Waking You Up…


It’s early morning on a Sunday and we’re both not working today. I slowly wake up and gaze at you for a few seconds, you look so hot and sexy as you sleep.

I’m feeling very horny and I want something for breakfast mmm something wet, juicy, hot, intoxicating, succulent. I start stroking your inner thigh, very softly so as not to wake you, going gradually higher until I can feel the warmth of your sex. I trace an outline around your juicy lips ever so softly.

You murmur in your sleep: a sweet sexy sigh as I gently ease your pussy lips apart and start exploring your juicy honey pot; already nice and wet I see, just the way I like it baby. Now your body is beginning to respond to my touch but I don’t want to wake you yet; there’s a certain way I want to do that this morning.

I slide down under the covers and rest my head on your inner thigh right next to your pussy, breathing in her intoxicating scent. I gently and slowly lick from your hot wet opening, all the way up one side of your juicy wet lips ending by swirling my tongue around your awakening clit.

Now your hot sex is making lots of juicy love honey for me…mmm I take a long, luxurious lick, I love licking your hot pussy so much, I can’t get enough of her intoxicating wetness! I slide my Kazan Escort tongue gently inside your hot sex opening, enjoying the half-asleep sighs that are beginning to escape from your soft kissable lips.

Your legs fall open as you begin to awaken from your slumber and I thrust my tongue deep into your sex until my nose is rubbing against your clit; your hips begin to gently gyrate, grinding my face against your wetness as I slide my tongue in and out of you. Your clit is fully awake now even though you’re not and I begin pressing your hot love button as your sexy sighs grow louder. My face is now sticky with your love juices; I can’t get enough.

I slide two fingers deep inside your pussy and take your little pleasure pad into my mouth, sucking, licking, gently pulling at her with my lips; wow those hips are really rockin’ and rollin’ now and you spread your legs even wider. Suddenly, you grab my head and shove it so deeply into your hot juicy intoxicating wetness! Your juices are really flowing now; your wet pussy grinds against my face as your juices run down over the top of your thighs.

Baby, let me clean that up for you. I gyrate my fingers inside your hot love tunnel as I lick all the juices off your Keçiören Escort thighs, enjoying the hot sexy squelching sounds your hot pussy is making. I begin to eat your whole pussy out with sudden intensity as you tighten your thighs around my head pulling me even deeper into your ready and waiting sex…wow! As they say, if your mouth, nose, eyes, indeed your whole face isn’t saturated with pussy juice then you’re doing it wrong; my entire face is covered in your delicious sex juices.

Your body begins to tighten and you’re driving me wild – even as I do the same to you – with the gloriously sexy moans you’re making as your pussy begins to tighten, you can feel the orgasm building up inside you like an earthquake! I love it when you cum…cum for me, baby…yeah that’s it mmm come on honey…cum all over my face! Ohhhh!! The orgasm hits you like a tidal wave of sexual electricity that courses through your entire body. Your pussy and inner thighs are quivering like jelly; during this, my cock has grown insanely hard. He’s so big and thick for you and is getting very jealous of my tongue and fingers.

Just as you’re coming down from a leg shaking orgasm, I slide my hard raging cock deep inside your hot sex Kızılay Escort tunnel right up to the balls in one stroke and you almost cum again on the spot, oh yeah! I begin with long, deep slow strokes enjoying the sensations of your hot pussy lips wrapped around my ravenous cock!

Mmmm this feels so good, feeling your hot wetness embracing, kissing my cock, feeling every contour, every ridge inside your hot sex tunnel as I slide in and out of you, the bed rocking with the sheer intensity of our sex as I begin a mixture of deep luxurious and quick more shallow thrusts that drives you wild!

“Keep going baby! I’m cumming…I’m cumming…yes, YES…YEAAARRHHHHHGGGG!” Oh my God I’ve never heard a more sexy or raw or animalistic sound in my life! Wow! I begin to pound you harder and harder, the bed rocking even as we’re rocking each other’s world as your hands and your nails dig into my back. Your thighs tighten around me with a strength you’re not usually capable of and my cock is covered, immersed in your hot pussy honey…aaaaggghh…I explode like a volcano and earthquake all rolled into one as I shoot spurt after spurt after spurt of hot cum deep inside your juicy pussy…wow…that was amazing! Your pussy quivers around my cock, squeezing every last drop of hot love juice out of it even as yet another earth-shattering orgasm overwhelms your entire system…ohhhh wow! We gaze deeply into each other’s sexed up eyes, you have the dazed, spaced out expression of a woman in sexual ecstasy who has just had her brains fucked out.. Wow baby, what an amazing way to start the day!

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