Vintage Port School for Girls Ch. 03


Melvin stepped into the classroom slowly, not sure what to expect anymore. Erica Chambers closed the door behind them as a classroom of ten 18 year old girls looked up from their desks. Melvin actually wasn’t expecting something so normal and laughed inwardly at himself. The girls were sitting in matching uniforms which consisted of green and blue plaid skirts and white blouses. Many had pony-tails, which Melvin had always found extremely sexy for some reason.

The woman at the front of the class turned to greet them with a smile. She was a tall stunning auburn haired woman with light freckles over the bridge of her nose. She had piercing green eyes that peered at her visitors over her glasses and large full tits which were almost spilling out of her low cut top. They looked even more outstanding on account of her thin body, complete with long toned legs jutting out from a small, almost needless, black skirt. She extended a French manicure tipped hand towards Melvin who shook it.

“Hello. I’m Mrs. Spiner. Thank you for joining us,” she purred, still flashing her beautiful smile with her full pink lips. Melvin was definitely sporting another hard-on. He wasn’t sure if he should be surprised at this or not. As if to confirm his once-again throbbing cock, he felt Erica’s hand touch him lightly on his arm.

“Mrs. Spiner is our Inter-Student Relations teacher,” Erica told him.

Melvin looked from the gorgeous Mrs. Spiner to her classful of fantasy girls. Even the most unattractive of them could still be called beautiful. There were a few who Melvin would describe as spectacularly dazzling. One young girl was chewing slowly on the eraser of her pencil as she eyed Melvin’s crotch. Melvin tore his eyes away reluctantly and gave his attention back to Mrs. Spiner.

“Inter-Student Relations?” he asked, his mind still trying to come to terms with this school. When he opted to put funding into it, he certainly hadn’t expected anything like this.

Miss Chambers responded to Melvin’s question. “The students are partnered off at the beginning of the semester and are taught pleasurable ways of interaction throughout the semester. Mrs. Spiner has been with us for about five years now.”

If Melvin had been asked how long Mrs. Spiner had been teaching at Vintage Port, he wouldn’t have been able to answer. His mind was reeling as he realized exactly what this class was about. He could feel another surge Etimesgut Escort in his cock as his eyes roamed once again over the several young girls in the classroom.

“Mr. Scholfield?” Erica tapped Melvin on the shoulder, bringing him out of his trance. He turned quickly towards her.

“Yes?” he stammered.

“Mrs. Spiner offered to let us sit in on the class. Would you care to observe?”

Melvin thought he nodded, but couldn’t be sure. He followed Erica slowly to a set of empty chairs. Erica sat and crossed her long sultry legs and smiled at Melvin.

At the front of the class, Mrs. Spiner addressed the class. “So, I was just about to ask for a volunteer group to come before the class,” she said as she leaned back on her desk, her tan legs crossing at the ankle below her. “Who would like to come up?” She looked over the class at the raised hands. “Natalie and Jessica,” she decided finally and went to the side of the room as two of the girls jumped out of their seats giddily.

Melvin eyed them. Usually he might be a bit self-conscious about overtly staring at two girls their age, but here he felt not only comfortable but encouraged. One of the girls was somewhat short, maybe 5’4″, and had short brown hair with blond highlights that came down to her chin. She had an amazing tan and medium sized, round breasts. She went to a loveseat that Melvin hadn’t noticed at the front of the classroom and sat down as the other girl followed behind her. This girl was a couple inches taller and had long dark brown hair which she wore in a ponytail. Her breasts were small on her athletic body, but her ass was exquisite. She sat next to the other girl on the loveseat and they giggled as the little blonde leaned back, letting the brunette kiss her soft lips.

The two girls kissed each other softly for a bit, the brunette eventually taking the blondes breasts into her hand through her blouse. The little blonde moaned softly and they stopped kissing as the brunette undid the blonds blouse slowly. Melvin was pleased to see she wasn’t wearing a bra and her pink puffy nipples were already hard. The brunette smiled at the other girl as she squeezed her breasts and leaned down, taking one into her mouth.

