Wednesdays at the Venice Cafe Ch. 03


Chapter Three: Lunch Thursday

When Kathleen and Philip had gotten back to the Venice Café that night, Kris didn’t say anything to either of them, just made room at the table and turned her attention back to the band. No questions, no accusations. Philip wondered if Kathleen would get those later, in the car. Kathleen wondered much the same thing – not that Kris had any stones to throw, but Kathleen hadn’t confided in her.

The singer announced last call and swung into the last song. Philip bought a round for the three of them. By one twenty the glasses were empty again, and the band packed up. Kris led Kathleen back to her car, and Philip headed for his.

The next morning Kathleen sat in her office cubicle but couldn’t keep her mind on her work. She repeatedly ran through the utterly inconclusive talk she’d had with Kris in the car. She looked from time to time at the faint, white-rimmed stain on the side chair next to her desk. She crossed and uncrossed and recrossed her legs.

Shortly before eleven she dialed Philip’s extension.

“It’s me. Can you meet me for lunch?”

“I could, sure. Is there a problem?”

“No. It’s all cool. I just, well, I was just feeling a need.”

“Oh, well, I’d be happy to see what I can do for you.”

“But I’ve only got an hour. I can’t really stretch it.”

“That makes it tough. Not many suitable venues within ten minutes of here.”

“You’re Mister Buildings and Grounds. You’ll think of something.”

“Oh, sure. Well. Something. I’ll give you a call just before noon and tell you where to meet me.”


Kathleen hung up. She knew he couldn’t afford to do anything that cost him his job, any more than she could. But she was pretty sure he didn’t want to pass up an opportunity. At ten till twelve her phone rang; Philip told her that when she left for lunch she should take the stairs instead of the elevator. No problem. She often did. Ten minutes later she headed down the hall and while others were shuffling into the elevator she went to the stair door and pushed through. As the door closed behind her she found Philip on the stair landing with a clip board, a flashlight, and a big ring of keys.

“Wow. You look official. Where to?” She started down the stairs.

“Nope, not down. Up.” He pointed with his flashlight.

Kathleen raised an eyebrow. “Really?” Most of the offices on the fourth and fifth floors were major honchos. Philip just smiled and waved her up. Kathleen was accustomed to men letting her take the lead up a flight of steps.

At the fourth floor she stopped and turned, pointed at the door questioningly.

Philip Sıhhiye Escort shook his head. “Nope. Up.”

She began climbing the next flight. Philip followed close behind and caressed her ass through her skirt. She responded by exaggerating the roll of her hips.

At the fifth floor she hesitated before even reaching for the door – it led to the hall of executive offices. Philip stepped up and said. “Not that door, this one.” She hadn’t even looked at the steel blank steel door to her left. Philip had one key on the ring already singled out, and used it to unlock the door with the small rectangular sign reading “Roof.” Kathleen’s face brightened and she looked at him with new-found respect. He just flipped on the light and shooed her through the door and up the last flight of stairs, closing the door gently behind them.

She waited at the top. “Go ahead and open it. It doesn’t lock from this side.” She pushed through and was greeted by sunlight and a fresh breeze. Philip stopped halfway through the door to make sure his key would let them back in to the stairway.

Out on the roof Kathleen felt the breeze and looked around. There was a variety of mechanical equipment arrayed across the roof, with fans and grilles and pipes and valves in no order she could discern, and behind her the penthouse that contained the elevator equipment and the stair they’d just climbed. The roof itself was covered in gravel, with pathways from the stair to the equipment marked out by rectangular rubber walking mats.

“Stay on the walkways. Don’t want those stilettos of yours punching a hole in the roof membrane. There, around that way.” Philip indicated the path the led around the far side of the elevator penthouse. She followed it, and once around the corner it led straight to the parapet at the north side of the building. The wind picked up as they approached.

“Wow! Great view! And, um…” She turned in a circle. “…no other buildings really tall enough and close enough to see us. I’m impressed.” She stepped up to the parapet and put her hands on it, but it was too tall for her to lean over the top and straight down, so she gazed out over the trees and rooftops spread out to the north.

“Be careful you don’t brush you jacket against the wall. Everything up here is pretty dirty.” He reached under the lower edge of her jacket, then slid his hands around her and cupped her breasts. “Even me.”

“Especially you! What am I supposed to do, just stand here while you paw me?”

