Under the Table


Some restaurants, posh ones especially have private dining rooms. They usually have just one table but are big enough to have a party of eight or so. My wife and me were invited to a private dining room at a French restaurant by a couple we know. I say ‘a couple we know’ because you couldn’t call them friends, not really. We’d met them at a few dinner parties.

I’m not even sure we liked them that much. They were swingers and tended to be boastful of their illicit adventures in inappropriate company. He was revolting to me and quite literally looked like an eighties porn star. Carl had a ponytail and well-groomed beard. I’ve never trusted men with well-groomed beards. His wife, Cherie, was hot, I guess, but hot in that over managed way. She had perfect nails and teeth. She was tall, slim and had a tan all year round. She had short over-styled hair with flicks and kicks. She had a good body, neat c cup tits and a tight arse. It was all too much though; she looked like one of those daytime TV presenters. She was too glossy and plasticky.

My wife and me would make fun out of them and their wife swapping stories. In truth I don’t think we believed them. As we were getting ready I asked my wife; “Why are we meeting these people again? We don’t like them do we?”

My wife was slipping on a satin dress that came down to her knees. It was not tight fitting, but stayed close enough to her body to show of her 34D tits and her wide hips.

“No we don’t, but it was hard to say no,” she said. “Plus I was curious.”

“Fancy a foursome?” I ventured.

“No, not at all, but I’d find it funny if they tried. Anyway there would be six of us, they’ve invited another couple who we don’t know.”

Despite her dismissive nature I couldn’t help notice that she was wearing her best black lace bra and panties, and was now putting on her most expensive perfume. She put on her highest black heels and we called a cab for the restaurant.

When we arrived we were shown to the private dining room. Cherie stood up to greet us, she looked startling, a short tight bright yellow dress, and high heeled sliver shoes. She looked almost comical, like some high-class hooker. Her lips were flame red, her teeth brilliant white. She wore too much make up.

My wife kissed her on each cheek. Carl remained seated with a shit-eating grin across his stupid beard face. The other couple smiled and said hello.

Sam was a plain, attractive man in his mid thirties he was holding his wife’s hand, which made me warm to them instantly. Betty was a short sexy woman, with generous curves. She had a pink jumper that was a little tight around her big tits. She had a pencil skirt that was too tight around her fat ass. She had curly red hair, and a pretty face. Perhaps as the shortest woman in the room it was logical that she should be wearing the highest heels, bright red patent leather with a sexy ankle strap. She was also the only woman wearing tights, although they could have been stockings at this point I couldn’t tell.

We sat down around the large round table. My wife sat next to me; next to her sat the sun tanned Cherie, and then Carl and Sam so that sexy Betty was on my other side.

The room was full of sexual tension. It was immediately obvious what Cherie and Carl’s intentions were. We had been foolish to deny the true reason why we had come. We were repulsed by their swinging life style, but intrigued at the same time. Subconsciously we must have known what might happen when we got here.

Despite the obvious nature of the evening, dinner started out normally enough. We ordered starters and main courses. The food was good; we talked about friends, family and jobs. Half way though the main course things started to get just a little weird when Betty placed her hand gently, but definitely on my cock.

This took me by surprise, but not as much as what happened next. I kicked my wife’s foot so she could see what was happening. When my wife saw this woman’s hand on her husbands cock and she went back to her food as if nothing untoward had happened. Betty took this as encouragement and started to massage my cock though my trousers into a lazy hard on.

“We meet Sam and Betty at swinging party,” said Carl.

“I guessed,” I replied.

“The first time we met was at an orgy at a big place out in the country,” Carl continued matter of factly. “The four of us went to a bedroom and me and Sam shared Betty.”

“You didn’t join in?” My wife asked Cherie.

“No I watched,” said Cherie. “Half the fun of what we do is seeing the joy it brings Carl. I love seeing him with other women.”

“I like sharing my wife,” said Sam. “and she loves to fuck other men with me there. We have only one condition and that’s that Betty must only take my cum.”

“It’s a stupid condition,” said Carl. “We took turns fucking Betty doggy style. Whilst one of us took her cunt, the other fucked her mouth.”

“When Betty was ready, she asked me to come inside her.” continued Sam. “Having cebeci escort seen my wife getting her face fucked by Carl, made me shoot hard into her. It was the biggest creampie I’d ever given her. My spunk was oozing out for ages afterwards.”

