A Dream Come True-1


A Dream Come True -1 By tarun© Hi! I am from India. India is home to some very pretty celebrities from our film industry(bollywood). They may not be as drop-dead gorgeous as those from Hollywood but, each to his own tastes and preferences. Many of us here would probably pay much more to see some of our ‘stars’ than those from hollywood. They do have a ‘something’ in them. This story,here, is a work of fiction and I hope the readers like it. Please send your views/reviews to [email protected]. I was walking around the countryside when I heard some passers-by say that Mrs. Madhuri Dixit, a very famous actress from India, was scheduled to give a live stage performance within a couple of days. Now, Mrs. Dixit is still a heart-throb among film buffs and star-watchers and if you get anywhere close to her, you are considered as a really lucky guy. She is considered as the best dancers in Indian cinema even today, although her films have been reduced to mere trickle ever since she got married and migrated to The States. I got some more details about the show and somehow got myself an elusive ticket to the show. The crowd was, literally, rampaging the poor agent for tickets to the show. Mrs. Dixit is a relatively rare personality to be seen around and if you get her close to you, your lucky stars have showered their choicest blessings on you on that day. I picked up the ticket and moved off in a jiffy, lest a pick-pocket spoil my luck. I reached home and just couldn’t thank my stars enough for my fortune. That night, I was trying to figure out how to get “really close” to her, when a evil plan struck my mind. It came about because I couldn’t figure out a straight forward way of doing it. She would probably have many security guards around her, being a celeb. I would have to get her, in connivance, with her security guards. She would probably have me physically diverted by her security if I told her what I wanted, directly. I decided to try to find out her schedule so that I could, perhaps, gatecrash her privacy. I did manage to find the security agency for this event and I struck a deal with them,”I’ll tell you what, I’ll let your personnel also have some fun with her if you allow me to get to her disguised as a security guard. What do you say?” “Sir, it is very risky as she is a very popular star. I don’t Ankara escort bayan think I could take that risk, sorry!” I realised that I would have to shell out something if I had to get this plan to work. “Sir, I’ll pay each of your personnel stationed outside her enclosures’ entrance five grand if you allow me inside. I promise you it will be more than worth your while.” “Well, I donno. Why don’t you ask them? I have no objection if you speak directly to them.” “Sir, I cannot speak directly to them. I would like you to speak to them on my behalf. Please sir.” A few negotiations later, the deal was struck and plans finalised. I arrived at the venue a little earlier than the rest of the crowd and sneaked in. I found her dressing room and disguised myself as a security guard inside. I promptly came out and no one recognized or suspected me of being anything but what I looked like: a security guard. Mrs. Dixit was already about 15 minutes behind her schedule and rushed into her dressing room immediately. I smiled and thought, “Mrs. Dixit, be as hassled as you want, very soon you will be the most beautiful, desperate, hassled thing around here.” Mrs. Dixit called for some water, “Can I have some water around here, Please?” “I rushed to her and gave her water. She gulped down the glass of water as a tourist walking helplessly through the soaring desert heat who had found an oasis. She looked up and at once one could see a sparkle in her eyes, a sparkle that has to be seen to be believed, not described. She kept looking at my eyes, trying to figure out what I was up to. She gave up and finally, “What is it? What are you looking at?” She could see that I was only looking at her face (actually more focussed on her eyes…they are simply exceptionally striking) and not any of her physical assets. It took me some time to jerk myself out of my trance, “Madam, I am sorry, I was so mesmerised by your simplistic beauty that I was in another world.” “Don’t worry about it. It is not new for me.” “Madam, would you mind if I stare at you for 10-15 minutes?” “I don’t mind, but I have a performance now. You’ll have to wait untill I have finished and got back here…It will be approx. 