Better With Age Pt 2

Big Tits

Better With Age Pt 2I don’t think Sally was gone 10 minutes when I started to get text messages from her. Within 30 minutes I received 7 of them and each one got more graphic and sexually explicit than the one before. I did have a lot of important personal business to take care of and knew that I would be finished around 1:00 p.m. so I turned my phone off for a while. When I was finished I turned it back on and there were over 20 messages from her and a few voice mails. I think I released a hidden sex fiend the night before by the tone of her messages and I have to admit the explicity of them made me hard. I finally called her and she was all sweetness and asked for a favor. It seems that a new adult store had recently opened on a Home Depot type warehouse format. She said she wanted to go there but frankly was too embarrassed to go alone and asked if I would go with her and I told her I would meet her at the hotel and we would go from there. When we arrived there I couldn’t believe the size of this place never mind the size of the various dildo and toys they had. I’ve been to adult stores before but nothing like this! Sally walked around in a daze looking and touching all kinds of things. I’m telling you there were things in there that I thought could or would hurt you, especially a woman. She finally started to fill her basked, first with a bullet vibrator, a larger vibrator and capped it off with a black 12 inch dildo that was at least 4 inches around. Talk about making me feel inadequate! She bought tow negligee’s and one with holes for her nipples and panties for her pussy. I swear she spent about $300 in there. We got back in the car and she laid a huge wet sloppy kiss on me. I said if taking her there was all I needed to get her juices flowing I could have saved a lot of time. She said to hold on. She was not happy I fell asleep right after fucking her. She said she spent the night awake watching a Golden Girls marathon (Oh God!) but she didn’t want to wake me because she knew I was tired from the drive and the sex. She said that she was wet from the time she left the hotel and was wet all day to the point she needed a pad as she kept going though panties..She also said she had a surprise for me that night and pushed me to tell her what hers was. I told her in due time dear, in due timeIt was getting near dinner time so we stopped at a fast food restaurant and brought it back to the hotel. After we ate she went into the bedroom and came back buck naked. She sat down on the couch with me, rubbing my cock though my shorts. She said that she was going to tell me something that would qualify as a surprise. She said that she was 54 yrs old, knew that I knew she didn’t have all that much sexual experience at least to my level and that she decided to be more adventurous. She said that this morning when she sucked me off, it was actually the first time she swallowed all of a man’s cum. Last night when I came and my cum landed on her face and mouth along everywhere else that she enjoyed the taste of it. She said she had tried once before to have a guy spew his load in her mouth and to swallow it but it really tasted bad and she damn near threw bornova escort up from it as she just couldn’t swallow it. She said my cum actually tasted good-a little salty yet sweet and she liked it. So she decided that morning when she blew me she was going to take all my cum in her mouth and swallow it all. I was flattered! I did tell her that I had read somewhere that what a man eats during the day could affect how his cum tasted and maybe the guy ate something weird to make him taste so bad. I couldn’t help her as far as taste goes as I never tasted cum unless with was mixed with pussy juice! She then pushed me to tell her my secret for her. She unbuckled my belt and pulled down my shorts expose my hard cock and started to play with it, stroking it, rubbing the pre-cum around and gently licking it. I told her that she would know what the surprise was a 8:00 p.m. She laid me back on the couch and knelt on the pillows she placed on the floor and proceeded to slowly suck my cock. She didn’t miss a spot. She started at the ‘taint’ (taint yer front, taint yer back) and worked her tongue to my balls licking each individually and gently sucking them one then the other and then both. All the while she was stroking my shaft ever to lightly and driving me crazy. I couldn’t wait to put my cock in her mouth but I just laid there and let her have fun. She worked up to the shaft, sides and tip all licking as she went along. When she got to the head she rimmed the crown and if she could have put her tongue in my hole she would have. She then worked her way backwards and down to where she started and came back again repeating the whole process. She finally took all on me in her more and flicked her tongue front back and sides all while bobbing her head and gently sucking all of my pre-cum. My cock was getting enormous and she could tell as she groaned and moaned as she sucked. She looked up into my eyes and picked up her pace some and I finally let loose with was one of the best orgasms I ever had. I spewed a load in here that would choke a horse and she never let one drop leak out of her mouth. She held still as she licked all of it off my cock, swallowed and finally let go. She then stroked me a little and drained all of my cum of me licking it. She said she really enjoyed it, had no problem with its taste and could not believe how much I deposited. The SurpriseMarty was an old neighbor of mine. One night after dinner he came over and said let’s go hit balls at the range. I had done that earlier and said no. He then said, well, do you want a blowjob? That got my attention! He said he was going over to his friend Mary’s apartment and she’ll blow us both. He had told me about her once before so I knew he wasn’t fooling. I told my wife I was going with Marty and keep him company. We got in the truck and on the way over he said Mary wasn’t much to look at-not real pretty and barely above ugly, small tits but puffy (!!!!) and a pretty nice ass, but a wide large pussy. He had been trying to get Mary to agree to get her 19 yrs old daughter to get involved but Mary was dead set against. He also said that Mary would protest bornova escort bayan at first, but she just loved to suck cock so she will do us both. We arrived at the apartment, Marty was