My GF and I share a BBC

My GF and I share a BBC
Needless to say, once I had found my BBC bud and we spent a lot of time playing together, I thought it might be time that we have a threesome with my recently acquired girlfriend.

I met her online at a website for guys and gals looking for sex. The first time she came to my place we immediately fell in lust with each other. She was a few years younger than me and somewhat thick…a BBW as I think they like to be called. All I know is that she turned out to be the most sexually responsive woman I’d ever been with. She was very turned on by my bisexuality and we had talks during sex about having a man join us in the bedroom. Over the next few weeks we fucked everywhere…my patio, my car, the pool, etc. She was a real freak!

Once when she babysat a friends k**, I came over and we had anal sex in her friends bed. She loved cum…on her face, in her mouth, on her tits and loved the fact that I am uncut. She was all that I could want in a sex partner.

One night, after a great time fucking and sucking, I told her about my black buddy and the stuff we did together. I asked her if she’d like to meet him and she quickly replied that she would. I asked her if she would be interested in a three-way and again she replied that she would.

I told her that we would have to establish a safety word just in case she became uncomfortable. We then talked about what we could do together and that led into another round of fucking. I was so fucking hard thinking about that big fat black cock pounding her pussy. I came so hard with that thought in my mind.

The next day I called my buddy and told him about what the girlfriend and I spoke about and asked him if he’d be up for it. As I expected he agreed to the three-way immediately. We set the time for this weekend. As each day went by I felt more and more aroused thinking about the weekend and what it would bring. The girlfriend called several times over the next few days to make sure that it was still going to happen. I assured her that nothing had changed.

Saturday evening came finally and the girlfriend and I were at my place waiting for my big dicked buddy to come over. We didn’t have to wait long. When she saw him she was very excited. We made the introductions and some small talk then headed to the bedroom. She sat on the bed and we faced her standing next to each other. I told her to undress and off came her clothes. My buddy seemed to be pleased with what he saw. As we approached her she put her hand up and said “not so fast, I want to see you suck his cock”. I proceeded to remove his clothes

and when she saw what he had between his legs she let out a small gasp. “Fuck, that’s a big cock…and he’s uncut too! I’m gonna enjoy this”.

I got on my knees and proceeded to worship that beautiful cock like I have many times before. As I was slurping on his thick fuck tool, she got up and went over to him and kissed him deeply. He put his arm around her and pulled her to him. I looked up and saw their tongues intertwined and they were both moaning. She looked down at me and said “Are you enjoying yourself? You sure look like it”. She then asked my buddy if he liked the way I sucked his big black cock. He said he loved the way I worshipped his cock but that he wanted to fuck her pussy. She went over to the bed and bent over offering him her pussy and ass. He pulled his cock out of my sucking mouth and went over to the bed. He took his cock, covered in my spit, and slowly pushed it into her wet, dripping cunt…filling it with more cock than she ever had before.

Seeing him fuck her with his huge black fuck tool…and seeing the look on her face as he fucked her deeper than she’d ever been fucked before instantly made me feel submissive and I wanted to please him and her in any way they wanted. He was standing near the edge of the bed while she was on the bed on all fours with her ass up and head down. His hands had a hold of her ass cheeks and she was moaning and saying how big his cock was and how it filled her cunt. I was still on my knees and I crawled beside them watching him thrust in and out of her pussy. “You like what you see? You like watching me fuck your bitch real deep with my big black dick?” he said looking down at me. He was showing me a more dominant aggressive side of him that I hadn’t seen before…and I liked it!

He took his thick hard cock out of her pussy and pointed it at me and told me to suck it. “Taste your woman’s pussy on my cock. Soon you’re gonna taste her ass on my cock”. I loved tasting her juices on his cock. I looked over at her gaping cunt. I could see it contracting as she rubbed her clit. “Lick her asshole and get it ready for my dick”. I did as I was told. I licked her asshole and drooled spit onto it as I fingered it.

I realized that my girlfriend and I had become his sex slaves, reduced to pleasing this 6′ 4″ muscular black man with a huge thick weapon between his legs. She, like me, had given in to his obvious dominance over us. He too was pleased with our submission to him and was going to enjoy our efforts to please him.

He had his cock all the way in her ass and she was whimpering into the mattress. He told me get on the bed and lay my head on her ass and watch his cock thrust into her ass. I did as I was told. Every few strokes he would pull his cock out and stick it in my mouth. “Taste that ass? Taste good?”…”Mmm hmmm” I would say with his cock in my mouth. “You like that big black cock in your ass, bitch?” All she could say was “I love your big fucking black cock in all my holes”. Then he said “Fuck! That’s some good ass. I’m getting close to shooting my nutt.”

Suddenly he pulls his cock out of her ass and tells us to both get on our knees. Of course we do what he says. Standing over us with his big thick rock hard cum cannon he orders us to blow him. We both attack that fat piece of meat, stroking and sucking together. First I take it down my throat then its her turn. While one of us is on his cock the other is sucking his big cum filled balls into their mouth. Both of us are greedy for his cum. He pulls my girlfriend up to him and kisses her deep and hard. He has her stroke his cock right in front of my face. They both look down at me. “Your cock is so fucking big and hard! I wanna see you blow your load all over his face” she says. They both looked at me with a look of dominance. She had a mean sort of smirk on her face while she stroked him. She seemed to want it to be like it was her cock cumming on my face like I had done to her so many times before.

Suddenly he let out a loud groan and he started cumming. First I could see it seeping out of his piss hole…then it started to run, more of it spilling on to the floor…and then he started shooting! So much cum…more than I had seen him squirt before…all over my face. My mouth was wide open trying to catch every volley that shot out of his huge cock. I put my mouth over the head as my girlfriend continued to stroke him. I could see by the look on her face how amazed she was by the volume of jizz that shot out of his cock. She got down next to me and helped me devour his cum. She licked my face and neck and then kissed me. We both kissed and licked his spent cock, licking under the foreskin to get all the cum and clean his cock thoroughly.

Afterwards we sat together on my bed. He was between us and we all made out together. We noticed that his cock never really got soft and now, as we all kissed, he was showing signs of arousal. He looked at us both and asked if we were up for some more fucking. Of course we were!

This time he used me as his fuck toy…but that’s for the next time!

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