Magic Panties Ch.02 (sissy story) by noflon


Magic Panties Ch.02 (sissy story) by noflonThis story is a work of fiction, all characters are fictional and obviously the events are fake. Any inaccuracies between stories, accept the changes. You may reprint this as needed, just give credit to the author. Oh, and enjoy!Chapter 2: DiscoveryLet me recap for all of you. Two nights ago, I was stood up at a bar, and the next morning a box arrived at my door. Inside was a pair of black panties with a pink heart on the crotch and an 8in realistic dildo mounted on a suction cup. Strange right? I mean, I’m a tall lanky straight guy, with short brown hair, but what’s stranger is, I kept waking up from over sexed dreams, wearing the panties, all my body hair gone, and the dildo secured somewhere, clearly used… by me. I don’t know what happened to me, but I was going to find out.It was Thursday morning now, and the dream of being a French maid really alarmed me. Why was I sleep-sexing at night? I poured myself a cup of coffee and moved outside to my front porch to think about the events and try to enjoy the summer day. I wasn’t into the stuff in my dream; that was not me. Maybe it was from sexual frustration? I mean it had been a year since I got laid, so maybe my body just wants action, doesn’t matter from where.As I sat there, a delivery truck stopped in front of my house and the guy walked up and dropped off a package for me. I signed it and thanked him, and as he turned around, I called out, “Did you drop a package off here yesterday?”He looked puzzled, and then thought about it for a minute, “No, should you have gotten one?””I don’t even know if I should be getting this one.” I said, realizing I hadn’t ordered anything.The delivery man shrugged and walked back to his truck and drove off.I carried the package cautiously inside and placed it in the kitchen. This one was addressed to me properly, and mailed from a clothing shop from a few hours away. I had been there once with some chick I dated back in college. I opened the box and pulled away the packaging fluff. Inside was a white box with a pink heart on it. I was worried now. I took a deep breath and opened the box. Inside was a woman’s white button down shirt, and a plaid blue and black skirt. I looked back in the box, and found two other boxes. One was obviously a shoebox, and it contained knee high heeled black boots that laced all the way up the kind some sexy Goth chick would wear. The other contained a padded black lacy bra.I stared in awe at the clothes in front of me. I fumbled through the packaging and found the receipt. I had indeed ordered this and had it shipped express. I left the kitchen, leaving the clothes s**ttered on the table. This was too odd. Just then, I noticed the mail man putting a package into my mailbox. I had bought more stuff in one of the blackout moments. What happened to me?I quickly rushed outside and got the package and brought it inside. This one was from a costume shop a city over. Let me say, that I was scared to even open it, but I did. I had to know what I had bought. Inside was eyeliner, black lipstick, black nail polish, and a long black and green wig, and a black and purple wig with the hair in pigtails. I didn’t even know I liked Goth chicks, but I apparently had all the clothing to be one, and I was sure they all fit.I grabbed all the clothes, and went back up to my room and found my laptop near the bed. I logged on to see about returning these items. I had the receipts in my hand, but I paused. I walked over to the clothes, and looked at them lying in a pile on my bed. They were very sexy clothes, and I would be fully erect if a girl wearing them even looked at me. I took off my shirt, and looked at myself in the mirror. No sign of any of my body hair growing back, shouldn’t some of it be back? I took off my pants and froze.I was wearing the panties.They were still on me.I turned around in them, and had to admit they made my ass look good. I looked over at the clothes and grabbed the bra and put it on. They padding didn’t give much bust, but definitely more than the flat chest I had. Then I slipped on the skirt and the button short, the skirt went down about two or three inches passed my ass, and the shirt was tight on me. They both really showed off my form. I left the top two buttons opened to show off the top of my chest. Next I slipped on the boots and laced them up, and attempted to walk around in the heels. I was a natural. A few missteps, but I had it down before I finished a single loop around my room.I walked over to