correct, Mary was not at all that attractive and I saw a picture of her daughter though laying face down on a large tree and naked only showing her ass and face and she was gorgeous! Mary resisted blowing us as Marty said but a little tittie play and rubbing her clit got her in the mood. Marty and I dropped our pants and our cocks could have been twins. Both the same length and mine just a little wider than his. Mary proceeded to suck us both off and we both came on her face. I did get to finger her pussy and it was big and really soaking wet, the wettest I’ve ever seen. Marty and I visited Mary a few other times before I moved and we always left with a nice blow job.Sally was watching the clock for 8:00 p.m. Right on time there was a knock on the door. I answered it and Marty and Mary walked in. Sally and I were both naked and they commented that we obviously started without them. They both quickly got naked. I said to Sally, here’s your surprise. You can do whatever you want. You can just stay with me, fuck or suck Marty or play with Mary, it’s all up to you. She looked shocked at first then a little smile appeared. She said no offense to Mary but she would rather stay with a man. Mary said no problem. Then she looked at me and asked if I was OK if she sucked Marty off. I told her it was her choice, her surprise and she could do whatever she wanted. She dropped to her knees. Marty was already hard and she took all of his hard cock. Mary wasted no time getting on her knees and started to suck me off. Since I had shot a load about 15 minutes earlier it took a while for me to get fully aroused. I turned Mary around and on her knee and grabbed her hips and pulled her ass toward me. I knelt down and started to finger her pussy which was absolutely dripping wet. Her juices were running down my hand and onto my arm there was so much. I tickled her asshole using her juices as a lubricant and she moaned and shivered. Meanwhile Sally was slowly sucking Marty but she would look over at me on occasion and smile. I decided it was time to enter Mary and I might as well have put my raging hard on in a warm wet blanket. I could not believe how big her pussy was! In fact, I had trouble staying in her what with all her juices and size involved. My cock is over 6 inches and about 2 wide so it’s not real big but it ain’t small. So figuring it wasn’t going to work I ran my index finger over her asshole again getting a moan from her but no resistance. OK, show time. I stuck my finger in her a little at first them slid it to my knuckle. She just moaned and still did not move. I then placed my cock on her asshole after getting it soaked by her pussy and rubbed it on the outside. I wasn’t too far from cumming but I didn’t want to cum with her. I spread her ass cheeks enough to open her butt and poked the tip of my cock into her. At this point I heard Marty cumming and looked over and he was spurting on Sally tits. They turned to watch me butt escort bornova fuck Mary and Marty stood in front of her and she started to suck him. I was about ready to cum. I told Sally to kneel next to Mary ass up. I pulled out of Mary, wiped my cock off and jammed it into Sally’s pussy. Much better tighter pussy. She just screamed fuck me, fuck, fuck me hard! I was literally pounding her and she came in waves grabbing my cock with everyone and I just let loose with a good sized river deep into her. Mary finished Marty off and we all sat for a while talking and they Marty and Mary hit the bars. Sally went in to shower. I cleaned up the room some and had to wipe up where Mary had dripped everywhere. Later on Marty told me that it was just as well I butt fucked her as she was a massive squirter and when he fucked her they had to put towels on the bed under her. Sally came out of the bathroom wearing one of her new outfits, not the one with the holes but a see though baby doll that she looked fantastic in. She had put on some make up and had whore red lipstick on. She actually looked the best I had ever seen her. I told her she was beautiful and she should dress like that more often especially the makeup as it made her look sexy.I went in to shower and when I came out Sally was lying in bed, no TV on, lights low and as I was drying off she said she wanted me to treat her like a whore-lick her, fuck her hard, let her suck me dry and that she wanted to swallow again and finally fuck her ass. She admitted that she had never been fucked there but seeing me fuck Mary’s ass was a tremendous turn on for her. We cuddled, licked, fingered and played for a long time. I slid my cock into her just for a few minutes and pulled out, wiping her pussy juice on her asshole and spitting on my cock. I rimmed her hole with my tongue and she shivered and moaned. I gently inserted the tip of my finger into her virgin ass. More reaction from her and it seemed as though she enjoyed it. She said to stop playing and give it to her. I raised up and circled her ring with the tip of my cock and my pre-cum was enough lube to start to slide it in. Gently I pushed and she pushed back and soon I was buried deep into her. She let out an ‘OH Fuck’ and pushed bad and said to go faster. Her pussy was dripping all the while and she reached down and rubbed her clit and came bucking and riding my cock in her ass. I was about to explode and let loose strings of cum into her sweet ass. When I softened some I pulled out and my cum was dripping out of her and mixing with her pussy juice down her legs. I was surprised when she turned around and licked my cock clean and sucked whatever sperm I had left out. We both laid there fully spent but knew we weren’t done. She said she didn’t swallow Marty because she said it was special between us and that she probably would never do it again with anyone else along with being ass fucked. We played until the early hours-fucking, sucking, licking until we both fell asleep. The next morning we spent in bed until check out time but we used every minute to enjoy each other. I never saw Sally again after that night. I did talk to her once afterwards and she said that being with me really was an awakening to her own sexuality. She was getting older and feeling unattractive but somehow I made her feel wanted and sexy and she thanked me for that. No, I said, I thank you as no woman ever made me cum 4 times in a12 hr period even when I was 19! !

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