My Early Story

Big Tits

From my earliest memory, I liked trying on girls’ things. My mom’s slips, sister’s panties, even my aunt’s nightie, (that is another story). I even went as far as dressing up completely when I was home alone. Mostly I wore my sister’s things. I loved her short shorts and halter tops. We were about the same size even though I was a year older. I didn’t necessarily want to be a girl, just dress up and pretend. I loved to feel like a sexy, pretty girl. But, of course I always hid it from everyone.As I got to be a teen I stopped experimenting with these kinds of things. I met girls, and it seemed that maybe I shouldn’t be doing those things. I felt a little guilty inside. So, I stopped, though I still had an interest in doing it.One day by chance, opportunity came knocking.My girlfriend at the time was a little older by about two years; I had just turned sixteen at the time, and she was much more experienced than me. A very beautiful girl, she taught me so many things, including how to properly kiss. She was my first real kiss. She is the love of my life. We spent all our time together. We were inseparable. Sometimes we even hung out with her girlfriends.One day, she and her friends were all doing their nails and she suggested they do mine. I was kind of excited but wanting to appear more masculine, so I resisted. Finally, though, I gave in. She and her two friends laughed at me, but I enjoyed the pink glittery polish on my nails. My girlfriend gave me extra hot kisses for complying later that evening.Over the next days, I admitted to her, as did she to me, that we enjoyed doing my nails. It made me feel pretty. She admitted she had always had a thing for androgynous looking guys. She even encouraged me to let my nails grow out long. We evolved into make-up Ankara escort Bayan and doing my hair, which was very long at the time, to look as feminine as possible. I felt pretty with make-up, my sexy long hair curled and my nails painted and long. We shared lots of sexual thoughts and fantasies during this time and I admitted I used to try things on when I was younger. She decided to see how far I would go. She decided to dress me up completely. She and I were about the same size. I was so excited; of course I was shy and tentative about it, and even scared, but inside I wanted to try it so much. During my teens, I was very thin. 5′ 7″ and about 130lbs or so, twenty-seven inch waist.  We started slow. Girls’ skin-tight jeans, peasant top, sandals. All done up I looked pretty and not at all like a guy. I was thrilled. We made out so hot; she loved it.One day she suggested we go to a movie. I was dressed similar to the first time. Nothing that would attract attention. No one noticed I was a guy. I felt so pretty. She called me Michele. We were like best girlfriends when she had me dressed up.Over the next few weeks, we played dress-up more and more. She thought I was very convincing as a girl. Eventually she even started dating another guy. An older guy. A very hot older guy. She promised me it was just for dates. She said she needed to be with a strong masculine man sometimes. But she assured me that she loved me. I was not happy, but I accepted this as part of our relationship. I felt I had no choice.Finally, after a few more weeks of experimenting, she challenged me to dress up super slutty with her one night and go to a party so we could see if I would pass. I protested strongly, I was very scared of Escort Balgat being found out. I wore a very short denim miniskirt, black off the shoulder 3/4 length sleeve tee shirt that let my smooth tummy peek out and very, very tall black heels. A pretty pink string bikini panty under. Makeup, sexy pink nails hair curled long and flowing. My girlfriend wore tight white slacks, a pretty pink top and sandals.I felt like everyone would know I was a guy. But, no one let on at all. Some guys even flirted with me. But still I was so scared. I danced with my girlfriend a good bit. She danced some with other guys, but I tried to avoid dancing. I did have one older guy, like twenty-two, pressure me in to one dance, he was a college guy. Slow dance. His hands were all over my back and bottom, he even kissed my neck. I felt so turned on. No one could tell I was a guy. But, there was no one there that knew me as a guy so I felt that was the difference.My girlfriend pushed me harder and harder to dress up slutty and practice in my heels. We did something almost every day. Even went shopping. She liked having a boyfriend that was also her best girlfriend. We loved making out stopping short of going all the way. I wanted her so badly, but she would not let me fuck her. I loved dressing, experimenting. I felt I was bi sexually, but romantically and emotionally straight and totally in love with her. She is the love of my life. I love serving her.She had become more vocal in telling me about her dates. And I loved hearing about it. She loved his assertive kisses and said that she felt so good with him sexually. She was getting more adventurous. In a way it turned me on so much to hear about him and how he made her feel.She wanted Batıkent escort to dress me up for her friends to see if they noticed. This seemed very safe to me and I was excited to go along with it. We decided on white short shorts, flowered halter cropped top, tall pink heels, and white string bikini. I was totally made up. My girlfriend was so pretty in a yellow sundress and heels. Her three best friends came over. I was so nervous. They were there for about thirty minutes before my girlfriend asked if anyone knew me. They were all very uncertain, she looks familiar. But no one got it. Finally, she told them who I was. They seemed so surprised, lots of compliments. From then on, they did not see me as my former male self. I was totally accepted. I even got a few kisses. I loved being one of the girls. From then on, I was asked to go out with them, shopping, dancing, everything. I was totally Michele.My girlfriend wanted to push things further. She knew my best friend Donny very well. She asked him if he would go on a double date with her and a guy she was dating along with a cute friend of hers. A blind date with a very cute girl. He agreed to go as he was always very outgoing and social. She was talking about ME!  When I found out, I was adamant I would not do it. For sure he would know who I was. She said she had told him that Michele was one of my cousins that she knew from a music class she was taking. She told me that would account for any resemblance. Oh my! I was so shocked! How could I do this? Not only is my friend very outgoing and social. He is known for being a make out person, a real stud. He is tall 6’ 3’’athletic and so very cute, he is also two years older than I am. The night came and I realized I was also going to meet for the first time her other “date” boyfriend she had been seeing about once a week. I had heard all about him and them, but had not met him. We dressed at my girlfriend’s house. She did our makeup, hair, nails, perfume etc. It took a long time. She had picked a red with black trim, mini dress for herself.

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