Big Sister Ch.01


All Characters are fictional and over the age of 18


Cindy was laughing hysterically while her sister Jennifer had her pinned to the bed tickling her feet.

Cindy said, “Stop it; I’m starting to pee my pants.”

“No, I have you where I want you now, I am not giving up!” She kept on tickling her sister’s petite feet. She tilted forward and inhaled the pungent aroma, the smell was intoxicating, she went from tickling her feet, to slowly massaging them.

Cindy moaned as she stared at her sisters huge boobs, while her chubby fingers gently caressed the soles and the undersides of her toes, “I am going to miss this I will have to act like a married woman after tomorrow.”

Jennifer’s heart sank with sadness, as the tears welled up. To prevent herself from crying, she commenced kissing her sisters toes. She placed a soft kiss on each one, then with the tip of her tongue she licked the bottom of her sisters feet, tasting the salty sweat.

Cindy watched her sisters chubby face appear and disappear behind her feet, she shivered with pleasure feeling her wet tongue gliding along the arch of her foot. Her heart sped up a notch, as her clit started to prickle. Jen’s tongue stopped at the tip of Cindy’s big toe. Their eyes locked, she saw the all to familiar possessive glare, sometimes it scared her, but mostly it made her feel safe.

Jennifer wrapped her lips around her sisters big toe, the sweaty taste engulfed her mouth, her nipples ached as they hardened, juices stirred between her mammoth thighs. She kept struggling to resist away the tactile sensations of loneliness she knew was going to come after tomorrows wedding. Her throat tightened with jealousy at the thought of losing her younger sister’s affection to a handsome and successful man. She knew she would never have a man of her own because of her weight, “You would be pretty like your sister if you lost weight.” Everyone would say to her. The words became a never-ending mantra that continuously played in her head.

She broke off for a second to admire Cindy’s beauty, before changing over to suck the toes of her other foot. Looking at her face was like looking at her own reflection, but smaller, delicate, and dainty. She only weighs a hundred pounds soaking wet, she thought. While she opened her mouth wide, swallowing all of Cindy’s toes at once, she looked down at her own large, sagging breasts, fat belly and forty inch round thighs, that are attached to her huge ass that only bursa escort bayanlar old black men appreciated.

Cindy slid her hand inside her panties, and gently touched her clit while Jennifer continued sucking each toe with care. She felt guilt mingled with the waves of delight while she slowed down and savored the warm wet sensation washing over her toes.

Jennifer switched too slowly licking the oily sweat from between each of her sister’s toes, enjoying every second, knowing that this could be the final time.

Cindy whispered, “Kiss me on the lips.”

Jennifer, suddenly felt a knot in her stomach, I am only allowed to lick her feet, she has never asked me to kiss her lips, She thought.

The bed bounced as Cindy plopped herself down on the bed and looked into her sister’s eyes.

“I want to cry, I am so happy, you have never allowed me to do anything more than lick your feet. “Jennifer mumbled with teary eyes.

“I wanted our final night to be special.”

“I recall when you started this as a joke to tease me, but I liked it”

“I was a bitch when we were younger, I wanted you to worship my feet because I was cruel, and I felt better than you, but I love you because you’re my big sister”

Choked up with emotion Jennifer said, “Cindy I love you too, I don’t want to lose you, the only time I feel good about myself is when I am sucking your toes, or doing something that makes you happy. I will do anything for you.”

Cindy looked into her sister’s eyes and felt an overwhelming thrill of love followed by the touch of Jennifer’s lips pressing against hers. She slowly returned the kiss, resting into her plump breasts, and belly, immersed in the warmth of her curviness.

Jennifer wrapped her arms about her sister’s petite frame pulling her close as her tongue slid into Cindy’s welcoming mouth, their tongues danced in and out of each other’s mouths, until they simmered into a slow passionate rhythm.

Pleasure rolled from Cindy’s clit to the top of her head, while grabbing hold of her sister’s soft flabbiness, she felt like she was snuggling with a giant pillow, feeling safe in her arms. Her hands began to roam over the mounds and valleys of Jennifer’s plump figure. She was comforted by her warm softness, as she kissed her sister’s face, then she nibbled on her earlobe.

Jennifer squeezed her sister, as she felt her sharp teeth biting down on her lobe, sending a bayan sarisin escort bursa shrill of ecstasy to her pussy, leaving her panties soaked. She felt Cindy’s tongue gently slithering along the side of her neck to her breast, while she lightly stroked her hair. Jennifer giggled as her sister’s tongue tickled her breast. She took hold of a fistful of her sister’s hair, forcing her head back, while with the other hand, she freed her breast from her bra then pushed her sister’s head downwards. Cindy without hesitation began to suckle like a baby.

