Christine’s Peril Pt. 03


Gadi sat Christine on a bar stool and ordered the drinks. Her short dress covered very little and the deep V cut showed much of her breasts. Mohamed and Kasib chatted

with her casually and told her how Gadi had been at school with them and was always considered the brawn, although he was actually pretty smart. He just had the build of a rugby fullback.

Christine was thinking that if things were different she would have liked the look of Gadi anyway, despite his young age. She sipped another drink.

It was not the biggest bar, and sat in a corner surrounded by the three lads, Christine was vulnerable to their roaming hands. Gadi in particular was keen to explore as he was yet to fuck the housewife hooker and like his mates, he had a thing for what they called, real women. Not centrefolds, but proper attainable women, like Christine.

Gadi moved in beside Chris as she returned from the bathroom, and soon had his back to the bar and his left hand high on her inner thigh, soon working two fingers inside her and finger fucking her. Chris lent against the wall for support, only a very slight angle. She sighed in reasonable contentment when Gadi’s thumb began work on her clit.

It was dark in the corner. The bar staff seldom bothered them unless called. Gadi removed his hand and moved between Mohamed and Chris to stand behind her. A swift cupping and stroking of her left breast with his right hand and Gadi bent down to whisper in her ear.

“Move back on the stool, get your cunt off the edge, I am going to fuck you.”

“What, here? Don’t be crazy, we’ll be seen, people have already eyed us up because I’m with three men half my age. You’re mad.”

“I am also going to fuck you, now move.”

She moved. Her gut was spinning and she was now too nervous to argue, not wanting to draw more attention. She felt a warm presence at her entrance. It pushed gently upward until it was against the opening, and rubbed back and forth to gain moisture,

The look on Christine’s face highly entertained Mohamed and Kasib, she was in a complete spin. Gadi pushed up a little harder and got his helmet inside. He moved it back until it was half out and pushed it back in several times. It was driving Christine crazy, she wanted now to be fucked.

One slow inevitable push and Christine had the whole length of the cock inside her, in the corner of a room full of people. She had to drink to help keep quiet, her nipples were never harder and she was fully aware of lots of eyes looking her way, thinking everyone knew what was happening.

Gadi kept pumping for nearly ten minutes. Christine drifted off into a semi orgasmic state and just kept taking the cock. When Gadi whispered; “Time to unload.” She came with a deep judder and a gentle, soft moan as she took a full load of spunk inside her quim. It took a little while to figure out that Gadi had stuffed some paper serviettes in the entrance to hold his cum inside her. She decided that was good or she would have it run down her thighs on the way to the ladies.

When she was able, Christine headed to the ladies and was gone some time. Gadi went to see what was keeping her. He was intercepted by a black guy of similar build to himself. The other two seeing this went over and Gadi told them the owner wished to see them. They were rather concerned.

As Christine left the bathroom a tall man in a suit took her arm and said; “Come with me, quietly!” In the sort of tone that brooked no argument, not from a scared women on her own any way. He led her up a short flight of stairs and into a simple office, window, two cabinets and a desk, behind which sat another tall, suited man.


“Christine” She whispered.

“I have it on CCTV, so no arguing. What’s going on, are you working on my territory?”

“What, no, I…”

Chris explained in brief terms her status, and the white guy stood up and walked around to her. She began to shake. “Don’t worry, your safe.” He said. He then pushed her until she was bent over the desk and felt a hard cock pushed inside her still wet cunt and she was fucked firmly while he asked questions.

“You don’t mind if I fuck you do you.” He stated, “Your folks will be here in a minute, meanwhile, you seem to enjoy this situation, is that right?”

“Yes, sort of, I, I don’t really know.”

“Married, I like it, Often a better fuck, married sluts. Oh well, at least I get to fuck you now, oh and, so will my friends here, O.K?”

The door opened saving her from answering. The three guys were showed in and the black guy followed them in, making the small office rather full.