the mirror, izmir escort and to this day, I still can’t tell you how, but I was able to apply the lipstick and the eyeliner perfectly, like a natural. I slipped on the wig with the pigtails and looked at myself. I was a chick, I was a really smoking hot school girl slut, and there really needed to be a cock up my ass. I kept posing and checking myself out in the mirror, and my cock was getting hard. I reached under the skirt and freed my 7 inch cock from the panties, and started to stroke it.I kept watching myself in the mirror, I called myself a slut, a whore, I wanted cum so bad. What was happening to me? I stopped and looked at myself. I was dressed as a schoolgirl, jerking myself off, and it seemed natural. Why was I able to do all this? My cock was raging though, and my hand just started to move up and down the shaft. I couldn’t even stop myself from doing it.What the fuck was wrong with me?I looked back at myself in the mirror, and was so turned on. I was going to be such a great cock whore. I walked over to my dresser and grabbed my camera, and started to take pictures of myself in sexy poses, bending over the bed, showing off the panties and my giant cock. I took pictures with the dildo in my mouth, and then I wanted it up my ass. I attached it to the wall, and lubed it up, then turned around, pulled down the panties, and put it up against my ass.I grabbed the dildo and steadied it as it worked its way into my tight ass. It hurt as it stretched the muscle out, so I stopped and relaxed, then went further down, stopped, and repeated until the dildo was as far up my ass as I could stand. I then moved forward, feeling it back out through my ass, and then shoved it back in. I started to moan as I worked it back and forth in my ass. It was pure excitement. My cock became rock hard, hard as I’ve ever seen it, and in a few minutes, I shot a massive load of cum and caught as much of it as I could in the palm of my hand. I licked and gulped up the delicious cum. I was so horny though.I stood up and went over to the mirror and looked at myself, there was some cum on my chin, and it turned me on. I watched myself wipe off that lost drop of cum with my finger and lick it. I wanted the real thing. I wanted a real cock to suck on and fuck. I wanted to feel another man deep inside of me. I wanted to be used.A part of me wondered what was happening to me. My head began to spin. I sat back on the bed and tried to come to terms with all that’s been on my mind. There was too much, I fell backwards onto the bed and closed my eyes.I opened my eyes and felt weird. I sat up and saw I was still in my bed, still dressed up as a school girl, and still confused. Have I really become a crossdresser? I looked over at the dildo, but it wasn’t on the wall anymore. It was sitting on the dresser now. I didn’t remember moving it. I looked at my alarm clock and saw a few hours had passed. What did I do now?I got up and went over to the computer, and checked my recent history. I was a busy little whore. I posted my pictures on hookup sites, videos on amateur sites, and my god, I had e-mails, tons of e-mails from prospective daters. I even replied to one. I was shaking as I opened the e-mail conversation.The first one, “Hey there cutie, I see you’re in my area, and I may just have the cock for you.” There were pictures of the guy and his dick, it was big, bigger than my impressive penis. The guy looked young, clean shaven, longish hair, and overall not too bad.Did I just think that? I shuddered then read my reply, “Why hello there sexy, I think you have just what I need. I sent you a gift and if you like it, we should meet up.” Attached were more pictures of me, posing, showing off my ass and cock, and sucking the dildo off with glee.And of course, he liked it. He wanted to meet up, and are you surprised at all that my slut alter ego gave him my address and a time to come over? 6pm. I looked back at the alarm, it was just past 6. Maybe the guy won’t show I thought. I don’t want to have to weasel my way out of this, so I hoped that he didn’t really want to meet up.I walked over to the mirror to look at myself again, “I should really change out of these clothes.” I picked up the eye liner and started to fix it up a tad and reapplied the lipstick. And then I froze. I just fixed my makeup. I didn’t even think; I just did it. And then I heard it. The doorbell was ringing downstairs.I should’ve just ignored it, I should of lied down in bed, stripped out of these escort izmir clothes, and went back to bed, but I didn’t. I got giddy and ran downstairs