The Wager

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The Wager1: The Game BeginsHow could this fucking happen? We have only been married eighteen goddamn months. I first met Jill at a church social in her hometown. Jill was a beautiful young lady with a religious upbringing. Her parents required her to attend church every Sunday. We dated for about a year. A year I refer to as the ‘Blue-Balls’ year. We were married in the spring of ’98 and all was right in the world. Money was our only problem. I was barely making enough money to cover the necessities and the rent on a crappy little apartment downtown. I was working as an accountant with a local firm but I came to realize the firm and I were going nowhere slowly. I began to look around and a recruiter turned me onto an opportunity with the construction firm, so I scheduled the interview. The construction firm had offices throughout the US but this position was out on the West Coast. I talked it over with Jill and she was excited about trying a new adventure. The owner, Roger Booth, was a larger than life personality. Roger is an imposing figure at over six-foot tall and ruggedly handsome. Truth told it is his dynamic personality that sets him apart. Jill and I were both swept up in his charisma. The money was great and the job sounded perfect. Jill and I enjoyed Roger’s company during the interview cycle so it was an easy decision. Anyway, upon accepting a position with Roger’s company, Jill and I moved out to LA from Reston, Virginia.Even after repeated warning from Roger, Jill and I were unprepared for the West Coast pace of life. We found LA a huge metropolis that was rich in culture, nightlife and every form of activity one heart could desire. We were amazed at the sheer number of people, everywhere. Everyone was on the go and seemed driven to get there without regard of their neighbor. Laid-back my ass, this place was fast paced and money driven. Roger promised to ease us into ‘it.’ He did not specify what ‘it’ was. Roger took us under his wing since we were the ‘new k**s on the block’. He was the center of our social universe. It all started at Roger’s house on a Saturday as we watched a basketball game between Virginia State, our alma mater, and UCLA, Roger’s alma mater. That was three months ago.Upon our arrival, the game was already in the second period and Virginia State was in the lead by 15 points. Jill teased Roger through the third quarter. Roger looked across the room at Jill and said the now infamous words.”Put your money where your mouth is.”Roger loves to gamble. He is constantly on the telephone with one bookie or another while we slave for him at the office. I thought he was crazy wagering the kind of money he does but he always seemed to win though, or at least minimize his loses.My darling wife retorted with, “I’ll bet that State wins this going away.””You’re on,” was Roger’s reply.I leaned over to Jill and asked, “What’s the wager? Remember honey, Roger is a high roller with lots of bucks to back it up.”Jill brushed it off by saying, “I’ll cover any bet he decides on. Look at the score. How can I lose?”With those famous last words the fourth quarter started. State’s lead had dwindled to 10 points. State fought gallantly and I had to admit that it was an exciting finish. Unfortunately for my wife, UCLA won by three.”Well my dear,” Roger said with a smile. “Seems I heard you would cover any bet I decided on. I heard you correctly didn’t I?”Yes you did,” my wife answered smugly. “Call your wager.””Well let’s see. Today, I bet a grand on UCLA by two and a half and another grand on the over. Seems fair that you double my money.””What!” My wife sat down dumbfounded. “Roger, we don’t have that kind of money right now. I thought you were thinking ten to twenty dollars.”Like an idiot, I piped in saying; “I told you he was a high roller.””What’re we going to do sweetheart,” Jill asked with a twinge of concern.Roger said, “Look let’s take a dip in the pool and I’ll think this over. OK?””Sounds okay by me. Jill?””Sure. Roger, where can I put on my bathing suit? Bobby, I’ll meet you out back.””Bobby, you can change in the bathroom. Hey, ‘Big Guy,” why don’t you wipe us up some Margaritas,” Roger suggested. “The fixings are at the pool-side bar.”I stepped into the bathroom and put my suit on while Roger showed Jill to the master bedroom to change. I was out at the pool for about thirty minute before Jill and Roger emerged from the house. Jill had chosen one of her sexiest swimsuits. It was a white one piece cut high on her thighs and cut low to show cleavage. The material was shear and her nipples were hard and visible. Her large breasts swung freely as she approached. I stole a glance at her pussy and noticed that her thick cunt lips were visible through the material as well. In fact, I noticed a goodly amount of moisture had wetted the material. Jill’s pussy can become very wet when she is aroused. Roger was wearing Speedo’s and the outline of his very large cock was evident, a cock that was just now receding back to its normal size. A large wet spot surrounded the tip of his cock. My mind could not grasp what was my eyes saw. What happened inside the house while I was here in the backyard? I looked at Jill and noticed she was having a difficult time looking at me.”Have you two decided on your wager?” I inquired.”Yes, I believe we have,” was Roger’s response. “Jill, are we in agreement or are you going to ‘welsh’ on the bet?””No,” Jill stammered. “No, I’ll honor the bet.” Having said all she was going to say, Jill dove into the cool water of the pool.Roger laughed and said; “There it’s settled.” Then he dove into the pool. I sat the drinks down on the table and joined the swimmers. The three of us swam, drank and frolicked in the water. We had a blast. Whatever Jill was embarrassed about appeared to be forgotten.As we drove home from Roger’s at about nine that night, I inquired about the wager. Our lives changed at that moment.”Well are you going to tell me about your wager?””No,” was her response.”Bull shit, Jill. I have a right to know. What is this silly ass wager?””Bobby, I think I fucked up.”I was shocked to hear her use such language. Jill never cursed in my presence before. By the look on her face, I knew something was wrong. I pulled over and parked the car.”OK, out with it,” I demanded in a stern voice.”Please Bobby, don’t be mad. When Roger showed me into his bedroom, he immediately started to strip. I was stunned and asked him to stop. He laughed and dropped his pants. Bobby, except for you I have never seen a man naked before. His thing was so big and the skin covered the head completely. Then like some evil snake it began to grow. As it became hard, the skin receded until the head of his thing was visible. “I was staring at it frozen in place. Roger asked if I had ever seen a ‘cock’ as big as his. I just shook my head no. Bobby, he was standing so close to me, as the damn thing grew it closed the distance between us. I stood there mesmerized. He reached out taking hold of my wrist and placed his thing into my hand. My fingers curled around it. His thing was so big that my fingers could barely encircle it. “My hand seemed to have a life of its own as I began stoking it. It was so hard and hot. I could feel his pulse throbbing along its entire length as my hand moved slowly back and forth. I was still staring at it when a clear drop of liquid seeped from the hole. Roger wiped the drop off with his finger and smeared it on my lips. “Bobby, I don’t understand what came over me but as he wiped that drop on my lips I lost control. My tongue slithered out craving the salty fluid. I licked my lips and then his finger. Bobby, I know I was being bad but I could not stop myself. Roger put his hands on my shoulders and I knelt in front of him. “His manhood was only inches from my lips. I leaned forward and kissed it. Then I licked the entire head. It was so hot in my mouth. My saliva began dripping from my chin as I took hold of it with both hands. I sucked on it until Roger moaned and his whole body shuddered. He came in my mouth with such force that I gagged. His juices flooded my mouth and throat until I thought I was drowning in the salty mess. As I gagged his juices squirted from my nose and mouth. “I pulled that monster from my throat and it pulsed again, coating my face with the white sticky fluid. It was as if I was a crazy woman Bobby. I began to rub his hardness all over my face as it pulsed more liquid onto my skin. I could not get enough of his hot fluid in my mouth or on my face. I used my fingers and his thing to capture every drop. I licked him clean. Then I looked up into his face and I knew I could deny him nothing.”I sat in stunned silence as Jill described the events. I realized that my breath had become labored and my cock was as hard as steel. The story was repulsing, yet I could not recall ever being as turned on as at that moment.”Is that all that happened,” I asked.”No, do you want to hear more?””Yes.””Bobby, he helped me off the floor and took my clothes off. I stood before him in my high heels only. He told me to turn around slowly. It was as if I was in a trance as I obeyed his every command without question. He told me to bend over and put me hands on the bed. I was ordered to open my legs for him. “He told me to spread my ‘pussy lips’ open so that he could see deep into me. I was embarrassed but I have never been that turned on. He moved behind me and rubbed his thing along my slit. My juices were running down my thighs. I remember thinking to myself how strange it was that he was still hard. Bobby, you always need some time or stimulation to get it back up. He pushed the head of it into me. My vaginal walls stretched to receive him. He continued to push himself into me. He grabbed my hips and thrust himself deep inside of me. “Bobby, he fucked me and I liked it. His thing was deeper inside of me than you ever have been. I never knew sex could feel so good. Every stroke he smashed into my cervix. The pain and the pleasure from the pounding were all mixed together. It was wonder and terrible. Then I felt an electrical charge course thru my body and I climaxed. Bobby, you have made me climax before but never like this. “I exploded. My body convulsed and I pounded the bed. My hair swung side to side until I thought that I my head would separate from my neck. I saw colors and stars. I know I was on the verge of passing out yet Roger just kept pounding his hardness into me. Finally, I could feel him swelling inside my vagina. “For the first time in my life I felt the hot fluid jetted for the tip of his cock and fill my hole. I climaxed again. I could feel his penis swell and pulse squirt after squirt into me. When he was done, his thing softened and slid from my body. His juices bubbled and belched from my vagina. He stood back and admired his handy work. As I tried to stand up and cover myself, he ordered me to stay as I was. That is when he began snapping picture of me. Then he told me the terms of our wager.”When Jill paused, I demanded to know what the wager was.”Tell me, Jill. What is the fucking wager?””I am his sex slave for one month.”I could not say anything. Jill broke the silence, “Are you ok with all this, Bobby?””I cannot honestly tell you yes or no. Look at what your story did to me.”I pulled my cock out of my pants. Jill made a yummy sound and bent over and took me into her mouth. My beautiful blond wife bobbed up and down on my cock until I exploded in her mouth. She sucked my balls dry and licked the residue from my cock and balls. I felt as if my life’s blood had been sucked out threw my cock.”Wow, baby. That was the best blow job you have ever given me.””Bobby, stop talking so dirty. You know I don’t like to hear that kind of talk from you.””Wait a minute, Jill. You just told me a story about sucking and fucking my boss and your upset with the way I talk?””Bobby, even with what has happened and what is going to happen, I do not want it to change our relationship.””OK beautiful. I understand.” I petted and stroked her hair. “Jill, what happens if you say no to Roger?””This is where it gets nasty, Bobby. I asked Roger that same question and his response was ‘LA is a tough town. I hope you and Bobby enjoy your life here’. He threatened us yet he didn’t threaten us. It was a weird moment. Anyway, I decided to go along with him on the sex thing. What is the worst thing that could happen? I send some time in bed with your boss and you become a valued employee.”As we drove home, I pondered aloud, “I don’t think that that is the worst Roger can think up.”When we arrived home, we went straight to bed. Jill did something she never does, she stripped in front of me bornova escort and crawled into the bed pushing the cover down and spreading her legs in invitation. She even rubbed her finger threw her moist slit.”You want some of this, Bobby? I can be your slut, too.””Yes I do!”I crawled between her legs and started to lick her wet pussy.”Oh, baby, yes eat me. Oh that feels so good. Lick deep inside of me. Ooooo, that is sooo good. Mmmmm!”I continued to eat her pussy as she thrashed about the bed. I knew I was eating her ‘used’ pussy and it spurred my passion on. I felt nasty and wicked. I knew she was very close to cumming when her belly began to contort as her muscles rippled. The next words Jill spoke both shocked me and turned me on.”Eat my cunt baby. Suck all of Roger’s cum out of my dirty slut hole.”Then she came screaming. No words only a scream.When her orgasm subsided and she became calm, I looked into her eyes and she smiled.”Was I a good little slut for you honey?””That was spectacular sweetheart. I have never heard you talk dirty before and it excited me. I have never seen you cum like that before. Did you enjoy it?””Mmmm, yes baby I did. Now make love to me.”Jill and I engaged in a marathon of sexual pleasure. We continued our lovemaking into the wee hours of the morning before we feel apart and slept. That was the last time we ‘made love’.2: The DateAround noon the next day, I answered the telephone. It was Roger calling.”Bobby, I take it that Jill and you discussed the wager. I promise you that you will get back a sexier and more open lover. Jill will blossom into a true woman. You can be sure that I will take excellent care of her. Now let me talk to my newest sex slave.””Aaah, Roger. Look, I do not think that I am very comfortable with this wager. Is there some other way of satisfying the debt?””Not really Bobby my boy. You see after our little tryst yesterday afternoon, I want more. Now Jill has agreed and I demand my satisfaction. LA can be a cold and heartless town for the dispossessed, Bobby-boy.”There was the threat again. I quickly considered my job and the money. The position my employment with Roger has afforded Jill and I. I knew I was in a hopeless position when I recalled Jill’s own words, ‘I looked up into his face and I knew I could deny him nothing’. I was sunk!”Jill,” I called to her. As I handed her the telephone, I informed her, “It’s Roger.””Hi sweetie,” Jill said into the telephone. Then she listened and hung up. She looked at me and said, “Let’s have something to eat. Then I have to fix myself up because Roger is taking me out to a party tonight.”We eat our lunch in silence. Then Jill went upstairs to get ready. I heard Jill rummaged through her closet to find the right outfit. I wondered what does a sex slave in training wear on her first ‘date.’ I heard the water in the shower turn on and the sound of Jill’s singing voice drifted down to my ears. Jill came down stairs dressed in her ‘hooker’ outfit, a black Lycra short dress that showed every curve. She had only worn it once for me at the house. She said she was too embarrassed to wear it in public. One of her girlfriends had given it to her as a gag at our going away party. I remember what her friend said when Jill unwrapped the present, ‘If you are going to sin central, you might need this’. We all laughed. Jill and I sat across from each other sipping a cocktail. I noticed that as she crossed her legs her bare pussy was visible. My dick got hard thinking about my wife being used as a ‘party favor’ tonight. At six o’clock that evening, a taxi pulled up into our driveway. Jill kissed me goodbye but neither of us said a word.Jill walked in at three that morning, smelling of booze and sex. I was in the living room on the sofa. She walked over to me and stood with her legs wide apart. A rivulet of cum ran down her thigh. She grabbed the hem of her dress and slowly pulled her dress to her waist. Her pubic hair was matted with cum. The lips of you pussy were thick and swollen. The smell of semen permeated the air.”I need a ‘hello’ kiss, Bobby.”I leaned into her pussy and inhaled deeply. My tongue licked the matted sperm from her pubic hair. Jill pulled away and stepped stride my head. As she squatted down, her pussy bubbled and farted cum onto my face. My tongue lashed out at her juice pussy. I could feel cum flowing into my mouth and down my throat.”Mmmm, that is baby. Soothe and pleasure my slutty cunt. Suck all of their cum from my hole while I tell you what happened to me tonight. Oooohhh, Bobby that feels so good.”Jill ground her wet pussy onto my face. She was using my tongue to clean the cum from her pussy. I knew this would become our routine when she returned from her ‘dates’ with Roger. I hoped that this perversion would stay our secret. Then the phrase ‘Suck all of their cum from my cunt’ took form in my lust driven brain. ‘Their cum’ echoed in my mind. Jill had fucked someone other than Roger.”Do you want me to tell you what Roger made me do, Bobby?””Oh, baby, tell me every detail,” was my muffled replied as I sucked her sloppy cunt. I returned to my perversity and listened to Jill sordid tale of debauchery.”The taxi dropped me off at the Nottingham Towers and I was ushered to the penthouse. Roger met me at the door and guided me into the living room. He introduced me to the four gentlemen as ‘the fuck of the century!’ Then he reached down, grabbed the hem of my dress, and slowly lifted it over my head. I stood there wearing only my high heels and thigh high stockings. “Without an invitation, I walked to the closest man and kissed his lips gently while grabbing a handful of his hardening cock. He fingered my wet pussy while sucking and licking my nipples. Then I moved on to the next man repeating this ritual. My pussy was dripping juice down my thighs by the time I returned to Roger’s side. He asked if I was ready for the fucking of my life. I licked his lips and smiled.””Jill, you little slut!””Oh Bobby you have no idea how much of a slut I am. What happened next was something that I’ve only fantasized about when I masturbated.”I was shocked by those words. I did not even know my wife masturbated. This piece of information acted as an accelerant that fanned the flames of my desire. My tongue dug deeper into her cum filled cavity.”The party began with all the men stripping. I have never seen so many big cocks. Not even in those dirty films that you hide in your dresser. They all were bigger than your seven inches, Bobby. Big fat juicy pussy stretching cocks. Does it excite you that I call them cocks, Bobby?””Oh, baby, I have never been so fucking hot. I love to hear you talk like a slut.””Bobby, look at my asshole.”Jill raised her ass from my face and noticed for the first time that white fluid was leaking from her swollen anal passage. My tongue gently licked the secretions oozing from her asshole.”Mmmm baby you are as much of a slut as your wife. You like this don’t you? You like sucking the cum from my used fuck holes.””Oh Jill, I am embarrassed to admit it, but I do so like sucking you after you have been with another man.””Why you dirty little cum sucking husband,” she said as she grabbed me by the ears and forced my tongue deep into her asshole. “I like you to lick me after I have been fucked. And tonight I was gang-fucked by big fat cocks. They shot their juicy loads deep inside my fuck holes just for you, Bobby. Clean your slut real good and I will reward you. I’ll let you fuck me in the ass, just like my ‘dates’ did tonight. Mmmmm, that’s it baby, now suck my clit. Oh yes suck it. Oooohhh BOBBY!”My tonguing did the trick. Jill exploded in a fantastic orgasm. Her and her ‘dates’ combined juices flooded my face. I would have happily drowned in the mixture of semen flowing from my wife’s cunt.I continued with a lazy licking of my wife’s ass and pubic area as she calmed down from her orgasm. Jill lifted herself from my face and walked toward our bedroom. She stopped at the hall doorway, looking over her shoulder she said, “What are you waiting for. My ass needs another good fucking tonight.”I sprung from the couch and met her at the doorway. My right hand cupped her beautiful ass checks and my index finger found her hole. I eased my finger past her sphincter and entered her anal cavity. Her ass tunnel was still greasy from the fucking she enjoyed earlier that evening. My ministrations caused her to wiggle her ass forcing my finger deeper into her bowels. As we walked to the bedroom, my finger still buried deep inside her, she looked at me and asked, “Are you ok with this, Bobby? I don’t think I can ever stop. I like being gang-banged. Tonight for the first time, I truly enjoyed sex. Not lovemaking but raw a****l sex. I had my ass, pussy and mouth filled with hot juicy cocks and I loved it. I would do anything that Roger wants me to do. Anything!””Does Roger know that you would do anything he asked of you?””Oh, yes Bobby. I told him I would do anything at any time for him.””What did he say?””He patted me on my wet cunt and said he knew it from the very beginning.”Jill crawled onto our bed on all fours and spread herself open for me. I eased my cock into her asshole. She cooed as my cock reached its seven inches into her bowels. Her anal cavity was slippery from the cum that had been deposited and it was warm from her excited body. I gave Jill, and myself, a long luxurious ass fucking. Only when my balls began to bubble over did I fuck into her with wild abandon. As I added my sperm to the others, I bellowed my satisfaction. After my release was finished, I collapsed on my back and tried to gain my composure. Jill lay beside me smiling.”You realize everything has changed. I can never be that shy girl anymore.””Do you want to tell me more now or tomorrow?””Now. Tomorrow I will have new stories for you. Roger is taking me out to a friend’s ranch tomorrow afternoon.”So, for the next hour, Jill told her tale. I heard about her sloppy blowjobs and the cum she drank. She described the non-stop cunt fucking. Each man taking his turn filling her cunt with cock followed by his sperm. She went into great detail about the Puerto Rican guy with the eleven-inch cock. How his friend squirted lubricant in her hole and then cheered him on as he sank his monster cock into her cunt balls deep. Jill related how they drew cards for the right to deflower her ass. She told me she was not nervous at all. In fact, as the winner shoved his dick into her, she fingered herself to an orgasm, which damn never pinched his dick off. We both laughed hard at this. She said the most exciting thing that happened tonight was taking on three guys at the same time. The Puerto Rican had her squat on his cock, and then Roger pushed her forward so that he could stick his dick into her ass. The others took turns fucking her face as she rocked on the two cocks inside her. Someone came in her mouth just as Roger let loose in her ass. This rocketed her over the top. As she started cumming, her whole body quivered. Her cunt contracted repeatedly as she juiced the cock inside her, causing the cock to release its seed deep in her vagina.”Fuck me one more time tonight, Bobby. I want your cum inside of me while I sleep and dream of tomorrow.”I turned her over onto her back and entered her. It was a long, slow, wet fuck that was satisfying to both of us. Then we slept.3: The Morning AfterThe telephone rang and through the fuzziness of my deep sleep, I retrieved the handset if only to shut it up.”Hello?””Bobby old boy. It’s Roger. How are you doing this bright and beautiful day?””sleepy. Jill and I stayed up late last night after you and your friends sent her home.””Wow, Bobby. You have yourself one fine fuck there. Just thinking about last night gets my dick hard. Tell my little love slave that I will be there to pick her up in about thirty minutes. Ok?””Ok, Roger, I’ll wake her up and make sure she’s ready.”I hung the telephone up and rolled over to wake Jill but she was not in the bed. I smelled the aroma of coffee wafting up the stairs. I rolled out of bed and slipped on my workout shorts. I stumbled into the bathroom to brush my teeth and wash up a little. As I was headed downstairs, Jill was on her way up. She was already showered and dressed in a light summer dress, she looked radiant.”Well hello sleepy head,” she said. “Coffee and cereal are awaiting you in the kitchen. I was dumping the trash so who was on the telephone?””Your big dick,” I grumbled.”Oh honey, you’re angry with me,” Jill said with a hurt tone. She held my hand and reassured me, “Baby, I know this is tough on you and I am sorry. It’s just that I thought after bornova escort bayan last night everything was ok.””It is, I guess. I’ll be ok. It’s