Cousins and a College Party


My cousin Michelle and I were only a year apart in age, her being older, so growing up we got along very well. Family gatherings were always fun with the young kids running around playing hide and seek outside, tag, or whatever fun was to be had. Michelle and I would hide together or seek each other out first when playing games.

Fast forward to college. I enrolled at the same in state university that Michelle attended. Michelle and her roommate from the previous year moved into an apartment not far from the dorm I was living in and our path’s to school always seemed to cross so we would walk together until we had to split up and go our separate ways to class. One morning as we were walking to class she started talking about how growing up, she and I were always together playing games and how much fun it was to have a cousin as her best friend. I put my arm around her and pulled her in for a sideways hug and told her that I felt the same about her and would always be there for her.

Michelle called me one Saturday morning to inform me that she and her roommate were having a small party at their place and invited me to come and meet some of her friends so that I could get to know a few other people and to get me out of the dorm room hell I had been living. Don’t get me wrong, I liked living in the dorm, but the cinder block walls and tile floor gave it the feeling of a jail cell. I accepted the invitation and asked what I could bring besides alcohol because I didn’t have a fake i.d. yet because I hadn’t met the right people to hook me up with one. She said that she would have some for me and just bring some chips and dip. Luckily, there was a little quick mart along the way to her apartment so I popped in grabbing three different kinds of chips, two of which were flavored and a bag of plain chips and some dip.

As my walk brought me closer to her apartment a flash of lightening streaked across the sky and I thought this could be a long wet walk home if it decides to rain for a while. I reached Michelle’s apartment and could already hear that there were a few people already there. I knocked and Michelle answered the door and for the first time I had to do a double take and ask if that was really her. Michelle is a pretty girl without makeup on. Her sandy blonde hair, which she always wore in a ponytail for as long as I can remember was down just barely touching her shoulders. She had made up on though she really didn’t need it, she was a natural beauty with a light olive color of her skin. Michelle usually wore very conservative clothing never revealing much, but tonight she had on a short black mini skirt and a plain white shirt that was showing off the color of her black bra covering up her small breasts.

Michelle looked at me said yes, it’s me now come in and get something to drink. I walked in and put my chips and dip on the table and walked over to the table that had the drinks on it and poured a jack and coke. I introduced myself to a few people who were standing by the drink table and made small talk for a few minutes. The guys and I were talking about how we thought the football team was going to do this season and whether or not we were going to make it a good bowl game. Michelle walked over with her roommate and she introduced us as I was secretly hoping not as her cousin so I could keep looking over at Michelle without the others thinking I was some sick pervert for ogling my cousin. Michelle said Heather this is Joe, my cousin to which I cringed a little when she said that.

Heather reached her hand out for me to shake so I did and as I looked into her eyes, I could tell that she may have started drinking a little earlier than the rest of us because they were a little glassy looking. Michelle, Heather and I talked for a few minutes while I fixed them something to drink. Michelle wanted a margarita, which luckily someone was smart enough to bring a bottle of the pre made stuff so all you had to do was pour it over ice. Heather asked for the same show as I was pouring their drinks and Michelle was giving her the run down on us growing up. Heather said that it was very cool we were so close and looking a little sad while saying it. Heather barely knows her cousins since they all lived out of state. We finished up our little conversation with Michelle saying come over and meet everyone else when you’re done talking sports.

In the few minutes it took to finish talking to the guys and make my way over to meet the rest of Michelle’s friends Heather was well on her way to being the giggly drunk. She was talking loud and barely making any sense. Then it happened. In the blink of an eye, but I saw it in slow motion. Heather announced that she had to pee. As she inched her way off the couch to stand she started to lose her balance and fell back onto the couch, arms flailing knocking drink after drink after drink out of the three others hands that were sitting on the couch. Heather giggled and said oops while the others soaked in alcohol cursed at her while making their way to the bathroom to try and clean up. I looked over at Michelle, who now had her head in her hands, shaking it and saying no, no, no. I moved görükle escort bayan over to her and told her I would stick around and help her clean up after we got Heather cleaned up and into bed.

