Unexpected Weekend


Karen and I are a normal couple, live in a small western town. We both work and keep a small ranch. Have the horses and a few other farm animals that we enjoy working with. Between working, ranch duties, we don’t have a lot of time to ourselves. When we are able to escape, we like to go out for dinner, a movie or just go down to the local bar and have a few drinks and spend time with friends. Our sex life has always been pretty normal and vanilla

On one of these occasions is where the story begins.

We finished our week early Friday afternoon. We decided to go out for dinner and hit the bar for a few drinks. Karen is 28, 5,-2″, 115 lbs, blond with a beautiful set of pert breasts, with large nipples. A very sexy woman, I am Rob, 5′-10″ and in shape from being a building contractor. I am hung average about 8″

We both dressed casually, being it was a hot desert night. Karen was wearing jeans and a tank top, and as she likes to do, braless. She gets turned on when the men watch her walk with a bounce that makes her breasts jiggle. I love the way she looks and acts. I, as well love the looks she gets. It is a great turn on for me.

We went to dinner and then off to the bar. It was a Friday night and the place was pretty full. As usual full of cowboys and farm hands out getting crazy. We found a place at the bar and ordered drinks. Cherry a cute little Thai girl about twenty-three, was tending bar and her bar back was her cousin Kyo. Who was just as cute and sexy. Both were small framed, petite, long black hair.

Wasn’t long before a few of our friends came in, and we grabbed a table. About 10pm the band set up. And the dancing got started. A couple of the cowboys we knew came over and asked Karen to dance and after a couple of drinks her inhibitions were slipping away. Out on the dance floor she was getting a lot of attention which she was enjoying. Karen came back to the table for a break; she was a little concerned that I might be getting upset. I told her not a chance of that happening when she was having fun. Told her to go for it and enjoy. Little did I know where this night was going to lead us?

A girl friend of Karen’s came in. Beverly is a really nice person, but a total lesbian domme. They have worked together for several years. Bev has tried and continues to try and hit on Karen. Karen has told Bev that she is not into woman on woman. And they remained good friends, but that doesn’t stop Beverly from hoping.

A couple of cowboys who work the rodeo’s come over to the table and joined us. Dale, who is about 6′-6″, and 250 pounds ripped, and his sidekick Jessie who is Spanish about the same size as me 5′-10″, 200 pounds.

Karen came back from the dance floor and crawled up between Dale and Bev. I sat back and chuckled, this ought to be interesting. Bev cooing in her ear, and Dale telling her how great her tits looked in the tank-top. Jessie sat just mesmerized and quiet.

A few more drinks and it was closing time, and the bar started to empty out, except for our table. The two Thai girls locked the doors and cleaned up the bar and joined us for a drink. Everybody was still ready to keep the party going. Karen caught me completely off guard when she suggested we all go to our home. I did not object as this was really turning into a memorable night. The group packed up some liquor and away we went. I had been drinking sparingly as I was to drive home. On the ride home Karen’s hands were all over my cock. This had my mind wandering on what was to come later on.

We all arrived safely. Karen turned on the music and the girls got the drinks flowing. Now at home I could join the party in earnest.

The two Thai girls got loose and started dancing together, and Bev flirting with all three girls. Dale and Karen were dancing to a slow song. I am watching Dales hands slip lower and lower on to Karen’s ass. The lower his hands went the harder she pushed her breasts into him. I knew that she was getting aroused watched with fascination, wondering how far she would go. Bev broke into the girls dance and was dancing a slow song with Cherry. Bev’s hands were roaming all over Cherry’s body. Cherry was responding to her touch. Kyo and I started dancing, and she really felt good in my arms. Kyo breasts burning holes in my chest. The song ended and I looked over Kyo’s head. Bev had Cherry in a full kiss. It continued for a long time, with all of us watching.

We all sat down and did a couple more drinks. Karen was sitting next to me and her hands were all over me. Kissing on my ear, whispering in a not so quiet a whisper that she was Horney and ready to get laid. I said to her, we had other people here. Said there are two other men here. Knowing that Bev could take care of the girls needs. Then she surprised the crap out of me, said she would do all three of us men.

I looked around the room. Dale and Jessie busy talking. Bev and the two girls were talking, kissing and fondly each other. Then I surprised the crap out of myself.

I asked the question to the group “who wants to get laid?”

I got a resounding reply from all there “I do” This even included Jessie who had been very quiet all night.

