The Weekend Part 1 (Chapter 3)


KATY:  I felt pure bliss rest in me, a feeling of contentment resonated all around me. I felt a filling sensation in my core, but what could it be? Not wanting to open my eyes, I stretched out my arms but felt resistance. “That’s odd,” I thought. I tried to stretch my legs but again, was met with resistance. A panic was forming in me. Something was wrong, and I wasn’t sure what it was. I was so happy, but there was this full feeling in me. Reluctantly opening my eyes, I looked to my side. My wrist was tied to the bed. It was so dark – where was I? My brain desperately tried to figure it out. I shook my arms and legs but nothing. I heard Tre’s chuckle. “What the hell was happening?” I thought. My eyes flared, scanning the room. That’s when I saw him. The full feeling was him sliding his cock in out of me, slowly but with such purpose. I felt every centimeter of his shaft. I was still in a panic. “How did I get tied up?” I thought. I would have thought, I would have felt being tied up. I was tied to his bed; that’s why I was confused. I had never slept in his bed before. The chuckle came again, “You are so amazing baby, so so sexy,” he said. As I became more alert to the events happening to me; I smiled to myself as my mind brought forth delicious memories of yesterday. My conscious lazily reacted to my surroundings; and then it went into full action. “OMG, last night really happened it wasn’t a dream. I am not a morning person, I will need to convey that to him. I mean really, I am glad he finds it perfect to fulfill his needs, but can’t he let a girl sleep?” I thought to myself as my mind raced. Moaning as he picked up the pace, I groaned, “Baby what time is it?” “It is time to fuck my pretty pussy,” he said. “Seriously Tre what time is it?” I said. “It is Sir to you or Master,” he said. “To answer your question its 3:00am. I couldn’t sleep so I started fucking you.” “Tre as much as like this, I need to pee,” I said. “Hold it,” he said. “What? I can’t hold it, is he nuts? He’s practically ordering the pee out of me with all of sensual pistoning he’s doing.” I thought. “Tre baby, please I really need to go,” I begged. “I said, it is SIR or MASTER you ungrateful slut,” he growled. Slut? What now he’s calling me names? I just want to go pee. This is total nonsense, I need to go, but oh damn, that cock is feeling so good! “Tre, I mean Sir, please may I go? I don’t want to make a mess.” “No, and because you failed to get my name right two times, you will now hold your pee till I say. If you make a mess you will lick it up,” he taunted. I felt sick. Lick my own pee? What has gotten into him? Lying still, I knew better than to ask again for fear of a spanking. “I will give you a choice; how you choose will determine what I do. You can go pee, but I get to spank you till your ass is a dark red. Or you can stay quiet, hold your pee, and ride out an amazing orgasm. At that point, you can go to the bathroom.” Some choice! Shit! I could choose relief and massive pain, or torture followed by pleasure and then relief. Oh I really need to go! Screw it. I will take the pain. After all, the last night he spanked me he pleasured me with such intense love. “I choose the bathroom, I really need to go.” “Very well then,” he said as he began untying me. Walking into the bathroom, I started to shut the door. When it wouldn’t close, I looked up to see him standing there. “A selfish slut gets no privacy, do your business quickly,” he said. There was that slut name. I am not a slut. I can’t go with him standing there, it’s just bizarre. “Well, start pissing now, or I will take you out of here to begin your punishment,” he growled. I squeezed and squeezed, finally I gave in and let it go and it felt good. The relief washed over me as my insides emptied. I felt it, a warmth in my nether region. I looked up in shock to see his tool sending a stream at me. “OMG, he’s fucking pissing on me! He’s starting to frighten me, how gross!” I thought, panicking a bit. “Tre, why are you pissing on me?” I said. “Well since you can’t figure out that I am to be called Sir, then I will do as I please,” he said, “So if I want to piss on a selfish slut, I will.” My heart dropped. Had I made a tragic mistake, was it all a charade? No, this has to be all an act, I have known him for too long! Finishing up my pee, I could see him standing there, lust and anger in his eyes. “Follow me, it is