Teen group fun


Teen group funI had not spoken to Kendra, my ex young girlfriend in several months. We’d gotten together a few times since breaking up and had some really hot group sex, along with her current bf Isaac (and some other friends of hers). So out of the blue I get a call from Carlie, her smoking hot 90 lb friend who is now 19. We’d played with Carlie a couple times, including one time at a sex club. Carlie asked me if I’d help her give her friend Shannon a surprise 18th birthday party, much like the one that Kendra and I had thrown for her when she turned 18. I’m was def down for it, and we talked several times before I went out there (St.Louis suburb) last weekend. Carlie told me her and Kendra had a fight and hadn’t spoken in awhile, so I told her how we’d set up her party. I was super excited on my way to the hotel … I was there about 3 hours before the party was to start. Me and Carlie were going to watch some group and dp porn first to get really horny. When I knocked on the door, a girl (brunette, also tiny with an almost flat chest, maybe 18-20) answered in a little bikini bottom. She smiled and was like “I’m Marla, come in, Carlie said you’d be here about now…her and my bf are in the other room of the suite”. My dick got hard just looking at Marlie’s tight little body and sweet innocent looking face. But then we walking buca escort into the other room and I almost came in my pants. Marla started pulling off my clothes as I watched Carly and Marla’s bf Ryan on the bed. Carly was sucking Ryan’s big dick, and she yelled out to me “I need more dick to suck, cum over NOW!” Marla sat back down and slid her bikini bottom off and started playing with her already wet pussy, and shoved a dildo in with her other hand. Obviously she loved watching her bf get sucked off…and from previous experience I knew Carlie was a fantastic teen dick sucker. When I was undressed, Carlie grabbed my dick and right away shoved it in her mouth, right next to Ryan’s. She sucked our heads together, took them as deep as she could, then popped them out and jerked them together…one hand jerking both wet hard dicks up and down together! She laughed and said “hey Marla look….I got one big fucking cock here!” We moaned as she shoved them back in her mouth again. In a couple seconds Marla was over with us, playing with Carlie’s little teen titties and rubbing her own tiny ones against Carlie’s while Carlie continued playing with and sucking our 2 cocks. Ryan was like “oh yea suck our big dicks together Carlie…rub the heads and play with them…mmmmmmmmm” Marla joined in just as Carlie’s buca escort bayan bf got there…he was like WTF you little cunt and came over to grab her, but she popped our cocks out of her mouth and put on a sexy little pouty face and said “I though we talked about this Rick….you said it would turn you on to see me suck and fuck another dude”. Rick was like, yea but not TWO other dudes and without telling me or ummmm….letting me watch…..Carlie and Marla both giggled and told Rick to lighten up and get naked. He was already doing that when she finished her sentence. Now us three guys (and I was the small one at about 7.5 inches) were left to satisfy the 2 hot tiny teens. All our senses just took over – we tried a buncha shit….Marla wanted 3 cocks in her mouth at once, so we tried shoving them all in while Carlie licked and help guide them. We got them all in for a few seconds anyway! Then Carlie wanted two cocks in her pussy at once, so she had Ryan and I lay down in a scissors position with our cocks together. She squatted over us while Marla helped shove our wet glistening cocks into Carlie’s tiny shaved pussy. MMMMMMMMMM it felt soooo good with her practically jumping up and down on our cocks. I felt Ryan’s cock squirt some precum and knew neither one of us would last very long. Carlie escort buca was in heaven as our dicks crammed her pussy and Marla licked and occasionally popped our cocks out to double suck Carlie’s pussy juices off them. The last time she shoved them back in I knew we would both be shooting our loads soon and yelled to Carlie to get off and join Marla in the suck party. She got on her hands and knees on one side of us, while Rick fucked her from behind…he had been watching and whacking off and was also so ready to shoot his cum. A few seconds of pumping Carlie and he sat down on Ryans legs and got his HUGE dick as close to ours as he could. Carlie and Marla were sucking and moaning, each jamming our cocks in their little mouths in a big suck party…sometimes two of the cocks at once. It was soo wet and hot and fun! Ryan moaned really loud and his dick exploded as it was inside Marla’s mouth with Ryans cock. Marla pulled it out of her mouth and jacked it off as both girls wanted the cum. It shot all over and all over Rick’s dick too. The girls licked the cum off both dicks and spit it back out on all three of ours as I could not hold back any more and also shot my cum right into Carlie’s mouth. Marla and Carly eagerly lapped up their third load, rubbing and sucking all three dicks while they giggled. Then Carlie said “you guys gotta get ready for the party, and Oh by the way…Kendra and I really weren’t fighting we just wanted to surprise you” I heard laughing and looked to see Kendra and Isaac standing next to the bed already naked too!I will finish up what happened next and the party soon!

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