Twenty-Four Hours after Prom


I looked in the mirror of the hotel bathroom and I hardly recognized myself. I went to prom with a boy I met three weeks ago, as a virgin in every sense of the word. Eighteen and mostly just kissed, but not much else. That was only a day ago, but it felt like a lifetime. Since then, I’d given my first blowjob, swallowed, lost my virginity in both my pussy and butt, and had two cocks in me at the same time. As I turned and checked out the back of my ensemble, I wondered what I was thinking when I said “yes” to this.

My prom date’s older brother was all fuck and no talk. When it comes to sex, he takes it seriously. And rightfully so. He’s good. Very good.

I had my suspicions that he might be among the group of guys my best friend’s older sister enjoyed on a regular basis.

Sherry’s older sister, Trish, was in her mid-twenties, married, no kids, and was what I would later learn was a “Hot Wife.” At least, I think that’s what she was. Her husband let her have sex with other guys. He actually encouraged it, according to Sherry. He usually participated, but not always. Trish had been like that during her first two years of college, and then, even after she got married. According to Sherry, Trish and her husband had a little black book of at least twenty names to choose from, and it wasn’t uncommon for them to either party at their house or rent a hotel room one or two nights a week. Despite the frequency of their sexual escapades, hardly anyone knew about their lifestyle. They seemed to hide it in plain sight. Not even Sherry’s mom and dad suspected anything.

As is turned out, my date’s older brother, Mike, was one of the names in the little black book. And, Mike was the one that got Vincent the hotel room for prom night.

Mike was planning on keeping the room for Trish, her husband, and three or four other guys. Vincent, my prom date, had no idea that was Mike’s plan. He knew Mike hung out with a wild crowd once in awhile, and even heard Mike talk about Trish and her husband without naming names, but he didn’t know this same hotel room was going to be the meeting place for their next party.

Not that I’m complaining, but it was pretty unexpected getting fucked by two guys instead of just heavy oral sex with just one – which was what I kept envisioning on the dance floor during prom.

Imagine my surprise when there was a knock on the door and Mike let in two more guys, not even giving me a chance to cover up. I tried to pull the covers over me and Vincent, anyway, and shot Mike a “What the fuck?!?!” look. One of them was carrying what looked like a stack of 10 more hotel towels.

Mike introduced everyone, probably using fake names, and then I learned that Trish and her husband were on their way.

“Well, what are we supposed to do?” I asked Vincent.

“Stick around, if you want,” Mike answered. “Plenty of dick to go around, if you’re interested. And Trish said she doesn’t mind sharing.”

“You told her I was here?” I asked.

“Yeah, when I told her you went to prom with my little brother, she remembered you,” Mike answered. “She said you were cute a few years ago, and could only imagine how you turned out. I told her you turned out pretty fucking hot. I said you were getting quite the education, trying out all sorts of new things. I think she’d let you lick her pussy – before and after she’s been fucked – if you’re into that sort of thing.”

Was I into that sort of thing? I didn’t know. But, I was curious. I had done so much already, why stop now?

“I don’t know about all that,” I said. “But, do you think it’d be okay just to watch?”

“Ask her, yourself,” Mike answered. “She’ll be here in a few minutes. Oh, and don’t bother getting dressed. I think she’s bringing something for you to try on.”

The two newcomers sat on the couch in the living room area of the hotel suite, talking between themselves and occasionally looking in my direction. Vincent grabbed his underwear and headed to the bathroom to piss and then take a shower. I put my head back and wondered if I should get dressed, anyway. I decided to grab the terry cloth robe and join Vincent in the bathroom.

“Should we go?” I asked Vincent as he tapped the last drops of piss from his cock.

“Only if you want to,” he said. “You can stay. I don’t mind, but I’m not sticking around. You can give me a call when you’re ready to go home.”

“Why don’t you want to stay?” I asked.

“Not my thing,” he answered. “I’ve only fucked a few girls, and you’re definitely at the top, but I’m not into sharing. That stuff with Mike… if you like it, that’s fine, but I’m not into sharing the way he is. I’d prefer to have you all to myself.”

I kissed him sweetly, and then joined him in the shower.

We soaped each other up, more than we needed to, and it felt very relaxing. I rinsed and then sucked his cock one more time, worshiping his manhood until he rewarded me with a mouthful of come.

“You really like swallowing, huh?” he asked while looking down at escort izmir me.

I looked up at him without taking him out of my mouth and nodded, yes.