just in the light of day things seem different. Besides, having Rog-ol-boy popping off about his slut the very first thing in the morning isn’t easy to swallow.””Go get some coffee in you while I finish getting ready. You’ll feel better.”It was true. I was feeling better after some coffee. I wasn’t very interested in the breakfast part though. I glanced at the clock and noticed it was nine thirty in the morning. My wife was up and raring to go at nine in the morning after being out all night. As I sat there pondering my lot in life, Jill came bounding down the stairs.”How do I look? Do you think the ‘ranch-hands’ will like me,” she asked as she twirled around. Reacting to her actions, Jill’s short summer dress rose up her thighs revealing her naked ass.”No panties again my dear?””Roger’s orders. I cannot wear any underwear in his presence. As his sex slave, I must be ready for his every pleasure. Look,” Jill said as she turned around and bared her ass for my review, “I lubricated my butthole just in case.”I reached out and wiggled a finger into her rectum.”My aren’t we the eager little beaver.”Jill giggled and danced away from me. My finger made a popping noise as it dislodged from her ass.”Yes, I eager. I like being this person Bobby. It makes me feel pretty and desirable. Besides, I get to enjoy big fat juice cocks.”She laughed a hearty laugh. I have always loved her laugh but this time I became melancholy.”Jill, I am not going to lose you over this sex slave thing, am I?”She looked into me eyes and saw the tears that I was holding back. She sat on my lap and held my head to her breast.In her most soothing and loving voice, Jill reassured me. “No baby. You will never lose me. I will be right here by your side. This is only temporary. It’s just a fad or passing phase in our lives. I am living my fantasy life. You are my real life and my only true love.”A knock on the door shook us from our tender moment. Jill went to answer it while I composed myself. She returned with Roger, whose arm was around her shoulder and his hand toyed with her breast.”Well, good morning Bobby. It is so nice of you to loan your pussy to me for the day.” He sniffed her hair, “Mmmm she smells so good.”Turning to Jill he said, ‘Look sweetie, it is a long ride to the ranch and my dick is getting hard looking at you. How about a blowjob before we head out?”Jill smiled and took his hand and led him to the downstairs guestroom. As they exited the kitchen, Roger called over his shoulder to me.”You want to watch your old lady sucking my dick Bobby?”As if in a trance, I followed the two into the guestroom. Roger kicked off his boots and Jill helped him remove his pants. I though it strange that she paused to fold them neatly. He sat in the big stuffed chair with his big balls dangling over the edge. Jill knelt in front of him and engulfed his fat cock. His cock swelled to full size immediately. Jill’s head bobbed up and down the length of his dick. She slobbered and moaned as she pleasured Roger. I was feeling very jealous but I have to admit that the viewing of my wife sucking his big cock was turning me on. My cock became as hard as a rock. I pushed my shorts down to the floor. I began to stroke my cock in unison with the movement of Jill’s head.”Oh YES, baby. Suck daddy’s big cock,” Roger moaned.Roger began thrusting his cock down into her throat and Jill took every inch he gave. Her throat swelled with the massive slab of cock sliding in and out. Her chin banged his bloated balls on every down stroke.”Suck MEEE!”I watched as my wife slipped her finger into Roger’s asshole. That was too much for Roger. His cock exploded its pearly treasure deep into her throat. Jill gagged from the force and quantity of his orgasm. The frothy white cum was everywhere. It squirted from around her lips and dripped onto his balls. It squirted out of her nostrils. Jill pulled away coughing and sputtering only to be drenched with his jetting cum. I was fucking amazed at the quantity of sperm Roger was ejaculating onto my wife’s face. Finally his flow diminished and Jill began to clean and polish his fucking dick and balls.”Wow, damn-it she can suck a fucking cock like no one else. Bobby, you are one luck motherfucker.”Jill was wiping his cum from her face and licking her fingers, when Roger asked where the toilet was. Jill froze. He reached a hand down to her and she reluctantly took it. She stood on unsteady legs but led him to the connecting bathroom. Roger guided her into the bathroom with a hand on her ass. They stood side by side in front of the toilet. Jill turned slightly, placing one hand on Roger’s naked ass and in the other she held his softening, yet still sizable cock. She pointed it at the toilet and Roger released a stream of piss into the center of the bowl. When his stream diminished, Jill shocked me. She leaned over and took Roger’s cock into her mouth. She pumped the last of his urine into her mouth and swallowed it.”That’s my good little slut. Now go show your husband that your nasty little snatch is all wet and hot for a fucking.”She walked over to me and raised the hem of her dress for my inspection. It was not necessary to test for her wetness since juice was running down her thighs. I turned and left the room. My hard cock swayed before me. I lay on our bed jacking off as I heard them leave. It would be hours before I saw Jill again.4: A Visit to the RanchJill returned that evening at about six o’clock. Her sundress was rumpled, her hair was a mess and she was walking funny. As I approached her, she tried to wave me off but I ignored her. I knew why when I was about five feet from her. She smelled as if buckets of cum had been dumped on her and she then rolled around on a barn floor. I put my arms around her and her body sagged against mine. I had to carry her to the sofa as she broke down and cried.”What is it baby? What happened that has you so upset?”She could not answer my. Her sobbing and tears made communication impossible. I knelt by her side holding her for a full twenty minutes until she was calm enough to tell me her story. I expected Roger had set up another gang-bang for my wife but I was so very wrong. Jill’s tale of debauchery was so horrible and sick that I shocked by its depravity.”Oh Bobby, I cannot believe that Roger made my do those things at the ranch. I was looking forward to a day filled with sexual adventure but I was not ready for what happened. I don’t think I can ever be the same again. I am damned.””Jill, what happened?””I am so ashamed. I don’t think I can tell you what I did. It is so awful. You will hate me Bobby. I just know you will.””No baby, I could never hate you. I am in love with you. Just tell me and then we will deal with making it better. OK?””Oh, Bobby, please don’t hate me. As we drove to the ranch, Roger told me to take some pills. I told him that I don’t do d**gs but he insisted that ‘his slave did what he told her’. So I downed them and asked him what I had taken. He said it was something to calm me down, open me up and make me sex crazy. I didn’t understand what he meant so I chose to ignore it. I was angry about being forced to take the d**gs. Therefore, we didn’t chitchat much on our drive. He headed outside of town to the Wilson Ranch and Breeder Farms.””How far from town were you,” I interrupted.”I am not sure but it took us about an hour.”Jill paused so I asked her to go on.”Upon our arrival, I took note of the dozen expensive cars parked in the huge circular driveway. The house was a sprawling ranch style home. It must have been six thousand square feet. Jim and Betty Wilson met us at the front door. Betty made me feel right at home as she gave me a tour of the house. Oh Bobby, the house and decor were magnificent. It was apparent that they were very wealthy. During the tour, I was overcome by the d**gs that I had taken. I told Betty that I felt dizzy and flushed. Betty said it was a common reaction to the d**g cocktail that Roger had given me and told me it would pass quickly. I asked Betty if I could sit down and she led me to a bedroom where I laid on the bed. I thought it odd that she knew about the d**gs. She was sitting on the bed next to me, stroking my thigh. Her hand rode up the inside of my thigh until she was touching my pussy. She asked if she could check to see if my pussy was wet and began to rub my slit. She inserted her finger into me and smiled. She continued to work her fingers into me and I opened my legs to accommodate her efforts. I was shocked when I realized that she had managed to put four of her fingers into my vagina. I was so fucking hot by now that was bucking against her hand. I was frantic for release. I watched in horror as she folded her thumb and began to push her entire fist into my hole. She wiggled her hand open inside of me and I felt her finger pushing at my cervix. She remarked at how soft and open I was. Then I felt her slip a finger past my cervix and enter my womb. I was on fire with lust. I lost control and I fucked her hand like a mad woman.””Did you enjoy her fisting your pussy?””I was so fucking hot and my pussy was itching like crazy that I would have fucked a door knob. Her fingers and hand moved inside of me like a piston. Every fiber of my being was screaming for release. Thankfully, I climaxed quickly and then collapsed into the soft bed. I thought my craving would be sated but I was wrong. The itching and need returned again. I grabbed her wrist holding her hand inside my pussy and begged her to fuck my again. Betty smiled and withdrew her hand. As she went into the bathroom to wash her hands, she said she was satisfied that the d**gs were working and I was ready. Walking from the room, Betty asked me to follow her outside. I was unable to stand without her help on my wobbly legs. Betty led me thru the rear of the house. Once outside the air refreshed me. Betty and I walked to a large circular structure. I noticed the kennels in the distance full of barking dogs. I asked her what she kind of dogs she raised and she smiled saying ‘Great Danes, great big beautiful Great Danes’. We entered the back of the building that led to a stage hidden by a curtain. I could hear music playing and muted voices from beyond the curtain. I figured that Roger wanted me to perform. If I were lucky, maybe I would be allowed to perform with Betty. She was an older woman but very beautiful. Besides, the fisting that I had just received was delightful. Anyway, Betty removed my clothes, setting them to the side. Using just her fingernails, Betty teased my nipples, pinching and stretching them painfully. I didn’t know that I could enjoy such delicious pain. She led me to a padded table that had shorter legs on one side. She told me to kneel down and place my upper body on the high side so that my head was lower and my ass was up in the air. She stretched my arms out and secured each with straps to the table. She spread my legs apart and secured them to the padded legs of the table. She asked if I was comfortable and I was.””Were you scared, Jill?””No, not really. My pussy was on fire. Every inch of my vaginal tunnel was itching and my juices were running down my thighs. I just wanted relief. I wanted something or someone to fuck me to relive this maddening need. The curtain lifted and Betty knelt beside me and began to rub my ass and pubic area. I was wiggling my ass all over the place trying to get her to put her hand back inside of me again. Now I knew whom all those cars belonged. Beautifully dressed women were seated around the stage. Each had a perfect view of what was unfolding on the stage. Slowly, Betty inserted her fingers into me. My juices were flooding her hand. Lust raged uncontrollably through my body. I was moaning incoherently. I was beyond caring what happened. I just wanted sex; mind numbing, body satisfying sex.”Jill paused and got up and mixed herself a drink. She looked at me and went to our bedroom upstairs. I followed. When I reached the bedroom doorway, I stopped to watch Jill undress. I stood in disbelief. The flesh of my wife’s hips had been horribly scratched. It appeared a wild a****l had mauled her. She sat on the edge of the bed and waited for me. I removed my clothing and stood before her. She bent forward and took my hard cock into her mouth. For several minutes, Jill lovingly sucked on my manhood and bathed my cock with her tongue. I can deny her nothing when she sucks on me like this. She stopped and looked into my eyes.”Bobby, the story gets gross escort bornova from this point. Are you really sure that you want to hear more?””Yes, please,” I replied and knelt between her legs. I pushed her thighs apart and saw a flood of white frothy liquid stream from her cunt. I wanted to pleasure Jill just as I had upon her return from her previous ‘dates’ so I leaned in to lick the froth from her cunt. I recoiled from the smell. I looked into Jill’s eyes and saw the tears forming there. I steeled myself against the pungent odor and licked her slit.”Mmmmm, Bobby. You do love me.”I continued to lick and suck on Jill’s sopping pussy as she related the rest of the story.”Betty pushed her entire hand inside of my pussy and the building pleasure was driving me wild. The crowd was murmuring their approval. Betty’s hand slid from my pussy with a loud slurp. She rose to her feet to make an announcement. ‘Ladies, today at our auction I will be demonstrating each a****l’s willingness to please a new master. Our first male has been raised for oral and vaginal pleasure. My I introduce Buster.’ Jim led a large creature onto the stage, walking him around for viewing by the audience returning the b**st to stand directly behind me. The a****l sniffed my ass and pussy. His tongue snaked from his mouth and licked me repeatedly from my clitoris to asshole. “I cannot describe the pleasure that tongue brought me. The persistence of the a****l managed a remarkable reward. His tongue sank into the depths of my wet cunt and I exploded in a body thrashing orgasm. This b**st did not stop at delivering just one orgasm. This creature continued to eat me to three mind numbing orgasms. As I floated on this cloud of sexual pleasure, I heard Betty in the distance command the a****l to mount. I felt his weight on my ass as Buster reacted to the command. “Once in place, he secured his position by clasping my hips with his forepaws. As Buster humped the air, Betty’s hand guided his cock into alignment with my cunt. She slipped the pointy tip through my pussy lips. Buster, realizing he was in position, slammed his hard cock into me reaching deep inside of my cunt on the first stroke. His initial assault drove the air from my lungs. “As Buster settled into a maddening jackhammer pace, my mind drifted away from the moral penalties of my actions and settled on the pleasure. A delicious sensation was added to this bestial fucking. I felt the wiry hair of the sheath covering his cock tickling my pussy lips. He was an a****l driven by lust. This was raw a****l sex. He did not care that I was human and he was canine. He had been raised to copulate with humans and he was very good at it. “I have never experienced anything like this. His slimy cock reached to the very bottom of my cunt. His pointy tip pushed at my cervix trying to enter my womb. I cannot describe the wonderful pounding that my vaginal canal was absorbing. As I approached another orgasm, the walls of my tunnel clamped tightly around this creature’s shaft. I screamed my pleasure.”Again, Jill paused. I pulled my tongue from her cunt and looked at her. A tear appeared in the corner of her eye.”Bobby, I am sorry. I could not help myself. My body was being satisfied like never before. I lost count of the number of times that a****l made me cum. The contractions from so many orgasms caused my stomach muscles to cramp painfully. I relaxed my body as best possible as the b**st continued to hammer into me. “Finally the pain in my stomach subsided, only to be replaced with a new pain. My pussy lips were stretching to receive the lemon-sized knot the marauding dick was developing. Busters thrusting pushed his member deeper into my cunt and my pussy lips closed around the knot. My cunt swallowed the dog’s knot and sheath. His balls now banged into my clit with every powerful stroke. “The pleasure from Buster’s thrusting continued with relentless precision. Now a new dimension in pleasure formed deep in my pussy. The dog cock buried deep inside of me started to vibrate. This maddening up and down vibration along with the in and out thrusting was driving me to the edge of consciousness. In the distance, I could hear the crowd as they moved around the table to gain a better view of the rutting b**st taking its pleasure from the slut tied to the table. “I heard Betty point out to the audience that the a****l had successfully tied during this mating. She told the women that this was the most pleasurable part of copulating with a dog. I had to agree with Betty, this was fucking good. I was by then a mass of quivering flesh, babbling my pleasure to the audience.”Jill paused again. She drank from the highball she had mixed earlier and signed.”Is everything ok Jill?””Yes, your tongue feels wonderful. What do you think so far, Bobby?””It sounds as if you received the fucking of a lifetime.””Are you mad or disgusted?””No baby. I told you that I love you and that anything you do is ok by me.”She bent forward and kissed my lips. “Phew, my pussy smells bad. Do you like to eat my filthy cunt Bobby? Does it excite you knowing that I fucked a****ls? That the cum you are eating is from the dog’s that fucked me?””I only know Jill that I have to pleasure you when you come home to me. I love you so much that I want you to know I will do anything to pleasure you.””Oh, Bobby you do pleasure me,” Jill said as she pushed my face back into her crotch.”As Buster’s cock vibrated and slammed into me, his cock began to swell along the shaft and tip, pushing his way into my womb. Then he erupted into me, shooting his hot cum into me and filling my womb. Pressure from his load built up painfully inside my womb. I could feel my cervix forced open from this pressure and the b**sts cum seeped into my vaginal tunnel. His knot was a perfect seal and no liquid seeped from my pussy lips. He fucked into me at a slower, lazier pace. The a****ls every heart beat pulsed another squirt of doggie cum into me. “I was painfully full of his seed. I felt him tug to release his cock but his knot prevented his release from my abused hole. Buster stepped over me and turned so that we were butt to butt. The corkscrewing motion of this maneuver drove me over the top again. As my body convulsed through another mind-blowing orgasm, Buster seized the opportunity and pulled free from my battered cunt. “A popping noise issued from my body sounding similar to the opening of a bottle of champagne. A series of bubbles and farts escaped from my wet cunt. A very unladylike action I know but I did not care. As I lay limp on the table resting from the ordeal, the warm doggy cum continued to flow from my body.My darling wife reached down holding my head to her cunt as she shuddered through an orgasm. She then pulled away and climbed onto the bed on her hands and knees.”Come up here lover and pleasure yourself inside one of my fuck holes. I scrambled behind her and eased my hard cock into her willing asshole. I knew from the resistance to me entry that I was the first one in her ass tonight and this pleased me.”I was allowed to rest for only a few minutes as the women in the audience examined the a****l and my leaking pussy,” Jill continued the story. “Betty announced another coupling was about to take place. As the crowd returned to their seats, Betty introduced Goliath, her favorite a****l. “Again Jim led the b**st onto the stage and as his frame came into view, I screamed in terror. The creature’s hard cock was in view and it was bigger than anything I had ever seen. Betty whispered into my ear, ‘Goliath is thirteen inches long and over three inches wide. He will stretch you so that no human can pleasure you again.’ The b**st sniffed my cunt and without command mounted me. Betty was caught off guard and was unable to align his cock for easy entrance. Goliath did not care if I was ready or comfortable. “He wanted to fuck this juicy pussy and release the sperm from his bloated balls. Goliath slammed all thirteen inches into my cunt. My cervix begrudgingly gave way as the pointy tip forced its way into my womb. My mind filled with searing pain from this assault. Goliath was eager to pleasure himself. His jackhammer tempo drove his cock deeper into my body. I could feel my organs being pushed away to make room for this invading dog cock. “The bestial r****g was unfolded before the audience’s eyes. They were all mesmerized by the power of this creature. The flesh of his hot cock raked across my clitoris pulling orgasm after orgasm from my body. My screams of pleasure and pain filled the arena. My body jerked back and forth trying unsuccessfully to match the creature’s rhythm. Time held no meaning for me. I no longer could see or hear the crowd. As if in slow motion, the base of Goliath’s cock began to swell. “Nature tells the a****l to push this knot of flesh into the cunt of its mate and I felt the baseball sized knot squeeze past my vaginal lips. The knot lodged itself inside my pussy and forced the tip of his cock deeper into me. The vibration of the expanding dog flesh tortured me into yet another orgasm. Goliath whined as his balls emptied into my vaginal cavity. The heated fluid was my reward for the mating. “Then Goliath slumped onto my back as his dick pumped stream after stream of hot cum into me. I lay there enjoying the mini-orgasms as Goliath continued to squirt his cum into me. I was about to slip into the inky blackness when my pussy released Goliath’s cock. I remember hearing and feeling the fluid draining from my body. Then I passed out and awoke hours later in a strange bed.””Is that the end of the story sweetheart?””No, the people had all gone but Jim, Betty and Roger. They waited for me to awaken. We sat down to a nice dinner, which I eat ravenously. The conversation was of the afternoon’s entertainment, specifically the featured performer. “They spoke about me as if I was not present. According to Betty, I was the best breeding stock she had ever witnessed. Betty told Roger that she had trained Goliath personally. She said that even her old stretched pussy could not take all of him and was amazed that I could take all of his cock as well as his immense knot fully inside me. She was jealous that I achieved a tie with him. “I interrupted them and reminded them that I had little choice about taking every inch of Goliath’s cock. In addition, I told Betty that she was correct. Now that I have experienced mating with Goliath, no single man could pleasure me. I looked at Roger and said, ‘but I’m sure that you’ll see to it that my pussy has plenty of meat’. Roger roared in laughter and clapped his hands. “You’re right on that account, my sweet little cum slut.””What did he mean, Jill?”My wife looked over her shoulder at me and smiled. She just smiled and pushed back against my cock buried in her ass. Knocking at the door interrupted our slow anal fuck. My cock popped free of Jill rectum and she jumped off the bed and went to answer the door. She returned with visitors. Roger followed Jill into the bedroom and a giant Great Dane bounded in behind them. He leaped onto the bed and sniffed my cock. Jill’s familiar odor incited him to lick my crotch from my taint to the tip of my dick. Jill and Roger both laughed.”Sweetheart, meet Goliath. Roger bought him for me at the auction. Now you can have private showings of the nastiest fuck you will ever witness.”Jill reached under Goliath and stroked his growing dog cock. She ducked under his belly and put his cock into her mouth. She began to slobber all over the red slimy dog cock moving her mouth along the surface of the thirteen fat inches.”Shit baby. This is really weird but I dig it.””If you like that, watch this,” Jill said as she moved to her hands and knees. “Mount!”Goliath moved into position and mounted her. Jill grabbed his slippery cock and positioned it at her vaginal entrance. Goliath started thrusting his hips at my wife’s ass.”Are you watching my pussy?”She released her hold on the big thick dog cock and I was amazed as the cock disappeared into her fuck hole. In two stabs, Goliath was buried balls deep into Jill juicy love tunnel. Jill made grunting noises as he fucked into her. I watched this b**st pleasuring my wife like I could never do. I watched as Roger shoved his dick into my wife’s mouth and demanded relief. In less than ten minutes, Roger unloaded in Jill’s mouth and onto her face. He dressed and left, laughing as he exited. Jill was in sexual hysterics as orgasms racked her body. She screamed that Goliath came inside her.After they both calmed down, Jill asked, “Are you ready Bobby.””Ready for what baby?””Put you head between my thighs and get ready to receive the biggest batch of hot cum that you will ever eat.”She looked at me with expectant eyes and I crawled under her and awaited my salty, slimy reward. I saw her pussy lips flex and Goliath’s massive cock spring free. My face was drenched with his cum. Jill lowered her cunt to my mouth.”That’s it Bobby. You do love me.”

