Abbi… Finally

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Big Tits

Some people will go to great lengths to have a beautiful woman for just one night. The furthest I ever went was… Mauritius, but at least I had seven nights with her.

Abbi and I had been friends for a while. No more than friends, but we were both aware of the attraction that lay smoldering under the surface of our work days. What male with two eyes and a straight… inclination, wouldn’t be attracted to her? From the moment I joined the company I noticed the cute blonde with the tight jeans and figure-hugging tops. She was in her mid-twenties, slim but athletic, always wore nice clothes and very ready with a wide, perfect, smile.

For months I never missed an opportunity to walk past her desk, catch a look at whatever cleavage she might have showing that day or hope that I might be lucky enough to see her bending to retrieve something from her filing drawers. She does have the most wonderfully shaped bottom. If ever there was a perfect way to stretch a pair of jeans, it was Abbi’s ass.

From our attendance at work social events Abbi knew I had a girlfriend and I knew she always attended alone. This was a double source of frustration for me, especially as she was a world-class flirt. I guess in that sense I frequently encouraged her flirting and enjoyed the exchanges.

“Hey there gorgeous,” was a typical conversational opener from me, “how ’bout we slip away for an afternoon of unlimited pleasure?”

“Unless Tom Cruise will be there, I hardly think that’s possible.” She barely even looked up from her screen.

“What about a coffee, some chat and fulfillment of every last sexual fantasy you’ve ever had.”

“Sounds like too much for one afternoon. Especially since I promised myself that I wouldn’t do the thing with the whole football team. You know, the one where they’re all in the hot tub, naked, with just me?” Abbi looked up at me now and widened her eyes for cartoon emphasis.

“You do have a lovely neck.” I reached out and brushed it lightly. “You sure you don’t want to come home and make love to me for a year or two?”

She pushed me away playfully. “Give it up will you?”

“Look what about just having sex with me for a day or two?”

“My mother warned me there’d be guys like you.” She pouted, giving me a look that would never deter me.

And so our playful but suggestive exchanges went on for months. Then came the day I managed to spring a particularly nice surprise on her…

The trip to Mauritius was a special award from work and I had originally intended to take my long-term girlfriend but when she decided to vacate her position in my life, I was left with a spare ticket, and the possibility of taking my friendship with Abbi a little further. I didn’t consider anyone else for the date of a lifetime and I marched straight to see her.

“You think you can get a week off work?” I asked, mostly offhand, but making sure she knew there was an undercurrent of seriousness in my question, so she wouldn’t confuse it with our normal banter.

Abbi looked up from her desk with her brow furrowed. I guess it wasn’t the sort of question she got asked every day. “I can’t imagine you’d ever need more than a minute or two, Anyway, what happened to more normal first dates, like, maybe say, dinner? Or a movie?” she asked as she half-closed one eye in a questioning squint, thinking she was playing with me, flirting as usual.

I always marveled at how expressive her eyes were, indigo blue, alluring and alive. She swept her hair away from her face with a flick of her hand, revealing her soft, pure skin and a self-confident smile. For just a few extra seconds I wondered what it would be like to kiss those full lips and see if they might open for my tongue.

“I can do dinner.” I walked around to stand next to her. “I think we can do a movie too.” Her eyes followed me and narrowed with suspicion as she wondered where I was going. Little did she know. “But we need a whole week to do those things… if we do them in… Mauritius.”

Her eyes stopped narrowing and it up with delighted surprise as the invite sunk in. “Which week?”

“Next week.”

Now she had trouble containing the smile I loved so much, her teeth coming out to bite her lip as she tried to remain cool. “I’ll have to ask my boss.” she squeaked. “But if he says no, I’ll go anyway.”

We flew out less than a week later. Still very much friends, but the sexual tension was ever more evident as our hands “accidentally” brushed and our thighs nestled together as we set out on the long flight. Conversation was generally light with a definable edge of eroticism as we got to know each other better. We eagerly planned a quick nap after the journey to the hotel before finding an appropriate spot for dinner. Looking back, I wonder if we ever really thought that dinner and a nap would become reality.

“This hotel room we have?” she enquired at one point, looking at me quizzically, but with a smile that gave away her sentiments. “It ankara escort bayan does have two beds, right?”

“Of course.” I lied in the full knowledge that she understood the level of my veracity.

“That’s fine,” Abbi kept a straight face, “because I wouldn’t want you to get the wrong idea about me, just because I come away on vacation with you doesn’t mean I’ll sleep with you.”

“That’s okay.” I smiled knowingly. “I’m sure I have exactly the right idea about you Abbi.”

All during the flight I was restraining a smirk and a growth in my pants, both caused by my beautiful companion. That I was about to spend a whole week with this luscious creature at my disposal was quite a thought for me. I’d always considered myself nothing more than “normal” in looks, tall, slim and still with most of my black hair. For the vacation I’d thought about trying to develop a six-pack to display on the beach, but as I only had a week in which to do that, I was stuck with the adequate muscles I had.

Abbi seemed interested enough though, sampling the texture of my white socks with her bare feet when I took off my shoes, pulling at the top of my shirt to see if my chest was hairy or not and slipping her hand between my thighs with a napkin when a tiny spot of coffee fell on my jeans. For my own part I largely confined myself to watching her ass when she left her seat, always wishing her skirt would ride up just a little more in her seat so I could see more thigh through the split and wishing her shirt was cut a bit lower at the collar so I might see at least a little of her shapely breasts.

We were staying at Le Tousserok hotel and had a junior suite at our disposal. As we arrived, a bell boy brought our bags up for us and when the door was closed and we were left with no one to look at but ourselves for the first time ever. Our eyes met for several seconds and I’m sure we were both wondering what happened next. Abbi didn’t mention the fact that the room had only one bed as she brushed past me and sampled the mattress.

I let her wander around the room, looking at our home for the week, nervously testing and touching everything as I stood in the middle of the room and watched her, almost daring her to end the charade of calm between us.

After checking out the view from the window, Abbi looked back at me, smiled and ran delightedly across the dark wooden flooring and leapt into my arms.

“This is so beautiful. Thank you for bringing me here,” she whispered before starting to kiss me, first on the neck, then on the lips and finally letting our tongues find each other and start to play.

Keeping her in my arms, I gently carried her out onto the veranda. Out in the steamy hot afternoon air there was a beautiful plunge pool, next to which some champagne had been left, slowly chilling in ice next to some orchids. Rose petals had been scattered over our plunge pool and the air was heavy with scent of incense. It was good to see the hotel had got my request and complied.

I laid Abbi down on the chaise lounge that overlooked the plunge pool, noticing as I settled her that her skirt had opened slightly at her thigh and exposed a wonderful glimpse of tanned skin. We maintained eye contact as I removed my shirt and eased down my pants, by now unable to conceal how tight my briefs had become. With a final teasing, loving, smile to her I turned my back, removed my briefs and slipped into the plunge pool, the water rippling as I entered, a wonderful cooling warmth engulfing my body, and my obviously arousal.

Abbi, smiling widely now, stood up and walked to the edge of the pool, kicking off her pumps and unclasping her bra from within her plain white T-shirt. I watched, fascinated, as she unfastened her skirt and let it slip to the floor, leaving her in a white g-string and white T-shirt. Our eye contact at that moment was one of the most erotic moments I’ve ever experienced, both of us knowing where we were headed, not quite sure how the next few minutes would play out and wildly excited to find out.

As Abbi stepped into the water I grabbed her by the waist and lifted her up a little before gently easing her into the pool in front of me. I watched as the ends of her blonde hair got wet and the T-shirt became see-through and clung to her wonderful figure. She tilted her head further backwards. Her wonderfully shapely boobs seemed to float on the surface as the T-shirt lost its battle to conceal two small but wonderfully erect nipples. I felt an extra little twitch in my groin as her breasts broke the surface like two small islands.

As she came back up to face me her hair that now clung to her neck like her T-shirt clung to those pert breasts, her nipples poking hard through the translucent material. As Abbi came a little closer I just couldn’t resist, and did something I’d never done before—I bent my head down and with the aid of my hand from underneath, took her inviting nipple into my mouth while it was still shrouded in the eryaman escort T-shirt. As I swirled my tongue around the outline of that little pleasure bud I felt her gasp and relax as I licked, sucked and nibbled at her.

When I came up for air Abbi was smiling widely and licked her lips provocatively. I reached down under the surface and pulled at her T-shirt. She eased her arms above her head and allowed me to pull the shirt off in one movement, the wet material clinging longingly to her skin before finally releasing itself and allowing me my first uninhibited view of her beautiful breasts. I couldn’t help but reach out and touch her bare excited nipple with my fingers as the shirt splashed onto the floor by the pool.

She came into my arms, her warm and firm body pressing into me and her legs coming to wrap around me as our chests pressed tight. We kissed, deep, and soft, and slow and hard. I felt the water lap around her breasts as she pressed her nipples firmly into the hairy part of my chest. As we broke Abbi threw her head back again and I leaned forward to lick and nuzzle at her lovely stretched neck and its pure, silken skin. With a wicked smile she loosened my grip on her waist and eased over to the edge of the pool where she reached out for the champagne.

As she twisted away from me and her ass came into full view in front of me I couldn’t resist the opportunity to run my fingers down between her legs and feel her pussy through the front of her g-string. Her legs parted easily for me as I pushed gently. In the background there was the sound of a giggle and a clink of fine glassware as she felt my fingers and fumbled. I felt her tense and then relax as I found her pussy lips and fingered her through the material, feeling her opening and enjoying the tiniest squirm as she tried to get the best out of my attentions.

“Now you have a choice.” She twisted around to look at me with a tempting smile. “You can do that all day for me, which would be just fine, or you can stop it and let me pour this champagne.”

Reluctantly I withdrew my fingers and let her concentrate on our drinks, but not before I pushed my index finger as hard as I could into her slit. Even in the warmth of the pool she felt hot.

I watched as she poured two glasses with a swift and excited hand. The champagne fizzed up the flutes and Abbi instinctively raised her glass to her mouth, sipping at the rising froth and looking over to me with wild and wanton eyes. I watched as the golden-tinted liquid sparkled up to her lips, tricked down her chin and caused her tongue to flick out and lap it up.

Now it was my turn to smile wickedly as I took a sip of my glass, left it at the side of the pool, and pushed off towards her. When I reached out for her waist I found the sides of her g-string and pulled downwards. Abbi obliged by lifting her legs and letting the last of our underwear float away. I pulled her close again, feeling her breasts press into me, those erect nipples powering my desire ever higher. What was surely the largest erection I’d ever had was pressing hard into her tummy. Almost like she was shimmying up a pole, Abbi wrapped her arms around my neck, lifted her legs around my waist and edged my hardness against her round and tight bottom. Only the slightest movement from her positioned the tip of my cock against her swollen pussy lips. Abbi moaned and closed her eyes as the moment drew closer, the moment all of the day’s tension and anticipation had been leading up to.

I waited for her eyes to open again before I let her weight slip down a little. I watched her face with an incredible intensity as my cock parted her lips and plunged slowly, deeply into her. Even with the weightlessness of the water she slipped easily onto me, obviously as wet inside as she was outside. No words were required for that moment as I settled deep inside her warmth. I looked into those beautiful blue eyes of hers and saw only content, and delight.

With one arm still wrapped around her, I brought my free hand up to cup her breast, playing with the nipple between my thumb and forefinger. I dipped to kiss her again, deep and long as our tongues explored and we fight the growing urgency of the moment. “God you feel good,” Abbi whispered breathlessly to me.

She eased her shoulders and head away from me, outstretching her arms and reaching for the sides of the pool. When both her arms were laid out along the edge of the pool she again let her head ease back so her eyes looked up to the sky. Now I held her body with my hands around her waist and started to ease my erection in and out of her, making waves in the pool that lapped around us. She felt tight and sweet as she brought her legs up again to grip my waist.

One of my arms was all that was needed to support her athletic body, so I released the other to come around to caress her boobs in turn, then run all across her flat and stretched tummy, pausing to take a delicate exploration of her navel etlik escort piercing. I couldn’t contain a smile as I let my hand run further down her body to find the top of her pussy, exploring the engorged lips and excited clit as I slowly stroked in and out of her. “God, I can’t believe how good that feels.” Abbi raised her head to look into my eyes again.

It was hard to believe how good it felt for me also, this sweet young woman impaled on my erection who was smiling like I was doing her a favor. My features joined her in a huge grin as we worked each other higher and higher on the pleasure scale. That tight pussy of hers felt so good wrapped around my cock as it stretched her and my balls waved weightlessly in the water, tight and bumping into her ass every few seconds.

With her arms spread out along the sides of the pool as our anchor, Abbi couldn’t very well wrap them around me and pull me to her, so I reached up and hooked my hands under her shoulders, pulling her down onto me as each stroke seemed to fill her whole body with pleasure. This also meant that I could bring my mouth down and take her nipples into my mouth, one at a time as they bobbed around on the surface of the swelling water. As I licked and nibbled at her I managed to bring one hand down again and pull on her ass cheek, opening her wider and hopefully increasing the sensations to her pussy. I was obviously doing something right as she brought her head snapping back to face me and breathed, “Oh… my… God.”

I felt her body tighten as she came, every muscle seemed to constrict and harden as she held her breath and brought her legs up out of the water and straight. “Jesus, don’t stop,” she pleaded as her orgasm continued. “Give me more, hard, now.” It was difficult not to smile, even as my own climax approached. You have to love every moment with a woman like Abbi.

I slowed down my thrusts and as she came down from her own high, Abbi seemed to sense that I was getting closer. Or was it that my eyes began to glaze over and my erection managed another burst of size? “Come for me baby,” She whispered. I took a deep breath and readied myself for the rush. Who was I to disappoint such a beautiful young sexy lady?

It was impossible to resist reaching down and grab her ass cheeks and pull on them as I eased into her those final few times. I leant over and kissed her deep and full on the mouth as my need increased and her interest in my moment became more evident. I marveled at the sight of this wonderful young body at my mercy, or that my body appeared to be starting to levitate in the water and a fire was burning in my belly. No way could I stop that fire as it headed down to my balls and up my shaft into Abbi. There was nothing left to do but just let go and come.

I vaguely remember the smile on her face and thinking that I was about to come so hard it would shoot her straight off me. I was orgasming for at least three strokes when the first shot of come arrived deep in her pussy. “Oh yes baby,” Abbi whispered as I filled her. “Give me more.” She lifted up her legs a little, wrapped them around me tighter than ever and pulled me into her.

As the shaking in my legs finally subsided Abbi let go her hold on the edge of the pool and wrapped all of her around me. “God,” she whispered between passionate darts of her tongue to my mouth, “is the whole week going to be as good as that?”

I smiled again, something that was easy to do around Abbi, and looked into her wildly excited eyes. “You bet.” Then I let my legs fold and we slipped under the surface of the pool.


When we made it out of the pool we stumbled back into the cool of the air conditioned room, still giddy from the sex. I found a couple of startlingly white towels and we proceeded to dry each other off, Abbi paying particular attention to my still semi-hard cock and me enjoying the sublime sight of her nipples reacting to the softest brush of the towel. I found a couple of white toweling robes waiting for us in the bathroom and handed her one as I wrapped my own around me.

Her own robe tied tight, Abbi sighed and fell across the bed while I retrieved our champagne and poured two more glasses. I handed her one and between sips she giggled, “I think I need that nap more than ever now.”

I drained my glass, pulled her to me and kissed her lightly, first on the cheek and then on the lips. “You are very beautiful Abbi, and a wonderful lover. Thanks for sharing this week with me.” I eased our bodies back to the bed and pulled her tight to me. There was no race to fall asleep, but within only a few minutes we had both crossed the finish line.


I woke to find Abbi kneeling at my side, reaching down and playing with my cock. I wasn’t hard but judging by the tingle coming from my balls, that wasn’t going to last long. She had opened my robe and was handling me with the softest touch imaginable, tracing her fingers all over my cock and balls as I started to harden.

“I love the shape of you,” she said, not taking her eyes from my elevating cock. “I though this might wake you. I’m sorry, I wanted to see how much I could do with you before you woke up. But I guess you can enjoy it more if you’re awake.”

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A Treat for Halloween

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Thanks to EmeraldKitten for all her help with this story.

Once again, this is a pure stroke story. No great redeeming literary value at all.

And don’t forget to vote and send me comments. The more feedback I get, the harder I’ll work to keep you entertained.

* * * * *

Halloween, just after 5:30. I’m glad of my leather jacket for the fall evening is chilly.

Turning my head to the right I can see my reflection in a convenience store window. Rangy is the best word to describe my build. I’m thin and rather tall. My hair and beard are now mostly grey, changing from the dull brown they used to be. With my jacket, black jeans and black cowboy boots I look like a biker who gave it up to be a literature prof. I smile at myself, pleased with the dichotomy.

“But I could use a haircut,” I decide.

Looking ahead, I see a bit of serendipity. There’s a hair stylist’s shop just up the street a bit.

I continue walking until I reach the stylist’s door. I open it and a little bell rings to announce my entrance. The shop is very small. All I can see is a front desk with a cash register and some beauty products displayed behind glass. A divider walls off the entrance from the bulk of the shop. Construction paper pumpkins and witches decorate the walls. Creepy music sounds from speakers mounted on the dividing barrier.

The door closes behind me and the bell rings again. A young woman emerges from the working area hidden from me.

“Woof!” is my first thought on seeing her.

The young lady in question is taller than many, about 5′ 8″. She is not that stick insect thin widely popular, but rather nicely filled out. She would attract my attention even if she wasn’t dressed the way she was. I scan my eyes over the length of her to take in the full effect.

I start at her neck, and note the pale, soft skin there. “Tasty,” I think. She’s wearing a black shirt with brown trim, top buttons undone so that her full breasts are displayed almost to the nipple. A very short black skirt encases her hips. Her lovely legs are contained in fishnet stockings of matching colour. Ankle boots with four inch heels and the same shade are on her trim feet.

With a bit of chagrin, I realize what I’m doing. I move my eyes to hers, which are a sparkling brown. Her beautiful face is long with a pointed chin. Hair is a deep, dark red and curly. A pair of leopard spotted ears sticks out from the riotous mane.

“Ah, yes. A real sex kitten indeed.”

She grins at me, as if she’s following my thoughts. “Hello. Can I help you?” she asks.

“You certainly may,” I reply. My lecherous smile indicates exactly what that help could be. “I need a hair cut and beard trim.”

“It’s going to cost you,” she laughs back. “But I can take care of you. Just follow me…” And she turns to head back towards the area she emerged from.

Following her, I move past the Halloween decorations and through the spooky music. As I do, I admire her from behind. Those statuesque legs that lead up to a gorgeous well-built ass. A leopard’s tail completes the kitten ensemble. Her back towards me offers an opportunity. I reach into my pants to adjust my stiffening anatomy. There’s no subtle way to do that.

As I move past the wall I see her station. A small shelf full of her equipment sits under a large mirror with a barber’s chair in front of it. There is only the one station. This shop must be her own.

She leans forward to pick up a cape. Her skirt rides up a bit and I can just see the bottoms of her cheeks. I can’t tell if she’s wearing a thong or doing without. My prick grows harder at the sight.

The lovely woman I’ve been staring at turns to me with a smile and gestures at the chair. “Have a seat, sir.” I think I see her eyes widen a bit as they run over the bulge in my pants.

Grinning back at her, I climb into the chair.

Graceful hands fasten the cape around my neck and pivot the chair towards the mirror. Standing to my right, she catches my reflected eyes with hers and asks, “So, what am I doing to you today?” There’s a slight pause as she realizes what she’s said. “Er, rather, how close do you want it?”

“As close as you want to get,” is my answer. I arch an eyebrow at her to make it plain I’m not talking about hair.

Her shimmering eyes expand for a second, then a slow, wicked smile creeps across her mouth. “Sounds good to me,” she says.

Reaching over to grab the clippers, she slips an attachment on them and starts it whirring. One leg goes to the foot pump of the chair. She hikes her skirt a touch, revealing her thigh to me. With forceful steps, the chair is raised to the height needed for her work. My gaze travels to the erotic sight, watching the muscles work. A wave of pure lust passes through me.

Her brown eyes smirk at me in the mirror, amused by my hard wired male reaction. Moving closer she presses her lush breasts into my shoulder. The clippers are moved towards my hair.

