Aunty Norma at 78


Aunty Norma at 78The following story is pure fantasy and it involves sex with a lady in her 70’s. If this offends then don’t read it, if it intrigues you please carry on and enjoy.The misconception that many people have is that when women get to a certain age that they are not interested in sex. This might be the case with many ladies but certainly not with all, in fact some of the sexual innuendo I receive from women in their 70’s and 80’s is quite extreme and I know that if I wanted to take advantage some of them wouldn’t take much persuasion. I am though happily married to a woman who is extremely horny and I thus wouldn’t want to jeopardise our relationship. It doesn’t stop me having lots of fantasies though, mainly about older women like my own mother, my mother in law, neighbours and so on.This then is a story that could easily happen though and the first part of it is all fact, when we get past the touching and innuendo into actual sex that part I have simply made up, for me and you to enjoy. My Mum has had the same neighbour for 45 years, her name is Norma and during my c***dhood she was simply Aunty Norma, although she is no actual relation. She and her husband Jack, even came on holiday with us at times and I have always got on really well with her. When I was a teenager I can remember having Aunty Norma fuelled masturbation sessions and like many of the females I know I have trawled through her knicker drawer on more than one occasion.However it has only been in recent years when Norma has made little comments here and there, that are sexually suggestive.She has been a widow for 6 years and is now 78, but a couple of years back she took me by surprise when I went to see how she was one day. So I had visited my Mum and then knocked on Norma’s door. She let me in and we were soon sitting in her lounge drinking tea, whilst she asked me how life was going. After a while she got up and fetched a photo album from a shelf and sat next to me and opened it up. It was full of photos from 1975, when I was 12 and they were of a holiday we all took together in Wales. Norma pointed out each place we visited and then came to some shots taken at a swimming pool in Rhyl.“Oh I remember this day dear,” she said, “Do you?”I did actually but wanted to hear what she had to say.“Remember I came into your room in the caravan when you were putting your trunks on and saw your penis. Ooooo you went so red. It was funny because your Mum had recently told me you were coming into some hair down stairs and there it was all young and sprouting.”I nodded and gave a half hearted laugh.“Yes I do remember that Norma.”She squeezed my leg and said,“Mind you I expect quite a few ladies have seen it since then eh?”I smiled and agreed with her.“And just think karşıyaka escort if old Aunty Norma had been a naughty girl that day, I could have been the first not just to see but maybe feel too.”“Mmmm well that’s not what happened,” I said but part of me wish it had and another part of me was thinking did she wish it had too.During our chats since, the same topic has come up quite a few times though. She has also tried to shock me with talk about young men she has seen on the TV. One Sunday morning she asked me if I had seen the dancing programme on the TV the night before. When I said I had she then told me how wonderful she thought one of the dancers was and how she would love to feel his body up close to hers. She thought I might be shocked even though I wasn’t and qualified her remarks by saying,“There is still life in me yet dear.”And so it has gone on for the last few years and the touching has increased, in fact she likes to touch my arm or squeeze my leg given any opportunity and then just a few weeks ago, she stood in front of me and cupped her own breasts through her blouse and asked me if I thought she looked better as she had bought some new bras to lift her boobs up a bit.And I have to admit, they do help.Norma is quite a big lady now, with quite a wide frame, a big arse and big tits and her tits did lay on her belly even with a bra on, but the new support bras have given her more of a figure again.She then told me that she thought her bras might help her get a “toyboy” and she then asked me if I knew any men who might like a more mature lady.I told her I didn’t but that maybe there was someone out there who would like to get to know her better.This takes me on to how we finally got in bed together.So after visiting Mum as normal I knocked on Norma’s door just to check on her as usual.As usual we had tea and a chat until eventually she said,“So did you ever find me that man?”“Man!” (feigned surprise)“Yes I told you I was looking for a toyboy and thought you might help. I am deadly serious you know.”“No Norma, I didn’t find anyone.”“Oh dear, well I’ll have to make do with my little vibrating toy for now then.”That comment nearly did make me choke on my tea.“Oh dear, are you alright deary? Oh I suppose my little revelation about my toy is too shocking for you.”I managed to clear my throat and say,“Well yes Norma I wasn’t quite expecting that.”She got up and came and sat next to me and put her hand on my leg,“Well a lady has to have some pleasure and I have a friend called Doreen who knows all about the internet and she ordered me one.”Norma giggled, “She has 3 herself.”