“Hi guy’s, now listen, my mates and I are going to fuck this girl and send her back to you. Don’t mess about in my club again, or I may not be so friendly next time. This is not that sort of club. Now go escort izmir back to the bar and wait for Christine here, she won’t be too long, just well fucked. Drinks on the house ’till you leave. Bye.”

The door was opened and they walked out smartly. They needed a drink now.

Christine came hard as the door closed. She was stood up as the cock slid out of her, then her dress removed as the desk was cleared. Laid on her back across it, the boss man pushed her head down over the edge and stuffed his cock into her mouth. Thus she was unaware which of the other two had his cock in her quim, and was fucking her very hard indeed.

After a few minutes a large amount of cum was shot into Chris’s mouth, she did her best to swallow under the circumstances, some running down her cheek. As soon as her head was free hands grabbed her thighs and pulled her right over the edge of the desk where she was being fucked, and she had even more meat inside than before. She could now see the other white guy grinning stupidly as he prepared to shoot his load next.

The big black guy groped her breasts until his friend had finished, and as the two others left the office, he moved round and rammed his own hard on straight in all the way.

“I like you Chris, you don’t fight life you roll with it. You ever want to be a professional whore just come see me, ask for Allen. I’ll get you on the boss’s role. You do like this don’t you, you never fought it and now you like it. Don’t let those three arseholes ruin you. You really are a good fuck you know. This just isn’t the club for it.”

Christine was busy cumming but got the gist, she had only just come down when Allen let fly and brought her off again, all the fluids making a disgusting noise until Allen stopped pumping and withdrew, letting cum run down her crack.

“Use the ladies, and then leave in case any of those nutters out there get any ideas, I’ll keep an eye until you get in the car or whatever.”

A she replaced her dress, a well worn Christine thanked Allen, although neither was perfectly sure for what, and took his advice. The guys were right with her, Mohamed having called an Uber.

“You stupid arse Gadi!” All three told him when they left the car. He sort of agreed but pointed out that only Chris had objected, and that non too firmly. It was pointed out that she never really had a vote.

Eventually the argument faded, and then Gadi said, “That was fun at the time though, look, how about a knee trembler in an alley, or the park? It adds to the excitement!”

Christine really had no say, but the other two were up for it, and the group headed for the high street. There was an alley by the supermarket that led to the bin area, and with a look around they dived in. Chris was excited as well, but tried not to show it.

Kasib pushed Chris against the wall and ran his hand up her leg to push two fingers easily into her quim and finger blast her to near orgasm. “What if some one finds us?” Asked Mohamed.

“Offer them some too!” Offered Gadi. Christine tried to protest but was too close to coming, and anyway, what could she say, really?

After Gadi shot inside Christine, Kasib took over. Gadi, zipping up said, “So Chris, married mother of two, taking three lads half her age up against an alley wall, feeling like a whore yet? Seems as if you love it. Shall I go and find some more for you, would you like that?”

Christine came as if in answer. Her body shook for several seconds and her head fell onto Kasib.

Kasib flooded her pussy and said she was a good girl. She took Mohamed in her stride as he took over.

It took a few moments to notice Gadi had gone.

Mohamed shot his load and a scruffy bearded man of indeterminate origins in the dark, hefted Christine’s left leg in order to shove his own cock up her messy hole. His left hand explored her breasts as he rammed up her, and she saw another man waiting his turn. She came strongly, and soon after so did the bearded stranger.

Not the clearest film ever, the lads had recorded the back alley for Bob, it pleased them to show him his wife’s whoring, nearly as much as it pleased him.

“Fuck me,” He said as he watched the second stranger take his wife against the wall. “You really got a seeing too tonight Chris. Wow, you’ve never taken so much cock. God I love you!” And he kept her mouth pumping up and down on his cock as he viewed his wife in action.

The following Friday Christine went out. Bob thought he knew where. He would have been surprised to know his thirty eight year old wife was going to a porn cinema. Alone.

Sitting in the middle of the small seating area, Chris was not alone for long. As some blonde bimbo on the screen was spit roast by two blacks, a classic dirty old man in a rain coat sat beside her. Ignoring him although izmir escort bayan her loins were warming, Christine soon felt his hand on her leg. She ignored that too.