Before tuzla escort they reach me, I reach up with my right hand, and scratch my shoulder on that side. The backs of my knuckles run under her right breast. Moving my hand back and forth, I tease the sensitive skin there. “I beg your pardon,” I say putting a not too surprised look on my face, making it sound like my action was an accident.

That pretty face slackens for a moment and a quiet moan seeps from her. The arm moving the shearing tool stops, not quite at my head. She leans and presses her firm mounds harder into my shoulder. Turning once again to my reflection, she smiles and says, “You don’t have to beg for anything.”

She switches her clippers to her left hand, then reaches with the right for the cape. Instead of adjusting it, her hand runs under the linen. Slowly she grazes over my chest, teases across my stomach and finishes by running her fingertips along the iron rod she finds in my pants.

I move my right arm out from under the cape and place the tips of my fingers on her firm thigh. Strumming them, as if playing a guitar, I gently stroke up the warm, and warming surface. Upwards I go, until I feel the hem of her skirt against my forearm. And a bit farther until I cup my hand at the spot between her legs. She’s wearing a silk thong I discover. I can feel her brimming cheeks under my fingers and the damp, almost wet, material rubs against my palm.

Her hand twitches on my tool at my touch. I hiss a soft intake of breath at the feeling that sweeps through me. She squeezes her thighs together, trapping my hand between them. I can feel the silk grow wetter, coating my hand with a thin film of her excitement.

I feel the button of my jeans being undone. She grasps the zipper tab and pulls it down unhurriedly.

With a smile, I lean forward and run my tongue along her ear. There are diamond studs set in the lobe. I circle them one at a time.

A deft movement of my right hand moves the thong aside. Stroking lightly, I spread the warm liquid flowing from her around her quivering lips. My thumb pushes against her hard clit, as if it were a button to launch something into orbit. Then I rotate it, causing the stiff nubbin to stretch and compress in a rhythmic motion.

She moans again at the multiple sensations. I hear the clippers stop whirring and she drops them to the floor. The now free hand grasps my wrist, needing it’s support to keep her balance. The other hand opens my pants and goes under my briefs to grip my lumber stiff cock. Her breath whispers between clenched teeth. She squeezes me and then pumps with a delicate motion.

I grit my teeth and shudder at her maddening touch. My lips leave her ear and trail across her cheek. My left hand reaches around to turn her mouth towards me. I trace her lips, then push my tongue inside to spar with hers. Puckering my lips, I suck her tongue into me and lightly catch it between my teeth.

My hand rearranges itself between her thighs. Index and third fingers move her labia apart and my center finger runs inside. I pump it slowly. And move my invading digit so none of the nerves inside her damp cavern are untouched.

The redheaded beauty whimpers as my mouth claims hers. Her movements on my cock become more insistent, alternately tight and soft. Her tongue twitches in my mouth in a cadence that matches the one in her fissure. Raising an elegant leg, she sets it on the foot pump, allowing me easy access to her heat. Those wide hips buck against my hand as she moans deep in her throat. The demanding muscles inside her pull at my finger, drawing it deeper.

With a sharp gasp, I pull my head from hers. That loving touch has bought me to the very edge. My hips work involuntarily, at the beat she has set. I grit my teeth, and then I’m coming. Sticky fluid shoots from me, spurts followed by dribbles. It soaks into my shirt and coats her hand. A panting groan rattles in my chest as it ends.

She moans as my passion covers her hand. Her fingers loosen their grip, caressing me. My final groan brings an impish smile to her face. Removing her hand from under the cape, she brings it to her mouth, sucking the cream from her fingers. Eyes sparking with pleasure she says, “Mmmm. Every tricker’s favourite treat.”

I manage to regain control of my body while she’s enjoying her gooey delicacy. I answer her smile with a wicked one of my own. “I have another treat for you,” I whisper.

I have lost myself in her ministrations and was no longer working my hand. To make up for it I slide a second finger in her. I speed up the meter of my strokes while my thumb starts to flick back and forth over her clit as rapidly as I can move it.

Her eyes go wide and I see her bite her lip. As my thumbs teases her, her teeth break the skin. And she comes. Her pussy clamps hard on my fingers, pulling them into her. She presses into me, wrapping an arm around my neck and crushing her firm breasts into tuzla rus escort my chest. Her body shakes, quivers and quakes as orgasm rushes through her. It leaves her breathless and sagging against me. Looking at me with a face slack with amazement she manages a feeble, “Oh… God…”

Grinning at her, I slowly reduce my pace, relishing the twitches and shudders I feel. I randomly run my thumb over her throbbing nub, driving final jolts of ecstasy into her. Finally, I pull my fingers out and move them to my mouth. My eyes slit in appreciation of her sweet taste.

“It looks like we both get a treat,” I say with a wink. “We should make a candy out of this. The market would be huge.”

She smiles. “No doubt you’re right. You make that candy and I’ll become your partner.” She pauses. “Business partner, that is.”

She pushes herself off me. I can see her knees shaking from her orgasm. She puts a hand on the shelf of her station to keep her balance. She takes a deep breath and manages to stand straight. Turning to me she asks, “So, shall we continue?”

I glance at my watch. “It’s after six,” I state. “Perhaps you should close up first. I wouldn’t want to have another customer come in and keep you too late.”

Confusion shows for a second. The ruby haired lady doesn’t know me well enough to know why I suggested such a thing. But she goes off to do it.

As soon as I see her gorgeous bum move past the divider I reach down and release the foot pedal so the chair sinks to it’s lowest position. Then to the back release, leaning backwards until I’m almost horizontal. My final action is to remove the cape from my neck. I can hear her locking the door and drawing blinds.

As she returns, puzzlement crosses her face again as she sees the position I’m in. “I was thinking of a face massage,” I explain to her.

She opens her mouth, undoubtedly to explain she’s a stylist, not a masseuse.

“With your thighs,” I continue, before she can say a word.

A delighted smile forms as she discovers there’s more fun to be had. Her legs twitch a little, lust stroking her nerves. “But of course sir. I would be more than happy to meet any of your desires.”

My sweet peach hikes her skirt up and I can finally see what’s beneath it. Her fishnets are held up with black silk garters and a belt of the same fabric. The thong I’ve been fondling is also black. It glistens with the fluids she’s leaked into it and I can see thin trails shining on her inner thighs. The undergarment is knotted at the sides. Two quick pulls of her fingers release it and the delicate raiment falls to the ground.

My gaze sharpens with passion as her delectable nether region is revealed. There is no hair concealing that area. The smooth skin there is completely bare. Her lips are still soaking wet and I can see her clit peek from the folds. “I see how you keep in practice,” I observe.

She actually blushes a bit at that. It’s quite becoming. Her expression then heats up and she moves to the chair. Throwing one leg over it, and me, she ends up standing above my face with her gorgeous tits towards my head. I’m low enough that even with those grand limbs spread so nicely by the back of the chair, there is still a couple of inches of space between us.

I take a deep breath and the musky odour of her arousal and peak waft into my lungs. The most intoxicating smell in existence.

Taking her firm, round ass in my hands I exhale on her slit. I can feel her buttocks twitch at the warm dampness running over her and she draws a deep breath in response. One of her hands reaches down to stroke my cheek. The other goes up, cups a full sphere and tweaks the nipple through the cloth covering it.

I turn my head to one side and lick at her left thigh. The taste of her skin cream is mixed with the fluids that have run there. It’s so delicious I set my lips against her and suck lightly. A breathy ‘Oh’ comes from her and the muscle under my tongue ripples as she tightens her legs on the chair.

Slowly raising my head, I swipe up her warm, soft skin. My right hand moves to the bottom button of her shirt and releases it. One by one, the other fastenings are freed and her garment falls open. Her bra is the same black silk as her other lingerie. I stroke the flesh of the fulsome mounds that isn’t covered.

I notice there is a large, cross shaped scar on her tummy. Inquiringly, I move my eyes to her face.

“From when I was a baby,” she explains. The cast of her face is slightly afraid. She thinks I’ll find it repulsing.

Squirming in the chair I raise my head to the scar and give it a delicate kiss. “Who’s lucky enough to be perfect? You’ll probably find my scars as we continue. No one gets out of this life unmarked.”

For a second, a tender look passes over her face. It vanishes as I pull down one cup of her bra and roll the nipple revealed in my fingers. Her mouth drops and her eyes flutter. She has the most sensitive tuzla sarışın escort breasts I’ve ever encountered.

My lips move back to the spot they left when I reassured her. Kissing and laving, I continue cleaning her spending from her. I growl as the potent taste fills my mouth.

Quite deliberately I move past her pussy, instead licking across her hips just above her moist center. She groans her disappointment. Looking up, I can see her gazing at me. “Bastard,” she whispers with a faux look of anger.

I grin merrily at her. “If I rush, you won’t have as much fun.” Her eyes twinkle at that.

Picking up where I stopped, I move on to her right thigh and work my way down. My left hand squeezes the full cheek it holds. One finger of it teases over her soft, brown rose. My right exposes her other breast and titillates the nipple ignored so far.

A thin layer of sweat forms on her skin. Her breath has become deep and loud. The hand stroking my face tangles itself in my hair and tries to pull me to the quivering slit that she wants played with. I resist easily. I’m giving her too much pleasure and she can’t muster the concentration required for strength.

I reverse my direction, moving up the right thigh. This time I don’t bypass her lips. As I reach the bottom of her quim I lick across it, then up and down. Deliberately I float up her folds, varying the motion of my tongue. With no predictable rhythm, she can’t guess what will happen next. The passion created by my lapping washes into her, she can’t prevent it. The hand in my hair lets go, presses against my face and trembles. I can see her eyes are closed and she runs her tongue over her glossy mouth. She grips the breast I’m not holding, and the flesh of it rises between her fingers. “Oh shit,” she murmurs.

At last I arrive at her clit. Extending my tongue I give it a quick lick.

“Oh,” come quietly from her mouth.

I wait several seconds then give her two more rapid licks.

“Oh. Oh,” sounds a bit louder.

Another short wait, then three.

A longer, slightly louder and trembling “Oh” emerges from her.

I continue this, increasing one lick each time until I lose count. Then I simply go for broke.

A continuous stream of noise now comes from her. “Oh Jesus, that’s good. Eat me. Hss. Don’t stop. God. Don’t stop. Oh. Jesus. Good…”

My left hand runs into the crack between her cheeks. The thumb strokes over the tender skin between asshole and vagina, lubricating it in the warm fluids percolating from her. Once well oiled, I push it inside her cunt. I pump it once, twice, thrice.

When my digit first runs into her she sits bolt upright. At each pistoning she again calls, “Oh!” The third one turns to a guttural wail as she comes.

Sweetness runs freely from her and I lap it up. Not fast enough and my beard becomes soaked. Her upper body presses her tit hard into my hand. Hips pumping wildly cause her slit to run all over my lower face. My nose, tongue, lips and beard graze over her palpitating lips, driving her on and on. She howls her delight, filling me with joy. There’s no bigger ego boost than giving a beautiful woman such complete pleasure.

Giving a final gasp, she wilts. I grab her under the armpits to keep her from falling on the floor. My glorious paramour is as limp as a curare victim, body unable to function at all. I kiss with delicacy at random spots on her lower body, causing her nerves to send tiny echoes of joy to her brain.

After several minutes, she manages to stand. Holding my hand for balance, she lifts herself off me and kneels next to my head. One arm rests on my chest. She takes her lips in mine, giving me a soulful and passionate kiss.

“Thank you,” she whispers as it ends it. “I thought you only received presents at Christmas. I’m so happy I was mistaken.” The hand over my chest undoes the top button of my shirt. Her head moves towards the skin and sparse hair exposed. “But presents have to be met in kind, don’t you agree?”

My cock, never replaced in my pants, has hardened while I was gratifying her. It is rigid again and it jerks, dribbling a little seminal fluid as her promise hits me in a wave of eroticism.

Her tender lips lightly kiss and suck at the skin she has revealed. That delicate hand releases the next button and her head moves to follow it. With a deliberate, maddening pace, she teases me until my shirt is completely open.

A quick motion pulls my briefs from my cock and I’m completely revealed to her happy eyes. She turns her head so I can see her face, one cheek resting against my twitching member. Reaching out with her tongue, she licks under the head of my prick, gathering pre-come into her mouth. Her face becomes suffused with pleasure, as if she has tasted ambrosia. I gulp at the sensation.

My splendid lover sets her lips on the shaft just below the head. She kisses it gently and tickles it with her tongue. She moves down my length, slowly, repeating the teasing that she gave my torso. Her left hand softly strokes the spongy head of my cock and the right gently massages my sack.

I grit my teeth and hiss in a deep breath. My hardness lurches at her ministrations. I can feel myself getting ready to release my passion again.

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A Natural Occurrence in Seclusion

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It was a most curious sight to see in the middle of nowhere, Jana decided, but always a pleasure to come upon. Granted, every state in the union had a few of them, but to see one just lying outstretched lazily in the sun so far from where she was accustomed to finding them was both intriguing and a little hilarious. Damn, she thought, are they really becoming that common or am I just not as able to be astonished by them as I grow older?

The seclusion and solitude she had sought out when she made her annual pilgrimage to Desoto Canyon was to her what high-rolling trips to Vegas and high-kid-volume hair-pulling trips to Disney World are for so many- a break from it all. While she had been many places and done many things to take her mind off the daily grind of single parenting and crappy upper management decisions, it ultimately fell to her annual indulgence of the quiet peace of the secluded cabin and awesome abundance of natural beauty that replenished her soul. To get away from it all, one had to escape more than the hometown pitfalls and humdrum.

She had always come in May because of her vacation time being so regimented and dependent on people with more tenure and clout being able to pick and choose their allotment with impunity. She had ridden out a few of the older hands, medical maladies and retirement thinning the ranks of the older co-workers. Firings and new hirings chopped up the tenure list enough for her to state with finality that she would take in the seasonal change in autumn. Any acre of Desoto in September is worthy of a postcard photo or Ansel Adams print and she at last had the opportunity to visit a heavenly spot of earth.

Her son was safely stowed with her parents and the house was secured as well as could be expected. The more pressing of her financial matters were resolved for the month. Her car ran beautifully all the way into northeast Alabama.

She was completely at ease in the sturdy cabin. It was well furnished with all the necessities. There were pots and pans in the cupboard, a freshly made bed in the bedroom, hot water aplenty, and a huge tub to relax in and allow for quiet leisure and growth of soul. She had bought provisions along the way, stopping at a Food World in Gadsden for canned goods and a few bottles of merlot. Jana was set for seclusion and a peaceful respite.

She had spent the first few days reading, inhaling fully the words of Jackie Collins and Anais Nin, at first. But after a day of alternating looking blissfully out of the window in between text and sips of red, the walls closed in a bit and she decided to take in the views and sights and perhaps shoot a few frames of film. As luck would have it, her quest for life’s simple pleasures yielded the most basic and simple of them all.

Desoto Falls was truly awe-inspiring. It sprang up suddenly from the forest, a towering cliff of falling white mist whose roar shrouded the valley below with scattered rainbows and foggy clouds of humidity that completely overwhelmed the senses of any who come to see its grandeur. The kaleidoscope of bright yellows, reds, oranges and greens surrounded the valley with autumn’s own swirl of psychedelic inspiration. The granite itself was alive, a hodgepodge of lichen and oddly hued mosses having taken up residence on the rock faces eternally made boggy by the omnipresent misting. The fauna had no fear of man here. The multitude of animals living around the park were not hunted and were in fact a bit tamed by decades of peanuts and half-bitten slices of tomato or lettuce haven been throw out to them by gawking tourists.

There were a few tourists here and there. She noted a few hardy mountain bikers, hikers, naturalist stoners, stern game wardens, and the occasional van load of kids whose sour expressions led her to believe that all things being equal, the kids found the Gameboys in their laps much more stimulating than some dumb waterfall. Ah, youth.

She spent a great deal of that second day sitting high on the cliff overlooking the falls below her, thinking about things in general and dwelling on nothing in particular. The only interruption to her natural coexistence with the park was one intrusion by her mother explaining that her kid was fine, the house was fine, everything was fine. It was an unnecessary call, really, but she understood her mother’s need for checking in and was tickled by her description of the tyke’s bumbling and fumbling with sounds and crawling. He would be running circles around the house in no time. Watching a pair of raccoons, one large and one small, dancing around a trash can in search of a morsel, she felt that sense of motherhood strongly. To raise a son alone was always a challenge, but at the end of the day, seeing one’s offspring attain just a little step forward into life was its own attribute. She loved him so.

All this and everything else was thrown carefree into the wind when she saw it. It was on her third day in the cabin, a dire sense of boredom having overrun the rustic qualities of seclusion and her need for exposure to the forests taking her on a much-needed hike off the beaten trail. It was a gloomy day, the lack of sun decimating ataşehir escort the rainbows and casting a pale shadowy pallor over the valley. The sky’s pale grey pallor tempered the fiery bright colors of the valley, as if depressing the natural sense of soul in the flora with a pungent attitude of blasé and melancholy lack of rapture. It was in this doleful mood that the entrance of a man’s bright exuberance changed her lack of human touch into a long forgotten sense of need and desire.

“It” was a perfect man. Jana watched the human form from atop a hill, eyeing the stranger as he sat against a large oak, snapping an occasional picture with a long lens that he tossed casually aside as he leaned back against the tree to pick up an acoustic guitar and thumb a few notes. He played the notes low, the windless air denying the sound’s travels up the hill in any substantive way and begging her to cock her ear to receive its song. She did not go to him, instead crouching low in a stand of ripening huckleberries and spying as she would observe a skittish animal. He was dressed in a blue pullover of some kind, an Indian style print etched horizontally in faded black across it. A well-worn wide-brimmed hat of leather shielded the eyes and brow but not the full lips and definitive chin denoting good breeding through countless generations. His casual ease of movement was apparent even sitting down; she could see he had a genteel and calm demeanor that was sexy in that he contained the self-confidence to sit alone and unafraid. He wore well-fit jeans as well and a rugged pair of hiking boots.

She lost track of time and space watching him, as if enthralled as her child would be with a bright noisy toy seen for the first time through infant eyes. There was no sounds apparent to her except the gentle notes of C minor and A sharp occasionally fighting their way up the hill, as if each lick of a string no matter how inappropriate to the desired chord sent a determined soldier of lust floating on humid air up to find her. Nothing in the world mattered to her in that span of time. All thoughts of the world left behind her for so short a time failed to break her rapt attention in the stranger.

A strange wave of compulsion began to take hold of her, a desire to ravish and pillage a source of virile presentation and to have him firmly clutch her lack of fulfillment left unchecked by so many dicey encounters with men who had just been there and not fully transported her needs into accomplishments. So complete was her attraction to a man whose voice she had never heard that she never heeded the approaching grunts of a large mammal sashaying up her trail. The odds of finding a bear in Alabama were small, but Jana and a large male bruin quickly introduced her to the perfectly unassuming man she coveted.

It was a small black bear, shuffling its nose through the underbrush for a tasty sweet acorn or grub worm. It’s eyes were poor and it was as guilty of lack of attention to detail as she for not seeing him approach. The bear was quite used to pillaging the stand of huckleberry bushes along the ridge for a tasty treat without any fear of man. Her quiet crouching and spying immediately gave way to a scream of immense pitch and volume. The bear, used to people’s noises, moaned low and menacingly in return. It did not run away, sensing the panic of the woman and determined to have its way with the berries, human be damned. It stood up and its hind legs and gave its reply to her fear in the form of a low growl that only sent another bout of hysterics thundering down the hillside to the stranger’s ears. Jana never saw the man toss caution and the Washburn aside, pick up a limb and rock and charge the hill. Her eyes locked on the bruin.

“Hey you sonofabitch! Git’ tha’ hell outta’ here! Hey! Hey! Haaaaay bear! Git on outta’ here! Now, you big bastard!”

The wild approach of another human triggered a new level of flight or fight in the bear. It dropped to all fours, unsure whether to listen to reason and run like hell or call the people’s bluff and fight for its rightful share of the succulent berries. Its and Jana’s eyes locked on the angry face of the fast approaching man, his camera swinging wildly side to side and his deep voice demanded to be heeded. Jana could scarcely believe the speed and power of the man’s approach, each long stride fighting to gain uphill ground and succeeding in closing the gap between himself and the threat rapidly. With feline ease he slipped through the underbrush. The bear flinched to its right, grunting loudly to challenge the attacker’s resolve. He kept coming, his ferocity and tenacious assault on the bear’s position emboldening Jana’s adrenaline to pump her full of a previously unknown sense of mettle she had never known. She stomped loudly on the ground and began shaking the shrubbery around her vigorously, taking her own stand against the threat. If a bear’s long face could ever personify the phrase, “Fuck this!” it was in this split second before it turned and dashed away, yelping like a puppy and thudding down the hill opposite from the tall man swinging a limb and demanding ataşehir escort bayan to be acknowledged.

