Weekend Working

Big Tits

I had landed a great position with a reputable company and was earning a salary about two grades above what I should have been earning. I applied on a whim and had no real expectation of landing the role, the guy hiring had apparently took a liking to me and had hired me to give me a chance. I had been with the company over two months now and I was determined not to mess that chance up, so when I was asked to start and put some hours in over a weekend due to workload.

I had not worked weekends since my college days when I had worked part time in a music shop. Entering the world of office work I developed a self-belief that a job should be 9 till whenever Monday to Friday but that weekends should always be free. This definitely had caused problems in past jobs as I reckoned not many people ever said no to a boss, and I did whenever asked to give up my sacred Saturdays!

Being more grown up and earning a nice wage however changes a man’s values and, although I would be lying if I said it was not an effort to get out of bed and go into work on that first weekend, I was up and out and looking forward to a distraction free office to get caught up.

Once I got to into office I expected to be alone so I was pleasantly surprised to find that one of the office juniors there. The girl was in her late teens early twenties a lovely little blond thing; she had only been with the company around a month. I later found her reason for being in was that she had been given some thankless task of sorting old data that her boss felt was best suited to be carried on a weekend.

The office was open plan with meeting rooms and senior manager’s offices around the perimeter. My desk was close to the middle and the accounts girl worked on the opposite side of the room but I could see her at her desk, especially as we were the only people there. As I reached my desk I smiled at her saying hello before sitting down and getting stuck into my work.

After a while I noticed that the accounts girl was looking bored, glancing at the clock and using her smart phone, she smiled at me a couple of times when she caught me looking over, it happened again but this time she stood and came over to my desk.

Chrissie introduced herself and we started chatting. Before that day I did not really know her as we worked in separate departments and the extent of previous conversation between us had been the occasional hello when passing, however after a few weekends of I soon got to know Chrissie fairly well.

For an hour or so every Saturday I would listen to Chrissie’s stories from her previous night’s activities and as it was casual wear on a weekend she usually turned up in half or all of her previous nights clothing. Chrissies Friday nights were spent clubbing and as she started at 9 on a Saturday sometimes she would just turn up in her clubbing clothes. I think she was used to having the office all to herself on a weekend and I thought she might have changed this routine, but she didn’t, much to my benefit.

My Saturday mornings eventually became accustom to me glimpsing vast amounts of bare flesh as Chrissie would stagger in late usually still half drunk in skimpy outfits, usually strappy tops and micro skirts. Her clothes were definitely not designed for sitting on office chairs and I was without fail given glimpses of her tiny panties every week as she sat and talked to me, I had to try hard and not stare most of the time as not to alert her to my voyeurism.

It was on one of these typical Saturday mornings that Chrissie tumbled through the main office blatantly still drunk from the night before. She was dressed in a tiny black mini that must have been around 8 or 9 inches in length, a red boob tube, clearly braless and her long blonde hair was down. I stood up as she entered and managed to say hello just as she fell into the nearest swivel chair which spun slightly, giggling she waved her hand in the air at me.

“Morning” I said as I walked to where she was sprawled.

“Good morning to you” she said in a cheery joke Pursaklar Escort voice, spinning her chair to face me as I approached, eyes widening at the red panties on show.

“Clearly you had a good night,” I said with a grin sitting down opposite her so I could carry on taking in the view, my cock was stirring as I could see they were lacy and see through.

Spinning side to side she answered, “It was great, I’m still drunk can you tell?” giggling as she spun the chair around once giggling as the spin ended.

As she stopped she used her legs on the ground giving me an open legged view of her flimsy underwear, “Erm, yes it is noticeable” I started to feel it getting warm.

Chrissie exaggerated her actions as she replied “Oh no, I’m not that bad am I?” in a mocking tone.

I nodded smirking, and she giggled, her head apparently too heavy to keep up as it kept drooping, I was enjoying the panty view and almost exclaimed my pleasure as she used her legs to scoot over to me, legs wide open as she did and I was sure I could see an outline of pussy.

She put a hand on my thigh and looked me in the eyes, “You won’t say anything will you?” in drunken scheming way.

Laughing I said, “Of course not Chrissie”, hoping she wouldn’t notice my huge bulge that had formed at the sight of her spread panty covered crotch, up close I found I could also see the outline of her nipples through the thin boob tube.

“I knew you wouldn’t say anything” she said quickly kicking back and spinning in the chair, scooting back to where she was before but with her back to me this time.