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Sissy Gets A Black Master

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Sissy Gets A Black MasterSissy Gets A Black MasterI got up wearily from my long and exhausting night being fucked andpunished by my new Black Master. As I awoke, I could scarcely believe thatall those depraved things had happened to me. One minute I had been merelyexchanging emails with a man, who could have been anywhere and the nextminute, that very man was at my door, in my home, and then inside mybody. Black Master, a man whose name I didn’t even know, a man who lookedto be about ten years my junior, had taken me to a place I hadn’t realizedexisted, hadn’t even realized I wanted to go, and now that I was there, Iwas scared beyond belief. He had slapped me around, forced me to go out inpublic clad only in lingerie. He had forced his cock down my strainingthroat and then cum all over my face. He had forced me to eat his assholeand dance sensually for him. He had taken me anally, very roughly and thenbred me with his seed. He had thrown out all my male clothing. He had takenone of my dildos and attached it via suction cup to one of my kitchenchairs and renamed it my `Sissy Chair’. I was to be sitting on it everytime Master comes over, no exceptions. He had even taken the spare key formy apartment. There was no way I could do this, no way I could go throughwith letting this…this thug control every aspect of my life. I wouldn’tdo it. I’d just have to contact Black Master and let him know I’d changedmy mind. Yea, I’d just explain that this wasn’t what I was lookingfor. He’ll understand…I moved from my bedroom, still dressed in my sissy outfit and sat down atmy desk and turned on the computer. Checking my email I saw that I hadseveral new messages, one was from Black Master. My heart was thumpingmadly as I clicked to open it. Surely he’d just be thanking me for a greatnight and be done with me. “Sissy — I enjoyed fucking your mouth andasspussy last night. You take a nut real good but I’m sure you could dobetter. We’ll work on it together. Other areas we will work to improve:your dancing, your ass-eating and most importantly, your attitude andIMMMEDIATE obedience at all times! You need to understand that you are nowa 24/7/365 sissy as well as my slave, whenever I choose to partake of yourbody. You will go everywhere in your sissy clothes. You will explain to thepeople you work with and your family and friends that you are no longerDan, but Danielle or Dani, and this is how you will look, act and dress forthe remainder of our relationship, at least. Don’t like it? Too fuckingbad, cunt! You fucked around with me for too long and now I’m taking mypayment. Which is you. First thing today, you are to head to theVictoria’s Secret store at the mall and buy yourself a minimum of eight newsissy outfits. Get the girls to help you find proper sizing and matchingpieces. I like almost anything, but among my faves are the babydollnighties like you already have (preferably sheer), but buy some differentcolors, bitch. I also like crotchless panties and catsuits, corsets,teddies, long peignoirs, and I go fucking crazy over garter belts andstockings. Always be certain your stockings are silk; I hate nylon shit!Buy some new high heels too. And also pick up a chambermaid uniform, aschoolgirl outfit and try to find a haremgirl costume. Last of all, don’tfucking call me or IM me or email me to say that you want to back out ofthis. Too fucking late, girlie! You fuck with a topdog, you gonna gettopped! See ya, BLACK MASTER”I was trembling as I read the harsh words and I realized I was crying a bittoo. Oh no. What have I gotten into here? He can’t possibly think that Ican follow through with this total lifestyle change, can he? I mean I lovewearing lingerie, but I can’t just become a female… I’ve got to end thisnow, before it goes to a place I can’t escape from. These types ofrelationships have to be consensual, don’t they? I mean he can’t just forceme to do these things…I decided to take a chance. I dialed the number from my caller ID. Onering. Two rings. Three rings. Then four, five, six, seven. Shit. Suddenlyhe answers. “What, sissy?” I swallowed hard and took a deep breath as hisutterly masculine voice cascaded over me. “H…hello, Master?” I spoke in atiny voice, ashamed. I couldn’t believe I was a 36 year-old man, stutteringlike a k** on his first date. There’s a long pause. “Yea, it’s yourMaster. Now what the fuck do you want?” I couldn’t breathe and my ears wereringing for some reason. “M…master. S…sir. I can’t…can’t do this,sir.” There was silence on the other end. “Do what, sissy?” I didn’t knowhow to say it. “Master, I can’t…can’t be…be with you. M…master.”Again, silence engulfed us. I could hear his breathing, could almostimagine him next to me. “You’re already `with’ me, sissy. I marked you asmine last night, remember? Gurl takes a black top’s cum all over her faceand down her throat and in her asspussy, makes it kinda hard for her Masterto believe she don’t want it.” I was sobbing now, trying to stem the flowof tears and form a coherent thought. I did not want this, did I? Icouldn’t face the constant humiliation and subjugation anddegradation. “P…p…please, M…master.” I sobbed like awoman. “P…please don’t c…come over. J…just leave m…me a…lone…”There was a long pause on the line. “You’re fucking with me bitch, and Idon’t like it. Told you not to fuck with me. Doesn’t matter what you wantor think you want. You’re mine. I guess I need to head over there and giveyou another lesson, eh? Fucking up my day, now ya are, gurlie. I ain’tgonna be happy when I get there so better try to pretty yourself up for mea little extra.” He said it as a statement, as if it were the most normalthing in the world for him to discuss. His voice suggested that there wasno room for debate. “B…but Master, s…sir. I have plans toda…” He cutme off before I could finish my last word. “Shut it, cunt. Your plans arewhatever I give you. I will be in your home in one hour. Douche yourself,shower and get your sissy outfit back on. And be sitting on your sissychair.” With that he hung up, leaving me standing there with my mouth wideopen, unsure what just happened or what to do next. This Black Master hadbasically just made it clear in no uncertain terms that I was his sissyslave at all times and he was on his way over again. What could I do? Ididn’t want to risk a worse beating that I had gotten before. Should I callthe police? And tell them what? They’d probably just laugh it off as alover’s quarrel and I’d become the butt of a slew of jokes passed around toall the cops in the area. Just what I need, plus I imagine Black Masterwould be furious with me then. I looked up at the clock. Fifty sevenminutes left. I better hurry to get ready for his arrival. I can’t believeI’m doing this. I’ll have to talk to Master in person, make him understandthat I can’t, won’t go through with this, not after today, anyway.Fifty two minutes later, I’m fresh from the shower, my asspussy douched andtotally clean. I put on my sissy outfit again and move to squat over mysissy chair. I dab some lube on both the dildo and my hole and then slidedown slowly. God, it’s big! I grimace as I slide onto it, feeling itstretch my pussyhole. I hear the loud exhaust of Master’s car and then thethumping bass from his sound system as he pulls into my driveway. OhJesus. He’s here. I feel myself trembling. The car door slams. Withinseconds I hear his key in the lock. The door opens. My 25 year-old BlackMaster is framed in the doorway, all 6’3″ and 230 pounds of him. Helooks…perturbed at least, perhaps angry. He stares at me icily. He pushesthe door shut behind him, not ungently. Fuck. He’s pissed.”At least you can follow a simple rule like this, sitting on your sissychair. Nice to know you understand some of what I’m saying.” He says itwith an air of complete calmness about him, as if he had just forced downhis rage moments before. “You should see yourself, faggot; the perfectpicture of femininity. But I guess you will be seeing yourself soonenough. Heh.” What did that mean? He walked around behind me and motionedfor me to stand up. “Up, but don’t turn around. Put your hands behindyou. Open your mouth wide.” I did as told and suddenly felt something clickaround each of my wrists in turn. Handcuffs of some sort. Shit. Then I sawa red blur as something passed over my head, past my eyes and into mymouth. I realized Black Master was fitting me with a ball gag. I slumpedresignedly karşıyaka escort as I realized the severity of my predicament. Now I was not onlya sissy, but a cuffed and gagged one at that.He circled back around so he was in front of me again, following a hard,short slap on my exposed tush. He had his shirt untucked and unbuttoned,showing off his linebacker physique. Black Master is very cut, with a verytoned torso and quite a few tattoos. God he’s such a man! “Now, Dani, let’ssee if I understand you correctly.” I cringe a little as he emphasizes mygurlie name. He looks deep into my eyes, his face inches from mine. “Youexchange emails with me for several weeks, teasing me with all the waysyou’re going to pleasure my cock and be my girl and all. Telling me what agood little sissy you are and how you’d give anything to please me. Then,when I show up and grace you with my presence as well as the opportunity tofollow through on all your deepest desires, an opportunity which I mightadd I don’t give out to just any cocksucking sissyboi, I find that perhapsyou aren’t all that serious about this after all. Well guess what, faggot?It’s serious now! Got it?” He grips my chin in his forceful grasp,compelling me to look directly at him, unable to hide my utter shame. “Sonow, you cause me to make changes to my day, just to come over here andtrain you in the ways you are to treat me at all times. That means,respect, submission…and no fucking questions or opinions! Got it, cunt?”I nod wearily, having difficulty seeing through my tears, which are nowcausing my mascara to run.He pushes me back down onto my sissy chair and I gasp out as the thick donginvades my rectum again. “You should be at Victoria’s Secret buyinglingerie right now but instead you force my hand. Well this is how it’sgoing to be, pussy. I come over when I want. Obviously. You keep your job,cause you’re gonna need money for lingerie, bondage gear and keeping thisplace stocked up on booze for me. I like Dom, Grey Goose and for beer? Noneof that nasty piss-water cheap shit. Make it imports, craft brews, shitlike that. Got it? Good. And have plenty of food stocked up too. Steaks,burgers, shit for burritos, I love Italian. You’ll be making it all so youbetter be a good cook or learn how. When you’re in my presence you will noteat or drink, food at least. The following are substances which you areallowed to drink in my presence: my spit, my cum and my piss. Is thatclear, slave gurlie?” I nod in tearful acquiescence. He smiles wickedly,clearly enjoying the power he holds over me at this moment. He continueson. “Things you will be allowed to dine on? My cock, my balls and…myasshole. Heh, heh. Whenever I ask you if you are hungry, you must look mein the eyes, indicate that you are indeed hungry and then I will presentyou with whichever part of my body I expect serviced at that moment. At ALLTIMES…you are to treat any part of my body you are orally servicing as ifit is the best thing you’ve ever tasted, the best thing you’ve eversmelled. Your own personal comfort doesn’t matter one fucking bit to me. Idon’t care if the taste of my crotch makes you want to gag, you will smileand dutifully service me as if that is the last meal you will everreceive. Understand?”I nodded my understanding, feeling a sense of helplessness as my formerlynormal life continued to spiral out of control. “Yeth, Black Mathter.” Imanaged to croak out around the ball gag. My tiny clitty was throbbing fromthe verbal abuse as well as from the sensation of being physically atsomeone’s complete mercy. Black Master smiled at me, an evil sort of grin,without warmth or compassion. “Good gurl. That’s my sweetiepie.” He lookeddown and an even bigger smirk fell across his features as he saw my ragingboner. He smacked at it a couple of times with the back of hishand. “You’re so fucking hard because of this aren’t you, bitch? Huh, mywords getting you all hot and bothered? Or is it the bondage? Little ofboth, I’d guess. Ground rules for your clitty are as follows. Under nocircumstances are you to EVER touch yourself sexually unless you have mypermission. The only permissible touching of that area by you is in theshower or on the toilet; both situations would be purely for hygienepurposes only. Otherwise your clit is what it is; a useless appendage thatI control. And, sissy, I can’t stress this enough… if you ever and I meanEVER, cum without my permission, you will know a whole new world of pain. Icontrol your orgasms, or lack thereof, and I think it goes without saying,but I’m gonna say it anyway, no more pussy for you. If I find out that youever got your little dickie wet in a female, I might just cut it off. Theonly way you’re ever going to fuck anybody ever again is if I have one ofmy boy’s bring over their sissy for you to play with.” I must have conveyedsome kind of look at the mention of sex with another sissy because hechuckled and went on explaining.”That’s right, gurl. Most of my thugs have got sissies of their own. Me andJamal been talking `bout throwing a couple of you gurlies in bed together,just to get us worked up. Just knowing that it ain’t what you bottombitches would want is enough to make me want to try it sometime. But that’sfor later, cunt. Right now, I’d be embarrassed for Jamal or any of my boysto come over here. You not trained up proper yet and all, not a drop offucking booze in the house. How’d that look to my friends? Got to remedythat shit, bitch!” He started to walk towards the hall. “Get up and followme.” I jumped up immediately and started to move towards him. “This placegot a basement?” I nodded that it did and that it was through thekitchen. “Good. I’ll check it out later, but that’s where you will beginputting together a little sex dungeon for us to play in. As you can see, Ilike bondage, sissy, and I like to have a lot of variety. I’ll leave theURL for a great BDSM site and you’ll need to start purchasing some of thegear.” He must have seen the fear in my eyes and though I could tell heenjoyed it immensely, he reached out and wrapped a beefy, calloused pawaround my slim waist, pulling me into his hard, lean physique. He whisperedin my ear. “Don’t worry, sweetie. I know how to treat my gurls, I won’thurt you……much. Heh, heh.”Again, I was brought back to the realization that this whole situation wasspiraling out of my control. I couldn’t think straight, pressed up againstthe granite-like hardness of this overwhelmingly masculine black stud. Thatplus the feminine nature of my outfit as well as the total loss of freedomdue to the wrist restraints and the gag were conspiring to mess with myhead as I breathed in the intoxicating aroma of Black Master’s skin. God Iwas so horny I was quite sure I would have done almost anything at thatmoment to feel his hands on me again. I rubbed up against him, mewling in ahigh voice around my gag, trying to show him how turned on I was. “Oh nowyou’re horny, eh sweetie? Well soon enough we’ll try to quench that burninginside you but first things first.” With that he pulled out a small digitalcamera and held it up in front of me. He grinned at me as a look ofrealization came over my face, suddenly knowing what he planned to do. Igrunted out my weak protest as loudly as I could but Black Master justlaughed. “I’m starting, or rather you’re starting a new website. You’re atechie, right? In the computer industry, I know you are so no use denyingit. Anyway, this new website is going to chronicle your transformation fromstraight guy into a cocksucking, taking-it-in-the-ass sissyfag, completewith photos of you, from various stages of your life. Of course we have toget a bunch of pics that show just how very much you like sucking blackcock, eating black ass and drinking black man’s cum. Your face will becompletely visible at all times in these photos, while my face will beeither out of the shot completely or cropped out prior to posting on thesite. I get anonymity, you get humiliation. That’s just the way it going tobe. I will need you to put together a complete and 100% truthful biographyof yourself, including a section on why you enjoy being femmed and yourfavorite things about black men in general and your Black Master inparticular. I might also like a short diatribe on the taste of my cum andwhy you can’t get enough of it, that you even go so far as to spit some ofmy jizz into Tupperware containers and store them in the fridge, karşıyaka escort