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A Delightful Inexperience Ch. 2

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Laura sat at the edge of the bed. She hadn’t started out to seduce Janice. It had just started to go that direction. She hadn’t been with a woman for a long time. It had felt good, but she wanted some relief now. She needed the touch of someone to bring her to orgasm. She didn’t know if Janice wanted to continue or not. She could only hope, but Laura knew better than to push it. Janice might be freaking out right now…..

Janice hesitated at the bedroom door. Her mind felt what she was doing was wrong. But her body told her she had just enjoyed the best orgasm of her life. For the first time in a long time, she did something just for her self. She entered the bedroom.

Laura looked at her and smiled. “Are you OK with this?”

“I’m not sure.” Janice hesitated. This was no time to stop.

“Any time you want to stop, it’s OK.” Laura put her arms around Janice. “Its a matter of give and take. We can make each other feel good. uşak escort And some of the things we learn can help us with our husbands.”

Her lips gently met Janice’s. She caressed her breasts. They lay back on the bed, entwined in passion. Laura’s lips found Janice’s nipples. Janice moaned with pleasure at Laura’s touch.

Laura raised up and placed one of her full breasts in Janice’s mouth. Janice didn’t know what to do.

“You know what you like, just do the same to me.” Laura said quietly.

Janice felt the smoothness of Laura’s creamy white breasts. She felt the taste of her flesh. She began to lick and suck, slowly at first, then faster as she got used to it. She couldn’t even think about what she was doing. It was so wrong, but felt so right.

Laura was caressing her now, moving slowly down her body. She parted Janice’s thighs and began rubbing the inside of her legs. Her tongue uşak escort bayan caressed her thighs.

Janice felt like she was going to explode with anticipation. Her pussy was dripping wet. Finally she felt Laura’s tongue invade her wet slit. No one had ever done that before. Laura’s tongue found her clit and massaged it frantically.

Janice felt another orgasm building up. She exploded as she felt a finger slip deep into her ass. She fell back onto the bed, spent.

Laura looked at her and said “Not so fast. We have a long way to go.”

“What have I gotten myself into?” Janice thought. She looked at Laura and smiled. Laura had pleased her so much that she wanted to please her know. It seemed strange touching another woman’s body, but it also felt so good, so right. Yesterday the thought of sucking on a woman’s breast would have repulsed her. Today she found herself doing it. And liking it. escort uşak

Laura’s breasts were large and soft. Janice worked them with her hands and mouth. Laura moaned with ecstasy. She raised her hips slightly. Janice knew what she wanted, but could she do it?

How could she go this far and not? Slowly she worked her way down Laura’s body until she could feel the warmth from her pussy. It was now or never. Janice took a deep breath and slid her tongue inside. Laura’s juices flowed over Janice’s lips. The taste surprised her. It was almost sweet. As her tongue went deep inside Laura she moaned with pleasure. Knowing Laura was nearly there, Janice found her clit and sucked hard on it. Laura’s strong legs pulled Janice into her as she rocked with orgasm. Janice lapped up all the juices she could. She raised her head, Laura’s juices still dripping from her mouth.

Laura pulled her closer and kissed her, tasting her own juices.

As Janice lay in Laura’s arms, she thought of her family, her husband. What would happen now. She knew she couldn’t go back to her old life, at least not without some changes. She wanted to include her husband in these changes. But what would he think? Where would this all go from here…?

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A Girl in the Country

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Stephanie had lived on the vineyard her parents owned for most of her childhood years. As it was a large estate she didn’t have anyone to interact with other than her younger sister, Sally. They were taught primary schooling from their Mother and took tests by mail. However, for a high school education at the time Stephanie was ready, the only option was to go to boarding school so her parents selected the best girls college in the city, about 400 kilometers from their house. She packed all her things and was taken to her new school feeling unsure about what to expect. When she arrived, she was greeted by a pretty young teacher who helped her to her room. For the first year, all the new girls shared a supervised dorm so the got to know each other. Stephanie felt strangely comfortable in her new surroundings, and she enjoyed her classes. The only thing that bugged her a bit were the uniforms. She was used to jeans and tee shirts at home, now she had to ware a pleated skirt knee-high stockings a satin blouse and jacket with a purple silk scarf. The school even had matching lingerie that the girls had to ware. They could choose between bra and panties with suspenders, french-knickers with camisoles or teddies, but they always had to be wearing them. Stephanie didn’t think much of it at first, but in her second year at the school she was put in an unsupervised room with a girl two years ahead of her. This was when her real education began.

The older girl, Natalie, told Stephanie that she was a lesbian. She knew what that meant of-course, but she didn’t know why Natalie told her, so she inquired. Natalie said that after three years at ‘Queen Victoria Girls College’ she couldn’t be anything else.

“You see Steph, at this school, the only time we get to see the outside world is at Christmas, so for the other 11 months we only have each other.”

She was right, Stephanie hadn’t realised but she only left for one month over the holidays, that didn’t mean they had school the whole time, just that the other breaks came in the school grounds. She didn’t mind that Natalie was gay, actually she liked it. It seemed normal considering the situation.

“Stephanie, are you going to the dance tonight?”

“What dance?”

“The autumn dance don’t you remember last year?”

Stephanie started late so unfortunately she missed the last one but she thought she’d like to go. “Yeah I’ll go.”

The two girls got ready to go and they went up to the auditorium, once there Stephanie noticed that there were only teachers and other girls from school there, but it didn’t bother her. Natalie and Steph drank what was supposed to be non-alcoholic punch and danced together till late at night. Steph was feeling a little dizzy so she went to sit down. It turned out that another girl spiked the punch and she and Natalie were drunk. They decided to leave and went back to their dorm.

When Stephanie woke up the next morning she could hardly remember the previous night. She didn’t even remember how she got in. As she became aware of her surroundings her heart almost skipped a beat. She wasn’t in her bed!

She turned over to see Natalie still sleeping body next to her. Now she really wished she could remember. Oh God she thought, then she saw a pile of clothes strewn across the room. There was her dress, Natalies and two sets of knickers. She then realised she was naked, and it started to occur to her what had happened. The possibility that she might have had sex with her room-mate made her worried, but she also felt a little excited. She noticed how her breasts were sore and she slipped her hand down between her legs to discover a wet, tender pussy. She rubbed herself softly and gently so as not to wake Natalie, and she started to fantasize about what might have happened. Before she could bring herself off, Natalie woke up with a sigh.

“Hi sweetie “, she said and kissed her on she cheek. Stephanie’s heart was pounding. Her hand was still on her pussy and she was so close to coming that the little kiss almost sent her over the edge.

“Did you have a nice sleep?” Natalie continued.

“Uh-huh.” She was sweaty from her masturbating.

“I’ll bet you did you naughty girl.” Natalie rolled on her side to face Stephanie and as she spoke she touched the inside of her thighs. That was enough. Stephanie sighed girlishly and began to shake. She looked into her lovers eyes as she came into her hand.

“Oh my god, that felt so good!”

“Wow,” Natalie cried, ” I had no idea you were so turned on.”

“How can I not be when I wake up next to you, tell me, what did we do last night?”

“You really can’t remember?”


“After we got home I got undressed, helped you change and…”

“What, what did we do?”

“We fell asleep.”

“What!” Stephanie couldn’t believe what she said. “You mean you didn’t fuck me?” Still not convinced that they just went to bed.

“No Honey, I didn’t. I wanted to but I knew you wouldn’t remember yalova escort bayan if I did or not, and that’s a terrible way to have your first time.”

Stephanie became embarrassed at how she’d been fingering herself. “Sorry about before.”

“You don’t need to be sorry, it’s good. At least now I know you’ll remember your first experience with another woman.”

“But we haven’t done anything.”

“Not yet…”

Natalie grinned and moved her hand higher up Stephs’ thigh. She slid it across her soft skin until she was just teasing the outside of her pussy. She moaned with delight as Natalie moved her hand onto her soaked crease. With her middle finger she traced up from her slippery entrance, along the centre of her womanhood, dragging girl cum onto Stephanies trembling clitoris. As she touched it Steph cried out and leaned over to kiss her girlfriend. It was a kiss she’d never forget. So soft and gentle, very feminine, like a dance. Their tongues caressed each others mouths and lips while Stephanie moved her hand between Natalies legs. The hand loved each other until Natalie was satisfied that Steph was ready to lose her lesbian virginity.

She broke the kiss and kissed her way down Stephanies neck and shoulders. She softly tongued her way down to the cleft between Stephs breasts. Taking one in her hand, Natalie expertly rubbed it whilst kissing and sucking the other. Stephanies nipples poked out like little cherries which Natalie sucked lovingly. After a few minutes, she switched to suck her other breast giving it the same pleasure as the first. Then she continued her kissing journey over Stephanies navel, under the sheets and between Stephanies legs. “You smell like a lesbian” she said as she inhaled the familiar scent of a girl in heat.

“Please suck me,” Stephanie cried, “I want to be gay like you.”

Natalie placed her lips on Stephs clit and started to lick it slowly. She moved her tongue down deep into her lovers pussy. Gathering all her lesbian juices and smearing them on her face and Stephs clit. Then she licked them off. Pushing her tongue hard against Stephanie she engulfed her bud with her lips and sucked it into her mouth. Stephanie felt the urge to come building in her. Natalie licked faster and harder with Steph moaning and crying out how much she liked it. She felt the centre of her stomach get hot, and all of a sudden, she went dizzy. “Oh baby Oh baby I like it so much” she cried out as her whole body turned tingly and she let her first gay climax drain out of her.

When Natalie poked her head out from under the sheet Stephanie looked at her with this big smile. “Come here you that was so good!” She opened her arms and pulled Natalie close. Their breasts molded into one-another perfectly and Stephanie kissed her lovers glistening mouth. She could taste her girl cum in Natalies mouth and she liked it a lot. “My turn, roll over” she instructed her girlfriend as she prepared to suck her in return. After they spent the morning loving each other every way they could think of they got up to take a shower. Stephanies first with another girl. They washed each other carefully spending extra time on their breasts. With a piece of soap each they stepped close together and began to soap up each-others pussies. They started kissing again, letting the hot drops of water fall between their faces. Soon they both shared another orgasm.

After that day Stephnies life changed at school. Natalie got her inducted to an exclusive club that only proven lesbians could join. That got her invited to all the great gay parties and she met heaps of other girlfriends, although Natalie was still the one she had the most sex with. After two great years of dyke heaven where Steph got to fuck more pussies than she could count including some of the young teachers, Natalie graduated. Stephanie cried when she helped her move her things out, but they promised to remain friends. Even so, Stephanie knew she wouldn’t get to make love to her until she graduated, because during her month off she went back to visit her parents. So she decided to have a sort of going away party. She invited four other lesbian girls and her favourite gay teacher, telling them that they had to fuck her and Natalies brains out. Ofcourse they all agreed.

On her last night at school Natalie came into her room to find Katherine (the teacher), Jennifer, Belinda, Melissa and Joanne all kneeling on the floor kissing Stephanie all over. They all jumped up and stripped Natalie and told her to start fucking Stephanie. She lay down on Steph, who was grinning, and started to grind her pussy into hers. Joanne and Melissa started kissing each other on the couch while Katherine, Belinda and Jennifer rubbed Natalie and Stephanie all over. Soon Melissa was on her knees in front of Joanne sucking her off, while the other girls had laid Natalie and Stephanie on their backs. Belinda sucked Natalies breasts while Jennifer ate her pussy. Katherine straddled Stephanie yalova escort and moved so they could 69 each other. The girls all moaned and sighed and by the time they had all come the room smelled of feminine sex. They sucked and fucked each other all night and they all slept in a sticky lesbian heap on the floor.

Natalie left the next morning and Stephanies first love was gone, at least for the next two years.

Stephanie moved in with Melissa Joanne and Jennifer and enjoyed the next two years. They all formed a four-way relationship with no jealousies, something that would never happen in hetero relationships. Soon she graduated, with high distinctions, like her four lovers, and she moved into a small apartment in the city. As soon as she was out she got a job as an executive officer with the same company that Natalie was now Vice President of. She dated a lot of girls and loved picking up strangers in gay clubs. Every few months she would reunite with her college friends for unforgettable evenings of lesbian lovemaking. She began to go steady with Natalie and they moved in together. She stopped seeing other women and was faithful for three years.

One day after a tough day at work, Stephanie came hoping for a warm bath and some gentle love making, what she found was Natalie lying on the floor with a red-haired girl straddling her face and a blonde girl sucking her pussy. They were all sighing with pleasure, but Stephanie felt hurt and cheated. When Natalie noticed her she craned her head around and mumbled “Your sister, oh , ahhh, called mmn” her face shiny with the other girls juice. Then she started sucking her again. Stephanie ran upstairs and cried herself to sleep to the sounds of the fucking going on down stairs. In the morning she went down and found the three girls asleep on the floor. She wished she could join them, but when she looked at Natalie her heart ached. She knew she was in love with Natalie but she also knew she would never be all hers, and she didn’t want to share. After calling her sister Stephanie had no choice but to leave, her parents died in an accident, and Sally needed her back to help run the farm.

After moving all her things back home, Stephanie quit her job and went to live in the country. The funeral was tough but the pain of losing her parents passed soon, as did the pain of losing her girlfriend. After six months or so Stephanie still couldn’t settle into the country environment. Where she lived was a very small town where everyone knew each other. There were no girls for her to meet. She ended up becoming very reclusive after she finished her chores. She would hideaway in her room fantasizing about a princess charming that would show up and fulfill her natural lesbian desires. She missed the soft touch of another woman, the smell of their perfume mixing with the scent of their sex. She missed having a girls long hair tickle her thighs while she was being licked. The only turn on for her was getting some girly magazines and bringing herself off while she looked at the pictures. She got pretty depressed. Her sister noticed and one Friday night said that they were going to see if they could get lucky at the local pub. She didn’t want to tell Sally she was gay so she decided to play along. Seeing as how she wasn’t going home with anyone she decided she’d dress sexy for her own pleasure. She wore a tight lycra dress that went mid-way down her thighs, with no underwear.

At the pub Stephanie sat at the bar by herself drinking cocktails and turning down advance after advance from the local males. After a couple of hours she was ready to go, when two gorgeous ladies walked in. They didn’t look familiar to Stephanie so she decided to ask them where they were from. She felt as though she had nothing to lose anyway so she walked directly at them. “Hi, my names Stephanie and I live at the Fernwood Farm. Where are you girls from?”

“My names Kylie and this is Jasmine, we’re visiting some friends for a week.” The taller girl answered.

“Oh,” said Stephanie, trying to hide the disappointment she felt, knowing that she only had a week with these two beautiful women, “so, what are you doing out tonight?”

“We’re just really bored.” Jasmine replied. She was very pretty thought Stephanie.

“I’m afraid you won’t have much fun here, unless sucking down beer and passing-out is your idea of fun.”

While this conversation was going on, Sally was watching from across the room. She noted that up until the time the two girls came in, Stephanie was moping around. Now she was smiling and being sociable.

Jasmine answered her, “Not really, actually we just wanted to take in the country, but the people were staying with are busy with their farm.”

“I could show you around, I grew up here and know all the best spots.”

