We Met Through Literotica


This is a story about an experience I had with a woman who I met through Literotica. Every word of it is true.

When I first met Susan in the flesh I suppose my over-riding emotion was relief. She was just how I had imagined her; long sandy hair, pretty eyes, showing her age a bit – after all, she was in her 40s – but very attractive. She had only flown into London that morning, but was not looking too jet-lagged. I ordered two black coffees from the waitress in the coffee shop and then turned my attentions back on my American penpal. Her body was just how I had hoped it would be, a little on the large side but with the most fantastic chest. She was wearing some sort of floral dress with a very low cut, which showed off about six inches of cleavage.

We were talking about the weather, and how her flight had been, but all I could think about was putting my head between that lovely pair. I had got in touch with Susan after reading one of her stories on .com. It was nothing particularly memorable – something about an orgy in a castle – but it had sparked my imagination, and I wanted to exchange a few emails with her. Her life, it transpired, was very different to mine. I had not even turned 30 and was enjoying the high life in London, travelling around the world and partying whenever I feel like it. Susan, on the other hand, lives with her husband and three kids (aged from 9 to 16, as if that matters) somewhere in the mid-West. Her life seemed to revolve around picking up the children from school, arranging their swimming lessons and supervising their homework, while her husband sat d the house drinking cans of beer and watching baseball on the television. She wasn’t exactly unhappy, it seemed, just thoroughly bored. Like lots of other women her age, I guess, she no longer slept with her husband, Jerry, and her only sex life was in her imagination. She had the house, the car, the family, but something was missing. The letters we exchanged started off just friendly, but became more and more explicit about our fantasies.

Eventually we exchanged photographs of each other. I took an explicit photograph of my cock, hard with lust, in my right hand, and emailed it to her. She, in turn, took a photograph of herself, between her legs, showing off her bar pussy for me.

That was enough to make me very, very horny indeed. The picture of her hand, holding her pussy open, showing herself off for me alone.

When I suggested that she should come over to England and meet me, she seemed quite reluctant at first. “I’ve been with Jerry for 20 years,” she wrote. “There’s no way in the world that I’d cheat on him. Let’s just keep it in our imaginations.”

I wrote back and told her not to worry. She should just come over for a few days and hang out, spend time chatting, maybe go to a few bars and visit the theatre; “You deserve to treat yourself, what with all the work you have to do around the house,” I told her. “Anyway, I have a girlfriend so it’s not as if could misbehave anyway.”

In the end Ofise Gelen Escort it seemed I had persuaded Susan, because next thing I knew there was an email from her in my computer, saying she would be arriving at Heathrow in two weeks’ time.

She was coming over with a female friend, also married, from her local parents teacher association. It was the only way to stop Jerry from being suspicious, she explained.

That first day in London, while her friend Lisa was resting in her hotel room, Susan and I explored the city; we took a boat up the river, we went on the London Eye, and we visited a few museums. I was very careful to play the gentleman; barely touching her, except on the arm now and again to make a point. I wondered what passers-by would make of us. I look very young for my age, with spiky blond hair and a slim body – sometimes I can pass for early 20s. Maybe they thought that Susan was my mother or aunt, I wondered.

That evening, when Lisa had woken up, the three of us went out for dinner in the West End, and I made sure that we had all drunk lots of wine with our three-course meal. During the main course I put my hand on Susan’s knee – she was wearing jeans – and was pleased when she made no attempt to shake it off. By the time we had reached the dessert, which was a blackberry and apple crumble, I had slid my hand down her thighs, and was slowly sliding it up and down. Susan pretended that nothing was happening, and carried on the conversation, which was about American politics and the upcoming election. By the time the coffee arrived, I had the palm of my right hand firmly between her legs and was rubbing hard against her. She was pressing herself against my fingers with what seemed almost like desperation. In the candlelight, she looked very foxy; she could have been 10 years younger than her real age…which was 43, or so she said.

But before we got up to leave, when Lisa went to the ladies, Susan turned to me and said: “I can’t believe you did that! You know I’m a married woman. How dare you?”

I knew she had to say this to make herself feel less bad about a near-stranger rubbing her pussy through her jeans, so all I said was: “You seemed to be enjoying it.”

I had made sure that she had the number for my mobile phone, and I knew she would be calling me later that night. Lo and behold, a few hours later, after we had settled the bill and left the restaurant – and the ladies had gone back to their separate hotel rooms – I was waiting in a bar around the corner, when the phone rang.

“I want you to come around now,” said Susan.

I thought about arguing, and calling her a hypocrite, but all I could think about was finally getting my mouth on those huge breasts. Next thing I knew, I was ringing the bell of her hotel room.

I was half-expecting her to open the door wearing nothing but her underwear, which would have been a bit of a cliche, but she was still fully clothed in the flowery top and jeans. Otele Gelen Escort She had a small whisky in one hand.

“I’ve been playing with myself, and thinking about you,” she told me. Saying nothing, I closed the door behind me and entered the very ordinary hotel room. “Be gentle with me,” she said. “I haven’t been with another man since the 1980s”.

