Two Sluts For Me


I was cuddling on the couch with my girlfriend, Lisa, when the front door to the apartment burst open. It was a typical Saturday night, and Lisa and I had been watching a movie while her roommate, Jackie, had gone out partying. Just like every other Saturday night, Jackie had come home drunk and unable to keep the noise down as she entered the apartment.

Most of these nights, Jackie would simply poke her head in to say hi and then retire to her bedroom, leaving Lisa and I alone. We would wait until then to start fooling around, turned on knowing that someone else was in the apartment as we fucked in the front room, but secure in the fact that Jackie would be passed out cold and there was almost no chance that we would be caught.

Lisa and I had been seeing each other for a few months at this point, although the basis for our relationship was almost entirely sexual. She was an athletic brunette, with a tight, toned body, a heart-shaped ass and B-cup breasts. She loved sex just as much as I do, which made for some very hot encounters. She enjoyed both giving and receiving oral, as well as getting fucked hard and fast.

Just like every other Saturday, Jackie kicked off her shoes at the front door and then poked her head around the corner to say goodnight. Unfortunately I was unable to see what she was wearing, although I knew it would be something that would emphasize her abnormally large breasts. Being a guy, I’m not very good at estimating cup sizes, but I was sure that Jackie’s were at least a double-D and that they were one hundred percent natural. I never told Lisa, but there were many times that I fantasized about fucking Jackie’s giant tits. The rest of her body was nice as well, having a bit more fat on her body than Lisa. Her long blonde hair framed her face beautifully and made me wonder why she never seemed to have a boyfriend, or even a one-night stand for that matter.

My hands were all over Lisa’s body within moments of Jackie shutting herself into her bedroom. She turned to face me as we kissed passionately, rapidly tearing off each other’s clothes. As soon as we were both naked I pushed Lisa back farther onto the couch and spread her legs. I leaned down and began licking her pussy and clit, making her moan and squirm underneath me.

“Fuck yes baby!” she said. “Taste those juices! I’m so fucking wet for you!”

“Your pussy tastes so good!” I said to her. I started to finger her pussy as I sucked on her clit.

“I want that fucking cock so bad!” she moaned. I continued to eat her out for a few more minutes before pulling away. I sat on the couch beside her and pulled her head down towards my cock. She opened up wide and started to suck on the first half of my cock as she stroked the base of the shaft.

“That feels so fucking good, Lisa!” I said, holding her hair out of the way so I could watch.

“Just make sure you don’t cum yet,” she said. “I want you to save it.” I started thrusting up into her mouth, something she knew that I loved to do. I wasn’t exactly fucking her mouth, but I was certainly taking control of the depth and rhythm.

“Suck that dick, baby!” I said. I let her work me over for a few more minutes and then pulled her away. I had her lie on the couch on her side as I straddled her bottom leg. I pushed her other leg up towards her chest as I put my cock between her pussy lips. We both looked each other in the eyes and then I shoved my cock into her, penetrating her deeply on the first thrust. I began fucking her hard without any build-up, just as she liked it.

“Stretch my fucking beşevler escort pussy out baby!” she said.

“Fuck yes Lisa!” I said. “Take my fucking cock!”

“Your dick is so fucking big!” she gasped.

It was at that point that we heard the moan. It hadn’t come from either of us, so we both looked up to see that Jackie had emerged from her room and was now watching us. She was wearing a camisole and a pair of flannel pants, through which she was gently rubbing her pussy. I stopped thrusting, but I stayed inside of Lisa.

“I always wondered how big his dick was,” Jackie said to Lisa as we all stared at each other.

“Jackie!” Lisa said. “What are you doing?”

“I think it’s pretty obvious what she’s doing,” I said with a smile.

“You two look so hot together,” Jackie said. “I didn’t think you’d mind if I watched.” Nobody mentioned the fact that Lisa and I were still completely naked and that my cock was still buried inside her. Neither of us had even made an effort to cover ourselves.

“You could have at least asked first!” Lisa said.

“I’m sorry,” Jackie said. “Can I watch you two fuck?” Lisa looked up at me to answer. All of a sudden I had a wicked thought.

“You really want to watch me fuck your friend?” I asked Jackie.

“Fuck yeah!”

“Then go get your video camera,” I said. I knew that Jackie had just taken a trip to Europe and had taken her parents’ video camera along to record some of the sights.

