An American Count Ch. 05

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Author’s Note: Same rules apply. Using noble and royal titles creatively as well as Austrian and European geography. So glad that everyone is still liking the story line. Lots more to come!


“So, when was the last time you went to Paris?” Luke asked Sophia as they boarded the helicopter parked on the roof of the castle. The young Count had surprised the Baronetess with a surprise Christmas getaway after the wedding of his executive chef, Tobias, and one of the two castle maids, Marie. Luke had surprised the new couple with a honeymoon trip to Tahiti before telling Sophia about their own holiday excursion.

“Well,” Sophia replied as she fastened her seatbelt in the chopper’s cabin, “Not since I was at the University a few years ago. I went there with some friends for holiday break on our way to the Riviera. ”

“Hmmmm…” Luke said, a little disappointed. “Well, we’ll only be there for one night. How about America? Have you ever been there?”

“Luke, are we going to America?!” Sophia asked excitedly. “I’ve always wanted to go to the States but after school I settled into life at the castle and… well, you know the rest. Where in America will we be going?”

“New York to start.” Luke replied, climbing aboard the aircraft as the security detail followed suit. “We’ll be there on the 27th for two days. From there we fly to my hometown for a meeting with my lawyer and accountant on the 29th, then we end up in Las Vegas on the 30th and ring in the new year in the penthouse suite at Caesar’s Palace. How does that sound?”

“Luke, I know you inherited a fortune,” Sophia began to protest, “but with the Christmas gifts and paying for Tobias and Marie’s wedding, and their trip, and now this. Well, isn’t it getting a bit expensive?”

“Don’t worry about that, Sophia,” Luke responded as the chopper blades started to pick up speed. Johann shut the door on the cabin and the noise-cancelling environment took over. “An investment paid off a couple weeks ago. You’re looking at Austria’s first billionaire Count.”

“Luke, did you say BILLIONAIRE?!” Sophia asked. She stared at him in disbelief. She had grown up well-to-do, but not nearly that rich. Not even the von Furstenburg family was that wealthy.

“Yes, my love.” Luke replied. “I hope that doesn’t make a difference in our relationship.” He kidded the red-haired noblewoman.

Sophia elbowed him in the ribs for his teasing. “I guess I’ll have to suffer through with a mere billion dollars.” She teased back.

“Well,” Luke stated hesitantly, “It’s more like ten and a half billion…”

Sophia’s mouth dropped open at Luke’s accounting correction. Before she could say another word, the sleek chopper lifted off from the castle roof and whisked them to the Vienna airport to start their journey halfway around the world.


While Tobias and Marie were flying first-class to Tahiti that night, Luke, Sophia, and the security detail would be traveling privately. When the chopper landed at the Vienna airport, the passengers had a short walk to Luke’s latest purchase. Wagner 1 was a Bombardier Global Express XRS fully outfitted for transcontinental travel and luxury. Luke had the jet equipped with all modern conveniences including a bedroom with a king-size bed, full bar, and large shower. Sophia marveled at the sheer size of the jet and slid seductively on to the bed.

“So, should we break in the bed on the plane’s maiden flight?” the Baronetess said as she slipped her heels off and batted the lashes on her jade eyes.

“Maybe on tomorrow’s flight to the States.” Luke replied. “It’s only a two-hour flight to Paris, dear. Let’s go get a pre-flight drink and meet the crew.”

Luke and Sophia made their way through the spacious cabin of the luxury jet. Large leather seats surrounded a long conference table. With the push of a button, the floor opened, and the table disappeared from the aisle. The spacious seats swiveled and created a lane through the fuselage leading to the galley, then the crew cabin just behind the cockpit. The jet’s captain, a handsome 40-ish man named Jonas, was chatting with his co-pilot, a young Austrian named David. Two pretty flight attendants, Julia and Emma, were preparing the cabin for takeoff and smiled at the noble couple as Luke and Sophia poked their heads into the aircrew’s section.

“There is one other crewmember traveling with us on this trip, Sophia.” Luke said to the Baronetess. He turned her around to face the main cabin as a smiling familiar face exited the plane’s spacious bathroom.

“Anna!” Sophia shouted as the blonde bombshell walked to the couple and hugged the pretty red head.

“I thought we may need someone from the castle to help us with the day-to-day drudgery.” Luke said. “Johann wasn’t too keen on leaving the castle, but Anna was more than eager to travel. Weren’t you, dear?”