Karen jumped up clapping her hands, probably didn’t think I would go for it. She came down and gave me a hot hungry kiss. All the time trying to get my pants open. I leaned back and gave her access to what she wanted. She couldn’t wait dikmen escort to get me into her mouth. I made her stop for a moment to allow me to remove my shoes and pants, then put her on her knees in front of me. Karen gobbled up my cock like she had been deprived of it. She sucked me balls deep into her throat pumping like mad. I put my hands in her hair to slow her down as I did not want to unload in her mouth.

I looked around and Dale and Jessie were naked with stiff dicks. Dale was hung about 10″ and very thick with a massive cock head, Jessie about 8″ and thick. Bev had Cherries top off and sucking on her nipples, Kyo trying to get Beverly’s tits out. Karen was the only one still fully dressed, but that didn’t last for long.

Dale walked over, his cock swaying with each step. Lifted Karen by the hips to her feet, her mouth never left my cock. Dale slid her pants down and started to fondle her ass and pussy. Karen’s body was starting to quiver and twitch. Jessie reached under and pulled her tank-top up to expose her tits. Grabbed a nipple in each hand and rolled them around. Karen was starting to go crazy with three sets of hands on her and a cock in her mouth.

Karen was dripping wet, moaning. I stood her up. Jessie took the top from her and planted his mouth on her nipples. I pulled her down and entered her from behind. Dale sank to his knees and started licking her clit. Jessie now had his cock in her mouth and was pumping it deep in her throat. I looked up and Beverly and the girls were naked and standing close, A girl standing on each side of Beverly who had a hand in each of their pussies, watching Karen ascending the mountain to her climax.

Cherry leaned down and took one of Karen’s nipples into her mouth, Kyo on the other and that was the action that sent her over the top. Karen started squirting and caught Dale off guard. His face and chest covered in her ejaculation. When she squirted it pushed me over the top and I blew a massive load into her. Jessie moaned and shot his load down her throat. Karen being the good girl she is, didn’t lose a drop.

Karen, quivering and spend sunk back into me to recover. I was as well spend and put my arms around her, One hand slowly massaging her clit and the other her breasts. My cock still buried in her pussy.

Jessie with a great smile on his face retreated to a chair still stroking his soft cock. Dale stood up and grabbed Cherry by the hair and put her mouth on his massive cock. She had a startled look on her face as he buried it full length into her throat. She started gagging and Dale held her there for a moment and then pulled back for her to breath. He pushed in again till she gagged. Dale began a steady pumping into her face. As Cherry became accustomed to the feeling she was becoming aroused and her bottom started rotating. Bev seeing this ordered Kyo on her back and to slide up to allow Cherry to sit on her face. Kyo started to resist and a look at Beverly changed her mind. She went willingly to the task given her. It didn’t take long and Kyo was devouring Cherry’s pussy with a fever. Beverly spread Kyo’s legs rubbing her clit and inserting fingers into her pussy. I realized that the two girls were both very submissive, which sent my mind into overdrive.

Karen and I both becoming aroused again watching the girls being used. I looked over at Jessie and he was stroking his cock to an almost erect condition again. He smiled at us and got up. Walked up behind Bev who was on hands and knees working Kyo’s pussy. Bev’s breasts were swaying with each movement. Not sure if he knew Beverly was a les. I said to Karen this will be interesting. Jessie started rubbing Bev’s ass crack down to include her pussy and clit. Bev flinched when he touched her, but didn’t resist. Jessie inserted his fingers into her pussy and started licking her rosebud. The more and harder he licked the more feverish she attacked Kyo’s pussy.

What an erotic scene to watch happen in front of Karen and I. My cock was growing again and Karen’s body was becoming hot to the touch and squirming around in my lap. Knowing she was getting aroused again as well.

Jessie rose up on his knees and placed his fully erect cock head at the opening to Bev’s pussy. Her body tensed as if to resist him. He slowly pushed his cock head inside her. She had a look on her face as if this can’t be happening. Jessie continued to push in until he was buried completely balls deep. Bev did not move. Her large breasts were hanging, with her mouth open in disbelief, not making a sound. Jessie started slowly pumping into her pussy. The look on her face changed from shock to a look of contentment. She was getting turned on as you could clearly see her juices starting to flow. It didn’t take long and she was responding to the cock deep inside her pushing back to get more. I think Bev’s attitude just changed from confirmed lesbian to bi-sexual. Time will tell.

