The Willow Switch, Part 3a of 3


I woke early and alone in Cozumel and knew there were two more nights where that would happen again. It had been after 3 AM when I finally found the bed, so I didn’t expect the Painful Welt and Willow for at least a couple of hours. I was convinced that they did something much different when they found his bed.I had breakfast, checked email and the news on my phone, and downed several cups of coffee before I finally settled the argument with my conscience, which had been trying to convince me I’d already reached the Jace Line.My conscience lost, and this time I would keep my word. Alcohol had been a significant factor in my crazy offer to the Painful Welt last night, but my dark fantasy had emerged even further and was undoubtedly now predominant, even when I was sober in the daylight.That reaffirmation eliminated the discomfort and embarrassment I would have felt if my conscience won and I had to tell my newlywed wife that I wanted to renege on the drunken offer I made for Willow to Switch sleeping partners. That offer was the reason she wasn’t with me this morning, and it was made after watching the Willow Switch fully satisfy my wife in front of me and a few other people, and in several positions. My offer to the Painful Welt was not just for the night. I gave my honeymoon bride to him for the rest of the cruise.My wife wasn’t and isn’t mine to give away, but she didn’t complain about being a gift. I remembered that I had given him to her as a second wedding gift too, so I was being Summer Santa to both of them. Her gift was him and his gift was her. Both were gifts that would keep on giving, but my assumption and hope was that her gift was going to stop giving to her and give his gift back to me at the end of the cruise.Her gift and his gift both had wet hair and smelled fresh and clean when they walked through our suite door at 11:15. I wondered if they had played together in the shower they both just took, and blood started filling the traitor in my pants. I shook the Painful Welt’s hand and hugged my beautiful bride, although it felt awkward and I didn’t kiss her. She didn’t let me get away with that obvious omission“Please kiss me, honey. I need to know you’re okay.”It was reassurance for me, and one of the most gratifying kisses of my life. I think my rising tide was reassurance of a sort for her too when she felt it prodding.The Painful Welt was barefoot and shirtless, carrying a large envelope and a Leica. It looked like he was wearing the same cargo shorts he’d worn last night. Willow, of course, because she had no choice, wore the same dress, but she was also barefoot carrying her heels and purse. I wondered if they were both wearing just one piece of clothing, and whether I would find out. We all sat on the couch while I poured coffee and my wife’s honeymoon husband opened the envelope to remove the enlarged photographs.There were only six he thought worthy of printing, and only two that were 8” x 10”. He handed me the four 5” x 7” photos first, and I studied each one. The first was of the shark only a couple feet away looking right into the camera, then there were two photos of several schools of colorful fish swimming together, and the last was a photo of Willow and I hugging. She was topless, and there was a tent in my suit, so it couldn’t hang in our living room with the rest of them, but there was a great spot on my desk in the study.After digesting the smaller photos, Brock handed me the first large photo, and it was of Willow alone, smiling with her mouthpiece in her hand. She was topless of course and her camel toe seemed to be the focal point as it was clearly outlined by her spread legs. It was sexy as hell, and the blood kept filling my control center, but when he handed me the second large photo, one showing Willow and Brock together, my dominant control center quickly pumped up to as tumescent as it ever gets. Her mouthpiece was still out, and they were both smiling and hugging while looking at each other. I hadn’t noticed it when I snapped the photo, but his hand had to have been on her bottom. I didn’t know where the large ones would hang after I got them framed, but they would definitely be placed where I could see them every day. Maybe the master bath.All the photos were in focus and looked professional, İstanbul Escort and I was grateful for his gifts. They had been taken before anything else happened, and they were the very start of my fall into my dark fantasy. I was still dropping, and I didn’t know when or if I would find its ultimate depth, or whether there was a Jace Line I would cross on my fall.More importantly, would he push her across the Willow Line on our cruise?Was there a Willow line?They were all questions that we didn’t want positive answers to yet. I was falling and the Painful Welt was pushing Willow, but those were the conditions that we were both fully invested in right then, ignoring later consequences.After looking at all the photos twice, Willow opened her purse to get a hairbrush. She made no effort to hide the bra and panties I’d stuffed in at ‘On the Briny’ last night. She moved them aside to grab it, so I knew my speculation that she was naked under her dress was correct.She looked at me and smiled, as if she could read my wish-list mind. She unbuckled and unbuttoned, then stripped her dress off, “Will you put this with the dirty clothes, honey? I need to get ready.”I didn’t move as I watched with a new appreciation for her beauty as she headed for the bathroom to put on makeup. I knew it would be a while, and I knew she was prepping for Brock’s high-end camera. He got up and pulled her bra and panties from her purse before he found his phone. He used the light meter app to check the light in the room.While he meandered with his phone meter, he confessed, “I had copies made for me too.”I smiled, “I would have guessed that.”He finished checking and rendered a verdict, “This is great. Just need to avoid two corners, but otherwise, I won’t need the flash. The skylight does it.”