I sucked once more, then stood up and hugged him.

“You really taste incredible,” I said barely loud enough for him to hear. “I love sucking your cock, Vincent.”

He leaned down and kissed me, then stepped out of the shower, dried himself off, and got dressed. I followed a few seconds later, but instead of putting on my bikini, t-shirt, and shorts, I just put on the bathrobe.

“So, you’re staying?” Vincent asked.

“Yeah, I think so.” I answered.

“Okay…” Vincent said. “Try not to have too much fun, okay?”

What do you say to that? I just smiled, followed him out of the bathroom, and sat on a chair next to the couch. One of the newcomers, Ben, noticed my feet and legs before looking up to my face. The other guy, Jeff, looked as if he was wondering if I was naked under the bathrobe. I adjusted my position, putting one leg under my butt, and briefly satisfied his curiosity.

Vincent said something to Mike, handed him his hotel room key card, opened the door, and walked out. When the door clicked shut, it finally hit me that Vincent wasn’t sticking around. He said he would, earlier, when I asked him. But, he left, anyway.

Definitely not boyfriend material.

Ben looked to be in his late 30’s, dark hair, dark eyes, heavy build but not fat. Stocky. Like a bouncer or gym coach. He really had a thing for my legs. At first, his staring kinda creeped me out, but when I thought of him kissing my feet and calves the way Mike had, it started to turn me on.

Jeff reminded me of a real-life version of Shaggy from Scoobie Doo. He was tall, lanky, a mess of blond hair that went every which way, and a matching goatee. He didn’t look much older than me.

“You guys do this a lot?” I asked, breaking the silence.

Ben shrugged his shoulders.

“This is my third time this month,” Jeff answered proudly.

“We don’t really talk about it,” Mike interrupted. “It’s a good thing that everyone involved enjoys, so we’d rather not ruin it. You know… enjoy it when you can, while you can.”

I nodded, realizing a line had been drawn. I’d already crossed so many lines in the past day that I ignored this one, too.

“So, how did you meet Trish?” I asked, leaning forward slightly and letting the bathrobe open enough to show one small boob and erect nipple.

“In a bar,” Jeff was quick to answer. “Same way most of us meet her. She goes to a bar with her hubby, she flirts a little, and then after her husband talks to the guy, if he’s okay, she has sex with him. If he’s really good, she has her hubby talk to him a little more, and if the guy doesn’t mind taking turns, or smashing pumpkins with another guy, he goes in the book.”

“Are you really good?” I asked, letting my robe open a little more. I was enjoying Jeff’s enthusiasm.

“Maybe you’ll find out some day,” Jeff answered with a big smile and a wink.

His goofiness was growing on me. Innocent, playful, and probably a big dick. I can see why Trish liked him.

Ben put his phone away, and decided to go back to undressing me with his eyes again.

“You like my feet, Ben?” I asked.

“They’re pretty. Nice legs, too. I bet you have a nice butt,” he added.

I stood up, stepped between his legs, turned around while pulling up my robe around my waist, they bent over.

“Well?” I asked. “Is it nice?”

“Fuck, yeah,” Ben said, quietly.

“Hey, save it for Trish, will ya’?” Mike interrupted. “She’ll get hers, later.”

I wasn’t sure what he meant by that.

I let my robe back down, and sat back in the chair just as Trish and her husband walked through the door. She was dressed in what looked like business clothes, as if she was going to a marketing convention or showing a house as a realtor trying to seal the deal. Dressed for success. Her husband looked equally business-like. Cute guy. Older than I would have imagined, but cute.

Trish was hot. Think Gal Gadot, but with boobs. They weren’t really big boobs – maybe 34C – but they looked good. She immediately gave hugs and kisses to Mike, Ben, and then Jeff. Then she looked at me and slowly let a devilish smile take over her face.

“Mags, look at how grown up you are!” Trish said with a sexy tone in her voice.

“You look awesome, Trish!” I replied, getting up to hug her.

She pulled me into a hug, and then, unexpectedly, a kiss. A deep kiss. Her right hand opened my robe and she reached down and eased two fingers into my pussy, the whole time letting her tongue explore my mouth. Just as quickly, she pulled away and put her fingers in her mouth.

“Mmmm,” Trish said, as if savoring the taste of my sex. I was wet just talking to the guys, but I must have opened the flood gates when she kissed me. “Mike, I hope you saved some of that come for me.”