3 hours from now.” With that she was gone. “At least she didn’t show any signs of uncovering my disguise, Escort Balgat even if she has.” I thought. I could not get to see her performance on stage but I knew that one more stage was going to be set up for her ‘spectacular’ performance. I could hear her fans going haywire in joy over her performance. She, at last, turned up. She was wearing a rich-blue blouse, that covered her front, upto her abdomen, tied only by a series of strings behind her neck and her back, covered her arms and the sides of her back, exposing a good 75-80% of her back right upto her middle-lower back and fit rather tight around her 36C breasts, making them even more prominent. She wore a rich-blue skirt (the sort that would rise up to her hips if someone would make her swirl swiftly enough). She was panting as though she had just run a 5-mile marathon, her entire dress was now a navy blue colour from the drenching it got from her sweat. She entered her dressing room and just as she was about to close the door, she called out, “Hey, security!”. As she did not know my name, she could not call the person she actually wanted. I deliberately sent my friend in, “No, Not you. That cute chap who was standing on the right when I entered and who brought me the water.” “Who, Madam? I’ve been standing on the right since morning and as far as the water is concerned, no one ever gets a chance to sneak in while we are there. You can relax.” He replied quite confidently, although he knew the person she was looking for. “Is this haunted by friendly ghosts? I am quite sure it was a security personnel who gave me the water a few hours back.” “No, madam. No ghosts or spirits, just friendly, courteous staff and security.” “Can you call all your security personnel who are stationed just outside my room?….I want to see all of them.” “Why, Madam?” “I just told you. Now jump to it….I am very tired and cannot wait forever.” “Yes madam.” The security guard stepped out and told me to go inside, “She certainly remembers you…not a very good disguise, I guess.” I patted his back lightly, “Don’t worry about it! Very soon you,along with some fellowmen, will also be needed there. I assure you. Thanks for all the help anyway. You guys have done a good job.” “Sir, If this was all that you needed help with, why Batıkent escort were you so hesitant to ask for it?” “You see, my friend, there is something called professional ethics. What we did and going to do is nowhere even close to it. It is very unethical, especially, in your profession. I hope that I won’t have to do something like this again…..it hurts.” “Don’t worry about the pain, your cure is waiting for you. All the best!” He shook my hand and I left for the room. I entered the room and seated on a chair was Madhuri Dixit, looking much sexier than any of her on-screen performances in any of her films. She had not changed her clothes, her jewellery was still on and of course, her 10000-watt smile was making night seem like day.”Welcome! I am extremely sorry I did not ask your name….” “Don’t worry, Madam… what’s in a name? It’s only a name, after all. I think what’s important is what you are rather than your name.” “Well said…errrr…..” “Don’t use names, please. Only You and I are here…. for now atleast.” “Well…. OK”. I thought she was ready to drop, after her performance on stage, and I spoke, “Do you remember………” “Yes, I do remember. If your stare- session is what you are referring to. I think I might enjoy it as well.” I thought, “I am sure you will enjoy it a lot, madam….you may not want me to stop……atleast I hope you do not ask me to stop.” “Now…….. tell me which part of my body do you want to stare at?” She asked in a soft, sexy voice. “I want to stare at your entire body piece-by-piece. I will ask you to show me parts of your body one at a time. Is that OK?” “Fine, absolutely fine. You can be my director for today…..no tantrums, no inhibitions and no area barred, etc….etc…I am totally in your hands today…..ask me to do as you wish” I said, “Close your eyes and don’t open them till I tell you.” “OK” I walked around her and then moved back to my place. “Open your eyes”. She opened her eyes and seemed rather disappointed at the lack of change around her. “Do you know what I did?” She thought for some time and replied, “Nope.” “I walked around you and checked you out.” Her reaction was that of being quite disappointed. “You disappoint me. I was hoping you would be a bit more proactive.” “Now close your eyes and don’t open them till I tell you.” “Fine” She closed her eyes and I began soaking in her beauty, her medium milk chocolate complexion(95-97% milk with balance of chocolate powder), her extremely striking eyes, her rounded- kite face, her adorable nose, lips which give her a soft, mild-as-a-dewdrop appearance and a nicely shaped rounded chin.

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