“Right,” I managed to say.Norma was as usual caressing my leg just above my knee, but for the first time she started karşıyaka escort bayan to move her hand up and down, stroking me and for the first time I couldn’t control the erection that started to grow and as her hand moved up and down, the bulge in my jeans grew ever bigger.Norma couldn’t miss it and I felt her hand brush gently over it, causing me to twitch all the more.Her voice was a lot more husky when she next spoke,“Of course if you can’t find me anyone, maybe you can be my little toyboy.”Her hand stopped on my crotch and she wrapped her fingers around my cock through my jeans.I couldn’t speak and to be honest I truly thought I was going to spurt my load there and then.Norma then simply unzipped my fly and released my cock from its bondage.She cooed and ahhed and said,“It’s a pity it wasn’t like this the day I came in on you in that caravan.”Her wrinkled hand moved up and down my shaft, her index finger spreading my pre-cum over the end of my cock.Being wanked off by a 78 year old woman was a wonderful fantasy and Norma had only given me 4 or 5 long strokes when the first spray of spunk ejaculated from me.To say she was over the moon was an understatement, she cooed and giggled and moaned all it once it seems and was virtually shouting, “Yes come some more, yes yes”with each squirt of cum that ejaculated from me.As she continued to stroke me and as my cum diminished to a dribble, I put my arm around her and pulled her to me, forcing my lips against hers. Norma kissed me back with surprising intensity, even pushing her tongue into my mouth.Her hand continued to stroke me, even as my cock began to shrink within it and she covered my cock with my own cum and my balls too as her hand fondled those as well.As we kissed I felt across with my left hand and grabbed Norma’s large right tit.The kiss ended abruptly as she threw her head back in passion.I fondled her hard, squeezing her tit and feeling for her nipple through her blouse and bra. Her hand squeezed my softening cock hard as I teased her nipple. She came back to me again for a long hard kiss, our tongues dancing for a few seconds before she broke away panting.“Oh baby, how I’ve dreamt of this,” she managed to say.“Me too Aunty Norma,” I replied.Whether it was the use of the word Aunty or what, but those words seem to drive her into a new frenzy.Although my cock was quite flaccid at this point she wanked me even harder, forcing my foreskin backwards and forwards and at the same time she pulled my head down with her left hand into her bust.I kissed her massive tits through her blouse and bra to start with, but she quickly unfastened her blouse buttons and then pulled me into her ample cleavage until only the white material escort karşıyaka of her support bra was between my mouth and her soft flesh.I then moved myself to get to her better and for a few seconds she took her hand off my cock so she could get her blouse off and undo her bra.As soon as the bra went, so did Norma’s boobs, drooping well down, but I soon had a nice large flat nipple in my mouth whilst I squeezed the surrounding mountain of flesh.By this time my cock had overcome its first expenditure and it started to grow in Norma’s hand again as she worked her hand up and down and over my balls.Norma stroked the back of my head with her left hand as I alternated between her breasts, trailing wet saliva from one to the other.All the time she encouraged me with little comments,“Oh baby bite me.”“Oh darling, that’s good lick Aunty Norma’s boobies.”“Oh yes deary squeeze me tighter.”I was soon hard again and decided to do something that my wife Kath loves. So I positioned myself virtually on Norma’s ample lap with a knee either side of her, grabbed a tit in each hand and pushed my erection up into her cleavage. I then tit fucked her, whilst pulling at each nipple with my thumb and forefinger.Norma squealed in delight and couldn’t stop looking as the end of my cock kept appearing from her cleavage before disappearing again.“Is that good you randy old tart?” I asked through gritted teeth.“Wonderful darling, wonderful.”I next slipped off her sofa on to the floor and lifted up Norma’s skirt. She had tights on and some big white knickers and I told her that I needed them off.She stood up without hesitation and dropped her skirt and pulled down her tights and let the knickers go with them until she stood in front of me naked. It wasn’t a sight that would please every man, grey thinning hair, lined face and neck, droopy tits, rolls of fat spilling over her groin to a triangle of grey coarse pubic hair, down to her pussy lips that hung limply from beneath her.But for a hungry pervert like me, it was sheer ecstasy.I pushed her back gently to a sitting position and then went to work on her pussy with my lips and tongue. Her body rocked from side to side and her breathing came more in gasps as my tongue found her clit and I slowly teased the moisture from her until I felt she was ready to take me.I pulled her to the edge of the sofa , got up on my knees and slowly rubbed my cock the length of her labia, letting it just slip inside a touch before continuing the long stroke up towards her pubic hair again.Doing this for just a minute or so sent Norma into throes of sheer joy, lust and passion until she was begging me to fuck her.Which I duly did, thrusting into hard filling her pussy with my hard cock until once more I ejaculated and filled her with my hot spunk.As our lust sated we both sort of collapsed into a heap, her on the sofa, me slumped into her lap.Eventually after some very heavy breathing she managed to say,“I’d like some more of that another time.”“Me too,” I saidAnd both of us knew we would be counting down the days until my next visit.

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