“Even now?” Kylie queried.

“Especially now!” Stephanie turned to the bartender. “Give me two bottles of champagne to go, and three glasses.” The supplies escort yalova were handed over and Stephanie returned her attention to her friends. “Lets go.”

Sally watched Stephanie leave with the two girls and immediately began to understand what was going on.

“It’s not to far, just up the hill.” Stephanie reassured them, her pussy growing wet as she imagined how she could seduce these beautiful ladies. They seemed totally comfortable with her, not worried about where she was taking them. Soon they reached a small cave that looked out over a darkened valley of trees and bushes. “My sister and I would come up here and have fires when we were young, help me gather some wood.” Under a sky filled with stars the three girls went off to get some wood.

“It’s so beautiful!” Jasmine said to kylie.

“You’re the one who’s beautiful.” Stephanie was only a few metres away but out of sight.

“SH! She might hear.” Jasmine said. Stephanie froze, she crouched down so as to go un-noticed, and she listened carefully.

“I don’t care if she hears, you are gorgeous.” Kylie grabbed Jasmine and wrestled her to the ground. They started kissing. “Besides, she’s cute. How do you know she wouldn’t join in.” Stephanie’s heart was pulsating, and her pussy was soaked. All she could do was smile.

The girls returned sometime later to meet Stephanie at the cave. They smelt wonderful as they handed her the wood, and she noticed that Kylies hand glistened in the moonlight. After the fire was going the girls sat and talked and drank the champagne. As Stephanie started to feel dizzy from the alcohol she asked the girls why they were here. She was fishing for an angle to use so she could get laid, but the girls didn’t give her anything. Soon, being frustrated and a little drunk Stephanie decided that if she didn’t do something soon they’d leave. She knew they were into women, so she thought what the hell. ” You know what I hate about the country?” she asked no-one in particular, “the fact that there are no knew people to meet.”

“Hey, what about us?” Kylie said.

“No I mean, well for sex.”

“Oh. But there were heaps of guys at the pub, do you mean you’ve been with all of them?”

“No, none of them.”

“What? But they can’t all be married?”

“Actually, most of those guys are single.”

“Well what’s your problem then?”

“My problem is I’m a lesbian.” It felt good saying out loud again. She could feel herself tingling, knowing that she was about to have sex for the first time in months.

“I can see your problem.” Jasmine sympathized.

“So, should we help her?” Kylie asked.

“Absolutely!” Jasmine said.

They both moved over to Stephanie and sat either side of her. They placed their hands on her and rubbed her gently. Jasmine started kissing her mouth and Kylie stood up and got undressed. When she was naked she took over from Jasmine. She straddled Stephanie and ground her moist vagina into her crotch. She held her hand under Stephanies nose and said, “Know what that is?” Stephanie shook her head; “It’s my girlfriends cum. Do you want it on you?”

“Oh yes, please, yes!” Kylie reached back and re-coated her hand with Jasmines girly juices, and then she rubbed it on Stephanies face. Stephanie stuck out her tongue and tasted her fingers, but Kylie pulled away. “Later sweetie, first we need to have a good look at you!” They stood her up and removed her sexy dress. When the found she had on lingerie on the y smiled. “Good girl, we like girls that are easy to undress don’t we, Jazz?”

“We sure do.” Jasmine said as she placed a hand on Stephanies thigh. “She is stunning isn’t she honey?”

“Lie her down, spread her legs.” Jasmine did so and Kylie laid herself down on top of Stephanie. She lined up her pussy so that as she thrust her hips they would both are stimulated.

“Watch me fuck this country bitch!” She said as she surged her vagina into Stephanie, who was in ecstasy, moaned loudly into Kylies ear. Jasmine sat to the side of them and spread her legs so she could finger herself and the girls could watch while they fucked.

It wasn’t long before Stephanie felt herself start to climax. Kylie pushed against her harder and faster and as she started to shudder with a crippling orgasm Stephanie screamed out, “IT FEELS SOOOO GOOD!” When she stopped shaking Kylie slid down her and replaced her pussy with her tongue. Stephanie turned her head and looked at Jasmine rubbing her pussy. It turned her on and she was still ticklish from the first orgasm. When Kylie first licked her she giggled and squirmed but Kylie held her waist down. She started licking Stephanies girl-cum off her, then once it was all gone, began to suck her clit. Stephanie was still looking at Jasmine while her pussy was being eaten.

“I love watching my girlfriend suck another woman, it gets me so hot.” Jasmine told Stephanie as she rubbed herself faster. Stephanies face started to crinkle as she felt another hot orgasm build inside her. Jasmine was crying and moaning as she fucked herself, and she started coming. Stephanie watched her closely, trying to hold her climax in, but Jasmine looked so sexy when she came that it sent Stephanie over the edge. “OH GOD! I’M COMING AGAIN BABY! OH, OH OOOHHHH!” She came on Kylies face.

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A Kind of Love

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Tonight I feel nostalgic. I have my lover with me, my only real love. I think back to an earlier time all those years ago…

Remember my sweet, how easy it was to seduce you on the night before your wedding? I’m sorry for that, for planting that seed of doubt at such a traumatic time. But I wanted to remind you of what you were leaving behind. Anyway, I should have known you’d always come home eventually. I needn’t have worried. A leopard never changes its spots…

I watch the sweat forming in the hollows of your thighs and see the cord tension as your body arches against it, hungry for the whip, or my leather belt, whichever I choose to caress you with next.

I bind your breasts tightly and with some creativity, using nylon filament, the kind that fisherman use. It bites into the flesh deliciously. The blindfold you have asked for prevents you from seeing what I am doing, but the way I have constricted your breasts now gives them a completely new shape so that they resemble fat cocks or obscene balloons. I think you’d like it. I wish you could see your nipples swelling with blood and your breasts turning a deep purple hue. But blindness is your choice. You tell me it accentuates the sensations I bring upon your body. I take your word for it, I wouldn’t know.

You are perfect. I know that you yozgat escort will want me to whip you as usual in a moment or two, especially your breasts when they become fully engorged and hot with agitation. They will love the lash that stings them. But it is only a sting and the resulting marks will fade in a day or two. I’ll suck them viciously and your hot, wet cunt will tingle and beg in my hand. But you will have to be patient my darling.

You are so easy; the merest brush with my nail on your little clit would be enough. You know I can make you ‘cum’ easily, anytime I want. But I won’t allow you this yet. I want you to wait for this part too.

I force your belly down so that your lower half straddles my knee. I part your cheeks with one hand exposing your little brown ring, a chocolate star so full of promise, fondly thinking how many times I’ve had my tongue in there. I’ve never tired of it.

I can feel the heat coming off you; smell the sex oozing from your pores. I want to see your buttocks redden deliciously under my belt, feel them clench and relax, clench and relax. In a moment I’ll put a nice rubber cock in you which I can inflate and stretch you while I slash the belt across your arse. When I’m satisfied the cock has stretched you enough, I’ll turn my yozgat escort bayan attention to your other opening. Through here I can reach the very core of your soul.

Sometimes I feel it would be nice to invite one or two strangers off the street to join me – big dirty workmen with pendulous cocks. I’d let them go to work on you, encourage them to take liberties with your body. I’d watch your face as they violated each orifice in turn and while they were doing this I would finger my own pussy and have some fun at your expense. I have a fantasy about it. This is how it goes…

I invite them off the street. There are two of them, one a teenager, his sculptured, golden body gleaming with sweat in the afternoon sunlight. A construction worker fresh from the site. The other is older, a road sweeper, about 40, heavy and unshaven. I already have you prepared, that is to say, I’ve tied you and liberally lubricated your two openings. I give the young one the pleasure of your arse; the other takes your cunt. You cry rape, but only because you know it excites me. We know it is not rape because this is what you secretly desire, and you desire it because you are happy for me to see you violated by something I cannot give you. I’m not interested in their faces. In my mind they escort yozgat are ciphers. I watch their cocks slide in and out of you; watch the sweat drip from their foreheads as they work hard in the humid room. You all settle into a nice rhythm. I wish you could give me a running commentary of how it feels to be penetrated from behind and in front at the same time. I have never had it done to me, but I feel it through you. Your flushed face looks out at me from the sandwich they have made of you. I see you mouth a silent, “I love you,” and I return the compliment with a blown kiss.

I tell the men there’s no hurry for I can delay my orgasm indefinitely. I would like to climax when they do. I want to see them soil you with their ‘cum’ and then urinate on you. That would give me such a buzz. I bet you think I’m awful for saying that. Well, if you think that’s bad, listen to this…I’d love to eat their ‘cum’ as it dribbles from your arse and cunt and then spit it into your mouth for you to savour and swallow. Would you still love me after that?

When they are done with you I send them scuttling back like gutter rats into the shadows of my mind.

Soon, when I’ve had my way with you, I’ll untie you. The deep purple will fade from your breasts and their true shape restored until next time.

I will hold you in my arms and kiss you. I will wash your body and then rub almond oil into your skin. With my long blonde hair I will kneel and dry your feet, and if you wish it, tell you stories of love until you sleep. I will never leave you…And you..?

You will always come back for more…you know you will.

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A Bisexual Haircut

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She is not classically beautiful. Her face is rather flat with bland cheekbones, her lips do not have the fullness of a true beauty and her nose is rather podgy with slightly flared nostrils. She is though stunning to look at because of her eyes. They are large and delightfully, almond shaped in a deep, onyx green colour. Their size is accentuated by her long, caterpillar-like eyelashes. They demand to be looked at and stared into. It is impossible not to, or is that just me?

She is about the same height as me, five feet six inches. However, that is about all we have in common. Her hair is dark and short, mine is ash-blonde and shoulder length. She is slim with hardly any boobs, probably an A cup, mine are fuller and rounder and on a good day are a full C, but on a bad one, particularly during my period, they bloat up to an overflowing D.

She is so young. Impossibly young almost. Young enough to be my daughter. She has that magical quality of combining the innocence of youth, with her somewhat childlike face, and the allure of a woman due to the curves of her body.

She is twenty-two, I am forty-five. She is single, I am married with two children. She is a hair stylist, I am her customer.


I have always been a tactile person. I can remember back to my childhood when I loved my mum and dad gently scratching my back. Before puberty, I gained a subtle pleasure from touching myself or brushing my hair. In my later teens when I became sexually active I gained almost as much pleasure from boys caressing me as I did from having full sex with them. During my early sexual experience with awkward young guys, I gained as much pleasure from masturbating myself as I did from them shagging me; fortunately that changed when I went with more experienced men. As I matured I found massage and when on holiday have had many enjoyable times in spas, with one having a very happy ending.

Visiting a hair stylist whether male or female has always been a joy for me. Another person washing my hair and massaging my scalp has become my own personal erotic experience. So much so that when I visit a stylist I make sure that I wear looser and thicker tops to disguise any embarrassment that may occur with my nipples that can be overactive.

I met Lindsay at a salon in Harpenden when my usual stylist was ill and I was offered her. Although I do not like change to my routine like that, I accepted. We got on well and even though I was only having my hair washed and blow-dried, I liked the way she worked. The next time I requested her.

I had Lindsay for a few weeks until one Saturday she told me she was leaving.

“Going to another salon are you?” I asked.

“No, Freda and I are setting up a visiting service.”

Despite enjoying visiting a salon, I had for some time been on the lookout for someone who would come to my house for those times when it was inconvenient for me to go out. Lindsay and Freda, who I knew, seemed perfect.

“This is my husband Richard,” I said introducing Lindsay a few Saturdays later. “And this is my son Peter and my daughter Sara,” I went on as the children came into the kitchen where Lindsay was about to trim my hair.

It was quite a rarity for all four of us to be in the house at the same time, particularly on a Saturday. The children were both away at university and came home only in the holidays and special occasions and Richard was usually playing golf or, returning from New York where he went each month.

After she finished, I made a block booking for the next few Saturdays.

The next week it poured with rain so Richard was there again. After saying hello to her he went to his study and worked.

“You have a lovely family,” Lindsay said as she washed my hair in the kitchen.

I was sitting on a low stool with my back to the sink. So that I could get my head and hair into the sink, I was stretched out a little. Lindsay was standing next to me her waist near to my shoulder as she washed my hair. As always, I loved the sensations of her fingers on my scalp.

“Thank you,” I replied. “We generally get on very well.”

We chatted about families and she told me her father had left her mother when Lindsay was young. We talked about that for some time until she suddenly realised how long she had been washing my hair.

“Sorry about that Cat, I got carried away,” she said, giving my neck a gentle squeeze.

That’s ok,” I replied standing up and catching her gaze. She held my look with a slight smile on my face and that glint in her eyes, which later I came to know so well.

We went to the kitchen and she dried my hair.

The next week I was alone when she arrived. The kids were at their colleges and Richard was playing golf.

“Good morning, Cat,” she said as she came into the house. Again her gaze held mine for what seemed slightly longer than usual, or was that me, I wondered?

As I was settling into the rather awkward position, by the sink I slipped and banged my head.

“Sod it,” I muttered.

“Are you ok?” Lindsay asked gripping my arm.

“Yes, but I am getting tunceli escort too old for such gymnastics,” I replied.

“We could use a bathroom, the sinks are usually slightly lower and have rounded sides,” Lindsay said, her hand still on my arm.

We went upstairs to the master bedroom and into the bathroom. Using my dressing table stool, it worked much better.

Being slightly lower I noticed that it was her tummy that was close to my shoulder now. As usual, as she washed my hair and massaged my scalp, I was miles away. I was revelling in the feelings of her fingers on my head and in my hair and it took me a while to realise there was another sensation. I opened my eyes and saw that as she moved so the lower part of her tummy inside her jeans brushed against the top of my arm and my shoulder. I thought nothing of it at the time.

Peter my son was home the next week and greeted Lindsay enthusiastically; I think he fancied her.

Lindsay and I went to the bathroom again. After washing my hair for a wonderfully, long time she said.

“Would you mind trying this new conditioner? It’s horrendously expensive, but we have some free samples.”

“Of course,” I replied as she stood beside me looking down at me.

This time her hip was near to my arm. As she rubbed the thick conditioner into my hair so her hip was pressed against me. I found the combination of what she was doing to my head and hair and the pressure of her hip against my shoulder to be disturbingly arousing. I was shocked.

During the following week I recalled those feelings several times. They made me feel warm and sent little shivers of, I was not quite sure what, through me? I had never had any strong feelings for other women although I had snogged and petted with a couple of girls at university and had ‘dirty danced’ with a few at clubs in the eighties. As most of my contemporaries did the same, I thought nothing of it and put it down to being part of growing up. Since then, although I had moments of curiosity particularly with so much girl to girl stuff being in books and films and in television, I rarely thought about it and had no more experiences.

The next week I was alone again. Richard had left for a trip to America and Peter and Sara were at their universities.

“Oh shit, sorry Cat,” Lindsay said as I felt the back of white blouse being soaked.

I sat up. “No problem Lindsay, I’ll just change it,” I said unbuttoning the blouse and going to stand up.

“Not much point really Cat, you might as well stay like that,” she said placing her hand on my upper arm.

I looked up at her and our eyes met. She had ‘that look’ and held my gaze as I sat up straight.