bayan fordrinking when I’m not around. This site will be up for all the world tosee, you family, your friends, your co-workers, your boss, your dentist,whoever. We’ll call the site, oh I don’t know, somethinglike…… or some such shit.”He was smiling that evil smile again, clearly content with himself forcausing me so much distress. “You’ll be updating at least once a week, lotsof pics, we’ll make some videos, and you’ll be posting some of those gayfuck stories you’ve sent me. Keep writing that shit, gurl. Fuck that shitgets me hard as steel. And that’s what you want right? A steel top,unrelenting and untamed? That’s what you told me in that first email, atleast. There’re your words, not mine. But that’s me, baby. Your steel top.”I had no idea what to say. It was almost too much to process. I couldn’tstand the idea of all that private info about me being up on a website,showcasing my deepest, darkest desires. Photos of me sucking black cock,videos of me femmed out and moaning while Black Master invades my mostprivate of places. And anyone could see it: my mom and dad, my brother, myex-girlfriend, my bar buddies, my business associates, clients, oldclassmates. Jesus I was going to be on public display, with all my sexualfetishes hanging out there.I started as I heard the soft buzzing of the camera as Black Master beganto take some shots of me in my slutty lingerie, mascara streaming down myface from all the crying I had been doing. “There we go, sissy. Just need agood one for the main page photo. Gotta get in there real good.” Hepaused. “Damn, you look like shit. Maybe we’ll take the main page photosometime when you’re a little prettier looking. Anyway, I got somethingelse I gotta do right not. Get over there and lean over the arm of thecouch, stick your ass out real nice and high.” I did as heinstructed. There was a pillow d****d over the sofa arm, which gave me somecushion. I felt Black Master behind me and I was puzzling over what wascoming next. “All right, sissy. We set up some ground rules, and we’ll goover some others as well, but right now I got to lay down the law. Youdirectly disobeyed me this morning. Not only did you NOT got to the mall toshop for lingerie, as I had instructed but I distinctly ordered you not tocall me with your whiny bullshit about how you don’t want to do this. Andthen you forced me to fuck up my valuable time to come over here tostraighten things out. I don’t like it when my bitches fuck up my freetime.”With that I felt and heard a hard `THWACK’ as his belt hit my unprotectedtush. I screamed out around the ball gag, but it came out as nothing morethan a hoarse, muffled cry. `THWACK! THWACK! THWACK! THWACK!’ I wasscreaming, blubbering out incoherent apologies but to no avail. BlackMaster was furious with me and he had contained that fury all morninglong. “Fucking bitch! You little cunt! If you EVER fuck with me again, onANYTHING AT ALL, this beatdown will seem mild by comparison!”He struck me several more times, ripping sharp yelps from my vocal cords asthe pain tore through me. Then I was roughly pulled around and Black Masterpushed me to my knees. His boxers were already down around his thighs andhis throbbing erection was jutting out at full mast, the harsh, rigid teninches of dark, black cockmeat. “Suck me you fucking whore. It’s all you’regood for you little faggot!” His hands tore off the ball gag and I hadabout one second to draw in a breath before his cockhead was forcing it’sway into my orifice and I felt my jaws being forced wide apart again. “Lookat me, slut. Anytime you’re orally servicing me, you are to be lookingdirectly into my eyes the entire time unless I tell you otherwise. Is thatclear, cunt?” I could do little other than gasp out an abbreviated answeras he pulled out of me a short way. “Mmmm-hmmmm.” I mumbledunintelligibly. I then locked my eyes onto those of my tormentor, as I wastold to do. And in that moment, I could feel a tiny shift in ourrelationship. Like a piece of my soul had melded with his and I had startedto accept the connection we now had. Black Master looked down at me, a mixof loathing and superiority and………something else apparent on hisdark, hardened features. What was it? Covetousness? Lust?Perhaps……love……?”Alright, sissy! Get ready for a hard throat fuck. Last time we tried thisyou were gagging and shit. I don’t give a fuck! You’re gonna learn to do itwith or without the gagging but you’re taking my cock and that’s all thereis to it. And as always, keep your eyes on mine, bitch. A sissy can tell alot about when her Master is about to cum and what throat and tonguetechniques pleasure him the best from his facial expressions so it’simportant for her to watch him closely, wouldn’t you say?” He pulled hiscock all the way out from my oral cavity and I briefly stared at it’salmost unbelievable length and girth and the wicked curve of it as itprotruded outward. Quite frankly, it scared me a lot… And some part of meloved that feeling, needed it. “Answer me sissy. I know you love looking atmy dick but when your Master asks you a question, you fucking answer.” Itwas clearly not a suggestion, but an order. I quickly looked back up athim, his cruel eyes boring through my very soul, owning me. God, was thiswhat my heart truly wanted even as my mind screamed no?”Yes, Master.” I replied meekly to his question, feelings of defeat rollingover me in waves. “Yes, Master……what?” He asked it with a commandingtone that sent an erotic quiver coursing through my little penis as well asmy……bowels? “Yes, Black Master it’s important for a sissy to learn howto best please her man.” He grinned an evil, iniquitous smirk. He loved thecontrol he had over me, plainly. His own erection throbbed again as acharge of domination surged through him.I was awash in confusing thoughts, unsure of what these feelings or myresponses to Black Master meant about my sexuality. Was it even possiblefor……those types of feelings to radiate in that area of a man’s body?Of course, I could scarcely consider myself a man at this point. I had beentaken, topped, seeded and subdued by a clearly superior Black Master and mybody was betraying my brain by responding positively to the rough andbrutal nature of Master’s sexual needs. And my own needs, as well, but onesthat went far beyond just sex and mixed and melded with my irresistibledesire to serve, to be submissive, to be owned by another. I couldn’texplain it, couldn’t tell someone why these emotions were running throughme even if I tried. But the fact was, they were running through me, my hardlittle clitty and my aching asshole, I mean pussy, fighting a battle withmy mind. My common sense was losing that skirmish.”Here we go, Sissy Missy. Throat me, gurlie.” With those words I barely hadtime to open my lips again and his steely black tool was sliding backbetween my lips and then down my gullet. I gulped greedily at the profferedorgan, adjusting my oral ministrations to make certain Black Master wasreceiving gratification. I fought back the urge to gag as he slithered hisway down my throat, unceremoniously and with an undeniable show of bestialstrength. In a couple of seconds I found myself with my lips sealed aroundthe base of his manhood, his bushy pubic hair scratching and tickling mynose. The scent of him was overwhelming, musk and sex and black man’s fleshall rolled into this most submissive of acts. I stayed like that for a fewseconds, expecting to be allowed to pull back up and off him so as torepeat the action. Instead I felt Black Master’s hand on my head, holdingme steady and with his other hand he reached down and pinched my nose shut,so I could not breathe. Panic overtook me almost immediately, theterrifying feeling of not being able to draw breath suddenly all I couldconcentrate on. I tried to pull back but his grip was too strong, myresolve too weak.”You see here, sissy, what we’ve got here is another example of me showingyou how things are going to be. You wear what I tell you to wear, eat whenand what I tell you to, speak when spoken to……and now you breathe whenI say so. Is all this getting through to you, cunt? Do you realize thatyour little emails you probably thought were harmless actually awakened asleeping b**st? You opened up a world you didn’t dare dream escort karşıyaka evenexisted. You told me how you wanted badly to be dominated, to be owned. Youtold me the things you fantasized about doing to my black anaconda… Wellconsider yourself dominated, faggot! Consider yourself my property!”Tears were running down my cheeks again, caused by both the utter fear Iwas experiencing as a result of not being able to breathe and also from thefinality of his words and the thought of the things that were lying in waitfor me in my future. My new future in which I was a sissified fagboi withan asspussy and a suckhole that I would use exclusively to satisfy myyounger but totally dominant Black Master.Suddenly without warning he pulled his cock from my mouth and I gasped in ahuge breath, wheezing and gagging and coughing from the rough, brutaltreatment I had just received from Black Master. My slimy throat mucus wasdripping from his ebony shaft, the entire length coated in my spit and athick strand of it stretched from his bloated cock tip to my ruby red lipsas sort of an obscene reminder of just what I was good for……”Fuck, bitch! That throat is tight and as much as want to cum in yourmouth, this load I’m brewing up is destined for your pussy. I know yoursore from your beating and from last night, but guess what? I don’t give afuck! I’m r****g your pussyass to show you yet again, just who’s in chargehere. Back over the couch arm……now, CUNT!” I was blubbering now, cryinguncontrollably as I realized my old life was gone and the uncertainty of myfuture was staring me in the face. “P…p…please l…let m…m…me suckyou off, M…M…Master. I n…need to d…d…drink your c…cum,p…please.” SMACK! SMACK! I flinched as Black Master slapped my face, veryhard. “BITCH! Did I tell you to speak? No I fucking did not! You do what Itell you to WHEN I fucking tell you to and you do it RIGHT THEN! DO I MAKEMYSELF FUCKING CLEAR TO YOU, WHORE!?” He accentuated the last words withanother harsh slap to my cheeks. I couldn’t even see through my teary eyesas I meekly stood up to bend over the arm of the sofa again, exposing mynaked tushyhole to Master’s uncompromising hardness. A second later, he wasforcing the ball gag back into my mouth and strapping it tightly aroundbehind my head. My hands were still cuffed behind me and I was the pictureof acquiescence.Without further adieu he plowed into me, the only lube being my mucus andspit. I screamed out as Black Master took me violently, staking hisownership to my body……and my soul as well, if I was completely honestwith myself. His steel-hard cudgel forced apart my tender sphincter muscleand speared into my rectum with a force that took my breath away. Iinstantly began moaning into the gag and to my abject horror, also beganarching back into every thrust of his into my body. One of his hands was onthe back of my neck holding me firmly in place while the other held my slimwrists at the small of my back; I could not believe how submissive this allwas, how he controlled every aspect of my being at this very moment. He wasthe most important person in the world to me right now. Would be the mostimportant person in my life forever more.His thrusts started out strong, steady, measured but soon digressed to ashort herky-jerky fuck rhythm. Just a couple minutes in and it seemed likehe was close to nutting. I reveled in the feel of every inch of his steelcock violating the soft fleshy tissues of all my inner nooks andcrannies. It was truly amazing what a talented cocksman he was and I knew Ishould consider myself fortunate to have been blessed with such a skilledMaster. But even as I thought those things I still felt perplexed by theturn my life had taken in just the past few hours. Before I could thinkabout anymore, Black Master’s voice came booming to wake me from myreverie. I could feel his spittle on my back and neck as he leaned into me,truly giving this fuck his all. “FUCK SISSY! Gonna cum! Gonna cum so hardup your asscunt, you little fucking bitch! Gonna seed this pussy! Gonnamake sure you learn your fucking place, faggot! OOOHHHH YEEAAA! OHHH YEAAHERE IT COMES SISSY MISSY! You ready for my fucking jizz, Dani!?” With onefinal b**st-like grunt, I felt his cock explode inside me and the warm,gooey fuck slime coated my bowels, seeding me with my Master’s essence. Thefeeling of being bred was overpowering and I felt my own tiny sac tightenup and then I followed my Black Master into euphoria, screaming into theball gag until I was hoarse and choking from the effort. I felt Mastercollapse against my back, the sweat from our scorching fuck causing us tostick together. We were both groaning in the aftershocks of our almostsimultaneous orgasms. But I soon felt him begin to slide out of me andsuddenly my open and gaping hole felt very empty and I couldn’t stand tothink of him not being inside me… He motioned for me to turn around witha light slap on my buttocks. I already had a good idea what this was goingto be about, and sure enough as I turned to face him once again, hepresented me with his slowly shrinking prick to suck clean of spooge andassjuice. It was humiliating, but in an exhilarating way as I was stillsearching my way through the maze of confused sexuality that this wholeepisode had brought about. Being as feminine and subservient as possible Islowly ran my tongue up and down his veiny hose, making certain to keep myeyes on his as I lapped up every last droplet of cum from his cock, ballsand pubes. I felt like a kitten lapping up some warm milk.”Jesus Christ! THAT was fucking fantastic, sissy! Fuck! As mad as I amabout you wrecking my day, I gotta admit, it might have been worthit. Fuck! What a great cum! And look at you, you worthless bitch. Onceagain, you’ve cum with your Master up inside your sissy slit. How’s it feelto be nothing but a cum dump for a superior black man? Huh faggot? Can’tanswer with the gag in your mouth, I suppose eh? Oh well, I don’t need youto tell me what you’re thinking. The evidence was in the fuck. The way youpushed those sweet, white, round buns back into me, moaning for it harderand deeper… yea it’s pretty clear just what kind of a faggot you are. Afag who loves black cock, I’d say. Damn, you are a true sissy, Dani. Can’tbelieve no other nigger ever scooped you up. But you’re MINE now, cunt! Iown this pussy.” He emphasized this statement with a semi-soft swat acrossmy ravaged buttocks. I could feel the sperm leaking out of my abused fuckslot.Black Master drew himself up to his full imposing height in front of me ashe buttoned up his jeans, his sobbing, cum-soaked pussyboi kneeling beforehim. He grabbed my hair, pulling my face upwards to look at him. I feltmyself blushing under his stern gaze, both of us again knowing the exactnature of our relationship. “So I’m gonna go ahead and repeat myself, butthis will be the last time I do so for you. From now on, you will answer mydemands immediately and unswervingly. They are not suggestions and I don’ttake opinions from faggot whores. Got it? Get yourself cleaned up, put onthe skirt and blouse I brought over for you and get your sissy ass toVictoria’s Secret and pick up some more lingerie, all the shit I listedearlier. Then hightail it to the grocery store and get stocked up oneverything you need to make my life as easy and pleasurable aspossible. All the booze and food I mentioned before. Then when you get backhere, jump on that bondage supply website I gave you. I want the DeluxeSling and the Masters’ Fuck Rack delivered here within three businessdays. I’ll expect you back home and ready for me by ten o’clock tonight andas always……be dressed for me and sitting on your sissy chair.”I nodded my agreement and mumbled something around the ball gag and heseemed to think this was sufficient on my part. He motioned for me to riseand I did so and then he came around behind me and unlocked the wristrestraints. “My boys and I are hitting the strip clubs tonight, so plan onme being extra horny. Probably be over after midnight and then we can go atit. Make sure you’re ready, cause when I’m in THAT kinda mood, I can fuckall night long, baby! Heh, heh.” He chuckled as he saw my eyes widen at hiscomments and then totally surprised me when he leaned down for an extremelytender kiss. I melted into his strong arms not wanting him to leave me. Ashe pulled away I noticed him leering wickedly at me again, and I realizedthat he needed this just as much as I did, only in a different way. Italmost seemed as though we were soul mates, destined to meet and who knows?Perhaps we are… One dominant, one submissive, fitting together, oneinside the other, to suck and lick and fuck and cum and lust and maybe evenlove……The end……for now.

