Waiting For You Ch. 03


This is a continuation to “Waiting for You”. I had placed info on my profile at a popular adult website describing a fantasy I want to fulfill. I dream of a total stranger showing up to the hotel room where I would be waiting naked on the bed. All they had to do was have the courage to come to the hotel on the date listed, push the unsecured door open, and my body would be open for their sexual pleasure. The one to arrive was a shocking twist that I had not planned. I’m enjoying every single moment, so far.


“I want you to stick out your tongue. Keep it out and still. I’m going to fuck your tongue and face the way I want to. DO NOT MOVE!” you command me.

I stick my tongue out and keep it stiffly at attention. I want to please you in any way you want.

I can smell your cunt as it hovers over me. You have a very light musky scent. I breathe you in deeply. I want to remember every detail of you. My mouth begins to salivate, wanting to taste you so desperately.

Slowly, you lower yourself down onto my tongue. I slide slowly into your wet honey hole. Your juices slowly coat my tongue and I swallow you down. Holy fuck! You taste SO good! Without thinking, my hands reach back to touch you and my tongue starts moving in and out of your sweet cunt.

SLAP! You hand smacks my swollen pussy making me squeal.

“I told you not to move!” you tell me through gritted teeth.

Damn! That stung but felt SO good at the same time!

I immediately put my hands down to my sides. Haymana Escort I grab handfuls of the comforter to try and anchor them. My tongue stops, penetrating as deep as possible inside your hot snatch.


You start to slide back on my tongue, from your hole to your clit, swirling your clit around the tip of my tongue a few times and then back to penetrating yourself on me. Your hands knead my breast, then pinching and twisting my nipples.

God! I can’t help myself and my hips start undulating from the exquisite pain from your nipple torture.


You deliver 3 quick, hard slaps to my engorged clit.

My breathing speeds up, my eyes rolling back into my head. Jeez! I almost cum from punishment you delivered!

“Oh, I think you like that, don’t you?”

“Mmmhmm,” I reply. I don’t want to move my tongue and disappoint you.

You softly slide your fingers up and down between my slit as you start to move again on my tongue and face. This is such sweet torture!! My hands squeeze the blanket harder to try and keep them from touching you. Your pace begins to quicken and your pussy is pressing harder and harder on my tongue, lips, chin and nose. I’m covered completely in your juices and loving every minute of it. The feel of your pussy lips caressing my face as your move, saturating my face with your essence is mind blowing! Your fingers disappear and I feel empty until WHAM! you smack my İranlı Escort clit the hardest so far!

“Uuuuuh!” I gasp, not letting my tongue move, loving every drop of you nectar that drips down my throat.

Your start fucking my face harder. I hear your breathing quicken. I know that you’re getting closer to your own orgasm, and that makes my pussy clinch in anticipation. I want to please you so much! To hear you call out to me. To drink you down.

You grab my left nipple and pinch it HARD, you other hand starts slapping at my sensitive pussy in quick, short hard taps. Then your sliding all around my face, harder, faster. FUCK!! This is so hot! On and on it goes. I’m drenched by you, and I could drown happily with my face buried in your soft pussy.

Suddenly I hear you command “Suck on my clit! NOW!!”

Like a good little whore I am quick to oblige. I suck and flick my tongue onto your fat clit and suddenly you release my nipple, the blood rushing back to it causing the most exquisite pain. You pinch my clit between your thumb and index finger and start rubbing and twisting it. Your other hand goes down further and you plunge three fingers inside my aching cunt.

That’s my undoing. You yell out but I can’t understand your words. Your hands are working so hard on my pussy, pushing my orgasm higher and harder. I meet your fingers thrust for thrust, my pussy clamping down and milking your fingers hard. As my orgasm starts to subside, Karapürçek Escort I realize that I’ve neglected you. I immediately dive back into your yummy pussy, lapping and sucking you hard. I take a chance and slip two fingers inside your hot fuck hole. Damn! You are so tight and wet! I start tapping inside, then I finger fuck you in rapid motion. I hear your breathing gasping and quickening. I take that as a sign that you’re enjoying my fingers fucking your cunt.

“Oh, FUCK!! I’m cumming!!” you yell out to me.

I want to drink down every drop of your cum juices. I bury my tongue inside your sweet honey hole while my hand works on your clit, keeping your orgasm going. Damn! Your taste is just indescribable. Such a sweet and heady brew that I could drown in your happily.

Finally, after what feels like an eternity, you collapse down beside me on the bed. We just lay there panting. After we’ve regained our breath, you sit up, look down at me and the smile on your face is just the cherry on top of the sundae. You lean down and kiss me. Softly, then deeply, tongues wrestling over one another, ending with gentle pecks upon my lips.

You pull up your pants, readjusting yourself to go back into the public world.

There are no words said. We know that it was great for each of us but that this was just a one time thing. You put the chair back at the table and exit.

I lay there for some time with my eyes closed and a smile on my face while our encounter is replaying inside my mind.

I finally get up and go to the bathroom to relieve myself. I take a damp washcloth and with some regret, wash you off my face.

I exit the bathroom and go back into the bedroom and find him standing there. I did not hear the door open or anyone enter while I was preoccupied.

Hmm….round two begins.

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