“Here let me,” she said not breaking her gaze and taking hold of the back of my white blouse. She helped me remove it.

“Thanks,” I said.

I think that my voice was shaking a little as she ran her gaze down to my breasts in the white, diaphanous bra and then back to my eyes. A slight smile on her lips, she said softly.

“You are very welcome Cat.”

My heart was pounding as I lay there while she washed my hair. I knew that my areola and possibly hardened nipples would be on clear view through the thin, as good as transparent bra and I could tell that she was glancing at them as she ran her fingers through my hair and rubbed my scalp in the massage she always gave me. The front of her jeans, just where the zip ended, was almost continuously pressed against my shoulder.

‘Was this a come on?’ I kept asking myself as the stroking of her fingers on my hair and scalp seemed to be slower and softer. I could not believe that as I lay there in my diaphanous bra with my eyes closed, I imagined her hands on my breasts. I was shocked and I felt disappointed when she stopped and said.

“Let’s go downstairs.”

I took that opportunity to pick up a thin robe and slip it on.

That evening I was alone. I had a light dinner, a couple of glasses of wine and watched Strictly Come Dancing. I shocked myself when I looked at the female dancers in their skimpy dresses and thought how sexy they looked. I could not believe that I was staring at their nearly uncovered breasts, their long, dancer’s legs and the swirling skirts that showed their panties as much as they covered them.

I was in my conservatory that I had had built on the back of the ugly Victorian pile in which I had the misfortune to live. I hated all of it apart from my conservatory.

I had bought a lovely, big, comfortable, chair that I could snuggle up in and watch the forty inch plasma on the back wall. Being a recliner I could put it back so that I could lie almost flat. Many a night when I was alone I would grab a duvet that I keep in the cupboard, throw it over me and sleep there. Sometimes I would undress to my panties, but often I stay fully dressed.

After another glass of wine, as I watched Strictly, I found my mind being filled by visions of Lindsay. Her face, her lips and, of course her eyes flooded my mind. I recalled the feeling of her hands and fingers tunceli escort bayan on my hair and scalp, the sensation of her tummy rubbing against my bare shoulder and her gaze roaming over my breasts in my thin bra. At first I was horrified. What was happening, I asked myself as I could not shake the vision from my mind? The images of the scantily clad dancers in the TV merged with my mental visions of Lindsay. At first I ‘saw’ her in one of those dresses and then to my amazement I saw her naked. It was then that I realised that I was stroking one of my breasts. I pulled my hand away from it as if it was burning me, but then moments later I replaced it. Not only did I replace it, but I slipped it inside my blouse and scooped my breast from my bra.

Reclining the chair so that I was almost horizontal, I closed my eyes, gave into the mental temptations and let my imagination take over. Visions of Lindsay were everywhere. Sometimes she was dressed and washing my hair or caressing my scalp, but more often she was naked. As I ‘watched’ her looking at me with those big, inviting eyes, so my hands were roaming over my body. One was squeezing and kneading my bare breasts and pinching and pulling my inevitably rock-hard nipples whilst the other stroked my mound through my jeans. As I saw that I too was now naked with Lindsay in my bedroom, so the thickness of the denim covering my pussy became an irritant. Without opening my eyes in fear of losing my vision, I undid my jeans, pushed them down a little and slid my hand inside my panties.


Alone in the house waiting for Lindsay to arrive the next Saturday, I was hellishly nervous.

During the week I had masturbated twice more imagining that I was with her. She had not been far from my mind the entire week.

I could not make my mind up on what was going, if indeed anything was going on? It could, of course all be in my imagination. She seemed so innocent. She made no untoward statements and said nothing at all that could be construed as being suggestive. When we chatted about her social life she gave no hint that she was interested in woman or was bi or bi curious.

However, her actions and glances, the lighter almost caressing way that she massaged my scalp, how she held my gaze and the slightly overt way the lower part of her tummy grazed against my shoulder screamed the opposite. Or was it just me getting five from adding two plus two.

Lindsay had phoned on the Thursday and had asked me to change from my usual ten in the morning to later in the afternoon.

“It would really help me and you will be my last so we will be able to take our time and not hurry,” she had said sending my thinking into overdrive.

Wearing her usual ‘uniform’ of tee shirt and jeans, which seems to be ‘de rigueur’ for the young, she arrived just before the five o’clock time we had agreed Her tee was yellow with some logo that I didn’t recognise and she was wearing it outside her tight, skinny jeans.

“Just a wash and blow dry today isn’t it Cat?” She said after we had greeted each other warmly.

I had planned to go to the gym after she had left so I had put on my workout gear. It was a new outfit in French blue of matching trousers, a singlet like athletes wear with thin spaghetti shoulder straps and a track type zip up jacket that I had left unzipped. The trousers were tight across my hips, bottom and upper legs, but were looser beneath the knees. The singlet was rather provocatively tight across my breasts and the thin material demanded I wear a strong bra to avoid any embarrassing nipple swelling.

“Yes that’s right Lindsay,” I replied noting that once more she held my gaze longer than she needed, but then, I registered it takes two to tango like that.

With the memories from the times I had masturbated with her in mind registering strongly, I nearly gasped when she said in what sounded to me, although I may have been mistaken, a huskier than normal voice.

“Shall we go upstairs?”

“Yes let’s,” I replied following her up the stairs.

My face was just inches from her beautifully rounded bottom in the tight jeans. Was it my imagination or was the sway of her hips and wiggle of her bum more extreme than usual I was thinking? We reached my marital bedroom and I led the way in. As usual we went to the bathroom and as she had for the past few weeks she washed my hair with me leaning back on the stool. Once more, it felt to me as though her touch was lighter

“As we are not cutting today, shall I dry it up here?” Lindsay asked, adding after a short pause. “In your bedroom?”

That hit me. Her and me in my bedroom resonated round my mind. Standing up I looked at her. She was staring at me with those gorgeous, green eyes and long eyelashes seeming to bore into my mind.

“Yes, why not?” I said probably in a slightly croaky voice. I wondered whether she noticed, but she did not comment.

“Sit in front of the mirror at the dressing table then Cat,” she said sounding very calm and in control, which was far from what I felt.

I sat escort tunceli on the low stool and Lindsay stood behind me. My wet hair hung down framing my face and sticking to my head. She ran her fingers through it and over my scalp. She lifted some of my hair and then dropped it down again.

“That conditioner seems to be working Cat, I think your hair is lusher,” she said as our eyes caught in the mirror.

“Yes, it seems to be,” I mumbled feeling a little embarrassed. At what I was thinking about her.

“It feels so much nicer,” she went on running her fingers through my hair and over the top of my head. That felt lovely.

She started drying it with her powerful salon drier.

“No one around today Cat?”

“No the kids are at their unis and Richard went to New York yesterday, they have some awards thing to go to tonight.”

“Would you have liked to have gone?”

“No I don’t like the corporate world very much, particularly when they are celebrating. Wives of lawyers become spare totty for clients.”

“What you have to go with clients?”

“No,” I laughed. “We don’t have to, it’s just that some clients think and hope we will, especially in America”

“You don’t do you Cat?” She asked sounding worried as our eyes met in the mirror.

“No, of course not.”

She resumed drying my hair.

“Do you ever travel with Richard?”

“Only occasionally for a special event or is he goes somewhere nice, like LA or San Francisco.”

“He travels a lot doesn’t he?”

“Yes and works murderous hours when he is home,” I replied realising that she had stopped drying my hair.

“You must get lonely with Peter and Sara away as well. Would you like a scalp massage?”

“Yes please,” I replied my heart pounding a little faster at the thought of the massage, which I always found exciting. “And yes it does get lonely at times.”

She started the massage.

She pressed her thumbs on the top of my spine and slid them slowly upwards along that groove in the back of the neck past the hairline and into my hair on the back of my head. As she did that so her fingers ran up the outside of my neck. They went upwards behind my ears and also into the tangle of my half dried hair. She rubbed my scalp then slid her thumbs and fingers back down their return journey. She repeated that several times each time massaging both my neck and scalp. It was as soothing and relaxing as it was intimate and erotic.

“Is that good Cat?”

“Oh it’s lovely,” I replied suddenly realising with a jolt that I was leaning back against her. I had no recall of whether that was due to me moving backwards or her moving forward. I sat up straighter thus, opening a gap between us.

The next time Lindsay’s hands slid down my neck they rested on my shoulders for a moment or two. They squeezed the muscle at the back and the collar bone at the front for a short time before sliding outwards to the shoulder joint where they stopped. With her thumbs pressing into that muscle across my back, her palms straddling the top of my shoulder and her fingers stretching downwards over my collar bones, she slid them back towards my neck where they again rested for a moment or two. She repeated that whole journey a few more times. Surely now her touch was lighter, wasn’t it, I asked myself as I realised that again my shoulder blades were pressed against her chest?

On her fourth or fifth journey along my shoulder the back of her thumbs pushed against the inside of the collar of the unzipped top. That moved it so that the collar slid a little way down my back and the sides of it slipped a little way round my shoulder joints.

“Maybe we should take this off,” she said quietly taking hold of the track jacket.

I opened my eyes and caught her gaze.

“We don’t want to get it wet do we? Ok?” She said.

Not thinking that my hair was as good as dry and that the jacket would not get wet, I nodded and with my heart pounding whispered. “Yes,” as I sat up straight opening the gap between us again.

It was, at least to me, such an erotic moment when Lindsay slowly peeled the jacket off and somehow very meaningfully threw it onto my bed.

She placed both her hands on my shoulder joints and left them there.

“Shall we carry on Cat?”

I was not totally sure what she meant by carrying on as I was beginning to believe that she did want more from me than just looking after my hair. What I did not know was whether that was what I wanted or not. I was hellishly nervous as again I nodded and whispered.

“Yes please.”

“Close your eyes again then Cat, the sensations are stronger then,” she said softly and again meaningfully.

As her hands slid inwards along my shoulders I closed my eyes and again wondered just what she meant by sensations? I seemed to be hearing double meanings in nearly everything she said and did. Now, it was particularly noticeable that her fingers were more caressing than massaging me. They slithered up my neck, through my hair and onto my head. Gripping it a little more firmly than earlier she quite pointedly pulled it so that she moved it backwards and once more both the back of my head and my shoulder blades were pressed against her body. My shoulder blades were against her waist, but the back of my head was pressed between her boobs the sides of which grazed against my scalp. The feelings were sensational.

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A Fitting Surprise

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Today had started off a mess. Waking late after being up half the night working on a project, Sue was in a rush to get out the door and too the office. A tall well-built redhead, able to maintain a good workout schedule despite a busy job. Regular CrossFit, although a pain with her busty figure, kept her trim and very attractive for a 30 year old, let alone the 40 year old she was. Right now that constant exercise was the only thing that would help pull this day off.

Gathering her work for the day she was just out the door and to the car when;

“OW!” a sudden stabbing feeling under her left breast finished the morning like it had started.

“Oh crap”, she said straightening quickly and wiggling the bra around trying to move the broken underwire, “isn’t this just great”.

She looked quickly at her phone to check the time and saw she didn’t have enough left to go back in and quickly change.

“Well great”, she muttered repositioning and climbing in the driver’s seat. Looking again at her phone starting the car, “Yeah no time for this today”.

She backs out of the driveway and starts the commute to work. About 15 min in, the music cuts out and a loud ringing is echoing through the car.

“Fuck”, she mutters, “Got to turn the volume down on that that thing. Hello?”

“Sue?” the voice of her director on the phone.

“Hey Mike, what’s up”, the annoying wire scratching into her as she changes lanes.

“We had a cancellation on the project presentation this morning”, Mike says, “The flight was delayed inbound so were rescheduling for this afternoon. Will that be ok on your side?”

Sue looks at the clock again and thinking quickly, “Yeah that works out van escort actually. I have a couple things that popped up anyhow so I’ll go handle that and be along in a couple hours”.

“Ok great, see you then”. Before she can even respond the line cuts out and after a few seconds the music returns.

Thinking quickly she sees this is the perfect chance to fix the damn bra wire threatening to stab her to death. A quick check for directions gives her the address for a lingerie shop just down town. These places usually didn’t have anything that would actually fit a heathy woman but it was better than dealing with a broken bra all day.

10 minutes later Sue is pulling up alongside a small shop. The street is the usual bustle for this part of town but things look quiet inside.

Getting out carefully she heads inside.

The shop is fairly small but looks high end. Items are carefully arranged and soft music is playing in the background. She starts walking around looking to find the bra section when she hears a voice coming from the back room.

“Morning, can I help you?”

Sue turns around and feels her breath catch. The slim blond walking toward her looks like an angel. Light blond hair cut in a bob framed gentle features and a friendly smile that radiated pure sensuality.

“Um, yeah, Hi” Sue says with a slight stutter, “I, ah, yeah I broke my underwire”.

“Oh ouch” the blond goddess says with a pout, “Ok just come this way”.

The blond turns around and Sue can’t help but notice the slight sway in the girls hips. Damn, she’s thinking then shaking her head follows the girl to the back.

“When is the last time you had a fitting?” escort van The girl asks looking at Sue’s chest and casually brushing the side of one breast.

“Um, I don’t know, I’ve not had one in years”, with a nervous giggle.

“Oh no” the blond says hands now on the sides of both breasts, “No, that won’t do at all. Take the shirt off.”

Slightly stunned, she starts unbuttoning her blouse while the blond slips out the door. She hears the girl speaking and moments later another girl walks around the corner with her. Blinking, Sue looks at the dark haired girl walking in with the blond. While not the same angelic features, the dark eyes with the hair were even more breathtaking.

With a shy smile, the dark haired girl walked behind Sue and helped take the blouse off the rest of the way.

Sue stands there puzzled and slightly overwhelmed by what is happening. The beautiful blond in front of her is moving her heavy breasts back and forth, lifting them slightly and letting them drop gently. She looks up at Sue and smiling slightly,

“This is too small, and sure can’t be fixed. Well get you sized up for a new one”

Jumping slightly she feels the clasp behind her suddenly pop free. The dark haired girl rubs her hands up Sue’s back and over her shoulders, quickly sliding the shoulder straps down. Sue gasps and tries to catch the bra as it comes off but with a smile the blond quickly brushes it away. Sue is even more surprised to still feel warm hands gently rubbing her back while the other girl’s hands starts rubbing and gently squeezes Sue’s breast. Tracing her fingers along pressure marks on Sue’s chest the blond, smiling still says,

“Your van escort bayan poor chest has been crushed,” a slight but incredibly sexual giggle, “Let’s get you fixed up here”.

The dark haired girl has not stopped rubbing Sues back and she is feeling herself getting almost breathless. This is so not what I’m thinking, she mutters slightly, yet finds herself becoming more and more turned on by the second. She watches the blond turn around and start to rub a lotion on her hands.

“This will help”.

