Robert And Our Erotic Photography Session


I love the beach, it’s my special place where I am most relaxed, which in turn leads to some wonderful erotic fantasies. I have been fortunate enough that a few of my fantasies have come true, but they are stories for another time. On to the beach…As a family, we rented the same house on the same beach, the same week every Summer. The house sits on the ocean side, with amazing views, especially at sunrise. Each street has two homes at the end of the block, with an access path that leads to the beach. Since Hurricane Sandy, the towns have built up dunes, creating hills that separate the homes and streets from the ocean. At the top of the small hill, before the descent down, there is a pleasant sitting area, allowing for views of the ocean and the other homes along the shore.One morning, just after sunrise, I was sitting at the top of the dune with my coffee enjoying the view; my family was still asleep, as usual. On the adjoining sitting area on the next street, a lady walked to the top of the dune, taking in the same wonderful view of the ocean. She was close enough that I could tell she was older, with natural gray hair, but couldn’t tell much else. She turned and noticed me and raised her coffee cup. Cheers. Then she was gone.Later that day, I was walking with my family to the beach. On the next block, I heard kids excited about the ocean. I noticed a couple with their three kids on the access path descending to the ocean, just as my wife and two kids were doing. It was then I noticed the gray-hair lady just behind them, perhaps the children’s grandmother? I noticed she walked up the hill İstanbul Escort with little effort, clearly, she was in decent shape. This access path near our homes was steep, and I would stop at the top to catch my breath.I was at the top of the dune watching her. Once again, she looked over and waved, then proceeded down the path with her family. I stood there, slightly embarrassed, and realized my wife had seen me stop, but she could not see why. From the beach, she was not able to see the gray-haired lady. Thank goodness, I thought.We set up our chairs and umbrella on the beach, along with toys and coolers. There were four or five other families who rented or owned homes on the street. I looked over and saw where the gray-haired lady and her family set themselves up. They were further down the beach.My wife, who had long lost her sexual appetite, wanted to take a walk on the beach. The kids were old enough to be left on their own, so off we went. I wanted to walk in the opposite direction of the gray-haired lady, but instead, my wife began to walk toward her. I tried not to be obvious, but my curiosity about this lady was overwhelming. I hoped that my sunglasses would make me appear less obvious as I checked her out.We walked up and past her family’s gathering. She looked up and smiled as we passed. My wife detected nothing. On the other hand, I detected a lot. She was older and attractive. Her gray hair was long and flowing, along with her trim body and moderate-sized breasts, which made her a “knockout.”I tried to observe her attributes discretely. My İstanbul Escort Bayan wife didn’t notice, but this lady clearly noticed. I received a big smile for my indiscretion. I tried not to look too embarrassed.Her family was oblivious, as was my wife. Her slight smile made my cock twinge. On the return up the beach, this attractive gray-haired, mysterious lady was gone, but her family was still there.I saw her return to the beach; she gazed in my direction as she walked toward her family. I became nervous, and my erotic fantasy mind was in overdrive. I needed a beer to calm my nerves, so I announced I was heading to the house to check my email and get a beer. My wife was engrossed with her book, and the kids were playing with another set of kids from a nearby house. No one noticed me leave.I tried not to look back at the mysterious lady as I began to walk up the access path. I figured I was far enough from her, so I took a quick look and saw that she was heading off the beach too. However, she was heading to my street’s access path. What was she doing? I decided to wait in the street and see what this mysterious lady was up to.My wife had surgery, which is her reasoning for why she had no sexual appetite. However, she was incredibly jealous if she saw me speaking to another lady. If the lady was attractive, as was this gray-hair woman, then she would get double jealous.It seemed like an eternity, maybe she wandered back to her street. I was about to continue to our beach home when I saw her crest the dune. The sunlight cast a nice light on her thin-fit Escort İstanbul body, creating a sensual silhouette. Her gray hair now looked silver in the sunlight. She walked down the dune with confidence. I was shaking, and nervous, I was way out of my league.She walked up to me and said, “Hello, I am Linda, I noticed you were checking me out.” A little grin crossed her face, as I turned beet red.How can you respond to that introduction? I retorted nervously, “Hello.” Brilliant, I thought, simply brilliant. I was an idiot.However, her tone was soft, not cruel. After what seemed like an eternity. I added, “I’m Thomas, Tom.” Uggh, feeling like I was striking out, and yet not even in the game.She said, “It was a pleasure meeting you Thomas, Tom.” She went on, “I am here all week, perhaps I will see you again.”Then she turned and slowly seductively walked away. I watched her go between the houses to her street. I watched her every move, her trim body, her tight ass. She turned and gave me a big smile. I realized; my cock was rigid. I wondered, was I hard when she was talking with me? Did she notice?That night, all I could dream about was Linda. I tried to guess her age, perhaps in his early sixties. Was she married? I didn’t notice a ring.The next morning, I went up the access path to the dune top and watched the sunrise. Linda was there, in my sitting area.She greeted me, “Hello Thomas, Tom.”I laughed, trying to muster up some confidence, “Funny, please call me Tom. Lovely sunrise today, it will be another great beach day.”She replied in a low seductive voice, “OH, I hope so, Tom.” She flashed a seductive smile, adding “I do hope so!”Her reply made my cock hard, and this time, she noticed the bulge. “Yes Tom, I think it will be a fine day.” She walked down to the beach and began to jog out of sight. I saw her still jogging down the coastline, no wonder she was in such fine shape.

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