“Ja, bursa escort meine Herr.” Anna replied. “I look forward to serving you both on your journey.” The sexy servant stated with an impish grin and quick wink.

“Well,” Sophia said as she looked into Luke’s hazel eyes, “this trip just got even more interesting. When do we leave?”

As if the pilots heard the noblewoman’s question, the jet’s powerful engines began to power up and the flight attendants showed the travelers to their seats and buckled themselves in for takeoff.


Wagner 1 touched down at Charles de Gaulle Airport in France just before midnight. Gunther, the head of Luke’s security detail, had been sent ahead to make sure the Count and the Baronetess’ well-being would be ensured. Two long black limousines pulled on to the tarmac after the jet landed and whisked the crew and passengers to The Peninsula-Paris hotel. Luke, under the advisement of his security captain, had booked the top two floors for not only total safety but also exquisite comfort. The penthouse view was astonishing with the Eiffel Tower in full prominence. The three-bedroom suite at the top of the hotel housed Luke and Sophia in the master bedroom, and Anna in the adjacent room. Luke asked his fire-haired lover if she wanted Anna to share their room that night, but Sophia declined the third sleep partner that night.

“I want you all to myself tonight, Mister.” Sophia told the young Count. The view of the City of Lights and Love had overtaken the Baronetess’ mind and senses and she led Luke out to the spacious balcony overlooking the famous spire and its surroundings. Luke and Sophia were still dressed in their formal clothes from Tobias and Marie’s wedding. Sophia loosened Luke’s bow tie from his tuxedo and removed his jacket. Luke unpinned Sophia’s red hair from its updo and worked the zipper down on her blue curve-hugging bridesmaid dress. Luke slid the azure material off Sophia’s shoulders, leaving the beautiful noblewoman adorned only in matching white bra and thong and black stilettos. At 52 degrees Fahrenheit, it was unseasonably warm in Paris that December night and the nearly naked Sophia was comfortable enough to drop to her knees on the balcony’s cement floor and unzip Luke’s black pants. She fished Luke’s ever-hardening dick out of his sagging trousers and inhaled him into her warm and inviting mouth.

Sophia looked up from her kneeling position and shot Luke a quick wink. She went to work on the Count’s inflated shaft and swirled her tongue around then up and down his noble cock while lightly tracing her painted nails across the tightening skin of his scrotum. Sophia took her free hand and undid the front clasp of her bra, releasing her ample breasts to the lukewarm Paris night air. Luke’s hands found Sophia’s ginger locks and pulled her head to his midsection. She expertly took the nobleman’s hard prick deep into her mouth as she deep throated her lover. Sophia released Luke’s pud from her hot mouth with a loud pop and jerked his foreskin with her saliva-covered hand while she caught her breath. Luke stood the Baronetess up off the balcony floor then removed her lacey white thong, leaving her naked except for her 4-inch heels. Luke pushed open the sliding glass door leading back to the master suite of the penthouse and led his lover to the large bed close by. Luke laid Sophia on the bed then removed the last of his black tuxedo and undergarments so that he was as naked as his girlfriend. Luke kneeled on the plush carpet of the penthouse floor and spread Sophia’s legs high and wide so that her feet, still clad in the black heels, pointed toward the ceiling.

Luke started at Sophia’s left knee and ran his tongue down her thigh, stopping just before he reached her shaved pussy lips. His tongue skipped her sex for the moment and swiped just above her slit, continuing up the other porcelain thigh to her right knee. Running it back down, Luke’s tongue and mouth found Sophia’s curvy white ass and the Count playfully clamped his teeth on her sexy right cheek. Luke loved every inch of Sophia, but was obsessed with her spectacular butt. Luke snaked his tongue across Sophia’s sweet bottom and brushed her rosebud anus. Luke felt her pink ass contract on the tip of his tongue as he swiped over to her left glute and left his teeth marks there as well. Luke felt Sophia wiggle and scoot her ass toward his mouth and felt her impatience with his tongue teasing.

