Work Hard, Play Hard


After a long hard day of work, everyone decided to go to the bar after work. It was a busy day and everyone was stressed out; a beer amongst friends was just what the doctor ordered. The whole gang met at a Gino’s, a local bar in a small Illinois town. The bosses were buying round after round, till everyone was all nice and liquored up. There was quite the crowd; about 15 in all. Dirty jokes, loud music, and smoke filled the air in the bar. We walked around like we owned the place, of course we were the only one’s in it. No one here knows about Summer, at least not yet. There is one who just drives me wild. Every time Mike brushes against me innocently, I tingle inside. I try not indulge, but it gets harder the more I drink. We are all having a great time for 4 good hours, before it starts getting dark, and everyone is too intoxicated to drive. I offer Mike a bed at my place for the night because he is just as trashed as I am, and I live within walking Escort Çukurambar distance. I tried really hard to hide the joy as he said yes. The walk home took for ever. We joked about all the stuff at the bar, talking about past drunk times. We somehow got on the wrong road in only six blocks. We had to duck off twice to pee, but we finally made it back to my place after an hour. Once inside, I threw in a pizza and took a couple of beers from the fridge. As we waited for the pizza Mike wanted to play a drinking game. After a few rounds I was so trashed that I had forgotten about the pizza and smoke started pouring out of the oven. I rushed to it and as I was pulling it out Mike brushed by me again, only this time he patted my ass. I was stunned and said nothing as if it was unintentional. After eating some pizza rolls, we decided it was enough excitement for one night and it was time to retire. I led Mike demetevler escort to his room bouncing off the walls as I walked down the hall. At one point Mike had to catch me from falling. He felt so good with his arms wrapped around my waist all tight. He told me I was too fucked up and he walked me to bed with his arms still on my hips. As he helped me to bed, he asked if I needed anything, to which I replied sex in a playful manner. He laughed and said, “Don’t we all.” as he walked toward the door and turned off the light. “Well I guess he can’t take a hint.” I thought to myself. After a few minutes, I stumbled up and over to the closet. I picked out a cute little teddy, and as I tried to slip it on I fell to the floor. I quickly got up, finished slipping it on, and quickly jumped back into bed. I pulled out Tommy, my most favorite toy, and began to loosen my rear, with one, two, then finally three fingers. dikmen escort bayan I began to moan in pleasure as I rammed fingers in and out of my horny little hole. After about 5 minutes of fingering my rear, I looked up in my drunken state to see Mike at the door in his boxers with a huge erection. I didn’t stop, he was obviously turned on by it, and now I was so turned on from him finding out. As he walked toward me his boxers danced from his massive rod bouncing with each step. I wasn’t’ sure if I was going to be able to handle it, especially drunk. When he got within inches of me I quivered, be gentle. Mike reached down and began massaging my thigh as I continued to finger my hole. Every touch he made had me tingling all over. Mike knelt down a gave me a passionate kiss. It tasted like vodka. He took my free hand and led it to his cock which I began to fondle through his boxers. He removed my other hand from my ass, spit on his fingers and slowly inserted 2 of them. Mike began to kiss the side of my face, working his way to my neck and ears. I moaned when he started sucking on my neck and buried his fingers deep inside my hole When Mike rose up, I turned to my side and tugged at his boxers. I pulled them down just far enough to expose his massive rod.

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