Kyo came out from under Cherry and came to sit with Karen and I. Karen put her arm around her and pulled her close to her. Kyo smiling nuzzled up to Karen. Karen’s right nipple inches from her lips. She had that look that she wanted to kiss and suck on her nipple. Karen was totally entranced on what the others were doing didn’t pay much attention to Kyo. Kyo gave me a look asking for permission to attach herself to Karen’s breast. I nodded her my consent, emek escort she smiled and turned to the nipple. I was not sure if Karen would accept or push her away. When Kyo’s lips sealed upon her nipple Karen shivered and pulled her closer. This was the signal of acceptance and Kyo’s hands started tracing a line to Karen’s mound. Karen never took her eyes off of the others. Karen’s legs opened slightly and Kyo slipped a finger onto her clit. Karen jumped at this touch and legs opened to allow complete access to Kyo’s fingers.

I eased myself out from under Karen to allow them space. I moved to another chair. Not knowing how far this would go.

Dale had turned Cherry over and was pumping deep into her. I was a bit surprised that the tiny girl could take all of him in her. She was into it. Moaning and raising to meet every thrust.

Jessie had Bev on her back, legs high and filling her full of cock at a rapid pace. She was moaning, whimpering and meeting his every thrust.

I returned my attention back to the sofa. I, being the odd man out at this time decided to enjoy the show.

Karen and Kyo had slid down to a prone position. Karen was on her back, with Kyo on top of her. They were in the middle of a passionate kiss, with Kyo knee pushing on Karen’s pussy. I was completely entranced watching my wife with another girl. Had always wondered about what it would be like for her. She had always told me when Bev would hit on her, and told me, that she just wasn’t into it. Hopefully now her horizons had been widened for the future.

My thought, was interrupted by a scream from the floor as Bev was going wild when her climax hit her and Jessie filled her with cum. Dale and Cherry were also at that point. Dale had her on top impaled on his cock. She threw her head back, mouth open with no sound, as she cum along with Dale pumping load after load into her belly.

All four of them rolled over and collapsed on the floor in a state of ecstasy. After a few moments they sat up and were watching the girls on the sofa. Kyo had moved down and had Karen’s pussy well on it ways to another climax. Her tongue was cleaning the last visages of my load from within Karen’s pussy.

At this point Bev, being a true Domme ordered Cherry to lick Dale’s shaft clean and when done to do the same to Jessie. When finished with them Bev laid back, spread her legs and had Cherry clean her pussy of cum. Not sure at what point the cleaning was complete and when Bev started climbing the arousal mountain again.

The three of us men just sat back and watched the girls satisfying each other.

When Karen and Bev both got off from their lickings, I suggested it was really late and we should all get some sleep. Dale and Cherry headed to one of the rooms. Bev got up and grabbed Jessie by the hand and told him to get moving. And much to our surprise, he rose and followed her into another room. That left Karen, Kyo and I. I got up and took each by the hand and led them into our room. We jumped into the bed, Karen on one side, Kyo on the other. I had an arm around each girl. Each gave me a kiss and snuggled in for the night. I spent a few moments pondering the outcome of what this night had brought me. I had one of the best night’s sleeps I have ever had.

Saturday Morning

I awoke to the sun streaming into the bedroom. The aroma of fresh coffee brewing, and beacon filling the air. Karen and Kyo were up and in the kitchen. I got out of the bed, pulled on a pair of jeans. I was famished after last night. I headed for the origin of the aroma.

Entering the kitchen, I found Karen and the two Thai girls preparing breakfast. All were in a very upbeat happy mood. Karen and Cherry adorned in one of Karen’s robes, and Kyo wearing one of my T-shirts. All three looked fabulous al-natural, with no make-up.

Cherry poured me a cup of coffee and I settled in to enjoy watching them work together. It surprised me that they all blended together so well. I ask if they had seen the others this fine morning. Was told Dale left by himself, and that Bev departed with Jessie in toe. Which surprised me. Jessie never gave me the impression that he was in the least bit submissive. But if it works for them, I am happy to have helped them get together.

The four of us enjoyed our breakfast. I made comment how great it was to be served by three beautiful women. A man could get use to this. The two Thai girls gave me a big smile and lowered their eyes. Karen came over to me and gave me a big kiss. She said to me, that I wouldn’t know how to handle three women. Replied not be too sure about that. I laid a crisp slap across her bottom. She jumped in surprise and grinned wildly at me. The two girls had a look of apprehension as I did this.