Sue gasps as the girl starts at the top of her chest and, running her hands down the side begins to massage the lotion on her skin. Sue, with butterflies dancing in her stomach is quickly remembering just how sensitive her chest is and feels herself moving her arms to the side and her eyes close. She feels the other girl come around and massage one breast while the other girl concentrates on the other. Nothing hurried, and Sue finds herself loving the feel of the 2 girls massage her. For the moment all the deadlines and work pressures go away and she is buried in waves of sensation. The girls thoroughly rub her chest and her nipples are tight with excitement. A lingering finger causes her to gasp, hearing her breath now both girls start to brush their fingers around Sue’s sensitive nipples while still massaging her breasts. Not caring anymore, Sue puts a hand out to the wall, another hand grasping a girl by the shoulder. Breathing quicker now she feels waves of pleasure radiate out, biting her lip she gasps again as a wave of orgasm suddenly crashes over her. As she starts to come, both girls squeeze a nipple each, sending Sue into another orgasm.

As she starts to come down, she lifts her head to look at the two girls standing in front of her, both smiling so innocently. Raising an eyebrow all she can say breathlessly is, “Well…”

“Told you we would fix you up” the blond says smiling as if nothing had happened at all, “Now let’s work on your sizing…”

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1,001 Nights: Day 03

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Sara puttered around the apartment Sunday morning, drinking coffee, listening to some mellow tunes, watching a little television with the volume low. She had been dressed and ready to go at seven-thirty. She wore a mid-calf length black dress with short sleeves and a scoop neck. Crocheted insets circled three tiered seams. She had four inch black pumps on, and her only jewelry was tiny opal earrings. Her dress, shoes and jewelry were more conservative than her normal attire. She was half waiting for Rebecca to wake up, and half avoiding the visit to her mother. For the last four years, Rebecca had always gone with her, the supportive best friend. She wasn’t sure she could bear the visit alone. In fact, the very thought of it filled her with anxiety.

Just as Sara was getting antsy, Rebecca came out of her room. She wore a short, pink silken robe tied loosely at her waist. Her hair was a mess, brown curls jumbled all about her head. She walked past Sara without saying a word, without even looking in her direction, and shuffled into the kitchen, her bare feet slapping on the linoleum as she prepared a cup of coffee.

Sara didn’t know what to say. Rebecca seemed to be ignoring her, which could mean almost anything. Should I apologize? I don’t even know specifically what set her off. Sara stared distractedly at the television, not even aware of the infomercial touting the benefits of some new exercise equipment. Should I just ask if she’ll go with me? Pretend like nothing happened? If I apologize, it might set her off again. Then again, if I ignore it, that might set her off as well… She hated when Rebecca got like this.

Rebecca came back into the living room, her laptop in one hand, a giant mug of coffee in the other. She sat at the far end of the couch, powering up her laptop and setting the coffee on a wooden coaster. She continued to ignore Sara, acting as if she were the only person in the room. The laptop beeped, and she moved the cursor around the screen and began typing short bursts of text. Sara decided to break the silence.

“Rebecca, I…” she began, but was instantly interrupted.

“I’ll jump in the shower quick and go with you to visit your mother, just let me check my email first.” Rebecca didn’t look in her direction, and the tone of her voice foreshadowed an argument if Sara didn’t agree.

“Ok,” Sara said. She was staring at Rebecca, wishing she would turn her head, wishing she would look at her, anything to get a feel for her mood.

Rebecca, typed for a couple minutes, responding to messages Sara couldn’t see from where she sat. Finally, she flipped the laptop closed, stood, and walked into the bathroom between their bedrooms. She still hadn’t looked at Sara, and without seeing her eyes, Rebecca was a difficult woman to decipher.

Sara spent a half hour picking up around the apartment, washing the few dirty dishes, stacking magazines under the coffee table, straightening the dish towels on their rack, anything to keep her mind off of Rebecca and the upcoming visit to her mother. When she heard the shower turn off, she finally gave up and sat on the couch. Practicing breathing techniques she learned in yoga and meditation classes, she tried to bring her turbulent thoughts to rest, centering herself. She was just getting into her comfort zone, starting to block out the riotous noise inside her head, when Rebecca came out of her room.

She wore a red, pink and black floral print sundress that stopped just below her knees and red wedge sandals. Long, silver earrings dangled from her lobes, a complex silver necklace adorned her neckline. Her make up was dark, as always. Heavy mascara and eyeliner, dark eye shadow, dark red lips, combined with her dark, loosely curled hair, the contrast to her pale skin was striking. But the thing that struck Sara immediately was the gigantic, friendly smile that spread across her features. She practically beamed as she crossed the room and stood before Sara.

“Ready?” The bubbly, expectant tone in Rebecca’s voice was even more unnerving after two days of the cold shoulder.

“Yeah,” Sara said, standing. She grabbed her purse from the coffee table, the faced Rebecca. “Are we ok?”

Rebecca laughed, she actually laughed, the sound like music to Sara’s ears. “I can’t stay mad at you.” Unexpectedly she pulled Sara towards her and hugged her. “You’re my best friend.”

Sara returned the hug, bewildered. Whatever reaction she had expected from Rebecca, this was not it. Jesus, maybe she’s bipolar, she thought as the embrace ended. They headed out together to visit Sara’s mother, the tension of the past two days replaced by something less worrisome, but still disturbing.

. . .

Mary Alice Zaad Beloved Wife and Mother 1953 – 1993

Sara stood before her mothers’ headstone, arms straight at her sides, the flowers all but forgotten as they dipped towards the ground, tears flowing freely down her cheeks. Immediately to the trabzon escort left was her fathers’ headstone, and off to the right, her brother. Within the eighty-one square feet directly in front of her lay her immediate family. They were right in front of her yet the distance between them was immeasurable, eternal.

She came here every year on Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and on each of their birthdays. It was her way of immersing herself in the truth, her grounding in the reality that they were gone and had been gone for years, that she would never again see them, talk to them, embrace them. It was her reminder that she was alone in this world. It was her way to request their forgiveness, to atone for her role in their deaths. It was her penance.

She blamed herself for their deaths; she always had, no matter how often countless family friends and distant relatives had assured her it wasn’t her fault. If she hadn’t begged to drive her uncle’s new Porsche home from the restaurant, fearless in her eighteen-year-old immortality, forcing her cousin Jen to ride with her family, if she had taken the highway instead of the twisting turns of Lake Road at high speed, her father trying desperately to keep up in the gigantic old Chevy Caprice, if she hadn’t sped up, if she had allowed her father to catch up, the timing would have been different, the oncoming truck would have already passed the turn, they wouldn’t have been in the same place at the same time, the boxy Chevy no match for four tons of moving truck.

She remembered the sound more than anything else. It still haunted her dreams, twelve years later. The shock of impact like an explosion, the horrible crunching of metal on metal as she looked in the review mirror and saw her fathers’ car, the front end mangled, launched sideways through the guardrail and into the tops of the trees, crashing down, down through the trunks, branches sheared off, landing unseen below her line of sight. She didn’t remember stopping or running from the car. She didn’t remember sliding down the hill in her summer dress, or the fall that tore a gash in her head. She didn’t remember anything until she was looking down the last twenty feet of leaf-strewn valley at the mangled wreckage, parts of the car twisted in a confused jumble, almost unrecognizable.

She had a vague recollection of her uncle racing past her, slamming into the side of the car, tugging at the door with all his might, reaching through the open window, trying desperately to reach his brother, his daughter. She was frozen, incapable of going any further as she saw the flames leap up from beneath the engine compartment. She moved then, in slow motion, closer to the car, walking in a dream, reality must be far from all this devastation; the sight before her was impossible, unreal. She reached the drivers’ side, her uncle straining through broken glass, pulling at the seatbelts, and saw her brothers’ face through the backseat window.

Blood. So much blood. His face was covered in it, it ran down his neck, saturated his shirt. His neck… his neck was twisted at an impossible angle, his head lolled back, mouth agape, eyes open wide, blood flowing freely into them. She had covered her mouth with her hand as it hung open in horror, shock taking over her system, and she screamed.

A single scream, an unending scream that had lasted for seconds, hours, days. She was still screaming, or was she sobbing, after her uncle had forcibly dragged her from the scene, after the paramedics arrived, after she had been bundled in a scratchy blanket and huddled within an ambulance. Exhaustion or drugs had kicked in then, she wasn’t sure which, and she had slept. She awoke in the hospital, her head bandaged against the gash she had received falling down the hill. She thought it had all been a dream, had tried to piece together the shattered fragments of her memory until she remembered her brothers’ face and the blood, and she had screamed again, an unrelenting shriek of loss and horror.

After days in the hospital, she was released into her uncle’s care. Her only surviving immediate relative, she had allowed him to take her to his house, had hidden in the guest room, unable to sleep in her cousins’ bed. The arrangements were made, the funerals held together on a beautiful sunny day that she would despise forever. She had buried her family that day, had buried her past, her life, her ability to love. Her uncle had cried when his daughter was lowered into the ground two rows beyond Sara’s entire family.

She couldn’t cry. Tears wouldn’t come. She had cried everything she had in the days preceding the burial, was drained of every emotion, and bereft of any ability to feel. Numb, she watched the caskets lowered into the ground, had stood immobile as the guests departed, had stared mindlessly at the three holes in the ground, empty, her heart and soul a vacuum.

Anesthetized days passed into weeks, trabzon escort bayan then into months. She had dropped out of college, hid within the confines of the family house. Most days she stayed in bed, staring at the ceiling, red-rimmed eyes seeing nothing, sleeping when sleep would come, lying motionless when it wouldn’t, the burden of guilt too heavy to allow her to rise.

Sometimes she wandered the house, everything in it reminding her of her family, her loss. Every time a thought of any one of them arose in her mind she wallowed in her responsibility for their untimely deaths. She would come to her senses in front of the piano, staring at her parents wedding picture, or holding her brothers’ graduation picture to her chest, slumped on the floor in the hall as tears streamed down her face. She would find herself on the floor in the doorway to her parents bedroom, having collapsed there, unable to enter, a trespasser in her own home, unfit to tread the floor of the room they had shared.

It had taken her nearly a year to find the momentum to move on with her life. Friends and distant relatives had phoned, called on her, stopped by on random days to check in. She had finally closed up the house, had moved into an apartment to distance herself from the painful memories. Her fathers’ accountant had taken on the responsibility of the financial affairs; she left him to it. His constant suggestions to sell the estate were rejected; she couldn’t bring herself to wholesale her history, her memories. She had moved on, but couldn’t let go. Her grief waned, but never died. Guilt kept her tied inexorably to the past.

Sara felt a hand upon her shoulder. Rebecca had moved closer and now began rubbing her back lightly, the small circular motion reassuring, her presence comforting. She remembered the flowers in her hand, and lifted them to her face, inhaling their weak aroma. Blinking back tears, pulling herself from her reverie, she knelt before the grave and placed the flowers on the grass before her mothers’ headstone.

She remained on her knees for a moment, her mind filled with brief flashes of her mothers’ smile, the kind look her eyes had always held, and then the harsh words Sara had directed at her. In hindsight, she knew that her parents had nothing but the best intentions in everything they did for her, but her rebellious nature and the teenaged certainty that she knew everything had put her at odds with her mother on an almost daily basis. She had purposely done everything in direct opposition to her parents’ wishes, and only years later did she understand the truth; that their vigilance and restrictions came from their boundless love for her.

The fact that she could never apologize for her behavior, that she could never tell her parents that they were right, that she had fought so hard against their wishes and could never make it up to them only added to her guilt. What she had learned in the years following their deaths, what life and experience had taught her, how right they were, she would never be able to tell them to their faces. She would never be able to ask forgiveness for her childish rebellion, for the unforgivable errors in judgment, for what she had put them through for years as a teen.

She stood and took a step back, brushing against Rebecca as she moved. Suddenly she was overwhelmed with feelings. She turned to Rebecca, wrapping her arms around her, clinging to her like a shipwrecked sailor clutching a life preserver, as the storm of turbulent emotions brought great, wracking sobs from deep within her being. Rebecca held her, her embrace warm and reassuring, comforting in its familiarity. She buried her face in Rebecca’s chest, her body shaking with grief. Rebecca held her, rubbed her back, said nothing but conveyed everything, her ever-supportive best friend.

They stood for a long time like that, until Sara’s grief ran its’ course. She raised her head from Rebecca’s shoulder and wiped her eyes. They moved half a step apart, Rebecca taking Sara’s had in hers and giving a firm, heartening squeeze. They walked back to the car, and Rebecca drove home.

. . .

Sara was in a haze for the rest of the day; she never quite recovered from her visits to her family’s graves, always remaining withdrawn and quiet. She sat with her legs pulled tight against her body on the couch, arms crossed under her breasts, head bowed, floundering in her own private world of misery.

Rebecca sat opposite her in the oversized chair, watching her over the top of her laptop screen, hoping she was alright. She knew most of the details; she had heard the story before, a night of too many tears and tissues, and empathized with her friend, but couldn’t completely understand her overwhelming guilt, the punishment she heaped upon herself, the blame she placed squarely on her own shoulders. She was worried about Sara. After twelve years, the pain was still escort trabzon as immediate as if it had been yesterday. Something within wouldn’t allow her to move past the guilt, the grief, wouldn’t allow her to move on to a normal life.

Rebecca wished there were something she could do, something she could say to ease the pain, to lessen the guilt, but she knew there was nothing. Sara had to get past this on her own, in her own time. It was as if she was waiting for some event, as if some unknown milestone lay before her, beyond which she could finally find peace, finally put it all behind her and move on with her life. But watching her like this, year after year with no progress, Rebecca still strove to find a way to alleviate the guilt complex Sara built around herself.

They sat like that for hours, Sara wrapped in her own thoughts, Rebecca pretending to read something on the bright screen of her laptop while concern for friend caused an internal battle, the desire to say something, anything to break Sara from her trance warring with a friends’ instinct to remain silent and give space when space was needed. Just as Rebecca decided to say something, Sara’s head jerked, her eyes lost their glaze, and she seemed to snap back to reality. She looked about as if seeing her living room for the first time, noticed the slanting rays of the setting sun angling through the window, dust swirling through the shafts of light before they struck the coffee table, casting bright yellow lines across the glass surface. Her arms relaxed, hands sliding down into her lap. She stretched her legs out in front of her and rose from the couch.

On her way to her bedroom, Sara grasped Rebecca’s shoulder and gave a small squeeze. Rebecca looked up and was met with a sad smile. Sara’s lips scarcely curled into the tiniest of smiles and her eyes betrayed all the sorrow within her. She let her hand fall to her side and walked into her bedroom, pushing the door closed behind her. It swung closed, but didn’t latch. She ignored it and lay down on the bed, curling up on her side at the edge of the bed. Rebecca sat for another moment, trying to decide if she could help her friend in any way. Finally, she chose to take action, rising from the chair and pushing Sara’s bedroom door slowly open. She saw Sara on the far side of the bed facing away from her, curled almost into a fetal position. Silently, she padded across the room, stockinged feet soundless on the thick carpet. She stood at the foot of the bed for long moments, various options racing through her head, until she fixed on comforting Sara to the best of her ability.

Rebecca climbed into the bed and curled up next to Sara, lining up their bodies against each other, matching the curve of her legs to that of Sara’s, her pelvis against Sara’s butt, breasts pressed into Sara’s back. She placed one hand on Sara’s shoulder, her skin white against Sara’s tan, and rubbed lightly, soothingly. After a moment, Sara placed her hand over Rebecca’s, stopping the movement up and down her arm. Her hand was cold, and Rebecca entwined her fingers between Sara’s until they were locked together.