Jana stood transfixed and gaping at the chiseled face and wild eyes of the man as he ran past her without even pausing. He continued past her, following the bear’s path and continuing to yell obscenities at the fleeing animal. He ran for several hundred yards further down the valley, ultimately flailing the thick limb repeatedly against an elm tree that may or may not have been offended by his assault against its old trunk, depending on one’s beliefs in a tree’s thoughts. Still not convinced the threat was eradicated, he threw the rock and the limb high and hard into the last patch of foliage in which the bear had been visible.

Her heart began pounding hard, the adrenaline finally making its presence known completely. The fresh blast of blood rushing into her mind and the glut of oxygen streaming into her veins from her deep breathing made her swoon and she fainted dead away, her last clear thought and vision being a strangers smile turning into concern as she grayed out.

She awoke to the feeling of jostling, the roar of a motor beneath her, and a strap holding her firm against an upright body. Shaking her head and gasping aloud, she realized she had some type of strap around her, securing her to the trunk of a man’s body. His back was damp but there was the scent of sweat that was fresh and oily, not yet dank with time. It filled her with the deep aroma of a long-ago application of cologne tempered with the rich scent and masculinity and leather. Her head was resting on a man’s shoulder, her arms and legs loose and reaching around him. Her hands were palm down on his lap, inadvertently resting on a firm bulge shielded by blue jean fabric. She sat up abruptly, not completely sure where she was or what in the hell was occurring. Realizing she was on a four-wheeler, she latched onto his chest. The nipples were hard, the chest firm.

“Hey!” He turned around and stopped the ride. She fidgeted a bit, not afraid but certainly more than curious about just how and why she was tied to him on a four-wheeler. Instantly, the strap released.

“Are you alright?” She cautiously stepped off the four-wheeler, stumbling a few steps at first but composing herself quickly out of embarrassment.

“I think.” He looked her up and down. Gone was the wild look or rage that had bore into her psyche, replaced with concern and sincere glee.

“You passed out. I thought you would come around quickly but when you didn’t I thought you might be anemic or diabetic or something. The ranger station is just a few klicks farther if you are hurt. My phone ain’t gettin’ no bars out here.”

“No, I’m fine. I think anyway.” The last thing she wanted was a trip to a hospital out in the sticks. God knew what her parents would think if they heard she was injured after a bear attack.

“You sure?”

“Yessir. Thanks for doing that back there. I thought that bear had me.”

“Naw, not really. Oscar is a big titty baby. He just needed a little persuasion.”

“You named him?”

“Shoot no. He’s from a zoo. They named him.” He chuckled at her puzzlement. “If it had been Brenda Lou and her cub though, things may have been quite different.” He grasped at his back, his grip outlining the silhouette of a holstered pistol beneath the pullover. “Things may have gotten intense and tragic. That bitch gets a lil bit moody around the baby.”

“Well, thanks anyway.” The gun and his seemingly casual nature about the incidence intrigued her. He did not possess a deliberate country twang nor the boorish demeanor of the local redneck flavor. He spoke well, seeming to choose his words carefully and with a deliberate understanding of tact. “I’m Jana, sorry I didn’t stay awake to introduce myself.” She felt the blushing come up fast to her cheeks.

“Danny,” he thrust out a tan hand adorned with a class ring of some kind. “Danny Comeaux.” She shook his hand daintily, more interested in feeling his skin’s texture than making acquaintance.

“Hello.” His eyes danced to her. The grey air still filtered our a great deal of color from their surroundings but his eyes were clearly brown. He had a curiously tiny scar just forward of the hairline near his temple and to her hidden happiness, had all of his teeth in good order. It was his bright exuberance of character that once again captivated her. The memory of staring at him as he lounged content and plucking guitar strings returned to her and washed away any tinge of nervousness she initially felt coming to. There was an aura of manly protection and concern for her, not any deviant vibe that should she felt should upset her. She could not know whether for sure he was telling the truth or not but merely she felt safe and gracious. “I had no idea there were bears here.”

“A few years ago, you would have been right. The local sportsmen…” he spat the word “…take great pains to make sure anything they rarely see gets a quick piece of lead. They have been trying to reintroduce bears and wolves in a few places where they have disappeared.”

“You don’t hunt?”

“Not bears.” He laughed a bit. “They are a bitch to clean. Pardon my Cajun.”

“Well, that’s the first one I ever saw outside of a zoo and that is about as close to nature as I think I’m going to get this year I hope.”

“You definitely got a good look at him. I was waiting for him to get a picture.” Oh, Jana thought.

“Sorry to ruin the shot.”

“No sweat. He’ll be back.” He glanced down at his watch. “If you wish, I’ll get you back to your cabin. I need to go back for my guitar. You’re sure you’re okay?”

“Oh yeah, I’m fine. You said we are near the station?”

“We’re closer to the cabins than the station, actually.” He pointed toward the east. “Just across that tree line.”

“If it’s no trouble. I don’t mind hiking. It’s actually what I was doing when I saw your bear.”

“Naw, no trouble. It’s better to go ahead and take the ride. I’m not sure where Brenda is and with winter coming up and the cubs getting big, she may take to poking her nose in your way if she thought she smelled you alone.”

“She would eat me?!”

“Well, they are used to people feeding them, either through trash cans or outright throwing sandwiches. They get a little pissed when they come up on a person that doesn’t chunk ’em a piece of tuna fish. Plus you could stumble up on her and the kids and female bears don’t take kindly to strangers around their young.”

“Like people, I guess.” He cranked up the ATV.

“Occasionally.” His face lit up. “You ever driven a four-wheeler?”


“Here, have at it.” He slid back on the seat.

“Really? Cool!” She eased onto the vibrating bike and began running her eyes over the controls, eager to look as if she was in control. The ATV jumped and lurched at first, but she figured out the throttle quickly and roared through the woods, turning onto the trails he pointed from behind her. The trees and briar patches roared by, the wind on her face slapping tears from her eyes. He rode silently, obviously unsure of whether he could hold onto her and instead grasping the bar behind him and hanging on for dear life. It was a short ride, the first few empty cabins racing by in a flash. Slowing abruptly, the bike lurched and his grip became untenable, instinct taken over and a panicked passenger’s normal motion was to grab the driver. Feeling his broad arms around her midriff, she felt a odd tingle that she dismissed as just girlish notions of lust enhanced by the rumbling motor beneath her. She eased up to her cabin and slowly braked. Finding neutral, she coasted up and stopped at the door.

“Damn that was fun!”

“Glad you liked it.” He slid forward on the seat as she got off.

“I thought you couldn’t have these things in the park. You work here or something?”

“Naw, but since that terrorist attack last week the park is empty and the rangers and me are tight. They know I’m not out grassing things up. You know this is the first time I can remember that the cabins are empty in September. You’re lucky there aren’t too many people here.”

“I come up here once a year usually. I love it.”

“Where are you from?”

“Jackson, Mississippi. I work at a park in the city.”

“Sounds fun. I go through there occasionally on my way back home to visit. I live up in Gatlinburg.”

“I’ve heard it’s beautiful up there in the mountains.”

“Looks about like here, I guess. I’m gonna’ head back down the ridge now.” She felt the compulsion to block his path.

“You staying around here? In a cabin?”

“No ma’am. I have a camper I stay in when I’m on a shoot. I travel a lot with my job.”

“You’re a photographer?”

“More of a writer, but Vanderbilt is sponsoring the bear project in conjunction with the Nashville Zoo and they hired me to come check the guys out.”

Don’t let him go, girl, she thought.

“Would you like to have some dinner? I thought some friends I met here were going to come in to see me tonight but they canceled out. I’ve been bored.”

He looked unsure but accepted her offer. “That would be great. I have a camper full of food and I’m a great cook. Anything you want me to bring?”

“Just whatever. I’ll whip up something.”

“Okay then, seven good?” He shrugged a bit.

“Seven would be great.” Jana’s heart fluttered a bit. “It’s a date.”

“It’s a date.” He smiled earnestly. “See you in a bit…”

The ATV roared and in an instant, Danny was just a dull noise echoing from the woods and a great notion of perfection left in her mind. It was four p.m.

By six-thirty, she was in a rush to complete things. Dashing around the cabin’s tiny kitchen, she forced herself to calm down and finalize things. Normally a demure woman, she was filled with an enhanced sense of desire and expectation that flustered her unexpectedly. She had showered up and cursed herself for not packing something just a tad bit provocative than a pair of jeans and a blouse that she tied up across the belly and shaped to accentuate her breasts. Her hair was fixed well, curled and stacked up with a slight bit of curls dangling over each ear to frame her face. She applied make-up well and fixed her face up well, determined to make a much more enthusiastic second impression on Danny than her first had been. Her legs were shaved, including a light tidying up of the pubic area. No detail too small.

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A Wet Experience

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Ali sat down in her leather office chair and kicked off her shoes with a long sigh. It had been the worst day in as long as she could remember. Her secretary quit without notice, leaving Ali to run the office alone, while trying to see clients and handle paperwork. Three clients had emergencies, so she’d had to squeeze them in on top of an already full schedule. The phone had rung off the hook, and despite having put the answering machine on, the noise still disturbed her sessions with clients. She’d also managed to spill coffee on her favorite silk blouse. “What I need,” she murmured to herself, “is a date with a bottle of white wine and a swim in the pool.”

At 34, Ali was single, and not looking. Sure she dated a bit, and had plenty of men who wanted to get more serious, but she was more focused on her career as a psychologist in private practice. She figured when she was more settled with her new practice, then she might look more at men.

Upon arriving at her apartment, she quickly removed her clothes. She soaked her silk blouse, then stood before her full-length mirror, wearing only simple white cotton panties. She thought she still looked pretty good even though she never had time to go to the gym anymore. Measuring 5’5″ and weighing 136 pounds wasn’t too bad, she figured. Her body had gentle curves to it, and her abdomen displayed the slightest bit of roundness. She hated that part of her body. No amount of working out had ever given her a perfectly flat belly. Her 36C breasts were still perky, standing up high on her chest, and often accented when her auburn hair fell just above the slopes. Her green eyes pierced into her own image in the mirror, and her freckles often made her fair skin look more tanned than it really was. Hidden by the panties was her closely cropped pussy. She kept her pubic hair trimmed close, a neat triangle of hair, and shaved her lips bare. Not that she had anyone to really keep it groomed for. She ran her hands over her nipples, and sighed. “What I need more than wine is a good fuck,” she told her reflection.

She donned her red bikini and poured a glass of wine. Tucking the bottle into a mini ice-chest filled with ice, she was ready to relax. Locking her door behind her, she walked over to the pool.

Looking around, she was delighted to find she was alone. She settled her things on a chair by a table, walked over to the water and dipped a foot in. “Perfect temperature,” she thought. Elevating herself on her toes, she sprang and made a beautiful dive into the water. When she met the surface again, she began to swim laps. The water flowed over her skin, cooling it, and she focused on that sensation.

After her customary 40 laps, she climbed up the ladder, feeling the water cascade over her skin. She felt very sexy suddenly. “Too bad no one is around now,” she muttered into her wine glass as she brought it to her lips for a sip. She carried the glass around to the shallow end of the pool and sat down with her feet in the water. She spent several minutes staring into the water, sipping wine, and quickly found herself daydreaming of the last time she’d had sex. She felt herself get moist, and sighed heavily.

“Is this a private party?” The male voice penetrated her thoughts and she looked up quickly. She blushed when she saw Jim standing hesitantly in the gate, pointing at her wine glass.

“No, no, not really,” she stammered. Her face flushed with surprise. She had always been attracted to Jim. He lived 2 buildings over, and they sometimes saw each other at the pool, or in the parking lot. They had chatted a few times, small talk mostly, but it beşiktaş escort bayan had never failed to stir sexual feelings from within her. Yet here he was, his eyes moving over the string bikini top that did not completely cover her breasts. Good thing she was sitting down, she thought, so that he could not see the bottom of her suit, which fit a little too tightly also, accenting the shape of her cheeks more than actually hiding them from view.

Now she watched as he carelessly tossed his towel on a nearby chair and climbed down the latter into the pool. He began to swim with long perfect strokes, pulling his muscular body through the water at an even pace. She stared at the way the muscles in his back rippled. A small smile crept over her face as she did a mental inventory of the man. Jim was 32, and stood 6’1″. He weighed about 190, she guessed, and his skin was a light tan. He had the softest hazel eyes she had ever seen, and they always seemed to be laughing. His best feature, she decided was his firm ass. More than once she had stolen a peek at it when it was encased in denim. It was the kind of ass a woman could hold on to while she pulled him closer to her.

“Penny for your thoughts,” Jim said suddenly, pulling her out of her reverie. She blushed deeply at the cliché he used. If only he had known what she’d been thinking!

“Not enough pennies in the world to make me tell you,” she quipped. She surprised herself at the ease in which she responded, opening the door for more conversation and flirting. She looked down at him resting his arms on the side of the pool, most of his body still in the water. He folded his arms on the side, propped his chin on them, and looked at her.

“Oh come on now,” he teased. “You were so lost in thought I spoke to you twice before you heard me. What is so thought provoking?” His hazel eyes twinkled in the fading sun. He cocked his head, and chuckled at her. His gaze remained on her face, making her face blush a beautiful crimson. She looked away, but not before he noticed her blush.

Instead of answering his question, she changed the subject. He looked disappointed at first, but soon they were involved in discussing a wide variety of topics. She felt herself relax a bit, whether from the wine or just the comfort of being with him, she did not know. Every now and then, Jim would reach out and touch her knee while they talked. His touch felt like electricity to her, sending waves of pleasure into her, creating more moisture inside her bikini bottom.

She could stand it no more. Blushing furiously, she leaned forward and kissed him. Their lips parted together, and their tongues met in a clash of passion and tenderness. He sighed deeply as he broke the kiss. She watched his eyes, no longer reflecting the sun, but now the pool lights. In the deep wells of his eyes she saw fire, and a need for her. He reached for her, pulling her into the pool so she was standing with him in the shallow end. They wrapped their arms around each other, and kissed again. She could feel his erection pressing into her, and she rocked her hips softly against him. He moaned into her mouth, moving one hand to cup her breast. She felt him tug on the strings holding her top on. Soon it was free, and he tossed it beside the pool. Briefly she looked around to make sure no one was watching. They were still alone.

He held her breasts with both of his strong hands, circling the large nipples with his thumbs. She tipped her head back, and he began to kiss her neck and throat. His lips were so hot, almost burning into her. He continued playing with her breasts, fascinated beşiktaş escort with how sensitive her nipples were to his touch. He bent his head to them, sucking gently on one of them, biting it gently with his teeth. She groaned and held his head in her arms, cradling him to her chest. He took his time with her tits, paying plenty of attention to that much-neglected area. He circled her other nipple over and over with his tongue, memorizing the feel of it in his mouth. His other hand stayed occupied with a gentle massage on the other breast. Ali had never had a man administer so much attention to her breasts. She could only imagine what the rest of her body was going to get.

She wanted to feel him in her hand, in her mouth. She ducked down lower into the water, so that it reached her shoulders. She pulled his cock from his trunks, and begin to slowly stroke it underwater. His eyes narrowed with pleasure, and he moaned softly as he pulled her closer. She stroked him firmly, and even under water she could feel his pre-cum seeping out of him. She released him and guided him to the steps, where she used her hands and a sly smile to urge him to sit on the side of the pool. From here, she knew she could easily suck him. He settled back on his hands, spreading his legs slightly so she could stand in between them.

She flicked her tongue across the tip, tasting him. The musky taste of him intoxicated her at once. She sucked the head into her mouth, then released him to lick her way down to his sac. She massaged him with her tongue, then gently sucked on of his balls into her mouth while she stroked him with her hand. He gasped at the sudden surprise, then entwined his fingers in her hair. She loved the fact that his balls were shaved. She took the other one into her mouth now, gaining confidence in his ragged breathing. She let her tongue lead her back up to his cock, once again taking him into her mouth. She sucked him earnestly, wanting to please him. She increased her pressure, sucking him faster now. She opened her throat and took him all the way down, allowing the tip to hit the back of her throat. He cried out once, then whispered to her, “Oh my God that feels so good.”

She deep throated him several times, then backed off a little. She massaged his balls with her hand while sucking him hard but slow. She focused on the feel of his pulsing veins, the rigidity of him. He groaned and suddenly pushed her away by her shoulders. “No,” he gasped in a hushed voice filled with sexual heat. “I don’t want to come yet. I want this to last.” He slipped back into the water with her and kissed her deeply.

His hands found her ass, and held her firmly while they kissed. He moved his lips down her neck, across her throat and to the other side. His fingers found her pussy, and he caressed her sex in a circular motion thru her bikini bottom. He wanted to feel her pulsating pussy. He pushed the bikini to the side, and plunged his finger inside her. She gasped at the the penetration, then moaned deep in her throat. His thumb located her clit and while he finger fucked her, his thumb massaged her throbbing clit. He was determined to make her cum. It didn’t take him long, for he knew exactly where to touch her, and how to kiss her while his fingers worked at her. Soon she was spiraling into an intense orgasm, clutching his arm and quieting her moans into his chest.

He led her to the steps and stopped her on the second one. He pulled her bottoms off with her help and tossed them with her top next to the pool. He bent her forward, dying for the taste of her. He leaned forward, and her mind stopped working as soon as his tongue found her clit. She lost all sense of the things around her and was only able to focus in the pleasure he provided her. She was no longer aware they were outside, in the open, in a public area.

Jim wasted no time bringing her to another climax. His tongue set her on fire, dipping inside her hole to taste her, and then back to her clit. He worked feverishly, wanting her to flood his face with her cum. He flicked his tongue back and forth over her clit, listening to her whispered moans. He inhaled the scent of her arousal, and savored the sweetness that seeped from her.

Ali rocked her hips backwards, trying to press her cunt further onto his face. She was lost in pleasure, and wanted the feelings he was creating with his mouth to continue. She cried out when he sucked her clit into his mouth as thought it were a little cock. She could feel another orgasm building. He placed a hand on her ass, squeezing the cheek, then finding its way to her little rosebud. “Relax for me Ali,” his voice commanded. She tried to, but teetering on orgasm left little ability to just relax her back door. His finger pushed inside anyway, and his tongue went back to her clit. He finger fucked her asshole while his tongue applied pressure to the most sensitive part of her womanhood. At last her body erupted in orgasm, and she rewarded his efforts by squirting her juices over his mouth. He swallowed several times, and what he could not lap up dripped into the pool.

He was so turned on by how wet she had gotten that he knew he had to be inside her. While she clutched the rail, trying to catch her breath, he moved up behind her. With one thrust he was buried completely in her tight pussy. She was hot, and clamped so tightly around his cock he wasn’t sure he would be able to move it within her. He just held his cock where it was, deep within her pussy, and rubbed her back and murmured soft words to her. He was amused that he had made her cum so hard.

When she was at last relaxed, Ali felt Jim start to slide his cock out and then plunge back in. She placed her hand on the step in front her, and pushed herself back against him. He thrust slowly in and out of her, grunting softly with each stroke. She loved the feeling of his cock inside her. She wasn’t sure, but it felt like at least 8 inches of heaven stroking the inside of her wet pussy. He made her feel so good that she was oblivious to everything else around them. The temperature had cooled of considerably, but all she was aware of was the steady thrusting of Jim behind her.

She felt another orgasm approaching slowly. Jim felt her growing tight around him again. He reached around and began to fondle her breasts with one hand, and stroke her clit with the other. He was moving faster now, feeling his own impending orgasm. Ali rocked back against him, moaning each time he entered her. She knew he was struggling to keep from letting go just yet. He stroked her clit faster, and she screamed out in pleasure when her climax coursed through her body. She pushed against him, clamping her muscles tight around his thrusting dick. He grabbed her hips and held her still as he released his hot load inside her. He groaned a long groan as he shot into her. Ali could feel his penis pulsing with each squirt of his cum. She held still, wanting to hang on to this moment for as long as possible.