Betty said nothing but continued rubbing her hand against my crotch, she was eating her food with her other hand.

Cherie was laughing, “Carl was so frustrated, he had been fucking Betty, front and back for over an hour, but she wouldn’t let him come on or in her. I had to finish you off didn’t I babe? I had to let him come in my mouth or otherwise he would have exploded. I was sitting there on a chair fully clothed and he just walked over and emptied himself in my mouth, that’s all he could do!”

I looked to my right and noticed that to the other side of Betty, Sam had his cock out and was wanking himself slowly looking down at his wife’s hand rubbing my trousers. Betty still refused to give me eye contact.

Carl was also quite obviously playing with himself. “All this talk is making me hard,” said Carl. “I was wondering if anybody would like to crawl under the table and slip my cock into their mouth right now?”

Betty said nothing. Cherie said nothing. Carl was looking straight towards my beautiful wife. My heart was pounding hard and the stiffness left my cock a little. We weren’t this type of people. We were faithful to each other and always had been. I was horrified by what me wife might do. I looked at her unable to speak.

My wife didn’t react at all. She said nothing and didn’t look at me. She took her napkin and gently wiped the sides of her mouth. She put the napkin down and lowed herself down in her chair and disappeared under the table.

I was in despair; my head was swimming. Without a word of protest my wife was crawling under the table to give this cretin a blowjob. All he had done was ask, and my wife got on her knees for him.

Carl had a big grin on his face. He could see my distress and was looking straight towards me. Cherie was also smiling and said to me; “What do you think of that? Your wife is under the table right now, she wants my husband’s cock.”

Carl was looking down under his side of the table. “Here she is, that’s right slip it in, there you go, oh yes, that’s right take it in.”

My heart was still pounding hard, but the underlying eroticism of what was going on had not escaped me. A little stiffness returned to my cock, though I hated myself for it. The thought of my wife being unfaithful right in front of me was turning me on.

Betty responded to my obvious confusion. Still using just her one hand she unzipped my fly, rooted around my boxers and pulled out my now stiff cock. Nobody has ever wanked me quite the way Betty wanked me that night. She had extremely soft hands and gave long gentle strokes. She was so tender and it was so horny to have another woman’s hand wrapped around my cock. In seconds my cock was at its full length, standing straight up, almost poking over the top of the table.

Sam was watching us from the other side of Betty. If he turned to his left he would get an eyeful of my wife with her mouth full of cock. He was giving himself a slow rhythmic wank.

I was startled to see a waiter enter the room. Nobody, except me seemed to blink an eye at this. “Would you like me to clear the plates sir?”

From where he was standing he must have seen that Carl was getting sucked off.

“Yes please,” said Carl.

“And would you be wanting dessert?”

“I think we’ll be fine, just leave us with the wine.”

Three more waiters came in and quickly cleared away the table. Every now and then the table rocked as either my wife’s head or ass banged the table top from underneath. The table was clear and the waiters left us alone. I heard a satisfied, muffled moan from under the table. My wife was enjoying herself. My wife was behaving like a complete slut.

“How is that blowjob honey?” Cherie asked her husband.

“It’s great,” said Carl, I wanted to punch him. “She has a small mouth, my cock is filling her mouth. She’s looking up at me the whole time. Her eye’s are showing me how much she love’s to suck other mens’ cock. Every now and then she takes my cock out and licks the shaft.”

“Does your wife give good deep throat?” Cherie asked me.

Before I had time to answer Carl said; “Let me ask her. Sweetheart?” he was looking down at my wife. “Would you take me deep throat? That’s it. Take the whole length. Let me fuck your mouth.”

Carl was rocking forward in his chair, trying get his whole cock crammed down my wife’s throat. I heard my wife moan then I heard her cough and splutter. She had choked on his cock.

Cherie, looked down at her, “Was that cock too big for you sweety?”

Betty finally spoke up, “No, it can’t be. Her husband’s cock is much thicker and longer than your husband’s. She must have had a bigger cock than Carl’s in her mouth plenty çukurambar escort of times before.” It occurred to me later that apart from the initial hello, these were the only words that Betty would speak all night.

