James Finds Trouble – Part II


Part TwoNote: This one will make a lot more sense if you read Part I first. Thursday night walking home, I considered asking Mandy if she wanted to watch me again. Since Monday night, she hadn’t said a word about watching the first time. She had texted to ask how my ass was. I wasn’t sure if I could even bring any of it up, but my cock was hard as hell and full of encouragement. The first thing I noticed when I came through the door was the smell of perfume. Not too much of it, just a hint, but it smelled good. She didn’t normally wear perfume. I saw Mandy sitting on the couch. “Wow,” fell out of my mouth. She was wearing a tight, tight blue dress–she couldn’t have been wearing a bra, or panties for that matter–and tall stilettos that matched the blue of her dress. I had never seen her dressed up like this before–she looked amazing. She stood up and walked towards me. “You like?” she asked. “Yes, very much. Are you going out?” “No,” she said, a bit coyly. A pair of yellow panties sat on the coffee table. Next to her hairbrush. My cock wasn’t sure if it should get harder or run away. “James, I’m afraid we need to talk about your behavior. I clearly told you to clean up after yourself Monday night, didn’t I?” Not sure what was happening, I swallowed, hard. Mandy’s voice had taken on a cool, wicked tone that made my knees weak. What happened to sweet, sweet Mandy? “I…I’m…” She walked towards me. “You do remember me telling you?” “Yes. I…I…” “And yet today, I found a spot on the floor. And on the mirror. You don’t expect me to clean up after your messes, do you?” She took her finger and tapped it against my jeans and my very hard cock. “No. I’m sorry. I must…” “I’m not interested in your excuses, James.” She picked up the hairbrush and smacked it against the palm of her hand. Holy fuck. I was so scared and excited, I couldn’t move or speak. “And worse, earlier I couldn’t find my yellow panties–my favorite pair. And where do I find them? In your room.” She picked up the panties, holding them in front of me. All I could do was wonder what she’d look like in them. “Horrible behavior, don’t you think? Using my panties without my permission? Were you planning to come in them?” Well, I may have borrowed a pair of her panties from time to time (and I always washed them afterwards), but I hadn’t done that in a week or more. I’d never seen the yellow ones before. “Well, James, what should we do about this?” “I’m not…I’m not sure.” “What would you Dom do, if you misbehaved so badly? Well?” I closed my eyes. “She’d punish me.” “Is there any reason I shouldn’t?” I could think of plenty. But I couldn’t say a single one. “Well, James, is there?” Suddenly she seemed genuinely angry, her hand shaking. “No,” I mumbled. I was much taller than her, but there was no doubt of who was in charge. “So punishing you is the best way to deal with this?” “Yes.” “Yes? Is that how you address your Dom?” “Sorry. Yes, ma’am.” “Take off your clothes, James. I’m going to spank you.” Hearing her say those words, my body felt like a paper bag left out in the rain. Wanting out, my heart pounded against my chest. Terrified best described it; terrified and excited. My cock strained against my jeans, wanting out as bad as my heart. I stood there, like an idiot, staring at her with my mouth hanging loosely open. “Don’t make me give you extras, James. I don’t want to, but I will. If you’re not naked in five seconds, I’ll be applying the belt to your bottom as well as the hairbrush.” I opened and closed my mouth, but nothing came out. This isn’t fair. I didn’t even take the yellow panties. I’m not sure I should let you spank me. “Five!” I yelped, not wanting the belt. And wanting to please her. My fingers frantically pulled at the button of my jeans, then I unzipped them. “Four.” I pushed down my jeans, Şişli escort bayan realized my shoes were still on, and bent over to untie them. “Three.” I wasn’t going to make it. I frantically pulled off both shoes. Fortunately she wasn’t counting all that fast. “Two.” I stepped out of my jeans, almost falling over. “One.” Frantically I whipped my t-shirt off, over my head. After looking at her one last time, hoping for mercy but only finding the icy glint in her eyes, I pulled down my boxers. My cock bobbed up and down, excited. The tip was already wet. An annoyed look on her face, she shook her head and pointed down at my socks. I bent over, pulling them off. “I’m afraid that’s the belt, James.” Breathing hard, I stood back up, completely naked in front of her. Innocent, sweet Mandy. Well, that’s how I used to think of her. So much for thinking she was submissive, like me. She went into the kitchen, and came back with a long piece of white rope. My heart bounced up and down inside my chest. “Turn around and put your hands against your sides.” Without even thinking about it, I did. One of her hands held the rope against my spine, halfway up my back. She had me spin to the left, slowly, as she wrapped the rope around my body and my arms. After three turns, I realized this wasn’t going to be easy to get out of. “I found a picture of this