When their orgasms subsided, Jim leaned over and wrapped his arms around Ali, still lodged in her cunt from behind. Neither said a word. As he grew soft and slipped out, Ali invited him to join her in her apartment. She picked up her discard bikini and accepted her towel from him. She wrapped herself in it, and once he had gathered the rest of their things, they left together quietly. Each was envisioning the possibilities that lay ahead of them.

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A Wandering Mind…

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It all started because you were bored. You know, even now, that if you’d just have been able to keep your mind from wandering, none of this would have happened. You could have carried on with your straightforward life, without the guilty little secret creeping back to haunt you in your quiet moments. And, in fact, even that wouldn’t be so bad if you actually felt real regret about what you did. You feel dreadful for what this would mean if the secret ever came out, but the thing you are most ashamed of is that you loved it. Every second of it, and since then you’ve enjoyed it almost as much – every time you’ve allowed yourself.

It started perfectly innocently; possibly it was the simple lack of any interest in the evening out that started the rot. You never really wanted to go – a charity dinner with some colleagues of your husband’s that you vaguely knew, but had nothing in common with. They weren’t unpleasant at all, but their conversation always seemed to revolve around work, or the amount of money they were spending on the new house, car and holiday – it just made you drift off.

The other 3 were going straight from work, so were meeting you at the venue. You’d actually quite enjoyed getting ready – with the house to yourself as you took your time in the bath, music turned up loud. Your evening dress was a classic “LBD”, figure-hugging in all the right places, cut to just below the knee – simple, chic and very expensive.

You had no interest in particularly standing out in this crowd – more than happy to be left alone by the Hooray Henrys and their loud, clumsy flirting. But you’d decided in the bath that you were going to be a little naughty tonight, not that anyone else would appreciate it – just for your own benefit – you knew how you’d feel having a little secret that not even your husband knew about. So you discarded your usual tights in favour of a suitably pricey pair of sheer hold-ups you’d been waiting to surprise him with. You soon realised you could never get away without a bra, but that didn’t matter, it was the thought of going out with no knickers on that excited you.

You knew your dress was long enough to avoid any chance of giving your secret away by accident, but you loved the idea that you could sit there, in your own little world, while the dull conversation bubbled around you, all the time thinking “If only you knew…” It was a certain kind of personal power – a rebellion against being dragged along to yet another function where you really only existed as an accessory for your husband.

Half-an-hour later, as you walked across the road to the waiting cab, you felt the unusual chill of the winter night air between your legs. Funny how such a small, simple change could make such a noticeable difference to the way you felt. In the dark of the back of the cab, you couldn’t resist allowing the warm air from the heater to blow between your slightly parted legs, like the faintest of breaths on your pussy. Your mind started to wander to a different time and place, the breeze was no longer from a plastic air-vent, but the hot breath of an enthusiastic young lover, about to attack your clit with his tongue…

“Seven pound forty, please darlin’ “

The cab-driver startled you from your daydream – luckily he couldn’t see your cheeks reddening in the dark of the back seat.

“Er, oh, yes, thank you,” you said fumbling for a ten pound note in your purse “keep the change.”

“‘preciate it darlin’,” he replied “, have a good night.”

You mumbled something about “Yes I think I will,” as you hastily stepped out of the car, still unaccountably embarrassed at having been so deep in your own world that you hadn’t even noticed you’d arrived.

The venue was an uninspiring 1980’s hotel block that seemed to think that a few acres of boringly landscaped gardens qualified it as a Country House Hotel. Inside wasn’t much of an improvement, but at least it looked like they had made something of an effort with the catering – efficient, smartly dressed staff drifted around the reception area dispensing canapés and drinks. You took one of each – both delicious, and started to scan the faces of the throng of guests, looking for your husband and friends.

I first saw you as you stepped past the doorman, looking slightly flustered, but of course I had no way of knowing kurtköy escort what it was that stopped you looking as self-possessed as you did just a moment later. I knew then. Sometimes you just do. I truly believe that there are certain people that we’re simply destined to meet and get on with like a house-on-fire, and I just knew you would turn out to be one. Just as I was thinking about making an excuse to introduce myself to you, one of my wife’s irritating horsy friends bounded up to me.

“There you are you naughty boy! Where have you been? Everyone thought you’d got lost! “

“Sorry, big queue already,” I said apologetically nodding towards the gents.

“Never mind, here you are now” she brayed, dragging me by the arm back towards our party. The truth was I simply wasn’t in the mood for this – two of my wife’s oldest friends had been involved in organising the event so I’d been there for a good hour and a half already, trying to look interested in the guest speaker and the Event Co-ordinator fretting about whether half the napkins had been bleached by yesterday’s strong winter sun.

I was so involved in trying not to trip over my feet as Horsy Woman dragged me to our table I didn’t notice you until I’d practically knocked you off your feet, as you stood on the edge of a group of people.

“Dammit. I’m really sorry – I’m a total clumsy idiot” I said as I hurriedly checked I hadn’t spilt my drink (or yours) onto your dress.

“Don’t worry, “you said, catching my eye, “no harm done.”

You held my gaze for just a little longer than needed for politeness. Long enough to make me start thinking. Then, as I was once again yanked towards my table, I looked back – you were looking at me again, and I could have sworn you were checking me out.

The first 2 courses drifted by in a haze of mindless nodding and “Really? How interesting”s from me. It seemed I’d never be able to escape without appearing utterly rude, but when they finally cleared our table I made my excuses and bolted for the bar. Although a stiff drink might have seemed like a perfectly reasonable course of action, I went straight through the French windows and sidled into an alcove on the veranda that I’d spotted earlier. I was just about to light the Cohiba I’d been saving for just such a “need-an-excuse-to-spend-an-hour-outside” moment when I heard:

“Hello again. Perhaps I should bump into you now and make things even?”

You looked stunning. I felt like I should make some kind of conversation, but all I could think about was your body in that dress. I went to say something, but suddenly we were kissing. I don’t know how it happened, but without any warning my lips were on yours, tasting the inside of your mouth, my arms pulling you against my body. A moment later we stopped – both breathing hard.

“Well, that wasn’t what I expected…” I said, rather pointlessly

As you took my hand and placed on your breast, I noticed that we were hardly in a private place – completely visible to anyone in the surrounding gardens, and the first thing that anyone coming out onto the veranda would see. With my hand still on your breast, noticing the hardening of your nipple in the cold air, despite the warmth of my hand on it, I pushed you back further into the alcove.

You gasped slightly as I pushed you against the hard brickwork, momentarily worried your dress might get damaged, but far more interested in the warm, wetness still slowly spreading throughout your groin.

You’d never really got the thoughts you’d had in the cab from your head, and the more boring the dinner had grown, the further your mind had wandered. Mentally, you found yourself undressing anyone even vaguely attractive, “Just another little secret” you’d thought to yourself, but soon the warm fullness in your pussy had become a burn. You knew you needed to clear your head. You’d toyed with the idea of furtive masturbation in the toilets, hardly the sort of glamour your clothes demanded, but this was about clearing your head, not some tantric love-in. In any case, the queue for the Ladies was about a mile long, so you’d headed straight through the nearest door – hoping the cool air would calm you down a little. Your “little secret” had had rather more of an effect on you than you’d been expecting and you tuzla escort felt you really should get a grip on yourself.

You spotted me immediately you stepped onto the veranda, your thoughts still totally focused on sex. You knew you shouldn’t, but when it came to it, it wasn’t as if you even thought about it. One minute you were breathing some cool air, hoping the animal need for satisfaction would go away, and the next you were forcing your tongue deep into the mouth of a man you’d never even met properly, let alone had a chance to work out if you wanted him in that way.

Suddenly everything was a blur you were aware of needing to feel hands on your body and before you’d thought about it any further, the hands were there, fingernails dragging over the material of your dress and visibly hardening your nipples even through your bra. My mouth was on your neck then, and almost at the same moment you felt the warmth of my hand on your arse, tracing the curve at the top of your leg right up to the small of your back. A sigh from me let you know I’d worked out you weren’t wearing any knickers:

“Jesus. You dirty little girl.” I gasped.

You just giggled and forced your hand down the waist-band of my suit trousers.

“Mm, seems like it had the right effect,” you said, your hand wrapping around my already rock-hard prick

I groaned as your hand slid back and forth against the length of my cock. Sex, for once had been the furthest thing from my mind, and yet within seconds of meeting you, you were playing with my suddenly erect dick and I knew I had to have you. I was still aware enough to keep us pulled back into the alcove – other people would surely walk out onto the veranda any moment, and knowing my luck it would be one of my wife’s friends. But equally I knew this moment was unlikely to happen again – a truly beautiful woman, with only one thing on her mind, unaccountably completely intent on fucking me.

You realised the danger of us being discovered too, but somehow you didn’t care. You knew the embarrassment, not to mention the scene it would cause if your husband, or (god forbid) his colleagues found you like this, yet here you were with a complete stranger’s large, hard cock in your hand, and your only thought was whether you wanted it in your mouth or your cunt first. And where did THAT word come from? Your brain was on some kind of short circuit – normal conventions and considerations just had no effect. You sank to a sideways squatting position, opened the front of my trousers and swallowed the whole of my dick straight down your throat, almost making yourself gag in the process.

It was so unexpected that I nearly lost my balance – the beautiful woman I’d just met was sucking my cock like her life depended on it, like she might never get one again! The way you looked up at me as my prick slid effortlessly between your lips almost made me cum immediately – I didn’t want to stop you, but I was desperate to lick you. The taste of a woman’s pussy has always been one of my favourite parts of sex, and I just knew I had to have yours. I pulled you to your feet, vaguely aware that there were actually some people on the veranda now, obviously unaware of what was going on in the shadows directly behind them, but they were loudly gossiping about the various society types who hadn’t come to the dinner. I turned you so your back was to the veranda, your bum perched on the edge of a small garden table. I went to push your dress up, but you beat me to it, slowly revealing your pussy and opening your knees, breathing hard now, knowing that one wrong noise would give a group of chinless-wonders, the best live-sex show of their lives.

You felt my breath for an agonising second before you felt my lips clamp around your clit, my fingers spreading your lips to allow me to get as close as possible. My tongue circled your clit, constantly changing direction, soft and warm, but a firm pressure, my fingers tracing the outside of your pussy, spreading your wetness, mixing it with the dampness of my mouth. Without really knowing how it happened, your pussy suddenly felt fuller and you realised I had at least two fingers inside you, and another spreading your own wetness around your arsehole. You had to bite down on your own hand to stop yourself moaning any louder as you felt tuzla escort the muscles in your pussy start to contract, with a completely sudden, violent orgasm. You knew you were practically flooding my mouth with your cum, and started to worry I might not be expecting it, but as you looked down, you saw me greedily lapping at your pussy, drinking as much of you as I could.

Then my mouth was on yours again, I felt you tasting yourself on me, even as you were grabbing at my cock again, wrapping your left leg up and around my hip, stuffing my dick into you. Your face was almost manic as you ground your clit into my pelvis, low-down growling sounds coming from your throat – I thought at any moment someone must hear or notice us. And then suddenly I didn’t care again – even through your fucking frenzy, you must have sensed that I was about to cum, because you wriggled suddenly, and without even missing a stroke, it was your mouth around the tip of my prick, not your pussy. It was all I could do not to scream as you looked up at me and sucked all the cum from my prick, draining my balls dry. A small drip of cum had missed your mouth and was just on the edge of your lips – as you stood up, having swallowed, you licked your lips whilst looking straight into my eyes and swallowed again. I thought I was going to instantly cum again.

You felt like a complete slut, you knew you must look like one, but just the thought of that was beginning to turn you on all over again. Sure, you’d had fantasies like this in the past, but you were amazed at how good it felt to be this bad. You stood up straight again, about to kiss me when you noticed a movement from the corner of your eye. Neither of us had spotted it, but there was a small window, high up in the alcove, and quite clearly now you could make out the flushed face of a young man in a caterer’s outfit. You hastily stepped away from me, but you knew it was too late – he had seen everything. Looking again you could see he was a little embarrassed to have been caught spying like that, but by the time I’d turned to see what you were looking at, he’d mimed a round of applause, winked and disappeared from view.

I wondered what had caught your eye, but I couldn’t see anything, and anyway, you were kissing me again so I assumed all was well.

There was a slightly awkward pause as we both tried to casually readjust our clothes, then you smiled, kissed me on the cheek and disappeared through the group of people on the veranda and back into the hotel. I blinked a couple of times, almost not believing what had just happened, then reached for my Cohiba – if any occasion called for an expensive cigar, this was it.

You arrived back at your table, and before you’d even had time to think of an excuse as to where you’d been, one of your husband’s colleagues turned to you:

“Queue in the ladies still ridiculous?” she asked, “Don’t tell anyone, but if it doesn’t get better I’m going to have to find a bush in the gardens!”

As she started into a rant about the lack of facilities at the venue all you could think about was the feeling in your pussy, the absence of a cock that had been there so recently. Your nakedness under your dress seemed to make it feel all the more obvious for some reason. Then you started to feel guilty. What if the young peeping-tom caterer said something to someone who knew you? What if your husband found out? And then you realised, that you didn’t feel the slightest guilt for what you’d just done, only an imagined guilt for how it would make others feel. What had happened to you since this afternoon? How had you turned into the sort of woman who would fuck a complete stranger, swallow his cum and not even be slightly interested in his name?

You were quite sure this sort of thing could never happen again, but the power you’d felt by knowing you had no knickers on was suddenly dwarfed by the power of this new secret. You had just risked everything, and even been caught out, watched by one stranger as you screwed another, just feet away from a group of people, who could have turned around and seen you with a prick in your mouth at any time. You knew this would stay with you. You were wet again already, even as this woman tried to bore you to death with her theories on outside catering.

And now, at home, alone again, weeks later, you’ve thought about that night maybe a hundred times. You know you should be ashamed, you know you should be disgusted with yourself, but the truly shameful thing is that you don’t. You enjoy every memory, and every time you do, you imagine a time that you could try it again….

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A Professor of Two Minds Ch. 02

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Double Penetration

Chapter II: Anna’s Request

At the university where I teach, some students will do anything to get a great letter of recommendation.

Anna was one of my best students.

A pretty brunette with a killer body and a sweet smile, Anna needed a strong letter of recommendation to get into the University of Michigan Law School, one of the best in the country. She’d had me in three classes, and I was definitely in position to write a good letter for her. Without my letter, she’d never get into Michigan.

Anna was the kind of student who deserved to go to law school and would make an excellent law student—smart, dedicated, punctual, met every deadline, student body president, and captain of the team. She had worked hard in college. Her 3.92 GPA and very high test scores would have gotten her into many excellent law schools, but Michigan was so incredibly competitive.

To seal the deal she needed a great recommendation from a professor who knew her well.

And that professor was me.

It’s unethical for a professor to write a great letter of recommendation for a student who isn’t first rate.

It’s also unethical, of course, for a professor to ask a student for something in exchange for a letter of recommendation. I knew professors who wanted cash, or, more subtly, would accept a 500 dollar gift card for a letter praising a student’s qualities. I had never done anything like that. But Anna……Anna was special. Anna made me crazy.

And ethics was never my strong suit.

What would a professor risk to get involved with a student?

What would a student give to get into an elite American law school? To pay for law school, students would often have to go 150,000 dollars into debt. Law schools don’t give scholarships.


Except to the very best students. A great letter could be worth a $25,000 a year scholarship for three years. Anna knew this perfectly well.

So when she knocked on my door that Thursday afternoon, Anna understood that the answer to the question she was about to ask me could be very valuable indeed.

Anna looked so great that day. She dressed up to come and see me. She had a wonderful blouse that highlighted her small but sexy breasts, and a short black skirt. Her legs were fantastic, muscular and smooth.

So when I asked her in the office, she was bright and perky, putting on her best face. And she was so smart and pretty. She really did brighten my day every time I saw her, in class or out.

She walked past the chair across from me, choosing to sit on the couch instead. I sat at my desk, smiling. She looked fantastic, a beautiful senior, with clear blue eyes, a quick smile, high cheekbones, full lips, and a relaxed, inviting pose.

After a little chit chat, she finally took a deep breath, flashed a big, awkward smile, and leaned forward, giving me a little glimpse down the front of her top. This was no accident, I thought, hopefully. She was getting ready to ask me for something important.

“Professor,” she said, “I really want to go to law school.”

“Well, that’s great Anna. I knew that, actually. You told me last year that you were thinking about applying. With your grades, you shouldn’t have any trouble getting in to a really good school.”

She casually uncrossed her legs, and leaned forward.

“But Professor, honestly, the school I really want to go to is…. the University of Michigan.”

“Wow, Michigan?”

“Yes, Sir.” I loved it when she called me “Sir.”

“You know how hard it is to get into Michigan, right? I think they only accept about four percent of all applicants. That’s one acceptance for every twenty-five applications. One in twenty five!”

“Yes Professor, I know. But with my leadership positions on campus, my grades, my internship at the law firm, my great test scores, my double major……I was thinking I’d give it a shot. Some of my other professors think I have a really good chance.” She looked at me hopefully.

I leaned forward and placed a hand lightly on her knee. “Listen, Anna, if you really want it, then you should give it a try.” I smiled and nodded.

“Yes, but you really have to want to go to Michigan. They won’t take anyone who isn’t really dedicated. And can prove it.” I smiled my slightly encouraging, slightly aggressive smile.

If you took an MRI of my brain right there and then, a certain primitive sector would have been flashing orange.

Was I really going to give in to this instinctive, animalistic feeling? Me, a highly regarded, internationally famous scholar and professor? Was I going to trade on my power over this sexy girl to satisfy my most perverse impulses?



Anna straightened up and smiled. “Yes, sir! I really, really want to go! It’s been a dream of mine! My grandfather went there! I’ve wanted to go to Michigan Law since I was a little kid!

Hmmmm, I thought to myself. How badly does she really want to go? I couldn’t help but get aroused imagining just how badly she wanted this…this kurtköy yeni escort …little scrap of paper that I’d sign. My “highest, most enthusiastic recommendation.”

“Anna, I’m sure you know that to get into Michigan, you need it all. Great grades, leadership roles in university organizations, top-notch test scores and……” I gave her a meaningful look. “And absolutely fantastic letters of recommendation.”

She blushed. “Yes, sir. That’s why I’m here. I was wondering…” She hesitated. She looked away.

She squirmed. I loved seeing her in this awkward position. I treasured her nervous movements, her flushed cheeks, the way she moved from side to side, the way she absent- mindedly brushed the bangs from her eyes and rubbed the back of her neck as she got up the courage to ask.

“I was wondering if you….. if you could, like, you know, write me a… know….”

“A letter of recommendation?” I finished her sentence for her, coolly.

A wave of relief came over her face. She allowed herself a little laugh. “Yes, a letter of recommendation. I mean after all I took three of your courses and I got two A’s and an A minus… It was you who really has encouraged me to go to law school. And you’ve always been my favorite professor, the one I did the most work for, who I really wanted to show how good I could be!”

“Yes, you had an almost perfect record in my courses… Yes, you have been a very good student,” I told her in my slightly condescending professorial tone.

I smiled, but my eyes were dead serious.

“Not great, but certainly very good,” I said, like the manipulative jerk I could be. You see, I had to keep some bit of leverage over her; I had to keep her willing to work for it. To please me…

Anna’s face dropped. “Not great? But professor, you always wrote such positive comments on my papers and my exams….” Her voice trailed off.

“And I always loved your courses. I learned so much….” Her cheeks reddened again. Tears came into her eyes. “You, you …inspired me to do my best, to go to law school, to excel.” Her voice trailed off.

I watched all this with a mixture of sadness at how hurt she must be, and a kind of cold pleasure that she was responding exactly how I’d wanted. I really was a Professor of Two Minds: both professional and perverted at the same time.

“Oh, thank you Anna. That’s very kind of you. I really have tried to mentor you as best as I could. But still….”


I broke the bad news. Why did I love breaking Anna the bad news? I wanted her to have to work for her letter.

“But I can only write a great letter for Michigan for one student per year.”

Anna was crestfallen. She looked as if she were about to burst into tears, or choke, or both.

“Only one? But can’t I be the one? Can’t I be the one who you write a ‘great letter’ for?” she pled.

“I’m sorry Anna.” I leaned back, taking it all in. I hate myself sometimes. But I was really enjoying this. My little bit of power over a beautiful student.

“But who are you going to write the letter for this year?” Anna’s voice was shaking.

