Aunt Matilda to the Rescue


Author’s note: I was in a quandary as to what category to use for this one – apologies in advance if anyone feels misled.


In this otherwise dismal start to summer, Dick finally saw a tiny bit of happiness. His ‘Aunt Matilda’ was due for a visit. She wasn’t really his aunt, of course – she only had one living relative, her niece Sara. But his mom, Jean, had been married to Matilda’s brother, so they were sisters-in-law, sort of like family.

Why was this summer an especially dismal one? His father’s death had thrown the family into disarray. Even now, over a year later, it seemed like medical bills were still popping up, draining their resources. His mother had tried to keep his dad’s business going, but it had slid into the red, and had to be closed. Because of the financial situation, he wasn’t going to be able to attend the college where he’d expected to get his four year degree after all. He’d completed two years of community college, and had his Associate’s degree, but it looked like his education would now be put on hold, as he sought employment.

His mom now cried incessantly, and was being forced to declare bankruptcy. To top it off, Dick’s girl friend dumped him almost a month ago. Is it any wonder that in his depression, he just wanted to stay in his room and watch porn and play video games?

‘Aunt’ Matilda was a wealthy woman, Dick knew, and he wondered why his mom never told her about how they were getting so heavily into debt. Personal pride? Not wanting to ask an in-law for a handout? He didn’t know how, but apparently the bankruptcy somehow came to Aunt Matilda’s attention. And she was flying in for a visit, to help – all the way from France. And his mom seemed on board with Aunt Matilda’s preliminary suggestion that they should sell the house and find a more modest one. It was true that he and his mom didn’t need all this space, and the cost of the upkeep, but he’d miss things like the tennis court and the swimming pool.

As Dick drove to the airport to meet her plane on Thursday, he remembered what she’d looked like when she’d visited them over two years ago, when he was nineteen. That dark hair of hers, stylishly coiffed, and her dark, compelling eyes. She’d smiled a lot with those luscious lips of hers. But what had caught his nineteen-year-old mind’s focus were her magnificent breasts. How they moved each time she inhaled. In the last two years, those mental images were often helpful when he jacked off. He smiled. At some moments, he even imagined he could smell that mysterious delicate scent that signaled ‘Aunt Matilda’ to his consciousness.

He hurried to the arrivals section of the air terminal. And there she was! Her eyes widened, her lips curled into a wonderful smile, and her arms opened, welcoming him into a big hug. “There you are, my lovely Dick!” she gushed, not only embracing him, but kissing both his cheeks. “My, how you’ve grown!”

Blushing, Dick hoped she wasn’t speaking about what had suddenly grown in his pants! Here he was, being pressed against her gorgeous breasts, and her unique scent was flooding his nostrils as her lips smooched each of his cheeks with enthusiasm. “It’s wonderful to see you too, Aunt Matilda,” he choked out, trying not to press his now swollen manhood against her by turning his hips slightly. She’d insisted on him calling her ‘Aunt’ so he stuck to protocol. “Let me get your bag,” he continued, moving from her embrace and lifting the suitcase to cover his groin. She packed lightly, because she had wardrobes in each of her homes.

Aunt Matilda grasped his elbow and virtually snuggled against Dick’s free side as they chatted on their walk to his car. He was acutely conscious of the firm tit being pressed against his arm as they walked, and he was really glad for the suitcase in his hand, even if carrying it crosswise in front of him might look strange. After holding the car door open to help her get seated, he hurried to the trunk, placed her suitcase inside, and used the cover afforded by its raised lid to ease the position of his stiffie.

Aunt Matilda lightly asked Dick questions on their drive home, filling in some details about Jean’s situation, as well as his own. By the time they arrived at his house, she was completely up to date. She and Jean greeted each other warmly, and Dick was pleased to see the beginnings of a sparkle in his mother’s eyes.

There was no need for Aunt Matilda to offer her sister-in-law condolences about her widowed status – that had been done when Dick’s father had died. Therefore, she focused on the current situation, with a mind sharp as a laser beam. Jean had a love of, and a longing for, a teaching position. She already had an M.A. Degree – she just needed to fulfill the certification requirements. There was a University quite near Aunt Matilda’s house that offered a ‘crash course’ that could furnish that need. Quickly, it was decided that Jean would move into Aunt Matilda’s house, to make attendance at classes simpler, while Aunt Matilda Escort kolej would stay here with Dick. The two of them would get the house ready for sale, with the help of a Realtor – a close personal friend of Matilda’s.

