Wanted: Girl with an extremely open mind will pay handsomelyCharlotte was intrigued, she had racked up so much debt during her time at University that she would do anything for money, even if that meant prostituting herself. Her mouse hovered over the link, she was somewhat reluctant to click but her curiosity got the better of her.I’m offering one lucky girl a payment of £5,000 to satisfy my deepest desire, my kink if you will. I will not share this kink until you arrive as I want to see how truly open minded you are. Please respond to this through private message with a picture of yourself, preferably nude and I will send you the details of our meet. Of course they had to meet before he’d spill the beans. To Charlotte it seemed like one of those hoax posts that were frequently made on the forums. She moved the mouse to the close button but waited a few seconds. Surely it was a hoax, but what if it wasn’t? Five thousand pounds could really put a dent in her debt. Her thoughts suddenly flipped a full one eighty, as she found herself writing a private message to the poster.Hello, I was deeply intrigued by your post. I am up for anything and would love the chance to earn that money. Here is a picture of me.Charlotte’s cheeks turned a bright shade of crimson as she uploaded a full frontal image of herself. She couldn’t believe she was actually showing a stranger this intimate photo. She looked at her face first; her fringe covered one eye as the rest of her blonde locks hung down to her shoulder. Her eyes were intense with a deep oceanic blue iris, people could get lost in them for hours. Then there were her full lips, soft to the touch and her angelic jaw line.Her eyes scanned further down to her voluptuous breasts. Two lovely grapefruit sized boobs hung perfectly on her chest. They had been the highlight of many man’s wet dream, especially when she had lost her bikini top on vacation. Going further down over her slender body, she finally looked at her bald womanhood. A little line split her skin as she wasn’t aroused in the picture. Sighing, Charlotte clicked send and closed her computer.She fell back onto her bed, looking up at the ceiling. Darkness swallowed the room Side Escort as the idle monitor finally shut itself off. She felt conflicted, had she done the right thing? It was too late now, that photo had been whisked away to a mysterious stranger. She didn’t know his name; she didn’t know where he lived, hell she didn’t even know what she had to do. Her head sank further into the pillow with all the questions running through her head.“Hell, I probably won’t even hear back from him,” she spoke aloud as she closed her eyes. *** Sunlight flooded the room through the skylight. The birds sang their sweet melodies and cars revved down the street as Charlotte rubbed her eyes. She looked around the room, pondering the previous night’s activity. She was adamant that it would all be some sick joke to get naked pictures from girls and that they were probably all over the internet by now. The bed creaked as she sat up and reached for the laptop.The fans whirred as she started it up, and through the lengthy start-up, she was eager to view her emails. Rubbing her eyes once more, she clicked and clicked thinking that it would somehow make the computer faster. Charlotte felt herself becoming more and more impatient until finally she was in.One new message received. 00:27 Today.Her jaw hit the floor, was he being legitimate?Thank you for responding to my request, out of the few people that responded I enjoyed your picture the most. I was wondering if you could join me today for some exciting activities. Like I mentioned, I will tell you all about it when you arrive.A bewildered look began to form on Charlotte’s face. Today? She had never even spoken to the man and he wanted to meet so soon. Something had to be up and Charlotte was going to find out what the crack was.Today?! How do I know I can trust you? I mean we haven’t spoken or anything. For all I know, you might not even pay me for doing what you want.Slouching back against the headboard, she eagerly awaited his reply. That’s if he was even there anymore. However, he continued to stun the young woman as he replied relatively quickly.We don’t need to speak, I am true to my word but understand your manavgat escort bayan scepticism. If you message me your bank details, don’t worry it’s nothing to do with sort codes and stuff, just simply your name and account number, I will prove to you that I am the real deal sexy.Bank account details, did this man think she was stupid to hand over that information? She wasn’t going to let anybody rob her blind just like that. A few minutes passed, she was truly trying to find a witty remark to make to the unknown man. The more and more she thought about it, the more it made sense to her. He would need her account number and full name to pay her money; she had to do the exact same to pay her mother. Realising her mistake, she launched herself towards the purse sitting on her bedside table and scrambled for the card she used most.Charlotte Fielden, account no. 01829663Opening another tab on her browser, she opened her bank account and incredibly, one thousand pounds was sitting there. Her hands covered her mouth in shock. She couldn’t believe that he was being true to his word and paying her the money.Believe me now? I will pay the rest when you do as I wish. Consider that £1000 a little warming gift. You want the rest; you will meet me in Truro train station at noon. I suggest you get ready; your train leaves shortly from Paddington station. How did he know where she lived? Who was she actually going to meet? He knew exactly where she lived despite her never mentioning it once and he knew her closest railway station. This was beginning to get extremely worrying for Charlotte as she still had no idea who he was but he knew who she was. Then again, she had shared her full name and a picture of herself, he must have seen her on Facebook or something surely. Never the less, she wanted the rest of the cash as it would help greatly with her debt.Closing her laptop, Charlotte raced into the bathroom. She had money to make and it was sitting in a small city, two hundred miles away. Steam cloaked the room like a veil, concealing everything inside. The warm water cascaded down her body before crashing onto the cast iron bath below. Escort alanya Images and thoughts ran through Charlotte’s mind. What could he possibly want that would throw anybody off? She was down to do anything, even if it included fucking him with a strap on, she would do it.The strong aroma of peaches filled the air from her body wash. For some bizarre reason, the scent had always hit a chord deep within Charlotte. She adored it more than any other. With her skin beginning to turn red from the heat of the water, she stepped out of the shower. Water droplets fell to onto the tiles as she reached for a towel.A trail of wet footprints marked the carpet as she walked up to her room, the towel covering her naked body.“Hmm, what outfit should I wear?”Her hand brushed through her clothes. Occasionally she’d see something only to dismiss it.“Too slutty… Too dorky… Oh god, am I going to church?”Eventually she swept to a snug black dress which showed off her incredible figure whilst remaining tasteful. She carefully placed it on the bed before pulling a black g-string up her slender legs. She then clipped her matching bra around her breasts. Finally, the dress hugged her figure perfectly. It showed every single curve and asset her body had to offer.One last time, she opened her laptop to the page where her mysterious partner was waiting.I’m on my way to Paddington station, I will be with you soon. *** The green pastures flew by the window as she stared into nothingness. All she could think about was getting into Cornwall, having some wild sex and getting her money.  What would the other people on the train think if they knew what she was actually up to? To them, she was likely visiting family for the day. They had no idea that she was on her way to fulfil a complete stranger’s darkest fantasies.In the distance, the spires of Truro cathedral could be seen. Charlotte stared in awe, she had always admired architecture. After a few moments, her mind snapped firmly back to the task at hand. She was here for one thing and one thing only, she was not a tourist.As the train started to brake gently, Charlotte scanned the crowds, looking for a man whom she’d never met. She was adamant he’d be some kind of shaded figure, standing back from everyone else as they approached the train to either board or greet their loved ones. However, nobody seemed out of place until she looked towards the waiting room. A man in a black business suit was fixated on the train; that had to be him.

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