“Do you want me to give her the new bikini while she’s in the bathroom?”“No, she’ll be changing here. Find some more sexy things for your wife to wear to entice her best lover on her honeymoon. I want some more sexy photos to show my friends back home.”He said it in a way that let me know he was rubbing it in, and that he expected me to let him assert his dominance over me too. He really did bully, and although we hadn’t found that red line for my wife, he found that my fall into my pit of dark fantasy passed the Jace Line and hit the floor. It wasn’t a bottomless pit.“Fuck you, Brock.” He looked surprised but totally unafraid. “You know that watching and hearing about what you do together turns me on, but you’re being an asshole. I love her and want the best, and right now you are, but that doesn’t mean you can treat me like shit, especially in front of Willow.”It was a long harangue for me, and he looked back with a gentle smile. Finally, he offered his hand and I just stared at it, making no move to shake.As I waited to see what he’d say, his hand stayed out, “Sorry, I thought you liked it. From now on, we treat each other with respect and we push Willow. If she balks like you did, we stop pushing.”“That means the photos you take today are private, not for your ‘friends back home’,” I used my hands to put up visual quotes around ‘friends back home’. I waited a few seconds for him to respond, but before he did I added, “And what did you mean by ‘more sexy photos’.” More finger quotes around ‘more sexy photos’.He was deliberate and patient before he pushed back, “My friends won’t ever be around either of you, and you let other people watch me fuck your wife while you watched in person. She liked letting them watch. She liked letting me take some sexy photos already. What if she agrees to let me share them?”My stiffening backbone that rejected his bullying caused the stiffness that had been there at its lower end to begin wilting rapidly. Oddly, the original stiffness had been there because of his dominance over my wife, and everything he said was true. That didn’t mean that what he wanted to do was okay.“If you share them, they might end up online where everybody can see them.” My jaw was still jutting out, fighting back.“You think your wife wouldn’t like that?”He had a point. I thought she would, and then I briefly introspected and decided I would too. I withdrew my jut.“If that’s the way you ask and she agrees, then I’ll agree too.”I felt my İstanbul Escort Bayan stiff spine loosen, so I took his hand and shook it, To solidify the loosening (what?), I walked over to the dresser and opened the top drawer filled with lacy, revealing enticements.“Look through these. You can tell new ones from the price tags, and she’s never worn those.”“She will today. Anything else?”“A couple of negligees in the closet.” I then let the traitor speak for me again, “This is the bra and panty set she wore for your ‘date’. You were the first to see her wearing these.”“I sure recognize them. So the first time you saw them on her was in the hall at the end of our ‘date’?”“Yes, and they are now my favorite.”“We should make sure she wears them for the camera then. They will bring back memories for all of us.”“Just seeing them already does that.”“Can I pick a few more for today?”That was more like it. Questions beat orders.“Any you want.”He only picked new ones to lay out on the bed, and I think it was because he wanted to be the first to see her wear them. I was happy to share the inaugural view of my wife in her new sexy enticements despite not being the first to see my favorites on her.Willow returned with her hair and makeup done expertly, but now in the fluffy robe provided with the suite. It seemed odd since she went into the bathroom naked, and I expected her to return that way.The Painful Welt asked, “Would you please get the new suit for her Jace?”Willow looked at me, realizing his attitude toward me had changed. She didn’t expect questions from her honeymoon husband, only directives for both of us, and she didn’t know ‘please’ was in his vocabulary. I went to a different drawer and handed it to her.She hesitated, but the Painful Welt held his Leica up and his first camera click occurred while he demanded, “Just change here.”No please, no question. She had her robe off within seconds and proudly stood naked before us. Even before she pulled the thong bottoms on, the camera clicked a few more times as he directed her to spin around. With the skimpy bottoms on, the Painful Welt took more as he told her to pose in different positions. The thong just had a string running up the crack between her cheeks, and it was just a narrow strip at her junction that wasn’t as wide as the opening between her thighs.She was still topless of course, and watching her pose in the almost-nothing thong was enough to regenerate thickening and stiffening, but Brock’s next directive just increased the speed of the blood flowing in.“We can see the hair. I’ll have to shave you Willow honey. Get the scissors and strip off. Jace, can you get shaving cream and a razor?”He walked toward the bathroom, expecting us to obey. At least he’d ordered me in question format.He had her sit straddling the side of the tub and leaning back against the wall. As soon as he trimmed with the scissors, he splashed the stubble with hot water and then worked the shaving cream in thoroughly. I thought he rubbed it in more than necessary, especially since she was jerky as he scraped every follicle off, but he didn’t cut her anywhere.I was fully tumescent seeing her shaved altar, but he didn’t stop there.He looked at me, “Do you have any aftershave?”:I found it and he was salving the just-shaved smoothness by rubbing the cream in, once again more thoroughly than necessary, “How does that feel now, Willow honey?”