Feeling better than she’d felt in a long time, Jean went into the kitchen, and, with help of Matilda, fixed them all a delicious dinner.

As Aunt Matilda sat at the dinner table, Dick literally couldn’t keep his eyes off of her. His aunt was wearing a strapless sun dress that threatened to slide forward and down, baring her breasts. And to make matters worse, she met his every furtive glance with knowing smirks, and intense eye contact. She referred to him as ‘Richard’ when speaking to his mother about him, about how he’d grown. She asked her sister-in-law some outrageously personal questions about Richard’s girlfriends and experiences, as if testing her knowledge about her son’s sexual development. Poor Dick felt like he was going to cum in his pants. But what really upset and befuddled him was the fact that his mom seemed to be enjoying Aunt Matilda’s flirtatious antics too, perhaps happy that her sister-in-law was bringing her son out of his recent funk.

When they’d finished eating, Dick excused himself immediately, hoping that neither his mom nor Aunt Matilda noticed the bulge in his pants as he got up to leave the table. Back in his room, Dick could hear the two women talking and talking into the wee hours of the morning. He couldn’t make out what they were saying, but it made his heart swell with happiness to hear his mother’s laughter again. Thinking about Aunt Matilda made a different part of his anatomy swell, though. His hand went to his cock as his mind pulled up one of his favorite fantasies: tit-fucking Aunt Matilda. He cranked out an incredible load before falling into a very deep sleep.


About noon the next day, Richard finally woke up. Glancing out of his bedroom window, he spied Aunt Matilda, in the skimpiest bikini he’d ever seen, sunbathing by the pool. She noticed his face at his window.

“Get yourself something to eat and then get your ass out here, young man,” she called out, her voice tinged with amusement. “Your mother didn’t want to disturb your sleep, so late this morning, she headed out for my house, leaving me in charge. You’ve got a lot of work to do if we’re ever going to get this house ready to be put on the market.”

Pulling on a T-shirt and shorts, Dick wolfed down some breakfast, and hustled out to the pool.

“That was quite prompt of you,” Aunt Matilda praised, shading her eyes from the sun. “I’m expecting a friend of mine and her daughter to come by early next week to look at the place. She’s the Real Estate agent I mentioned. When I told her about your mom’s financial circumstances she agreed to forgo her commission, as a personal favor to me. After all, I send a lot of quality business her way.”

Aunt Matilda made sure she had Dick’s attention, and continued, “Since she’s not going to be earning a commission on this house, I told her that you’ll put on a little show for the two of them – I hope you don’t mind.” She grinned. “You can take that bewildered look off your face. Before your mom left, she showed me your secret trove of CFNM magazines, so don’t pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about.”

Dick was dumbfounded. He had no idea that his mother knew he had those magazines, dealing with images of Clothed Females and Nude Males. His face turned scarlet, realizing that not only did his mother know about his secret fetish – she’d shared the information with Aunt Matilda. And both women were apparently taking this knowledge in stride. Neither of them berated him as a pervert or deranged.

Aunt Matilda handed him a piece of paper from the table next to her. “Here’s a list of things you can start on. But, before you begin, I need you to put some tanning oil on your Auntie’s back and bottom.”

Dick just stood there, thunderstruck, as Matilda turned over on her tummy and unhooked her top and pulled down her thong. His mind was reeling, trying to regain his mental bearings.

“I hate tan lines, Dicky, my boy, so make sure to do a thorough job on my back and particularly on my bottom.”

Swallowing so repetitively that his Adam’s Apple bounced up and down in his neck, Dick poured the oil into his palm, and began rubbing it into the smooth, warm skin of her back. As his hands slid to the sides of her mid-torso, his fingertips brushed the base edges of her breasts, which were bulging sideways under the pressure of her upper body. He jerked his hands as if his fingertips had touched a flame, returning them to the center of her back. But Aunt Matilda made no comment about the contact.

Finally, he’d reached the swelling of her tanned buttocks. At a loss as to what was permissible, and what was not, he oiled the tops and sides of her buttocks, avoiding the central vertical fissure, and the more intimate under-slopes.

“I sihhiye escort said all of it, young man,” she gently chastised him. “I don’t want unevenness in my butt crack, or the underside. Cover every bit of it. Don’t be shy. Lift and push things until you get all of it. That’s an order,” she added with a trace of humor.

