Worn Mistress , Her Sissy Slave Pt. 01


Worn-Out Mistress and Her Sissy Slave Husband Part 1.

By Anal Slave

If kinky,nasty,perverted straight,Bi, gay sex offends you, do not read this story. The only purpose of this story is to make you cum. If you enjoy the story lay back and have some fun.

Let’s start out by telling you a little about us. We have been married 25 years, it has been a wild journey. We were both virgins when we met, we were raised in a family that believed you didn’t have sex before marriage.

On our honeymoon she was so shy we didn’t even turn the lights on, as we fucked in the missionary position. When I was done cumming I rolled off of her and we kissed and went to sleep.

As the months went by we started experimenting with different positions and I brought home a Hustler magazine. That night we were in the bed looking and reading about all kinds of kinky sex. We started off doing some of the things that were in the magazine.

Things like oral sex, having a finger inserted in your asshole, nipple clips and fucking her tits. It was a whole new world we were exploring, and everything was new and exciting.

I keep going to the local bookstore and getting more and more magazines, then I bought us our first dildo. That was a fun night, We ended up that night both of us fucking the dildo.

It was her Idea to stick it up my ass. It was a small 6 inch dildo and she used some anal-ease and was very gentle with me. I kind of fell in love with it after 10 minutes of her massaging my anal passage.

I was on my hands and knees, I looked down between my legs and saw my cock dangling with cum dripping out of it. I never felt anything like that before. I started moaning loud and my wife got scared and pulled it out.

When she jerked it out my cock ejected cum all over the bed. I laid down, my hips were jerking and I didn’t have control of myself. I was sweating and breathing hard, I was laying in a puddle of cum.

My wife was asking me if I was alright, she was very concerned. I finally was able to tell her that everything was ok that I just had the best orgasm in my life.

That started her wanting to use the dildo on me all the time. I didn’t know it until later, she was have multiple orgasms as she played with my asshole. As she was experimenting different ways to use her dildo, I was getting into oral sex on her.

The first time I went down on her was a great learning experience. The main thing was she loved it and I did to. Before that night was over she had multiple orgasms. I ate her pussy out and before I knew it, I was licking her asshole and pussy at the same time.

After we were done and I went in the bathroom and washed my face, we laid back and talked about the sexual things we were doing. We didn’t know if we should be doing these things, we were so young and dumb about travesti istanbul sex we didn’t know we were having kinky sex.

I was curious and she was to, we both agreed that everything that we had tried up to now has been mind blowing. At this point we had been married less than a year.

She loved to fuck me in the ass so much we both went down to the adult bookstore and bought a double headed dildo. She picked one out that was a little bit longer than my 8 inch cock, but it was a lot bigger in girth. The thing was 20 inches long it had two 9″ cocks and 2 inches of balls between them.

We started walking around the store and I noticed a back door that led to a hallway with many doors on each side. As we walked by the doors they had occupied signs on some of them. We open one of the doors and went inside.

A movie was playing and we noticed all the people in the movie where men even the ones that looked like women had cocks. As we stood there and gazed at the movie. I noticed my wife had hiked her skirt up and was rubbing her pussy thru her panties.

I could feel my cock growing and the more I watched her the more horny I got. I then looked at the screen and she was watching two young men sucking each other off in a 69 position.

My cock got so hard I unzipped my pants and my cock flopped out. My wife had taken her panties off and was sitting down in a chair. Both of us were staring at the screen, I started jacking off and she had two fingers in her vagina.

We had never seen two guys fucking, and it turned us both on. My wife looked over at me and ask if I could do something like that? I told her if it satisfied her I would do anything.

She stuck another finger in her cunt and moaned loudly. I felt a little funny jacking off, watching two men fucking each other. My wife stood up to take her skirt off and she notice a hole in the wall.

As she was showing it to me a giant circumcised cock appeared in the hole. We both were both shocked. My wife walked over to it and wrapped her fingers around it.

I looked in panic, she had never seen or touched another man’s cock besides mine. She started milking it up and down, she motioned for me to come over where she was.

She took her other hand and placed it on the strangers cock. I had a warm fussy feeling inside. Of course the only cock I ever touched was my own, for some reason as my fingers started working up and down the man’s shaft, my wife released her hand and told me to keep pumping the cock.

She sat back down and started masturbating as she was watching me jack off a stranger. When I seen she had fingers in her ass and pussy it really turned me on. I decided to give her a good show, as I was saying earlier I love oral sex.

When I dropped down and sucked that big cock into my mouth, my wife let istanbul travestileri out a moan and had a exploding orgasm. She was so loud I pulled the cock out of my mouth, and made sure she was alright.

