VY: A Beginning And An End – Chapter 11


Chapter 5: Mrs. Owens Meet Future Mrs. Owens“Good morning Mr. Owens. The time is 7:25 AM. You have two follow-up appointments today. Your first appointment with Ms. Daisy Labanche is at 9:00 AM. Time allotted with Ms. Daisy is four hours. Your second appointment today is with Ms. Bernadette Byrne in Family Building at 2:00 PM. Ms. Bernadette has allotted four hours for this appointment. Ms. Bernadette has made an extension time slot available from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM. Would you like to accept the extension?” Braedon tapped the Yes button on the smart mirror. “The weather today is cloudy and overcast, with a thirty percent chance of rain. Today is the twenty-third of your thirty-day processing.”Continuing with getting ready for the day, Braedon stripped down and stepped into the shower. As soon as he turned the corner on the glass partition, the shower head turned on and he was treated to a soothing waterfall of 93 ˚F water. He turned around to get the shampoo and began lathering a generous amount into his scalp. With his eyes closed, he didn’t immediately notice another presence until he felt another set of hands wrap around his waist and begin soaping up his chest. The hands were definitely feminine and continued to soap him up on his chest, sides and back, as he smelt the refreshing scent of the body wash as it was applied to his skin.Lower and lower the hands moved on his torso until they were at his hips. Then the hands proceeded to slide under his butt cheeks before grasping playfully on his butt. The hands continued to tease him as they cleansed his body. The hands let loose of his butt, and for a second or two, ceased their touch. Keeping his eyes closed to keep the soap out of his eyes, all he could do was use his sense of touch, which caused more pleasure as he felt the unknown woman who joined him start kissing him on the side of his neck. Then he felt their slender touch on his soft penis, but not for long as the hands began stroking his length, beckoning it to grow.Braedon had not forgotten that not just one, but three women, two of whom he knew for certain were at this site, had clearly demonstrated their sexual desire for him. So obviously, he couldn’t call out one of their names in the event it was the wrong woman, so he figured his best option was to scientifically determine who it was most likely to be. Granted, it wasn’t going to be easy if this woman kept getting him more and more excited this quickly. He tried to remember how tall the three women were… but they all seemed taller than the person behind him now. The only other person that would leave was…“Oh god! Savannah, I’ve missed you so much, babe! When did you get in?” Braedon cried, with genuine pleasure.“I got in about an hour ago, but it took about half that time to get checked in, get badged and find your room. Of course, when I walked in, I didn’t see anyone inside, but I did hear what sounded like the shower running. When I saw you soaping up on the other side of the glass wall, I couldn’t help myself. I got naked, walked quietly around the wall and well, we both know what I did next!”Braedon chuckled. “Heh! Yeah, I definitely didn’t expect to have my beautiful wife joining me in the shower when I got up this morning. Not that I’m complaining, mind you, so no need to stop.”Savannah grinned. “Mmmm… I bet you missed this the past three weeks!” With this comment, memories of the plane ride and the appointment with Bernadette yesterday caused Braedon to twitch. “Oh! You definitely missed my touch! Don’t get excited too quickly, though; you know how I like to feel you grow inside me.” Savannah coaxed her husband to turn around to face her by tugging on him and proceeded to lower herself to focus on her work.Wasting no time, Savannah took her husband in her mouth while she fondled his very heavy ball sack. She continued this until she was convinced that Braedon was at full length and slid his slippery cock from her mouth. For a moment, Braedon was confused about why she had stopped. To his delight, his confusion was brought to an end when he felt her once again take hold of his better lower half and guide it into another hot, slippery place.“Surprised?” asked Savannah. “I don’t intend to be anything but the first wife of your new marriage to carry your child! Now get to it, big shot, and fire your biggest load where it matters!”