Rebecca leaned up on one elbow, glancing down at Sara beside her. Sara’s head turned, looking up at Rebecca and their eyes locked. Feelings flowed wordlessly from one to the other, thoughts traveling like a beam from one mind to another. Without words, they shared everything with that one, long look. Rebecca pulled Sara’s hand softly to her mouth and placed a gentle kiss on her fingertip. She kissed each finger, one after the other and felt Sara stir next to her.

Rebecca let Sara’s hand drop, moving her own hand down Sara’s arm, running fingertips over her ribcage, her touch near weightless through the thin fabric of the dress as she traced her fingers over Sara’s body. Rebecca’s ruby nails sketched a line down Sara’s leg, then back up, over her stomach, up her ribcage, under and around her breasts, over her collarbone. Sara leaned back into Rebecca as she was caressed, feeling a tingling warmth inside her. Rebecca leaned over, shifting her weight onto her knees, both hands now working their way over Sara’s body.

Sara was becoming aroused, feelings stirring deep within her, desire rising. Rebecca’s fingers were like a magnet, pulling sensations to the surface of her skin with every touch. Her clothing seemed suddenly restrictive, heavy, a barrier between her and what she wanted, and she couldn’t remove it fast enough. She sat up, wriggling her dress from under her, pulling it up over her head, tossing it on the floor beside the bed where it lay in a crumpled heap. She reached for Rebecca, pulling at the wait of her dress, wanting to feel the warmth of her pale skin against her body. She lifted the dress off over Rebecca’s head and let it fall to the floor as well.

They stared at each other as they say on the bed. Sara leaned back on her elbows, legs together, knees bent slightly. Her blonde hair draped over one shoulder, partially hiding the black lace of her bra, her tiny panties barely concealing her. Rebecca knelt before her, the bra and panties she wore almost the same white as her fair skin. Her dark hair cascaded down her back, over her shoulders, curling around her face, framing her beautiful features.

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A Conversation Online with Natalie Ch. 02

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(My e-mail exchanges and instant chats with Natalie continued apace. With some editing from me to correct much mis-spelling in the excitement of the moment. I have kept the capitals though – regarded as a raised voice in this context.)


Oh Sarah. That was a fantastic session yesterday – do you know that you took my internet virginity! And it was so marvelous. I never knew sex on the internet could be so real! So different, but so fucking exciting. What an orgasm! I relived it in the ladies room before I had to dash to my meeting. I was late! And it was all your fault. But I forgave you!

Thanks Natalie. You are so kind and forgiving! Your daughters are very lucky to have an understanding mother when it comes to sex. Listening to your daughter masturbating must have been so very erotic for you! What about the other daughters. Do they masturbate for mum? You’d like that, I know! How old are they by the way?

Sarah, I would love to watch all my girls masturbate. The youngest is just turned eighteen. Fresh into college. Millie is twenty-one and has a boy friend. I have been having a fantasy lately that all three of my girls, plus my girlfriend Ann, my sister Dora and I, are all on a giant bed masturbating. We all cum at the same time and we lick the cum off each others fingers. Every time I dream about that I cum so fast!

I asked Ann if she would like to have sex with Dora while I watched. She said she would love it! Dora is divorced as well as me! But no children. And my sister said she would love to have sex with Ann if it would not upset me. This is one fantasy that may come true. Oh my! Can’t wait.

Gosh Natalie, you sound one very sexy family! I’d love to join in with your fantasy group sessions! Do tell me all about your threesome with Ann and your sister when it happens. it seems to me that you don’t need any online sex – you get enough on your bed imagining your daughters masturbating in front of you – and for real with Ann and Dora! I’m also impressed by the various well endowed boobs you have around there – mine are quite small.

Sarah, I haven’t told you this – but I also have three sisters and they are all pretty with similar bodies to me. One is forty-four, very straight laced and a little prudish, one is thirty-eight (she is Dora, the one that I am very close too) and the youngest is thirty-two and pretty wild. So that’s my family.

I said I would tell you about losing my virginity to another woman! When I was 18, to make some extra dollars during the college vacation, I used to babysit for Jane, a neighbor. It was just like out of a movie. Unbelievable! She was a 34 year old friend of my mother. Her husband was always away on business. Jane was very pretty with short brown hair and great boobs. I always figured she was cheating on her husband when she went out, but I am not sure. So, on this occasion, it must have been the fourth or fifth time I had sat for her, I was watching TV and feeling horny, so I reached into my shorts to play with my pussy. I also had my shirt up and I was rubbing my boobs. I love that!

Jane came home early and caught me masturbating. Oh my god!! I wanted the floor to open and swallow me up! But she was so kind – she consoled me – and then she seduced me!

It was about 9pm and I was not expecting her to get home until about midnight. I guess I was so caught up in what I was doing, I didn’t hear her come into the house. So there I was, moaning, fingering my wet pussy and I looked up and saw her standing there. I was horrified! I tried to cover up and started to apologize. ‘I’m so sorry, Jane. I have never done this before in your house.’ Or something like that.

Jane sat beside me, smiling. Whilst I stammered on, shoving my boobs back into the bra, pulling my shirt down to cover them. I could see she was admiring them. I thought I was in big trouble since she was very good friends with my mom. ‘Hey Natalie. Relax! It’s no big deal. It’s okay,’ she assured me.

I was still stuttering apologies as I tried to fasten up my shorts.

‘Stop it Natalie! Don’t keep saying sorry. It’s perfectly natural for a young ladies to masturbate,’ she said. ‘I do it all the time, all women do. Well … most.’

‘Mom’ll kill me if she finds out.’

‘I urfa escort don’t think so,’ she laughed. ‘Anyway, I won’t say anything to her. Do you have a boyfriend?’

‘No, I don’t.’

Then she asked more personal questions about my sexual habits. Was I a virgin? Had I played with men? Did I like other women? As we talked, she started stroking my hair and touching my leg. ‘Have you ever kissed a girl, Natalie?’

I blurted out ‘No …’ then ‘well… yes I have,’ I quietly admitted. I don’t know why but Jane made me feel so comfortable that I told her all about my best friend. She could see I was embarrassed.

I guess she wanted to put me at ease, by saying ‘I have had sex with many women. In fact I enjoy it more than with a man.’

She then leaned over to kiss me, before asking if she could see my boobs. By now, I was completely under her spell and I did anything she asked. I hesitated though, before slowly lifting my top again. I unhooked my bra, allowing my breasts to settle their weight on my chest. The nipples were hard and wrinkled like walnuts.

‘Mm. You have fabulous boobs,’ she said. ‘Let me feel.’

I settled back into the sofa whilst Jane kissed my neck and nipples. Then her hand expertly unzipped my shorts and slipped inside. My pussy was dripping wet already. The wobbling in my belly was so intense. I came straight away. But Jane didn’t stop there!

‘You can feel me, Natalie,’ she muttered, taking my hand and putting it up her dress. It was awesome! Wonderful! When I first felt Jane’s pussy, I knew I liked it, but really had nothing to compare it to except touching myself. I remember wondering if they all looked the same or smelled the same. I remember that I had more hair than Jane and my clit was bigger. But I liked the way it seemed to make her feel. She murmured like a kitten. Her orgasms was breathtaking. It fascinated me. I was hooked on women’s vulvas.

She made love to me until it was time for me to go home. It was a wonderful experience. I always wondered if she told my mother about me masturbating. I remember mom asking me the next day if I had a good night babysitting, which she normally didn’t ask. I remember thinking about what she said and wondered if she knew. Ah well! What the hell!

When I first touched the pussy of the older woman, it felt very warm and amp. I was intoxicated by her sweet smell. And when she touched me I just melted! I literally would have done anything she asked me to. Since that first time, every woman has been different. When I touch a new pussy, I am like a kid in a candy store. I love the way we are all shaped a little different, the lips, the clit, the way the hair grows. I like a little hair, not completely shaven but kept neat and trim. And I prefer brunettes to blondes even though my lovely girl friend is blonde.

Ann has been my girlfriend for several months so, yes, we did have sex! The masturbation thing eventually led to more. The first time, we were shopping and masturbated together in a dressing room. I know that we were heard by several other women in the store from the looks we got when we left. That just made me even more horny. Back in Ann’s car, I asked her if I could kiss her. She did not answer but smiled so I leaned over to kiss her. We kissed for a few minutes.

I could tell she was a little nervous. Anyway, we drove back to her house. When we got inside, I kissed her again. This time she seemed more at ease. I started to kiss her neck and fondle her boobs. Eventually we ended up on the sofa. I removed her clothes, starting to kiss her nipples, then down her stomach until I got to her pussy. I licked her clit while fingering her. She came very quickly.

We started to kiss again whilst she felt my boobs. Thinking she might still be feeling shy, I told her that she didn’t have to anything else to me if she wasn’t sure. But she said she wanted to, though wasn’t sure what to do. I told her. ‘Just do to me what you like having done to you.’ So she rubbed my clit and eventually licked my pussy. Mmmm. She was a natural. I had a great orgasm. Well, that was the start of a great sexual relationship. I believe we are truly in love! Ann has opened up sexually so much over the last few months. urfa escort bayan And she has really learned to like having her ass fucked and licked as much as I do.

I have not had full sex with my sister, Dora, but I have masturbated with her and Ann. With her alone as well. When we did it together, I put my fingers in her mouth after I came and she happily licked my fingers clean. I think it is a matter of time before we actually have sex.

I haven’t masturbated with my daughters. But my eighteen year old has seen me do it once. I was on my bed and no one was home. Lily came home and was going to her room when she saw me as she was walking by my door. Talk a bout feeling awkward!

But the best was just recently. My daughters were all supposed to be out until late that night, so Ann and I were on my bed making love. Ann was eating my pussy and I was getting so close to orgasm. My eyes were closed. I opened my eyes and saw Lily standing in the door way. But there was no way I could have stopped it! I closed my eyes again and came very hard. When I opened them, she was gone. I have a great relationship with all of my daughters. But I would love to masturbate with them and teach them how to get the most pleasure out of touching themselves with fingers and toys. And the joys of anal stimulation.

I went out with girlfriend, Ann and my sister, along with several other girls on Friday night. We had a great time but nothing really happened. My girlfriend went home at the end of the night so Dora stayed overnight with me since she drank a little too much, and didn’t want to drive home (she lives about 30 miles away). I told her to take the guest bedroom but she said no need to mess up the spare bed. She would sleep with me if it was OK. So we slept in my bed.

I really wanted to have sex with her there and then, but she was little out of it from drinking – my daughters were home. So I was a good girl. Saturday morning, though, my daughters were all out somewhere when I woke up. Dora was still asleep. I decided to masturbate in bed next to her. When I started to moan, she woke up, looking a little surprised to see me there. She watched me masturbate, a bit bleary-eyed, and I could see her start to rub her pussy through her panties. After a few minutes she had ripped them off, so we were both masturbating furiously.

I couldn’t resist! I reached down between her legs to finger her pussy while she was rubbing her clit. She then started to finger me. After a few minutes we both came very hard, and noisily. We licked the juices from each others fingers. Just as I was about to go down between her legs, I heard someone come in downstairs.

‘Oh shit!

‘When can we chat again, Sarah? Can’t wait.’

(Well, it was the following Monday morning when I got the message on my screen: ‘Natalie has signed in’.)

‘Are you there Sarah?’

‘I’m here, yes. I was just reading your email again. What a lovely time you had with Dora. Does she know about you and me?’

‘Yes. I told her what a great lover online you are. And how different the orgasms are.’

‘Give me here email address and I’ll invite her to join the group.’

‘Gosh Sarah! I think she’d like that. She’s read some of your stuff. It turns her on!’

‘I loved reading about your experiences with Ann – and the others. Are you home?’

‘No, in my office. But I have a while to spare for you. Lol!’

‘Let’s not waste time then! I shall kiss you on the mouth and neck and ears.’

‘Yes please. You just know I love my neck being kissed.’

‘Mmm. You smell divine Natalie. I love that scent behind your ears. And the softness of your hair. Mmm, I’m nuzzling your neck and kissing. Your head thrown back.’

‘Oh my god. Yes, yes. That’s good.’

‘Lips gently chewing your lower lip. Pulling it.’

‘Yes, oh yes.’

‘Then kissing your ears and eyelids.’


‘Making love to your face.’

‘My neck, Sarah, please – my neck – kiss my neck and I’m yours.’

‘Tongue trailing down your neck. Slip my hand down your blouse, sneak into your bra. Fondle those gorgeous soft boobs. My, the nipples are hard,’

‘Mmmmmm. I’m fluttering all over.’

‘Licking escort urfa your neck.’

‘Oh my.’

‘And murmuring into your ears. Blowing softly.’

‘Love that so much.’

‘Back to your mouth. Then down the neck again to seek the hard swollen nipple.’


‘Suckling and biting with my lips.’

‘Feels so good. Suck my nipples please. Oo yes. Yes!’

‘Back to your neck again.’


‘Kissing and licking it all over.’

‘Oh my god. I feel so weak.’

‘I’m now going to kneel between you legs, and slide my head between your thighs. I shall inhale the musky odor of your secret scent.’

‘Mmmmm. Yes please.’

‘And run my nose against the fabric of your knickers?’

‘Mmmmm. Ooooh yes. Great.’

‘Easing fingers inside the leg of your knickers. Feeling the warmth. Oh yes! That lovely cluster of wet flesh.’

‘Take them off Sarah. Take them off.’

‘Yes – there we are. Now I can get the whole of your delicious vulva in my palm.’

‘Ooo. Mmmmm. Fingers.’

‘Tongue first.’

‘Yes yes. Do it to me. Ple-ease.’

‘Your thighs are trembling. Belly lurching.’

‘I know. Oh my god Sarah. The things you’re doing to me …. Driving me insane with desire.’

‘Lust. Sheer exciting lust. Fingers stroking your inner thighs. Lovely and soft.’

‘Ooo! I want to feel your pussy Sarah.’

‘Go on then. I’m not wearing any knickers.’

‘Such a beautiful pussy. I adore it …. I want to kiss it. Lick it.’

‘It’s all yours Natalie. Wide open for you to examine and explore. My finger has found your rosebud. Toying with it.’

‘Oh god. Mmm! How did you know ….?’

‘Warm and damp. Finger now past your bum and exploring the soft flesh of your pussy.’

‘Oh god.’

‘Mmmmm – those warm chewy labia.’

‘Oh my. Feels like heaven. Oh yes.’

‘Sucking your breasts again.’

‘Lick me please.’

‘Tongue trailing over your belly. Down to your groin licking your mound.’

‘Getting so wet.’

‘Then into your inner thighs.’


‘Kissing and licking the soft skin either side of your pussy.’

‘Oh fuck.’

‘Fingers parting the labia so that I can study your vagina. Mmm it’s so beautiful.’

‘I can feel your hot breath on it.’

‘I ADORE pussy – and yours is a perfect specimen!!’

‘Please lick me, please.’

‘Lips pulling at the labia.’

‘Don’t tease me. Fuck me. Please!’

‘Fingers testing the opening.’

‘Ple-ase. I need you.’