Wow. She knew the taste of each guy’s come? I supposed that was possible, with izmir escort bayan practice.

“Mike tells me you’ve been getting an education in fucking, recently,” Trish said while slowly unbuttoning her blouse. No bra. Pierced nipples.

“Um,” I struggled. “Yeah, and sucking.”

“And swallowing?” Trish asked.

“Yeah,” I said with a pause. “Vincent tasted good. Not what I was expecting.”

“I think Vincent was on a diet that Mike recommended, and which I recommended to Mike,” Trish answered, handing her blouse to her husband. She reached back and undid her skirt. She stepped out of her heals, bringing down to only a foot taller than me, and then let her skirt fall to her ankles. No panties. No pubic hair. And she smelled good.

“How do you feel about girls, Mags?” Trish asked.

“I don’t know,” I answered. “I haven’t really thought about that. I guess it would depend on the girl.”

“Think about it, now,” Trish whispered as she stepped closer to me. “Think about the girl being me.”

I’m pretty sure I wasn’t dreaming.

I had only watched a few lesbian videos on Trish’s younger brother’s computer. But, those videos managed to put thoughts in my head, even if only momentary. I could definitely see myself kissing, fondling, rubbing, and licking another girl if she was pretty enough. Sexy enough. Not Jenny, although she was very pretty. Not Sherry, even though she knew how to act slutty even if she wasn’t. But Trish, definitely.

I was shaking and not even realizing it. She guided me to the bed while taking off my robe.

I fell back on the bed first and look past Trish as she pushed me back further while joining me.

“Are you going to let them watch?” I asked, nodding at the four men now standing about five feet from the bed, undressing.

Trish nodded. “They’ll join us, later, if you’d like. Or, you can wait and have them all to yourself.”

“Shouldn’t we close the curtains?” I asked, Trish’s mouth inches from my pussy.

“Not at all…” Trish purred. “Some men think… fat, skinny, it’s all the same in the dark. Not this girl. I want them to see what they’re fucking. And I want to see what’s fucking me.”

And then her mouth was on me.

I’m not sure if I enjoyed Vincent’s technique because it was a new experience, or because he seemed like he knew what he was doing. I’d later find out that he was just tracing the letters of the alphabet around my clit. The letters L, M, N, and O happen to be my favorites.

Trish, however, had pussy licking down to a science.

She used her tongue, mouth, teeth, and eventually fingers on my sex in ways that not only curled my toes, but made me feel drunk. I orgasmed in less than five minutes.

The crawled up my body, kissing me all the way to my mouth, where our tongues intertwined again. My fingers found her pussy, and my whole body went warm when I felt her wetness.

She was as turned on as I was.

The taste of my sex on her lips was amazing. She was an incredible kisser. I wondered if I would ever kiss well enough to weaken someone’s knees.

I brought my wet fingers to my mouth, and tasted her wetness. Different than me, but still good. I could acquire a taste for her the way I acquired a taste for Vincent’s come.

“I want to go down on you,” I blurted.

“I know you do, Mags,” Trish answered. “But, wait until after. I’ll taste even better.”

“After?” I asked.

“I’m about to get fucked, and fucked hard in a few minutes. I thought about sharing them with you while they fucked me, but I think it’ll be a better experience if you have them all to yourself,” Trish motioned for me to turn around. “Maybe we’ll get fucked together some other time, but for now, I brought something for you to put on. You don’t have to put it on right away. They usually fuck me for at least an hour the first time. But when they’re finished, I’d like you to wear it while going down on me.”

Weird things happen all the time in life. I was realizing that sometimes, it’s just best to roll with it. I wasn’t sure what kind of freaky cosplay outfit Trish had picked out for me, but I barely gave it another thought as I moved off the bed and the four guys moved closer.

Her husband was handsome. Average in every way, otherwise, including his manhood which was modest, but attractive.

Mike stood with a swelling dick in his hand, stroking it slowly. He glanced at me and shot me a grin.

Ben’s cock was like the rest of him. Big. Stocky. Almost no variation in girth from the base to the head. If it was blue and shiny, it could have been mistaken for a can of Redbull, but bigger.

Jeff… now Jeff was a freak of nature. If he was a caveman, his manhood could have been his club. I never knew a penis could look like that. The girth at the base was about the size of my wrist, but as it extended toward the head, it was as wide as my forearm. Maybe wider. The head, though, tapered in a small helmet. It hung down almost to his knee. It looked weird, but my izmir escortlar pussy was getting wet thinking what half of that would feel like inside me.

