Work experience


My first work experience was as an intern at a law firm in Putney Bridge to gain some valuable experience. The senior partner was around his mid-forties, and he often had me filing in his office, keeping me there late, often while he worked at his desk. One day after everyone else had left, I was dutifully organising his paperwork in the filing cabinets when I felt him watching Ankara escort me. Obviously, I carried on attending to the task until he commented on my appearance.He just asked something like “where did you get that skirt? Don’t you think it’s too short to be bending over like that?” I went red and upped my pace hoping to impress him with my work Ankara escort bayan ethic.Then he said. “Helen, why don’t you leave that for a moment and come here?”I obeyed, of course, because he was the senior partner and could fire me anytime he wanted. He manoeuvred me between his chair and his desk while he sat there watching me.”Sit down,” Escort Ankara he commanded, and I sat on his desk facing him.===Before I knew it, his hands were on my legs, and he slowly moved them up, raising my rather short, black, pleated skirt until my stockings were revealed, which seemed to excite him. He kept on until he saw my suspender belt straps; he was fascinated by them and kept running his fingers up and down.”I love black stockings and suspenders,” he said, “and your little black lace panties.”I looked at him closely, with big Bambi eyes, wondering what on earth was going to happen now. He forced my legs apart and moved between them, trapping me there.

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