Your restraints are red


Your restraints are red and your blindfold is blue, but tonight my darling, someone else will punish you! He led her slowly to the chair, guided her into a 180 degree turn and helped her sit down. Her breathing was heavy; he could see her breasts rising and falling and he was tempted to touch her; tempted to fondle her through the satin material of her red dress, but he restrained himself. She too was restrained but her restraints were a length of red cord tying her wrists behind her back. She also wore a blindfold; a blue silk scarf, around her eyes. “You have been a naughty girl again haven’t you?” He asked softly as his hand rested on her thigh. He could feel the strap of her suspender belt and the stocking fastener underneath her dress. Once again he had to restrain himself; restrain himself from sliding back the hem of her dress until he could see the soft white flesh of her thighs above her stocking tops. He wanted to slide it back further until her black see-through panties were revealed. He wanted to do lots of things to his very beautiful and sexy wife. “Yes Master.” She responded, her breath still heavy. He knew just how much she loved these evenings; these special nights when the children went to stay with their grandparents and they had time alone. Sally loved playing the submissive role of a naughty girl and he loved to be the stern Master administering her punishment. On the coffee table in front of them lay a black leather flogger; a brown leather paddle and a riding crop. He would use each one on her bottom, in varying degrees of strength until she was so wet with sexual excitement that she begging for his cock. She once told him that sometimes her orgasms were so intense from his fucking of her afterwards that she would be close to fainting. “What have you been doing Sally?” “I…….I…..I….have been masturbating Sir.” She replied softly. “You are a very dirty girl aren’t you Sally?” “Yes Sir.” He knelt down beside her, his hand still resting on her thigh. “What am I going to do with you Sally?” He asked. “No matter how many times I punish you, you still do it.” “Sorry Sir.” “Maybe it’s time someone else took over disciplining you?” Her gasp was quite audible. He knew just how much she loved the thought of someone else punishing her. “Please Sir. No.” She told him. “Why?” He asked her. “It…… would be so embarrassing and humiliating having another man do that to me.” She told him. She was right of course; having another male taking down her panties and punishing her would be embarrassing; having another male seeing her naked that way; seeing the pink fleshy lips of her pussy pushing out between her thighs as she bent over would be very embarrassing. Having another male holding her dress up as he administered each stroke of the disciplining instrument would be humiliating. She also knew that another male would also punish her more severely; her husband would stop when he saw the severity of the pain etching upon her face, another male would probably continue. In the excitement he would no doubt carry on and disregard her feelings. Then of course was the matter of what else he would expect from her. In the excitement of it all her husband would force her to her knees after beating her and release his erection for her to suck. He would make her take him to the point of almost climaxing; make her take his cock deep in her mouth; make her cup his testicles in her hand as he thrust back and forth, calling Escort Şişli her a filthy whore as she gagged. Then when he was ready; when he was ready to fill her womb with his seed he would make her bend over the nearest chair or perhaps kneel on the floor and there he would take her. Fuck her from behind; use her like a whore. Sometimes he would continue to spank her; pull at her hair and call her names as he thrust away at her without mercy or regard for her own pleasure. But that was his right of course. He was her husband; he had rights to her body; he had the right to demand physical satisfaction from her, a stranger had no such rights. But Sally knew that in such circumstances he would demand those rights. As Tom often said to her, “He would expect you to reciprocate the pleasure.” “I know it would be embarrassing and humiliating,” he told her as he ran a hand over her thigh. “But I think it’s time you learnt a real lesson.” She gasped again. “Come on.” He told her as he suddenly got up. “You can stand in the naughty girl corner while I contemplate this matter.” He guided her across the room to a corner and made her stand facing the wall. As usual she would bow her head and think about what would happen next; think about being led across the room to the puffee and laid across it; think about her dress being lifted up over her waist and her panties taken off. She would think about the actual punishment. First the flogger would be used on her; up to twelve strokes given across her thighs and bottom, slowly and purposely delivered. Then would come the paddle; that strip of hard leather that would make her bottom sting even more and make her cheeks very red. Finally he would use the riding crop; the implement of punishment that would break her. Three or four strokes would be enough to bring her tears flowing down her cheeks, but the wetness on her cheeks would be equalled by the wetness between her thighs. By that time Sally was ready for cock. This had not been the first time that Tom had suggested to her that he would bring in another man to take over her discipline. The prospect made it even more exciting for her; although she knew that he would never do it, the thought of another man actually administering the punishment excited her. Secretly she had always hoped that he would get over that barrier of allowing another man to see her body in the same way that he did; secretly she had always hoped that he let another man punish her the way he did and yes, secretly, she would like to be fucked by another man afterwards. Sally stood quietly in the corner of the room with her head bowed and her mind racing ahead while her husband left the room. Tom too was thinking, as he stood outside the lounge door with his mobile telephone in hand, he was thinking whether to do it or not. Outside, parked in a car outside their home was Jim; a man he had met on the internet; a man who was experienced in and who enjoyed disciplining women. He had met him on an internet spanking blog; saw his posts and saw his pictures. Tom imagined Sally being in the same position as some of women being punished. Within a few weeks they were emailing each other and after discovering that they lived quite close, Jim invited him over to see him in action. Tom took an afternoon off work and travelled across to where he lived and watched Jim in session with a couple of a similar age to him and Sally. Tom saw something that would not only be Sultangazi escort etched in his memory forever but which would also tip the balance between his feelings of acute jealousy