Wendy’s Fucked – Double Timed

Wendy’s Fucked – Double Timed
Wendy’s Fucked – Double Timed

Wendy was a married school teacher on the west side who taught English in the upper grades. She was known as a tough but fair disciplinarian by her students and highly respected by the faculty. Although relatively happy at home, she became bored by her husband’s infrequent fair- ass fucking where she rarely came, and began to fantasize about being fucked proper by some nice hard strong cock meat.
One afternoon after school session had let out, Wendy had two of her students, Todd – who was a footballer, and Jerome – a big black student, for detention after hours. As they sat at their desks doing homework, Wendy wondered to herself if she had been overstrict to the boys – the hottest young studs in her class – just so that she could keep them company awhile all to herself. Her pussy suddenly and to her surprise grew hot at we at the idea. She started to rub her wet cunt with her fingers under the desk for a moment, forgetting where she was. She was wearing her black lace bra and panties with a black garter and lace stockings under her
modest gray skirt and white blouse.”Well”, she said to Todd and Jerome, “let’s go over a few
things on the board.” Wendy proceeded to the chalkboard and began to write a few phrases down. Suddenly in the corner of her eye she noticed that the boys were paying more than attention. She recognized that young sensual lustful horny look in their eyes as she understood that they were eyeing her ass. Then she remembered that the Head Master and custodian were out for the afternoon, and it would be hours before they returned to campus. She was alone with two young studs in her classroom who had more on their minds than homework,
Wendy tried to compose herself and tried to keep writing,before she could do anything, Todd had come up from behind her and placed both his hands on her ass. Surprised, she turned round and had Todd’s tongue in her mouth before she could say anything. Suddenly her lustful urges from deep inside her took over. She kissed him back, knowing it was wrong and taboo by her long held standards. Her pussy was on fire and she didn’t care.
Suddenly she felt Jerome who had come up from behind them,vsandwiching her on both sides. She could feel his big hard black cock rub up against her butt cheeks. Todd’s hand had worked
through her wet panties as his fingers found her moist and dripping wet cunt, eager for some
young cock to fuck her raw. He fingered her wet pussy as Wendy gave out a low moan.
Jerome’s cock was out and rock hard, stroking up and down on her hot ass. He had unstrapped
Wendy’s bra and was fondling her erect tits from behind. Wendy turned around, got on her knees and had to have Jerome’s huge cock in her mouth. She took his hard-on playfully as she proceeded to give Jerome a sexy blow job. She loved the feel of his young hard cock in her mouth and sucked him like there was no tomorrow, Jerome let out a low moan, straining to hold back his huge load as he face-fucked his teacher-slut.
Todd wasn’t done yet, he bent down and found Wendy’s sweet spot. His youthful tongue found the wet hot folds of her cunt as he licked her pussy from behind. Wendy gave out a muffled
moan, relishing the feel of his tongue working it’s way up and down her wet pussy. Finally,
Todd slid his rock hard boner deep and hard up Wendy’s hungry snatch. The feel of this young stud fucking her hard from behind was too much, Wendy came hard on Todd’s rod as he slammed her over and over again. Feeling the deep pulsations of Wendy’s cum, Todd let go of a big wad of jizz from his had balls. “Dammit teacher, I’m fuckin’ cumming!” he shouted as as wave of cum shot deep inside Wendy’s pussy. Waves of hot cum streamed from his dick as he pulled out and jizzed all over Wendy’s hot bitch ass.
It didn’t take Jerome long to follow. Feeling Wendy’s hot tongue on his hard rod as he pumped it in and out of her mouth, Jerome’s big hard cock shook as he moaned low and blew his hot wad deep into Wendy’s slutty throat. Streams of hot semen dribbled from her mouth as she eagerly sucked his boner off as Todd was still pumping her pussy, even though he had already cum, his prick stayed solid as he continued to lustfully fuck her. Wendy let go of Jerome’s dick for a moment as new waves of passion erupted from inside her, She came again on Todd’s cock, harder than she had ever felt before as Wendy screamed in delight with every doggie-style thrust. All three of them collapsed for a moment as Wendy gathered herself together. “Dismissed for now boys” she said, “but you’re required to cum back for detention again next

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