The Jonesbury Diner


Brandon Jonesbury was, well, a fully grown man with a business degree. He was also one of those people that believed he had worked incredibly hard to get where he was, despite inheriting everything, except his barely passing grades, but his frat had gotten him through that, and that his dad being friends with the college president in this small college town also helped. To top it all off, Brandon was a bit greedy; always had to have more. So when he inherited the most famous burger joint in town in the center of the college campus, he wanted more. Fired old managers and hired his friends so he could have more control. Micromanaged shifts so he could have more control. He had the control, now he just wanted more profits.

Though, in his own infinite wisdom, he didn’t do this by improving anything, he just wanted a cheap and simple fix. This was provided by a friend of his with even more dubious morals than him, who graduated with honors in chemistry a year ahead of him. Brandon didn’t really care what it was called, his buddy just told him to have it added to the grease for the fryers and the grill and they would be coming in droves. They both knew that the Jonesbury Diner was the highest grossing restaurant in the county- even when school was out- it didn’t need any help to be more popular. Yet here we are. Brandon wasn’t a genius, or really smart, but he wasn’t stupid, so he had his buddy Kyle add in the stuff a little bit at a time over a few weeks so no one would notice. Then he decided to make a sauce featuring the stuff, which was basically just ranch dressing, but no one who wanted to keep their job was going to tell him that.

That brings us to Brandon’s first check in on the place since he had the stuff added. It had been in for a week, and things were a little different. The Diner was actually a bit crowded, even the outdoor seating was full. Brandon smiled smugly to himself looking around as he went back to his office, which was really Kyle’s as he was the one who used it.

“Alright, Kyle, looks like that new stuff is working! Let’s add it in a little faster.” Brandon said, putting his feet up on the desk.

“Sure thing man, stuff actually tastes really good, we’ve been running out of sauce right before lunch.” Kyle responded, standing on the other side of the desk since there were no other chairs in the office.

“Uh, it’s ‘sir’, Kyle.”

“Yes sir.” Kyle tried really hard not to roll his eyes

“Yea. I’ll make sure we can get more to keep a supply, and make sure to charge for it. Like, fifty cents a serving.”

“Sure– Yes Sir.” Kyle corrected himself. Brandon responded with a smug smile as Kyle went out to the floor to do some menial task that Brandon was too important for.

“Wait, bro, you eat this shit?” Brandon asked before Kyle left

“Yea, dude, I’ve eaten it since I was a freshman here. I get an order of fries before and after my shift.” Kyle replied from the doorway.

“Yea… well, keep me updated about stuff, but don’t like, bother me y’know?”

“Yes sir.” Kyle responded. With that, Brandon got up and exited the office.


Brandon decided next week istanbul travesti to come around to the diner and check how things were going. He strode in and looked around, and looked up slightly. Brandon had always been on the tall side, adding to his air of superiority. Now, however, everyone was equal in height with him. It was so off putting. How dare they. Brandon cautiously looked around. It looked like a bunch of guys from the gym were here, but he went there every day, he didn’t recognize these muscly dudes, and he wondered why they were wearing ill-fitting clothing. Brandon tried to distract himself with the “free eye candy” that liked to visit the diner. He found himself staring down hips and asses that overflowed the meager seats, tits bigger than heads, and bellies spilling out onto laps. He scurried back to his office. Lucky for him Kyle was already there.

“Kyler, bro, what’s going on out there? Where are all the normal people?” Brandon asked a little loudly after closing the door.

“What do you mean? We have all our usual regulars out there.” Kyle responded, sitting bolt upright at the desk.

“I mean, like, where are the babes? There’s just a bunch of cows out there! A-and all the guys out there must lift! Like, didn’t there used to be a lot more scrawny dudes?” Brandon asked, actually looking at Kyle and seeing how their shirt seemed to be a bit tight over some muscles he didn’t remember his friend having. “Is it happening to you too?”

“Heck man, I don’t know.” Kyle responded, twitching slightly. “Just been doing exactly as you said. Currently the supply of the sauce lasts until dinner rush now, so we need a bit more to make it to closing.”

“Oh yea, the profits have been incredible. Uh, keep up the good work.” Brandon said, letting himself out of the office without closing the door.

“Ugh fuck!” Kyle leaned back in the chair, moaning loudly. He squirmed a bit before rolling away from the desk.

“That was so hot.” A feminine voice came from under the desk. A woman emerged, and knelt next to Kyle. “I hope next time we’re doing this, someone else walks in.” She said, her hand jerking Kyle’s cock, “I hope this keeps getting bigger.”

“Me too, Jamie.” Kyle responded, “But I can only eat so much of this stuff at once.”

“Yea” Jamie stood, almost seven feet tall, tits hanging down in her shirt to her waist and her hips dangerously wide. Her belly pushed out from under her shirt, taut and round, “But I can take that spunk of yours all day.” she purred, massaging Kyle’s scalp, “But, my break’s almost over, let’s do this again after our shifts.” Kyle just smiled back and stuffed his foot long dick back into his pants.