Luke planned to oblige Sophia’s eagerness to have him lick her aching pussy, but he also decided to indulge his depravity a little as well. He poked into Sophia’s wet and waiting snatch and he tasted her deliciousness. His tongue found the Baronetess’ delicate clitoris and Luke set to work flicking his wet tongue up, down, and around it. Two of the Count’s fingers plunged into Sophia’s slippery pussy and he raked them across the ridges of her spongy bursa escort bayan G-spot. Moans of ecstasy began to escape the noblewoman’s mouth as her lover pleasured her hot box. Luke decided to test his and his partner’s naughtiness. He removed his fingers, covered in Sophia’s wetness, from her sopping gash and rubbed the slickness on her tight opening just below her perineum. Luke slipped first one finger, then two into Sophia’s puckered ass. Her moans were replaced with a loud call of “Unhhhhh!” Luke continued his lashing of Sophia’s buzzing nub while his digits wiggled deep into her clenching ass. She came hard on Luke’s mouth and coated his lips in her womanly juices. He felt Sophia’s anus contract on his fingers as her orgasm wreaked havoc through her sexy frame.

Luke seized the moment, removed his fingers from Sophia’s ass, then flipped her on to her knees. Luke scooped some of Sophia’s cum from her slick snatch and slathered it on to his rigid dick. He replaced the fingers in the red-haired vixen’s tight hole with his stiff cock. Sophia gasped in quickly and held her breath as her lover inched his rod deep inside her rectum.

“Oh, Luke!” Sophia cried as the young Count’s pubic area met her sweet rear. “Take me any way you want, Luke! Fuck my ass!” she cried as Luke began to work his cock in and out of her tight hole. Luke raked his fingers down Sophia’s back and watched the goosebumps rise on her skin. The ginger sexpot put her hand between her legs and found her still-gushing twat. She plunged her fingers into her hot cunt and felt Luke’s dick slamming her ass through the thin membrane of flesh. Luke put his hand on Sophia’s inner thigh then moved his fingers to meet hers inside the crimson-locked nymph’s sizzling box. Luke poked two of his own fingers inside Sophia’s pussy and met her slick digits. The couple finger-fucked Sophia’s swollen slit as Luke’s hard prick continued to pummel her pink anus.

The combination of fingers in her quivering cunt and her lover’s stiff pecker in her ass was too much for Sophia and she came once again, dousing her and Luke’s hands in a sweet squirt of her girl cum. Sophia’s ass contracted and constricted on Luke’s dick as pleasure waves coursed through Sophia for the second time. Sophia’s anus yanked on Luke’s hard cock and his balls felt the familiar rise of fluids. Luke grabbed Sophia’s hips and slammed his shaft deep into his lover’s depths as his spunk shot out of him like a bullet from a gun. He flooded Sophia’s ass with blast after blast of hot cum and felt the bliss wash over him. The sweating lovers collapsed on the bed, Luke still embedded deep in Sophia’s cute butt. His deflating rod slowly slid out of Sophia as Luke planted sweet kisses on her neck and face. The exhausted couple drifted into slumber on top of the blue comforter as they spooned in post-coital paradise.


Anna entered the master suite of the penthouse at 6am with a light breakfast for the noble couple. Luke and Sophia were still in their spooning position on top of the covers and the blonde maid smiled wryly at the naked duo. Anna set the tray of food on the table by the sliding glass door and walked to the bed. The fair-haired hottie ran her hand over Sophia’s curvy ass and down her white thigh. The baronetess stirred then opened her green eyes. She was startled when she realized it was Anna, not Luke, that had nudged her from slumber, but not embarrassed or self-conscious. The trio of travelers had seen one another unclothed numerous times, so modesty was virtually non-existent among the couple and their employee.

“Good Morning, Anna…” Sophia sleepily said as she stretched the previous night creaks out of her joints. As Sophia yawned, Luke opened his eyes and saw the buxom blonde maid staring and smiling at the nude Count and his lover.

“Guten Morgen, meine Dame. Meine Herr.” Anna spoke as she retrieved the breakfast platter from the side table. “My apologies for waking you early but Captain Jonas says our takeoff for New York is scheduled for 8:30 am.”

“8:30?!” Luke said, sitting up awake. “That doesn’t give us much time, Anna. Wait, when did you speak with Captain Jonas?” Luke asked.

“An hour ago, when I left his room, Sire.” Anna responded with a wink. Sophia said nothing and put her hand to her face to hide her smile and silent laugh.

“Very well, Anna. We’ll forgo breakfast and get dressed for the trip.” Luke stated and started to rise out of bed.

“Nein, meine Herr,” Anna answered. “The hotel concierge assures me that your exit from the premises will be private. Security will cordon off the lobby. I have your pajamas and bathrobes ready for you so that you may go back to bed on the plane, if you wish, Sire.”