“Wait?! What did they tell you?” retorted Braedon.Savannah reassured him, “It’s okay, sweetie. I’ve had the last three weeks to talk with the agent about what was going on and to make preparations for our new life. If you want to keep our original marriage special, you can make sure I’m the first one to get pregnant Ankara escort as your new wife again. Now hurry up and pump me full of all those baby makers from that wonderfully heavy ball sack of yours!”Braedon showed visible relief. “Wow! Well, that’s a load off my chest. I’ve been so worried that you would be upset with me when you found out I was going to be forced by law to take on more wives and get them pregnant. Okay, let’s do this!”As he quickened his pace, Savannah began to notice that her husband was bottoming out on almost every thrust he made. Not only that, but unlike the other times, her vagina didn’t seem to be stretching enough to make it easy for him to slide in and out. In fact, it felt like he was continuing to get thicker and longer than he had ever been before, for as long as they had been together. How could that be possible, though?As he continued to quicken his pace and thrust harder into her, she started to become concerned that her knees were going to buckle under the vicious assault. Just when she thought she couldn’t take any more, she felt him go completely rigid and a tsunami of cum surged into her cervix.After recovering from the supreme amount of love that he spent, and that was now gushing from her lips, he pulled himself from his wife and gave her a deep kiss. “Great idea. I think we both needed that after almost a month,” he said.Scampering out of the shower quickly, Savannah called back, “Absolutely! I’m gonna go prop myself up on the bed and dry off while you finish your shower.” After rinsing his hair out, Braedon finished washing up and that’s when he knew for sure. He was getting longer than he had been for a long time. And not just a little longer but a lot longer! He had to be at least ten inches by now; actually it had to be more than that, with it being almost as long as his forearm. Well, whatever the cause was, he wasn’t complaining about the results, or the attention.Realizing suddenly that he’d been in the shower a lot longer than he originally had planned for, he checked his watch and saw that it was already 8:30 AM. “Crap! I’m gonna be late for the first appointment. No time for breakfast.” Braedon skipped shaving, threw on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt and kissed his wife goodbye. She told him she’d be heading out in a little while, but she’d be back out to see him next week when he finished up here. Running to his appointment with Daisy in the architecture office, he looked at his watch and saw he’d got five minutes before he’d be late.Rounding the corner distracted, he ran right into Daisy as she was returning from the bathroom near her office. In his surprise, he braced himself for the collision and inadvertently grazed her shawl, pulling it with him as he lunged forward and away from her. Literally coming to a screeching halt on the freshly waxed floor, he looked at his hand and saw the shawl. Except it wasn’t just the shawl he removed, and he saw what felt like a sequined shirt top. Looking up, he saw Daisy clutching at the shredded top, or what remained of it, to cover herself.This was quite futile, though, with her 33E breasts and proportionally sized areolas. Then something he didn’t expect happened. His father-in-law stepped out of the same door that Daisy had just come out of. That’s when Braedon noticed that there was a familiar sheen to the tops of her breasts, and he realized he wasn’t the only one getting special attention here.As Braedon went to remove his shirt to give Ms. Daisy something to cover up with, he glanced down and noticed some white liquid running down the inside of her thigh from under her navy-blue thigh-length skirt.“I am so sorry, Ms. Daisy! I didn’t see you come out of the bathroom,” Braedon said, apologetically.“It’s quite alright, Braedon. Have you met Damian?”“Oh, we already know each other. Braedon is my son-in-law,” volunteered Damian.“We were just discussing some details about the layout of Damian’s new house,” said Daisy.Braedon grinned. “In the bathroom? Oh, okay. Oh… Well, you might want to clean up before our appointment.”“What do you… Oh my goodness! It’s not what it looks like, well, I mean, it sort of is, but it’s completely how it seems. You see, Damian decided to approve of me as one of his wives and we were celebrating when I got the notice this morning. Oh jeez, is this embarrassing!”Damian put an arm around her shoulders. “It’s okay, Daisy. My son-in-law is a good man. He’ll keep this between just the three of us, won’t you, Braedon?”“Of course, Damian, I wouldn’t want to ruin your first time together as husband and wife,” Braedon confirmed.“In fact, Braedon, do you still Ankara escort bayan remember what we talked about when we were being driven to the plane?”