“Mmmm … don’t stop, honey.”“Later. We need photographs, and they will be so much better with my favorite part of you so visible. Spread it open as much as you can, hon.”“Whatever you want, Brock honey.”The honey was dripping with each comment, and while calling each other ‘honey’ could be considered as more bullying in my direction, I thought it was more the connection they felt with each other. They were calling each other honey, much as they would if they were married. Well, they essentially were, for two more nights.“I’m going to shave your legs and under your arms too. I want you smooth everywhere, Willow love.”He did, and she was.Billiard ball smooth, everywhere below her neck.Also wet for another reason other than the moisture in the aftershave he spread.“Would you get her suit, Jace? Let’s see how it looks now.”When I returned, I Escort İstanbul found that the bathroom with its own skylight was now the studio and he had already started the session. I watched her pose in the same position she was in when he shaved her prime location, and it was easy to see it was red, swollen, and wet. Human eyes can’t see infrared radiation (heat waves), but I was betting that if we could, we would see that it was red, swollen, wet, and smoking hot. He took more shots of her beautiful nude body before he instructed her,“Put the thong back on, Willow.”It was flimsy and suggestive and couldn’t hide the fact that she was shaved. Or wet.He placed her in some new poses and snapped several shots in each one before he instructed, “Put on the top now honey.”The triangles over each nipple were not big enough to keep side and bottom boob from showing. The top made it even more obvious that her nipples were erect, and I knew she was in the zone again.“Get in the shower, honey. Let’s see how it looks wet.”It hadn’t taken long for her own juices to cause the thong to cling and outline, but when the shower hit it, wet was nearly equivalent to transparent. It was unlined, and the cloth was thinner than the material used in wet t-shirt contests. Her nipples were erect and not hidden at all. Her slit and mound were exposed and inviting, and it was like the thong was a spotlight used to highlight them.She managed to keep her face and hair away from the shower spray as the Painful Welt directed her.“Touch yourself, honey.” He looked at me, “Is it okay if I use my phone to video?”I nodded, and he ordered, “Please get it for me. It’s on the coffee table.”He was still taking photographs of Willow touching herself when I got back, and I could see she was enjoying it. I’d never been able to get her to masturbate in front of me, but the Painful Welt could, and not just in front of me.It wasn’t just in front of him and me either. He was going to video, and who knows who else he would show it to. I didn’t fully trust him to keep his word, and if Willow gave the ok, he would be keeping his word regardless.He handed me his camera and I handed him his phone. He was videoing when he demanded, “Make yourself feel good while we all watch, hon.”Only two of us were watching, but his ‘we all’ implied more. My smart wife didn’t miss it, “This is going to be private, right, Brock honey?”“Your husband is worried that if I share, it might get online where everybody could see you naked. You like letting them see you, Willow love.”“You’re going to put it online?”“I am. I’m going to share your beauty and passion with the world.”She didn’t formally acquiesce, but she didn’t even informally reject either. The one hand inside her top escalated its squeezing and movement, and the other hand was rubbing with greater pressure inside her thong. I used his camera to take a shot of the Painful Welt videoing Willow.“I’m going to take you to the beach like this, honey. I want every man there to see you like this. What will they want to do?”“Ooohh god, Brock honey … you know.”He flipped the lever that turned the shower off, but water was still flowing into the tub.“Turn so I can see. Keep playing, Willow love.”My wife’s eyes were on him as she continued to masturbate.“Use one hand to pull the suit aside, honey. We all want to see what you’re doing.”I was mesmerized and didn’t notice the Painful Welt, but I did hear his shorts hit the floor. My quick glance revealed that he wasn’t wearing underwear, that he was hard, and that he was stroking. My dark fantasy speculation about a single article of clothing was right. Again. I was glad. I snapped another shot, this time with the Painful Welt stroking his Willow Switch as he videoed my beautiful wife masturbating in the tub.The Willow Switch was doing for her eyes what Willow was doing for our eyes. He continued to stroke as he watched her pull her thong sideways so we could see her fingers working hard on and around her magic button.I knew her signs, and she was getting close.“Take it all off again, hon. Lay down so the water hits you.”I didn’t know what he meant, but she did. She was naked, on her back with her legs straight up and spread. The water was at full stream hitting directly on her most sensitive spot.He stood above her, stroking his magnificent Willow Switch with his right hand and videoing with his left. She let the powerful stream do its work, and both her hands were now pinching and squeezing her breasts. Her eyes dwelt on the Painful Welts’s entrancing Willow Switch as he stroked it. I snapped another shot.

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