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Chilly Morning

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Chilly MorningThe windows were left open over night and a chilly breeze was blowing past the light curtains when I woke up. I was looking up at the ceiling, having tossed and turned throughout the night from my favorite position on my stomach. My right hand was nonchalantly holding my dick, which was stiff from having to go to the bathroom. It felt warm. I wiggled in the bed a little closer to my wife, Taylor. She was asleep, her back to me, her feet tucked in towards her body in a fetal position. I could see the curve of her hips beneath the crisp red sheet. Her breathing was deep and even; she was asleep and probably dreaming. The alarm had not gone off yet, but the sun had crept over the horizon and I could see blue sky from between openings in the curtains. My left hand reached out and cupped her ass.I twisted my wrist into an unnatural position, giving my fingers more room to squeeze her soft cheeks. I traced a pinkie finger from the deep cleft of where her ass met her thighs, along her crack and to the small of her back. It was no mean feat since I’m not the most flexible guy in the world. I retraced my path until my hand rested tightly between her thighs. Her pubic hair rubbed against the edge of my hand. I pressed up. She moaned in her sleep.Still her breathing remained even and easy, her legs closed like the halves of a treasure chest, its secret safely locked inside.I pulled my hand from between her legs and rolled out of the bed, trying hard to not make a sound. A floor board creaked beneath me, but the soft carpet muted my heavy and uncoordinated morning steps. A crack as loud as a gunshot split the air, but it was only my hip sliding into place, trying to form a better alignment with the rest of me. I made a small noise as I peed into the toilet; spraying the side of the bowl instead of splashing loudly like a welcome summer rain.I quickly turned on the tap and grabbed a wash cloth, wiped myself down faster than a squeegee man cleans a car window and walked as silently as I could again back to our bed.I pulled back the cover and Taylor drew her legs closer up to her body. Taylor is a tall woman, almost five-nine, but laying there with a chilled May breeze blowing, and an infant blue sky and nearly white light uncertainly coming into our room, she was packed into a much smaller space. Her right hand reached out for the sheet. I gave it to her and she pulled it up to nearly her chin. No matter, we both can be under the sheet.I slipped into bed and shaped my body like a spoon beside hers. Why is it called spooning? Spoons in my drawer are on top of one another, not alongside, and that’s how they are in everyone’s drawer I know. I stopped trying to figure out such silly things and nuzzled up close. I stroked the backs of her thighs, down to the muscled calves and even made to the backs of her feet. I creaked and cracked, but I was successful, a veritable explorer unlocking the secrets of a forbidden jungle.On my second trip down her legs, she stretched them to the bottom of the bed. Still on her side, but leaning more to her right and on her stomach than before, Taylor began to talk in her sleep. Her ass made a mountain out of the sheets and I felt my dick get stiffer. She was saying nothing in particular, just sounds that were probably words in the ancient tongue she spoke in her sleep when her spirit was where women like Taylor always went at night. A place where grasses were tall and winds were hot, and men chased and caught, and held and kissed and loved long into the night, dripping sweat, and mixing fluids that sometimes brought life, but always rained pleasure.I rolled over onto izmir escort her, my hard cock pressed into the crack of her ass. My weight was supported by my elbows on either side of her. Now on her belly, face turned to the light, I leaned over and kissed her softly; my tongue traced the outline of her lips, which remained closed.Her hips stirred beneath me, rolling in a small circle, like the first ripple in a lake from a stone. I wanted wider circles so I kissed her ear, and pressed my dick firmer into her cheeks. I was inside, held automatically by the deep cleft; my dick had felt warm in my hand, now it was on fire, burning.I extended my elbows, lifting off of her body, but was still pressed between her gripping cheeks, a strange push-up position that gave me enough room to lick the back of her neck. The circle made by her hips grew wider, the pebble going deeper into the dark place was working. I leaned in closer and whispered, “Good morning, beloved. The sun is up.An eye opened, and a smile was born on her face. “That’s not all that’s up,” she said.End of part 1Taylor arched her back slightly, raising her stomach a few inches from the mattress. She held her weight in her hands and twisted her neck side to side, loosening the muscles. I reared up with her, my arms stretched even further around her, my cock pressed firmly into the backs of her thighs and the cleft of her ass. She wiggled some more and my dick jumped, a reflex as old as man himself.She bucked quickly like a bronco and threw me off of her I was so surprised. Before I knew it she had rolled out of bed and was practically running into the bathroom. Her long, nearly jet black hair was a sharp contrast to her light as butterscotch skin. I heard her splash into the toilet and then the shower turn on. So this won’t be a quickie after all. That was fine with me. I got out of bed and reached into the drawer of my nightable. I took out a small dildo, about four inches long, jet black and shiny. It was just the right size to get something started. I often wondered if Taylor ever inserted it in the morning, slipped on a pair of those leather thong underwear and held it in place inside her pussy all day long. I could imagine her giving a presentation to a client, pointing out the quality of this painting or that one, all the while squeezing her most private muscles until she came with a quiet shudder. “No, I’m ok, just got a chill all of sudden,” she’d say to a client who noticed her shake.I licked the tip of the dildo. No taste at all. She’d have washed it off anyway. I headed back to the bathroom.The bathroom was filling with steam. Taylor had her back to the stream of water and it was beating a rhythm on her back; her head was down. I wondered if her eyes were closed. It didn’t matter, she was not the type to jump even when startled.“Hey, can I come in,” I said, my head already getting damp from the rebounded water from her back.“Sure, come on, there’s room.”I stepped into the tub and pulled the curtain back into place. We were in our own little world now, a hot steamy rain was falling and we were naked to the world. She looked down at me and giggled.“Umm, looks like something’s not there anymore. Age catching up with you?”She reached down and grabbed my now soft penis in her hands. They were hot. She pulled me closer by dick and even if I wanted to stay back, I was kind of attached to my dick.I grabbed her shoulders and pulled her to me, two people like planets in space, their gravitational force attracting one another. But unlike in space when two celestial bodies collide and it’s a cosmic disaster, Taylor and I coming together escort izmir was like the Big Bang – we were creating something new and wonderful. It was like that no matter when we got together or where. To hell with opposites attracting; there’s no greater power in the universe than a horny male and female who happen to be in love.I leaned in to kiss her neck, her head still pointed down, the water hitting her back. She gripped my dick tightly and rubbed her wet hands up and down, lengthening it like one would taffy. But this wasn’t taffy, taffy was sticky; I was slick and hard, looking for a place to go and hide. I traced my fingers down her back, and pressed the length of the dildo into the middle of her back. I slid it down slowly until I had it pressed between her ass. I pushed it deeply, a black hotdog between a fluffy bun.I was stiff as the fake cock by now and Taylor was rubbing my balls with one hand and tickling my left nipple with the other. She turned me around so the water was now hitting my back. She bent her knees and sank lower, taking my cock into her mouth. It was hotter than the shower and softer than the water. I licked my lips and moaned. The small dildo fell from between her cheeks, a small splash in the puddle at our feet.I ran my hands along the back of Taylor’s neck and slowly thrust my pelvis to her, my dick reaching deeper and deeper into her mouth until my balls were pressed up against her chin. She hummed a muffled tune on my cock and it throbbed like drum in time to her song.She let it pop free and licked at the head, took it in her hands and rubbed it alongside her face like a massage ball. First her cheeks, then her forehead. She pressed my cock flat onto my stomach and blew softly on my balls, a hand reached behind me and cupped my ass. Then I felt a wet finger tickle my anus. Oh no, time to cut this short before I cream rinse her hair.I stepped back until I was up against the wall, my head turned to the side so I wouldn’t bump the shower.“Hey, watch out, don’t get the hair wet,” she said and stood up and away from the spray.“We have to take this someplace else, or you’re going to make me lose it right here,” I said.“Well come on then,” she said, smiling at her play on words. She opened the shower door and slapped her ass softly as she stepped out. “I’m needing some attention,” she said.I turned the water off and followed her out. She grabbed a towel from the rack and spread it out onto the bed. She lay down on her back, her feet flat on the mattress, her knees pointing east and west, her pussy centered like the sun in the sky. I was about to get burned by all its glory.I snatched a pillow from the bed and dropped it onto the floor in front of her. I kneeled down and leaned in, my hands on each leg, sliding along her moist skin. I licked first one calf, then down to her ankle where I blew softly. I felt her tremble, a leaf attached to a limb out there in the breeze. I picked up her foot and kissed it; I must have spent a minute on her foot before I moved to her other calf and started the whole thing all over again. I could smell her juices and imaged I could her them drip onto the towel, but that was make believe. What was real was her breathing, a deep and groaning sound like a volcano before it erupts, or the ocean before it breaks into a tremendous wave that washes a beach clean.I pressed her legs together from the thighs, hiding her sex and then lifted her legs up over her head until her butt was practically off the bed. I slid my hands to the front of her thighs and traced a path down to her ass. With her legs folded into her chest, just a slit of pussy was izmir escort bayan visible. I liked that slit quickly, like the last line of ice cream around the edge of a stick.I dropped my tongue and touched her asshole lightly.“Damn, you better fuck me now,” she said. Taylor uncurled her legs and practically pushed me away. She sat straight up, dipped a finger into her pussy and held it out to me.I sucked it.“Does that taste like in a little while to you?” I shook my head. “No. That’s what give me that dick now tastes like.”She spread her outer lips and I could see pink. There’s nothing like pink in all the world, soft and beautiful. Who’d eat a purple pussy or blue? But pink? And you wonder why bubble gum is pink. They know what’s what, and so did I.I checked on my man down there and he was still ready for battle, but just for the hell of it, I climbed up on the bed. “Suck it, let it feel how hungry you are.”Taylor practically ripped it off me. She slurped and sucked – the soldier was ready for battle!I climbed on top of her and eased my dick into her pussy, my lips pressed to her mouth and my tongue at home inside. She gripped my ass and pulled me deeper into her and we began to collide like stars.There was heat and light and sweat. I raised up onto my elbows and drove inside like an archer’s arrow, hitting the target again and again. My pelvis pushed against her clit on one stroke and the head of my dick was the only thing left inside her on the other. Still she never let go of my ass. She gripped my cheeks with the fingers of a woman holding on for dear life.Suddenly I heard that hum again. I felt it, too. It was inside her chest and throat and her pussy, too. It ran and jumped like jazz, improvising with every heartbeat; a high note here and low note there – silence, then all over again, but different. I didn’t move. She rocked and squeezed, Taylor’s orgasm was the Big Bang.She opened her eyes. “Turn over.”“What,” I said.“Get on your back.”I raised up by she grabbed on tight. “Don’t pull out, just roll over.”?So I did, with her still around me like a soft quiet night. She rearranged herself and straddle me, her tits hanging low on my face. I licked a nipple.“Suck it harder,” she said. Who was I to not obey.Taylor leaned to one side then began to wriggle her ass. She was laying on me, her breast in my mouth, her hands up near my head, practically doing an Alvin Ailey dance move on my dick with her ass. It was so much as up and down or side to side as much as it was all of the above. Her pussy was a tornado and there was nothing I could do except let it take me to OZ – the Orgasm Zone.I reached back and grabbed her ass. I felt it tighten and loosen, squeeze and relax. I pulled her cheeks apart and rubbed her asshole with both index fingers. I pushed one inside and could feel my dick between the thin walls of her ass and pussy.I was running out of time. “Rub my balls,” I said, but I wasn’t sure if she understood me, my mouth was covered in tittie. But she raised up slightly and her left hand reached back to my balls. I only had one finger in her ass now. She tapped them softly and I could feel the cum about to find its way free. Taylor was fully upright now, a hand on my balls, another on my chest, pinching my nipple. She was smiling. The tornado had stopped, but I was still spinning, out of control, but in the hands of a fateful mistress. She pushed her wrist down beneath my balls and pressed a searching fingertip to my asshole. That’s it, all hands on deck, we’re about to blow!She felt me tense up and then with a move swifter than a shooting star she was up off me and her mouth was around my dick. She sucked and pushed a finger inside my ass and I came like a storm, shaking and moaning, passion spending its last.Taylor lifted her head and I saw her swallow. My eyes closed.“Wake up, you got to go to work.”The End

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A Bra And Panties?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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Beautiful Shemale

A Bra And Panties?It had been a long day, my friends and I had been on long ride in our local forestry area. We always parked our cars away from the usual cyclist parking areas so it was pretty well deserted. As we approached where we had parked we saw what looked like a lady by a tree in her undies. As we got closer we could see it was a guy in women’s underwear, stockings, suspenders, bra and silk panties. We had a small giggle and rode past but as I, looked it appeared that he was tied to the tree.At the cars, my friends loaded their bikes and left so I got on my bike and cycled back to where the guy was. “Hey, do you need any help?” I asked expecting someone else to appear out of the bushes.“Oh thank god you came back, I thought I was gonna be here all night”!”He looked a little distressed so I started to untie the ropes around his hands then sank to my knees and started to undo the ropes around his legs. I looked up yavuzeli escort and saw the bulge in his tight silk panties. He wasn’t hard but they were so small his cock made them bulge. He told me that some guys at a club had invited him to a fetish party, but once away from the place they started to verbally attack him then took him to the woods and left him there.I looked him up and down and thought how good he looked pretty good as a woman. I noticed his shaved legs and hairless chest. I started to get a few tingling sensations which isn’t good when wearing cycling shorts. He told me his name was Geoff, but he called himself Zoe when dressed and was 49 years old. That is 28 years older than me. No one was around so I got him back to my car and set off to take him home, but he asked if we could go to mine first ‘til it was dark so he could get into his home without the neighbours giresun escort seeing.Those guys had taken his clothes he would have changed back into after the club. I share a place with a couple but they were away for the weekend so it was ok for him to come back. When we got there i went in and got him a coat to cover himself.Inside he took off the coat and sat there in those sexy undies while we chatted. I think he had noticed some movement in my shorts at the woods so he seemd to be sitting quite sensually. He asked me in a sexy voice if i would call him Zoe which was fine by me. “I need to get a quick shower and change so if you’re ok i won’t be long?””Sure thing, can I use your toilet?”I told him where it was and we both went upstairs together. I went into my bedroom and he went into the toilet. I stripped off and waited for the toilet flush, then when I thought he had gone back gümüşhane escort downstairs I walked out onto the landing to see him standing there looking at me in my naked state. He looked me up and down then looked at my cock and made some comment, which I didn’t hear properly.He headed for the stairs and I noticed his bulge was much bigger, then I realised my cock was semi-hard. I went into the shower and half of me wanted him to walk in on me but he didn’t. After my shower I went downstairs still naked with my towel.”Didn’t think it worth drying off up there as you have already seen me naked”I laughed, “With a body like that you won’t have any complaints from this lady.””Thank you Zoe.”We chatted and as darkness fell I took her home and she invited me round for a meal one night to say thank you for saving her.”I will on one condition,” I said.”What’s that?” she asked.”That the meal is with Zoe and not Geoff.”She smiled and told me that she was glad I had said that because she always liked to be Zoe in her own home and it would be especially nice with company.We made a date for the following Tuesday evening and made our goodbyes. I was so looking forward to it and wondering how it would turn out.To be continued…

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kübranın inleyişi

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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kübranın inleyişi

kübra minibüste yavaşça elini çandanın altından sikimin üzerinde gezdiriyordu elimi ararmış gibi oysa son mesajlarında yazdığı gibi beni sikilme arzusunu ifade ediyordu. gözlerimden anla demişti beni sikmeni istediğimi peki demiştim .. yarım saatlik sabırsızlıktan sonra nihayet eve geldik , odaya geçtiğimizde ilk yaptığı bana sımsıkı sarılmak oldu . bu gerçekten hem baştan çıkarıcı hem tutku doluydu. kübrayla nasıl tanıştığımızı anlatmıştım önceki mesajımda , odadan devam edeceğim bu yüzden , bir sürü enerji verici cinsten gıda maddesi getirmişti yanında , lokum fıstık vs. bir de biraz bal sikime döküp yalamak için getirmiş , müzik dinledik önce biraz beni itip o yatağa attı sevdiği bir şarkıyı dinlerken ve üstüme çıkıp göğsüme dokunarak ritim tuttu şarkıya , kulağıma eğilip sıradaki 3 şarkıdan sonra beni sik dedi , ben çalan şarkı dahil mi diye sordum 🙂 ..
hiç bu kadar güzel şarkıların kısa olmasını istemeiştim daha önce nihayet bittiler ve üstüne oturduğu sikimle ilgilenmeye başladı biraz oynadıktan sonra çıplak bedenimle gözlerime bakarken aniden bir eliyle sikimi içine soktu taş gibi olmuş sikim, sıcacık bir ama girmiş, sıcaklığı hisetmişti ilk..
kübranın çıkardığı ilk ses ohhh benim aldığım zevke birkaç adım atlatmış ayağımı yerden kesmişti sanki arada harikasın sesleri kalçalarından çıkarım seslere karışıyor gurur verici bir hoplatma festivali sürüyordu tek kişilik yatağımda..
4 kere boşaldık uyumadan ve uyanınca hazır bir ereksiyonla bir daha siktim kübrayı bu defa çok daha istekliydi ilk defa boşalıyormuş ve ben seviştiği ikinci kişiydim.. şimdi yollarını gözlüyorum ama daha gelmez sanırım çünkü sevgilisi onu aldattı diye benimle birlikte olmuştu ve barıştılar yine de sık sık mesaj yazıyor ve özlediğini söylüyor beni ben se sakin olam gerektiğini düşünüyorum ne de olsa sevgilisi var.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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Adanalı Hanımağa 15

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

Adanalı Hanımağa 15
Sabah saat 09:00 gibi Hanımağa aradı. “Yarım saate geliyorum, hazırlan, hamama gidiyoruz!” diyerek kapattı. “Sabah sabah ne hamamı!” dedim kendi kendime. Uykumu alamamıştım daha. Bir süre yatakta tavanı seyrettim.

Dün gece olanları düşündüm. Hanımağa’nın neden Hanımağa olduğuna yakından tanık olmuştum. O ara çantamı kulüpteki ofisinde unuttuğumu fark ettim. İçinde bana verdiği 20 bin lira para vardı, ayrıca işe ait evraklar. Sikişin ve daha sonra yaşananların heyecanıyla orada bıraktığımı daha yeni idrak edebildim.

Giyinip aşağı indim. Hanımağa’nın arabası önümde durdu tam dediği zamanda. Kapıyı açıp binecekken Emine ön kapıdan indi. Şoför de inip bagajdan bir şeyler aldı. Aldıkları arasında ütü masası ile ütü vardı. Hanımağa camı indirip “Emine bugün de temizleyecek evini, ütülerini yapacak. Sen anahtarı ver ona!” deyince “Tamam!” diyerek verdim anahtarı Emine’ye. Emine gülümseyerek “Sağ ol abi!” dedi ve şoförle birlikte binadan içeri girdi.

Hanımağa’nın yanına oturdum. Siyah dar bir kotla beyaz gömlek giymişti, ağzı açık yüksek topuklu ayakkabılar vardı ayağında. “E, nasılsın bakalım!” diye sorup elimi tuttu. Arabada sadece ikimiz olduğumuz için rahattı. “İyiyim, sen nasılsın!” dediğimde “Dün gece belimin ağrısından yatamadım!” dedi gülerek. Hınzırca, mana dolu bir gülüştü bu.

“Eve gider gitmez yattım, banyo bile yapmadım. Hamama gidip şöyle güzel bir yıkanalım, masaj yaptırıp kendimize gelelim. Sonra da annemin yanına götürecem seni!” deyince “Annen mi, niye!” dedim. Fısıltılı bir sesle “E artık Allah katında kocam oldun, elini öpmeye götürüyorum!” dedi. Sözleri hoşuma gitti.

“Avukatla biraz işlerin olacak, devir işlemleri için. Bankaya uğramamız lazım, galeriye de gideriz. Ondan sonra da kumarhaneye takılırız. Poligona bugün gidemeyiz herhalde, onu başka zaman hallederiz!” dedi gülümserken. Yanağımdan ıslak bir öpücük aldı sonrasında.

