Lucas’ Shortcomings


Lucas could barely breathe anymore as Anna gripped onto a patch of his cropped hair with both hands, pulling his gasping face up and down her seeping pink cunt. She was clad in nothing but a black corset with black thigh-high stockings. Both of her thighs were spread wide apart on the bed as Lucas was made to suck breathlessly on his wife’s pussy.

Lucas had a weird affinity for small penis humiliation, as he did have a really small penis that never grew past a measly two inches when fully erect — looking more like a sewing thimble than a man’s dick. Although Anna wasn’t really into her husband’s fetish, she could see how degrading her husband’s sexual prowess aroused him. And she couldn’t deny the satisfaction she felt when she aired out her grievances about Lucas being unable to stretch her cunt and fill her up like her past boyfriends.

Unfortunately, Lucas could only stretch Anna out by using one of her many large dildos on her- which made her satisfied but even more frustrated after cumming at their situation. She made sure to keep him stark naked on his knees, slurping and smothering her cunt.

Panting almost breathlessly as he pulled his smeared jaw away from his wife’s cunt to gasp up at her face, Lucas flashed a soft grin while his wife shot a glance down at him. “Honey, I think I’m ready for you to take my humiliation outside of our home…” 

“What exactly do you mean?” Anna istanbul travesti held a sardonic scowl on her red face. 

Still catching his breaths softly, Lucas went on, “I’d like you to tell Cindy about my two-inch cock. Embarrass me in front of her about it next time we see her, please…” Lucas pleaded with Anna. Cindy was Anna’s twice divorced, a close friend who was quite outspoken about her sexuality. 

“You really think she doesn’t know!” Anna scoffed with an exasperated eye roll as she roughly shoved Lucas’s head back into its place between her thighs, then resumed smothering her cunt with his gasping and slurping lips. Lucas went right back to slurping all over his wife’s pussy, nibbling on her clit and dragging his tongue across the wet patch of seeping cunt before he heard Anna release a loud long moan.

“Cindy already fucking knows about your situation!” Anna cussed with heaving breaths as she gripped onto her husband’s hair, forcing him to eat her out.

Lucas’s erect two inches, which was barely an extension of his small testicles, tingled delectably at his wife’s response. He couldn’t believe she had gone telling her friends about his shortcomings, and that seemed to turn him on as he reached down to pinch at his erect two inches and began yanking as he suckled Anna’s slightly hairy cunt.

“I showed pictures of your pathetic tiny pecker to her and the other travesti istanbul girls on our girls’ nights out, and they all fucking laughed at it. They sympathized with me about having to go through the torture of being married to your incompetent little prick!” Anna let out a sharp sigh and looked down at Lucas’s face, gripping his face tightly, so he didn’t slip off her cunt. 

“Hmmph…” Lucas moaned loudly into his wife’s gushing pussy as she held his face hard. It stung harshly.

Despite her constant demeaning comments and treatments, he noticed each violent outburst of his wife increased his excitement, and he tugged faster on his two inches; his pinched fingers slipped off the hold multiple times. 

“I sent pictures of your shrimp to the group chat, and all my friends couldn’t imagine how I managed to still be with you. Why the hell do you think you got all those stares at the last Christmas party?!” Anna asked rhetorically. “You’re nothing but a pathetic loser with a horrible shrimp for a dick! You’re only useful as a pussy rag to mop up my filth!” She cussed down at her husband’s moaning mouth in between her thighs while his head slid back and forth her seeping channel.

He jerked off frantically now, panting into her sex while she cussed him out with heaving breaths of her own. He was finally able to pull his face for a bit and had a grin on his smeared jaw as he glanced istanbul travestileri up at his wife. 

“God, that is so hot to hear, honey! I had no idea all your friends knew about my small penis.” Lucas gasped up at her.

“Well, now you fucking know!” Anna seethed down at him. “And you know what they all keep wondering? How I’ve managed to satisfy myself all those cold nights with just your tiny dick!” In an expression of her bile at her husband, Anna gripped his hair, shoving his head down between the folds of her thighs and moaning as he went back slurping, nibbling, and wild tongue lashes. “I had to tell them how extremely unsatisfying it is and all about how my dildos have been the only thing helping me! Cindy actually pities you, having to live with something like that.”

As Maira continued talking, she could feel the searing excitement of an approaching orgasm along with the scathing burn it brought to her hips. She began panting white audibly now, swiveling her soggy cunt into her husband’s munching mouth quite faster now, prompting him to also moan louder into her cunt now as she offered him a mouthful.

“OWWW… FUUCCKKK!!!” Anna let out a shrill guttural scream as her orgasm exploded froth from within her, gushing, spraying, and coating Lucas’s slurping jaw as she firmly held onto his face while her pink pussy mound throbbed violently in his lips.

Lucas tugged faster and faster on his cock as his wife sprayed him with her delicious feminine goodness. He tugged faster on his miserable two inches now, desperate to cum. Soon, he could feel his orgasm hit him and he groaned loud as he released little drops of cum all over the floor.

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