hard day at work


hard day at workIt was a long day at work, people screaming because their Christmas gifts for their loved ones didn’t come in as promised. When it was finally closing time, I was very happy to lock the front door, close the blinds, turn the closed sign to face the public and go to the office to prop my feet up.I leaned back in my chair and closed my eyes to relax, before counting the money for the nightly deposit. Quickly I doze off into a dream. I’m remembering one of the first nights of getting the job as a cashier for the company I work for now. When I came home after the first day, my daddy was sitting on the couch watching some phony porn on a cable channel.I told him that the store I work at has all different kinds of porn that I could bring home to him. “Why would you do that, honey?” he asked. “When we make our own.” Daddy stood up with his pants undone and his dick is semi hard from him jerking to the titty flick. I smiled at him as he walked behind me, put his arms around my waist and he breath was on my neck. I held his arms and worked his hands to my breasts. I loved how his big hands massaged my tits. He pinched my nipples making them hard and making my pussy ache for attention. Daddy’s dick grew stiffer as I moved my ass over him. Daddy moved one hand down to the hem of my skirt, lifted it to be above my hips, exposing my thin white panties. He felt the front of my crotch. “Mm, are you happy to see me, honey?” he whispered in my ear.“Mm, I love how you get me wet. I love walking in to see you jerking off or to see you fucking my mom. I like how you come into my room late at night to cuddle next to me, especially after you fuck my mom and have her pussy juice still on you.” I said as he fingered my pussy.“Fuck, I want to slide my dick so far up your pussy and pump you hard. Bend over sweetie and let daddy fuck you,” daddy izmir escort said in a horny way. I didn’t fight with him. I wanted and needed to be filled with a big thick cock. I lifted my skirt and went to pull my panties down, when daddy said he wanted to keep them on. He pulled the crotch to the side as he bent forward to quickly lick my pussy, then stood and rammed his dick hard inside me.The man fucked my wetness fast and hard. I screamed that I was coming. That made him fuck me harder. When he pulled out, my come shot out of me. He quickly slid his dick in again. I squeezed my inner walls as I was feeling another orgasm coming on. Daddy held my waist and slapped my ass. “Oh daddy, put a finger in my ass. “ I begged. Daddy put a finger in, then two. Feeling both his dick and his fingers deep inside me was taking things over the edge. “Baby, daddy is going to fuck your sweet little ass and feel you with my come. Is that what you want?” he asks as he pulls his dick from my pussy.I leaned forward over the couch and spread my ass cheeks for daddy. “Very nice baby. Let daddy have a taste before he slides his thick cock into your tight little hole.” As he buried his face into my ass. He licked my puckered hole making it wet, then began licking from my pussy to my ass. Daddy didn’t waste any more time and worked his thickness into my tight hole.“Uggh, you are so tight baby. Daddy just loves to feel you tight you are,” he says as he spits on his dick for more lubricant. I reach down to my clit and began to rub myself to release more of my juices. Daddy really got into fucking my ass more and more, up to the point that I could feel how hard he was. He was ready to explode.“FUCK ME HARDER, DADDY! FILL ME FULL!” I SCREAMED. Daddy filled my ass with his hot thick cum until his dick wasn’t throbbing anymore. When daddy pulled out of my dripping escort izmir ass, I quickly turned to squat in front of him to suck the remaining come from him. Most of it dripped from my ass, but I was able to get a good taste.The phone on my desk rang, waking me up. It was my new boy toy asking when I was coming home. I told him as soon as I was finished with the night books. When I hung up the phone, I smiled knowing that was a great way to relieve the stressful day I had. I reached between my legs to feel how wet I had gotten. My smile grew bigger as the thoughts filled my head.I called my boy toy back and asked him to come to the store to pick me up. I told him I had a surprise for him. He hung up before saying good bye. I hurried with the books and deposit, then pulled a slinky little teddy from my stash in the bottom drawer that I keep locked at all times.When I heard him knock on the back door, I let him in. I grabbed him and kissed and rubbed my body over him. I panted with heat as I stroked his cock through his trousers. He grew nice and thick. “Damn baby, what came over you today?” he asked. “Stressful bullshit, then a quick nap with a steamy dream, made me extremely horny. I want to fuck you her on my desk, on the front counter, I want you to fuck me everywhere in the store.”“Let’s get my clothes off, so I can fuck you right here, right now,” My toy said to me. He quickly took his clothes off, as I sat on the corner of my desk. I stroked his hard cock to its full ten inch length. My boy toy kissed me, then leaned me back just enough for his dick to slide into my hot wet pussy. “OH yes, baby. Fuck my hungry pussy. I want to come and come and come again, for you.” I panted with passion.My toy fucked my pussy, sucked my hard nipples, kissed my lips and told me how much he loves to fuck his hungry cougar. He didn’t take izmir escort bayan long before he filled me with his first load of come. He quickly pulled from me to bend down to lick his come from me and lick my pussy to another orgasm. I quickly moved from the desk, stripped my teddy and led him to the front of the store. I turned on one of my own porn flicks that my brother taped. My toy watched as I was getting fucked by my daddy, my brother and that jackoff ex-boyfriend. My boy toy said he’d loved to have a gangbang with me. In due time, I told him.I sat myself on the counter, spread my legs wide and began to finger my pussy. As I slid my fingers deep in my wet hole, I’d pull them out and suck each digit in a seductive way. My toy watched me, then the video, then back to me again. His dick grew hard. He walked over to face me and began to lick my pussy again. He fingered me with many fingers almost to the point of his whole hand to be fucking me. When my breathing got to the point that I was having a hard time catching, my toy pumped me harder.He pulled from me as I squirted him hard. My juice was all over his face and chest. He sucked my pussy and fingered me a few more times to keep my squirting. We moved to the love swing, I got myself into the sitting position, my toy slid his dick in me again. He fucked me in so many ways with this swing that I knew I had to get one of these for my home.After multiple comings from both of us, we both collapsed in a corner of the store. A few hours had passed when he woke with another hard on. My toy didn’t want to wake me, so he began to slowly jerk himself. I woke to his movement, I moved down to suck his purple dick. He fucked me so much, that we were both too swollen to fuck again. I sucked and licked him til he filled my throat. We got dressed and cleaned up our sticky mess from the counter and my desk. We went back to my place and quickly got undressed to go to bed. “I love to feel your hot body lay next to me. It’s always nice to feel a hard cock waiting for me in the morning,” I tell my toy as we fell asleep.

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