to open the door. The guy stood in front of me, a little shorter than my height, but still really good looking.”Rachel?” They guy looked me up and down and grinned.””Hi.” I said, my voice coming out soft and feminine. “I see you found the place, Mark.””Oh yes.” He stood still for a moment, “You look so sexy.”I paused and was taken aback by this. No one ever called me sexy before, “Thank you, would you like to come in?”He nodded and I lead him into the TV room. “I hope I look good, this is my first time dressing up.” I said. Was I really going to do this, I felt like I had little control over my body.”You look sexy as hell, a natural.””I feel like one.” I giggled, “Would you like a drink?””Sure thing, sexy.” He eyed me up as I walked past him to the kitchen.I stopped in the kitchen and noticed that I had left the packaging from earlier still laying around. I felt bad leaving such a mess in view where my date could see it. Did I really think of this guy as a date? Was I really going to have sex with him? What had come over me?I walked over to the fridge and looked inside, thinking what I could even get the guy. Did I even want this? Whenever I really thought about it, my mind and body felt like they disagreed. Why was a I sleep walking, and what had I gotten myself into? I was nervous now, really nervous and then I heard Mark walk into the kitchen behind me.”Everything alright, Rachel? You seem nervous.””A little.” I muttered. I opened the fridge, “Is beer okay?””Of course.”I bent down and reached for a beer, when I felt a nice hard slap on my ass. I shot up to a standing position, my ass stung and I turned around to see Mark there. Oh god, that was exciting. I wrapped my arms around him and started to passionately kiss him on the lips. I felt his hands wrap around my back, and one move down to my ass and squeeze. I kissed him harder and pulled him closer. Our tongues swirled around each other, as his hands moved up and down my back, squeezing my ass, and then he slapped it again. I was his bitch tonight.Our lips became unlocked and I looked down into his eyes. I wanted to be used so badly tonight. His hands still explored my back and ass, and I could feel his erection poke in to my thigh, and I’m sure he felt mine. I smiled and reached down for his hard member. I rubbed it through the pants and became more aroused as I felt his penis become harder. I kissed him again and smiled as I kneeled down on the floor. I unbuttoned his trousers and pulled down the zipper, and then freed the massive cock. It must have been at least nine inches, covered in bulging veins and a big head. I grinned and looked up at him.”Is it how you expected?” He asked with a huge grin.”Oh my, it’s much better!” I giddily answered. I wrapped my hand around it and started to stroke it up and down the shaft. It felt so warm in my hand, the skin so soft, but the penis so hard. I could hear him moan as I stroked him sensually. I saw a bit of pre-cum start to drip from the tip and leaned it and licked it right up. He moaned with such pleasure, he was mine. I leaned in, kissed the head this time, and then I licked my lips and slowly slid it between my lips. It was so big, but I managed to get it into my mouth.As the tip rested in my mouth, I started to massage it vigorously with my tongue, as my arm moved up and down the long shaft. He began to moan so passionately, I was so turned on by this. I moved my mouth further down the shaft and tried to fit as much in as I could. It tasted amazing in my mouth. I was giving this guy pure pleasure, and enjoying every minute of it. As I moved my head up and down the shaft slowly, I zigzagged my tongue around the bottom of the shaft. He was really enjoying that.I felt him place his hands on my head, and I picked up the pace. I moved my head up and down the shaft as fast as I could, pushing my tongue up against it. I pulled it out of my mouth, looked up at him, and he smiled proudly. I licked the tip; I licked up and down the shaft, my god I was in heaven sucking on his massive shlong. I tried to swallow the entire cock again, and only made it about halfway down, and then he started to thrust it into my mouth. HE grabbed my head and started to fuck my face with extreme passion. I was wallowing in bliss as he moved it in and out of my mouth.He stopped and pulled his dick out of my mouth. I missed it being in there, I leaned forward izmir escort bayan to kiss it again, but he told me to stand up. I listened. I stood up and looked him in the eyes. He reached down and grabbed my cock through the skirt and started to