“About the party stuff?”“Yeah, what do you say? Are you up for probably the one and only time in our lives we’ll ever have a chance for two males and one slut?”“What are you two talking about?” Daisy smirked.“Braedon, what do you say about having a little group fun?”“I don’t know, Damian…”“What, Daisy? Afraid you can’t handle two at the same time?”“I can handle anything you got. I think I proved that already!”“So then, what do you say, Braedon?”“I don’t know, Damian, I mean… You are my father-in-law and it is practically family. Plus, I’ve been faithful to Savannah the entire time we’ve been together. How would she react if she finds out? This will ruin her.”“Son, I’m going to give you a piece of advice here. Opportunities like this come once in a blue moon. And now with the government mandates in place, just forget about it altogether in the future. I am offering here a chance to experience the 1960s. If you don’t want to do it, can you at least do it for me? Son, this is one of those times when life will allow you one of those life-changing experiences that you will value for the rest of your life. If you pass up the opportunity right now, you may never have the chance to change your decision ever again. Also, this event will go with me to my grave. No one will know. Am I right, Daisy?””Absolutely, Damian. Sometimes you just have to take a leap.”“You really feel that this is one of my life-altering moments?”“I do! In fact, I am speaking from prior experience here.”“… Wait, I thought you said Beverly didn’t agree to the Key Party?”“She never did, but I didn’t say that I turned them down. I didn’t realize the ramifications at the time, but what I experienced that night was nothing short of a miracle. It wasn’t just about the sex, though I admit it was exciting, but it was also about appreciating every person you have a close relationship with, with equal and uncompetitive affection.”“What are you saying, exactly?”“I’m saying, son, that night opened my eyes, and it made me see the pain Beverly’s mom was going through, being divorced for most of Beverly’s life and now seeing her so happy with me. It was something she had never actually experienced in life for herself. Look, we don’t have all day here, and I’m pretty sure Daisy’s nervousness is going to make her change her mind if we don’t do this soon, so can we do this and we’ll talk more of this later?”“Okay… fine. I’ll do it.”“Come on, Braedon, let’s head inside for some privacy.”Damian pinched one of her butt cheeks, making her jump, causing her very large breasts to fly free.“Eeek! Hee hee hee!” Daisy shrieked as she ran into the office, with the two men following behind her at a brisk pace to her station. She pulled the curtain closed and leaned over towards Braedon. “You can do anything to me as long as you don’t go in my pussy, got it?” Daisy then leaned over her inflatable ball seat so that Damian could come in behind her and go back in her moist snatch, that was still dripping his juices from their bathroom escapade. At the same time, she reached out and yanked Braedon’s shorts down to his ankles and took his shower-fresh, soft cock in her mouth.She then turned on her station and brought up the plans for Braedon’s new house. She told him to thrust if he liked what he saw. Back in her mouth he went, Daisy sucking and using her tongue while Damian continued to shove his ram rod in and out of her hot box. She made progress slowly, designing a standard full feature bedroom complete with all the accessories to fulfill just about any demands from Braedon and his wives. As they continued, Daisy again noticed that Damian seemed to be getting very excited; she was hoping he would finish soon because all that pounding was getting her sore from hitting the back of her cervix.As if their minds were in sync, Damian suddenly went rigid and spewed a maelstrom of cum deep inside his new wife’s pussy, adding to the already large volume inside her from before. Not wanting the fun to end, Daisy pulled Braedon out of her mouth as well as her throat and asked if he wanted to try and switch with Damian so she could clean him off. Both men swapped sides and she opened her mouth as Damian shoved his deflating cock inside for the spit shine.Seconds later, Daisy felt Braedon rubbing his shaft in her pussy juices before sliding his entire length into her pussy. Daisy’s head whipped around with a shocked look on her face, and fire in her eyes, yet despite her best efforts, her words were Escort Ankara muffled with Damian in her mouth. Try as she might, she couldn’t move enough to get Braedon to slip out of her sopping, sloshy, wet pussy.What she wasn’t yet aware of was that as the two men had walked into the office after