In no time there was a hand on her quim, middle finger rubbing her clit. Another hand made her jump when it rested on her shoulder, gently, and moved slowly down to rest on her right breast, one finger softly stroking her nipple.

Whispers began, the room realising something was on. The hand on her breast was now inside her dress. Two fingers were in her wet hole, working her to a small cum. Her left hand was wrapped around a cock too solid and real to ignore. The hand on her cunt withdrew to her head, and pushed her down to take the cock in her mouth.

She knew what she was doing. What it meant and the immorality of it, yet it was such a great turn on. She had read about it on the net days ago, and couldn’t stop thinking about it. In her terms, it made her a slut as well as a whore. A married mother of two slut whore. She came again as her body was lifted until she was on her knees, sucking a dick while another, from an unseen man, entered her sopping cunt and rammed home all the way.

Eventually, on her back on the floor, beside the seats, naked and full of cum, Christine was on her own. Eleven cocks by her count, in all her holes, some more than once. Orgasms beyond counting. She lay there as a single tear rolled from her eye.

Saturday she was contacted by Mohamed and told she would be working that night. She was to dress slutty before leaving home and go to an address she was given.

Removing her coat, which had hidden her outfit, Christine walked to the door of the house. She had on a loose fitting low cut floral crop top bra, and a pencil body con skirt, short with a split on the left. She looked like a hooker with red heals matching her skirt.

Giving her name to the face at the door, she was shown to a large function room where around four dozen people were drinking and or stood talking. She was looked over in obvious terms. Kasib approached her.

“Hi, you look ready. Just let it happen, you’re here to keep men happy, like you should always have done. Remember, anything goes, your a mattress tonight!” And Kasib gave her exposed left thigh a good stroke before walking away.

Four or five other women were present, and soon, like them, Christine was the centre of a group of men, all smartly dressed and happily feeling her up and looking hungrily at her. She had a feeling she was in for a good time.

Almost immediately Chris was told by an Arab looking chap in a smart grey suit to kneel down and blow him. She was unsure what surprised her the most, the sudden demand or that she obeyed without thought.

“Well, look at that,” observed a short guy who could have been related to the first. “A

women that knows her place. Seen better looking but it’s worth a squirt, nice legs.”

Christine felt a little put out at that but realised commenting was not worth the breath. She was there for a purpose, one that she had accepted all too easily.

After just a few minutes her work was rewarded by a well sized drink of cum that she swallowed as her head was held in place. “Lovely, now I can take longer with that brunette over there.” Said her customer, walking of without any recognition of her efforts what so ever. His possible relation then filled her mouth with his own cock, and held her head between both hands in order to face fuck her.

Five mouthfuls later and Christine was left to her own devices. All five men had used her mouth to enable a longer fuck with some other women, younger and hotter than her. She got herself a strong drink.

A young Latino male dressed like a seventies television drug dealer came up and asked her age. Surprised she told him anyway. “I have longed to have an older women, Come, we have a side room.” He took her left hand and led her to a door.

Inside the small room was a plush single bed and an arm chair. The single word “Strip” soon had her naked and she was grabbed by both arms and pushed down onto the bed. Quickly divesting himself of his own clothes, Latino guy dived into her crotch and began very poor quality cunnilingus. Christine was unenthusiastic, to say the least,

Wet, as much with his saliva as her own juices, Christine was happier when she was entered by a long upwardly curving member, and her clit now stimulated by rough male pubic hair. Wrapping her legs around the early twenties client, she at last began to enjoy things a little. She still had to fake an orgasm.

She watched the guy leave the room, before looking round for her clothes. Before she could stand up the door reopened and the first of three tall white hunks entered saying, “Ahh, here’s one, come on guys. Hey lady, lay back and think of England, time izmir escortlar to get well and truly fucked like a whore.” They were already stripping.

The speaker was between her legs ramming his cock firmly into her, and mouthing her breasts. Someone turned her head sideways and she was fed another cock. Although being harshly treated, Christine began to be really stimulated, even enjoying the men’s talk.

