Lush Moderator Of The Month


Jenny was beside herself; it was the twenty-eighth of February and the last day of verifying stories, on her favourite Lush website, before the end of the month closed. She thought she was as close as anyone to that coveted award and she so desperately wanted it. There was one problem that stood in her way.Her husband!He had arranged to go on a short vacation to visit a church of some kind and he wanted Jenny to go with him. She could hardly refuse. How could she possibly get out of it? What excuse could she come up with?‘Sorry Brian, but I have to verify at least fifty horny and erotic stories before twelve this evening.’‘Brian, I can’t come as I have to read a lot of stuff tonight.’‘I really want to go but I’m so close to -’In the end, she said, “Yeah, I’ll come along but I have reading and emails to write on the way.”It was a half-truth at least. Brian smiled and was glad that she had decided to join him.Jenny busied herself in the car on the way to town by verifying as many stories as she could. She sat in the passenger seat with her phone half-cocked to one side so that Brian couldn’t see the screen. He should be concentrating on the road and the Sat-Nav in any case.They eventually reached the town and Jenny was Yakacık escort bayan up by fifteen stories; all in all, a good effort so far. But the phone had to be put away while they parked the car and wandered around the town. They visited the church, but it wasn’t a small church. It was the size of a cathedral and they took in the cloisters, the crypt, the immense hallway with its Gothic vaulted ceiling and scissor archways, the secret stone steps that led to a secret part of the church that was only open for that one day and they looked at the numerous painted windows and Tombs. Jenny even considered the organ to be impressive.Jenny became amused when she read the name on one of the tombs. John Still – it read. She giggled at the thought that he had been still for quite some time.The place was a little cold and on more than one occasion she pulled her coat around her. She was aching to bet back to the verification process and even sat in the stalls for ten whole minutes while her husband read about the cathedral’s glory and she read and edited two stories, of a sexual nature. Two more verified; that’s seventeen now, she thought. She passed up on the incest story, thinking that Escort Atalar would be too much for a cathedral, and made her way to a lesbian story.She was rudely interrupted by her husband, who suggested they go on a tour of the site. Apparently, one was starting in half an hour. Jenny politely refused and told Brian that she would stay put and that the hour-long tour would be too much for her.Staying put was, however, fraught with dangers. She had had to put her phone away twice while people walked past her and in the fifteen minutes, she had only verified two more stories. Jenny started to become anxious and huffed and puffed her way through two more verifications which seemed to take ages.Normally, sitting alone at home with a good three hours in front of her, she would have got through loads and loads of stories. She could feel her award slip from between her fingers and she wanted it, so badly, and there were moderators on Lush that would do anything to win that coveted trophy.Jenny stood and started to walk around the cathedral looking for places where there were fewer people. She eventually came across some little boxes and before looking around her to see if she was being watched, Kadıköy escort she dipped into one of them and closed the door. She immediately pulled her phone out and started to read the next story featuring a threesome.The writing was mediocre, to say the least, and displayed a few grammatical errors and a number of spelling mistakes. At least she would be allowed to correct them and within a few minutes, she was up to twenty-two stories and counting.The next one startled her. She had read a few of the stories from DarkSide before but this one grabbed her attention from the outset. She read the first two paragraphs which neatly introduced the main character. She immediately felt sorry for him and thought that this was going to be a sad story, but within a few sentences DarkSide had turned around the whole scenario and Jenny felt herself suddenly getting hot under the collar.Her head was turning the words of the story over and over and without knowing it, her free hand had reached to touch her nipple and pinch at it. It must have taken her a good thirty seconds to read just three small paragraphs but the situation and scenario enthralled her. Scrolling the page with the thumb of one hand, she came to the part where the woman is told what she should do by the main character. Jenny felt her pussy clench and she could feel a wetness in her pants. She quickly gathered up her long skirt and soon had her free hand caressing her thigh as the main character’s cock was manhandled by the willing girl on her knees.

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