and sexual excitement. He sat quietly in an armchair watching as a man came into the room with a woman dressed as a schoolgirl. He led her to a chair in the centre of the room where Jin was sat with a wooden cane in his hand. The woman stood there with her head bowed as her husband told Jim about her many misdemeanours; the one that stood out more than the rest was her refusal to suck her husband’s cock. Tom watched as Jim tapped her across her legs with his cane “So you refuse to suck cock do you?” “Sorry Sir. But I just don’t like the taste when that stuff comes out of it” “What gives you the right to refuse to suck your husband’s cock?” He said in a stern voice. She bowed her head and remained silent. “Bend over that chair now.” He told her as he stood up. She walked across to the wooden chair and bent over it. He said nothing as he lifted her skirt over her waist and tugged at her white cotton panties. “I’ll teach you to refuse.” He told her as he dragged them to her ankles. Tom jolted in his seat as the first blow struck. It was hard; it was loud; it was painful. A red mark quickly appeared and the woman’s scream was followed by sobs. Two more followed in quick succession; both with same force and both with the same reactions, and then he grabbed her by the hair and pulled her to her feet.”Let’s see if you refuse now?” He said as he started to pull her across the room. Tom looked on slightly horrified as they made their way towards where he sat. The woman’s footsteps were slow because of the knickers around her ankles and for a few moments he wondered what was going to happen until he pushed her to her knees in front of him. “You suck whore and you suck good. I don’t want a drop spilt.” It was only when her trembling fingers started to unbuckle his belt that he fully realised exactly what was happening. He didn’t expect this; he didn’t even want this but what could he do? He found himself lifting his bottom so that she could take his trousers and boxers down; then he felt her tears on his thighs as she took him in her mouth. She was good; he had to admit. They way she held him in her fingers told him she knew what she was doing; the way she moved he hand up and down his shaft told him that she knew how to bring a man off and the way she used her lips and her tongue on the tip of his cock told him she was an experienced cocksucker. All the time she sucked him and brought him to his climax Jim stood over her, sometimes to tap her thighs hard with the cane, but the whole time was spent urging her on. He called her filthy names; disgusting names; names that he would never use, but names that pushed her on. It was not long before Tom found his eyes closing and his groans escaping from his lips. He could feel it rising from within; feel his cum surging from his testicles; feel it shooting up his shaft and feel it escaping into her awaiting mouth. He groaned loudly through each pulsation as his seed gushed from him and he held her head firmly in his hands until the last drop was gone. Tom had never done anything like this before; never had sex with anyone else present nor been naked and in a state of arousal with anyone else before, other than the person he was having sex with. He was quite shocked with himself Taksim escort bayan but he didn’t let it spoil things. When Jim asked him if he was pleased with her cock sucking he mouthed his approval. “I thought she hurried things.” He replied as he grabbed her by the hair and lifted her to her feet. Tom watched as he pulled her across to the settee to where her husband sat. Moments later she was on her knees and doing to her husband what she had done to him minutes earlier. This time she was much quicker. Her husband was already in quite a state of arousal; obviously excited from watching her with himself and he came very quickly. When he was asked if he was pleased he said no though. “She could have done better.” He said. This brought Jim to action again. Moments later she was back over the chair getting three more hard strokes of the cane. This time however when he had finished he dropped his trousers and fucked her. Tom sat in astonishment and watched as Jim grabbed her by the hips and took her from behind. He watched each thrust of his cock disappear inside her and then come out again; he could hear slapping of his thighs against hers; he could hear the groans and he could see the lust and aggression. Tom had never seen live sex before. By the time Jim had emptied himself inside her Tom was fully erect again. When Jim pulled away; his cock still stiff and glistening with their juices, he looked at Tom and told him to take his turn. “Fuck the whore.” He told him. Tom had never been unfaithful to Sally before; never even really desired to be either, but this was different. He was across the room in seconds and quickly inside her; quickly gripping her hips as she bent over the chair; quickly thrusting hard and deep into her and quickly calling her names. Yes, he found himself copying Jim and calling her a whore. He also found her reaction the same; thrusting against him as she groaned her approval. It didn’t take him long to cum; it didn’t take him long to find his seed rising again, it didn’t take long before he found himself emptying his cum inside her. This time however it was deep inside her pussy and not her mouth. Half an hour later he found himself alone with Jim; the couple had left and they were sat together discussing Sally. “I don’t think she is ready for anything as harsh as that.” Tom said. “Don’t worry.” Jim told him. “I take each one differently. Jan likes it hard and rough.” He told him. “I will play it by ear.” Tom thanked him. “There is one thing though Tom.” He said. “I will be expecting to fuck her.” Tom looked down at the floor. “That is okay as far as you are concerned isn’t it Tom?” Tom nodded. After what he had just done he could hardly refuse. Tom looked at his mobile and began to key in numbers. Moments later he walked to the front door and opened it and let Jim inside. He spoke quietly and nervously as he pointed at the sitting room door. “Sally’s in there.” He said. Jim patted him on the shoulder and walked away. Sally didn’t move as the door opened. She just stood there expectantly waiting for Tom to approach but the steps that she heard were not Tom’s. Suddenly the excitement turned to apprehension and as hand alighted on her shoulder, the excitement turned to fear. “I understand you have been a very naughty girl Sally.” The voice said. It was a soft and gentle voice but all the same it was a stranger’s voice. “Who are you?” She asked as she turned her head. “My name is Jim.” He told her. “Tom has asked me to deal with your naughtiness.” “Naughtiness?” His hand moved from her shoulder down her back and rested on her hips. “Yes naughtiness Sally. He told her. “You have been a very naughty girl and you need punishing.” “Punishing?” “Yes Sally, punishing.” “How?” She gasped.

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