“Proper milf this.” “Yummy mummy, definitely. Like a hot aunt.” and a muffled, “Yep, nice tits too, get some film on my phone Dave, I’m gonna fill her cunt soon as I can, I love giving it to married whores like this one.” He’d noticed her wedding ring.

In short order Chris had a strong orgasm. The whole situation she found herself in was now exciting again, and having these young hunks remind her of it was doing the business for her. Her nether regions were hot and her heart pounding, and then she was also having to swallow more cum, like a good whore.

As soon as her cum filled hole was empty of meat so it was filled again. Her knees were crushing her breasts now, and she was being slammed hard by some young stranger like she was a sex doll. “Hello there,” said the hunk, “Got a name? Whole name? He asked.

As another orgasm was building Christine responded in the way that she knew would turn her on the most.

“Christine. Mrs Christine Cuthbert. Chris if you like!”

“Oh wow, Mrs Christine Cuthbert. Are you actually still married Christine Cuthbert?”

“Yes, he likes me to tell him what happens.” She offered unasked, feeling deliciously

dirty as she spoke.

“Well Mrs Cuthbert, tonight you will have some good stuff to tell him. And talking of stuff, I’m going to give you some right now, would you like that?”

What she meant to say was just yes. It came out as a stretched version, the sort spelled with four or five E’s, and two or three S’s. “You are a dirty whore Chris, and dirty whore’s get filled with jizz. In your case Mrs Cuthbert, right now!” He finished in similar style to her yes.

Christine’s orgasm was a biggie. It built at a speed that brought no surprise, but the strength of the release took her breath away. The feeling of her man’s cumming was glorious, she shuddered in satisfaction.

As the hunk removed himself from her, she saw the flash of the camera just before she was rolled over and pulled to her knees. Another flash as she was rammed from behind with another young cock. She let out a very sexy, satisfied groan and braced herself to push back.

All three hunks took Christine again, and an uncounted few men popped in from time to time to observe and grope, and Christine paid little attention. She was being seriously fucked and was seriously enjoying it, this was heaven.

Christine had no idea just when her hunks left, they were replaced by assorted other men, none of whom were bothered about her other than using her body. But this was what she now enjoyed most. Hunks were great, but even an ugly man with a half decent cock was welcome, and there were a few of them too.

“Are you this Mrs Christine Cuthbert slut I’ve heard about then?” Asked an east European accent. Thus again peaked Christine’s sluttishness.

“At your service.” She managed to say, a little short of breath as she was again being taken from behind on all fours.

“I like you, you have something. I think you would be, how you say, good investment.” Stated the unseen owner of the voice.

He withdrew and pushed Chris off the bed so he could lay on it full length. “Now, I think you say reverse cowgirl, Mrs Cuthbert, mount me.”

Chris saw a fifties, overweight almost greasy man, around six foot, probably five stones heavier than ideal, but with a thick long cock waiting for her. She did as ordered.

As she sat down fully on the hairy foreigner, he grabbed her hands and pulled her into a high set position. As he began to thrust up to meet her downward pushes, another man, in just a shirt, entered the room. With Christine on full display, breasts bouncing, hips thrusting, hair flying and eyes closed in ecstasy, he filmed the action before getting on the bed and, astride the other man’s legs, pulled down Chris’s jaw and fed her his cock. filming now from the side.

Chris revelled in her staring role. She came twice before her quim was again filled with warm liquid, and then, just as she came down, more cum was launched onto the

back of her throat which she took in her stride.

Within moments Mrs Cuthbert was again stuffed with cock, laid out flat on her front, her legs together under the man’s, as he fucked her arse like his life depended on it. She never saw the owner of that nor several of the other cocks that spent the next three hours using her, The last two loads were shot into her cunt while she was unconscious, worn out but happy.

When Christine came to her senses she was on the bed, with Kasib gently waking her, and telling her it was time to shower and leave.

Little did Christine know that life was about to change once more.

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