Coach’s Conquests Ch. 22


With hubby gone hunting again the next weekend, Cindy Morgan tried for a repeat performance with Bret Harris. But Friday night, the night before the semifinal game with Bedke, the coach was preoccupied with film. He rejected the overtures from Cindy on the phone, but almost caved in when she said, “I got all dressed up — just for you, baby.”

But he didn’t flinch, promising the secretary they’d get together soon, maybe even as soon as tomorrow after the afternoon game. That didn’t sit too well with Cindy, who was horny now. But she’d take whatever she could get when she could get it so she smiled a nasty smile and hung up.

Then she turned her thoughts to her second choice.

Little sister Kara Morgan was shocked when her older sister invited herself to Kara’s house for the evening.

“What do you want?” Kara asked, jokingly. “You only call me when you want something.”

“Nooooooooooooo,” Cindy insisted. “We just haven’t gotten together lately. I’m craving pizza. Wine.”

Kara didn’t know Cindy was craving more than that.

“Sure, c’mon over,” Kara said. “But give me a few seconds to straighten this place up.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Cindy said. “It can’t be any worse than mine. I’ll be over in a jiffy.”

Kara greeted Cindy in a tank top — braless although she had no intention of trying to turn on her sister — and shorts. Her mouth dropped open when Cindy took off her coat. There her older sister was in a sexy, short silver and black dress with thin spaghetti straps. And in November.

“It’s all I could find,” Cindy said with a smile.

“What are you up to?” Kara asked, still gawking at her sister’s sexy, tan body. “Who dumped you and made me queen for the night?”

If she only knew, Cindy thought.

They ordered pizza and began in on the wine. By the time the pizza got there 45 minutes later, they had almost forgotten about it. The red wine was flowing and the sisters started on their third bottle as they picked at the pizza.

“If you’re not gonna eat any of this, I’m going to put it in the fridge,” Kara said, throwing a sausage at Cindy. The elder sister found it in her lap and placed it on her outstretched tongue, rolling it around before eating it.

Shaking her head at her older and suddenly goofy sister, Kara grabbed the pizza and walked toward the kitchen, Cindy trailing behind and watching the gorgeous ass of her sister. Cindy carried the plates, putting them in the sink and rinsing them off. Kara joined her at the sink.

“You got enough wine to last us or do I need to get some more?” a buzzed Cindy asked, slapping her sister on the ass.

“I think we’ll be OK,” said Kara, who was still stunned at the revealing outfit her sister wore. The wine Kara had consumed wasn’t helping her take her mind off the slinky dress istanbul escort either.

In a brief moment of weakness, younger Kara touched the material of the dress above Cindy’s waist in the back and began massaging downward.

“Ohhhhhhhhh, don’t stop doing that sister,” Cindy said, laughing and smiling. And Kara didn’t. Boldly, her next move was to slide her hand under the dress. She was surprised by what she found — or didn’t find.

“You always wear a black thong to visit your sister?” Kara said. “C’mon. Fess up. Were you planning on going somewhere else?”

“I’ll never tell,” Cindy said.

“Tell me!” Kara said, pressing Cindy against the kitchen sink and grinding her sex into Cindy’s even though both still had clothes on.

Cindy escaped and ran to the couch, holding the two glasses of wine between her and Kara so her little sister couldn’t tackle her.

“Cheers,” Cindy said, “to us.”

“To no secrets between us,” Kara said back, and the couple drank what was left in their glasses. “No secrets, OK?”

“No secrets,” Cindy said, and then leaned into her sister. “I dressed this way for you.”

And her tongue licked Kara’s lips, round and round. Surprisingly, the younger sister didn’t flinch or back off. She closed her eyes and opened her mouth and allowed her older sister’s tongue to slide in.

“Good, I can see that excites you,” Cindy said when the kiss broke. She was staring at Kara’s tank top, which now had nipples firmly outlining the material. “Then I’m gonna keep going.”

Kara just nodded and closed her eyes again, and Cindy kissed her again, this time more passionate, more hungrily, and the two slumped down on the couch like teenagers making out.

Cindy continued, sliding her hand straight up Kara’s shorts, quickly finding her mound with heat sensitive fingers and letting them gently brush against her. A delicious shudder ran through Kara. Opening her eyes, she could see that Cindy had slid one strap of her tiny dress off of her shoulders. There was no bra strap.

Kara now knew what they both wanted. Taking Cindy’s hand, she led her upstairs. Once in Kara’s bedroom, they wasted little time in undressing each other.

Cindy started by saying, “This was my idea. I wanna help you get naked, doll.”

She helped Kara raise her hands and easily slid the tank top off. Cindy proceeded to sexily French kiss Kara’s tits and then her mouth. While Kara kicked off her footie stockings, Cindy peeled off her baby sister’s shorts and peach panties. Kara stood there naked, gorgeous, edible.

Kara then helped Cindy out of her tiny dress. It didn’t take long. Only the black thong remained, and Kara teased her older sister by pulling on it, the thinnest portion entering her sister’s pussy and ass. Cindy moaned and smiled escort bayan and then stepped out of it and tossed it across the room.