“I shall have to see for myself,” said Cherie, as she slipped under the table. I heard a giggle under the table, as Cherie must have must have met my wife. As I said before this woman, was initially unattractive to me. Too slim, too tanned, too…perfect. But seeing as my wife was sucking off this ugly oath and hadn’t even bothered to ask me if I minded, now I wanted nothing more than to get some revenge by slipping my cock into this slapper’s mouth. Before I knew it, Cherie’s face was between my knees. Her face was covered in make up, carefully applied, but too much. She smiled her big cock munching mouth and then opened wide. Betty took my cock and guided it into Cherie’s mouth. Cherie closed her bright red lips around my shaft. She shut her eyes and made the longest and most satisfied sound; “mmmmmmmmmm”

Betty continued to stroke the bottom half of my cock, whilst Cherie started to rock her head back and forth. She had her lips all over my helmet. She was leaving her sticky whore lipstick all over my cock.

Sometimes the wrong thing feels so right. Have you ever woken up and the middle of the night and found you’ve been having a sex dream about somebody at your work that you don’t like? That’s what this was like, the very fact that I couldn’t stand this woman made me horny as hell, and at that moment I wanted nothing more than to fuck her hard and quick up the ass.

Cherie took my cock from Betty now. She had my cock in her hand, she was digging her long red nails in, taking my cock in and out of her mouth, licking and slurping. She was the complete opposite to Betty, she rough and cruel with my cock. She craved cock like a greedy slut. She was hurting me but I loved it.

I looked over at Carl, he was rocking in his chair, still fucking my wife’s mouth. I heard more moans from my wife. I was really enjoying this now and my previous fears were gone. I was completely turned on by my wife sucking this guy’s cock and I loved that his whore wife, was taking my huge shaft in and out of her huge slutty mouth.

Carl closed his eyes and let out a little sigh. I heard my wife let out a long stifled moan as the whole table shook.

Carl looked straight at me and said, “I’m terribly sorry, I appear to have come in your wife’s mouth.” The sick feeling returned to my stomach. What were we doing? How had I allowed this to happen? I felt sick, ashamed and jealous. Cherie took the whole length of my cock in her mouth, I became harder and longer than ever before. I wanted to take revenge. I wanted to fuck Carl’s wife, I wanted to fuck her mouth and her cunt. I wanted to fuck her tight asshole. I wanted to fuck it hard, and quick and I want him to see it.

Carl, looked down at my wife’s face. “Oh sweetie, you have cum on your chin.” From where I was sitting I couldn’t see. I had to imagine my wife’s face with another man’s spunk around her mouth.

I looked to my right. Betty had pulled her tight black skirt up high around her ass. She WAS wearing stockings; lovely, black, silky stockings with thin suspender belts. She was easing some skimpy lace panties down her curvy thighs. She got her legs apart. She was showing me her neatly trimmed red bush. She had a pretty, plump pussy. She took my hand and guided it down to her slit. I ran my fingers up and down her wet crease, and slipped in a finger. It went in easily.

Sam was just happy to watch his wife, jerking his cock all the while.

My wife reappeared from under the table. She was breathless. Her dress was pulled to one side her bra-strap was showing. Her hair was a mess. Her lipstick was smeared and she globs of thick white spunk all around her mouth and chin. Some of it was forming into droplet, hanging there, about to fall onto her satin dress.

She looked at me with guilt and shame all over her face but she knew it was too late for either of us to turn back now. She looked at me long and hard, with her fuck me eyes and scooped some cum off her chin and ate it off of her fingers.

I was trying to finger Betty tenderly, as she had me, but it was hard with me trying to fuck Cherie’s face so hard. Eventually I gave up and took my hand away from Betty’s snatch. I took both hands to the back of Cherie’s head, so that I could ram my cock down her throat and start to get a really good fucking motion.

Betty didn’t mind. She pushed her chair back a little and put her heels up the table. Her sexy four-inch red stilettos were wide apart; her snatch was there for all to see. Carl’s head appeared between her legs from under the table. He started to lap at her cunt with his tongue.

Betty pulled her tight pink jumper over her huge tits. She really did have massive boobs. They were barely contained by an ill-fitting black demetevler escort lace bra. She put them out of her misery, by unhooking the clasp and letting her sexy bangers swing free.

Even with my wife present I had to say that this, curvy, big-titted red head was the sexiest woman in the room. She sat there with her stocking clad legs up high on the table being eaten out furiously by Carl. Sam made the vision complete by standing up and sliding his long cock into her mouth. She took it gladly. I didn’t want to be left out; I wanted some Betty too. With Cherie still deep-throating me hard, I lent over and put my mouth around Betty’s left tit. Once again, I wanted to be tender towards the beautiful silent Betty, but I could help myself. Before long I was just trying to cram as much of that gorgeous tit in my mouth as possible.

