Your own private show


Hi, baby. Evelyn here, your hot Asian girlfriend. I wanted to talk to you about something, so make yourself comfortable – maybe take a seat on the couch opposite me, take your shoes and socks off, just relax while I settle in.I’m on the chair facing you. That’s right, sitting primly here with my knees together. I’m in that favourite little skirt you like so much, the short blue tartan one – yes, I can see you looking at it now. And my navy knee-high socks which go so well with my red heels. And to complete the look, I’ve got my white shirt on with the school tie loose around my collar.You like it when I dress like this, don’t you? Especially when I peer coyly at you from behind my sexy oval-framed glasses; that smile on my lips, that’s for you, baby – I’m just imagining the pleasure you get simply from looking at me.So, today I wanted to talk to you about masturbation – how much I enjoy it, how often I make myself cum just thinking of you. And especially how I’d like you to watch me masturbate for you. Yes, that’s right – I want to masturbate for you now while you sit there and watch. And I mean Escort Yakacık watch – no touching, right?If you try and touch me I’ll stop and go away, and I don’t think you’d like that, would you? No, you wouldn’t. So be a good boy and keep your hands to yourself. If you find it gets too much for you I might let you touch yourself, but for now, I want you to sit there and keep your hands still.Can you do that, baby? Tell me you can – I think you’ll like it. And all that self-control will give you an even better climax when you do eventually cum.Good. I’m going to loosen my shirt a little now, first one button, then another, then… oops! If I lean forward you can see my breasts inside this lacy white bra. You really like that, I can tell – you can’t take your eyes off my cleavage and the sexy feminine lingerie under my shirt.Why, I believe you’re breathing a little heavier – what on earth would you be like if I undid my shirt all the way? Like this – there now you can really admire my tits encased in that flimsy lace – if I squeeze them they feel so soft. Atalar escort Ooh, yes – I love touching myself like this, seeing your reaction, your open mouth as you see me stroking my breasts softly.I’m looking at you, baby – but you’re too engrossed in my tits to notice me smiling at you. I’m going to leave my tie on but am going to take my shirt off – there, how do you like that?You’re getting a bit hot and bothered there, honey? No, you can’t touch yourself yet – even though I can see from here that there’s a bit of a bulge in your pants – leave it, just feel the friction against the tightening fabric around that growing erection. Believe me, you’ll thank me for it later. Yes, you will, really.I’m going to let you see a bit more now – as I open my legs you can see right up my skirt to the white panties I’m wearing. And if I lift my skirt a little and push my thighs apart you can see a little, wet patch where I’m leaking – that’s all from doing this for you, baby – see how wet and horny you’re making me.My finger slowly stroking over the front of my panties, Kadıköy escort bayan feeling the wetness from my pussy, pushing the satin fabric a little inside my pussy, making myself even wetter. Mmmm – that’s enough for the moment. Sit back, and… how many more times? Don’t touch yourself till I tell you to.Bad boy. You are so naughty I really shouldn’t do what I’m going to do now, but if you behave yourself I will. Promise? Really promise? Cross your heart and hope to die promise? Oh, alright then.I reach behind me and unclasp my bra, letting the shoulder straps fall down my arms. I toss the bra over to you and let you feel it – yes, you can play with my bra if you want – smell it, sniff it, lick it – does it taste and smell of hot young female flesh – is it warm from being next to my pert little tits?It turns me on to see you holding and smelling my lingerie like that – we girls are so lucky to have such sexy things to wear, and most of the time you boys have no idea what’s under our shirts and dresses. Do you mentally undress the girls you see out and about? Do you imagine what kind of bra they’re wearing, how their breasts would feel if you touched them, how hard their nipples would get if you could only kiss them? I think you do, you bad boy.Do you like my nipples, baby? See how hard and erect they are, see how I tweak first one, then the other, making them stand up even more.

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