“I like you Jim you know, you’re really cool, not like that arse Frank” she said as she slowly twirled back round, panties still on show but not so much as her legs were closed a little.

Frank was her boss, the accounts manager and he was known as a bit of a ball buster, he wasn’t happy unless giving someone a bollocking or screaming at the minor staff, I knew that he gave Chrissie a hard time as I had heard some of her run ins with him across the office.

Trying to get a rise out of her I said, “Franks not that bad” trying not to look like I was winding her up.

“Not that bad” she shrieked flailing her body, much to my pleasure as her full crotch came back into view and definite trimmed pubic mound was now showing, my cock now solid.

My mind racing at the sight before me, “He’s not” I grinned carrying on the game.

“He’s a complete Wanker” her voice raised but not shouting “the other week he balled me out in front of everyone because something I gave him had…” she was leaning forward holding a finger up “one fucking spelling mistake, I was nearly crying, he is a fucking bastard.”

Her language was getting quite colourful and was adding to my horny state, I knew that I was going to have to wank as soon as I was able to, maybe in the toilets or in one of the meeting rooms, for now I was happy getting plenty of mental images for the moment.

“He hasn’t shouted at you for a while” I said again trying not to stare at her crotch too hard, “it’s a good job he’s not in to see you now or he would give you a right shafting”

“Ooh I could do with one of them I haven’t had a good shafting for ages” she quickly shot back grinning with a mischievous glint in her blue eyes and my head nearly exploded at her blunt comment.

My shock visible I managed to say “I meant a telling off,” and my dick was trying to physically force its way out of my jeans.

“Oh” she groaned spinning in the chair so her back was to me, she fiddled with a pen for a short while, I wondered if she had realised what she said but not wanting the conversation to end I went to speak when she suddenly spun round jumping up from her seat blurting out, “Do you like my outfit” in a squeaky girlish voice.

She smoothed her skirt down and thrust her ample chest out.

“Do you?” she repeated, jiggling as she turned to give me a great view of her hot ass which she stuck out a little Rus Escort arcing her back.

I fumbled to get my words out “erm, yes it’s nice” my eyes transfixed on her pert behind. She turned to face me again speaking as she adjusted her boob tube which had shifted from her jiggling, “I love this top, it’s a nice colour don’t you think, my boobs kept popping out when I danced in it last night though”

“Really” I said bemused and horny, totally transfixed as she pulled at it and adjusted the fit, showing more and more with each adjustment of her almost zero gravity pert teen breasts.

I was totally caught off guard as she then carried on, “I always like to wear things that match so I’ve got a red G string on, look” and she swiftly pulled her tiny skirt up at the back flashing her perfect ass in my direction, it was neither a quick or prolonged flash but long enough to have an effect on my bursting for release balls.

“Fuck” was all I could mutter mainly to myself.

Chrissie then looked back over her shoulder at me smirking she stated, “well you’ve seen enough of the front already haven’t you, I noticed you looking before” I was struck dumb as her blatant cock teasing continued and she turned to face me lifting the front of her skirt so her tiny red panty covered crotch was on full show.

“Look I shaved before I went out, nice and smooth” she was stroking her inner thigh close to where the thin material started. “Oops I’ve showed a bit too much haven’t I you can almost see my bits” she giggled sexily and let go of the skirt, as she sat back down and crossed her legs. I simply stared dumb struck.

There was a glint in her eyes, “Did you like them?” she asked as if what she had done was completely normal, she continued after I did not respond, “It looks like you did” she added casting a nod at my tented trousers.

There was a pause; I sat speechless watching her as she slowly swivelled side to side in her chair, a finger on her bottom lip, looking coyly at me and then she huskily asked, “So, you think I am due a good shafting do you?” uncrossing her legs presenting her exposed crotch to me.

My brain was in overload as she then asked slightly aggressively “Would you ever give me a good shafting?” emphasised the last two words and I then knew that this was more than teasing.

Leaning forward I simply said, “I should, for what you just did there,” staring at her as if serious.

She nonchalantly replied, “Really, you’re going to shaft me?” and she began to swing one of her legs side to side.

“I think I should,” I said, my cock almost exploding there and then as it realised there was a definite possibility action was imminent.

“Hmm” she cooed, “I don’t think you have the balls” she dared.

“Are you saying I should put my money where my mouth is?” I said cockily shifting forward my legs open.