‘Opening my mouth and sucking in the WHOLE of you vulva ….. Chewing and sucking.’


‘Tongue rubbing your clit. Fingers penetrating your bum.’

‘Your warm lips on my pussy and clit. Go on then – do it.’

‘I’m shaking myself Natalie. Thighs rippling …. I can feel your tongue deep inside my vagina. You’re killing me!!’

‘My tongue licking all around your pussy. Legs wide apart high in the air.’

‘Open for you. Yes come and take me, Natalie.’

‘Coming – coming – ooooooooo.’

‘Yes yes yes. Me as well. Ahhh… Glorious feeling.’

‘Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittttt.’

‘Up and down the length of your pussy.’


‘Tongue inside you, Natalie. Lurch and tense.’

‘Oh yes yes.’

‘Finger… deep… in… bum.’

‘Don’t stop – don’t stop. I’m so close. Ohhhh….’

‘Up. Down. Both holes.’

‘I’m cumming. Cumming …… CUMMING.’

‘Two fingers in bum.’


‘Licking clit while pushing two fingers in pussy as well.’


‘In and out. Both passages. Faster.’


‘So am I! Ahhhh…. Harder and deeper. Nice and sloppy – yum!


‘Fingering deep in your arse. OH MY GOD NATALIE – I’M THERE!!!’



(There was a few seconds silence.)

‘I’m panting. Getting breath back. Oh baby.’

‘Phew! Thank you Natalie. Me too. Wow!’

‘Your wonderful. Absolutely wonderful.’

‘Who needs anyone else when I have you, Natalie. That was great.’

‘Thank you. You are so wonderful. Made me cum so hard.’

‘I’m so very pleased. So did I!’

‘God – quick, I must go change – I’m soaking! – later Sarah. Byee.’

‘I hope no-one heard you!! Lol. Til next time!’

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Duplex Ch. 09

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I stood naked in my living room, my hands rubbing my throbbing, fiery red bottom, and with fresh tears streaming down my face from a “goodbye paddling” over Helen’s knee before she had left. I would be feeling today’s spankings for a few days. I was glad I didn’t have to go to a job. It would have been humiliating to yelp every time I had to sit down.

Looking over at the clock on the wall, I saw it was almost time for Mary to get home. Slipping through the kitchen door into the garage, I pushed the dryer aside and crouched down to retrieve my wireless external drive that had recorded everything today. As I crouched down, my very sore and throbbing naked bottom touched the cold, hard cement floor of the garage. The shock caused me to push my hips forward and I lost my balance, falling backwards onto the cement. The pain of the initial shock was then multiplied tenfold and I rolled onto my side, crying out as the throbbing pain sharpened.

I’m not sure how long I lay there, whimpering and crying, remembering Helen’s paddle but eventually I managed to pick up the external drive and take it inside. I was so tempted to see what was on it, but then I remembered Mary wanted to see it first. I had cracked the video monitoring program code so that the automatic editing program would scan for the clearest views of faces. I hoped it worked.

The sound of Mary’s automatic garage door opener told me she was finally home. Picking up the external drive, I slipped through the back door to my garage and into the backyard. I walked past the hot tub that had started all of this and just shook my head at the way things turned out when she caught me naked in it. After a minute or so, Mary appeared in the bright yellow sweater and black skirt she’d worn to work. Her red hair was tied up in tight bun, making her look like an austere mature librarian. She smiled and it made me weak in the knees. She was so beautiful. She opened her sliding glass door and waved me inside.

She greeted me the way she always did with a big, wonderful embrace and a deep kiss that always sent sparks through my body. As always, she towered over me even after kicking off her heels and her arms just wrapped me up and pulled me in – it felt so safe being held by her. Taking my hand she led me to her kitchen table. Sitting herself down, she turned me around and bent me over, saying, “Alright, let’s get a look at your little bottom.”

Mary’s fingers caressed the welts and bruises for a moment. “My goodness! She did a number on you, didn’t she? Looks like you’ll be sore for the next three or four days.”

“She used a paddle,” I told her, “twice.”

Using her hands, she spread my cheeks wide and looked at my reddened anus. “She put something inside your bottom, too, didn’t she? Oh I can’t wait to see what happened.”

I turned around and handed her the hard drive. Taking her laptop out of her purse, she told me to plug in the drive. As it siirt escort was supposed to do, the drive synced with her laptop and started downloading the captured video. After a few minutes, it was complete.

Mary led me into her bedroom and we climbed onto the bed. Putting a couple of big, fluffy pillows behind her, she sat up against the headboard. She sat her laptop on the bed next to her and then pulled me up next to her on the opposite side. My head rested against the side of her soft breast.

“Now let mommy see what the mean lady did to her little boy,” Mary said, her fingers running through my hair. “Maybe mommy will get a few ideas!”

Mary started the video. She fast forwarded through images of me in a towel waiting for Helen to show up. When I answered the door, she played it at normal speed. Mary laughed when she saw Helen take my towel. As Helen pulled me over her lap for a hand spanking, Mary was starting to breathe heavy. I could tell she was getting aroused.

I was feeling quite the opposite. While being spanked is humiliating, I learned its far worse to watch myself getting spanked on a video. I seemed so weak and childish, crying and begging for Helen to stop. I reached up under Mary’s sweater and slid my fingers inside her bra. Without looking away from the video playing on her laptop, Mary slid off her sweater and unhooked her bra. I took her nipple in my mouth. She supported my head with her arm, letting me suckle.

As the video continued, Mary was getting more and more aroused. When she saw Helen pick up the butt plug, her hand slid down my back and her finger gently caressed my anus. As Helen inserted the plug in me on the video, Mary also penetrated me with her finger. I yelped at the same time as my video self yelped. I also became very erect at that moment and my hips gyrated, rubbing my erection against Mary’s skirt.

Remember what Helen had me do next, I released Mary’s nipple from my mouth and slid down her body. Pushing up her skirt, I pulled at her panties. Mary lifted her round bottom off the bed enough for me to slide her panties down and off her legs. With her skirt still up, I moved in between her legs and put my mouth against her vulva. My tongue and lips found her clitoris quickly.

Mary’s moans became stronger and one of her hands grabbed my hair to rub my face against her very wet crotch. Soon my face was sticky wet with her juices. Using my fingers, I penetrated her vagina and found her g-spot. Rubbing it slowly but firmly, her moans soon became louder and louder. Her hips were grinding against my face so hard my jaw began to ache. When Helen came on the video, Mary had her orgasm, soaking my face and the bed. Later I learned that Mary had squirted, the first time she ever had a female ejaculation.

Pulling me up against her, she said, “I want you face down over my lap!”

I thought she was going to spank me siirt escort bayan but she had other plans. With her fingers soaking wet from her own juices, she slid first one, then two fingers inside my anus to stroke my prostate. She held me like that as she continued to watch the video.

It was then that Mary heard Helen refer to her as an “old bitty”. Mary’s body tensed up at that and her fingers stopped for a second. I could tell she didn’t like that comment.

Within a moment or so, Mary’s fingers began moving again inside my rectum, caressing my prostate. It wasn’t long before a steady stream of fluid was leaking from my erection. It seemed like I was having a slowed down ejaculation that lasted an hour rather than a few seconds. Our fluids pooled together on the bed, adding to the growing wet spot between her legs.

At some point, Mary turned me over, opened her shirt and pushed her nipple into my mouth. With one of her hands continuing to rub my prostate, her other hand slid down between us to play with her clit. I closed my eyes and tried to concentrate on suckling her but I could hear the sounds from her laptop of the second time Helen paddled me. I didn’t have to look. My bottom was still red and sore from it. I knew I was over Helen’s lap with her strong left arm holding me in place while her right hand spanked my bare bottom with rapid strokes. What surprised me was how weak and broken I sounded, sobbing and begging for her to stop.

I could feel Mary’s hand moving faster and faster on her clitoris. I released her nipple from my mouth and adjusted so that we were face to face. With two of her fingers pushing further and further into my rectum, I wrapped my arms around her neck and kissed her. She opened her mouth wide and slid her tongue inside my mouth. I felt her lick my own tongue. The combination of the kiss, her fingers on my prostate, hearing the sounds of myself being paddled on the video and the smell and fell of Mary masturbating pushed me over the edge. I shuddered with a powerful orgasm but no semen spurted from my erection. Mary had already drained me completely of fluids.

Mary had an orgasm at the same time I did. Her body shook and she sucked in so hard against my mouth that it bruised my lips. After she shook a couple of times, she pulled her fingers out of my rectum, laid me flat on my back on her bed, then she moved so that her knees were on opposite sides of my head, straddling me.

“Suck my pussy,” she said in a harsh whisper, shocking me with her language. “Suck my pussy, until I cum again.”

She lowered herself onto my face. Her entire crotch was even wetter than it had been before. I tried to suck on her clitoris but she was grinding so fast and hard that I was licking her clit, her pussy and her bottom. Every few seconds or so, my tongue would push into her vagina or into her anus and she would take a deep breath and moan. escort siirt After a few minutes of this grinding, she had another orgasm, again she squirted but this time my face was directly under her. The clear liquid of her female ejaculation squirted into my eyes, up my nose, into my mouth and covered my face. I felt like I was drowning and panicked.

Mary’s response was to drop her entire weight onto me so I couldn’t move. I could feel her belly on my chest and her breasts on my own belly. She took my erection into her mouth and held it there, giving me a constant sense of warm pressure, until the last of her orgasm convulsions stopped. When she finally released my erection from her mouth and rolled off of me, I was lightheaded and we both lay there sucking in deep breaths.

Mary was the first to recover. She got up off the bed and grabbed my hand. Taking us to her bathroom, she turned on the shower and pushed me inside. As she soaked under the hot water, she gave me the wash cloth. I soaped it up and washed ever inch of her above the waist. Mary then did something I never expected. Spreading her feet wide, she closed her eyes, and urinated onto the shower floor. I stood there watching the yellow stream of piss flow from her pussy, hit the shower floor, then flow down the drain.

She kissed me and fondled my penis, which was now erect again. After the kiss, she whispered, “Finish washing mommy.”

After soaping up the washcloth again, I washed off her below the waist, paying particular attention to her crotch. When I’d look up, she’d just smile at me.

After she rinsed off, she took the wash cloth and began washing me off. With her forefinger and thumb, she took my penis into her hand. Looking me in the eye, she said, “Go ahead, make pee pee for mommy.”

It took a moment for my prostate to relax, but eventually I began to pee. She aimed my urine at the drain where her own had gone. When I was finished, she finished washing me off, telling me, “That’s a good boy.”

After the shower, we were both exhausted so we lay in her bed talking. She was caressing my face and asked, “Do you like it when Helen spanks your naked little bottom?”

I didn’t know what to say. If I denied it, then that would be a lie. If I answered truthfully and admitted that I got a sexual thrill out of it, it might hurt Mary’s feelings.

She saw the look of confusion on my face. “Don’t worry,” she told me, “I know you enjoy it. I know you like being stripped naked by a bigger, dominating woman who will spank you and shove things in your naughty little bottom. Your little penis was always hard, so I know!”

My face blushed with embarrassment.

Mary put her arms around me, cuddling me, making me feel safe. “Tomorrow I want you to call Helen and ask when she can see you again. When she tells you, let me know.”

“Okay,” I said, “but why?”

“Because this ‘old bitty’ wants to surprise her,” she said to me, smiling, “and it’s a surprise she’ll remember.”

I started to get nervous wondering what Mary would do. I asked her for more details, but she wouldn’t give me any. She just pulled me close next to her big, warm body and told me, “Go to sleep and leave everything to mommy.”

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Down But Still Up For Fun Ch. 01

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There are no characters in this story less then age eighteen, This story is a complete fiction, any resemblance to any person living, or dead is purely coincidental, and was not the intent of the author.


It was my eighteenth summer. I graduated from high school at the very top of my class of 484 students. I earned a scholarship to Stanford, but that would only pay for books and tuition. The normal living expenses, like room and board, I would have to pay out of my own pocket.

I had no parents to help pay my way. Both were killed in an accident, years before. I was raised in foster care since I had no other kin that I knew of.

I was a star athlete through high school, playing both football and track. So it seemed to me the most logical way to make money would be to use my physical strength to work on some farm helping with the harvest. That was what I was doing now: walking along a country road looking for a summer job.

The morning was very warm as I walked along and when I came upon a wooded area I was grateful for the shade. Since the road was graveled it was easier to walk down the center, where the gravel was pushed aside. On the side of the road, the going was much tougher, there the stones were two to three inches deep.

I was walking along enjoying the comparative coolness under the trees that covered this stretch of the road, rather then the hot summer sun. I must have been day dreaming or something, because all of a sudden there was the screech of brakes right behind me.

I turned my head but it was too late to react because I felt tremendous pain just below both my knees and the next thing I remember, I was laying on my back in the ditch, and the face of a woman looking like an angel, peering down at me, with a worried look on her pretty face. She knelt down beside me, and felt over my body to try and assess how much damage had been done to my body.

After feeling over my body she said, “Don’t move. I’m a nurse and I have some emergency medical supplies in my trunk.” She disappeared but soon returned and again knelt beside me. The first thing she did was to gently clean the blood and dirt from my face. “Just a few minor scrapes here,” she said.

“My legs,” I moaned, fighting to stay conscious.

She gently felt down my legs, starting from my upper thighs and slowly feeling her way down.

I gasped when she came to the area just below my knee and she stopped with the one leg and started feeling down the other. Once again I cried out, when she touched the same area on the other leg.

When she had finished with her examination she looked down at me, brushing a lock of my hair out of my eye she said, “I think you have one or possibly two broken legs. I’m going to get something to splint them with, and take you to the hospital.

She came back with four pieces of strait wood about a yard long. She put them along the damaged area of my legs, and secured them tight with four ace bandages for each leg. Now she said, “Can you sit up? I’m going to have to drag you to the back seat of my car.”

With me helping as much as I could, by pushing myself along using my arms, she got me to the side of her car. It was a large, four-door, American car. With a lot of pain and difficulty, she managed to get me up into the back of the car, and I pulled myself across, keeping my legs on the seat. She elevated them with some cushions and told me to lay back down.

Then off we went to the hospital.


When we arrived at the emergency room, she left me in the car and went inside.

I think I must have passed out or gone to sleep, because the next thing I remember was looking up at a doctor and two nurses working on my legs.

They must have given me something for the pain because I was not in any discomfort at all. Except for the fact that my clothes were gone, and I was in one of those horrid hospital gowns. I was cold and started to shiver, one of the nurses wrapped me in a warm blanket.

When the doctor finished his work, he looked down at me and said, “You have two broken legs there, my boy. It is a clean break, though, so it should heal just fine. It will just take a little time, that’s all.” I put two walking casts on you, so at least you will be able to walk around, with the use of crouches.

“The lady that hit you is a nurse. She works at this hospital and said she would look in on you in a little while. I think I will be keeping you with us for a day or two. I may just as well put you in her ward.”

“Right now she is telling the police what happened. I’m sure they will want to talk to you as soon as you are able.”

“It was all my own fault. I was walking down the middle of the road instead of the side,” I tried to explain.

“Well, you can talk to the police tomorrow. Right now I’m going to give you a shot that will put you to sleep for a few hours,” the doctor said.