on the internet today. I really liked the way it looked.” What else had she found on the internet? That thought scared me. As I turned again, her hand teased the tip of my cock. “I like your cock hard. I like making it hard.” I turned again, and her hand played across my ass. She turned me again and again, making sure each coil was perfect and tight. After a few more turns, she decided it was enough. I felt her pushing the end of the rope against my spine, above the other loops, then back down, under them. She spent some time tying the rope in place. When she was done, the end of the rope hung down, between my legs, like a tail that almost touched the floor. “Try to get out.” I did, but not very hard. She smacked me hard on my ass. “Really try to get out. I want to know you’re mine. That you’re helpless.” Wanting to please her, I twisted and turned. It was no use–my arms were stuck tight to my sides. My vulnerability suddenly hit me. I asked, “Could I please have a kiss?” “Does your Dom let you speak whenever you want? Or ask for whatever you want?” I shook my head ‘no’. “Clearly I need to teach you to respect me as much as your Dom. Don’t I?” “I… please…” Her eyes softened, and she stepped close to me. Her hand reached up and pulled my head down. She kissed me, long and deep, my cock pressing into her soft dress and her stomach. Our first kiss. She kissed me lightly on the lips, then gave me another deep kiss. My mind and heart spun like mad, lost. I knew then I’d do anything for her. That worried me, too. Finally we had to come up for air. She gave me a wonderful, happy smile, her eyes on fire. Her fingers trailing along my skin, she walked around me, admiring her work. In five minutes I’d gone from clothed and hoping she’d watch me jack off to naked and tied before her, hers to do anything she pleased with me. To me. Enough adrenaline was pumping through my blood to lift a car off the ground. “How does your Dom usually start your sessions?” I swallowed. “She puts me in the corner.” She smiled. “Perfect.” The cool skin of her hand wrapped around my cock, and she led me towards the corner. Our place was so small she had to move a plant and a chair out of the way, then she put me tight into the corner. “Make sure your cock stays hard. I like it hard.” It was regular Mandy’s voice–sweet and kind. She kissed me on the shoulder, one of her hard nipples brushing against my skin. My cock felt like it was Escort Sultangazi going to burst. Then her touch was gone, and I was alone in the corner. The TV came on, and I imagined her sitting on the couch watching it, her feet up on the table. After maybe five minutes, I heard Jeopardy start, and knew I was going to be there for awhile. She loved Jeopardy, and got a lot more questions right than I ever did. At each commercial, she’d come over and reach between my legs to make sure I was still hard. I managed to please her every time. Jeopardy went on and on. That show had a lot more commercials than I ever realized. I couldn’t decide if I wanted the show to end or go on forever. Would she really spank me? How hard would she spank me? And the belt??? The TV went off. Had I missed final Jeopardy? The silent tension in the little room built to the point of snapping. Sweat covered my skin. I jumped as her fingers touched my back, on my spine just above the coiled rope. “I love your body. I love being able to touch it, and do whatever I want with it.” She kissed the middle of my back. “Spread your cheeks.” That made me nervous. Unsure of what to do, my hands clenched and unclenched. Her voice very soft, she said, “You’re already getting a dozen with the belt. Are you going to make me double that?” I wondered what belt she’d be using. How it would feel. Tied like I was, it was hard to do, but I reached for as much of my cheeks as I could and pulled them apart. “Wider.” The edge returned to her voice. Wanting to please her, I pulled them wider, even lifting up on my toes and pushing my ass back towards her. A fingertip tapped against my asshole. My body jumped as I gasped. She chuckled. A little cruelty ran through that laugh. Her fingertip pushed in as her other hand teased my balls between my legs. In and out her finger went. “I so like playing with you. But we do need to get you spanked, too. Don’t forget, you’ve been bad.” She kissed me between my shoulder blades. “Stay here while I get ready.” Her high heels clicked around the apartment for several minutes, my heart beating louder and louder in my ears. Suddenly having your dreams come true can be beyond scary. I felt like I was standing at the top of a cliff wondering if I could fly. What would she do if I asked her to untie me? If I told her that I didn’t want to do this anymore? Would she still– “Come to me, James. It’s time for your spanking.” I turned from the corner. She was sitting in the middle of the couch, looking radiant. There was a glint in her eyes that I’d never seen before. One that reminded me so much of Andrea. She’d moved the coffee table to the side, the hairbrush sitting on top of it, easily within her reach. She patted her lap, encouraging me. The four