Brandon sat at home, contemplating what he had seen the last time he had visited his restaurant. He wasn’t an idiot so it wasn’t lost on him that putting that stuff in the mix might have caused all that growth to happen. Quite frankly, Brandon did like suddenly being short. He didn’t like having to make a fake account to order delivery from his own place, but he had to, he didn’t want anyone to know what he was doing yet. So breakfast, lunch, and dinner travesti istanbul he had more and more food delivered. Every day he was waking up taller, stronger, and more endowed. He hadn’t noticed anything like this on his visits, but he hadn’t really been looking for it. It was Wednesday and he looked at his 8 1/2 foot frame in the mirror, amazed at how his flaccid cock hung down a whole foot, thick as a normal person’s arm, his balls the size of a fist each. It felt weird. It felt good to him. Though now he was starting to realize nothing he had would fit. He recalled bedsheet togas from some stupid party he went to, and he figured it might help cover him.

That Saturday, Brandon paid the Diner a visit. He strode in, and knelt to get in the door. He stood and felt his head brush the 11 foot ceiling. The one bedsheet he had was enough to keep him decent, had he had a normal sized cock. There was no hiding the flaccid log hanging past his knees, held away from his legs by his equally gigantic balls. He smirked, thinking he would be like a god among men here. That wasn’t the case. All around him were other people in various stages of undress and expansion. Women with bellies and boobs laid over tables as they stuffed themselves, crouched in the chairs that were far too short for them. Men stood in line, heads nearing the ceiling and cocks hanging to their knees. Behind the counter was the same thing, Jamie’s boobs covered most of her register as she took orders, she stood bent at the waist, Brandon recognized Kyle behind her, and it looked like he was going to town on her, balls deep. Something about it unleashed something in Brandon. He felt arousal well up in him. His cock started pulsing to life. He turned and walked over to the table of women, his cock swinging out at an angle as it slowly hardened.

“You ladies enjoying yourselves? I’m the owner here so just let me know if you need, or want, anything.” Brandon said in his most official but flirty voice he could put on. The women giggled and smiled as Brandon’s cock reached its full length, over two feet long. There was no hiding it as it pulsed.

“Is that on the menu?” One of the women asked, finishing her drink and pointing at his turgid rod.

“For you? Yes” Brandon replied, his cock pulsing in anticipation, “Help yourself.” With that, the closest woman lifted the now fully erect member to her mouth, and only due to her size was she able to fit any of it inside. She gleefully started licking and sucking it, making Brandon let out some deep moans. The feeling was deep and intense, there was so much of him feeling it. From his huge balls up the gargantuan shaft and out the head. The women around giggled with glee and one just moaned as the woman sucking him off’s belly started to swell with his cum.

“He’s still going?” another woman moaned as the first woman’s belly kept swelling, pushing aside the table and pulling her to the floor. “Fuck me, I want it!” The woman clambered over, tits resting on Brandon’s shaft as she tried to wrestle control of his cock away from the bloated woman. His cock was pulled free, the first woman burping as her face was plastered istanbul travestileri with cum before the massive rod was sucked by the second woman.

Brandon felt his legs getting weak as he grunted through his orgasm, and started to try and lower himself. He wondered how long he could cum for, when he was suddenly surrounded by softness. He heard several things as his vision was obscured by a breast twice the size of his head.

“Quit hogging it!”

“I want some!”

“Holy shit, it’s making me bigger!”

Brandon tasted sweet cream enter his mouth, all he could do was gulp it down. It felt invigorating, arousing, electrifying.

“He’s getting bigger!”

“I want it inside me!”

Brandon could feel himself growing. He wasn’t getting taller, he thought, but his cock and balls were growing slowly, with each gulp a deep pulse flowed through him. He could feel the new nerve endings lighting up with pleasure, the cool feeling of the floor creeping along as his balls pushed his legs apart. Brandon moaned deeply as he felt his tip meet thick lips. Not a mouth. He felt the hot thick juices of a wanting pussy leak down his shaft as he was taken in. Globs of it running down his shaft before falling off or soaking his balls. He was only three quarters of the way inserted before he came again, bloating her and her womb with thick cum in a single pump. He felt her getting heavier on top of him. He heard moaning and grunting from all around. Clearly, everyone around him was in this orgy. The whole building too. He didn’t think too much; the feeling of growing boobs pressing against him, and a fattening cow on top of him kept his attention. All he did was drink and cum.

Brandon lost all sense of time as this cycle continued, feeling his cock exit and enter so many holes and mouths, he didn’t keep track. The boob pressed to his face changed three or four times. Then the crunching started. Something broke. A table? A chair? He couldn’t tell, but it started sparingly, then more at once. Then there was a deep one, the sound of a wooden beam splitting. Crumbling, the counter being crushed and the tile chattering as it fell. What was happening? Brandon squirmed trying to get some sort of footing. He slowly lifted the person sized boob off his face and started crawling out. Each direction was more soft flesh. A boob, a belly, an ass cheek, a massive thigh. The crumbling sound continued, he could hear people still having sex. He could smell it now, thick in the air. He emerged at the top of, wait, it should’ve been the ceiling, or the roof?

He swiveled his head around looking at the huge crowd gathered in campus to watch what was happening, some he could tell had eaten here at some point. He slid down the pile of people and turned to look at the building. But there was no building. Just a huge orgy in the middle of a pile of rubble. Brandon ran his hands through his hair.


Brandon and Kyle both sat to the side of the rubble pile that used to be the Jonesbury Diner, the most popular diner in town. A circle of quarantine curtains surrounded them as CDC officials examined them and decontaminated what used to be the kitchen. Brandon stared at his cock as it laid limp, the head over ten feet away from him. Kyle moaned softly as Jamie gave him some head, milk leaking from her tits.

“I probably should’ve tested that stuff.” Brandon said.

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