“Well, do you know Melissa Angelo?”

Anna gasped audibly. “Of course I know Melissa. She’s….” She couldn’t go on. She looked like I had just told her the building was on fire and her puppy was trapped in the attic. “Melissa?? Melissa Angelo?!?”

I cut her off, coldly. “Melissa has a 4.0 average. She earned three straight A’s from me. She’s also president of the debating club and the honor society. She’s captain of the conference-champion lacrosse team. Melissa was in here just yesterday asking for a letter to Michigan. I told her I’d probably write it for her.”

Anna looked at me in shock. I tried to maintain my professorial demeanor.

“Melissa Angelo? Melissa Angelo??!” She acted as though she’d just heard that Melissa Angelo had just been selected to fly to Mars on the Space Shuttle.” “Melissa???” She was practically screaming by now. I found it very attractive, somehow, that raw emotion on her face and in her gestures of despair and rage.

“But Melissa is such a suck up! Such a teacher’s pet! She’s just a little bimbo! She just flirts with all the professors! She doesn’t work a tenth as hard as I do! She hasn’t earned her good grades.”

I couldn’t tell if Anna was protesting in disgust or spitting up a hairball as the words came tumbling out.

Amid her eruption, I couldn’t help but laugh.

“Oh, yes, she’s earned them. I think you underestimate Melissa’s… determination. Oh, and her intelligence, too.”

“Intelligence and determination, my ass! She’s an idiot.”

Anna leaned back in the couch and glared at me.

Suddenly the focus of her rage shifted away from Melissa. She turned the white-hot laser beam of her anger on me.

“And I had such respect for you as a scholar and teacher.” She spoke to me as if she’d just tasted rotten fish.

Suddenly, this wasn’t so amusing any more.

I tried to deflect. “What kurtköy sınırsız escort do you mean? I don’t see why my writing Melissa a letter of recommendation would affect your opinion of my teaching and scholarship.”

“Yea right.” Anna crossed her arms and stared at the door, fuming. Was that smoke I could see coming out of her ears?

“I am so disappointed in you…” Suddenly, things weren’t turning out exactly as I had envisioned them. Even I was beginning to feel disappointed. I was somehow feeling….I don’t know what that feeling was. It wasn’t guilt, was it? I hoped not. I had to remember, it was I who had the power in this relationship. She had no power over me, no ability to make me feel bad in this little teacher-student relationship.

Yes, it was time to move in for the kill.

I tried to act smooth. I leaned back and stretched.

“Anna, listen. Let’s think about this. Is there anything that you think you can say….or do…to change my mind?” I smiled a smile that I thought was playful, suggestive, even just slightly sexy. I was wrong.

She leapt to her feet. “Fuck you!”


“Shut up, you asshole!” She burst into tears.

“And to think that for three years I looked up to you! I adored you! You expanded my intellectual horizons. You made me think in new ways. You made me want to go out and take on the world, to change the world! Ha!”

I did? When did that happen?

“And now you’ve stooped to this bullshit? Passing out letters of recommendation in exchange for… for sex?!”

She was screaming. People in the suite of offices could hear if she shouted any louder. And if there’s one thing a professor has to fear any more, it’s a sexual harassment suit. Not even tenure can protect a professor from that charge. Sure it’s very hard to prove that your professor really had sex with you. But if you could prove it, you could, in fact, get the professor dismissed and disgraced. Which was exactly what a few bitter students wanted.

“Anna!” I hissed to her. “Be quiet! There are people out in the hall! For God’s sake, do you want to get me fired?”

I realized right away that that was a very stupid thing to say.

Anna laughed. “Guess, Professor! Just guess if I want to get you fired!” Incredibly, her voice had actually gotten louder by a few decibels.

Now I was really nervous. This was going all wrong.

“Listen, Anna,” I whispered loudly, “You misunderstood me! I am not proposing having sex with you! Now sit down and cut it out.”

She sat down, still steaming and wiping the tears from her cheeks.

“I would never do that to a student. I don’t know where you got the idea that I would ever swap sex for a recommendation. That is just outrageous,” I lied.

She looked at me and smirked.

“Yea, right.” She shifted on the couch. I do have to admit, she looked great. Her fidgeting, her trying to regain her composure, the red eyes, the smeared makeup. The way she pulled at her skirt angrily.

Anna went on: “And of course the great irony is that, yes, I am attracted to you. I have always thought you were handsome and very sexy.”

My eyes widened. I tried not to smile. Wow. She found me… very sexy?

“Well, Anna, the feeling is completely mutual….”

She cut me off sharply: “Don’t get ideas, asshole! Those days of you being my fantasy are completely over!” As she spoke, she sliced her hand through the air for emphasis like a kung fu master. I leaned back, out of harm’s way, I hoped.

“Listen, Anna. I really think that there is a misunderstanding here. Melissa is a sweet girl, but I am just not interested in her sexually. I would never do something like that. It’s unethical.” I did my best to appear calm and persuasive. My best, it seems, was not good enough.

Anna just looked at me blankly. She stared. When she spoke, her voice was hushed. “I was so stupid.”

“And to think that I used to dream about being with a Professor… I thought you respected me. I thought you were the one.”

Her hands moved to her thighs.

“I dreamed about being with…with you. I was so deluded. I thought you liked me. And you….you made me think that you liked me.”

I couldn’t believe it. She brought her fingers to the hem of her black skirt and began sliding it, slightly, upwards.

“To think that sometimes, when I was home in the evening, I would think about you, about us….” Her right hand moved to her inner thigh, now exposed.

She squeezed and rubbed it lightly. Her fingers trailed over her thighs.

I started to lean over.

She put her hand out straight up. “Freeze! Don’t touch me.” I froze.

I tried to pull myself together. “But Anna, I wasn’t going to touch you,” I lied.

“You are such a liar.” She was very perceptive, I’ll give her that.

I was having trouble composing myself. She was sliding the skirt up higher. I caught a glimpse of her flowered panties.

“Anna, I think that maybe…maybe you should stop. kurtköy sarısın escort Remember, I could never be sexually involved with a student. That would cost me my job, so of course I’d never, ever do that. Listen, I’ll think over your request for the letter of recommendation and …..”

“Don’t make me laugh! You absolutely deserve to be fired.”

What she said terrified me. But she had become so relaxed. She seemed to have forgotten about her anger. And her hands continued to move. She started breathing a little harder. So did I.

She took one foot and lifted it onto the couch, providing me with a full view under her skirt at her beautiful thighs, her pretty panties, and her lingering fingers. Her fingers moved in a circle, slowly. She raised her hips slightly off the couch, pressing herself a little more firmly against her fingers.

Her eyes were closed. She moved. Her fingers pressed harder.

Suddenly, she opened her eyes. “Do you like what you see, Professor?”

Well, yes, I loved what I saw. “No, Anna, of course not! You should leave. This is too much. We could get in trouble.”

She chuckled. “You mean YOU could get in trouble. That’s what you deserve”

Anna rubbed the front of her panties a little harder.

She looked me in the eyes. “Professor, you enjoy watching a girl touch herself, don’t you?”

I sat there, looking for words. How did she know?

“Really, Anna, this has gone way too far,” I whispered urgently. “This is far too risky. You should take your backpack and leave….”

But instead of following my sage advice, Anna did quite the opposite. She moved her fingers so slightly, trailing across the damp spot on the front of her panties. With her eyes locked on mine, she slowly pulled the crotch of her panties to the side, exposing her pink, slick lips. Two fingers lightly teased her clit.

Her eyes flashed. “No, Sir, I won’t leave. I won’t leave until you promise to write me a great letter of recommendation.” She slid one finger inside…then, alongside it, a second.

“Anna, this is ridiculous. You must leave at once!”

She bit her lip “Professor, I know you love to watch… I know you do.”

I was mesmerized. It was the sexiest thing I had ever seen. Anna’s slick fingers gliding inside, the sheen of the juice shining. Her body tensed up. Anna leaned back in the couch.

She was starting to moan. Biting her lip. “Professor, I always wanted to do this for you. To let you watch me. I would lie in bed imagining you were watching me play with myself. I would cum…….hard.”

“Anna, no… you must leave,” I sputtered weakly and completely without conviction. “What if someone should find out….?”

Then this devil of a woman did something unforgivable. She slid her fingers out from between her pink, slick lips and leaned forward to me. I was still sitting in my chair, watching her with wide eyes. She very slowly brought her fingers toward me.

“Professor, I know something about you.”

I started. “What do you mean?”

“I know that Melissa Angelo touched herself in your class. While you were lecturing, and while you were checking her out, she masturbated for you. Right in class. Isn’t that true?” [For details, see the first installment of “A Professor of Two Minds”]

Her fingers kept moving toward me…toward my mouth. “Of course not,” I lied again. “How could you have ever imagined something like that could have happened?”

As her fingers moved toward me, I involuntarily opened my mouth, like a baby bird ready for dinner. But Anna, that demon, pulled away at the last second, and broke the very bad news.

“Because, Professor…. Melissa told me.”


“She told me exactly what happened in class. How she touched herself in class while you watched… Oh my god, it was so exciting to hear about it! So sexy! God how I wished that I had done it. Maybe then you’d give me a letter for Michigan!”

She brought her fingers to her mouth and closed her eyes. She slowly tasted her fingers, smiling slightly, a devilish, ecstatic smile. “Melissa told me that when she put her fingers in her mouth, she thought you were going to cum right there at the podium.” She giggled.

I was completely shocked. I was petrified. Melissa had been talking to people about that? I could be in very serious trouble if word of this spread any further.

“Anna, Melissa is lying. That never, ever happened. It’s just a figment of her overactive imagination. Some girls are like that. They fantasize about something, then tell their friends that it really happened. I’m sure you understand that.”

“No, Sir, she wasn’t lying.” Her moved her fingers back into herself and gasped. I could smell her aroma. It was driving me crazy.

“Of course she was. A silly schoolgirl fantasy. A lovely daydream, but bearing no resemblance to reality…”

“No, Sir.” She looked directly at me, her thumb again teasing her clit as she slid her fingers up and down her soaking wet, pink lips. “That’s not true.”

“Well, how would you know, anyway? Why would Melissa confide something that like that to you? You guys barely know each other,” I offered, hopefully, nervously.

Anna laughed. “Actually… Melissa Angelo is my roommate.”

I literally sat there with my mouth open. This whole situation really wasn’t developing the way I had hoped.

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An Orgy in Venus Villa Ch. 02

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The car reached the imposing, ornate gate of Venus Villa situated at top of a hill.

Arun briskly got out, spoke on the mic and the gate slowly opened. I could see a camera looking down on us from the right pillar. It was drizzling as we drove up the tree lined winding road and reached a wide portico.

Two women with there to receive me with traditional Indian welcome of Marigold garlands and putting a welcome red mark on my forehead.

Both wore Satin lavender chiffon sarees around their voluptuous and tall bodies. Their short back less bras, made ample breasts pronounced along with glorious view of exquisite shoulders and partially covered bare back. One was a gorgeous tall black lady and another was a white woman with competing sensuality. They smiled and led the way to the reception desk.

“Welcome to Venus Villa, Mr. Rohit,”

The Indian lady at the desk got up and approached me with an extended hand.

“I am Anita and will have pleasure of escorting you to the suit and explain few import things…this way, sir.”

She wore a neatly fitted black skirt and short white top, like a model. Her seemingly deep navel hole looked mysterious, appealed and excited my senses.

So, as expected the rich and indulgent Divvya must have spent spent a fortune on her pet dream of organizing an unforgettable reunion along with pains taking detailed planning and execution, which was her passion since collage days.

I skillfully let Anita take lead and followed her gracefully undulating butt, while my eyes feasted on her luscious legs, dick was-getting hard in anticipation of meeting Divvya and may be Radha as well.

On the way, I got a text message from my close friend Vikram. I had requested Divvya to invite him along with gorgeous Sangeeta and her sex addict friend Pinky.


Vikram a 35 years old executive was recently transferred to Mumbai. He hardly knew many people in the city and has been desperately looking for female company. He loved sex, but his sex life has gone completely dull and bad due to ill wife, who is left behind in Delhi, being treated for breast cancer. He still remembered the wild sex they used to have and even swapped with a couple friend with matching needs. The experience has been wonderful and liberating for him and his wife Sonia. They agreed that their bond has turned even stronger and deeper after swapping and wild four some with Rajesh and Bindiya, a vivacious out going and fun loving pair in their late thirties.

He was shocked and yet felt haplessly excited when Sonia readily agreed for lesbian sex with Bindiya. Who suddenly stopped sucking his dick, went to the bed and seductively hovering her large wet hairless cunt over opened mouth of Sonia, who was being mercilessly pounded by thick dick of Rajesh in missionary position. Later the ladies indulged in bouts of boob sucking, cunt licking in various positions, including famed 69 coupling like young teenagers going totally bonkers on their new discovery of lesbian sex with willing partners.

Vikram and Rajesh nursed their drinks, with hands on own dicks, and watched with fascination the females devouring each others boobs with wild abandon. Vikram felt his dick shaking and leaking thick threads of cum when he saw luscious tongue of Bindiya flickering furiously at the virgin, tight anus of his dear wife, who had never before agreed for anal sex. He was very pleased when Sonia responded by spreading her wide, rippling ass cheeks wider, enthusiastically giving more access to the pleasantly intruding tongue. As his wife went in an explosive and noisy orgasm induced by so far forbidden anal manipulations and expert fingering by Bindiya, he could not control him own orgasm and shot wads of cum, flowing over his dick clenched fist.

Only last evening, worried Sonia has called and asked, if he has found any willing lady in Mumbai, the city, which is supposed to teeming with footloose, liberated and adventurous mature females of all varieties.

When he replied in negative, a more worried Sonia asked when he masturbated last. Vikram never felt like indulging in self sex for more than a month. While in Delhi, Sonia would let him fuck her in doggy or suck him off few times in week to help him stay sane and focused. But he felt bad, indulging in something, which his dear wife was not enjoying as she used to, before the dreaded disclosure of her cancer.

She immediately told him to take his dick out and empty his bloated balls. With tears in his eyes, he did comply with her wishes by faking an orgasm verbally but his dick has been limp and lifeless.

Feeling terribly lonely and Bored in his sixth floor Lokhandwala flat, he switched on the TV and decided to watch a latest Hollywood action flick. He took out his favorite whiskey from cupboard and opened the fridge for ice cubes. There was no ice, as the maid has forgotten to fill the trays. He looked at the watch, it was 8.30 in evening. He decided to check on Mr. Damle, an affable escort ankara middle level executive in a renowned international retail giant, who lived in the flat opposite his own. They have had few drinking sessions before and his gorgeous looking wife was a wonderful hostess and even better cook. Vikram had loved seeing the ample and exquisite butt of Mrs. Damle and felt his otherwise inert dick got alive. He pushed the erotic thoughts away and got up. Even If Mr. Damle was not in, at least he will get much needed ice cubes.

Vikram went out and hesitantly stood before the door, with the nameplate, “Sudarshan Damle”. He was pleasantly amazed and troubled to feel his dick getting hard after so long. But ignoring the stirring in his loin, he pressed the bell; maybe he must utilize the hard dick and masturbate later. Vikram realize that the bell did not ring, he tried again but there was no faint sound of belling ringing inside. But in the silence of the long corridor, he could gather that, the TV was indeed on in the flat of Mr. Damle. Encouraged by his discovery, he decided to look in to the small view hole.


Sangeeta Damle, savored the soothing erotic feeling of warm water jets punching hard on her taught nipples and cascading over her tingling, charged body. At thirty six, he has kept herself in perfect shape by following a rigorous gym regimen. With her husband, Sudarshan out on tour to Chennai for a week and kids, Ragini and Neelesh at their grandparents’ home in Thane, she was at ease with herself and indulging in bouts of masturbatory experiences while watching hot porn’s. Her old collage mate and closest friend, Pinky has gifted latest HD CDs and a high quality, battery operated double dildo with remote control; brought specially for Sangeeta during the recent holiday in Europe.

For over twelve years of their married life, Sudarshan seemed to have been sucked in to vortex of the prevailing corporate rut of highly stressed, competitive profession and long tours across India.

From being a simple teenager with only few furtive preliminary experiences in sex, Sangeeta these days have been feeling highly aroused and desirous of sex. While her loving husband, Sudarsahn has gradually lost interest in sex all together, more so, for last one year. Meanwhile Sangeeta has increasingly felt desperate and deprived as the dormant sexual surge in her, along with passion for kinky sex and erotica become prominent. She had no option but mostly got satiated by masturbatory indulgence and occasional show and see, web sessions with few male net friends.

So far, she has been averse to find a lover for herself, as repeatedly suggested by Pinky, who has been finding and dumping lovers every six month. But for last few days she has been feeling a tingling sensation in her loin along with perpetual arousal and wetness. She was increasing feeling still deprived sexually. She never had fulfilling sex with her husband, and used to sooth her sexual desires by masturbation. Sangeeta realized that she badly needs real sex with a virile man, who love sex.

Her right hand traveled to her charged mount. A simple touch on her bloated clitoris sent erotic shock waves in trembling body. She closed her eyes and plunged the index finger in her wet and aroused cunt channel.

“Ahhhhhh…” a deep sigh escaped her clenched teeth. But the feel of her thin finger was not fulfilling enough.

Sangeeta wanted a man to touch her body, maul it savagely and fill the void in her pulsating cunt, like never before. She felt her whole body was charged with extraordinary arousal.

About ten minutes before, she had ordered a Pizza and the deliveryman would be arriving soon. His name was unknown to her, but exuded a raw and rustic manly charm, which she has noticed every time. As Sangeeta remembered the handsome delivery boy, her cunt oozed more secretions, flowing down on her thighs and washed away by the warm water.

With a thumping heart she, thoughtfully closed the shower and started to dry herself. She wanted a man and wanted right now to quench the raging fire in her cunt and whole body. Someone, who would maul her taught boobs, bite swollen nipples…lift her up like a rag-doll, push her butt savagely against the wall, ram his hard cock in her fiery, dripping cunt and plunge a thick finger in her virgin asshole.

No…never do it.. Will be too foolish, risky and dangerous!!! She must control herself and talk to Pinky. She might suggest a better option, may be will happily send one of her boyfriends to fuck her.

Pinky was so luck and daring to get what she wants from life, while she was always forced to suppress her desires. It was her bad luck, having born to wrong, lower middle class parents, grew up in a prudish home, mingled with boring, taboos imprisoned crowd and married a man with low libido!

“Fuck all…fuck my stupid inhibitions. I will do what I like doing. I will fuck the first dick I see today. I am sexy, attractive; any one would even mamak escort give a fortune to fuck my me.”

A shaken Sangeeta felt good being nude, rushed to the living room, lifted her mobile phone and dialed Pinky. But the called number was not reachable. Dejected and even more troubled, she sent a message to call back a.s.a.p. Her bust heaved, as heat in surcharged loin was getting unbearable.

“Madarchod randy…kahan chudwa rahi hai Sali…kis se Gaand Marwa rahi hai kutia..kahan hai tu?’

She loudly cursed her friend Pinky,” Mother fucking whore…where the hell are you getting fucked and who is fucking your asshole…I miss you bitch…”

She felt shocked by her abusive language. Sangeeta has never behaved so wildly or ever used such filthy, street type cheap whorish language ever. But she felt totally different, charged with raw sexual energy. And now, something has to be done to quench her pronounced lust.

Didn’t Pinky fuck her handsome servant few times, when she wanted sex badly and only he was available? So what is the big deal, her fucking the handsome delivery boy?

But what has to done, while waiting for him? Then Sangeeta remembered the dildo.

Now, she must try the battery operated double dildo, gifted by Pinky, few days ago and still lying unused in the secret pocket of her closet. Her body trembling with deep rooted lust and expectations, Sangeeta walked briskly to her bedroom, opened the closet and took out the carton holding the prized private tool.

With shaking hands, she opened the carton and took out the sealed pouch.

“Ahhhh..”A thick lusty sigh escaped her, when she saw the exotic contents of the transparent pouch.

It held an amazing detailed replica of penis about ten inches long, with ball like base cum holding knob along with a separate removable, curved smaller penis for anal pleasures. She held her breath, opened the flap and took the penis out, it was lubricated and smelled exotically with distinctively manly odor. She looked at the other contents; extra batteries, lubricant and disinfectant tubes, instruction booklet and a small remote control.