Subconsciously letting his tongue poke out of the corner of his lip as he concentrated, Dick pressed her left butt cheek sideways and worked oil down into the valley between her cheeks. He shivered slightly as his fingertip grazed its way across her tight, puckered ass hole, his cock thrumming to life inside his shorts. He then oiled the undersides of her butt cheeks, lifting the firm tissues upwards with his palms as his fingers moved the oil into the spaces where her buttocks became her thighs. During one such pass, he could swear his fingertips must’ve brushed against and along her labia, but his aunt again made no comment. His dick threatened to punch a hole in his shorts at that point.

“How’s that, Auntie?” he asked with a quavering voice.

“Wonderful,” she murmured. “Keep an eye on your watch as you work, please. I should probably turn over in a half hour or so.”

“Oh my god!” he thought furiously. “She’s going to turn face up like this?” After a moment’s consideration, he realized that she could oil her front by herself, so she only wanted him to remind her to turn. He walked away, shamefaced that he’d imagined she’d want him to oil her tits and cunt. Walking was painful, until he slid his hand inside his shorts to adjust the placement of his throbbing cock. Aunt Matilda sure could get him riled up.

The first item on the list was to sweep the tennis court, and remove the debris that had built up along its fence. That task took him slightly over thirty minutes. He planned to tap his aunt on her shoulder, in case she was drowsing, so he washed his hands before approaching her.

As he tapped, he whispered, “Auntie, time to turn over. You asked me to remind you.”

Her muffled, sleepy voice replied, “That’s right. I did. Thank you, dear.” And, without securing her bikini top, or pulling up her bottoms, she began rolling over. Dick gasped, and quickly turned away, even though he didn’t want to do it.

From behind him, he heard Aunt Matilda say, “What’s wrong? Is my old body that hideous? You can’t oil me if you’ve got your back turned to me.”

“I was just giving you time to fix your bathing suit, Auntie,” he explained.

“It’s fixed now,” she assured him. “I like the way you put the oil on, so get busy.”

He turned back toward her, and his eyes almost popped out of their sockets! She’d discarded her bikini entirely! “Auntie… you’re… you’re…” he gulped.

“I’m nude now, yes,” she finished for him. “Oh for heaven’s sake, Dicky! Don’t tell me you haven’t ever seen female breasts before.”

His vision focused on those very items, watching them rise and fall with her breath. “Y… y… yes, I have,” he stammered. “But never yours, Auntie.”

“And have you ever seen a pussy, or is this your first time?” she asked.

The mention of that portion of her anatomy drew his eyes to the place where her thighs joined. Her labia were clearly in evidence, since her thighs were slightly parted. “W… w… well,” he said, his voice cracking with a mixture of excitement and embarrassment, “yes, but never this clearly,” he admitted. Indeed, his girlfriends had only let him have a glimpse, in dim rooms, up until this point of his life.

Not mentioning the huge tent that Dick’s cock was pitching in his shorts, Aunt Matilda said, “OK, then. We don’t seem to have a problem. There’s the oil,” she added, pointing.

Dick couldn’t believe what he was about to do. In a half daze, he poured the tanning oil into his palm, worked it between his hands, and started rubbing it smoothly onto her tits. They seemed even bigger than he’d imagined, and were flawless and felt wonderful under his hands. Her perky nipples rose up and stroked his palms each time they went by. “What… what more do you want me to do, Auntie?” he asked.

She smiled. “My tummy, pussy, and upper thighs, please.” As if it were the most natural thing in the world.

His hands explored her taut belly, feeling the muscles ripple under his touch. He skipped over her mound and labia, oiling her thighs, uncertain as to how to do the section in between. Finally, he asked with a squeaky voice, “Should I avoid your… your… pubic hair, Auntie?”

“No dear, the oil is fine there as well. It helps to keep the hairs softened. Go ahead.”

Dick slid his oily fingers through the finely trimmed patch of black pubic hair. Easing his way downward, he could barely believe it when his fingers ultimately skimmed along the soft, delicate folds of his aunt’s pussy lips. His heart was hammering so hard and fast that he feared he was going to faint.

Aunt Matilda spoke softly, “Thank you, dear. What are you sincan escort bayan going to do next?”

Dick’s heart seemed to climb into his throat, choking him. “Next?” his mind screamed. “What does she mean?” He seemed to have no air in his lungs to answer. He struggled to take a breath and gasped out, “Next?”

His aunt suppressed a giggle, since his emotions were so transparent. She took mercy on him. “Next on your list, dear,” she clarified.