time Şişli escort to teach a selfish slut the error of being so selfish,” he said. I followed him, head lowered, my mind reeling in such humiliation. I had went from a confident woman, to a slut. Pissed on like I wasn’t there. Tears were filling in my eyes. My mind was retreating into a safe room. My conscious decided now was the time to come out and gloat “I told you to tell him, maybe he would go easier on you,” my mind said. “Shut-up,” I yelled angrily at it. “You know damn well he needs to know. He needs to know just how broken you are inside,” it said. “Fine, I will tell him after this damn punishment. I submitted to him, I will take my punishment like the woman I know I am. Not a shriveling pathetic slut he’s trying to make me believe I am,” I told myself. “You’d better, or I will bring up all the details daily till you do,” it threatened. I was having an argument with myself. This is truly pathetic. I was broken out of my reverie with a clearing of his throat. “Are you done there slut?” he growled. “What?” I said confused. “You have been standing there for 2 minutes now staring blankly into space. Bend over my lap now slut,” he said angrily. “Yes Sir,” I mumbled. I saw a faint smile on his lips as I bent over his lap. My ass raised high, his cock was pressing into my stomach and my pussy was increasing its lubrication. “Slut, why are you being punished?” he asked. “Because I was selfish, and chose my own pleasure over your pleasure,” I choked out. “Slut, your ass will remind you the next few days to not be selfish anymore,” he said. With that his hand came crashing down harder than yesterday. The pain seared through my nerves. My mind went blank, the pain was so intense. Every impact of his hand sent my mind reeling. Just like yesterday though, after so much pain was inflicted I felt myself getting wetter. I was enjoying the feeling of being punished, or was it a feeling of self worth knowing I was making my Master happy. Wait…did I just call him Master? Why couldn’t I figure that out when he was giving me those chances? The strokes got faster. I had lost count of how many swats I had received. Then it was over, the crashing pain was there but it wasn’t being fueled anymore. A cooling sensation was now waging war with the fire on my ass. Turning my head, I could see his hands gently moving lotion across my inflamed skin. I was now so utterly confused, first humiliation, then pain, and now love and care. When he was done he pulled me into a strong embrace, dragging me alongside him as he crawled back into bed. Propping himself up, he laid my head in his lap. His hands began to caress my cheek, wiping away my tears. “Babe, do you understand why I punished you?” he asked. “Yes, Sir I do,” I said with my best ‘I have not been crying voice.’ “I was selfish. I chose to submit to you, then chose to not listen to your advice and requests. For that, you punished me to show me the error of my ways. I am so sorry Master.” “I accept your apology. Now there is a time and place for certain names,” he said. I looked up, confused. “For example, you’re not a slut, you’re my slut. I will call you slut whenever I choose. As my slut though, you are still a regal and beautiful person, an intelligent and strong woman. I want you to understand that, ok babe? I will be called Master when we are having sex, during your punishments, and during the times I am pleasuring you. All other times, I will be called Sir. Outside of this house, I will be called by my name. Is this clear?” “Yes, Sir. Thank you for the compliment, and I do understand I am not a slut now. When you were angry with me I really did believe I was nothing but a slut who couldn’t bring you pleasure,” I started to cry. “Oh baby, you will make mistakes, you will struggle. But never believe you can’t bring me pleasure. Looking at your beautiful body, hearing your voice, brings me great pleasure,” he said. I knew it! It was an act, and I hadn’t made a mistake about him. “Tell him,” a low growl emanated through my head. “Tre, can we set aside all that has happened this morning? I need to tell you a story of my past while you were away.” “Uh, sure babe, what do you need to tell me?” he asked. “Tre this is going to be hard for me, I have never told this story to anyone. It is only fair you know though, before we Sultangazi escort bayan get to deep into this new life we are embarking on.” His face took on a somber look. I could see the