When I awoke I was laying in a hospital bed. The room was dark except for the light from the medical monitor screen. I had no idea what time samsun escort it was but I could tell it was night, since no light came through my window blind. I was terribly thirsty. I lay there quietly, but looking around the room in the dim light. I found what looked like a TV control clipped to my pillow. One of the buttons said “nurse” and I pushed that.

I lay back on my pillow and waited. A few minutes passed and the door opened and in walked the same pretty woman the had hit me with her car. “Good evening,” she said and came to my bedside. I looked up at her pretty smiling face and asked for a drink of water. She filled a glass with ice-water from a pitcher on my night stand and handed it to me.

I drank it down greedily and asked her for more.

She refilled the glass and gave me a second drink. “Do you remember me?” she asked sweetly, as I drank the water.

“Yes,” I said. “You’re the lady that taught me not to walk down the middle of the road.”

When she smiled her eye seemed to sparkle. “Yes, but not quite the way you said it,” she said. ” I was traveling a little too fast. I asked the Doctor to assign you to my floor so I could keep a special eye on you.”

“Well I’m sure glad that you did. It will make being hurt almost fun to have a beautiful woman like you watching over me.”

“I don’t know what I’m going to do after I’m released though. You see I have no family to care for me.”

“You let me worry about that, Jimmy. You name is Jimmy, right? It says so here on your chart.”

“Yes it is,” I said, “And what is your name?”

“My name is Carol, I’m the head night nurse on this floor.

What did you mean, when you told me not to worry about what happens after I’m released form this hospital?” I really have no family and no place to go after I’m released.

“I meant that you can stay at my house. It is the least I can do after running you over with my car. Besides it will be nice to have a strong handsome man around the house,” she flirted and gently touched my arm with her soft hands.

Now how can a normal young guy turn down an offer like that? I smiled up at her and she smiled right back, but this time there was something strange in her smile. Was it a promise of other things to come? I couldn’t be sure, but it was a bit disarming all the same.

“Right now, though, young man, I want you to get some sleep. You are pretty banged up, and sleep is the best medicine for you.”

She touched my face and shushed me. She bent over and gave me a gentle kiss. Then she was gone.


I slept right through the night until breakfast. A candy striper came in carrying my breakfast tray. “Good morning, sleepyhead,” she said, as put my tray on the bedside table. “How do you feel this morning?”

I tried to smile, but I’m just not a morning person, at least not until I’ve had a cup of coffee. “I feel like I’m wired for sound,” I complained, referring to all the wires and things attached to me. “Every time I move, I get all tangled up. Is it really necessary to have all these wires monitoring me, twenty four hours a day?”

“You poor thing,” she said sympathetically. “I’ll ask the head nurse, but they like to keep an eye on you. At least for the first twenty four hours of your stay. Other wise they would be in here every few minutes to take your vitals.”

She told me to lift my head and she fluffed my pillow, pushing her rather large breasts into my face. “Now, how was that?” she asked with a sly smile on her lips. She knew exactly what she was doing, and enjoyed her little teasing game as much as I did.

“Mm, delicious,” I groaned, “you can fluff my pillow anytime.”

Again, she treated me to a teasing grin. “The night nurse said you were someone very special and that I should take good care of you. I certainly will enjoy doing just that for such a good looking guy like you. I only wish I had seen you first” she said, then moved her finger tip down the caress the bulge under the sheet that was my growing cock; it jumped at her erotic touch. She giggled, then licked her lips in the most sensual way.

“By the way,” I asked, trying to get myself under control. “What is the night nurse’s name?”

“Carol,” she grinned. “She is my big sister, but only in age. Actually I’m much bigger then she is,” pushing her big breasts toward me and shaking them just a little. My name is Mercy. We share a house not far from where she hit you. “I’m so looking forward to having you,” she laughed, “as a house guest I mean.”

Mercy walked toward the door, just before she left, she turned back toward me and smiled a wicked smile. “I’ll be back later to give you your bath, and maybe my special massage,” she winked and left the room.

I ate my meal of tasteless hospital food and tried to relax watching the morning news on the television set above my bed. The thought of that teasing little vixen Mercy, kept creeping into my thoughts. It was hard to settle down. I still had the raging hard-on that Mercy had given me and there was no way I could get the thought of escort samsun her out of my mind and get my cock under control.

After a few minutes I began feeling the urge to relieve my bladder. I looked around the bed side stand to see if there was a urinal pot to do so, but there was none. I hated to do so since my hard-on was if anything worse than it was before, but if I didn’t want the embarrassment of wetting the bed I had no other choice. I pushed the button marked “nurse” on the remote and waited.

A few seconds latter Mercy, came into the room. “Are you finished with our gourmet breakfast.” she joked and then made a gagging gesture.

I had to laugh at her antics. “No, no,” I said “I have to pee and need a little help.”

“Mmmmm,” she purred, stepping over to the bed, and closing the curtains behind her. “She reached down and caressed the bulge of my cock and whispered, “would you like me to hold it for you, or lick it clean when you are done?” Her eyes twinkled with invitation, and she undid the top two buttons of her smock.

My cock had become at least 8 ½, inches long and hard as a rock. I could only moan at her touch. It was ecstasy and torture all at the same time. And little miss Mercy, was not showing me any, with her seductive antics.

“Oh please I have to pee so bad,” I cried. “If you keep that up you will have me peeing and cumming all over the bed, at the same time. I need something to pee in right now and then you can do as you like with me.”

Mercy skipped into the bathroom and returned with a stainless steel urine potty in no time. I think you may still need my help since you have such a stiffy. She pulled the sheet off me and exposed my erection. “Oh my such a beautiful piece of man equipment you have here. I’m really going to enjoy playing with it when you stay with us.” She aimed the end of my cock into the mouth of the urine pot and told me to let it flow.

It was just in the nick of time, too. She had just pushed my cock head into the mouth of the pot, when the dam burst. “Ooh, it’s so warm and it comes out of you so fast, I wish that it was cum. I love to taste a man’s fresh warm goo, and then rub it all over my face. It’s really good for a woman’s skin, you know. Mmmmm, you look so yummy, I can hardly wait.”

At last the flow slowed and finally stopped. I let out a sigh, now that the pressure was released from my bladder.

“Oh my, you almost filled it,” she chattered as she took it into the bathroom and emptied the contents into the toilet and flushed it away. She washed her hands and returned to my bedside. “I’ll be right back” she whispered, with a wink, as she checked to see that the door was locked.

She returned to my bedside and smiled down at me. Still smiling she undid the rest of the buttons of her smock slowly, one at a time, exposing her giant breasts, barely hidden in her lacy bra. She pushed them out at me and smiled down at me, “They are big, no? Much bigger the Carol’s and they love to be sucked on,” having said this, she undid the hook between the two DDD cups and leaned over my face, almost smothering me in the mountains of warm firm flesh. “Oh, suck my nipples ,Jimmy. They love to be loved.” Her breathing came in gasps as she ground her hips into the side of the bed.

I opened my mouth and took as much of her nipple that I could. She pushed more breast into my mouth, almost smothering me with her flesh. It took both my hands to push enough breast flesh back so I could breathe. Then I concentrated on just the nipple licking and sucking like a starved infant. She changed over and I did the same with the other breast.

“God, I have to cum. I’m going crazy….. I just have to cum.”

I told her to take off her panties and lift up her skirt.

She did so in just a couple of seconds and stepped in close to the bed again. I reached down with my right hand and started gently rubbing her enlarged clitoris with the tip of my finger. She humped my hand like a mad woman. Grabbing my wrist and moving it in and out faster and harder.

Oh my God, what magical fingers you have ,Jimmy, if you hand feels this good, I’ll go insane with your big cock in me. Oh just a little more, baby, I’m almost there. Please don’t stop now. Here it comes ,it is almost got me. Just keep moving those wonderful fingers in me. Oh my god, oh my god. I cummmmmmmmm, oh baby, I cummmm.” She collapsed right over the bed and me in it. She was gasping and shaking from head to toe.

I gently smoothed her hair with my hands. Caressing her body while she lay helpless across the bed. Saying soothing things to her. Finally she regained her composure and gradually started breathing normally once again. It was strange that I had not climaxed, but somehow I felt content. And my horny feelings were replaced with a sort of tenderness felt toward this sexy little nymph. I knew my time would come and I was content to wait.

Mercy regained her composure and stood up, she straightened her skirt, hooked her bra, then buttoned her smock. She went into the bathroom, washed her face, and combed her hair. samsun escort bayan When she came back into the room she unlocked the door, but before she left she told me that I was the best most unselfish lover she had ever been with. “I promise you that I’ll take care of you later after I finish my rounds. Then all business-looking, she left, taking my breakfast tray with her.

I went back to watching some boring television show. Waiting for Mercy to come back and fulfill her promise to, “to take care of me,” as she had put it.


After about an hour or so my room door opened and in walked the head nurse. She was very stern and professional. I knew right away that this woman would not put up with any nonsense on her watch. She looked like an English school marm out of a Charles Dickens novel.

“My name is Ms. Penny,” she said with some emphasize to the Ms. “I’m the head nurse on this floor. How are you feeling this morning?”

“I’m feeling alright, I guess, Ma’am.”

“Are your legs causing you any pain?” she asked gruffly.

“No, not particularly,” I said “It is very uncomfortable with all of these wires and things attached to my body.”

“Every one of those wires are necessary to monitor your condition, young man. I hope you have not been fooling with them. Have you??!” It was an accusation not really a question.

“No Ma’am, Heaven forbid.” I over-emphasized, poking just a little fun at her. It seemed to go right over her head.

She folded her arms across her breastless chest and looked at me like I was some sort of bug to be squashed.

I looked back with a sheepish grin, like a bad boy who had been caught with his hand in the cooky jar.

Finally she turned on her heel and marched out.

I gave out a sigh of relief when she was gone. “Hm, I guess I failed inspection,” I said to myself, “no weekend pass for you soldier.”

I went back once more to the televison.


About an hour or more later the door opened and in came Mercy, pushing a little four-wheel cart with a wash basin and towels on it. When she entered she locked the door behind her and came over to my bed.

“It is time for your sponge bath, Jimmy,” she said smiling sweetly. “I’m sorry it took a while but I had to wait until the coast was clear.”

“Are you sure?” I asked? “What about old Ms. Penny? The bitch nurse from hell.”

“Oh, you met her, did you?” She grinned. “We call her, the wicked witch of the west wing. Yes she is gone for a while. She is down in administration filling out medical reports. She will be gone for hours. Everyone else that is working this floor is cool, so we are free to do as we please for a while anyway. She unbuttoned her smock this time right down and shrugged it off. Then the skirt was removed. She hadn’t replaced her soiled panties so just her garter belt and bra were left. She unhooked the bra and let it fall. For the moment she left the garter belt and stockings since her pussy was already exposed and dripping.

“Oh wow! You look fantastic,” I said, reaching behind me to try and untie my hospital gown.

“Now hold on there tiger, cleanliness is next to sexiness. If it does not say that in the good book it should.” She laughed and helped me untie the gown. “Oh my, what a hard body,” she said and her hands smoothed over my shoulders and down my pecs. “I am going to eat you alive, then I’ll fuck your brains out. First though, let’s get you clean. It is a good excuse for me to tease myself by feeling all over you.”

She dropped a face cloth into the warm sudsy water. She squeezed out the extra water and started with my back and shoulders. She pushed her lush breasts into my face while doing so. I felt like I was in heaven.

I reached up and caressed the warm soft mountains. I brushed just my fingertips ever so lightly over her nipples, while my face was buried d between the two Jupiter-sized globes.

“Oh you are a naughty little boy, aren’t you though? Well, mommy doesn’t mind a bit. She knows how to handle bad boys like you.”

She reached for that soft towel and dropped the wash cloth into the basin, and started to dry my back, still rubbing her big breasts into my face. Now Mercy stood up straight and took the wash cloth out of the basin and rinsed out some of the water. “Now lay back and I’ll wash your front,” she said, pushing me gently back down on my pillow. Mercy started with my arms and hands, first one then the other. She dried them with her towel, and started washing my throat and chest. I think she took special pleasure in feeling the muscles. Often she put the wash cloth down and used her bare hands, touching and feeling wherever she pleased. She stopped at my waist, and reached for her towel. When my upper body was dry she smiled down at me, with the same sparkle in her eyes that I saw earlier that morning. “Now,” she said “it is time to wash my favorite muscle.” She washed my hips and down my thighs to the top of the casts. She rinsed out the cloth again and took the bar of soap and lathered to cloth up really good. Smiling down at me she gently washed my balls and cock, making sure she got a good lather on both. When my cock was well lubricated with lather, she dropped the cloth into the basin and took my cock into her hands and slowly started to masturbate it. She reached under it with the other hand, and tickled my ball sack with her fingertips.

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My Summer with Lisa Pt. 01

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Standing in my backyard, coffee in hand , I survey the large garden. Feeling proud of my achievement. Lost in my thoughts….

“Hi there neighbour.” I jump. Hearing the voice behind me, I quickly turn.

“I didn’t mean to scare you” giggling, “Sorry.”

I’m looking into the eyes of a very beautiful young woman, my eyes quickly giving her the once over. Young compared to me at least as I’m 73. But saying she is incredibly beautiful is the understatement of the ages. I try focusing on her eyes and look into her face hoping she isn’t noticing my wandering eyes.

“My names Lisa. pleased to meet you neighbour.”

Caught by surprise but overcoming my shock at seeing someone this early in the morning, “Ahhhh, Ummm. Hi I’m Ken, your neighbour” laughing and realizing how corny that sounds.

“Yeah, I know. Mom and dad told me. I’m just heading out for my morning run and saw you standing here. Wanted to say ‘Hi’, so Hi,” laughing. “You have a lovely quiet yard. I love your garden and flowers. It’s gorgeous and I’ve snuck over a couple times to read. It’s so peaceful.”

I smile, “Hey Lisa. That’s so nice for you to say. I’m glad you’ve enjoy it. Anytime you wanna come over you’re welcome. An early morning jog, eh.” I raise an eyebrow, “I see. Hence the reason for the spandex.” Immediately feeling stupid at my gaff. Trying to recover from my silly remark. “Is that what they call it?”

Feeling stupid now, thinking she may take offence at me having eyeballed her body.

I’m about to apologize, but Lisa laughs and turns her body around in a circle giving me quick view. “Pretty nice eh Ken” smiling at me. I’m blushing, my face turning red. She’s a spunky little girl and, obviously, very outgoing.

“Its okay Ken. I’m used to being gawked at. I even like it.”

“I’d have to say a 10 out of 10,” laughing “and yeah, I bet you do ,get gawked at. Men who fantasize about fucking you Lisa.” Immediately sorry I said that, but before I can apologize Lisa responds with, “Too bad for them, I’m particular. I prefer older men.” To which my heart jumps. Too bad I’m not capable of arousal. “Glad we got that clarified” I say, but thinking, ‘what a waste for me.’

“Well if I was a youngin at college I’d probably wanna” my voice trails off mumbling “you too.” We laugh.

“I’m more into oral sex. Well, best I get to my running.”