Cindy felt peaceful, while her lips sucked on her sister’s large breast, and her tongue flicked the hard nipple. Jennifer moaned, “mmmmm that feels amazing.” Cindy felt a sense of pride in response to her sister’s arousal. While continuing to suckle she slid her hand down Jennifer’s soaking wet panties. Her finger’s explored the damp crevices of her sister’s vagina, then she slid her finger inside.

Jennifer moaned, “Oh my God!” as she reached down and slid her panties over her thick thighs, revealing her shaved mound. Again, she caught a fistful of her sister’s hair, pulling her lips free from the tit she was nursing, and then pushing her head towards her pussy.

Cindy’s head rested on her sister’s fat belly, while fingering her, feeling tempted by the scent of her tangy aroma. She slid down lower using her sister’s fat thigh as a pillow she saw the nectar bubbling out from between her pussy lips, and running down her thighs, with her tongue she caught the juice, tasting the musky robust tangy flavors. With excitement, she licked the pussy juices from her sister’s endlessly round thighs. Her tongue traveled between her sister’s plump pussy lips, exploring the bumps and valleys with the tip of her tongue.

Jennifer leaned back her head, arching her spine, “Holy fuck I can’t believe this is really happening. “Then, thrusting forward, she felt her sister tongue sliding into her. She bounced on her sister’s tongue, riding it like a cock, fucking her face. She saw only the top of Cindy’s head bobbing, behind the mountain of her blubbery belly, which shook with pleasure each time her sister’s tongue went deeper.

Cindy used her sister’s rolls of fat as handles to hold herself up while her face was being humped remorselessly by her sister’s big wet pussy, who then leaned back, allowing her to gasp for air, before her face was plunged back into the mound of flesh bursa evi olan eskort that smothered her. She poked her head up, her face and hair drenched with cunt juice, and said, “I can get used to this.” She returned to gobbling Jennifer’s pussy and clit.

Jennifer’s body frantically jerked, slamming her pussy into Cindy’s face. Her fleshy thighs quivered while fireworks ignited in her brain, sending bursts of rapture from the crown of her brain to the crests of her toes.

Cindy struggled to swallow all of her sister’s cum as it squirted into her mouth, while suffocated buy her fat pussy. She convulsed and gushed a few more times, her body went limp, collapsing on the bed. Jennifer laid lifelessly, as Cindy slurped up the rest of her juices, that proceeded to dribble.

After licking up the last pearl, she stated, “Wow, I love eating your pussy.”

Jennifer sat up, as a roll of fat hid her wet vagina, “It’s my turn to eat you.”

Cindy slid up the bed, laid down on her back and opened her legs, while Jennifer brought out a pair of handcuffs from her nightstand, “What are you doing? “Cindy cried out.

“Don’t worry, this will be fun,” She said, as she rested all of her weight on to her sister pinning her to the bed, while cuffing her hands together.

“I wanted you to eat my pussy, not arrest me.” She said, as she grappled to remove the handcuffs.

“Don’t worry sister, I am going to eat your pussy” Jennifer said, and then she quickly shoved a gob stopper into Cindy’s mouth and cemented a strip of duct tape over her lips. Cindy thrashed, and garbled while trying to free herself. She continued murmuring inarticulate sounds, the harder she struggled the more she choked on her own spit.

As she spun duct tape around her ankles, “I am sorry Cindy, no way I am going to lose you, especially after tonight, I can’t let you get married tomorrow, I promise I will make you happier than he can.”

She loosened the sheet from the bed, then wrapped Cindy in it, and used more duct tape wrapping her up like a mummy, she picked her up and carried her to the car, hit the remote popping the trunk, and gently place her sister in, then closed the trunk and drove away.

Jennifer rested in the darkness, feeling the bumps of the road. Tears rolled down her eyes, her brain reeled with remorse, as she thought, I suppose I deserve this, I always recognized there would be a payback, for the way I used her low self-esteem and vulnerabilities for my own selfishness. I should have never used her the way I did, now she is going to ruin my life, just like I ruined hers. She slid sideways in the trunk, feeling the car going around a sharp curve…

She woke up tie to a bed in what seemed to be a motel room, she possessed no idea where she was, or what her sister was planning.

To be continued…

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