battle of emotions on his face. “I am damaged goods. When I turned 21 I met a guy, he was nice and good looking. Not as good as you of course, but he was nice to me. We went out on many dates, I enjoyed being around him. He didn’t try to take me to bed, he never asked, so I never had to tell him I was saving myself. One day I was at his house, we were snuggling and he asked if I wanted to stay in his bed tonight instead of the spare room. I informed him that I was saving myself and he got really angry.” “It was the kind of angry I saw on your face, I was scared immediately. I stood to leave and he grabbed my arm and twisted me around, and asked again. ‘After all I have done for you, took you places, bought you things. All I ask for is to have sex with you, and you tell me no,’ he said to me. ‘Yes,’ I answered. This answer isn’t what he wanted to hear. I next felt a crushing pain on my cheek, followed by me falling into the glass coffee table. I got up and began to move away when he kicked me hard in the gut. I managed to get out of the house after hitting him with a vase. In the street I stumbled towards my apartment, my emotions were everywhere – fear, pain, and failure. I told myself I had failed, I was the one that made the mistake not him.” “I wasn’t paying attention to where I was going, and walked right in front of a cop car. The officer jumped out and had me sit down. I was all cut up, crying, and in so much pain. ‘What happened, how did you get so hurt?’ he asked me. I knew he was asking because he had to. But it was very obvious, the pain in my head had to be showing marks. I lied, I was afraid of retaliation. ‘I fell out of a tree officer,’ I told him. ‘Would you be able to help me to the hospital?’ He acquiesced, although very displeased I wouldn’t tell the truth, he took me to the hospital and I was taken care of. I never saw that guy again,” I told him. When I looked into his eyes, I saw pain and hurt, then anger. But this anger was not focused on me. It was sitting in the distance, a blood lust so to speak. “Does he still live here?” he asked. “He lives in the next town, that’s where I dated him. I never brought him to my apartment,” I said. “What is his name?” he asked. I could see he was forming a plan, and I couldn’t lose him. “I can’t tell you that, I won’t lose you to a story of my past.” I was crying in force now. “Come here baby, I am not going anywhere. If you won’t tell me his name so be it,” he said, “I am so sorry I was so aggressive with you, I wish you had told me sooner. I would never have spanked you so hard.” “You still would have spanked me?” I asked. “Yes love, I would still have spanked you. You had to be shown where you went wrong. I would have never been so aggressive to you though. I gave you a really good spanking. Your ass is a very deep shade of red.” “I see. Are you mad at me for not telling you, and are you still mad at me for not listening to you?” “Yes love I am mad at you for not telling me, but you won’t be punished for it. It is something I will deal with. I can’t punish you for opening your heart. As for earlier, your punishment was all that was needed, I am no longer angry about that,” he said with a smile. “Now rest my love, we have a long weekend ahead of us,” he said, as he kissed my forehead. “Thank you Sir,” I said as I drifted off to sleep, emotionally exhausted. A few hours later, I began to stir to new feelings. I had dreamed during my nap of being pampered and loved by my Master and love of my life. There it was again; I had called him my Master again. Uttering that name brought a tingling feeling inside me. My consciousness began to stir more, it was being prompted by these feelings. Oh why do they have to wake me, it’s so blissful in my dream world. Master is rubbing my ass, soothing me and blowing cool air across my sex. I am at peace. He reaches around and I can feel him cup my breast. My breast fits so nice in his large hands, like they were made for his hands. Such peace, my dream feels so good if only this was reality! His hand touches my wet sex, his fingers grazing across my swelling clit; it feels so fantastic. My dream can see I like this, and increases Escort Taksim the tempo. He is angrily moving across my lips and clit now at such a fast pace. I can feel the tremor inside my mind, the wave of bliss is riding high ready to crash over me. “Interesting, this dream feels so life like,” I mused. Then the wave crashed