The trip to the bathroom did not go well, everyone was still soaked and pissed off that they all left. I told Michelle that I would help her get Heather to the bathroom and clean her up. Michelle went into Heather’s room and grabbed a pair of shorts and a T-shirt. I was in the bathroom with Heather washing her face and arms off while she was laughing the whole time. Michelle asked if I could help her get Heather changed. I looked at Michelle with a startled look, then realized that the only answer had to be yes. Heather had been wearing a T-shirt and jeans so our task to change her was not going to be difficult. Michelle asked where we should start and I said change the shirt first. Michelle pulled the shirt up revealing Heater’s firm C cup breasts covered with a light blue bra. Michelle pulled one arm through the shirt sleeve, while I held Heather until the shirt was completely off. Michelle got the new shirt and was starting to put it on when Heather reached back and unhooked her bra showing Michelle and I firm perky tits. Michelle started laughing and I said hurry up and cover her up. Michelle asked why getting a little turned on over there. Please let’s get this over with was my response. Michelle got the shirt back on and now it was time for the jeans.

I reached under Heather’s arms to lift her off the toilet while Michelle pulled her jeans off and just how our luck was going it was revealed that Heather had gone commando. Michelle was laughing hysterically as I glanced down to see what was so funny, I caught a glimpse of Heather’s shaved pussy. Hurry up with the shorts already I said as I was becoming a little concerned with what was going on in my pants. Yes, I was getting hard and was doing my best to keep my cousin from seeing it. She finally got the shorts on around her feet so I lifted Heather back up off the toilet so Michelle could pull the shorts up and cover her up. Heather was becoming a little heavy as she was losing her ability to stand and began leaning into me with her breasts pressing into my chest covered only by a T-shirt. I looked down to check Michelle’s progress she was close to having the shorts all the way up so I stepped back a little so she could finish. I was rock hard and did not want her to notice, but Heather moved slightly and Michelle’s hand got pinned between Heather and my right on my rock hard cock.

I moved back to free Michelle’s hand and turned in embarrassment, not to wanting a look at my cousin. Michelle stood up and we walked Heather her to a room and put her to bed without looking or saying a word to each other. Michelle broke the silence first when we had closed the door to Heather’s room saying it was just an accident and not to feel ashamed. She then turned and looked me in the eye, smiled and said at least we know you like girls.

Michelle started picking up the mess that the little get together had created. I went to the kitchen to get some water and towels to start working on the couch. As I walked out of the kitchen I saw Michelle leaning over cleaning up the little table in front of the couch and I could see that she was wearing a black thong giving me a good view of her cute little firm ass. Damn that is a fantastic short skirt I said to myself, it revealed so much as I stared at Michelle’s back side moving my eyes up and down her legs. Do you have any more towels I asked as I stopped staring at my cousin in a way that I never should have been doing. I felt horrible for looking at her and tried to find a way to make it right in my mind that it was ok. That was a losing battle. I walked over to the couch and noticed that we could take the cushion covers off and put them in the washer. I unzipped the cushions handed the covers to Michelle, who put them in to wash. I towel dried and wiped the rest of the couch off while Michelle worked on the trash.

After the cleanup Michelle and I took a seat opposite of one another and looked at each other and busted out in laughter. She apologized over and over for her roommate. I told her it was no big deal which brought more laughter out of her and she said I think it was a big deal and I felt your big deal. HAHA I said that was not entirely my fault. I stood to leave to begin my walk back to my dorm when I noticed it was raining out. I turned and asked Michelle if she had an umbrella I could borrow. You are staying here, she said. It’s too far to walk and you’ll be drenched before you even get close to your dorm. I looked around looking for a spot to sleep when Michelle said you can sleep with me in my room. I tried to argue with her saying that I would be ok on the floor out here, but she would have none of my arguing.