her, Damian had suggested to Braedon a Swedish bull ride. So, the more Daisy bucked against Braedon, the more he got excited, and consequently, the more he continued to grow.It wasn’t obvious to her at first, but when she lowered her head to brace herself to buck harder, what she saw both scared, and turned her on at the same time. Every time she felt Braedon bottom out in her cervix, she could still see at least a middle finger length of his cock outside of her vagina. “How frigging big is this guy?” she thought to herself and then it finally happened.All of a sudden, she felt him pulse, a rhythmic throb, and a warm rush as he went rigid inside her, a flood of cum ensuing from the high intensity of the taboo orgasm. This wasn’t just any normal ejaculation, though. Braedon was releasing jet after jet after jet inside her. He spewed so much cum inside her that, for the first time, she could feel the pressure building in her cervix.After jettisoning massively seven times in her, Braedon finally stopped, and when she used every ounce of strength she had left, she was able to buck him off of her. Seeing the action, and that his first new wife had succeeded in bucking him, finally pushed Damian over the edge, causing him to blast a mighty load down her throat, causing Daisy to gag.This resulted in Damian sliding out only enough to blast a second profuse spurt in her mouth, then a third, fourth, and a fifth before she coughed and pulled her mouth off of him. Damian wasn’t finished though and let off another three showers of cum on her face and giant breasts covering her thoroughly.After resting for a moment, Daisy lifted her head up and turned to look at Braedon angrily said, “I told you not to go into my pussy! What the fuck were you thinking?! What if I get pregnant with your child?”Then Damian spoke up. “Don’t you remember me asking if you’d like to ride the Swedish bull earlier?” to which Daisy replied that she did, but that she didn’t expect to do that so soon, let alone with her new son-in-law.“Also, I’m ovulating right now, and enrolling in the repopulation program; two of the agreements are no child from a male other than your husband and no abortions. Do you see the problem now?”Damian and Braedon finally realized the weight of the problem, and everyone went silent for a solid minute until Braedon spoke up, “Wait a sec, Bernadette told me that even if I approve a candidate for being my wife, she technically doesn’t get confirmed until the woman also approves the selection. So, did you confirm the selection of Damian yet?”Hesitating only a few seconds, Daisy’s eyes opened up wide and she admitted that in her excitement, she had forgotten to select ‘Confirm’ at the bottom of the approval email she received this morning. To top it off, she had never been told that it was forbidden to have sex with a male after clearing medical, but before marriage is confirmed.Finally regaining her composure, Daisy said, “So I guess we’ll just have to see which one of you is the lucky father of my first child. Now that we’ve had some fun though, I really need to focus on getting Braedon’s house designed, so let’s get dressed – and I’ll see you later, love!”Damian gave her a kiss and jokingly told them to behave as he headed to his next appointment. As both men’s cum continued to drip out of her flooded cunt, Daisy and Braedon got to work designing the remaining structural elements of his home. Shortly before his appointment end time, they finished up, and Daisy wished him the best and gave him a peck on the cheek. Before he got up to leave for his appointment with Bernadette, Daisy gathered a glob of the cum still dripping from her honeypot, put it up to her lips, and licked her finger clean with a big smile, “So satisfying.”When Braedon got to the Family Building office a few minutes later, he found the room mostly dark, with lights on only in a very small room in back. When he passed through the door to the office, his Nav band flashed green-green-green and the lights in the office all turned on. He then saw Bernadette peeked out from the back room, and waved at him. “I’ll be right with you, Braedon. I’m just checking my emails for today. We’ll meet at the same desk as yesterday and continue where we left off.” After another couple of minutes, she walked over to Braedon with her tablet in hand.“Hey, I didn’t realize until after I left yesterday that I never approved of you from my candidate pool,” Braedon apologized.“Oh, yeah, I was kind of bummed to not get an email from the system asking me to confirm my selection for me to become your second wife. That’s actually what I was looking for when you walked in, ha-ha!”

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