Sangeeta hurriedly flipped through the main instructions, took out the CDs gifted by Pinky and with wildly thumping heart, walked back to the living room with the carton.

Yes, it has to be in the living room, it will be so exciting and really daring. She has never before moved around nude in the flat and so far only indulged in masturbatory pleasures in privacy of her bedroom and washroom.

Sangeeta felt so liberated to be alone and do as she wished. No kids to help in home work, getting up early prepare them for school in morning and, absence of demanding husband, any senile elders and in-laws to attend to.

Hmmm…she wished, it was planned in a better way and had invited Pinky, who would have called one of her boyfriends. If nothing else, they would have masturbated together, watching hot porn. She cursed herself for being so prudishly old fashioned to repeatedly spurned the open lesbian signals from Pinky. Sangeeta also craved for her cunt to be kissed, smelled, lapped and tongue fucked, like in those porn movies.

“Let the fucking bitch look at me with that salacious inviting look again and I will lift my skirt and order her to eat my hot cunt. I will throw her on bed and plunge this big dildo in her sexy Gaand…Oh yes I will do it…Bitch.”

She switched-on, the TV and CD player, and rushed to bathroom closet to put on her favorite black midsized gown. It hides and yet exposes her body in most appealing manner; open shoulders, neck line plunging low to just above her taught black grape sized nipples, fitting neatly with firm boobs and falling enticingly on her ample pear shaped buttocks. A brief look in mirror reconfirmed and approved the selection. She also picked up a brown towel to put under her ass to avoid staining the sofa. Being rewarded by delights of Dildo assaults for the first time, her cunt will surely respond with lots of fluid today.

The CD on top announced its content as, “Pool Side Multiracial Orgy,” she decided to try it and slipped in to the CD player. She waited for the play logo to appear on the wall mounted big size TV screen, by the side of main door of her spacious 3 bedroom flat. Sangeeta purposely chose to sit on the main sofa facing the TV and main door, knowing that she will be visible from the view hole of the door. She had already checked that its cover was moved to side.

So, when the Pizza delivery boy would ring the bell, she will not immediately respond and wait, prompting him to look through the view hole and see her using the dildo. It will surely save time and extra efforts to achieve her immediate goal, to get a virile rustic young man fuck her pulsating cunt.

What he will do after seeing her masturbating with the dildo?

May be, she won’t have to do anything more, as he will understand and take the lead. She was aware about how the rustic village yenimahalle escort boys get sexually excited by city women moving around, scantily dressed, in butt hugging jeans, tight midriff showing top and thigh exposing miniskirts, leaving nothing to imagination.

“Ahhh…that would be very exciting and deeply fulfilling; satiating her long held inner quest to be assured of her innate feminine pull, smoldering sexuality and abandon sensuality.

Perhaps the delivery boy will be so excited, lose his senses and tempted to brutally rape her. Lift her like a weightless rag doll, bang her ass hard on the wall, unzip hurriedly, take his smelly, unwashed dick out and ram in to her wet, hot cunt.

This has been, her favorite erotic fantasy, prompting her to masturbate many times, when a usually tired Sudarshan would not touch her, turn his back and will be gone in a deep sleep with unbearable snoring.

“Ahhhh..” Another lusty sigh escaped her salivating mouth. She imagined further; he will silently put the Pizza on table, turn to lock the door and pounce on her, like a hungry dog on its chance meaty prey, his one rough hand chocking her throat and menacingly signal to take it easy, other hand savagely cupping and squeezing her heated mount.

Or like a dormant rapist, he will be noisy, very abusive, intimidating and threatening?

“Sali ameer kutia…aawaz mat karna..nahin to maar daloonga…Chupp.chaap se chudaw le, Madarchod..”

Threatening her, the bitchy rich whore, to not to make any fucking noises, just get fucked silently mother fucker cunt, or she gets killed.

The imminent probability of long held, wild rape fantasy happening, immediately led to her swollen cunt oozing more thicker and warmer secretions. The thick string of flow slowly sliding down wetting and warming her, so far sexually inert anus. Again seeing the curved smaller penile replica for anal masturbation’s, for the first time, she was tempted to touch and finger her, now increasingly excited asshole. It will be a new erotic experience and so dirty too Pinky has liked it and so she will too. Every porn she had seen, involved scenes of girls enjoying sumptuous anal sex

Sangeeta let her wild imagination explore more forbidden desires..

May be the delivery boy would pounce on her not once but many times, every time he would be more brutal and treat her like a cheap whore .

He might even fuck her virgin asshole. She was proud of her ample, pear shaped buttocks, always inviting lusty gaze from males. But a foolish Sudarshan never gave any attention to her gorgeous asset.

Fuck you Sudarshan…you limp little dick..go to hell and stay there, she thought.

That athletic Servant of Pinky has raped her asshole too, when she was having periods. And she even liked the brutal experiences, a hot rod of flesh filling and ramming her excited anal channel and spraying hot semen deep inside. Pinky even shared her heady experiences of kissing and sucking a smelly, unwashed dick.

“Oh…gosh…I am a dirty minded cheap whore…wanting so long to be fucked hard…let me suck your smelly dick…fuck my cunt…ram your dick in my virgin asshole…spray your thick rustic spunk on my face..”

Sangeeta whispered to herself in lusty coarse voice.

Or she was rehearsing for the benefit and motivation of the soon expected delivery boy turned rapist?

The rustic delivery boys may not understand much English. Sangeeta realized and repeated her demand cum challenge in dirty Hindi. She was excited and tempted to be much louder this time.

” Arre..I am a cheap street whore..waiting desperately to be fucked real hard by a good fucker…take out your big black unwashed dick …and let me suck hard…fuck hard.. my sex starved cunt..fuck my virgin asshole…spray your thick spunk deep inside me…aaahhhh…”

Oh Gosh..she was really turning in to a dirty minded cheap whore. But Sangeeta didn’t care, actually loved her new found whore like daredevilry. Immersed deep in foggy erotic thoughts, she instinctively slide her burning butt down a bit, spread thighs widely, lifted her legs, pulled up her gown and touched herself.

Her cunt lips have never been so swollen and sensitive to touch, as the play icon appeared on the TV screen. She lifted the remote and pushed play button.

A slow moving collage of nude bodies, butts, dick, cunts, thick gleaning brown, pink and black dicks being sucked, ejecting thick wads of spunk on sexy female faces, boobs, butts, open cunts and assholes filled the screen, accompanied with exciting music, moans, pleasure cries, whacking sounds of hunks fucking hot sluts. Mesmerized by the crystal clear skin textures, body part details.

Sangeeta increased the sound level, lifted the bigger dick like dildo and smelled its manly odor. Excited further, she opened her mouth and let he knob of the dildo slide in and immediacy started to suck it hungrily.

“Ahhh….oh God…it feels so good to suck a Lund…”