Ona çantayı söylediğimde “Merak etme bir şey olmaz, benim odadan benden izinsiz çöp çıkaramazlar!” dedi. Sonra da “20 bin lira için bu kadar kendini paralamana değmez. Bundan sonra ne paralar kazanacaksın, onları düşün. Ama benim dediklerimi harfiyen yapman lazım, daha yenisin, toysun, pişmen gerek. Sözlerimden dışarı çıkmazsan çok paralar kazanacaksın!” diye eklemede bulundu. Şoför binanın kapısında görününceyse ciddi bir tavır takınıp Hanımağa moduna geçti hemen…

Şoför bizi Yasemin ve kocasının da kaldığı beş yıldızlı otelin önünde indirdi. Hanımağa’nın yanındaki siyah sırt çantasını aldım. Hanımağa şoföre “Abinizin çantası kulüpte kalmış, onu al getir. Benim odada!” dediğinde şoför “Emredersin Hanımağam!” diyerek gazladı.

Otelin kapıcısından resepsiyonistlerine kadar hepsi Hanımağa’yı tanıyordu. Biraz sonra otelin yöneticilerinden oldukça şık giyinmiş bir adam yanımıza geldi.

“Nasılsın Şehmuz Bey, tanıştırayım yeğenim Tuğrul!” dedi Hanımağa. Adama damadım değil de yeğenim diye tanıtmasında bir anlam vardı belli ki. Adam nazikçe elimi sıktı. “Hamam için geldik, bir de güzel masaj istiyoruz. Çift olarak geldik ha, masaj için bizi ayrı yerlere koyma sakın!” dediğinde Şehmuz Bey “Estağfurullah Hanımağam, ne demek!” diyerek önümüze geçti.

Şehmuz Bey bizi hamam ve spa katına indirdi, bir süre Hanımağa ile sohbet ettiler. “Bu akşam Ankara’dan misafirlerim gelecek, güzel odalar istiyorum!” dediğinde adam “Emrin olur Hanımağam!” dedi başını eğerek. Hanımağa sırt çantasından aldığı birkaç yüz Dolarlık desteyi adamın ceketinin cebine sıkıştırdı bu cevap üzerine. Şehmuz gidince “Orospunun parasını önceden vereceksin ki iyi muamele çeksin!” dedi gülerek. Öğrenmem için söylemişti bunu.

Hanımağa kadınlar bölümüne geçerken ben de erkekler kısmına geçtim. Hamama gitmek sevdiğim ve alışık olduğum bir şey değildi açıkçası. İstanbul’da işyerinden arkadaşlarla birkaç kez tarihi hamamlardan birine gitmiştim o kadar.

Göbek taşına uzanıp kendimi tellağın ellerine teslim ettim. Adam derimi yüzecekmiş gibi yoğurdu her yerimi. Kese köpük derken uzun zamandır üzerimde biriken kir çıkıp gitti. Yıkanmam bittikten sonra sıcak taşın üzerinde yattım bir süre. Derken biri geldi ve Hanımağa’nın beni çağırdığını söyledi.

Beni masaj odasına aldılar. Hanımağa çırılçıplak bir halde masaj masalarından birine yüzüstü uzanmıştı. Yanan birkaç tütsü çubuğuyla içerisi hoş kokuyordu. Üzerinde beyaz hemşire kıyafeti olan esmer tenli uzak doğulu bir kız ona masaj yaparken bir diğeri yanındaki masaya uzanmamı ve üstümdeki havluyu çıkartmamı istedi. Tereddüt ettiğimi gören Hanımağa “Çıkarsana, kimden çekiniyorsun!” dedi. Utana sıkıla havluyu çıkardım ve masaya uzandım.

Kızın ince ve narin eli vücudumda gezinmeye başladı. Ayak parmaklarımdan omuz başlarıma, enseme kadar birkaç dakika boyunca parmak uçlarıyla didikledi. Ardından aromatik birkaç yağı üzerime döküp masaja başladı.

Hanımağa mayışmıştı, uyur gibi gözlerini kapamıştı. Şişkin memeleri ağırlığı altında yassılaşmış, dolgun beyaz götü çıkıntı yapmıştı. Kızın maharetli elleri vücudunda geziniyordu. Üzerine döktüğü yağlarla Hanımağa’nın beyaz vücudu parlıyordu.

Kız nerdeyse yarım saat boyunca omuzlarımdan sırtıma ve baldırlarıma, kalçalarıma kadar masaj yaptı. Aralarda küçük siyah taşları üzerime koyuyordu. Taşlar sıcaktı ve değdiği yeri yakıyordu adeta. Benim için yeni bir deneyimdi ama belli ki Hanımağa daha önce yaptırmıştı.

Kız bozuk Türkçesiyle benden sırtüstü uzanmamı istedi. Yavaşça döndüm. Yarağım kızın vücuduma dokunuşları sayesinde biraz sertleşmişti ama Hanımağa’nın yanı başımda olması daha ileri gitmesine engel olmuştu.

Uzakdoğulu kız kalçalarımı yoğururken gülümsüyordu. Yarağımın çıplak görüntüsünden rahatsız olmamıştı hiç. Bu arada Hanımağa da sırtüstü dönmüş, bacaklarını ayırmıştı. Masajını yapan kızın ince elleri kasıklarında ve amının üzerindeydi. Sıcak taşları göbeğinin altına koymuştu.

Kızın elleri kasıklarıma kaydığında titredim. Hanımağa yanımdayken bunu yapması beni tereddütte bırakıyordu. Az sonra taşaklarımı nazikçe tuttu. Sonra da eline döktüğü yağla taşaklarıma ve yarağıma okşar gibi hareketlerle masaj yapmaya başladı.

Hanımağa “Nasıl hoşuna gitti mi!” diye sorunca “Ya ne bileyim, bu nasıl iş, kız her tarafımı elliyor!” dedim. Kızın parmak uçları yarağımda geziniyordu ve her saniye yarağımın kalkmasına sebep oluyordu. Hanımağa “Bunlardan benim salona da alıyorum, bizim Türkler beceremiyor bu işleri, hamamda kese atar gibi yapıyorlar. Bak şunlara melek gibiler, elleri varla yok arası!” dedi sözlerime karşılık.

Yarağım sopa gibi olmuştu kızın dokunuşları ve masajı nedeniyle. Hanımağa bana bakıp gülüyordu. “Ağzına alsın mı, ister misin!” dediğinde “O ne demek be!” dedim şaşırarak. Oysa Hanımağa çok ciddiydi. “Ben erkek olsam şimdiye çoktan ağzına vermiş, domaltıp sikmiştim. Sen nasıl erkeksin!” dedi beyaz dişlerini göstererek gülerken. Benimle ya kafa buluyordu ya da beni denemek istiyordu.

Ancak öyle olmadığını siyah sırt çantasından çıkardığı 100 Doları kıza uzattığında anladım. Kıza Türkçe “Ağzına al!” dedikten sonra eliyle de harekette bulundu anlaması için. Kız parayı aldı ve kıyafetinin cebine koyduktan sonra gülümseyerek bir şeyler söyledi diğer kıza. Kız kikir kikir güldü onun söylediklerine.

Derken başını eğdi ve yarağımı aldı ağzına. Ben Hanımağa’ya bakarken “Utanma lan, erkek değil misin? Sevda’nın ağzına verirken utanmadın da şimdi mi utanıyorsun!” dedi. Esmer tenli çekik gözlü kız gözleri üzerimde, başını hızlı hızlı indirip kaldırarak yarağımın kafasını emiyordu hiç durmadan. Yarağım daha da sertleşip kalkarken kızın küçük ağzını doldurmuştu.

Bu arada Hanımağa diğer kıza da 100 Dolar uzattı ve bu kez de o yarağımı aldı ağzına. Az önceki kenara çekilirken şimdi bu kız aynı şekilde yarağımı emiyor, kafasını yalıyordu. Boşalmaya yaklaşırken Hanımağa “Geleceğin zaman söyle de kızın ağzına akıtma!” dedi gülerek.

Kalp atışlarım hızlanırken Hanımağa film izler gibi bakıyor, gülüyordu. Boşalmam yaklaştığı anda “Bıraksınlar, tamam!” dedim heyecanla. Kıza “Tamam, yeter!” dedim durması için ama onun durmaya niyeti yoktu. Kökünden sıkıca tutmuştu yarağımı ve bırakmak istemiyordu.

Kendimi ne kadar kontrol etmeye çalışsam da yapamıyordum. Sonunda kendimden geçercesine boşalmaya başladım. İlk döl damlaları ağzına fışkırdığında kız kendini geri çekti ve yarağımın kafasını avuçlarının arasına aldı. Döllerim minik avucunu doldururken ikisi kendi dillerinde bir şeyler söylüyordu. Bana masaj yapan kız beyaz bir havlu aldı ve yarağımı bununla iyice sildi. Diğeri ise avucundaki döllerimi yıkadı suyun altında, ağzını çalkaladı.

Hanımağa “Sevdin mi!” diye sorunca “Neydi şimdi bu? Neden böyle bir şey yaptın!” diye sordum. “Dedim ya benim salona da alacam bunlardan, müşteriye nasıl muamele çektiklerini görmek istedim. Kalkıp başka adamların üzerinde deneme yapamayacağıma göre senin üzerinde denedim, ne var bunda!” dedi. “Sen kafayı yemişsin!” dedim gülerek. Kendince mantıklı bir açıklamada bulunmuştu ama bana tuhaf gelmişti.

“Masaj salonu diye fuhuş mu yaptıracaksın!” diye sorduğumda “Ben arz ve talebe bakarım aslanım. Müşteri neyi talep ediyorsa ben de onu veririm kendisine. Doğanın dengesi bu. Eğer bunu yapmazsam orası öyle bomboş kalır. Zaten sokaktaki adama çalışmayacak orası, cebinde parası olan hacıağalar için yaptırıyorum kulübü. Sen de orada çalışacağın için öğren bunları!” dedi.

“E bu yaptığın pezevenklik değil mi? Melis’in babasına pezevenk demiştin, benim pezevenklerle işim olmaz demiştin ama sen şimdi aynısını yapıyorsun!” dediğimde önce sessiz kaldı sözlerime. Sözlerim onu sinirlendirmişti ama yine de kendini tutuyordu.

“Senin yerinde başkası olsa şimdiye çoktan gebertmiştim!” diye girdi söze. “Aslanım ben kadınları kızları babasından kocasından satın alıp kerhanelere satmıyorum. Benim kerhanem yok, karı sikiştirmiyorum. Oraya gelecek kaliteli insanlara kaliteli hizmet sunmanın derdindeyim. Nedir şimdi bu pezevenklik mezevenklik lafları? Sen ne zannettin beni? Ha, eğer tanıyamamışsan iyice tanı beni. Adana’da çalışan kadınların çoğunu ben korurum. Benim sayemde ekmek yerler!” dedi.

Tam anlayamadım dediğini. “Nasıl yani? Sokaklarda kadın mı çalıştırıyorsun!” diye sordum. Ağzına boşaldığım kız şimdi Hanımağa’nın memelerine masaj yapmaya başlamıştı. Benimki de karnımı ovalıyordu.

“Ben koruma sağlıyorum sadece. Onlar işini yapar ben de onları korurum. Korumam altındaki kadına kimse yanaşamaz. Zaten ben onları değil onlar beni bulur, kendileri gelir. Beni koru derler. Kazandıklarından pay alırım. Masaj salonunda da yapacağım şey bu. Kızlar çalışacak, muamelenin parası kendilerinde kalacak. Ben sadece onları koruyor olacam. Ben olmasam bir sürü it uğursuz çakalın elinde heba olup giderler!” diye yanıt verdi.

Onun bu sözlerinden sonra başka bir şey demedim. Nasıl bir dünyanın içine gireceğimi düşündükçe tüylerim diken diken oluyordu. Yarım saat daha sürdü masaj. Kızlar usta elleriyle rahatlatmıştı bedenimi. Ama ruhum da dinlenmiş gibiydi.

Hanımağa’nın bonkörlüğü üstündeydi. Çantasından kızlara yüklü birer bahşiş daha verdi. Sonra da “Kimseye demeyin bunları ha, yakarım yoksa ikinizi de!” dedi gülerek. Bana masaj yapan kız biraz Türkçe biliyordu, “Yok, demeyiz!” dedi gülümseyerek.

Kıza nereli olduklarını sorduğumda “Filipin!” dedi gülümseyerek. Hanımağa’nın oranın nerede ve nasıl bir ülke olduğu ile ilgili hiçbir bilgisi yoktu. Ancak kendi masaj salonuna getireceği kızların başka bir ülkeden olacağını söyledi. “Benimkiler Taylan’mı ne öyle bir yerden olacak, bunlardan değil!” dedi. “Tayland’dır o, Taylan değil!” dediğimde “Ne sikimse işte!” dedi gülerek. “O zaman seninkiler daha iyi olacak desene!” dediğimdeyse “Vay pezevenk bakıyorum ağzının suyu aktı!” dedi kahkahayla.

Giyinip yukarı çıktığımızda Avukat bizi daha doğrusu beni lobide bekliyordu. Hanımağa otelde kalırken ikimiz yakındaki notere gittik. Şamil Hanımağa’nın adamlarının arasındaydı. Noterin odasında imzalaması gereken yerleri imzaladı hiç sesini çıkartmadan. Noter avukatın arkadaşıydı, Hanımağa’yı da iyi tanıyordu. Bütün işlemler bir saat içinde tamamlandığında avukat “Hayırlı olsun, bundan sonrasını ben hallederim!” dedi. Ona vekalet vermiştim çünkü.

Hanımağa “Bitti mi!” diye sordu beni görünce. “Bitti!” dediğimde yanaklarımdan öpüp “Hayırlı uğurlu olsun!” dedi. Bir gecede araba galerisi sahibi olmuştum. Otelin içinde kahvaltımızı yaptık daha sonra. Garsonlar etrafımızda fır dönüyordu. Şehmuz Bey masamıza oturdu Hanımağa’nın isteği üzerine.

“Şu işi konuşup bitirelim Şehmuz Bey. Dediğim gibi Ankara’dan misafirlerim gelecek bu akşam. Onlara en güzel odalarından ikisini ayarla. İkramını eksik tutma sakın. Ne isterlerse yerine getir ama kayıt açma sakın, adamlar çok önemli kişiler ona göre!” deyince Şehmuz “Merak etme Hanımağam, bu zamana kadar eksiğimiz olmadı çok şükür, bu saatten sonra da olmaz!” diyerek yanımızdan ayrıldı.

“Hayırdır, çok önemli kişiler falan, kim bunlar, ne iş!” dedim merakla. Çayını yudumlarken “Milletvekilleri, Apo’nun zamanından beri tanırım. Arada sırada bu taraflara yolları düşünce sağ olsun ararlar, uğrarlar bana. Ben de onları misafir ederim, yediririm, içiririm. Anladın işte, bugün sana yarın bana!” dedi.

Vakit öğleyi geçmişti. Kalktık ve arabaya bindik. Şimdi Hanımağa’nın annesinin evine gitme vaktiydi. Ev Çukurova’da Seyhan gölünün karşı kıyısında Adana’nın gürültü ve keşmekeşinden uzak bir yerdeydi. 4 katlı büyük bir villanın önünde indik arabadan. “Ev dediğin bu mu!” diye sorduğumda “Annem kalantor kadındır, öyle kutu gibi apartman dairesinde oturamam deyince burayı aldım!” diye yanıt verdi.

Annesi hakikaten kalantor bir kadındı. Geçmişinde fahişelik yapmış, uyuşturucu kullanmış, cinayet işleyip hapis yatmış birisiydi. Her türlü pisliği ve acıyı görmüş yaşamış bir kadındı. Kızından ayrı olarak o da bir Hanımağa gibiydi. Uzun boylu, beyazlamış saçları sırtına dökülen, gençliğinde çok güzel olduğu belli olan bir kadındı, ki bu haliyle bile güzeldi. Kayınvalidemden iki yaş büyüktü sadece, 60 yaşındaydı.

“Anne bak, sana dedim ya, Hadiye’nin damadı!” diye tanıştırdı beni Hanımağa. Annesi sıkıca sarılıp yanaklarımdan öptü. “Maşallah aslan gibi çocuk, o sümüklüye çok böyle damat!” dedi gür sesiyle. Geleceğimizi bildiğinden güzel bir sofra hazırlatmıştı.

Hizmetçisi orta yaşlı, fingirdek bir kadındı. Eğilip kalktıkça gömleğinin açık düğmeleri arasından memelerini gösteriyordu. Koca evde iki kadın tek başına yaşıyorlardı. At koşturulacak cinsten, içinde asansörü olan kocaman bir villaydı burası.

Otelde güzel bir kahvaltı yapmıştık ama Hanımağa’nın annesine hayır demek mümkün değildi. Etrafındaki herkese hükmeden, emirler veren, insanların korktuğu, çekindiği biri olan Hanımağa annesinin yanında süt dökmüş kedi gibiydi. Hanımağa da annesinden korkuyordu.

Annesi benim için kendi elleriyle bumbar yapmıştı. Kokoreci sevdiğim halde bunu ilk defa yiyordum. Yemezsem dayak yiyeceğim belliydi. Çekine çekine yerken annesi ve Hanımağa bumbarları afiyetle mideye indiriyordu.

“Sen nasıl Adanalısın!” diye kükredi annesi. “Adam gibi yesene şunları, başka yerde bulamazsın!” deyince “Ben İstanbulluyum, Adanalı değilim, eşim Adanalı!” dedim. Hanımağa araya girip “Ben seni Adanalı yapıcam, merak etme!” dedi gülerek.

Yemek sonrası çatı terasına çıktık. Biraz sonra hizmetçi kadın servis arabasıyla geldi. Sanki lüks bir oteldi burası. Arabanın üstündeki tepside Havana purosu paketiyle bir şişe viski ve üç kadeh vardı. Kadın viskilerimizi doldurdu, her birimize puro ikram etti.

Hanımağa’nın annesi bacak bacak üstüne atıp purosunu yaktı. Puro da viski de pahalı birer markaydı. Hanımağa annesine gayet iyi bakıyordu. Yaşadığı acıları, çektiği sıkıntıları geride bırakıp bundan sonrasında iyi bir hayat yaşamasını istiyordu. Annesini hacca gönderdiğini söylemişti ama kadın ağzında puro, elinde viski kadehiyle ilginç bir görüntü oluşturuyordu.

Seyhan gölünün maviliğine karşı yudumladım viskimi, puronun tadını hissettim. Gitme vakti geldiğinde annesi “Nereye, akşama kalın burada, göndermem!” dedi hiddetle. Hanımağa “Nereye kalayım, işimiz gücümüz var!” dediğinde “Hay sana da işine de!” dedi annesi.