or five steps across the tiny room were the longest of my life. Part of me screaming that I had no idea where this was going. No idea where it would end. But way too much of me wanted it. Sweat running down the sides of my body, I stood next to her, on her right side. I awkwardly lowered myself to my knees, then half crawled, half wiggled across her lap. Her dress was nice and short, and my cock pressed against the sweet, smooth skin of her thighs. That felt like heaven. “Isn’t there something else your Dom makes you do before a spanking?” The adrenaline made my mind too shaky to think of anything. “I.. what?” She smacked my bottom. The feel of her hand against my ass did nothing to help me think straight. “You’ve gone out of your way to tell me how much time you’ve spent kissing and licking her feet. And not only hers, but that other woman’s as well.” I swear there was a hint of jealously in her voice. “Do you want me to do that?” I asked, weakly. She smacked me again, harder. I arched up for even more. God, her hand felt Taksim escort good. “You are very close to that extra dozen with the belt, James. And the belt is going to hurt. Is that what you want, James? For me to make you cry? For you to feel it for days?” There was something about the way she said my name. The touch of sweetness and sadness mixed in with her threats. A huskiness, too, her voice ripe with sex. She smacked me again. “You are not addressing me properly, nor trying to please me. Get on your knees.” “Yes, ma’am.” I managed to wiggle off her lap, then slipped to my knees. I shuffled away from her, to give me room. I leaned over and kissed the tip of one shoe, then the other, then risked a kiss to the exposed top of her foot. “Would you like me to take off my shoes and let you kiss my toes?” I looked up at her, finding her eyes. Somehow I felt this moment would define so much of what would come after it. She was as excited and scared as I was. Feeling out her role, too. “Yes, please. Mistress.” The smile that earned warmed my heart. She started to slip one foot out of her shoe. “Beg.” “Please, Mistress, may I kiss your feet? Please?” She extended her foot. I kissed the tip of her big toe, then the second toe. When I’d kissed each one, I licked my way back to her first toe, then took it into my mouth, sucking on it. She sucked a deep breath in. “Oh, I like that. I think you’ll be doing a lot of that.” I took the second one into my mouth, so wanting to please her. I went for the third– “That’s enough. Maybe I’ll let you do that later, if you’re good. Let’s get you spanked.” From my knees, I met her eyes again. She patted her lap. I shuffled on my knees over to her, then wiggled across her lap, making sure I was pushing the dress up and out of the way of my cock. Damn her thighs felt good against my straining cock. She didn’t seem to mind. “James, why are you being spanked?” “For not cleaning up my mess…Mistress.” “What kind of mess?” I really just wanted her to spank me. “My come.” She smacked me hard twice. “My come, Mistress.” “So you deserve to be punished? A hard spanking?” “Yes, Mistress.” “Ask for it.” “Please, Mistress, please spank me for making a mess.” “Good boy.” It was horrible how much I wanted to please her, and how much I liked those words. She gave me four or five on one cheek, the sound echoing off the walls of the little apartment. “Does your Dom spank you harder than that?” Oh, crap. “Yes, Mistress.” She gave me three more, harder. I could hear her breathing hard from the effort. “Harder than that?” “A little, Mistress.” She smacked me even harder, four more, her hand cracking into my ass, all still on one cheek. “How about that?” “About the same, Mistress.” “Good. We can get started now.” Mandy’s soft hand rained down on my ass. She peppered both sides with five, ten, fifteen smacks. Somewhere around 25 I lost count. She didn’t worry about making the cheeks even–the right cheek received quite a few more than the left. I felt the heat build as it started to hurt. Still I arched up for her, wanting to please her. Wanting more. It stopped. My mind was pure white and happy. She was breathing harder than I was. “That’s hurting my hand.” She leaned over. Then the hairbrush tapped me on the very sore right side. Her fingertips teased my ass. “You’re quite red. And I’m afraid things are going to be much redder before I’m done.” Her hand slipped lower, between my cheeks. “You’re very hard. Are you enjoying your spanking?” I didn’t know the answer to that. How to answer it. Impatient, she smacked me again. “I asked you a question.” “I’m sorry. I’m not sure enjoy is the right word. I need it, though.” “James, that’s the third time you’ve forgotten to address me properly and respectfully. Haven’t I warned you about that?” “Yes, Mistress.” “What should I do about that?” She was going to be cruel about it. Make me say it. “Add more with the belt. Mistress.” “Do you deserve the extras?” “Yes, Mistress.” Her fingers continued to ease my balls and the base of my cock. God I loved that. “Don’t you dare come without permission, James.

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