The class was silent as they watched the two girls, the brunette sucking eagerly on the blonde’s nipple. The blonde’s eyes were closed as she began Etlik Escort moaning a little louder. She opened them and stroked the brunette’s ponytail as she watched her continue sucking her tits. The brunette girl lifted the blonde’s skirt by sliding her palm up her toned thigh. She took her mouth from her wet nipple and looked down at her shaved pussy. She ran her long fingers over the blonde’s pussy which sent shivers through the young girl laying back on the loveseat.

The brunette began stroking the blonde’s clit with the tip of her finger and the blonde whimpered softly. She continued her soft stroking of the girl’s swollen clit as she kissed down her tan stomach, licking around her bellybutton. By this time, Melvin noticed, the girl’s finger was deep in the other’s pussy, fingering her diligently. She kissed lower and lower until her pink tongue was resting on the other girl’s clit. She stuck her long wet finger into the blonde girls tight little pussy repeatedly as she sucked her clit between her lips.

The blonde let out a loud moan as the brunette massaged her clit between her full lips, still pounding her slit. The blonde grabbed the other girl’s ponytail, petting her hair as she enjoyed her tongue. Melvin reached a hand between his legs, sliding the heel of his palm over his raging erection and felt Erica Chambers’ hand on his. He turned to her and she mouthed Not yet.

He returned his attention to the two young girls in the front of the classroom. The blonde opened her brown eyes. “I want you too,” she whispered and the brunette stood, sliding her skirt down. This gave Melvin a perfect clear view of her amazing ass and he restrained the urge to pull his thick cock out and start stroking it to the arousing display before him. Had Erica Chambers not just stopped him he would have. Something told him no one would have minded. He glanced at Mrs. Spiner and saw her massaging her large rack absent-mindedly as she watched.

Looking back at the two young girls, he saw the blonde crawling on top of the brunette and lowering her pussy onto her lips. The brunette, Melvin saw, had a nice trimmed little bush of brown pubic hair which the blonde was caressing with a contorted look of pleasure over her face. The blonde leaned down and hooked her arms under the brunette’s thighs and spread them open as she began licking away at her trimmed pussy. Both young Eve Gelen Escort girls were moaning now as were a couple other girls in the class. Melvin turned and saw at least two masturbating eagerly with both their legs thrown up over their desks. He would have bet money most of the other less-exhibitionistic students were fingering their young pussies under their desks. Melvin shot another glance at Mrs. Spiner and saw her tweaking her nipples through her thin top. Finally he looked at the incomparable Miss Erica Chambers who sat calmly, but her nipples were straining against her thin red sweater.

It took all of Melvin’s willpower not to touch himself, but he resisted as he watched the two young students bring each other to orgasm. The blonde was almost screaming out loud as she bit her lower lip, her eyes squeezed shut as her fingers plunged in and out of the brunettes soaking wet pussy. The two girl’s bodies shook as they came. The blonde slipped her shiny wet fingers from the other’s pussy and tried to get her breath back.

Mrs. Spiner stood and smiled. “Very good, girls. Very nice. That was very enjoyable, wasn’t it class?” She looked at the other girls in the class who nodded weakly. One girl in the back was still rubbing herself and came as Melvin watched. He turned back to Mrs. Spiner who waited patiently. “Everyone done?” she asked. No one stated otherwise so she nodded and continued. Melvin looked at Erica.

“Masturbating is allowed anytime during class, except written exams or quizzes,” Erica whispered into Melvin’s ear. Hearing her say that sent another throb of desire through his body. Erica stood and Melvin followed, his slacks sporting a large obvious bulge. The students nearest to him stared lustfully at it, but Erica thanked Mrs. Spiner and the class and ushered Melvin out of the classroom.

She shut the door behind her quietly and looked at Melvin. “I’m sorry, but if I had let you remove your penis in the classroom, it could have been quite disruptive. Second years aren’t allowed to suck men outside of their own class yet. Only third years and up are allowed to go to The Depository. However, if you’re satisfied with our tour perhaps we could finish up at my office?”

Melvin couldn’t answer at first. He nodded, trying not to seem overly excited. The very thought of being alone with Erica Chambers could almost finish him right now. Erica smiled and turned to leave. She stopped in her tracks as a woman in a white lab coat ran up to her. “Miss Chambers!” the woman shouted, putting a hand to Erica’s shoulder.

“What is it?” Erica asked, her brow furrowed.

“There’s a problem in the lab… I think you should come as quickly as possible.”

Melvin felt his erection shrink slightly.

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