She said it was the biggest orgasm she had ever experienced, and for me to go back to sucking him off. I kissed her as I slipped my tongue into her mouth, she sucked my tongue and whispered, she wanted to see the stranger cum in my mouth.

This was a big step to take, I was so horny. I told her I would, if we can share the cum together. She agreed. I was shaking with excitement I had never sucked a cock before, I reached out and started playing with his cock and balls.

I started jerking his cock off and I would look over at my wife and lick my lips. She was in heaven, I have never seen her pussy that wet. I turned back around and started licking on the big head of his cock.

I licked up both sides of it, then I inserted the head in my mouth. I put a lip lock on it, and sucked it till pre-cum spurted into my mouth. I than pulled it out of my mouth and licked pre cum oozing down the shaft.

I thought to myself if pre-cum tasted this good, cum is going to be real tasty. I lost myself in lust. My wife was enjoying my performance, I can’t believe he cum so quick.

It was the greatest feeling when the head of his cock swelled up and released a mouthful of cum. I was able to slurp down every drop, saving it in my mouth to share with my wife.

The spent cock pulled out of the Glory-hole, and disappeared. My wife and I finished making out with another man’s cum in our mouths. We left the booth and went to pay for the double headed dildo.

As we were standing in line I was looking around at the other men wondering if I had just swallowed their cum. We paid the casher and walked outside to the car when a gentleman walked up to us and introduced his self as the man behind the cock I had just sucked off.

I looked down at his trousers and there was cum stains on the zipper. We were shocked, I was embarrassed as hell. I couldn’t look the guy in the face.

He told us that he had peeked thru the hole so he could catch us outside and return the favor. He wanted to know which one of us had sucked his cock off?

That it was the best blow job he had ever had. My wife spoke up and told him that it was me that made him cum, and that it was the first cock I had ever sucked.

I noticed my wife was getting more and more dominate. She ask the stranger if he would like to go back to a motel where we could finish having fun? He agreed, as we was driving to the motel, the stranger following us.

I ask her what was going on? Why did she set this up without talking to me in private. She told me that she just witnessed me sucking a cock and eating cum and she wanted to see istanbul travesti it again.

She told me that I was going to not only suck his cock again I was going to be fucked by him. I liked the thought of her making me do these perverted things.

Ever since I sucked his cock she has treated me different. In less than 6 hours I went from being a man to sucking cock like a sissy. When we arrived at the motel she had both of us disrobe.

She took off her clothes and kicked back in a chair, she reached in her bag and pulled the double headed dildo out. She told us to get on the bed and suck each other off.

We got in the 69 position, I was on the bottom sucking cock like I had done this all my life. His massive balls where hanging low and I started sucking them into my hungry mouth.

I glanced over at my wife and she had worked the dildo into her cunt. She had it stuck all the way up to the balls, it looked like she had a cock too. She later confessed to me that while she was growing up she had thoughts of having a penis.

She was jacking on it as the stranger was fucking my throat and I was loving every inch of it. Well by the time the night was over I had sucked a cock, let him cum in my mouth.

My wife fucked me in the ass with the new dildo, the dildo had loosen my ass up and after a little discomfort it was feeling amazing. I was on my hands and knees, my wife was behind me fucking me with big long strokes.

My wife noticed I was pushing back on the dildo, sticking it deeper and deeper, until I was all the way up to the balls. The more I fucked it the better it felt, my asshole had turned into a pussy.

I was in no pain and was enjoying every inch of it. After she fucked me another 5 minutes my asshole was so loose, I was learning how to relax letting the dildo penetrate my new found hole.

She pulled the dildo out and said that I was ready for the real thing. She motioned for the stranger to get behind me and fuck me. I was up on my hands and knees, back arched, ass in the air.

When he penetrated me I was so louse my ass swallowed his cock. It was the best feeling I had from sex ever. Here I was in bed with a strange man getting my ass fucked, and I was loving it. I realized I must be a faggot. I came to my senses I pulled the cock out of me.

I turned around and told the stranger that I couldn’t go thru with this. I glanced over and my wife, she dislodged the dildo from her well fucked pussy and came over to me. She reached down and kissed me, and ask me what was wrong?

I told her that I didn’t want to be a faggot, that I had heard that if you let a man cum in you, that you were gay. The stranger got up and thanked us for a good time and left. We got up and took a shower, got dressed and was driving home talking about what had just happen earlier that day. We were both still confused about what we had done earlier. Growing up the way we did, not knowing anything about sex, we didn’t know what was normal or not.

If you liked this story come back for part 2 and VOTE.leave me comments, I get horny too.

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