I left the girls to clean up. I went to feed the livestock. I was throwing hay to the horses when Kyo came up to me. She asked me if I would like some help. With a positive answer she was right next to me. She looked very sexy still wearing my T-shirt. As she tossed the hay the shirt conformed closely to her body. She had great breasts, small with long protruding nipples. She was very petite. Watching her gave my cock a twinge. When we had completed feeding, I thanked her for the help. She put her arms around me and replied that she liked to help, Sir. I, took her face in both hands and gave her a kiss. eryaman escort She quivered and pressed harder against me. My cock sprang to full erection. She smiled at me. I told her to run for the house, before I attacked her there. She giggled and ran for the house. I finished my chores and wandered toward the house. Thinking as I did, last night was incredible. What would today bring? I said to hell with it, go for it how- ever it turns out. I didn’t know where Karen’s head was, as we had no time to talk yet. But at the moment, I was living the dream. Maybe I could soon to be their Dom. Karen being on the submissive side as well.

When I entered the house, only Cherry was there. I ask about the other two. She told me Karen had just finished her shower. Kyo was getting into it next. We started talking. I was curious if they had ever done anything like last night before. Her answer caught me off guard. She replied that yes they had, and no they had not. About that time Karen walked into the kitchen, and wow did she look good. Her hair wrapped in a towel. She had short shorts and no top. Her breasts were in their full glory. She climbed onto a bar stool, Cherry’s eyes ogled her, then glanced my way and lowered her eyes.

I ask her to continue with what she was telling me. She said that yes they had, but had been forced to participate. This got my curiosity going. I asked if she would continue, or if she wished to keep it to herself. She looked at Karen, then at me and said she would tell us. I then said that she had said yes and no. Before she started her story please answer the no part. She looked at Karen, her eyes wandering over her breasts. She answered that last night was the first time; she and Kyo had done anything of their own free wills. She said that they had always liked us. Both thought we were sexy.

About this time Kyo entered the kitchen and sat down with us. A quizzical look was on her face. She asks what we were talking about. I answered about last night and their past. She looked at each of us, and lowered her eyes. With a slight frightened look. Karen got up and pulled her into a hug and gave her a light kiss. Cherry then continued she story.

They had been raised in a traditional Asian family home. Both families lived together in the same house. There were three other children besides for them, two younger sisters and one older brother. Her father and uncle were very strict. At times they felt like slaves to them. She and Kyo had always been very close almost like twins. They had covered each other’s back all their lives. They had slept together, bathed together, and worked together. Growing up they were familiar with each other’s bodies, as they grew into young women. They experienced each other as the joys of women hood came to them.

At school they had been allowed to attend a couple parties. At one of the all girl parties, the older girls forced them to strip. They were instructed to touch each other’s bodies. Having done this at home, it was not new. But what was new was being forced to. Both girls said they were scared, as well as turned on by others watching them. The other girls then stripped and made them go down on each.

At another party were both boys and girls. Some of the girls had been at the previous party. They were drinking. As the night went on the girls started telling the boys what had happened at the other party. The two girls tried to leave. The others wouldn’t allow that. Again they were forced to strip and go down on each other. But this time the boys took over, forcing, the girls to suck their cocks. Something they had never done before. And they were gangbanged by the group. This was their first experience with male fucking and cum.

I excused myself to take a shower. Told Cherry she could go after me. She replied, yes Sir. As I was leaving the room Karen told Cherry to go with me, as the shower was large enough for two. Not sure if I had heard her right, I turned and looked at Karen. She smiled at me and again told Cherry to go. Cherry obediently followed me into the bathroom. I stripped and stepped into the shower, Cherry did the same. It took about thirty seconds and I had a raging hard on. Cherry stepped forward and gave me a hug, looking up, thanked me for allowing her to join me. I tilted her head back, wiped the wet hair from her face and gave her a kiss. She responded by pressing her rock hard nipples into me. The water was hot, but her nipples were even hotter, felt like they were burning holes in my chest. After the kiss, she pulled away from me and then said she would bath me. Being only a mortal man, I told her yes she could. She grabbed the soap and began. She gave me a fantastic bath, from top to bottom. When she was finished, she dropped to her knees and took my cock into her mouth. Sucking my cock completely balls deep into her throat. It didn’t take long and I shot my load into her mouth. As I was now spent, I pulled her up and started to bath her. I turned her back to me, pulled her close. My hands were on her breasts, massaging and pinching her nipples. She quivering and pressing harder against me. My hand slid down her belly and on to her Mons. I slid a finger between her lips and started to gently rub her. Her clit jumped out of its hood. My other hand slid down her back and over her ass cheeks. I run my fingers over and around her rose bud, she jumped. I had one hand on her clit and the other on her ass. I moved a bit lower and inserted a finger into her rosebud. Her knees buckled and I grabbed her to keep her from falling over. I kept my fingers going working her clit and ass. She moaning and hanging on to me, with arms around my neck. She let out a gasp and reached her climax. I held her close until she was able to move again.

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