Annesi sıkı sıkı sarıldı bana, yanaklarımı hasretle öptü. “Bundan sonra ne zaman istersen gel, karınla çocukları da getir, torunum olmadı bari onlarla zaman geçireyim, bağrıma basayım!” dedi. Duygulanmıştı bunları söylerken.

Merdivenlerden aşağı inerken şöminenin üstünde siyah beyaz büyük bir fotoğraf gördüm. Karımın dedesinin fotoğrafıydı bu, kayınvalidemin evinde daha küçük bir tanesi asılıydı. Hanımağa’nın annesi ölen kocasının resmini evinin duvarına asmıştı…

Şimdiki durağımız bankaydı. Arabanın bagajında biri benzinciden aldığımız biri de ondan biraz daha küçük iki çanta vardı içi paralarla dolu. Şoför benim çantayı da kulüpten almış, bagaja koymuştu. Çantaların birini şoför aldı, diğerini de ben. Direkt banka müdürünün odasına çıktık.

Müdür belli ki dün geceyi iyi geçirmişti. Hanımağa’ya yalakalık yapıyordu. Çantaların içindeki paraları çalışanlara verdi sayması için. Masanın üstü paralarla doldu. Getirdikleri bir para sayma makinesi çalışmaya başladı.

1,5 milyon liradan biraz daha fazla Türk Lirası, 250 bin Dolar, 200 bin Euro ve bazı senetlerle çekler vardı. O senet ve çeklerin de tutarı bir hayli yüklüydü. Kumarhanede kaybedenlerin, Hanımağa’dan borç alanların yazdığı çek ve senetlerdi. Müdür bir yolunu bulup bunları aklıyordu. Karşılığında da komisyonu cebe indiriyordu.

Bu bankada benim de hesabım vardı ama İstanbul’daki bir şubedeydi. Benim için yeni bir hesap açtılar. Getirdiğimiz paraların bir kısmı Hanımağa’nın isteği üzerine bu hesaplara yatırıldı. Hanımağa beni galeri sahibi yapmış, şimdi de üstüme para yatırıyordu…

Bankadaki işimiz de bittiğinde yeni sahibi olduğum araba galerisine gittik. Hanımağa’nın silahlı adamları etraftaydı yine. Dün geceki muhasebeci karşıladı bizi, yanında da tipik Adanalı çalışanlar vardı. Her biri Şamil’i çoktan unutmuştu, padişah ölmüş yeni padişahı alkışlıyorlardı.

Yukarıya çıktık. Dün gece Hanımağa’nın oturduğu patron koltuğuna bu kez ben oturdum, tabii Hanımağa’nın işareti üzerine. Muhasebeci işleri anlattı. Ancak Hanımağa’nın burayı uzun süre elde tutmak gibi bir niyeti yoktu. “Ben anlamam galeri maleri işlerinden. Burayı en kısa zamanda elden çıkarıcam, senin de burada kalmanı istemiyorum zaten. Bana yanımda lazımsın!” dedi…

Bunu da hallettikten sonra saat 16:00 gibi kumarhaneye vardık. Siyah bir VIP minibüs park etmişti. Hanımağa’nın görüşme yapacağı kişiler gelmişti. Görüşeceği kişiler Abuzer Ağa ve kızını tehdit eden adamlardı. Kapıda Hanımağa’nın adamlarının yanında onların adamları da bekliyordu.

İçeri girdik, Cavit karşıladı bizi. Adamlar onun odasındaydı, odaya geçtik hemen. İki kişiydiler, biri benim yaşlarımda, diğeri daha gençti. Adamların tipinden ne oldukları anlaşılıyordu. Beraber aynı odada olmak şöyle dursun sokakta görsem yolumu değiştireceğim tiplerdi. Ama Hanımağa’ya karşı çok saygılı ve çekingen davranıyorlardı. Hanımağa beni tanıştırınca adamlar bana karşı da çok saygılı davrandı.

Hanımağa Abuzer Ağa ve kızıyla yaptığı görüşmeyi anlattı. Husumetleri eskiye dayanıyordu. Öldürdükleri adam yani Abuzer Ağa’nın damadı ile kan davaları vardı. Ama sonra araya girenler vasıtasıyla barışmışlar, hatta beraber iş yaparak dostluklarını pekiştirmeye çalışmışlardı. Onları barıştıranın Hanımağa’nın kocası Apo olduğunu da öğrendim konuşmaları arasında.

Ama ne olmuşsa adam bunları dolandırıp ortadan kaybolmuştu. Bunlar da peşine düşmüş, İstanbul’da bulduklarında da güpegündüz lüks cipinin içinde infaz etmişlerdi. (Hatta bu olayın gazete ve televizyonlara çıktığını hatırladım. Adamın yanında sevgilisi de vardı ve o da ölmüştü. Olay trafik tartışması diye geçmişti haberlerde oysa durum çok başkaydı)

Bunun üzerine Abuzer Ağa aradan bir süre geçtikten sonra bunların kaçak mallarla dolu deposunu polise ihbar etmişti. Şimdi adamlar da zararlarının karşılanmasını istiyorlardı aksi halde Abuzer ve kızını ortadan kaldıracaklardı.

“Bu alemde en büyük kancıklık hasmını polise ihbar etmektir!” dedi Hanımağa sözünün bir yerinde. “Gücün yetiyorsa işini bitireceksin, yoksa da bükemediğin eli öpeceksin. Abuzer kancıklık etti, kabul ediyorum ama siz de artık uslu durun, bu işi daha fazla uzatmayın. Siz uzattıkça bu defa başka dertler başınıza açılır… Kaybettiğiniz malların parasını alacaksınız, ondan sonra da işinize bakacaksınız… Benim sözümü çiğnemeye kalkmayın!” dedi sigarasından çektiği derin nefeslerin arasında. Bu arada elinde 33’lük kehribar bir tespih vardı. Elinde tespihle ilk defa görüyordum onu.

Adamlar Hanımağa’nın onlar için isteyeceği 2 milyon Doların az olduğunu, daha fazlasını istediklerini söyledi. Ancak Hanımağa onlar gibi düşünmüyordu. “İşi abartıp başka yerlere çekmeyin. Paranızı alın, işinizi yapmaya bakın… Abuzer’in eski gücü forsu kalmadı ama devlette esk**en kalma tanıdıkları halen var. Onları üstünüze göndermesini istemiyorsanız aklınızı başınıza alın. Bu zamana kadar yapmadıysa sizden korktuğu içindir. Ama korku da bir yere kadar. O dakkadan sonra Abuzer’i ben de durduramam. Devlet başınıza çökerse altından kalkamazsınız, devlet Abuzer’e şuna buna benzemez. Ayağınızı denk alın aslanım. Kendinize dikkat edin. Üzülmenizi istemem!” dedi sert bir yüz ifadesiyle.

Bu sözlerinde hem bir uyarı hem de üstü kapalı tehdit vardı. “Eğer işi uzatırsanız sizin fişinizi ben çekerim!” demeye getiriyordu Hanımağa. Korkutucu görünümlü adamlar Hanımağa’nın bu sözleri üzerine bir şey demediler. Mesajı almışlardı. Hanımağa bu sözleriyle Abuzer ve adamlar arasında bir denge kurmaya çalışıyordu aslında…

Adamlar gidince Hanımağa Abuzer’i aradı. Hiç alttan almadan, nazik davranmaya gerek duymadan konuya girip durumu anlattı: “Abuzer Ağa, adamlarla konuştum. Yaptığının doğru olmadığını biliyorsun, bunun da cezası olacak elbette. Adamların zararı için 3 milyon Dolar vereceksin. Aksi halde işini bitirecekler. Benim lafımı dinlemiyorlar. Bundan gayrı bu işin çözümü yok. Düşün taşın. Olmaz dersen yurtdışına mı kaçarsın yoksa yerin dibine mi saklanırsın sana kalmış. Benim de elimden bir şey gelmiyor!” dedi.

Telefonun hoparlörü açıktı. Abuzer Ağa’nın sesinin titrediğini anladım. Bir şeyler eveleyip geveledi ama pek bu çözüme taraftar değil gibiydi. “Ben haber vereyim sana!” diyerek kapattı telefonu.

“Amına koyduğumun ibnesi!” dedi Hanımağa öfkeyle. “Sike sike dediğimi yapacak!” dedi daha sonra. Adamlar için 2 milyon Dolar kendisi için de 1 milyon Dolar alacaktı. “Bu işlerde kendini de düşüneceksin. Ben ikisinin arasında kalarak risk alıyorum. Bu riskin de bir bedeli olacak elbet. Hiçbir şey bedava değil bu hayatta!” dedi açıklamasında…

Konuşmamız bitince kumarhane kısmına geçtik. Yeni yeni kumar oynamaya gelenlerle dolmaya başlamıştı içerisi. Müşteriler arasında kadınlı erkekli birkaç yabancı da vardı. Hepsi slot makinelerinin başındaydı.

“Hayırdır, bunlar kim!” diye sordum Hanımağa’ya. “Bunlar Amerikalılar, Adana’da çok vardır bunlardan!” dedi. Sonra da onların yanına gittik. Sadece onlarla ilgilenen uzun boylu, sarışın bir kız vardı. Krupiye kız su gibi İngilizce konuşuyordu.

Hanımağa kıza bir şeyler söyledi, kız anında çevirdi. Az buçuk İngilizcem vardı, Hanımağa nasıl olduklarını, memnun olup olmadıklarını soruyordu. Anlaşılan buraya daha önce de gelmişlerdi ve Hanımağa’yı tanıyorlardı. Her biri elini sıktı tek tek. Hanımağa beni tanıştırınca benim de elimi sıktılar. Hanımağa hepsine bol şans diledi.

Diğer masaları dolaşırken Cavit yanımıza geldi. Hanımağa ona dönerek “Aferin Cavit, akşam iyi iş çıkardın, aksi halde senin de işin içinde olduğunu düşünmeye başlamıştım!” deyince Cavit “Hanımağam boynum kıldan ince, olur mu öyle şey!” dedi. Hanımağa Cavit’in yanağına ufak bir tokat attı, bu onu affettiğini gösteriyordu.

Cavit peşimizden ayrılınca “İbnedir ama işini iyi yapar!” dedi. “İbne mi!” dediğimde “Bildiğin ibne, travestilerle, erkeklerle takılırdı. Kıbrıs’tan getirttim bunu. Bilmediğimi sanıyor ama ne renk don giydiğini bile bilirim!” dedi gülerek.

Hanımağa her yeni geleni karşılıyor, halini hatırını soruyordu. Pek çoğunu da yakından tanıyordu. Benden rulet masasına oturmamı istedi. Bir baş işaretiyle önüme on bin liralık fiş kondu. Omuzuma vurup “Sen oyna, keyfine bak!” dedikten sonra diğer masaları dolaşmaya koyuldu.

Söylediğim sayıların hiçbiri tabii ki gelmedi. Yarım saat geçmeden on bin liranın hepsi buhar olmuştu. Hanımağa’yı göremeyince krupiye kızlardan birine sordum. “Cavit Bey’in odasına geçerken gördüm!” deyince oraya gittim…

İçeri girdiğimde Hanımağa telefonda hararetli bir konuşma yapıyordu. Karşıdaki kişinin sözlerine alttan alır şekilde karşılık verse de aslında sinirden kendini yiyip bitirdiğini anladım. Cavit elleri önünde ayakta dikiliyordu.

Sonunda Hanımağa’nın konuşması bitti. Elindeki telefonu bir hışımla sıktı avuçları arasında. “Ne oldu!” diye sorduğumda “Orospu çocuğu!” dedi sinirle ve elini masaya vurdu. Masanın üstündekiler havaya zıpladı çarpmanın şiddetiyle.

Arayan kişinin ismini vermedi ama çok önemli bir görevli olduğunu anladım. Kumarhaneye baskın yapılabileceğini söylemişti bu kişi. Abuzer’in kumarhaneyi ihbar ettiğini de eklemişti. “Abuzer artık çizmeyi aştı, onun cezasını kesmek farz oldu!” dedi öfkeyle.

Abuzer ikili oynamıştı. Hanımağa’dan ricacı olmasını istemişti ama istediği gibi bir sonuç çıkmayınca da onu ihbar etmekten çekinmemişti. Hasımları ile karşı karşıya gelme pahasına yapmıştı bunu.

“Geri zekâlı benim blöf yaptığımı sandı ama kendi ayağına kurşun sıktığının farkında değil!” dedi Hanımağa yaktığı sigaradan derin nefesler çekerken. Abuzer’in devlet içinde tanıdıkları vardı ve onlar vasıtasıyla ihbarda bulunmuştu ama Hanımağa’nın da tanıdıkları vardı. Önlerine gelen ihbarı Hanımağa’ya uçurmuşlardı hemen. Önlem almasını istiyorlardı.

“Kumarhane ne olacak? Taşınacak mı yani!” diye sordum. Bir süre sessiz kaldıktan sonra “Yok, kalıyor ama bu iş bana pahalıya patladı. Bu orospu çocuğunun işine hiç bulaşmayacaktım aslında, salaklık ettim. Bıraksaydım gebertselerdi pezevengi!” diye söylendi.

Abuzer Kozan’daki çiftliğinde yaşıyordu. “Çiftliği mi basacaksın!” dediğimdeyse yüzüme baktı. “Maşa dururken elimi ateşe sokacak değilim!” dedi. Bir süre düşünceli halde parmaklarını masaya vurdu. Kafasında fikirler çarpışıyordu belli ki. Abuzer için ne yapabilirim diye düşünüyordu.

Sonunda kalktı ayağa. Telefonla birini aradı. “Halil Ağam müsait misin, bi kahveni içmek isterim!” dedi karşıdakine. Adamın cevabı üzerine “Sağ olasın, gelirim bir saate!” diyerek kapattı. “Hadi gidelim!” deyince “Nereye!” diye sordum. “Ebenin amına!” dedi sinirle. Ardından da “Dedikoducu karılar gibi soru sorup durma, yürü hadi!” diyerek önüme geçti.

Dün akşamki gibi topukluları koridoru çınlatıyordu. Dar kotunun altında sallanan götüyle hemen önümde yürürken yakında onun bana ait olacağını düşünerek kendimi avuttum.

Gideceğimiz kişinin Halil adında Adana’nın en büyük babalarından biri olduğunu söyledi. “Apo bu aleme ilk girdiğinde onu koruyup kollayan adamdır Halil Ağa. Ben büyüksem o benden de büyüktür. Ama artık bu işleri bıraktı. Çocukları sanayici, iş adamı oldu, Halil Ağa’da onların başında duruyor. Ama gene de bu alemde sözü çiğnenmeyecek biridir. Ben Abuzer itini kendim de hallederim ama ayağıma çamur bulaşır, temizlemesi zor olur. Halil Ağa bu işi bir telefonla halleder!” dedi.

Halil Ağa’nın yeri organize sanayi bölgesindeki bir fabrikaydı. Geleceğimiz girişteki güvenliğe bildirilmişti. Herhangi bir kontrolden geçmeden girdik içeriye. Birkaç dakika sonra Halil Ağa’nın odasındaydık.

En az 70-75 yaşında orta boylu ve zayıf, sararmış pos bıyıklarıyla kahvehaneye takılan dedelere benzeyen bir adamdı. Hanımağa elini öpüp başına koydu. Adam Hanımağa’ya sıkıca sarılıp yanaklarından öptü. “Ah, canım kızım, çok özledim seni. Neredesin kaç zamandır!” dedi. “İş güç Ağam, gelemedik bir türlü, kusura bakma!” dedi Hanımağa mahcup bir edayla.

Bana dönüp “Yeğenim Tuğrul, İstanbul’dan geldi. Artık yanımda çalışacak!” deyince adam “İyi yapmışsın. Böyle bir başına, kadın halinle çok zor kızım. Apo’dan sonra bu zamana kadar geldin ya helal olsun sana. İnşallah yeğenin yüzünü kara çıkarmaz!” diyerek elini uzattı öpmem için. Öpüp başıma koyarken Hanımağa “Çıkarmaz İnşallah!” diyerek bana bakıp gülümsedi.

Karşılıklı koltuklara oturduk. Kahvelerimizi içerken havadan sudan konuştuk. Halil Ağa konuşurken kelimeleri tek tek tane tane söylüyor, konuşması bu yüzden uzun sürüyordu. Ama bu da karşısındaki üzerinde etki bırakıyordu.

Nihayet kahve içme faslı bitince Hanımağa olan biteni anlattı. Halil Ağa aralarda başını sallayarak sessizce dinledi hepsini. “Bak şu edepsizin yaptığına. Sen onun için kendini riske ediyorsun hem de nelerle karşılaşıyorsun. İyi yapmışsın kızım bana gelmekle. Ben kulağını çekerim, sen hiç merak etme…!”

“Bizim zamanımızda böyle çakal takımı yoktu. Kötüsü de olsa hepsi mert adamdı, herkes bileğinin kuvvetine güvenirdi, söz senet sayılırdı. Sonra bu Abuzer gibi çakallar türedi. Sen hiç canını sıkma güzel kızım. Ben o çakalın anlayacağı dilden konuşurum. Bir daha da ayağına dolanmaz senin. Sen gönlünü ferah tut!” dedi ayağa kalkarak.

Halil Ağa Abuzer’in ödeyeceği 3 milyon Doları da 5 milyon Dolara çıkaracağını söyledi. Hanımağa’nın payı 2 milyon Dolar olacak, kalan 1 milyon Doları da kendisi alacaktı. Bunu da söyledikten sonra görüşme sona ermişti.

Hanımağa yeniden elini öpüp başına koydu. Ben de aynısını yaptım. Halil Ağa sıkıca sarıldı Hanımağa’ya. “Sen bana Apo’dan yadigarsın, ne zaman istersen gel. Kapım sana her zaman açık. Ben yoksam çocuklar burada. Ben neysem onlar da o!” dedi Halil Ağa. Teşekkür ederek yanından ayrıldık. Arabaya bindiğimizde Hanımağa derin bir oh çekti. “Bu iş de halloldu!” dedi.

Artık akşam olmuştu. Ankara’dan misafirler arabayla gelmiş, otele yerleşmişlerdi. Şehmuz Bey Halil Ağa’nın yanındayken mesaj atmıştı. Hanımağa birini aradı, bir kadındı. “Bana en güzellerinden iki kız ayarla bu gece için. Çok değerli misafirlerim var ona göre. Sorun çıkartmayacak eli yüzü düzgün tipler olsun!” dedi. Karşıdaki kadının “Rus olsun mu!” dediğini duydum. Hanımağa “Olur olur. Ben her zamanki yerden aldırırım bir saat sonra!” diyerek kapattı telefonu.