Betty had all the attention; she had Carl with his tongue in her cunt. She had her husband’s shaft in her mouth and she had me licking, biting and kissing her tits. I had this horrible, high-heeled bitch on her knees, coughing and choking on my cock meat. My lovely wife was sitting a little away from the table. She still had cum over her face, but now she had pulled up her satin dress and had her hand inside her black lace panties.

Cherie finally withdrew from my cock, a line of spit still connecting her bottom lip to my helmet. I took my head away from Betty’s boobs.

“You are so rough!” she said, screwing her eyes a little. “Would you like to fuck me that rough?”

She retreated under the table and turned around. She bought her ass towards me on all fours. I couldn’t see her face anymore and that suited me fine. Her yellow dress was so short that it barely covered her ass. I pulled the tight dress up over her cheeks. She wasn’t wearing any panties. She had an all over tan. Her ass was smooth, round and brown. She pushed up her ass so I could see her crack. Her pussy was freshly shaven.

I look at my wife. She had taken her arms out of her satin dress and pulled it down to her waste. She had unhooked her bra, and her 34D tits were hanging free. She had a hand in her panties; she was fucking her cunt with her fingers. How many fingers did she have up there? Three? Four? My wife didn’t take her eyes away from me; she just nodded. She was saying, go on fuck her, do what you want, fuck another woman right here in front of me.

I guided my swollen bell end towards Cherie’s slit. The lips of her pussy were twitching, I teased her, just brushing my cock against her cunt, barely touching. Cherie moaned and tried to move her ass and cunt back towards me. We both knew my cock was bigger than her husbands, we both knew she wanted something larger than she was used to.

I looked at her husband. He had got Betty’s legs up high and was working his tongue back to her ass hole.

Sam had dropped his trousers and was fucking beautiful Betty’s mouth.

Betty now had both her hands on her tits. She was pinching her nipples hard.

My wife had had enough of her skimpy panties and was pulling them down her long legs.

I pushed my helmet in between Cherie’s pussy lips. Her cunt was warm and wet.

Cherie gasped; “Give me your cock, don’t tease me!”

Carl was running his tongue around Betty’s rim. His hands were pulling her fat ass cheeks wide apart.

Betty had her high heels up in the air. Her stockinged legs were stretched as high and wide as she could manage.

Sam took his cock out of Betty’s mouth and slapped it around her face.

My wife kicked of her panties but kept on her black high heels. She sat back down and bought her knees up high and wide, stretching her pussy for me to see.

I pulled my helmet out of Cherie’s slit. I pulled her ass cheeks aside with my hands. She had a tight little brown ass hole.

Cherie cried out; “Fuck me, bastard!”

Carl massaged Betty’s cheeks and slipped the end of his tongue into Betty’s puckered asshole.

Sam put his cock back into Betty’s mouth.

Betty played even more roughly with her tits.

My wife stuck two fingers up her snatch.

I moved my cock around to Cherie’s ass.

Cherie’s pussy juice glistened on the end of my cock.

Cherie reached round behind her and grabbed my cock; she tried to guide it back towards her pussy.

Carl pushed his tongue further into Betty’s ass hole.

Betty’s ass-hole twitched and grew wider.

Sam pushed all of his cock into Betty’s mouth.

My wife had three fingers in her gaping cunt. She pulled her legs up higher. She moved her other hand to her cheeks. She pulled her ass cheeks apart.

From I was I could the ass-holes open ass-holes of three hot women.

I pulled Cherie’s hand away from my cock and moved it back to her ass-hole. I pushed the helmet so it kissed her rim.

Cherie had the smallest ass-hole. Betty had the biggest. Betty took her hands away from her tits and helped Carl by spreading her ass cheeks wide for him.

Carl had his stupid beard face buried deep in Betty’s ass crack. He ran his hands up and down Betty’s stockings.

Sam fucked Betty’s mouth, in and out, in and out.

I wanted to fuck Betty’s mouth. I wanted to fuck Betty’s tits. I wanted to fuck Betty’s stretched ass-hole. I wanted both men to fuck my wife. I wanted to fill Cherie’s tight ass-hole up with spunk.

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