Her mind wondered and cursed her own deprivations, of never having sucked a real dick. Sangeeta started to hungrily suck on the real penis lookalike dildo and kept pushing further in mouth, till it reached her throat.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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Subject: “Electricity”, Chapter 1, Beginnings or Athletics Section This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are the product of the author’s imagination and any resemblance to actual persons, business establishments or events is entirely coincidental. Comments and feedback are highly appreciated, send ail Electricity Chapter 1. “Is that what’s his face Thompson, from that one sports team?” Andrew heard the obnoxiously loud question coming from the right side of the bar. He would usually ignore these types of statements, but the sheer absurdity and lack of football knowledge displayed meant that he had to at least take a look at the culprit. Of course it was of no surprise to him when he saw that it came from a youthful blonde twink, with a distinctively annoying voice, who was now full on gaping at him along with a gaggle of his giggling twink friends. Andrew took a swig from his beer and sighed deeply at the difficult decision in front of him. He knew that he had two choices: The first one was to shake his head in visible displeasure, and hope that none of them would approach him for an autograph or a picture. The other choice was to wink and cheers to them, with his now almost empty beer. This second choice would ultimately lead to one of them making their way over for a flirty chat, and then it would usually end up with one or more of them in his bed at the end of the night. Just two years ago, this wouldn’t even be a conundrum for him. He’d wink and even throw in a smile, then cross his fingers in hope that more than one of them would approach him for some good times. The more the merrier, after all. He used to love hookups, he used to live for them, and in the media (much to his and his family’s displeasure) he was known as a notorious playboy. To his teammates, he was known as a “dog” (this was always said with much pride and admiration, like “My dog Thomspon, the slayer of ass.”). No matter how quiet he tried to keep his dating life, his unfortunate choices in hookups kept the paparazzi and the tabloids well fed with amusing weekly stories. Pictures of him ducking out of hotel rooms with IG models, or men leaving his house at indecent hours while he was supposed to be dating someone seriously, became a norm for the public (and ensured that he got quite a few stern talks from his coach about keeping a more low profile). He just couldn’t help that he had shitty taste in men. All he wanted was some nice ass, but in his case a nice ass always came with a side of drama and clout chasing. However now, after hitting 32, the whole thing stopped being amusing to him. Back in his heyday he would live for the thrill of the chase, the thrill of seeing a new naked body in his bed. The thrill of being able to get with practically any man he desired. Now, he just wanted to wake up to something familiar and comfortable. Back then, he couldn’t wait to be inside of another human being and get to cum in them. Nothing beat that feeling, it felt like being the King of the world (almost better that winning the Super Bowl, but not quite). But now? Now he just wanted to find someone whose pleasure he would actually care more about than his own. But no matter how many blind dates–set up by well-meaning friends–he went on, none of it clicked. Yes, they all ended up in his bed in the end, but he couldn’t make a genuine connection with anyone. None of them left him with that spark of electricity he was looking to find, and more often than not they’d leave jaded and upset that he had used and discarded them with no care, which left him feeling pretty shitty about his own actions. But it’s not like he was a heartless person, he just had some emotional issues to deal with. The problem lay in the fact that he wasn’t good at handling any type of feelings. In fact, he spent a majority of his time avoiding and running away from feelings by throwing himself fully into his work. This ensured that he was a kick ass quarterback in the NFL, but it also left him little to no time for anything else, like proper dating. And now as he was getting a bit older, he was tired of the same song and dance. Tired of guys trying to expose him to media outlets, sneak pictures of him sleeping after a hookup and post them to Instagram, or try to get famous off of his name. He was tired of the cheap thrills. He was tired of it all. As the first openly gay quarterback in the NFL, life wasn’t exactly easy, but he really couldn’t complain either. His teammates were super cool and never gave him grief about being gay, apart from some fun lockeroom banter and jabs here and there (but everyone got their share of those, not just him). The worst part of his job were the post game interviews, which always somehow found a way to get back to the subject of him being a gay man, and left him feeling frustrated. It seemed like the older he got, the less patience he had to deal with these things. He just wanted to do his job and be himself without it reflecting on the entire gay community. Without giving the papers anything more to talk about. Just this morning a blog had dubbed him with a new annoying nickname “Mad Thompson”, after he got into it with a pesky paparazzi the other night, he was sure his mom would be positively thrilled to see that. So the bottom line was that it’s not that he no longer wanted to hook up, it’s just that he had so much on his plate right now, and he was struggling really hard to keep his name out of the headlines, not wanting to contribute to the annoying “sex addict” gay stereotype all straight people seemed to hold about LGBT people, and most of all he really wanted to clean up his image so that the right wholesome guy of his dreams could come along and make his life complete. After all, his mom was nagging him about grandkids, and marriage, and if he was honest with himself, that’s also something he craved in his life eventually. He didn’t want to wake up at fifty, after his exciting career days were over, and still be on the prowl for some random ass. He was ready for something stable, something meaningful, something long lasting. But just as he was thinking all that, the blonde twink gave him a flirty smile, and almost involuntarily, as if it were a muscle he had trained so long that it performed the action automatically, Andrew winked and raised his beer a few inches in the air. Now it was just a matter of time. A waiting game. He turned back to the TV, meanwhile Tony the bartender wordlessly replaced his beer with a fresh one. The silent relationship he had with Tony was one of the main reasons why he favored this particular bar above all others. “Bull’s Eye” was unexceptionally average in every way, but on most nights nobody would bother him here, and he could watch his basketball games in peace. And Tony wouldn’t give him a hard time about drinking instead of resting for whatever upcoming game he had, which he highly appreciated. He was tired of half-drunk dudes giving him advice on how to be a good football player. Andrew nodded a silent thanks to Tony, and they both turned back to the TV screen. The Warriors were trailing behind. He took a long sip of the fresh beer as Curry airballed a 15-footer, an unfortunate and ridiculously rare occurrence that made Golden Boy Steph seem like a mere mortal after all. Andrew shook his head in frustration. “Buy me a drink?” it was the blonde twink. He snuck up so quietly and feline like, that Andrew didn’t even notice. He chuckled at the arrogance that the young and beautiful displayed. The boy was cute, but Andrew had hoped it would be his brown haired friend with the ample assets that would come over. “Tell you what, why don’t you get your friend over there, and I’ll make you guys drinks back at my place.” This line was douchey and gross, he was well aware of it, but he didn’t care anymore. As a good looking and muscular football player, there was a shit ton of behavior he got away with simply due to his money and social status. He acknowledged that it was unfair that this is the way the world worked, but he continued to use his privilege to his advantage anyway. He couldn’t stop it, the feeling of being powerful and untouchable was too addictive of a drug to give up cold turkey. The twink’s face showed that he wasn’t thrilled about this new development and change in plans, but Andrew knew he’d go along with it anyway. They all did. The groupies found it impossible to say no to seeing his place and being able to brag that they slept with him. Deep down he was ashamed that he empowered this type of behavior, but at the moment his other urges won out. As the twink made his way back to let his friend know about the indecent proposal, Andrew handed Tony a few bills and said “no change”. Tony gave him an appreciative nod. “Jesus, did you just move in here?” the blonde boy asked fifteen minutes later, as the trio entered Andrew’s two story loft, housed in one of the most exclusive buildings in the Bay Area. It was a valid question, as Andrew’s place was so bare and minimalistic, that it almost resembled a model apartment. Andrew ignored the question and made his way to the kitchen to assemble the promised drinks. He wasn’t going to ask what they wanted, as from experience he learned that bottoms were too indecisive. So per usual, he took charge. “You,” he said looking at the blonde one, “I know what you like. Tequila based with a little bit of spice. Am I right?” He had years of practice in this field, and countless men who’ve been in his kitchen before, waiting for a drink. “Right on the money actually,” the snarky youth replied. Andrew nodded bursa escort to himself, pleased, he was too good at this game. The blonde was quite pretty, but not really his type. However, he would make do for tonight. Andrew served up the perfect concoction, and then moved onto the other guy. “Now you,” he said looking at the brown haired one with the nice bubble butt, “you like yours sweet, fruity, and not too strong.” The boy smiled. He was a shy one, he would need more than one drink to get out of his shell. They chit-chatted on the comfortable big couch in the living room while watching the remainder of the Warriors game on TV. Andrew half listened to the guys talk, but his main focus was on the game. He preferred sports over boring small talk. He knew he didn’t have to put much effort into impressing the guys anyway, he just needed them to be tipsy enough to let loose in bed. After all, three-ways weren’t for everyone. After the third drink Andrew decided it was go time. He’d done this so many times before, that it was no longer awkward. He started with the blonde one, since he was more slutty and would probably be more open to whatever Andrew initiated, while the other one would simply follow along. After some kissing and groping, they all made their way upstairs to Andrew’s big bedroom, which was no stranger to random naked men running around in it. Despite his recent hesitations about hookups, at this particular moment Andrew had to admit to himself that it never got boring having two tongues licking on his cock. It wasn’t something every man would get to experience in their lifetime, especially the straight non-atheltes. He laid back comfortably and let the boys do the work, while he interjected some dirty talk here and there. A part of him did feel bad for treating them like sex slaves, but he just wasn’t motivated enough to try to please two hookups that looked up at him with eyes that said he was the most valuable guy in the whole wide world. He didn’t have to work for their adoration: it was already there, already in place, freely given. Hours later, when he woke up, the two naked bodies were cuddled up to him. He felt hot and stifled. His left arm was dead from the brown haired boy sleeping on it. He looked at the clock, it was almost six. He quickly and harshly got up, stirring his bed visitors. “Wakey wake, I gotta head to practice.” The guys moved slowly. “Morning,” one of them mumbled out. “Guys, last night was amazing, but you gotta go now. Here, let me give you some money for an Uber,” he said and handed them a nice wad of cash. It was far more than any Uber could have cost, but it assuaged some of the guilt he had about the situation. “Wow,” the blonde one quipped and rolled his eyes. Neither one of them looked pleased about getting kicked out like this, but they eventually made their way out and left Andrew alone. The morning after a hookup was always the lowest for him. There was the guilt, and then there was a feeling of shame at the pit of his stomach. Like he knew what he was doing wasn’t right, wasn’t pure. And then there was always the frustration that he had just reset the clock on finding an actual life partner. What good guy would want to be a part of this wild lifestyle that he was living? He was constantly working, he had a terrible reputation in the press, and his place looked like a museum. He wouldn’t even want to date himself. The thoughts continued to swirl in his head as he showered and then headed to football practice. Work always helped him forget about his personal struggles. He could get all his energy and anger out on the field and in the gym. He could focus his skill on something he was actually good at. First was a nice morning weightlifting session which was followed by a head coach meeting. At the meeting the coach would go over that day’s practice and his expectations. Then there was a few hours of practice, followed by media interviews, followed by more meetings, and the end of his workday would typically come anywhere from 5-7. Hours later, when he was getting changed in the lockeroom post shower, one of the guys from the team began laughing while staring at his phone. “Thompson, you dog,” he finally managed to get out in-between laughs. Andrew knew that tone of voice too well, and knew it spelled press trouble for him. “What?” he asked cautiously, pulling a fresh t-shirt over his head, as a few of his teammates listened in. “Newest headline from the Bay Mail: My Wild Threesome With Quarterback Andrew Thomspon”, his teammate replied. Andrew walked over and pulled the phone from his hand so he could read it himself. A full article, featuring pictures from the inside of his condo, and a headshot of the brown haired boy. “Fuck,” Andrew cussed at his own stupidity. He was usually savvy enough to confiscate phones when people entered his house, but last night he had completely forgotten. Not only that, but he totally misjudged brown haired boy as sweet and shy, when now he was not only spilling but also embellishing all the sexy details of their night together in the most popular online gossip blog. This would spread like fire online and trend for days. That little ungrateful traitor, Andrew thought to himself. “You’re my man, dawg, you never disappoint. Slayed more ass then all the NBA players put together,” his teammate continued to laugh. But Andrew wasn’t in a laughing mood. And predictably when he checked his phone, he had a multitude of missed calls from his mom, who was probably seething right about now. She hated seeing stories like this hit the internet. She always worried for him, and the implications it could have on his career and his health. He felt bad for putting her through all this. His old man could handle it, he didn’t care, but it really affected his mom in a negative way. He needed to put an end to these stories and stay out of the press. Or at least get some good press for a change. When he finally left practice, he drove his Lamborghini Aventador to a hip sushi restaurant nearby where he had a reservation with his ex-boyfriend Joel, and his new husband Drew. Joel was one of the only guys Andrew had seriously dated, and they miraculously managed to remain friends even after Joel found out Andrew had been cheating on him with IG models. Joel had a kind heart and was tight lipped when it came to Andrew’s business, never publicly blasting him for anything (even when he had every right to), which was something Andrew greatly appreciated and did not take for granted. And now that he was married, there was no more lingering bad feelings and their friendship was more rock solid than ever. Both of the guys were already seated at their usual private booth when Andrew arrived. “Tough day?” Joel cheekily smiled up at Andrew and took a sip of his drink as he scooted to make space in the booth. Joel was one of the few people that could make fun of Andrew without it bothering him. Clearly he had seen the headline already. News spread fast on this side of town. “Drew,” Andrew greeted his ex’s new husband with a fist bump. He knew Drew wasn’t his biggest fan, but he was cordial enough, so for the sake of his friendship with Joel, Andrew let it slide. It’s not like the feeling wasn’t mutual, Andrew felt that Joel could do much better than a boring maritime attorney, but then again after what he put him through, boring was most likely exactly what Joel wanted and needed in his life. He felt an immense amount of guilt about the way he had treated Joel, but he was glad it was all in the past now and that he had moved on and found someone who made him happy. “So how was the threesome, tell all,” Joel continued prodding him in good fun. Andrew managed a small a smile. “Not worth the fuss, that’s how,” he replied, putting his menu aside. They got the same thing every time anyway. “And yet you can’t stay away from those pretty boys, can you. How’s my favorite Miss Elaine handling it?” Joel inquired about Andrew’s mother. “I haven’t called her back yet,” he admitted and sighed. “Oh boy,” Joe quipped, taking another sip of his Diet Coke. “Why do you stress out over it, just admit this is who you are and embrace it,” Drew chimed in, much to Andrew’s annoyance. “That’s not who I am,” he corrected him. “Isn’t it though? I mean, if you consistently repeat the same action over and over again, then that kind of makes you who you are. At least in my opinion.” Andrew was just about to tell him that nobody was concerned with his opinion, but thankfully the waiter came by at that exact moment and eased the tension between them. Andrew did not want to get into an all out war-of-words with Mr. Know-It-All-Attorney and destroy his friendship with Joel. But as payback for Drew’s attitude, he proceeded to order for Joel, something he knew irked the new husband greatly. “You don’t have to order for him, you know, he’s not a baby,” Drew commented after the waiter walked away. “Oh shoot, did I do that? Damn, old habits die hard,” Andrew replied innocently and Joel gave him a look that let him know he was onto him. Andrew shrugged sheepishly. Sometimes he just had to assert himself and let other men know their place. Sure, Drew might have been married to Joel now, but Andrew had been there first, and he wasn’t going to let the other man ever forget it. “Okay, don’t rip me a new one for saying this, but as your friend I’ve gotta say it,” Joel began and Andrew stiffened. Here came the speech about how he had to change his habits if he wanted to find the right guy. “You’ve talked a lot about wanting a wholesome partner lately, but no good guy is going to bursa escort bayan want to get anywhere near you if you continue doing this,” Joel said, now in his serious tone. “You have a crazy body count, which is fine, but it doesn’t match up to what you say you want. This isn’t making you happy. It’s just a temporary high. If you truly want what you say you want, you are going to have to make some major lifestyle changes. You are living the life of a permanent bachelor, and that’s just not going to attract a serious, marriage minded guy.” Andrew was annoyed at how right Joel was. He had always wondered why things didn’t work out between the two of them. Why did he have to go and mess up a good thing with his cheating ways? Joel was gorgeous, caring, kind and smart. He had been a thoughtful and trustworthy partner, and had never said “no” to Andrew in bed, so why did he need more? Why was he always so unsatisfied with everything? Why did he always have this unusual urge at the bottom of his stomach, making him chase the next thing, making him go for another challenge instead of being content with the great things already in his possession. He couldn’t answer himself, and he was worried that even with a therapists’ help he’d never be able to truly know what the hell was wrong with him at his very core. Maybe he was just meant to be alone. The thought depressed him, so he changed the subject to Joel and Drew’s new house, which Drew excitedly jumped on and continued blabbing about for the reminder of the dinner. Later on at home, and upon Joel’s urging, he finally called his mother back. The conversation wasn’t pretty, but at the end of it he promised that he would change. That he would do better. No more headlines, no more late night outings and drinking. She didn’t seem to believe him, and he wasn’t surprised. Just like all the men in his life, his mom was also tired of his empty promises. But he spent the next week working really hard at staying out of trouble and proving her wrong. His life consisted of work, and home, where he would mindlessly watch Netflix while eating dinner. No more bars, no more clubs, no more nightly outings with the guys. He was laser focused on work and even his coach noticed the change and couldn’t be more thrilled about it. Everything seemed to be falling into place, and then…another headline. This time it was Joel who alerted him to it via text that read, “Don’t pay that guy any mind, he has no right to judge.” To which a confused Andrew wrote back, “What are you talking about?” “Oh…you didn’t see?” “See what?” “How long have I been telling you to set up Google alerts for your name? Nevermind. Here,” and attached was a link to a story in one of the biggest and most respectable LGBT magazines in America. The title read, “Why Andrew Thompson Continues To Give Gay Men A Bad Rep”. Andrew stared at it, already feeling a silent fury rise within him just from the title alone. Why was he responsible for being the face of gay men in America? Why couldn’t his actions be judged separately, and not reflect on his entire community? He was infuriated. But the title was nothing compared to the verbal tongue lashing that followed in the actual article. The author, someone named Aubrey Miller, dredged up every single hookup known to public, every single mistake, and every single fault he could find with Andrew, and then blamed him for everything that was wrong with gay culture. Not only did he label him a “notorious man whore” but he went as far as to say that judging from all the stories, “Thompson appears to be as unimpressive in bed as he is on the field.” Enraged, Andrew called Joel. Before the other man even had a chance to say more than a hello, Andrew began a vicious rant, “Unimpressive? I’m a three time Super Bowl champion! I hold like five different records. I have more awards than I have shelves to hold them in my home. Does that guy even watch football? Unimpressive…freaking unbelievable. Who does he think he is?” “Can I interject,” Joel asked politely. “What?” Andrew spat out, irritated. “Let me just say, I’m on your side. Unfortunately, Miller is a well respected gay journalist, so you can’t completely dismiss this. Before you start shouting at me, I agree with you, this guy is talking out of his ass and doesn’t know you. But I think you’re going to have to address this somehow, Twitter and Reddit are already having a field day with it. The gays are not happy with you right now, they feel like you don’t do enough for the community. That you’re selfish and get off easy because you pass as straight. You enjoy the best of both worlds.” “I’m an openly gay man in the NFL! What else do they want from me? I’ve literally had to pave the way. I donate to fifteen different charities privately, you know that.” Andrew couldn’t believe that he would even need to explain this, especially to Joel out of all people. “Of course I know, but they feel like you don’t do enough publicly, and you just continue to make all the straights think that all gay men are sex obsessed deviants.” “Are you even on my side?” Andrew asked, ready to throw his phone against the wall. “I’m always on your side, I’m just telling you what the vibes are right now in the community. I want you to know what you’re dealing with. You need to do some damage control. Get ahead of this thing instead of continuing to stay silent on important issues.” “He needs way more than damage control,” Andrew heard Drew interject in the background, and he had to bite his tongue from unleashing all of his frustration on that annoying man. After he hung up the phone, he reread the article three more times, and each time he got progressively more and more pissed off. He wanted nothing more than to punch the idiot that wrote it. It was pure garbage, and completely untrue. Yes, he had a playboy reputation. But he was a football player for Christ’s sake, he wan an athlete, people threw themselves at him. He would have to be a monk to not take up any of them on their seductive offers. Aubrey Miller wouldn’t understand because he was probably a troll looking dude. Andrew was just a man after all, and he appreciated all the same pleasures of life that other men did, it just so happened that he was fortunate enough to have them all with a flicker of a finger. What did this Aubrey Miller know about anything? He was probably an annoying nerd or a bitchy twink or a non-attractive gay guy who was past his prime and taking it out on the most obvious target: a successful gay male athlete. Andrew couldn’t believe that just as he was trying to clean up his act, this clown came messing it all up for him again. He couldn’t believe how bad his actual luck was. Instead of discussing football, he would now have to dodge invasive and rude questions about his personal life, yet again. He was beyond pissed. “Not doing enough for the community,” he mumbled to himself, “unbelievable.” What was he supposed to be, the gay Oprah? He was just living his life and enjoying himself. And then the idea struck him, if they wanted him to do more to for the community, he would show them. He would drive to the most famous gay bar in the area and he would make a huge show of it, show his support for his fellow gay brothers. He would show his face, take all the selfies in the world with the groupies and the drag queens, and he would play Mr. Nice Guy. He would measure the temperature and see if the gay community really was as pissed with him as Miller would have everyone believe. He put on a nice pair of jeans and paired them with a black sweater that his mom had picked out for him, then styled his hair a bit more carefully than usual. He wanted to look like he gave a shit, like he was trying to impress someone and not doing charity work. It wasn’t hard for him to look good, thanks to his mom and dad he was given a lovely combination of strong genes. He was a 6’4″ hunk of a guy with piercing blue eyes and a nice set of black hair, and his strong jawline made all the twinks quiver. His body was perfectly muscular and proportional. He looked good, and he knew it, but he never made a huge show out of it. He simply felt comfortable in his own skin. He was happy with himself. He put on a fresh pair of white Air Nikes and set out for the night’s adventure. He didn’t have to call the paparazzi–which for the first time ever he was actually thankful for–they were already in the area waiting for a famous gay singer who was inside to walk out. Upon noticing him the flashes started going off, and as a slew of voices from all different directions began shouting questions at him. “Andrew, no hot date tonight?” “Mr. Thomson, right here!” “Are you looking for another threesome tonight?” “Why is the gay community mad at you Andrew?” He smiled politely and nodded at everyone while trying not to trip, blinded by the flashes. There was not going to be any “Mad Thompson” headlines, he was going to play this one right. He walked into the place a bit apprehensively. After all, maybe Joel and fuck guy Miller were right, maybe the gay community hated his guts and would “boo” him out of this place in a hot-flash. But quickly, his fears were washed away in a sea of adoration. “Omg, Andrew Thompson!!!” came the most gay squeal from a chunky and hairy man wearing a leather vest. Andrew had to chuckle. He loved the uniqueness of his community, and all he characters it possessed. How could anyone ever say he wasn’t a part of this? These guys were awesome. “That’s me.” “Ahhh! My boyfriend would die! He’s on a work trip, would you mind FaceTiming with him real quick?” Andrew escort bursa did not mind, not tonight. And for the next hour and a half, shockingly enough he received nothing but total and absolute love from everyone inside the bar. Guys just wanted to hug on him, take pictures with him, get his autograph, and hookup, meanwhile the bartender kept sending free drinks his way. Fuck this Miller guy, Andrew thought to himself, my people love me. All the good vibes and positive attention put Andrew in a complete state of high, and since he was already in a gay bar he decided it wouldn’t hurt for him to take someone home. After all, it would be a selfless act done for the sake of the community. And he didn’t feel like being lonely tonight, he wanted someone to share his good mood with. He would even give them some tenderness and cuddle them afterwards. Bottoms loved getting cuddled. He looked around, trying to pick the lucky guy. There were a lot of dudes making eyes at him, but his vision landed on an exquisite backside, sitting all the way at the end of the bar. The guy was wearing a long white sleeve cotton shirt, and he had gorgeous brown curls, the kind that suggested he was most likely biracial. Andrew couldn’t take his eyes away from that pleasantly shaped behind. Yes, he would be the one for tonight, Andrew thought and made a beeline for him. He pulled up a bar stool next to the guy, now seeing his tan profile. The man seemed to be a few years younger than Andrew, but had a serious and very focused look to his face. He was just as pretty from the side as he was from the back, but his eyes remained glued forward. He was probably the only guy here who hadn’t checked Andrew out or given him any sort of attention. This was puzzling to the quarterback, but he chalked it up to the guy maybe waiting for his boyfriend. “Let me guess, you’re here with someone,” Andrew started the conversation. His pick up lines were lazy as hell nowadays, as he never really had to work on them. Guys would go along with him no matter how lame he sounded. He could do a caveman grunt and still pick someone up to take home. But this one didn’t seem to be impressed. He looked over at Andrew very slowly and stoically, and then rolled his eyes and sniggered, almost as if he was annoyed Andrew was even speaking to him. This was…unusual, and threw the typically self-assured football player off guard. But the guy’s stunning and deep brown eyes and lovely round lips made him stick around and continue trying. “Is that a yes?” he followed up. The guy still looked irritated as hell that Andrew was next to him and chatting him up. Nobody had ever shown him this amount of disdain for no reason. “Did you come over here to gloat, Thompson?” the guy finally asked. He had a sexy raspy voice that turned Andrew on right off the bat. He fit all of his criteria, but how was Andrew going to get him in bed with that type of attitude? He was more confused than ever. Gloat? What was he talking about? “What do you mean?” “I mean if you think you’ve somehow won because every guy in this bar is enamored with you, then you’re wrong,” he replied. Andrew didn’t get it. Was rude talk this guy’s idea of playing hard to get? Some type of weird foreplay? “I think we started off on the wrong foot. I’m Andrew,” he said, going in for a handshake. The other man arched his eyebrows at him and completely ignored the friendly gesture. “Is this a joke man?” he then asked, and now Andrew was really thrown off. “What’s the problem? Are you straight or something?” Andrew began to think that maybe this guy was here with a girlfriend and was offended to be hit on by another male. His attitude was so off from what he was accustomed to. But now the guy snickered. “Are you serious? Are you actually serious? Is this really happening?” he laughed. Andrew laughed too, but more so out of confusion. Then suddenly the guy stopped. “Okay, this is genius, let me play along. No, I’m not here with anyone,” he replied, but Andrew was puzzled by his tone. It seemed like he was treating this whole entire thing like one big joke. “Good,” he answered, unsure of himself. “Let me buy you a drink then,” he stated, and then asked the bartender to get his newfound friend another round of the vodka red bull he was sipping on, while Andrew got himself a beer. The man observed him silently, almost like he was studying him. Andrew felt like he was already failing some sort of silent test. “Come here often?” Andrew asked, suddenly blanking on good conversation skills and reverting to lame pickup lines. “That’s really the line you’re going with?” the guy asked, astounded. “Man, oh man, you are a difficult one,” Andrew stated, finally letting his frustration show a little. “Difficult? No, I just have standards,” the good looking man replied. Andrew was slowly regretting his pick of the night. This wasn’t going to be the quick pick-up job he was used to. He would need to really work on this one, and it wasn’t even a sure outcome. But another glance at the guy’s sexy lean body, gorgeous tan skin, luscious lips and that very enviable behind that Andrew had already envisioned smacking in his mind in a multitude of ways, as well as his handsome face, was all he needed to decide to stick with it. There was just something intriguing about the guy, something more than looks, something that put Andrew on edge. “Alright, you want a deep conversation. Hit me with a subject,” he said, settling into his seat for the long run and expecting the other guy to ask him about what it’s like to be a football player, or a celebrity, etc. One of the usual obvious questions groupies always had for him. “Gay rights,” the guy stated plainly and seriously. Now it was Andrew’s turn to arch an eyebrow. Gay rights was not something he fancied himself talking about tonight. Maybe Miller guy was partly right, maybe he was a shitty gay man, because the phrase “gay rights” was enough to make him want to take a nap. But nonetheless, if he wanted to impress this dubious stranger, he would need to give it a try. “Gay rights. Huh. I mean, good, things are good. I mean I’m the first openly gay quarterback, and things are pretty good. You know, the guys joke around, but it’s all in good jest. Nobody really gives me any grief for it. The press, the press is still brutal though. But that’s just what comes with the territory, ya know?” Andrew felt pretty good about his answer, but the look on the other guy’s face was as close to revulsion as one could get. “Do you ever, for even one second, stop talking about yourself?” Andrew was stumped. “I said gay rights. You’re a gay man in America, of course things aren’t shitty for you. Have you considered what’s going on in other parts of the world? When was the last time you checked in outside of your little sports bubble to see what’s going on with the less fortunate gay men who are getting imprisoned, who are getting hung, who are getting shot, who are being thrown off buildings simply for loving someone? When was the last time you tried to help or do anything about it? When was the last time you even gave them a thought, or a Tweet to let them know they’re not alone in this world? ” “Uhh,” was all Andrew could muster. “That’s why I can’t stand men like you. You’re incapable of thinking about anyone else but yourself,” he added, taking a sip of his drink and turning back to staring straight ahead, “and your dick.” Now Andrew was getting pissed. “Woah man, how about you chill on the judgement, you don’t know me or what I do in my spare time.” Without even bothering to turn around, the man replied, “I doubt there’s much to know. You’re pretty transparent.” “Wow…what is that stick up your pretty ass?” Andrew asked boldly. “So, what’s next in your little repertoire?” the guy asked, showing a sarcastic level of interest, “You ask me to come home with you, right? Then you ply me with some drinks at that infamous two story condo slash fuck pad slash STD central. And then we have wild sex that centers and focuses only on you, and your pleasure, and your needs, while I’m just supposed to be grateful that you decide to deposit your cum somewhere in me or on top of me, like it’s some goddamn gold potion of youth. Then, if you’re feeling generous of course, you let me stay the night so I have a good story to tell my friends the next day. Am I somewhat close?” he asked, looking at Andrew with those beautiful yet angry brown eyes. “Usually yeah, but I’m scared you’d stab me in my sleep so I think I’ll skip the part where I ask you to come over tonight,” Andrew replied. “Good, saves us both the disappointment of what a night with you entails.” Andrew was half pissed, but half extremely turned on by this guy’s blatant dislike of him. He couldn’t figure him out, but he felt a strange attraction flowing between them. “I feel like you’re passive aggressively flirting with me,” he replied. “If this is your idea of flirting, then I’m really glad I’m not going home with you tonight.” “Let me do this the right way. What’s your name?” Andrew asked, trying to start over once again and get on this guy’s good side. He needed to take control of this situation, he wasn’t going to let some sassy guy with a nice butt run circles around him like this. The guy smiled to himself, amused, then finished the rest of his drink. He got up and stuck out his hand. As Andrew grasped it, he felt something like a jolt of electricity pass through his whole entire body. It felt like magic. Was this the feeling, was this the electricity he had been craving and looking for all along? His heart sped up, but then the guy removed his hand from his grasp and opened his lovely shaped mouth. “I’m Aubrey Miller. Thanks for the drink,” he replied half smiling and walked off, leaving a shocked Andrew behind. The skin of his hand still crackling with sparks of electricity.

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A Saturday Morning in the Office

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James’ field of expertise was contingency planning; drawing up emergency plans which could be used by his clients to minimise the impact of negative events on their future business. His background was in the emergency services, but the principles of such planning were relevant across all sectors. He had 20 years of experience behind him, and now, in his early 40’s he was putting it to good use and making a very good living from it.

His company was bidding for another very lucrative contract and time was short. He had been putting in a lot of extra hours in his own time, something which he had done for years and enjoyed, but this approach had, at the very least, been a contributing factor in the demise of his marriage. There had been other factors of course, but he and his ex-wife had grown apart and just didn’t want to live together any more. The world is full of such stories and James bore no grudges. His divorce was behind him and he was very much focussed on his future, his job for sure, but he hoped to find a love interest, or maybe just a sexual partner if the opportunity arose.

The office, as those who work in that environment will know, is not necessarily the best place when it comes to mixing business with pleasure. Depending on the number of staff, there may seem to be plenty of opportunities, but gossip and jealousy can quickly become destructive. For this reason James had always resisted any thought of becoming involved with any of the staff. As the boss he had to maintain a bit distance and respect, in contrast to some guys who appeared to feel that any female member of staff was fair game. His approach worked, and he was pretty universally regarded as a nice guy who treated people respectfully whilst demanding high standards.

Recently however, his attention had been drawn to one of the researchers, with whom he had previously only had limited involvement. Her name was Rachel, and for this particular contract she had already been really helpful. Her background, after university, was in the oil industry, and she knew the business well, something James knew would give him an edge when bidding for the contract. Rachel had been quite a high flyer for a dozen years or more, quickly rising up the promotion ladder of the company she then worked for, but similarly to James, her marriage had suffered and eventually broken under the strain. She re-evaluated her life, moved to a different area and took a less stressful job, quite content to be meaningfully occupied, earn reasonable money, but have more of a life to do the things she enjoyed.

She was an athletic woman, immaculately dressed, also in her early 40’s, slim, pale skinned, with a well-toned body that curved in and out in all the right places. In spite of this she was very much more comfortable these days taking a quiet, professional, industrious role and not drawing attention to herself.

In recent weeks, James had sought Rachel’s opinion on a few detailed points in connection with his current project. She had provided some valuable insight and had also demonstrated a cheery light-hearted side, often adding funny little comments to the numerous e-mails they had exchanged. It was obvious the two of them shared a similar sense of humour.

It was Thursday afternoon and James knew he had a full schedule of meetings on Friday. He realised he would have to put in more of his own time over the coming weekend to really try to polish up his proposal for the new contract. It still needed some refining in both the content and the presentation. He could do the basic word processing, but certainly lacked the skills to produce a finished document. He decided to seek further help and knew exactly who to speak to. He dialled Rachel’s extension number and asked her to come through to his office.

A couple of minutes later, there was a knock at the door and Rachel came in. She was, as usual, wearing a smart business suit (she always felt this was appropriate in the office), and had her long fair hair tied up neatly. James smiled at her and thought, not for the first time, how attractive she looked. Rachel smiled back in her customary warm yet slightly demure manner. Although she very much kept her thoughts to herself, she found James attractive, both physically and in his personality. He was pretty fit, without looking as if he spent too much time at the gym, lightly tanned and had a friendly smile, particularly in his twinkly eyes.