“You must be joking!” Lisa said.

“It’ll be so fucking hot,” I said to her as Jackie left the room to grab the camera. I slowly pushed my cock in and out of Lisa’s pussy as we waited. A couple of minutes later Jackie had returned with the camera.

“I don’t suppose I could join in on the fun?” Jackie asked.

“Are you asking me if you can fuck my boyfriend?” Lisa replied.

“Only if you’re okay with it,” she said.

“What do you think, babe?” I said. “Can I fuck your roommate?” I punctuated my question by ramming my cock into her hard.

“Yeah Lisa,” Jackie said. “Can he fuck me with his big cock?” I slammed her hard a couple of more times.

“Do you really want to fuck him?” Lisa asked.

“Do you really think I’d be standing here if I didn’t want his cock inside me?” Jackie countered.

“Give Mike the camera,” Lisa said after thinking for a moment. “If we’re both going to fuck him, I want to make sure we get it all on tape.”

I pulled out of Lisa’s pussy and took the camera from Jackie. As I sat back on the couch and turned it on, Jackie quickly took off her clothes and knelt down in front of me, signaling for Lisa to join her. I was finally able to see her magnificent tits as I reached out and pulled her head down. Lisa watched as her friend opened her mouth and started to suck my cock, cleaning off Lisa’s juices. As Jackie began to suck, Lisa started to lick my balls at the same time.

“Your girlfriend’s a sexy slut, isn’t she?” Jackie said to me between sucks as she watched Lisa suck on my balls.

“This is so fucking hot!” Lisa said. “I feel so fucking naughty!” I continued to record everything, hopeful that I would get to keep a copy of the tape.

“I can taste your pussy on here,” Jackie said to Lisa. “It makes me want to fuck him even more!”

“He’s going to make us both cum so hard!” Lisa said. “I’ve never acted like such a slut before!” She traded with Jackie and began to suck my cock. “I love this fucking dick! He’s going to fuck you so good!” The girls büyükesat escort started to alternate back and forth, one of them sucking my balls while the other one worked the shaft.

“Fuck my cock with your tits!” I said to Jackie a few minutes later. She smiled and then wrapped her tits around my cock, making it disappear, then she began sliding them up and down the length of it.

“Does that feel good baby?” Lisa asked. “Your cock fits in there so perfectly!”

“Do you like my tits, Mike?” Jackie asked. “I bet you’ve always wanted to stick your dick between them!” The next thing I knew Jackie was up on the couch and had pulled me to the floor in front of her. She put her legs up on my shoulders and then guided my cock to her pussy. I handed the camera over to Lisa and then rammed my dick into Jackie’s pussy hard. I started to fuck her, making her moan in ecstasy.

“Take that cock, Jackie!” I said to her. “I’m so fucking hard for you!” As I fucked her hard she reached down to rub her clit.

“Make me your other slut baby!” Jackie cried.

“Your pussy is so fucking wet!” I said. “My dick is fucking throbbing inside you!”

“Oh my god baby!” she cried a couple of minutes later. “I’m cumming already! Take my pussy baby!” As soon as Jackie was done cumming Lisa pushed me away from her. She handed the camera to her and then got on her hands and knees on the floor beside me. I turned to face her and then rammed my cock into her from behind.

“I love your fucking pussy baby!” I said to Lisa as I pounded into her. “It feels so fucking good!”

“You’ve got such a big cock!” she cried. Ever since we first slept together she loved to tell me how big my cock was, although I’m sure it was mostly because she knew any guy would love to hear it. “I fucking love your dick!” She reached back and started to rub her clit. “Doesn’t he have the best cock?” she asked, turning to Jackie. “I love how it stretches out my pussy!”

“I’m amazed it fits in either of us!” Jackie added. “We must have pretty deep pussies!”

“God, this feels fucking good!” Lisa cried. “I’m fucking cumming baby!” I rammed my cock in deep and then kept it there as her orgasm came and went. “Fucking slam me baby! Make me your fucking slut!” Up until that night she had never used the word slut to describe herself, but all it did was make me want her more.

“Take that fucking pussy, Mike!” Jackie said. “Stretch it out with that big dick!”

“Yes!” Lisa screamed. “My pussy is so wet for you!” She came again a couple of minutes later and then Jackie pulled me away.

“I want to ride that fat cock,” she said. She pulled me back up onto the couch as she passed the camera back to Lisa. She stood and turned away from me, then lowered her pussy onto my cock and began to ride it.

