Freaky February


Freaky FebruaryI am Jennifer and 18 years old. My mother Eileen and I are sometimes mistaken for sisters. Her breasts were much larger than my 34-B’s, but she had told me she was a late bloomer and I would be too. We are so much alike in our looks and in how we think that we are almost always at the throat of the other. My mother was twenty when I was born and the friction was almost immediate.Dad always retreated into the den when we would start. When he was tired of the fighting he would suggest we go out and go shopping somewhere. We didn’t really go shopping that often, because it took a certain level of animosity for Dad to be worried about us. This happened right at the end of January. I had been in trouble since the first because I stayed out all night at a party. Mom treated me like I was an alcoholic slutty teenager. She just wouldn’t let it go and I espoused my right as an 18 year old right back at her. I was just having fun and I never drink. Until this night started I was still a virgin.Dad handed us each $50 and said “Go out and shop and have some fun. Don’t talk about this problem unless it’s to resolve it. I am on no one’s side here. I think you are both wrong and you are both right.”We drove downtown and parked the car, walking down streets we thought we knew well. As we crossed one street though I noticed another street that moved at 45 degree angle away from the right angles the streets commonly had. The sign said it was called Century Avenue. Neither of us recalled seeing on it before.Curious, we walked along the street and found there was only one store but weren’t sure if it was open. It was a Chinese shop called The Century Store. We walked up to the door and were a bit surprised it was unlocked. In a story like this the door should have creaked, but it moved smoothly and quietly on its hinges. We walked down past old glass cases full of odd items for sale. There were small smoking items, some snuff and cigars. The walls were packed with odd items. There was a skeleton of a chicken, attached with wires and hanging from the ceiling. There were strands of large glass beads, much too large for a necklace looping from shelves near the ceiling. The place was lit up, but the light was sepia tone.The shop was huge and we wandered until we saw a short, ancient-looking Chinese man anadolu yakası escort standing behind a counter. There was a small round table there on a pedestal with three red lacquer chairs around it. In the center of the table was an indigo colored tea pot with steam moving from the spout upward into a swirl.As we walked up the man he said, “Ah, at last you are here. I have been waiting for you.” We giggled a little bit and said in unison, “Oh really?” He nodded. I saw the reflection of us on his round eyeglasses as his head went down and then up. “You will have tea.” It was an imperative statement, but we both were enjoying the smell of the tea so that was all right with us.We sat on chairs on opposite sides of the table. The little man shuffled from behind the counter with two indigo colored cups. “The tea is hot but not scalding hot. You should drink it before it cools.” Another imperative and I was inclined to sip it at my own pace. The first sip though was so amazingly good I kept sipping my cup until it was gone. I noticed my mother set her cup down at the same instant I did. We smiled discreetly at each other.The man was pleased we had finished the tea quickly. “You are Mother and Daughter. Such a special relationship to have in life.” He was looking at the tea leaves in both our cups as he spoke. “Such beautiful women living in the same house have great love and great problems in equal proportion. It’s the common story of many a mother and daughter,though in your case it is at an elevated level.”We looked at each other wondering how this man knew so much about us, but didn’t speak wanting to hear all he said.”My grandparents in the old country told me that family is family and there is nothing that can change that. When one is upset with someone she loves, one should take the opportunity to put oneself in the shoes of the other. It only works if both choose to do it at the same instant. Sometimes an occasion comes a situation where there will be no choice and the decision has been made for both.”We looked at him, listening carefully to every word.”You have happened upon this shop because it was time to be here. Today is the last day of January. A very auspicious month. Tonight when the clock sounds twelve times will ataşehir escort be the beginning of a very auspicious month for both of you.”He picked up the tea pot and the cups then and took them behind the counter. We waited for him to come back to the table, but he said, “No fee for the tea. Remember what I have said. Enjoy and understand the importance of the twelve chimes of the clock that commences this very evening. I recommend you choose your time to sleep this evening to begin at eight chimes.” Later we wondered how he had guessed we had an ancient clock that chimed the hours and the half hours.We both stood up then a bit freaked out about all he had said. We thanked him for the tea as we walked to the door. He didn’t answer.We stepped outside and closed the door. It sounded like it locked behind us.We hurried down Century and then went directly to the car and drove home. When we arrived home it was six minutes to eight. Both of us were ready for bed which was surprising because we were usually up until at least ten. We hugged each other, making a few comments on the amazingly strange evening then walked to our rooms. I don’t know what Mom did but I took my clothes off down to my bra and panties and was on the bed and asleep as the clock made eight chimes. Exactly twelve hours later I was awakened by a sexual dream. In the dream a man had his finger inside my cunt and moved behind me when I was wet. I never had dreams like this, but when the man’s cock slid into my cunt I was AWAKE.My eyes opened and my bed was different. It looked almost like my parents bed, but couldn’t be. I felt a kiss on my shoulder as the cock slid in and out of my cunt. I was definitely not dreaming. I looked at the door and saw someone who looked a lot like me standing there in the same bra and panties I was wearing last night. I moved my hands to my breasts and was shocked when they filled my hands much more than when I usually held them.I heard my father’s voice murmur, “Oh baby. Your cunt is so slippery. It feels so good on my cock. I lay still, looking out the door and realized the person there was my mother. She didn’t just look like me…she WAS me. Something had happened in the night that was beyond explanation. My mother was standing just at the doorway looking ümraniye escort into the room at the bed where my father was fucking the cunt that had been part of her body yesterday. I heard my father say, ” Baby let’s do it doggy honey.” I murmured “okay” in my mother’s voice and moved up onto my hands and knees. Mother’s panties were at my knees. Father moved up behind me and thrust his cock all the way into my cunt. I was having my virginity taken by my own father in a body that should be my mother’s body and hadn’t had a hymen in it for at least twenty years.I looked at the door and my mother had her panties down. She was masturbating as she watched father fucking me. She smiled brightly and put a finger to her lips to keep me quiet. Her bra was off and her 34-B tits were standing out with her nipples as hard as the nipples in the body I was in at the moment. Father was moving faster now moaning as he drove into me. I didn’t know until later that he had glimpsed the person he thought was his daughter standing at the door and masturbating. I heard him moan and say ‘oh jennifer’ quietly as he slid into me. He was half asleep, but I was fully awake and loving the feeling of my father’s cock filling me up.I reached down between my legs and pressed my mother’s clit against my father’s cock. The orgasm I had belonged to me though. I came at the moment I felt my father’s cock jetting his seed into me. He was more awake now and when I turned onto my back her kissed my mouth then sucked my hard nipples. He plunged two fingers into my cunt and brought them up to my mouth. “Here is your dessert Baby.” It seemed he expected me to open my mouth so he could move those fingers inside it. I saw my mother at the door open her mouth and nod. I did as they bid and was pleased with how much I liked the taste. Essentially I was tasting my mother’s and father’s juices at the same moment. How strange and how erotic.I felt like there was another pair of eyes on me. I looked toward the grandfather clock in the bedroom and saw a ghostly image of the little man from the Century Store beaming down at me. I say down because he appeared to be about three feet off the ground. He was clothed, but his hand was on a very long and hard root of a cock. He had somehow watched what had happened. I watched as he carefully collected the ghostly semen floating in front of his root into what appeared to be a small indigo cup. He bowed then and disappeared.I was confused, excited, confused and and even more excited as I realized I would be in my mother’s body all through the month of February if what the man had said had any meaning.I wondered what would happen next.

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