit that I saw her wearing in the bathroom and also a pair of long black gloves that she had borrowed from my secret drawer.Before I had any time to protest or to say anything, she kneeled down and sucked my cock bursting with desire. Feeling her lips on my prick was overwhelmingly good: it was the exquisite materialization of my secret dream for my step sister. How many times did I dream about this delicious instant while masturbating or while I was peeping at her under the shower? And now, it was for real! There was some sort of lustful anadolu yakası escort agreement in the gazes we exchanged. No words were spoken. Her blowjob was mesmerizing.She took charge of the dildo in my ass, provoking very quickly a blast of my cum on her face and in her hot mouth. She slowly stood up and swapped the sperm in my mouth. I couldn’t believe it: I had been just blown by my beautiful step sister before becoming a sex slave of my ex girl friend! We kissed passionately and we discussed a lot about our mutual attraction and also about the shower teasing when my cock hardened again and I fucked her sensually on her bed. She asked me to shove my cock into her ass as she wanted absolutely to know what I felt before. I was surprised to discover that she was nowhere a virgin…While I was sliding my thin dick in her anus, she told me that she had a boyfriend who was bisexual and she wanted to introduce him to me. I agreed. Then I told her about my appointment with July: it excited her. She asked me to tell her everything about it afterwards: she would wait for me in my bed. How convenient that my mother was away with her husband for a couple of weeks!I ataşehir escort went out, walking fast in the streets as boys were cat calling me at every corner. I don’t think most of them realized I was a man and it was really exciting to be so desirable. I arrived at July’s place and knocked at her door._”Hi sissy, wow, you look so damn slutty! You’re so beautiful; John is going to like that!”I entered and saw John on the couch, wearing nothing else but a boxer.July was dressed in a fishnet body stocking and thigh high boots. She served us a couple of drinks. I felt the gaze of John laying on me insistently and I saw the huge bulge forming between his legs. July said:_”Time to start Vanessa, it’s going to be your new name now, the slutty Vanessa, cock craver and total whore…kneel down and blow him!”I kneeled down, my face at the level of John’s crotch and released the huge cock from his boxer which bumped heavily on my forehead. I opened slowly my mouth and licked the tip of the prick and the entire shaft. Then I took it in my mouth. It was so huge! But I was used to such big sizes as my dildo was pretty big too. It felt so much better than a dildo: this warmth and this ümraniye escort odor of sex were intoxicating. I didn’t want to show her I was enjoying it, partly because I was ashamed of it and also because I wanted her to think that her revenge was working and that she was being successful in humiliating me. Maybe she would leave me alone after that: I was rather afraid to become her sex slave forever and suffer the constant blackmailing power she would have upon me. Unfortunately, I couldn’t help moaning softly with pleasure. July laughed and said:_”Don’t tell me I’m forcing you to do it, you obviously enjoy every minute of it!”She pushed me and sucked John. She ordered me to be on all four and to get prepared for my first anal. I took away my skirt and my g-string. John was behind me and with the help of July’s saliva; he entered my ass in a couple of thrust. I was screaming of intense pleasure when July got in 69 under me and sucked my cock while spreading my ass cheeks to allow John to go deeper. His pounding as well as her sucking started to accelerate. He had no mercy for my ass and she used me like a sex doll.Still in 69, I exploded in her mouth as I was licking her juices and then John withdrew from my ass, came in front of me and shot his cum in my mouth. I swallowed most of it and took the rest on the face. July came to me and swapped my own cum in my mouth, we played with all the semen, kissing each other perversely for a while with this huge quantity of cum. I came back home, promising her to be back.To be continued…

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