Welcome to the neightborhood! – Part One, – Introductions.


Ellen watched in disbelief as her daughter, Samantha, ‘Sam’ to her friends, dashed down the stairs. She had ten minutes to get to work and she’d only woken up five minutes ago. Apparently her alarm hadn’t rang, but Ellen knew her daughter – more likely she’d forgotten to set it, or completely ignored it. Samantha ducked into the kitchen, offering a quick, “Thanks for waking me! Gotta’ go!” while pawing at a slice of toast. A moment later, she was gone, leaving a tutting Ellen in her wake. Her hair was all over the place, as was her uniform and no doubt the girl’s less-than-kind boss would pick up on those details and give her an hour-long lecture on arriving at work on time. As if trying to put Ellen in a bad mood, she’d left the keys to her car on the counter in her haste to get something to eat and Ellen had to pick them up and trot out to her daughter Kartal Escort – wearing nothing more than a pair of curve-hugging pyjama bottoms and a black-lace bra. Her 40F breasts bounced and swayed temptingly, as she rushed to her daughter’s car – a 2007 Nissan Micra, which she constantly whined over – to find her frantically searching her purse. Ellen rapped twice on the window, lifted the keys and shook her head. When Sam had the window rolled down, Ellen said, “Are you trying to get fired? Go, go!” then dropped the keys onto Sam’s lap and took a step back, motioning her sarcastically forward. Sam was soon speeding away, narrowly avoiding a lamp-post in the process and left Ellen to turn back toward her home, with a second shake of her head. Only then did she notice the bulk of a moving van parked in front of the next-door-neighbor’s Kartal Escort Bayan house and a young man, around 18, maybe 19, lugging boxes back and forth. She blanched slightly – she was used to living next to an old, private woman who never peeked out her door and an empty house on the other side. She hadn’t even given rushing outside half-naked a thought, but now she felt a little exposed. Still, in the time she’d seen him, the boy had spotted her and while he had only turned a little pink and began working again immediately, she noticed a change in his attitude toward it already – he wasn’t lugging the boxes in a slouched movement now, but lifting his shoulders and puffing his chest out. She almost giggled at the sight, “Boys!”Still, it would be rude to stand and stare, so with confidence renewed, Escort Kartal Ellen strolled over to the fence and leaned, waiting for the boy to catch her gaze. When he did, she waved him over with a kind smile. “Welcome to the neighborhood. My name’s Ellen.” she said, as he stumbled toward her – clearly shy. “O-oh, uhh.. Hi, my name’s Chase. Thanks. Me and my mom just moved in, though she’s sort of abandoned me, to go shopping,” was his reply, adding a little nervous chuckle at the end. He had good reason to be nervous too, considering he was about four inches taller than her, and she was leaning on the stomach-height fence, offering an eye-popping view of her bountifully soft mounds in that constricting bra. She acted like she hadn’t noticed though. “Really? Well that shouldn’t be too much work for a man like you, hmm? What, with arms like those…” She cooed, teasing him lightly. Chase’s cheeks, however, turned bright scarlet at the compliment and Ellen had a hard time ignoring the sudden bulge in his trousers. ‘My my’, she thought, ‘Easy to tease.’ His reply confirmed nothing. “Well, it’s not the work really, just the new place, new people…

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