She probably expected me to rip her clothes off and take her there and then. But I had different ideas. I sat myself down in the corner of the hotel room. “I want you to take your clothes off while I watch,” I told her.

The whisky had obviously made her confident, because within seconds she had taken her top off, and was releasing the catch of her huge black bra. As it slipped off, her gigantic tits came into view. They were quite something, quite firm with large pink nipples. “And now your jeans,” I told her.

She was left standing in just her knickers, while I stared at her from across the room. I really wanted to touch myself but stayed in my suit, with my arms crossed. “Get on your knees on the floor,” I said. “I want you to touch yourself.”

Obliging, she got down into the doggy position, and reached between her legs. Her fingers pulled her now wet underwear to one side so that she could rub herself between the lips. For five minutes or so I watched her from behind as she stroked her clit and dipped her fingers into her hole. “That’s enough for now,” I said. “Did you bring the dildo I told you to bring?”

Bear in mind that we had been exchanging quite a few emails, and I had prepared Susan for what I had planned.

Susan lifted herself off the floor and rummaged through her handbag, bringing out a six-inch black lump of plastic.

“Sit on the side of the bed and fuck yourself with the plastic cock”, I said. She didn’t need to be asked twice, leaning back on the duvet and sticking the dildo up between her lips. In and out, in and out, it went, between her large splayed pink lips. By now I was almost crying with lust, but I fought to keep my self-control and just sat, watching. Her giant tits were shuddering and a faint flush was appearing around her neck and chest.

“I’ve got something for you,” I told her, bringing out a cucumber which I had been carrying around all afternoon. “I don’t think your toy is big enough. You need this.”

The vegetable was quite a fair size, so I made Susan lick it all over before I pulled out the black dildo and replaced it with this fat, green object. There was something almost obscene about her lying back on the bed, grunting with lust, as I forced the cucumber up as far as it could go into her.

“What about you? I want to pleasure you”, she said.

But for now I just wanted to take care of her needs. Holding the vegetable with both hands, I thrust it faster and faster until I could see she was on the brink of an orgasm. When at last she came, it was with a huge shudder.

When I pulled out the cucumber, her Polatlı Escort pussy stayed gaping, wide open, as stretched as it had been for years.

I was in too much of a hurry to take my clothes off, so I just unzipped my flies, pulled out my cock, and rammed it into her. “Is this what you imagined when you decided to come over her?” I asked, as I pulled backwards and forwards against her blonde pubic hair.

“Yes,” she grunted. “No, you bastard. Yes, yes” she said.

“You’re cheating on your husband, you slut,” I said to her. “How does that make you feel? Like a naughty girl?” I asked. “What about your wedding vows? Have you forgotten them? Why are you taking another man’s cock inside your hole? Are you a slut?”

Susan could barely breathe with excitement. “Yes, I’m a slut, a whore, fuck me”, she said.

I had reached down to touch her clit. It was time to give her another orgasm. But her pussy was now too loose to please me.

“Get on your knees again,” I said. “I’ve got plans for you.”

Susan swung over onto her front, her large arse pointing up at the ceiling, her big tits swinging loose against the bedcovers. I was still in my suit, my erection sticking out of the flies. I leant forward, pulled open her large buttocks, and started to lick her pussy lips. I could hear her moaning with pleasure as my tongue traced a path down her labia and then up to her arse. I gave her anus a few good laps, and as she didn’t complain, I started to lick it harder and harder, until my tongue was drilling inside her butt. “Please don’t stop, that’s so good,” she cried out.

By now I had inserted one finger into her bum, and then another, while I still licked around the edges of her arsehole. Susan had reached back between her legs to play with her clit.

I was still licking her arse as I took out the black dildo and began to lube it up with some KY that I had brought for this occasion.

Susan could see what I was doing and was not particularly happy. “Please, not that, I don’t like anal,” she said. But when I started to ease the end of the dildo into her tight hole, she soon stopped complaining. Within a few minutes, it was deep insider her. It was such an obscene, erotic sight, that I stepped back to get my camera. Susan protested, “no, no photos” , but I snapped a couple of pictures of her, lying naked on the bed with her large white arse in the air, a black plastic cock protruding from her arsehole.

When I withdrew the dildo, she looked disappointed, but her face changed when I rubbed more k-y on to my dick and eased it, inch by inch, into her now gaping butthole.

I moved ever so slowly at first, bearing in mind that she was an anal virgin, but soon I was pushing in and out so fast that it would only be a matter of seconds before I came. When I finally reached the point of no return, Susan was pawing at her pussy with one hand and screaming out obscenities. I’m almost embarrassed to admit this bit – it’s such a porn cliché – but just before I came, I withdrew and shot my cum all over her arse and heavy, white thighs.

This was just the start of a very, very long night.

I could tell you more about Susan, and the two days we spent together. But then again, she is now in the past. Her departure has created a vacancy, for another….older…American…woman….the ball is in your court.


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