Dizime vurup “Bak bu aradığım kadını ben koruyorum mesela. Benim sayemde rahat rahat ekmeğini yiyor. Anladın mı!” dedi gülerek. “Anladım anladım. Her şeyin bir yolu yordamı var demek ki!” dediğimde “Hah, işte doğru dedin. Her işin bir yolu yordamı var. Onu diyorum sana. Bu işinki de bu!” dedi. Sözlerim hoşuna gitmişti.

Otele yaklaşmışken Halil Ağa aradı. Dediği gibi Abuzer’in kulağını çekmiş, işi bir telefonla halletmişti. Hanımağa çok teşekkür ederek kapattı telefonu. Bana dönüp “Bak işte bu işin yolu yordamı da bu!” dedi. Arabadan inerken şoföre “Sen kızları getir, her zamanki yerden al!” dedi. Şoför “Emredersin Hanımağam!” diyerek uzaklaştı.

Lobiye geçtik. Misafirler gelmiş, odalarındaydı. Hanımağa aradı birini. Aşağı inmek istemedikleri için biz yanlarına çıktık. Odaları yedinci kattaydı. Yasemin ve kocasının kaldığı odanın bir benzeriydi oda. İki milletvekili Hanımağa’yı sıcak bir şekilde karşıladı, sarılıp öpüştüler. Hanımağa tanıştırınca nazikçe elimi sıktılar. Kravat ve ceketlerini çıkartmışlardı. Simaları yabancı gelmiyordu, muhtemelen televizyonlarda gazetelerde görmüştüm pek çok kez ama ismen tanımıyordum ikisini de.

Havadan sudan yaptığımız konuşmalar yeni açılacak kulübe geldi. Hanımağa kulüple ilgili bilgiler verdi. Adamlar konumları gereği açılışa katılamayacaktı ama tanıdıklarını, eş dost çevresini göndereceklerdi. Açılış ve sonrası ile ilgili kalan birkaç ufak pürüzü de halledeceklerdi.

Konuşmanın arasında Hanımağa Şehmuz Beyi arayıp oda servisi ve akşam yemeği istedi. Derken şoför aradı Hanımağa’yı ve kızları getirdiğini söyledi. Hanımağa “Tamam, Tuğrul gelecek şimdi. Sen anahtarı da ona ver, boşuna bekleme, bizim işin ne zaman biteceği belli olmaz!” dedi şoföre. Hanımağa kulağıma fısıltılı bir sesle “Sen aşağı inip getir onları, anahtarı da al!” deyince çıktım odadan.

Şoför iki kızla lobide bekliyordu. Her biri sarışın ve değme mankenlere taş çıkartacak kadar güzel kızlardı. Birlikte olduğum Natali bile bunların yanında basit kalıyordu. Kızların biri zayıfken öbürü biraz daha dolgun hatlıydı. Mavi gözlerini üzerime dikmişler, şoförle konuşmamızı dinliyorlardı. Şoför anahtarı uzatıp gidince asansöre geçtik. Tabii o arada bütün bakışlar kızların üzerindeydi.

Zayıf olanın üzerinde kırmızı mini bir elbise vardı. Göğüs dekolteli elbisesi dik memelerini ortaya çıkarmıştı. Beyaz uzun ve biçimli bacakları vardı kızın. Elbisesi gibi kırmızı yüksek topuklu ayakkabıları sayesinde boyu daha da uzamıştı. Dolgun hatlı olansa daracık mavi bir kot pantolonla beyaz dar bir bluz giymişti. Şişkin memeleri bluzun kumaşını delecek gibiydi. Zayıf olan elini saçıma atıp okşarken diğeri güldü bu duruma. Zayıf İngilizcemle “Not me!” dedim kıza. “Ok!” dedi gülerek ama yanağıma bir öpücük kondurmadan edemedi.

Odaya girince adamlar ayağa kalktı. Biz aşağıdayken oda servisi gelmiş, yemek getirmişlerdi. Adamların gözleri kamaştı ve bir saniyede kızları paylaştılar. Biri zayıf olanı seçerken diğeri dolgun hatlının omzuna attı elini.

Hanımağa ikisine de iyi eğlenceler diledikten sonra çıktı odadan, ben de peşinden. Koridora çıktık. Hanımağa’nın keyfi yerindeydi. “Arabanın anahtarını aldın mı!” diye sorunca çıkarıp gösterdim. Asansörün oraya yürürken Şehmuz Beyi aradı, “Şehmuz Bey bir oda istiyorum gene bu katta olsun. Tamam, çocukla gönder anahtarı!” diyerek kapattı telefonu.

“Hayırdır, odayı kim için istiyorsun!” diye sorduğumda “Bekle!” dedi iç geçirirken. Ardından “Çok yoruldum bugün, eve gidemem. Burada kalıcam!” dedi gülümseyerek. “İyi o zaman, ben gideyim!” diyerek arabanın anahtarını ona verecekken “Nereye gidiyorsun geri zekâlı!” dedi elini omzuma koyup. “Hayırdır, planların mı var!” diye sordum. Ancak cevap veremeden asansörün çıktığını gördük, az sonra kapı açıldı.

Genç bir bellboy elinde anahtarla önümüze geçti. Koridorun diğer tarafında bir odanın kapısını açtı. Hanımağa çantasından 100 Dolar çıkarıp verdi çocuğa. Çocuğun gözleri ışıldadı, “Teşekkür ederim!” diyerek giderken odada Hanımağa ile baş başa kaldım…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

Seks Sinemasinda (Alinti)

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

Seks Sinemasinda (Alinti)

Selam arkadaşlar ben Bremen’den Selim. 25 yaşındayım ve evliyim. Karım 24 yaşında. Birbirimizi çok sevmemize rağmen, karısını siktiren diğer erkekler gibi, benim de hayalim hep karımı bir başkasına siktirmek ve adam karımı sikerken, aynı Pornofilim izler gibi seyretmekti. Karımla sikişirken bu fantazimi karıma anlattım ve gerçekleştirmek istediğimi söyledim. Çok büyük uğraştan sonra karım bu fantazimi gerçekleştirmeyi kabul etti ve “Yalnız bunu yaparsam, sonra bana kızdığında ‘Orospu’ demek yok!” dedi. Ben de yemin ederek kabul ettim. En büyük hayalim gerçek olacaktı tabi. Nerde ve kimle yapacaktık, şimdi sıra buna geldi. Düşündüm kimi nerde nasıl buluruz diye, aklıma Pornokino (Pornofilmleri oynatan sinemalar) geldi. Bu arada Almanyada Pornokinolar çok meşhurdur. Oralara hep abaza ve genelde yalnız erkekler gelir, film izlerken 31 çekerler. Biliyordum çünkü bekarken ben de aynısını yapardım. Karıma, “Bugün sana bir süprizim var, hadi gezmeye gideceğiz, güzel giyin, altına külot giymeden etek giy!” dedim. Karımı Pornokinoların birine götürecektim.

Karım dediğim gibi giyindi ve evden çıktık. Benim esk**en gittiğim bir tanesine girdik. Ben daha yerimize oturmadan benim yarağı çıkardım. Geçtik oturduk bir köşeye. Karımın elini tuttum ve yarağımı eline verdim. Karım şaşırmıştı, “Ne zaman çıkardın?” dedi. “Az önce girdikden hemen sonra!” dedim. Karım yarağımı okşarken başladık film izlemeye. 10-15 dakika geçmeden karımın yanına iri yarı bir Alman geldi oturdu. Karım adamdan utandığından hemen benim yaraktan elini çekmek istedi. Ama ben bırakmadım tabi. Karım, “Adam bakıyor!” dedi. “Olsun ne olacak, devam et!” dedim. Yan gözle de Almana bakıyorum. Az sonra Alman da yarağını çıkardı ve başladı 31 çekmeye. Tabi karım adamın yarağını görünce hemen heyecan yaptı. Karım benim yarakla oynarken, ben de karımın amını sulandırmak için onun amcığını oynadım. Karım gözlerini kapatmış heyacandan amcığının suları akmıştı. Karıma, “Tam zamanı, bak adam sana bakıyor, bir elini de onun yarağına at!” dedim. Karım da, “Zaten adam bacaklarımı okşuyor!” dedi. “O halde karşılık ver!” dedim.

Adam konuşmamızı anlamış olacak ki, karımın elini tuttu ve yarağına doğru çekti. Karımın elinde aynı anada iki yarak birden oldu. Karım yaraklarımızla biraz oynadıktan sonra teklif adamdan geldi, karıma, “Ağzına alırmısın?” diye sordu. Karım bana bakınca, ben de onayladım tabi, “Tamam ne duruyorsun, bir dene!” dedim. Karım benim yarağımı bıraktı, yumuldu adamın yarağına. Benim için hayatımın en heyecanlı anı başladı. Karım yanımda bir Almanın yarağını yalıyordu, hemde deli gibi! İzlerken heyecandan sanki kalbim duracak sandım, ve 31 çekerek boşaldım. Karıma, “Ben boşaldım, WC’ye gidiyorum, temizleyip gelecem!” dedim ve çıktım dışarı. WC’de yarağımı sildim geldim. Geldiğimde karım adamın yarağını halen yalıyordu. Yerime oturunca, karım, “Adam beni sikmek istiyor!” dedi. “İyi ya işte siktir!” dedim. Karım, “Yapamam!” dedi. “Ağzına alan siktirir de, ne olacak ki?” dedim. Karım da, “İyi de adamın yarağı çok büyük!” dedi. “Olsun alırsın!” dedim. Karım, “Nerde olacak o iş, burda mı?” diye sordu. Ben, “Yok, yan tarafta film izlenen iki kişilik kabinler var, hem Porno izlersin, hem sikişirsin!” dedim.

Karım, “Ben yalnız gitmem, sen de gel!” dedi. “Tamam!” dedim, üçümüz birlikte kalktık. Karımla adam önden, ben de peşlerinden dışarı çıktık, kabinlere gittik. İki kişilik kabine, adamla karım önden, ben de arkalarından, girdik. Adam azmıştı iyice zaten, karım da aynı durumdaydı. Daha girer girmez adam karımı domalttı ve arkadan karımın amını yalamaya başladı. Adam yaladıkça karım zevkten deli oluyordu. Sonra adam yarağını karımın amına bir geçirdi ki, karım “Aııığhhhh…” diye bağırdı resmen. Adam başladı karımın amına pompalamaya. Köküne kadar geçriyordu valla! O anda karımı adamla birlikte ben de sikmeyi okadar çok istedim ki, ama malesef kabin çok dar olduğundan dolayı bu mümkün olmadı, adam karımı sikerken ben sadece karımın ağzına verebildim. Hatta kabinin kapısını bile tam kapatamadık. Karım orda şakur şukur sikilirken, yan kabinlerden sesimizi duyan birkaç tane erkek çıkmış, yarakları ellerinde bizim kabinin kapısından bizi seyrediyordu…

Derken karımı siken adam birden yavaşladı, hırlayarak yarağını karımın amından çıkarıp sırtına ve beline boşaldı. Az sonra da ben karımın ağzına boşaldım. Adam yarağından akan son damlaları da karımın kalçalarına sildikten sonra, teşekkür ederek fermuarını çekti ve çabuk bir şekilde ordan uzaklaştı gitti. Karımın çantasından çıkarıp verdiği mendille az önceki Almanın spermlerini temizlerken, karıma sordum, “Dışarda yarakları ellerinde birkaç kişi daha var, seni sikmek için bekliyorlar, ne dersin?” dedim. Karım, “Yok! Bugünlük bu kadarı bana yetti! Zaten zor aldım, adamın yarağı kocamandı, amım yırtıldı sandım!” dedi. Üstümüzü başımızı düzelttik ve kabinden çıktık. Sonra tekrar salona geçtik oynayan filmi izledik. Yarım saat sonra film bitince çıktık eve gittik. Karımı siktirmek beni okadar çok mutlu etmişti ki, evde karımı bir de ben siktim. Karım sonunda kendisinin de çok zevk aldığını ve bu işin hoşuna gittiğini itiraf etti bana.

O günden sonra, o sinemaya birkaç kez daha gittik ve karımı yine birilerine siktirdim. Bunu sürekli tekrarlamayı düşünüyoruz, ama bir yandan da korkuyoruz, günün birinde tanıdık birileriyle karşılaşırız orda diye. Evet arkadaşlar, şimdilik bukadar. Sonuç itibariyle, evli kadınlar her nekadar, “Yok yapmam, yapamam, istemem!” deselerler de, her kadının gönlünde değişik bir yarakla sikişmek yatar!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

Adım hakan. 20 yaşındayım. Anlatacağım olay tamamen gerçektir. Olay 2 sene önce başımdan geçti. Lise son sınıftaydım. 18ime gelmiş ama hala bir kızla birlikte olma fırsatı yakalayamamıştım. İlk deneyimimin kerhanede olmasını istemiyordum, sıradan bir kızla olsun istiyordum. Çevremdeki kızlar çok havalıydı götleri kalkmıştı hep. Hepsini siken bir erkek arkadaşları vardı zaten bana sıra gelmiyordu. Abazalığımın tamamen zirvede olduğu yıldı. Fırsat bulduğum ilk kızı sikmek istiyordum artık. Günlerim sürekli bigisayar başında porno izleyerek 31 çekmekle geçiyordu kendimi anca bu şekilde tatmin edebiliyordum. Benden 2 yaş büyük ablam var adı Necla. Onunla aramız gayet iyidir çok rahat sohbet edebiliyordum onunla. Kız arkadaşımın olmayışını hala bakir olduğumu ona anlatıyordum. O da bana rahat açılıyordu. Ailemiz tutucu olduğu için ablam bu konuda rahat değildi arkadaşlık kuramıyor hatta dışarı bile izinsiz çıkamıyordu. Herşeyimiz açıktı ablamla aramızda. 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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

Aralık ayının sonlarına doğru, bir kitapçıda işe girdim. Ahım şahım para yoktu ama öğrenci adamı idare ediyordu işte… Son sınıf lise öğrencisiyim. Yabancı dil bilgimi B2 seviyesine getirmiştim, amacım iş İngilizcesi seviyesine gelip üniversite eğitimimi yabancı bir ülkede tamamlamaktı. Ama gel gör ki  yapacak maddi imkan yoktu. Ne yapayım ne edeyim derken dört kolla derslere sarıldım, o zamanların en iyi Anadolu lisesini okuyordum, süper lise olmuştu…

Kitapçıda işe girdiğim gibi patron ile arayı sıcak tuttum. Susacağım yeri ve konuşacağım zamanı bildiğim için efendiliğimden ödün vermiyordum. Birde arada sırada elime düşen kasetleri, CD’leri dinleye dinleye diksiyonumu da geliştirmiştim. Anadolu topraklarında doğup büyüdüğüm için benim işim çok daha zordu, özellikle G harfini K harfine dönüştürme işi 🙂

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Evimin önüne geldiğimizde ”Teşekkür ederim Ömer abi.” deyip arabadan indim. araba yavaş yavaş uzaklaşırken bende evime yürümeye başladım. Babamdan kalan müstakil bir evim vardı, annem ile babam ben 16 yaşındayken trafik kazasında ölmüşlerdi. Okulumun pansiyonu ile Darüşşafaka anlaşıp düzenimi bozmamak için aynı okulda ve kaldığım pansiyonda devam etme kararı almışlardı. 1 sene geç yazıldığım için şuan 18 yaşındayım. Bu yüzdendir bu ev benim…

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Yanlarına gittiğim gibi grubun amsalağı olan Ahmet, okulun 12. Sınıf öğrencilerine özel düzenlenen kamptan bahsetti. Umursamadan önüme döndüğümde bizim gruba doğru bakan, mürdüm eriği rengine çalan saçlarını dalgalandırmış biri vardı. Bakışları beni bulduğunda analizini yapmıştım bile. Mor kazak, pantolon, saç… Okulda daha önce bir kere bile görmemiştim. Mor rengini sevmesinden dolayı; Ruhsal dünyası ön planda olduğu kesindi, sanat dallarında da başarılı değilse beni yatırın…

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Elimi dirsek hizasından uzatıp “Merhaba, benim adım Nart. Okulun temsilcisiyim, sen yeni geldin galiba?” Dedim. Kız “Evet” deyip elimi kavramaya çalıştığı sırada parmak uçlarından tutup tokalaştım. Bu sırada öğrencileri sınıflara almaya başlamışlardı. Geriye dönmeyip yeni kızın arkasından biraz uzaklaştım…

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İnsan yalan söylerken bakışları yukarı sağa doğru kaçar. Vücudun refleksidir. Yalan söylüyor ibne, aşık olmuş kıza 🙂

Dersin ortasına doğru kapı çalındığında nöbetçi öğrenci, müdürün beni çağırdığını söyledi. İzin isteyip sınıftan çıktığımda müdürün odasına girdim. İçeride sabahki kız ve müdür vardı.

-Nart, bu arkadaşımız okulumuza yeni geldi. Adı Efsun, okulumuzu benimsemesi için kısa bir tur attırır mısın?
+Tabi ki sayın müdürüm.

Odadan çıkıp koridorda yürürken “Herhangi bir sanat dalına ilgin var mı?” Diye sordum. Başını kaldırıp bana bakarken “Resim yapmak ve resimler hakkında konuşmayı severim.” Dediğinde varsaymam doğru çıkmıştı. Yüzümde gülümseme belirirken “Senin herhangi bir şeye ilgin var mı?” Dedi. Omzumu silkip “Kendimi keşfediyorum.” Dedim. Belli belirsiz bir mırıltı çıkarıp “Sence de geç kalmamış mısın?” Dediğinde duyabileceği şekilde güldüm. Sahtenim de sahtesi bir gülüş ile…

Tüm okulu gezerken merdivenleri inip çıkmanın verdiği yorgunlukla kendimizi kantine attık. Efsun kolasını masaya koyup, “Şey, saçlarımın boyalı olması sorun olur mu?” Dediğinde “Normalde sorun olur ama burada asaletin renginden bahsediyoruz. Kimse bir şey demez.” Dedim. Yanakları kızıla çalarken “Teşekkür ederim.” Diye fısıldadı.

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Beraber sınıfa çıktığımızda kapıyı açıp içeri girdik. Kimya hocası Semra bize bakarken;

+Merhaba hocam, sınıfınıza yeni gelen bir arkadaşımız var…

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Alparslan’ın arkasından bakarken aklımda tek şey vardı; Rota yeniden oluşturuluyor…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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