“Anna,” Luke stated as he sat back down on the bed and grabbed a strawberry from the tray, “remind me to give you a raise when we get back home.”

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The noble couple’s egress from The Peninsula Hotel occurred exactly as Anna had explained. Luke’s security staff, in conjunction with hotel security, emptied the elevators and lobby of people, and the Count and Baronetess were able to enter their limousine unseen under cover of a well-placed windscreen tunnel. Luke and Sophia cuddled in the back of the stretch Cadillac in their matching white Peninsula Hotel bathrobes as their driver whisked them to the airport and their waiting sky chariot.

After Wagner 1 took off and leveled out over the ocean, Luke and Sophia made their way back to the bedroom for a few hours of sleep before they arrived in New York. Estimated touchdown at LaGuardia in New York was 11:30am EST, nine hours away, so Luke hoped he and Sophia could stave off jet lag by snoozing most of the transatlantic trip. He left strict instructions with Anna not to be disturbed. Anna was turning out to be indispensable to the Count and Sophia and Luke was glad he’d asked her to come along. Johann had taken the blonde maid under his wing and showed her the day-to-day duties of a butler and how to compensate for the unexpected. Anna was a natural and picked up on the job immediately. Being a European blonde bombshell didn’t hurt either when she was securing certain favors and luxuries for her employer and she played her game impeccably.

Luke locked the door to the bedroom then turned the knob on the dimmer switch, lowering the overhead lights to less than a candle’s glow. Sophia laid on the bed and untied her terrycloth robe. Luke had put on the pajamas that Anna had provided him, but Sophia merely wrapped herself in the cover-up before they left the hotel in Paris. Now she shed the robe and perched seductively on the luxury airliner’s mattress.

“Luke, I had that coffee earlier and now I’m wide awake.” Sophia said coquettishly. “Do you have anything that might put me to sleep?”

“Well,” Luke answered, removing his own robe and pajamas. “I think I have just the thing for you.”


Luke helped Sophia get back to sleep then the couple dozed until Anna woke them about an hour before landing in New York. Luke and Sophia shared a shower then dressed for touchdown in the Big Apple. If Luke was excited to be back in America, then Sophia was over the moon. Since she was a little girl, she had dreamed of going to the States and seeing all that the large country had to offer. Now, as the luxury aircraft started its descent into America’s largest city, an iconic sight came into view through Sophia’s window.

“Luke! Look!” Sophia cried excitedly as the green figure came into view. “It’s the Statue of Liberty! It’s beautiful!”

Luke took Sophia’s hand and caressed her soft skin with his thumb. “Almost as beautiful as you, my dear. She’s my second favorite lady.” Luke winked at the red headed baronetess as the jet glided over the sprawling city on its way to touchdown at the busy metropolitan airport.

Gunther, the head of the Count’s security detail, met Wagner 1 at the terminal and let Luke know that the area was secure for him and Sophia to disembark. Anna had gathered the couple’s personal belongings in two small satchels and slung them over her shoulders. The noble couple and their employees left the cabin and began the hike through the airport to a waiting car. Luke noticed passersby staring and whispering to one another as they made their way through the terminal. He caught up to Gunther and asked him if something was amiss.

“Of course not, Sire,” Gunther replied. “You are a very famous person so naturally people will be curious when they see you.”

“Famous?” Luke puzzled. “When I left America two months ago, no one knew who I was. Now they stare and talk about me like I’m some sort of rock star?”

“Word has spread, my Lord.” Gunther responded. “There is quite a gathering outside by the cars. People have come to catch a glimpse of the new American Count.”

Luke had seen footage of The Beatles arriving in New York in 1964 and marveled at the fanaticism they produced, but never in his wildest dreams did he think that he would produce such passion in others. When they reached the exit, Luke first saw a sea of humanity on either side and in front of the limousines, then heard the cheers slowly rise then become nearly deafening as the crowd got their first look at the American nobleman. Luke and Sophia stood in the entryway astounded at the reception awaiting them. Hundreds of people lined the street waving and cheering, many holding homemade signs to get Luke’s attention. Welcome Home Count Wagner, We Love You Luke, and another that stated Sophia For Countess were prominently displayed where the couple could see them. Sophia burst into laughter at the pandemonium while Luke stood frozen in amazement. Sophia finally broke Luke’s trance by whispering in his ear.

“You’d better get moving before this crowd attacks you.” The Baronetess said. “And give them a wave or two before you get into the car.”

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