“Oh, the list!” he almost shouted in relief. “Ummm, cleaning the pool skimmers, I guess, Auntie. And pruning the dead branches out of the trees.”

She looked knowingly at his crotch, and stated, “That sounds like a good use of your time. Maybe you can even take a dip in the water and cool off.”

He blushed, assuming she was indirectly telling him that cold water might control his raging hard-on. He rushed off to that next task. His aunt watched him shuffle away awkwardly, and smiled. It was going to be fun playing with him, but to make his fetish dreams come true, she knew she’d have to enlist the aid of some trusted friends. After sunning her front for about half an hour, she went inside, showered, and dressed.

Not long after, Dick came in, looking hot and sweaty. “Oh my,” his aunt muttered. “We can’t have you looking like that. Give me those sweaty clothes, since I plan to start a load of laundry. It’s essential to have empty clothes hampers and clean clothes folded neatly away in drawers.”

“OK, Auntie. I’ll go to my room, change, and bring you these,” Dick replied.

“I said nothing about your room, Dicky. Give me those clothes, here and now,” she intoned in a manner that would brook no argument.

“But Auntie…” he started to say.

“No arguments, young man. I told you I know about your CFNM desires. You’re about to experience that for real,” she stated. “Get nude, now.” She held out her hand, waiting.

Reluctantly, Dick pulled his soiled T-shirt up and off. He unbuckled and lowered his shorts, stepping out of them. The bending and twisting of his torso as he did this proved his undoing. His rampant cock found the vertical opening in the front of his boxers, and sprang free, poking out of the hole. Dick felt a frisson of mortification as his randiness was thus revealed. But Aunt Matilda made no comment other than, “Underwear, too, please.” Sheepishly, he stripped off the boxers and stood fully nude, holding his hands over his erection.

“Dicky,” his aunt sighed. “This isn’t going to work if you’re going to hide yourself like that. Put your hands at your sides. From what I just saw, you’ve got nothing to be ashamed about. Remember, I’m going to be clothed, and you’re going to be nude. Understand?”

Dick nodded slowly, and slowly let his hands go to his sides. “Yes, Auntie. I understand.” He couldn’t believe that his CFNM fantasies might become reality. Maybe this was one of his ‘wet dreams’ and he’d wake up soon.

“I have to go purchase some storage boxes. While I’m gone, take a quick rinse off shower, and then start cleaning the kitchen surfaces. The cabinet doors, the walls, and the floor should be cleaned until they sparkle. Oh, and one more thing. No playing with yourself, just because you’re going to be nude. You’ll only cum if and when I tell you that it’s permitted. Got that?”

Dick’s eyes bulged again. His aunt was talking about masturbation, specifically his, and forbidding it! After he’d seen all her body, and touched her in places he’d never dreamed of ever being able to touch. And now she was telling him that jacking off was forbidden. This could be agony, rather than ecstasy. She was waiting for his answer, so he said, “Yes Auntie.” He hoped his will power would stay strong.

Later, he heard her car pulling up to the house. He’d finished the kitchen cabinets, and they were looking pretty amazing, if he said so himself. He was working on the walls, planning to do the floor last. His cock had managed to calm down somewhat during her absence. It was bobbing up and down gently against his ball sack as he vigorously scrubbed the wall with arm and torso movements. As the door opened, he proudly called over his shoulder, “How’s it looking, Auntie?”

A woman’s voice answered, “I’m not your auntie, but from where I’m standing, it’s looking pretty good.”

Shocked, Dick spun around to see a pretty blonde woman staring at his nude body and smirking. Aunt Matilda was walking in behind the stranger. “I see you’ve met my Dicky, Felicity,” she said.

“We haven’t been formally introduced, Matilda, but he makes quite a first impression,” her friend said.

“Let me fix that,” Matilda said to her. “Felicity, this is Richard, or Dick. Richard, this is my good friend Felicity.”

Felicity said, “Very nice to meet you, Dick.”

Dick expected that the shock of being naked in the presence of any strange woman would make his cock wilt like a cut flower deprived of water. To his amazement, the opposite occurred. His cock began to rise, slowly engorging as he saw the two women staring at him. His cheeks were a delicate pink as he smiled shyly, replying, “Very happy to meet you, Ma’am.”

Felicity looked directly at his lengthening cock. “I believe you, Dick. That’s becoming quite evident, isn’t it Matilda?” she giggled.

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