The naked sisters, now face to face, kissed, gently rubbing their stiff nipples together as their hands explored each other’s bodies, so different from being with a man, soft, smooth, delicately perfumed. Their tongues met, wetly playing with each other before Cindy gently pushed Kara back on the bed.

Cindy began at Kara’s neck and moved slowly down, stopping to pay homage to Kara’s swollen nipples, licking, sucking and lightly chewing until she moaned with desire.

By now Kara’s whole body was alive to Cindy’s golden touches, her fingers electrifying with their feather light feel, mesmerising her as she edged closer to her already dripping pussy. Kara felt Cindy’s hot breath on her belly button, then at last as Kara held her glowing thighs wide apart, Cindy’s soft tongue started to snake its way across Kara’s mound. Cindy certainly knew what she was doing.

Kara gasped, thinking perhaps Cindy had engaged in this kind of activity before. But this was neither the time nor the place to ask. No reason for a sister spat at this point.

Kara’s hips bucked involuntarily. It was the first time another woman had licked her cunt, and she was loving it. With Cindy’s tongue flicking her clitoris, two of her fingers corkscrewing in and out of Kara’s gushing hole, Kara’s breathing soon grew ragged.

Whereas Kara at first had merely stroked Cindy’s hair as she went down on her baby sister, Kara now held Cindy’s head more tightly, grinding her clit into Cindy’s tongue, Cindy’s face, whatever she could grind it into. Kara was fast losing control, and she almost blacked out as she came with great intensity. But she didn’t miss a beat. As it had been her entire life, she wanted to show up her older sister. Whether it be in spelling bees, gymnastics events or cheerleading contests, Kara wanted to be better.

She rolled out and pinned Cindy down on the bed. “My turn, babe,” Kara said. “I’m gonna tongue fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before.”

Cindy smiled a wicked smile and thought about letting Kara in on the fact that she had fucked Bret Harris last weekend and wanted to fuck him again that night, only to be turned down. She thought about letting Kara in on the fact that she was her second choice that night. Then she came to her senses. Say that, she thought, and it might be over.

Cindy thought better of it, relaxed and enjoyed the fucking she was going to get from her sister. Kara covered her Cindy’s lithe body with hot kisses, kneading, cupping, squeezing her warm mounds with her sexy hands. Eagerly, Kara began to lower her head to Cindy’s waiting snatch, helped by her palm gently pushing downwards on her head until her face nestled escort istanbul into her hairy bush. Kara could smell her musky odor and tentatively darted her tongue out, tasting the tang of her sister’s dribbling love juice.

Kara continued with her task, savoring the feel of the gash in between her lips, swirling her tongue around the hard bud that was Cindy’s clitoris, delving deep between her flaps as her honey dripped and bubbled into her mouth. Writhing so wildly that Kara was struggling to remain clamped to her cunt, Cindy started to shriek that she was cumming.

“Oh baby sister, yes. God yes!” Cindy screamed. The first wave of orgasms came and went. Kara wanted to keep this moment alive so she slithered back up to Cindy’s breasts and started to suck on those nipples. Her nipples were erect and waiting for Kara’s mouth. As Kara began to suck on Cindy right nipple, Cindy inhaled sharply, then let out a breath in one long slow sigh. Kara spent a few moments just playing with Cindy breasts with her mouth. Kara kissed them and flicked the nipples with her tongue. Kara sucked first on one nipple, and then on the other. Kara bit them gently, Kara bit them harder.

Cindy’s hands were in Kara’s hair, stroking it, playing with it. The purr was coming from Cindy throat again. Kara reached down to Cindy’s pussy and started massaging it again. She wanted to get her sister off time and time again. Kara reached two fingers into Cindy’s pussy and moved her mouth back to Cindy’s lips. Soon Cindy broke the kiss and let out a moan as she came again.

“Oh, you are pretty when you come,” Kara whispered to Cindy. Then Kara pulled away and got into a position to where she could taste her sister again. As Cindy’s eyes lit up once again, Kara brought her mouth down to Cindy. When she reached Cindy’s pussy with her tongue, Cindy’s head went back. With an intake of breath, Cindy’s eyes closed.

Kara started at the top of her slit, teasing, promising, licking and wiggling her tongue.

“Oh, Cindy,” she breathed between strokes of her tongue. Kara moved to the sides, licking near Cindy thighs. Up and down the smooth, sensitive skin, licking and nibbling a little. A quick bite on Cindy’s inner thigh, then back. Then Kara brought her hand up and started rubbing Cindy’s mound from the top, while her tongue plunged into Cindy, first short quick strokes, then longer ones, as deeply as Kara could go.

Cindy’s panting, Kara’s sucking and licking and kissing of Cindy’s pussy continued. Kara slid a finger into Cindy’s pussy and then withdrew it and slid it into Cindy’s mouth, almost putting the elder sister over the edge again.

Writhing back and forth, Cindy tried to keep her orgasm from coming. She wanted this feeling to last. But when Kara slid a lubed finger into Cindy’s sexy ass, Cindy screamed, “Ohh, ohh, yes! My God, that is good.”

And she came over and over and over again. The sisters stayed there, all night, in the damp sheets, French kissing and wildly fucking. Cindy’s second choice turned out to be a decision she was glad she made.

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