Well, in that case I think I might make another drink before turning in then would you care to join me? I poured her another margarita and me a jack and coke and we sat at the table replaying all of tonight’s events. We both had had only one drink prior to the incident that took place so altıparmak eskort to be finally winding down and talking like we always had the get together turned out quite nice. I looked at her and said to her that she really looked pretty tonight. Were you expecting someone in particular to show? She shot me a look that looked like I might be walking home in the rain. She took a drink of her margarita set the plastic cup down and said. You really think I look pretty? Yes was my response, but that wasn’t the question. She looked at me and I said if I struck a nerve I’m sorry let’s move on. There’s a guy in one of my classes she began to say and we talk to each other before class and after so I invited him but he never showed. I reached for her hand and held it and said maybe he will show next time or you can ask why he didn’t come over on Monday.

I let go of her hand and we finished our drinks as we sat there in silence. Michelle stood and reached out for my hand and told me that it was time for bed. Obviously you know where the bathroom is I don’t have an extra toothbrush, but there is some mouthwash in there that should work until you get home tomorrow. I left the bathroom door open while I was washing my face and rinsing my mouth and talking with Michelle. She asked what kind of music I liked. I was not sure why she was asking, but I said at this time of the night something easy and light that will put me to sleep.

I walked into Michelle’s room and watched her going through her dresser looking for something comfortable to sleep in. She had a couple different things out. A pair of running shorts you know, the black ones with the pink hems and a couple different shirts. She bunched them all together and said that she would be back in a few and for me to make myself comfy. I debated with myself about what I should sleep in. I wore golf shorts and one of my silk Tommy Bahama’s buttons down shirts. Underneath the shorts I had on black silk boxers. I heard Michelle coming out of the bathroom so I unbuttoned my shirt and hung it on the back of the door, hopped in bed shirtless but still with my shorts on. Before I could get under the covers I heard a giggle at the door, followed by you are not seriously sleeping like that. I turned my head to look at Michelle at the doorway wearing a black silk nightie that stopped mid-thigh. My heart skipped a beat or three as I saw her standing there looking at me. She must have picked that out first and piled the other clothes on top to hide from me as she was picking things out to wear to bed. The makeup washed from her face, she was back to her own natural beauty. Take the shorts off now she demanded tapping her fingers against the wall. I argued with her, but knew that in the end, I would give in and remove my shorts.

I undid my belt, unbuttoned my shorts and started to unzip them when I looked at Michelle and asked if she was liking the strip show. She turned red and slowly and softly said yes I am. You may want to turn around so you don’t see something that is coming to life. She giggled and said tell me you have underwear on. I said yes, I have boxers on. Take the shorts off so I can turn the light off and get in bed. Why haven’t you turned the light off already I asked. The answer was simple. You see what I am wearing now I want to see what you are wearing. I pulled the shorts down and revealed my silk boxers as I did my best to hide my growing erection.

Michelle giggled again and asked if my boxers were silk to which I replied with a simple yes and she says oh looks like we are dressed like twins then. Not entirely I replied you are more covered than I am. The light goes off and Michelle crawls into bed next to me. I pull the covers up and lay on my back and thank her for letting me stay the night. She is on her back as well and says that I was welcome and this is what family is for. Michelle turns on her side facing me and puts her arm around me for a hug and says thanks for helping me out tonight. I am glad that you made it to the party. With her firm small B cup breasts pressed hard against my chest, my already hard cock begins to throb and I put my arms around her and kiss her on her forehead and said you are welcome. We stay like that for a minute or two which I knew was too long for the cousins to be hugging especially in the same bed with barely nothing on. I had bent my knees to try and conceal my hard on so it wouldn’t be visible under the covers. I released my arms from around Michelle and she released her, but rested her head on my shoulder and her hand on my chest. My heart beat racing Michelle asks if I am ok as she can feel my heart pounding from where her hand was resting. I say I am fine and that it will calm down in a minute.

Michelle asked if I could ever remember a time where as kids we ever had sleepovers and to the best of my knowledge I could not recall a single time we had stayed the night at one or the other’s house. She giggles and says its official this is our first sleepover. Her hand starts to move up and down or around my bare chest and she asks why I have my knees bent. I stammered and all that I could say nilüfer escort was because. She laughed and said if this is too much for you I can move back to my side of the bed.