down; my eyes flew open and I quickly realized my dream was in fact reality and my sneaky conscious let me believe I was dreaming. My moaning increased as his tempo never broke. A second wave washed over me and I screamed out in ecstasy. Panting, he finally stopped his ministrations to my engorged clit. I could hear a chuckle escape his lips, his hot lips kissed up my back. Slowly arriving at my neck, he nibbled my earlobe. I moaned and sighed, I felt complete. “Good morning sleepy head,” he said, “I have lotion on your ass so be careful when you move, I tried to wake you gently but your stubbornness is so strong when you’re unconscious. Breakfast is ready downstairs, hopefully it’s not too cold by now. I hadn’t planned on waking you up this way, not that I didn’t enjoy it,” he smirked. “Thank you Sir, it was a very pleasant way to wake up. Would you mind if I went to the bathroom to clean up?” I asked. “Not at all love,” he said as he padded off to head out to the kitchen. Thank God he didn’t want to watch me pee again. I am not sure I could handle the emotional turmoil before I can talk to him. Cleaning myself up, I donned my robe and headed to the kitchen to enjoy his cooking. I sat down at the table, eyeing all the tasty items he had made. His back was turned to me, he was still naked, and his gorgeous ass was staring at me. I could feel the arousal building in me. He turned to me carrying the last item for the breakfast. He stopped, and I could see a flash of anger and then a smile donned his face. A fear gripped me inside. Had I done something wrong? But what could it be? “Baby, what did I tell you to do?” he asked. “To hurry up and come out for breakfast,” I stated with confusion spreading across me. “Anywhere in those instructions did you hear me tell you to put a robe on?” he asked with that evil smile forming. It dawned on me that is what I had done wrong. I was wearing more clothing than him! “No Sir, you didn’t. I just assumed it was ok,” I said unsteadily. “Very well, I will let it slide this once. From now on unless you’re told otherwise, you will be naked. I want to be able to admire my beautiful girl at all times,” he said as he walked around to me, pushing my robe out of the way. “I want to be able to grab my tits and pinch my nipples,” he said as he demonstrated. “I want to be able to also grab my luscious ass, to be able to smack the perfect globes and watch them jiggle. Most of all I want to be able to have access to my pussy – to stroke it, to play with it, and when I am ready, be able to fuck it till you cry out in ecstasy and beg me to stop.” OMG that was by far the most arousing thing I have heard him say, the way he took ownership of my assets. Calling them his, as if I was nothing but a means to transport his toys around. My body was raging, I wanted to tackle him and force his gorgeous cock in my… “Oops,” I giggled to myself, “His pussy.” I stood to get rid of the robe. As it fell completely away, he pulled me into one of his famous bear hugs and kissed me with such incredible passion. My breathing was ragged, I was in a constant state of arousal. My emotions were all mixed up, but at the heart of the confusion I felt loved and I felt at peace. My prince, my Greek god, and my Master loved me. We sat and ate our breakfast. I picked this time to talk to him. I wanted to be objective and say what I needed without getting distracted with his touches. “Tre can I speak freely, and if so can we discuss yesterday, today, and future?” “Yes my sexy princess, I always want to hear your mind at work,” he smiled. “Tre, yesterday was a real eye opener and when it was done, I was very happy with my choice. This morning I had doubts, I am still utterly new to everything here. I am fully aware I won’t always enjoy everything about my choice. For now, can we agree on a few things at least till I get more used to things?” “What things would you like to agree to? If it’s no spankings, I will have to say no however,” he said with a sense of finality in his voice. “Well first off, I am unsure about being called a slut – it made me feel despair, like I was failing you in every way. Secondly, I felt totally pathetic and helpless when you pissed on me. I felt like what was there to live for if I was going to be pissed on when you were angry? Lastly, I enjoyed most of the spanking at least until you became too violent.

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