“No” she looked straight at me with a look of pure horn, saying “I think you should put your cock where my mouth is”

With that she moved off her chair and was kneeling between my legs in a flash and hurriedly unfastening my trousers, I enjoyed the view of the pretty little thing pulling my rock hard member free and hungrily feeding it into her mouth, her blonde head moving up and down as she sucked me for all she was worth. It was a blow job of pure cock lust and I now truly believed Chrissie when she had said she had not been fucked in a while as she assaulted my dick with reckless abandon.

Due to the horny build up to this moment, the constant display of panties and young flesh meant that I was not going to last long. My already bursting balls were on a hair pin trigger and now this beautiful office junior was letting me fuck her mouth; I was unable to give a warning and shot a huge load down her throat groaning in ecstasy.

Luckily Chrissie must have been a swallower or caught up in the moment as she didn complain and even sucked the last out of me, cleaning my head and shaft with pink tongue looking up at me and Sincan Escort then grinning as she finally let go of me. Catching my breath I grabbed her hands and pulled her to her feet, she was stood before me and I was sure I could I smell her scent. I ran my hands over her lovely body from her hips to her pert breasts, and then swiftly pulled her boob tube down; her youthful tits did not move an inch remaining pert and firm, her tiny erect nipples pointing upward.

Pulling her into me I fondled and sucked her breasts alternately as my other hand ventured over her ass and then up and under her mini skirt to find her warm pussy soaking wet from anticipation, the heat from her was intense and she trembled when my hand cupped her mound, she fell forward and knelt on me as I fumbled excitedly pulling her panties to one side and begun to work an increasing number of fingers into her.

After managing to get three inside I concentrated on working Chrissies breasts and pussy jointly, I could definitely smell juices her now and it sent me wild, my attention to her increased and my cock regained life. She noticed and she wrapped a hand around it pumping it faster and faster, panting and gasping as I fingered her to a shuddering mewling climax.

Through ragged breaths she gasped, “Are you going to give me that shafting now?” pulling away and looking at me, gorgeous green eyes full of lust.

“I think I better,” I said springing up, catching her unaware and she let out a surprised yelp, as I manhandled her turning her around and bending her over my desk. Her perfect teen ass was presented before me; I pulled what was there of her tiny her mini up and swiped her panties to one side, she ground her ass against the air and swayed in eagerness as I teased her with my cock touching her entrance before backing away. As fun as it was to reciprocate the teasing from earlier I was not going to waste any time getting inside this amazing beauty and I grabbed her to steady her, sliding my head up and down her crevice before lining it up and thrusting as much as I could up her, she jerked forward letting out horny little noises and then gradually worked herself back on me, grinding as I started to build up rhythm.

As I started to bang away at her amazing ass, I scanned the main office thinking to myself that only yesterday there was over 40 people here working away and now here I was ramming the young accountant over my desk. This thought added to my excitement and I upped my pace starting to hammer her hard my balls slamming loudly against her ass, I reached round her front and cupped her firm breasts as I fucked her over the edge, she moaned and let out a series of pleasurable screams as she reached orgasm, I felt her warmth flowing over my cock deep inside her and this brought my own second orgasm to the fore.

“I’m going to come again, where do you want it?” I asked between grunts, even in my frenzy I was conscious that Chrissie may not be on the pill and I sure as hell wasn’t wearing anything.

“Over me,” she groaned, “I want you to spunk all over me” she pleaded further.

Her saying this was like a lightning bolt of pleasure and I immediately pulled out. Chrissie had already slumped to the floor and was looking up at me, arching back on her knees her beautiful breasts thrust forward in anticipation, her boob tube and skirt scrunched around her tiny waist and her pussy red and swollen. She held her mouth open and this actin made me shoot a huge burst of cum over her face and chest and she sluttily massaged it into her breasts, the second blast I aimed at her pussy which she then began to stroke and scoop up off stroking it into her stomach, the final bursts I aimed firmly at her face and waiting mouth.

After getting cleaned up and tidying the mess that we had made as best we could, hoping that those suspicious wet patches would go unnoticed until they dried up Chrissie and I sat at my desk, she was sat on my lap and we kissed and fondled each other still in pre sex euphoria.

“Hmm if that’s a shafting from you I might try and get them more often” she said between kisses.

“If you carry on like you did earlier I will have to shaft you more often” I said as my hand went between her legs to her sticky panty-less crotch.

Being asked to do weekend overtime was the best thing that had happened to me all year.

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