“You are so fucking sexy!” I said to her. “Give me that fucking pussy!” She started rubbing her clit as I began squeezing her tits hard.

“I’m such a dirty whore!” she said as she rode me. It wasn’t long before she came again and climbed off of me. She knelt down between my legs and then Lisa passed me the camera so she could join her. The two girls began sucking my cock once again, cleaning Jackie’s juices off of it. “You’re such a fucking slut!” Jackie said to Lisa. “Suck on that big dick!”

“My dick is so fucking hard for you girls!” I said.

“I can taste Jackie’s pussy,” Lisa said to me. “I love this fucking cock!”

“Then keep sucking it, slut!” I said. They kept sucking it slowly and çankaya escort methodically before Lisa got up onto the couch and reclined herself.

“Put that dick in my pussy and fuck me hard!” she said. I passed the camera to Jackie and then slammed my cock into Lisa’s cunt.

“Take that fucking dick, Lisa!” Jackie said.

“You heard your friend!” I said. “Take that cock, you sexy bitch!” As I pounded into her I reached down and fingered her clit.

“She’s such a dirty slut!” Jackie said.

“Fuck this feels good!” I said. I started to get a bit rough with her, smacking her tits and even her face a little bit. I had never really roughed her up before, but she seemed to love it. Less than a minute later she was cumming hard. I pulled out of her pussy and grabbed the camera from Jackie, handing it to her. I put Jackie on her hands and knees, her big tits hanging down below her, and then shoved my cock into her pussy.

“Feels good, doesn’t it bitch?” Lisa said to her friend.

“Holy shit!” Jackie cried a few minutes later. “I’m fucking cumming! I’m such a horny slut!” I pulled out of Jackie’s pussy and took the camera from Lisa before standing up.

“Why don’t you girls suck me off some more?” I asked. They both knelt in front of me and devoured my cock, moaning as they sucked it. “Taste those pussy juices, bitch!” I said to Lisa. “You look so fucking sexy sharing my cock like that!” They sucked it for a couple of minutes before Jackie looked up at me.

“Why don’t you fuck her against the wall?” she said with a smile. Lisa always loved it when I would pick her up and fuck her against a wall, which made me wonder if she had told Jackie that we would do that quite often. I pulled Lisa to her feet and then led her to a bare patch on the wall, where I picked her up and lowered her pussy onto my cock, having passed the camera off to Jackie.

“That feels so fucking good!” I said. “Your pussy is so fucking wet!”

“Take that fucking cock, Lisa!” Jackie said. “Give her that big dick, Mike!”

I was starting to get rougher with Lisa, biting her nipples and slamming her back into the wall.

“Fuck her dirty little cunt, baby!” Jackie said to me. “Stretch it right out!”

“Oh god, I’m fucking cumming!” Lisa said. “Take my fucking cunt!” I pulled out of Lisa’s pussy and set her down on the floor. “Why don’t I hold the camera while you suck his cock some more?” she said to Jackie. Jackie smiled and knelt down, taking my cock into her mouth once again. She sucked it for a couple of minutes and then pulled away.

“I need you to fuck me hard!” she said. I brought her back to the couch and had her lie on her side as I rammed my dick back into her and began fucking her hard. She started rubbing her clit and it only took a few moments before she was cumming. Her orgasm came and went as I continued to pound her as hard as I could.

“Take that fucking cock, you little whore!” I said to her. “You’re such a filthy cum slut!”

“Yes baby!” she cried. “Make me your fucking whore! Oh my fucking god! I’m cumming again!”

My own orgasm was approaching and Lisa was quick to spot the signs.

“Cum in her fucking mouth!” she said. I pulled out of Jackie’s pussy and then knelt beside her, feeding her my cock.

“Fill my mouth up baby!” she said, taking her mouth off of it for just a moment. Seconds later I was shooting a big load into her mouth and she was swallowing every last drop. It took a minute for all of my cum to be drained before I pulled away and then sat on the couch. None of us said a word as Lisa turned off the camera.

“That was fucking amazing!” I said, my body exhausted.

“Lisa thought you might like that,” Jackie said with a smile. I looked up at my girlfriend, realizing that I had been set up.

“You two girls are so fucking dirty!” I said as Lisa sat down on my lap.

“Yes we are,” she said, giving me a big kiss.

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