Trish’s husband was the first inside her. He crawled on the bed and slid between her legs to make love to her missionary style. She kissed him like she had kissed me, and he came within two or three minutes. It was a short, but sweet thing to see. He immediately stepped off the bed, and turned to Mike, who quickly took his place.

She didn’t kiss Mike, and Mike didn’t make love to her. He fucked her.

Trish’s husband nodded to Ben and Jeff, and they took positions on either side of her, kneeling on the bed so she could reach each bouncing cock with her hands.

Mike fucked her hard, changing positions every few minutes. It reminded me of a naked game of Twister. Ben was next, and was not nearly as creative. He was followed by Jeff, who opted to lay on his back and let Trish get on top of him and set her own depth and pace.

As she finally came on Jeff’s cock, she leaned forward, showing off the shiny plug in her butt.

Ben moved in behind her, pulled out the butt plug and handed it to Trish’s husband.

Ben’s cock didn’t look real.

It stood perfectly erect and straight in front of him. With the barest amount of saliva, he easily slid into Trish’s butt hole. There was fart noise, and then another, followed by little grunts by Trish. Then, she settled in and began fucking herself onto both cocks. Her husband and Mike took up positions on either side of Jeff’s shoulders, and I watched in amazement as she alternated between one cock and the other in her mouth, while maintaining her rhythm on the two inside her.

Ben came after only a few minutes, and switched places with Trish’s husband.

Trish’s husband came even quicker, and switched places with Mike.

I wasn’t sure what was freaking me out more: watching Trish suck on two cocks that had just been in her butt, or watching Mike’s big dick work it’s way up her ass.

Mike was not a fast comer, and apparently, neither was Jeff. They maintained their erections for at least 15 more minutes until Trish started to shake and fart on their cocks.

I didn’t even realize how hard I had been rubbing my pussy until I started coming at the same time with her.

Trish’s leg muscles flexed for several seconds, and then relaxed as Mike withdrew from her stretched anus. Her butt hole stayed open for a few seconds, tried to wink closed, and then opened again.

She slid up and off of Jeff’s semi-erect manhood, come literally pouring from her open pussy. Jeff, still smiling his boyish grin, slid out from under Trish, and motioned for me to get on the bed next to her.

Jeff went into the bathroom and turned on the shower.

I took of my bathrobe and put a knee on the edge of the bed.

“Lay down.” Trish directed.

I did as I was told. She had me turn so my head was at the foot of the bed, and then straddled me. She didn’t put her full weight on my stomach, but instead had me place my arms at my side so she could pin those down with her shins. She then moved forward, walking on her knees until her pussy was directly over my mouth. I moved a little from the edge of the bed as she lowered her sex on my mouth.

She moved her legs, freeing my arms, and my hands came up to caress her firm butt. I licked her sex eagerly and she grabbed a handful of my hair and smashed my mouth against her. The angle forced my mouth open, more, and come began to fill my mouth.

There was nowhere to spit, so I reluctantly swallowed the mix of semen until she let go of my hair.

Satisfied with my attempts to lick her pussy, she half stepped off of me, only to turn around and bury her face between my legs. I held her hips and tried pulling her down onto me into a 69 position. She stopped and moved back, angling her beautiful butt above my face.

I wasn’t sure what was going to happen, until her butt hole dilated and a drop of come fell out onto my chin.

Was she really going to make me eat the come out of her ass? Two more drops landing on my lips, followed by lowering herself completely onto my face told me, yes. It was so weird, yet so kinky, I just went with it, letting my tongue lick around the open rim of her butt hole until another glob of come came out. I was hoping none of this was going to make me sick, but so far, it was just come.

Eventually, she stopped, turned back around to face me, kissed me, and then went to the bathroom to join Jeff in the shower. Nobody said anything to me. Not even Mike.

Jeff and Trish came out a few minutes later, cleaned up with towels around them, and then it was Mike’s turn. He cleaned up, put on a towel, and then Ben took his shower. Last to clean up was Trish’s husband, but when he came out, he started putting his clothes back on.

“Mags, I’d like to thank you for a very nice afternoon,” Trish said as she took off her towel and started to get dressed. “That was fun, wasn’t it?”

“Yeah, a little weird. But, fun,” I replied.

“Butt fun is right,” Trish giggled. “I normally try to get laid for a few hours when we have these little parties, but I think I’ll hand things over to you, if you’d like.”

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