Now you don’t have to do that it feels nice to be lying next to you. However, being oh so wrong in the eyes of many, I said to myself. Michelle agreed and went back to exploring my chest with her hand. We chatted as we lay there while her hand was making its way around my chest slowly dipping lower to my tummy. Her hand was between my belly button and the hem of my black silk boxers. I was rock hard and could feel the pre-cum oozing from my throbbing 7 inch thick cock. I shifted a little and her hand stopped moving. It was getting uncomfortable having my knees bent so I unbent them and let come into view the tent that my cock created under the covers and boxers. Oh Joe I am so sorry. I didn’t mean for you to get well you know aroused. Michelle I have been aroused from the moment I got here I said. Between your sexy out-fit you had on. Seeing Heather naked. Your hand being penned against my manhood. Then I confessed; to watching you lean over to clean off that table by the couch I could see your thong and your cute little ass, so it’s really my fault for not having control over my penis.

How long did you stare at my ass? Michelle I said longer than I should have. Tell me. How long was it? It seemed like 5 minutes, but in all reality it was like 45 seconds tops. And you really think I have a cute ass? Michelle everything about you is really cute and I mean everything. That looks painful being confined like that, she said. I said it is starting to get that way. With that said she moved her hand off my lower stomach and pulled the covers down to where now that all that was hiding my erection were my boxers. I asked Michelle what she was doing and she replied, helping you out. You can’t do that we are cousins and it’s wrong. Now it was her turn to confess. You know in the bathroom when I was putting Heather’s shorts on? I may have had a little something to do with Heather falling in to you. What do you mean? What are you saying? Michelle looked at me and said I could see that you were hard and I don’t know, something inside me told me to feel it. So I placed my hand on the back of her thigh and gave it a little nudge knowing that she would stumble.

The look on my face was one of shock as I never thought of my cousin in a sexual way. She was embarrassed and afraid to look at me. Michelle, look at me please we need to talk this out. We both obviously have crossed a boundary here and we need to talk about it. She turned to me and said I’m sorry for touching you there on purpose pointing at my still stiff throbbing cock. I was really hoping to get fucked tonight by that guy from class and when he didn’t show I don’t I just don’t know what came over me in the bathroom. We both sat up in bed and I opened my arms to pull her in for a good long hug while telling her it was ok and not to beat herself up over it. As I was holding her in our hug I was rubbing her back and she started to moan a little. I asked if she was ok and all she said was don’t stop. As I continued to rub her back my hand on her silk nightie she started working her fingers on my back slowly using her finger nails tracing all around. She could feel me twitch as her fingernails were waking my entire body up.

Michelle broke free of the hug and pushed me back down on the bed. She moved to straddle me when I asked what she was doing. She leaned down and whispered in my right ear, I know we can’t fuck, but there are other ways of pleasuring each other. She moved her head to look me in the eyes and leaned down and pressed her lips to mine. Don’t fight it. Yes, we are cousins, but tonight I am with my best friend. Our lips met again and this time I felt her tongue on my lips and she whispered open up I want to feel your tongue playing with mine. We continued kissing and exploring each other’s body with our hands. My hands on her back slowly moving her nightie up exposing her skin and I noticed she still had her thong on as my hands worked her backside up and down. Michelle slowly started grinding her hips and pussy against my throbbing cock. I moved her nightie higher and she whispered you can take it off if you want. I pulled it over head and she released her mouth from mine and sat up to take it completely off. She was still grinding on me as my hands for the first time ever felt my cousins small breasts. Sorry they are so small she said. They are perfect Michelle. I want to suck on them. She lowered back down, placing her left tit on my lips. I flicked my tongue at it at first and her nipple responded by getting hard. I opened my mouth and sucked her tit into my mouth while I played and massaged the other with my left hand. Michelle was still grinding her pussy on my hard cock when she pulled her tit from my mouth and slid a little further down my legs. Her right hand began stroking my cock over my silk boxers while her left hand went to work on her pussy rubbing it over her silk thong. She smiled and took my right hand and placed on my boxers and said I am so wet. Can you feel how wet your boxers are? I smirked and said I think there is a little more on the inside. Michelle slid her right hand down inside my boxers, feeling my cock in her hand for the first time. Did you cum? Michelle looked at me puzzled and said it was awfully sticky in there. Catching my breath I have said no, not yet.

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