“it sounds like a good plan to me.” He moved his hands in circles, trying Tandoğan Escort to feel her nipples through the cloth as they hardened. “I don’t have access to too many places with a mattress. And every place I could think of with a couch or a bench or something was pretty public. So here we are, out in the open but not really visible.” He pulled her back against him, then ran one hand down to the waist of her skirt and began probing.

“So you can get out on the roof of all the buildings?”

“I have the keys, yeah. You thinking of making the circuit?”

“Oooo! There’s a goal! But let’s see how this works out, first.”

“Some of the other rooftops are visible from the upper stories of this one. Might not be a good career move. And none of them measure up to a cheap hotel in terms of comfort and cleanliness.”

Kathleen looked at the palms of her hands. “Shit, you’re right, my hands are grimy already. You’re going to have to hike my skirt up for me.” She spent a small fortune on dry-cleaning as it was.

“I’ll be delighted to do so. But first—” He stepped back from her and unzipped his fly. “I could use a little lubrication.”

Well, of course. She started to kneel, thought better of it, and just squatted and began sucking his cock. It was half hard when she started, and fully hard within seconds, which was good because this was too awkward a position to maintain for long. She pulled off and stood, and stroked his cock while she kissed his lips. “OK, lubed enough for now. I really need it.” She turned back to the parapet and leaned against it with her hands, her ass thrust back and her feet spread wide. Philip had liked this position well enough last week, she was sure he wouldn’t mind a repeat. He bent down and took the hem of her skirt and lifted. It was a nice, tight pencil skirt, which looked great but was never intended for quick access. He scooted it up around her waist and held it there with one hand while he unbuckled his belt with the other. Kathleen could feel the air on her ass. When she dressed that morning she had no conscious intention of meeting Philip, but the long skirt had let her wear knee-highs instead of pantyhose. Philip let his trousers drop around his ankles, pulled his boxers down, then gathered the thin nylon of Kathleen’s panties and pulled it to one side. Kathleen felt the tip of his cock push toward her ass and then slide down the crevice towards her pussy. She took one hand off the parapet and reached down to guide his cock home. He bent at the knees to improve his angle, then once he felt the welcoming warmth of her cunt, Tunalı Escort he buried his cock in her, hard. Kathleen gasped and braced herself against the parapet again.

The sensations of sex filled her, driving out everything else. The breeze, the sunlight, everything faded into the background. Only the heat and pull and pressure at her groin mattered. Philip’s hands gripping her hips mattered but her own hands against the rough masonry did not. The spread of her legs and the angle of her pelvis mattered but the strain on her ankles and knees did not. The rhythm of Philip’s pounding mattered but the rhythm of her own breathing did not. The growing tension, the flutter and thrill, the raw desire for release building inside her mattered and nothing else mattered or even existed now. She began to give a low moan with each stroke that brought her closer to climax, each stroke that heightened her tension but failed to push her over the top. The slapping of Philip’s pubes into Kathleen’s ass became faster and fiercer and Kathleen’s moans became squeals, gasps, shouts, until at last her entire body was racked by spasms and she was reduced to hissing as each of Philip’s thrusts coaxed another ripple of orgasm out of her.

She was aware that Philip had slowed and stopped, and felt his hands on her shoulders now. Gradually her ankles made their unhappiness known, and she changed her stance slightly. Her heels weren’t really stilettos, but they weren’t designed for stand-up fucking, either. Philip rubbed her back through jacket and blouse. She tried straightening her back a bit, and the changed angle of her pelvis caused Philip’s cock to slip out of her. They both whimpered a bit at the loss. Kathleen stood up straight and tipped her head back, her face to the sky. “Oh, fuck.”

Her skirt had dropped back into position, but her panties were still in disarray. She turned and watched Philip pull his pants back up, tuck in his shirt, and rebuckle his belt. He looked at her, smiled, asked “Feeling better?” He picked up his clip board and flashlight.

“Yeah. It’ll do for now. Oh, yeah.”

She hadn’t brought her purse away with her and now wished she had. She could feel a dribble starting down the inside of her leg, but decided against asking Philip for his handkerchief. “I need to get to the ladies’ room and get myself put back together. I guess we don’t really have time for cuddling, anyway.”

“But time enough for a kiss?” He put his free hand on the back of her neck and pulled her to him, kissing her hard. Then he led the way back across the roof to the stairs. Kathleen found going down the stairs far harder than climbing them had been twenty minutes earlier. When they got to her floor she gave Philip another kiss.

“See you next Wednesday night?”

“If you can hold out that long.”

Then she headed through the door and down the hall towards the women’s room, leaving him to take the stairs the rest of the way down.

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