stroke it. I wanted to cum from just that. It felt so good to get my cock played with.”You’re a frisky little slut, aren’t you?””I’m you’re slut, baby.” I said.”Are you my cock slut.””I’m the best cock slut you’ll find.”He pulled me back in and started to kiss me again. He forced his tongue into my mouth and grinded his cock against me. I was so horny now. I was going to explode soon. He reached his hands done onto my ass and squeezed again, then he picked me up, turned me around and placed my ass on the table.”It’s time you be a good cock slut and let me fuck that tight ass of yours!””Fuck my ass, fuck my sissy ass, make me cum baby.”I leaned back on the table, as he removed the panties. He reached into his pocket and took out a tube of lube and applied it generously to his cock. It was so hard now. I couldn’t wait to feel it climbing through my ass.”Ready?” He grinned.”Fuck yeah, fuck my tight horny slut ass, fuck it hard.” I screamed.He lifted my legs up and spread them as I leaned back further. I looked up at him as he pushed his erect cock up against my ass. I was so excited now. I still didn’t know why I wanted to do this, but there was no turning back now, I was going to be treated like the slut I had become. Mark pushed it in slowly, I whimpered as the head made it into my ass. My ass felt on fire as it tried to relax around the giant mass inside of it. My cock shriveled back up, but I was still so turned on. He slowly pushed it deeper into me, and I felt my ass relax around it.He began to pull out a little, and then back inside deeper this time, he started to thrust slowly, and his cock began to feel good as he thrust it deeper and deeper into my virgin hole. I could hear him moan as he picked up the speed and my cock began to twitch back to life. He was now fucking my ass at a good speed and I could feel every vein on his massive cock as it moved in and out of my ass. I started to moan passionately and intensely as he moved harder and harder into me. My god, I wanted to cum from this alone. He was panting and breathing heavily and I was moaning and screaming in ecstasy.”Fuck me harder! Fuck my ass! Fuck it hard!” I couldn’t help from screaming. I was his cock whore now. He then pulled out all the way and I yelped.”Stand up slut, I wanna bend you over this table.”I stood up with excitement and turned around. I leaned down on the table and felt him move up behind me. He placed his hands firmly on my hips, and lined his cock back up and entered. This time there was no pain, just pleasure. My hole was so loose, but his cock still filled it. He began to fuck me hard. Each thrust drove his cock deeper and deeper into my ass. I was loving each moment of it. I was now just constantly moaning and screaming, and he kept panting. HE slapped my ass and I yelped with pleasure, he slapped it again, harder this time, and I moaned intensely.”You like this, don’t you, you fucking slut, you’re a huge cock slut aren’t you.””Fuck yeah, fuck me, I’m your cock slut! I love feeling you’re cock deep inside of me!”I could feel his balls bounce against me as he thrust in. He was now pulling his cock all the way out my ass and slamming it back in. I felt on fire with pleasure. His hands gripped my hips again and I felt his thrust become harsher and his cock tense as it filled me up with cum. Globs and globs of gooey white cum, and then I came too. I shot loads of cum onto the table. He held his cock in my ass for a few moments until all the cum shot out, and then he pulled his dick out of my ass. I felt so empty without it there.He looked at the cum on the table and then at me, “Lick it up slut.”And I did as I was told. I licked it all up.”You were a good fuck slut, you’ll hear from me again, but I want a new outfit next time.””Yes, sir. My ass is you’re play thing, and I’ll find something sexy for you.””That’s a good slut.” He gave me a kiss, cleaned his dick off in my sink, got dressed and left without paying another iota of attention to me.I felt so empty without his cock in me. I was so tired from the excitement that I just slumped down on the couch. I just got fucked by a man. The thought hit me and I felt so strange, but I wanted to do it again. What had come over me? Why did I just let a strange man into my ass and fuck me? I looked down at myself, still wearing the school girl outfit, only the panties were left in the kitchen.”The panties…” I realized now that something was up with the panties. It all started the first time I put them on. I’d have to investigate further.

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