“How long you gonna be?” attempting to recover from my awkwardness. “I’ll have some fresh coffee on for when you get back, if you drink it.”

“Oh yeah, that would be great. About 45 minutes” answering my question. Then repeating “By the way you have a beautiful garden and gorgeous flowers. I love it. Bye for now see ya later.”

She turns and quickly disappears around the house. I grab a lawn chair and quickly sit.

Muttering to myself, “Whew, what just happened?” My arm brushing against my flaccid penis. I reflect. Its 6 am. The beginning of another sunny warm day. I’m enjoying my coffee, surveying my fiefdom, as I’ve come to call it, when suddenly this gorgeous young woman invades my world. My stupid remarks not withstanding, the vision I have in my mind now of her standing before me, about 5 feet 9 inches tall, slender build, shoulder length brunette hair, two pointy breasts, the nipples poking her top, slim waist and a “perfect” butt with long muscular legs. “Oh my goodness” I continue muttering, my penis still attempting arousal and failing, as the vision continues occupying my mind. “Never mind fucking her,” looking down at my limp penis “I’d much rather dive in and eat her out. My specialty.” Laughing. “Seems she likes it too.” Yes, she is certainly a forward and brazen young lady who like my yard and garden. I know cos she said so, twice. Should make for an eventful summer. And she likes older men, for which I qualify. Now, if I could only convince my Cock. Gotta do something about this ‘lack of arousal’ problem.

I finish my coffee and putz in the garden for a bit.


Forty five minutes later I’m in the kitchen as the coffee finishes brewing.

“I’m back” Lisa knocks and walks right into the house.

“Wow, does that ever smell good, smells strong too. My fav.”

“Yep, you got that right Lisa. Only way to drink it.” Pouring here a cup.

She grabs the cup, sips the coffee, “Oh double WOW” in a raised voice. Then adding “You’re my best friend for life,” moving into the dining room. “C’Mon” waving me to follow. Five minutes with her and I feel alive, really alive, again.

“Well thank you Babe” wondering how she’ll react to me calling her that, hoping I’m not being too forward. She giggles, that contagious giggle again. I luv it.

She plunks herself down in a chair crossing her legs. “Good run?” I ask her trying to initiate the conversation and not be caught staring at her camel toe pussy lips, thinking ‘lord help me.’ My mouth watering for the taste of her nectar. Trying desperately to control myself.

“Sure was. I like running, sivas escort and walking too, when I come home. It’s so quiet and peaceful and no one bothers you and I might add, not quite as peaceful as being in your garden and flower beds.”

“Well, now you are my best friend for life” I say. “That means a lot to me, you saying that.”

“Well, It’s true.” she smiles and sips her coffee. “So what’s your story Ken, if you don’t mind me asking?”

“Have you got a couple hours?” I ask smiling.

“I have all day”, unfolding her legs, “But first I gotta change out of these clothes” jumping out of her chair. Before I get a word out, she yells “Be right back, make more coffee please” as she exits the house. And she’s gone. I’m tired just watching her.

Five minutes later she returns with new clothes in her arms.

“My mom’s still sleeping, can I shower here please?’ I nod yes. “Be right back.” And off she goes. I sit down slumping in the chair, feeling tired just watching her.

Ten Minutes Later Lisa reappears, her hair tied up in a towel, and dressed in a ……….

My eyes pop out of head, not even pretending to hide my ogling, and for the second time in an hour the bulge in my jeans grows, tries to grow. I quickly sit down, attempting to hide my discomfort.

My mind races….is this woman for real? Is she intentionally trying to arouse me? My gawd this hasn’t happened in years. Since my heart surgery five years ago and the heart medication I’m prescribed, in particular the beta blockers. The effect this has in my ability to become aroused is the major drawback. I’m alive, yes, but is it worth it? I’ve often wondered.

Then along comes today and my encounter with Lisa. I’m confused.

….. Lisa is wearing a T shirt, which she tied around her breasts, exposing her midriff and a pair of short shorts, tight denim shorts, cut off jean shorts, like really cut off, exposing her long muscular legs, her face covered with and the most beautiful innocent smile. “Voila” she shouts, and again doing a twirl, “pretty hot stuff, eh?”

With that my suspicions arise, thinking ‘what is this girl playing at?’ Sitting in her chair she breaks me out of my trance, “Is there anymore coffee Ken?”

I gulp. “Yep, there sure is” and stand, moving toward the coffee, all the time thinking how much I would like eating her. Never mind she is only 23, fifty years younger than me. Besides who cares. Oral Sex isn’t age dependent. This thought keeps sweeping around in my head, certainly not helping to reducing my rapid heart beat.


Background: Lisa

Driving home from Uni.

Finally, the college semester has ended and I can go home for the summer and just lay around and relax. It’s so peaceful back home. Sure I’ll miss my girlfriend Julie but even she has become too possessive. It’s been kinda fun playing around with her and pretending we’re lesbians. Keeps the jock studs away. But even she is becoming stale and too possessive. I do love how she goes down on me and the sensations she ignites in my body, the orgasms, but her desire to keep me all to herself is getting to be a bore. She definitely introduced me to the art of oral sex and the immense pleasure it brings. Much better than some guy ramming me with his cock. That’s for sure. Someday maybe I’ll find an older more gentle mature man who knows what he’s doing, and I’ll explore my options. Laughing. Am I confused or what? An older man who has some money too. Wouldn’t that be nice? Oh well, one of these days. Giggling.

Mom said there is a nice old man living next door to them in their new house with the most beautiful flower beds and garden. I love flowers.

My hand slips over my tummy and comes to rest on my Pussy, gently applying pressure and rubbing it, my fingers stroking the lips through the thin material. Closing my eyes, I gasp and quickly sit up straight, muttering to myself ‘behave yourself Lisa.’ Pulling into the driveway I glimpse a skinny older man out of the corner of my eye. Thinking, ‘I wonder what he’s like?’ giggling. ‘He doesn’t look that old.’


Pouring Lisa’s coffee, my surprise poor excuse for a semi erection now subsiding, my heart no longer racing, my mind no longer thinking about going down on her. I move back into the dining room handing Lisa her coffee before sitting down.

“So Lisa what’s your story? The readers digest version” Laughing.

“Well, I’m 23, in university studying Law. Dad’s a financial advising vice president and an asshole. His name is Rob, and mom, Melanie, is a slut who doesn’t deserve a husband.”

I choke and spit some coffee. “Well It’s true.” she says. “And now that I just got home for the summer they have decided to travel to Europe with their friends for a month or two.” Making a face. “Leaving me here all alone.”

“So Ken, what’s your story? You were going to tell me, remember?”

“My sivas escort bayan wife and I had lived here for 15 years, married or 44 years until she passed away a year ago.”

She interrupts with a “Oh, I’m so sorry.”

“Yeah, it was rough. Still is,” I respond “But we had a good life together. You remind me a little of a young Pam. You know, happy and spunky.”

“I had open heart surgery five years ago after suffering a small stroke. That pretty much ended our sex life. You know, making love. Thank gawd we had oral sex to rely on. Saved the day.” Laughing. “More information than you need I guess. After my wife past away a year ago I was going to move into a smaller house but the ‘gardening’ bug she introduced me too grabbed a hold of me. So here I am.”

“Wow, so glad you decided to stay here. Your garden is, like I already said, so beautiful and peaceful. And you don’t look like you’ve had a stroke. Are there any negative affects you suffer with?” Her question is innocent enough. Her inquisitiveness surprises me. But, the emotion of not being able to ……….say anything overwhelms me. I begin sobbing.

“Ummm, well I can’t..umm….you know….Oh never mind. I don’t like talking about it.” becoming defensive and teary eyed. “Sorry Lisa. Maybe you should go on home now.”

Lisa jumps up “I’m sorry Ken. Did I say something wrong?” I hang my head and wave her away.

“Lisa, you are welcome to enjoy the garden whenever you want.” The outside door closes. I break into crying, the tears running down my cheek.


Back at home now. Her mom awake, dad gone to work. Lisa mumbles something to her on her way to her computer in the bedroom. Trying to hide the fact, she is visibly upset at what just happened with Ken. ‘That poor guy. I wonder what nerve I struck with him? What is it I said? The negative side effects I bet’

She begins digging for info on the computer. She had noticed while in his bathroom there was some prescription drugs on a shelf, one of them being a beta locker. Ken had specifically mentioned that when talking about his stroke and heart surgery. It doesn’t take long and Lisa knows exactly what caused Ken to become so emotional. The drugs have affected his ability to become aroused, to get a hard on, to make love. No wonder he’s depressed. Lisa thinks, ‘Boy, men all funny. Even at his age. What did he say, 73, and he still wants to have an erection.’ Lisa leans back and thinks about that for awhile. Good thing he likes oral sex though. Sounds like it helped his marriage. This brings a smile to Lisa’s face. I know what you mean Ken, she thinks. I like oral sex too, Like, I really like oral sex especially when I’m the recipient. I’ll have to remember to ask him more about his thoughts on eating pussy. This brings a smile and a giggle. ‘Naughty girl’.

Sitting up suddenly, she phones a friend at Uni who is a herbalist. She has an idea, one she heard about at university. The herbalist explains and tells Lisa about a new Asian Herbal. Sure enough, there is a solution for Ken’s problem. There is no reason why he shouldn’t be able to have a hard on and cum and make love. No reason at all in her mind. He’s just too nice and has been so friendly to her, even allowing her to visit his garden. Even when he was so distressed he thought about her. Hmmmm, she thinks. Thinking, “Help is on the way Ken.” Is this a reason though , to be be so concerned about him? Why is he so important to me, that he have his sexual arousal rejuvenated? Maybe she’ll figure it out, but in the meantime all she needs to do is figure it out and activate her solution and really help Ken.

Lisa grabs a bite to eat and then tells her mom she is going out.

An hour later Lisa returns from the Herbal Store. She has what she needs and has formulated her plan. Looking in the mirror and smiling, “I’m going to fix your problem Ken and be your hero and your guinea pig.” Oh, that sounds awful. Giggling, one hand caressing her breasts, the other stroking her pussy.


Excitement grabs hold of Lisa as she ponders what she is about to do. Although the question remains, ‘Why is she doing what she is doing?’ ‘Why should she even care?’ After all, she barely knows the man, yet here she is giving a shit.

The next few days Lisa continues her early morning jogs, seeing Ken with his coffee in the backyard. Slipping the Herb into his coffee whenever she sees him with a cup of coffee and he’s not looking. She spends the remainder of her day reading and relaxing in Ken’s garden oblivious to the busy world she left behind. Is this nirvana? She giggles.

At the same time Ken continues living life as always. Well, not really. He still enjoys his morning coffee in his yard, putzing in his garden and just being generally bored. The big difference is saying ‘Hi’ escort sivas to Lisa and watching her from the house while she relaxes in his garden. Is he being a voyeur? Is this healthy behavior? Does he really care? He laughs. Probably not, but seeing her on a daily basis dressing as he does, in tight, really revealing tops and short shorts that creep half way up her butt certainly increases his excitement. Much better than the mundane, ordinary life I lead. Now if only he could make his body respond and alleviate his sexual frustration. The eye candy is nice but an erection would be nicer. ‘I haven’t jerked off in years” he thinks.

About a week after their first encounter.

“Knock knock knock.” “Hey Ken, are you home?” I peak around the corner, “Hey Lisa come on in as she brushes past me, her pointy breasts brushing my arm and sending a shiver through me. I gulp.

“What’s up? Just over for a visit? I’ll put the coffee on.”

“Yeah, great. Coffee is always a good idea, especially yours.” Smiling. “I wanna talk to you about something serious. Okay?”

I respond, “Umm, yeah okay,” sounding confused and sitting down opposite her. “Shoot”

“I’m really sorry I upset you the other day. I shouldn’t have been so inquisitive but I did some research. I AM in Uni you know” smiling “and I found out there is a solution for your problem. I wanna add, I didn’t mean to embarrass you but…”

“I didn’t realize I have a problem” but before elaborating Lisa continues, “c’mon Ken we both know you do and I wanna help you so please don’t interrupt me.”

“I spoke with a herbalist friend who said there is a herb that will restore your testosterone so you will be able to….ummm….get a hard on again… erection you know.”

I look at you, deeply into your eyes…..the shock, the surprise written on my face. “You certainly are a nosy and brazen woman, and I love you for it” and again the tears well up n my eyes and I burst out crying, hanging my head in my arms.

Lisa mutters, ‘and I thought it was women who did all the crying.’

Moved with compassion Lisa rises and walks over to me and wiggles onto my lap facing me. “I just wanna help you Ken and give you back your life. That’s all. It’s not complicated.” I drop my hand over your crotch and give a little rub, “Everyman should have an active manhood and become aroused,” smiling, “besides wouldn’t it be great if when you are staring at me and checking out my body you could be aroused. Be honest Ken, I turn you on and the thought of you jerking off while looking at me turns me on too.” Laughing. ” And since you think I’m nosy and brazen and too forward, I wanna know something else. Do you really enjoy oral sex, going down on a pussy, like you said?”

I give up. Is there nothing that’s sacred to this woman?

“Yep, sure do. As much as fucking is fun and enjoyable, for me oral sex is the coup d’état, and since we’re talking like this, you have an incredibly beautiful Ass. I’m also an Ass man as opposed to a Tit man. I Love a nice rounded bubble butt butt. As for oral sex, my wife sure loved it. In fact, a couple times she orgasmed so hard, multi orgasms I think, she couldn’t walk afterwards. Her legs were like rubber.” Looking whispery into the distance. “Whew, can’t believe I said all that.”

“Wow that is so intense. Julie never managed that with me. Multi Orgasms eh. Wow. Maybe we could….ummm…” her voice trails off.

I don’t know what to say to that. How am I supposed to respond? I nestle my head in your pointy breasts and cry like a baby soaking your tight green top with my tears. And like a good mommy with her child Lisa holds me tightly,

Lisa is thinking and smiling and knowing how much she loves older men, father figures. . A mature man, not some lil boy dipshit. And one who likes Oral Sex, going down. This is definitely nirvana, paradise. I kiss the top of your head and reach for my coffee cup. “It’s okay daddy, your babykins loves you.”


The following week I behave like I have a new lease on life. After Lisa confronted me and shared her concern for me, and what she was doing about it I became a new man with a spring in my step. I no longer questioned her actions or her reasons. None of it mattered. I resigned myself to the fact this young woman loved me and wanted for me to have the best life I could. It was a week in which we both acted like lil kids.

After our early morning coffee, mine spiked with the erection herbal. The name I coined for it. Instead of Lisa going jogging she wanted to help me with the gardening. We spent our mornings plucking weeds, trimming bushes and watering plants and each other. We goofed around, laughed and had a grand time. We sprayed each other with water, got muddy and didn’t have a care in the world. Spraying Lisa with water was like her being in a wet T shirt contest. It was wonderful and she couldn’t care less. In fact, I think she enjoyed it. I certainly did. With her pointy tits poking through the T shirt she just smiled and admired herself. At noon hour we showered and then enjoyed another beverage, mine spiked. During the afternoon Lisa pulled out the lounge chairs, sat and read. Or she’d throw a towel down on the lawn to lay down and read.

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