She sat down and James explained his time constraints. His request was a simple one. Was Rachel prepared to come in at the weekend and work with him, one to one, to try to put the contract bid to bed once and for all? She smiled at the terminology and was happy to say that she would spend as long as was needed. After all she had nothing else planned. They agreed to meet at 9.30 am on Saturday in James’ office. He would ensure they had plenty of refreshments to keep them going.

Saturday, and promptly at 9.30, Rachel’s red Mazda MX5 pulled escort bayanlar into the car park. James was waiting at the main entrance and watched her walk briskly towards him, admiring her easy, fluid movement. She was wearing a simple but elegant summer dress, nicely fitted to her curves and fairly modest but still showing off her shapely legs. It was, after all, a lovely sunny, warm day. James approved and felt that his selection of pale chinos and smart polo shirt had been a good choice. Rachel smiled warmly at him and felt a little flutter inside. He was a good looking guy.

James let them into the building, locking the main door behind them, and they made their way up to his office. He led the way which gave Rachel the opportunity to check out the shape of his bum. Nice and firm, clad in the chinos, which were just tight enough to show the lines of his body.

James’ office was quite spacious, without being too grand. He had a large desk complete with desktop PC and several mail trays. There were some smart filing cabinets and a couple of cupboards, one of which had a coffee maker on top. On the other side of the room was a coffee table with 4 comfy chairs arranged informally around it. A few paintings dotted the walls and there was a mirror to one side of his desk which allowed him to check his attire before he entered into an important meeting. There was a conference room across the corridor for larger meetings, but this was a less formal space for private conversations. Rachel had never really spent more than a few minutes in the room previously.

James thanked her for giving up her weekend to help and outlined what he hoped to achieve, at least from a work point of view! He made it clear that he very much valued Rachel’s frank views on both the content and the format of the finished document. She should feel free to say whatever she thought. Rachel nodded her agreement.

James logged in to the system and opened the set of documents he had been working with, then gave up the main seat to Rachel. After all, she would be doing all the creative formatting and hopefully making some other useful changes as well. He pulled up a second chair and sat next to her, perhaps a little closer than was strictly necessary.

They quickly settled down to the task in hand, working through the lengthy document which Rachel was already familiar with having contributed to earlier versions. James was impressed with the effortless way she turned the rough presentation into a professional-looking format. In addition her knowledge of the subject matter resulted in some useful amendments and additions.

As they worked James quickly found himself attracted to Rachel’s smooth skin, her silky long blonde hair, worn loose for a change, and her wonderful perfume which he recognised as “La Petite Robe Noire”. They worked well together, reviewing the wording, discussing some of the technical detail, and would sometimes find themselves brushing against one another as they pointed to the screen. They both found it a surprisingly intimate process.

After about an hour, James wanted to review the work they had already done. They started at the beginning again with James standing at Rachel’s shoulder looking down at the screen. He quickly realised that the angle gave him a clear view down the front of Rachel’s dress. He wasn’t in the habit of “down-blousing”, but felt he could safely have a good look given that Rachel’s eyes were firmly fixed on the screen. He liked what he saw. Rachel’s breasts were bigger than he imagined, held firmly by an attractive, lacy, nude-coloured bra. He imagined she must be a D or E cup, although her boobs looked nicely in proportion with her trim figure. He leaned slightly forward trying to get a peek of her nipples, but the bra was a well-fitting one and that wasn’t going to work. He found himself strangely aroused, after all he was a mature man, not a 14 year old, but he definitely felt a distinct stiffening in his pants. Sometimes the imagination can work wonders! He shifted his position slightly so the growing bulge in his chinos was not quite so obvious. It was time for a break!

“That’s great so far” he said. Let’s have a cuppa”.

James selected the capsules for the machine and prepared the coffees before carrying them over to the table. He had thoughtfully brought in a couple of croissants, Danish pastries and some biscuits. He wasn’t sure of her taste after all. Rachel settled into the chair opposite James and selected a croissant. Somehow he guessed she would go for the less sweet, arguably more refined option. They chatted away in relaxed manner feeling good about the way the day was turning out.

Of course had James known that Rachel was, in fact, very much aware that he had been looking down her dress, he might have been a little less relaxed. She had seen his reflection clearly in the screen and found herself feeling rather excited that he was so interested, even tuzla anal escort leaning a little further forward to give him a better view, a move that surprised even her! She was also aware of the effect the view had on James, catching the swelling in the front of his trousers out of the corner of her eye and noticing the way he moved to disguise it. After all she wasn’t a stranger to sex, she just hadn’t had it for a while.

Here she was in the workplace with an attractive man, who was clearly interested in her, and although she had never done anything like this in her life, she decided she was going to really push her normal boundaries and see what happened. Everyone has their little fantasies, and most of Rachel’s were situational in nature, the office being a particular favourite. She might never get a better opportunity, so she shifted position slightly in the seat and relaxed her normal careful attention to keeping her knees together. She had given a little thought to her underwear when she dressed in the morning, and was wearing a nice lacy thong; not too small at the front, subtle and classy. It was a pale beige “nude” colour, matching her bra, so it wouldn’t show under her dress, but with a sheer front panel and a very fine string up the back between her firm cheeks. She parted her legs slightly, just enough that it wasn’t obvious, but ensuring she was angled so James would get a clear view of her panties. She hoped the fabric wouldn’t give away the fact that she was already quite aroused and had leaked a small wet patch into them.

Unsurprisingly, James noticed immediately. He couldn’t believe his luck. Just when he had allowed his mind to drift back to the view of Rachel’s boobs, he was now looking up her dress at the crotch of her panties. Again he felt like a teenager, amazed at how aroused he was becoming. He felt his chinos tightening and again tried to hide the growing bulge.

Rachel chatted casually while she watched James’ reaction. Considering this was her first time teasing like this, she felt surprisingly calm; more than could be said for James who was getting really turned on. After a couple of minutes, Rachel moved again, taking up a more demure position before excusing herself to go to the ladies. James used the opportunity to fumble with his trousers, trying to re-arrange himself so the bulge wasn’t obvious.

After a few minutes, Rachel returned and they sat down to work once more. They both focussed on the real work of the day and made good progress, continuing to enjoy the sensation of working closely together with the occasional light brush of skin on skin as their arms or hands touched. After another hour or so the time came to once again review progress. James took up his position at Rachel’s left shoulder and peered down at the screen before, of course, lowering his eyes once again to glance down the front of her dress. He did a double take and felt a lurch in his stomach. This time he had a clear view of Rachel’s boobs, with firm nipples clearly on show. His stomach wasn’t the only thing to lurch! His cock sprang to attention and there was little chance of disguising it this time. He was trying to get a grip on the situation as Rachel turned to him smiling. She glanced at the large bulge in James’ pants and then looked up into his eyes.

“My my! What’s going on there?” she murmured.

James could actually feel himself blushing, something he really wasn’t accustomed to! Getting no response, Rachel continued.

“Did you really think I couldn’t see you looking down my dress earlier, and looking at my panties when were finishing coffee?”

James didn’t know what to say! He had been well and truly busted!

“I took off my bra in the ladies” she continued, answering his unspoken question. “I hope you like the view better now?”

Still James was so taken aback he didn’t really react. Only when Rachel reached out and gently rubbed her hand on his hard cock through the bulge in his trousers did he pull himself together. He leaned forward and moved his mouth closer to Rachel’s pale pink lips, again enjoying the scent of her perfume. He kissed her with a mounting sense of excitement and she responded passionately. God she was turned on! She could hardly believe she had behaved in this brazen way towards her boss.

Their lips met as Rachel rose to her feet and they pressed their bodies closer. She felt his strong warm arms around her and their tongues twined together as they gave in to the sexual tension that had been rising throughout the morning. After a minute of passionate embrace, James slid his hands down her shoulders, over the smooth fabric of Rachel’s pretty dress and cupped her beautiful breasts in his hands. He could feel her firm nipples through the fine material. She let out a little “Mmmmm” of pleasure as she felt his warm hands pressed against her boobs, then he slid his hands around the back, located the zip, and slowly pulled it down. escort tuzla bayan He had regained his usual composure.

Rachel stood, excitedly but compliantly as James unzipped her dress, then she obligingly shrugged her shoulders one at a time to allow the straps to fall away, and her dress slid swiftly and silently to the floor. She looked at James’ face as he drank in the sight of her nearly naked body; her pale skin, large boobs, still nice and firm with their darker coloured small hard nipples standing out prominently. All she was wearing now was her “nude” coloured pair of panties; a thong in fact, which covered her at the front but left nothing to the imagination at the back. He could see a slight damp patch at the crotch. God it had been a long time since he had such an attractive, naked woman in front of him. He could hardly wait to touch her, but Rachel wanted her turn to start undressing him first.

She leaned forward and kissed him softly, flicking her tongue between his lips playfully. The she unbuttoned the 2 buttons on his polo shirt, reached down to take hold of the hem, and gently lifted it, turning it inside out as it passed over his head. She dropped the shirt on the floor and took in the sight of James’ bare torso for the first time. He was toned, not exactly 6-pack buff, but definitely not flabby, with a flat tummy and a fairly hairy chest. She liked what she saw.

Next she reached down and unbuttoned his chinos, which were straining at the zip! She swiftly pulled the zip down to relieve the pressure and tugged his trousers down over his hips. He was wearing gingham patterned boxers which were ‘tented’ at the front with an impressive erection. There was an obvious damp spot where his cock was pushing at the material. Clearly he had been turned on long enough the start leaking! She loved it when a man was wet.

She pulled down his trousers fully and James slipped off his shoes and socks and stepped out of them. He glanced behind him to check the blinds were closed and was pleased to see they weren’t about to put on a show to their neighbouring offices. He put his arms around Rachel, pressing her bare breasts against his hairy chest, then stepped forwards pushing her slightly off balance so her bum was now perched on the edge of his leather-topped desk.

He kissed down her neck, Rachel enjoying the feeling of his slight stubble against her skin, and then kissed across her pale shoulders and down to her boobs. She leaned back as he kissed her right breast, working his way across the skin until he was able to take her firm nipple between his lips. Having fully recovered from his initial surprise, he was now really in control and he knew how to turn a woman on. He sucked on Rachel’s nipple, gently at first, then more firmly, before giving it quite a firm nip between his front teeth. Rachel allowed a little moan to escape her. She loved having her nipples stimulated like that. It sent little shivers of pleasure down her spine. Her pussy was tingling.

James gave her left breast the same careful attention and noted the dreamy look on Rachel’s face. She was loving it. He moved his lips down her abdomen, kissing and licking her taut belly, until he reached the elastic of her panties. He kissed along the line of the elastic, knowing this was a bit of a tease and sensing her anticipation, but then continued, kissing down the thin fabric until he felt dampness on his lips. He inhaled deeply, and was rewarded with the fabulous musky smell of a very excited pussy. Rachel felt James’ hot breath through her panties and, just for a moment, felt slightly self-conscious about how wet she had made them. It was a real give-away! God she was horny!

James slipped his fingers into each side of the elastic and gently eased her panties down. Rachel arched her back, lifting her bum off the desk far enough to allow her knickers to slide down. The crotch was glistening with her juices and James couldn’t resist flicking a finger over the surface, relishing the slippery texture which told him everything he needed to know. As her panties reached her ankles, Rachel lifted each foot in turn to step out of them, and suddenly she was totally naked. James was kneeling in front of her getting a wonderful close-up view of her pussy, which was neatly trimmed but still with a natural looking triangle of short pubic hair. He leaned forward and parted her legs. Rachel lay back on the desk and closed her eyes, waiting for the first touch of his lips. She wasn’t disappointed. He kissed her pubes first, taking his time to kiss every square millimetre and enjoying her reaction, then moved to her groin where he started gently licking. His tongue was warm and wet and his breath was hot on her thigh. He kissed down onto the inside of her thigh and inhaled again to get the wonderful smell of her sex.

He wanted to build the tension, the anticipation, so he continued licking, but avoided direct contact with her vagina. He ran his tongue around her pubic area, tracing the line of her neatly trimmed hair. He placed his lips on her trembling body and breathed out heavily. She could feel the hot breath wafting over her. Next he blew gently, directing the air current onto her pussy. The contrast of the cool breeze with his hot breath was exciting.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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And there was the text. Hey you, what are you doing? I look at the sender, it’s from him. Should I ignore it, or should I text him back? I really want to talk to him badly; I want to see him in the worst way. Here we go again, ugg I am so glad that he texted me, yet I am so sad at the prospect that the right thing to do would be to ignore him and let him go.

I cradle the phone in my hand like it is the last precious thing on Earth to me and I just stare at the screen. Are you going to text me back or not? He is pretty persistent, does he know that I am looking at the phone and staring at his message and not making a choice? Cat… Oh fuck, he knows that nothing gets to me more than when he calls me that. Fine fuck it; it’s probably nothing more than him just needing to get validation from me that he is still a stud muffin.

Yes? I texted him back. Ah good there you are, came the next text. Hey, I need to ask you for a favor, can you meet me somewhere in about 30 minutes? Great, I am just so fucking excited about meeting him somewhere I could shit. I don’t want to get turned on and wrapped up and turned every which way but loose. First off I ask, for what? Is this a social call, or are you just wanting me to give you information. If that is the case, you already know everything I know, plus what you know. And what I know that you don’t, I am not going to tell you anyhow.

There Mr. Sexy pants, take that. I felt so good telling him that. Then the response sent me in a tail spin. I just want to talk to you Cat to clarify a few things, is that okay? My heart dropped in my stomach. What do we need to clarify Todd? Can’t you just tell me over text that you loved me like a friend, will always love me like a friend and that is the way it will always be? I thought that I finally gotten rid of him, the phone never texted back that night.

Well that was easy I thought to myself as I got ready for bed. Stupid me I cried myself to sleep that night. Why did he even feel that he needed to contact me? I got out of bed, new day, new me, I can do this, I can be stronger today, I can work through my angst all day and I can build myself up. I made the right decision and I told him how it was and what I believed that he needed to tell me and I could get on with it. My life is far less complicated without having to worry about him every second of the day. The obsession was driving me crazy.

I got up and since I had full run of the house with my roommate being gone on ankara escort bayan a road trip, I took the liberty of roaming room to room naked. I knew what I needed to get done today, feed the animals, vacuum the floor, do the laundry, clean the kitchen and eventually head out to the ex’s house to help them. I remained friends with my ex. We decided that it would be best for the kids to help each other and be an active part in each other’s lives. There was no physical connection there anymore which was what I preferred, I always felt hollow and empty any time we attempted to make love. There was just nothing there anymore.

As I walked past the kitchen into the other living room, I felt uneasy. I really didn’t want to stop and turn around to see what had its eyes on me. I was butt naked and yet I was not alone in the house. Good morning was the smooth as honey butter masculine voice. Fuck! Too late now, he’s seen the backside and the side, might as well turn around and face the intruder. Maybe it will give me a chance to defend myself if they are stupefied by looking at my naked body. After all, who has not seen a “mom” bod before?

I turned and stared into Todd’s eyes; although his eyes were not on mine all that long because they kept sweeping my body from head to toe. Don’t you want to get something to cover up in he grins? Why I said dryly? You obviously let yourself in to help yourself to a cup on my coffee and you seem to have an agenda or you would not be here. But I am glad you are here Todd, you can help me with something. He raises an eyebrow quizzically at me. Grab me that bowl of the top shelf of the cabinet I pointed to the door behind him.

Great I thought now is my chance to really fuck with him for coming over here. When he turned his back to me I walked up quietly behind him and ran my hands around his waist. I heard him suck in air as he brought the bowl down to cabinet top. Now you can put it back I teased as I ran my hands down the front of his pants. Yep just what I thought, he was getting turned on. So why are you here Todd I murmur? He lets out a breath slowly and says I just wanted to talk to you is all, I have missed you.

Ah, okay, so you just decided to break and enter my home and wait for me to wake up so you could “talk to me? He placed both of his hands flat on the cabinet top in front of him. The front door was open so I just walked in. The dog started barking, but I shut her up with a dog bone. I could feel his breathing speeding eryaman escort up as I continued the assault on his cock through his jeans. You keep this up and you are going to get more than you bargained for young lady.

Maybe I want more than I bargained for Todd, maybe this is what I want help with. Maybe Todd I want you to scratch an itch I can’t reach. Well he said through ragged breathe; I can’t help you facing this way. I back up from the cabinet to give him space to turn around. I surveyed my hand work. His bulging Levis were telling me a story. I take him by the hand and lead him to my bedroom. I close the door behind us and pull his T-shirt from his jeans.

I run my hands up underneath and feel his warm smooth skin tracing a line through his chest hair. I look up at him and tilt my head to the side a little and he takes the cue and brings his mouth down to mine; softly at first with slow melting kisses. He kicks off his tennis shoes and pulls his shirt off taking his baseball cap with it. Back up from me a little he unbuttons his pants and slides his jeans and boxers off. He is now naked as a Jaybird standing in front of me. I look him up and down and survey the options as he had done to me earlier.

He comes closer and cups my head in his hands and starts kissing me deeply and more urgently this time. I am warm, wet and ready for him. How could I not be with that long tall drink of water standing in front of me and felt his cock twitch against my stomach? He was ready to fuck and it was evident that it was right now. He groaned loudly when I gripped his cock and leaned over. I took the head in my mouth and swirled the tip sending shock waves through his body and his hips jerked in pleasure. Fuck yes he moans, please don’t stop. Oh no Todd, I am not going to pleasure you till you cum this way. This is just an appetizer.

I sucked the tip and deep throated him till he said: take it easy, it’s too much. Okay, follow me, I said and I turned around and sauntered to the bed. I leaned over on the bed to give him a direct view of my backside I deliberately spread wide open as I crawled up in the middle of the bed. He grabbed my hips before I could lie down and stuck his face in my pussy. Driving his tongue deep inside me, I gasped with pleasure. I let him taste me and tease me until I could not take anymore. I laid face first on the bed with my body flat. Awe… he said sounding disappointed. I was not done with you, you taste so good. etlik escort Todd, I am wanting a little more from you than just eating me out.

He grinned devilishly and said I think I know what you want. The tip of his cock was glistening with fluid and I could see he was ready to get to work. Rolling over I spread my legs open and he ran a hand over my mound growling and then slid up my body. Positioning his huge cock in front of my vagina he kissed my deeply and pulling away from my face he said are you ready? MMM I moaned I want all of you. He started entering me slowly. He was stretching me a little at a time. I could not help but moan, it felt so good, so tight and fucking amazing. His controlled thrusts were slow to begin with and it was agonizingly pleasure.

His motion started to speed up and the thrusts were becoming more demanding. He was bringing me close to an orgasm again and again. Right at the point then he would slow down and it would wane off. Todd, I panted don’t slow down! Okay he growled and started thrusting long hard jabs. Oh fuck it felt so good. His body was sliding on mine in sweet ecstasy. I could taste his sweat dripping off his face onto my lips. Oh fuck here is comes, I started to climax. My head tilled backward into the pillow driving my tits up and Todd took them one at a time into his mouth and sucked them hard. Todd started grunting and the strokes were faster.

Fuck, he moans as he starts to climax with me. Todd’s cock pounds me till my pussy is hard as a rock. When he finally pulls out his relaxed placid cock falls onto my thigh hot and sticky. He rolls onto his side next to my body and grabs a pillow for under his head. I looked at him guilty as hell, is this what you wanted? More or less he grinned. I did want to start slowly and build up a relationship with you again. I didn’t think that coming over this morning to talk to you was going to lead to me fucking the hell out of you. But in my defense you were naked and willing.

Uh huh I said. I have been waiting to fuck you for a very long time Mr. Reed. I know you whore he said jokingly. Who’s the whore I said with an upturned eyebrow. Okay he rolls his eyes. Since I have had far more partners that you, I would have to say that it’s me. Got that strait I grinned. My body was exhausted after the vigorous fuck session. I touched my breasts and Todd took one of my hands in his and kissed it. Leave that to me he said running his tongue between my fingers and the underside of my palm. Oh fuck it was amazing, I glanced at his cock as it was starting to harden again. Oh yes, this Sunday was going to be amazing as I got to enjoy this man for the whole day doing nothing but fucking, kissing, touching and acting like animals.

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