Storm Shelter


“I had fun at the football game.” Rebecca says. “But, you don’t have to walk me back to my dorm.”

“It’s okay.” Marcus replies. “I want to, I like spending time with you.”

Rebecca blushes and pulls her curly red hair behind her ear with a giggle. Marcus can’t help but smile, finding her adorable.

“I bet you get asked this all the time, but does the carpet match the drapes?” He teases, bumping her with his shoulder.

“I do, but I usually ignore it.” She said, casually. “But since I like you, I’ll let you in on the secret. There is no carpet.”

This statement caused him to stop in his tracks. He was flabbergasted, but she kept walking, smugly, knowing exactly what she had done.

A few seconds later he rushes to catch up, trying not to picture her hairless mound. When he reaches her, she has a hand extended out.

“It’s starting to sprinkle.” She says.

“Well there is a tropical storm coming soon.” He replies. “All the more reason to get you back to your dorm.”

The rain picks up quickly, along with the wind, and the two of them begin running to get back to her dorm. It’s only a few more blocks, but by the time they reach the dorm building, they’re both soaked.

“Well,” Marcus starts, out of breath, “Here we are.”

“Thanks for seeing me all the way here.” Rebecca replies, catching her breath too.

“No worries.” He says, turning to leave. “I better get back to my place before this storm gets worse.”


“You can’t leave now.” Rebecca says.

“I’ll be fine.” He replies, gesturing over his shoulder. “I don’t live far.”

“But the alert.” She has a worried look on her face.

“I guess it wouldn’t hurt to wait out the storm here.” He turns back towards her.

They walk down the hall and Rebecca opens her door. The dorm is bigger than Marcus expected. The common area has a sectional couch and coffee table with a television mounted on the wall. On either side of the common area, is a bed, dresser, and closet door. There is a small kitchen area and a full bathroom.

Sitting on one of the beds, was a buxom blonde wearing a silk pajama set. Without looking up from her phone she says, “Finally you’re back, I was beginning to think the storm got you.”

“Ha, Ha, Hannah.” Rebecca rolls her eyes. “No, thanks to Marcus here, we made it back just fine.”

Hannah looks up with an eyebrow raised, “Fine? You’re not fine, you’re drenched.”

“Yeah,” She snips back, “I know. We’re going to shower and change. Then Marcus is gonna wait out the storm here.”

“You’re going to shower together?” Hannah teases, now very interested.

“What? No.” Rebecca was flustered. “Separately. We’ll take turns.”

Marcus was smiling at her and it definitely didn’t help the situation. She decides the best thing to do is just to go into the bathroom without saying anything else.

Marcus chuckles and looks at Hannah, “Is she always like this?”

“Yes,” She laughs, “And it’s exhausting.”

After the laughter dies down, he asks, “So, is there somewhere I can sit without messing something up?”

“Just sit anywhere.” She answers. “Most of this stuff is already messed up.”

He goes and sits on the couch, then pulls out his phone. A few minutes go by without either of them saying anything.

“So,” Hannah starts, to break the silence, “How did you two meet?”

“We actually just met at the game tonight.” He explains. “I thought she was cute, so I sat next to her and we just hit it off.”

“Aww. That’s good.” She says. “Becca never puts herself out there, so it’s nice to see someone taking an interest in her.”

“Well, I’m definitely interested.” He says as Rebecca opens the bathroom door.

Her body is wrapped with a large yellow towel, and her hair wrapped in a smaller brown one. “Interested in what?” She asks.

Marcus turns and leans over the edge of the couch, looking at her with a smile, as he says, “You.”

Rebecca’s cheeks turn bright red, and she pulls her hair escort izmir towel down to bury her face in. After a minute to regain her composure, she says, “You can take your shower now.”

Marcus stands up and walks over to her. Glancing down at her, he notices something. “Hmm. Pink.” He chuckled

She gave him a confused look.

“Your toes.” He gestures down. “They’re painted pink. It’s just not what I expected.”

Marcus continues into the bathroom. He turns the water on before taking off his socks, then his shirt. As he unbuckles his belt he realizes there aren’t any towels in there.

He opens the door to ask for one and sees Rebecca wearing only panties, leaned over, pulling clothes from her drawer.

“Eep!” She squeaks, snapping her hands to her chest to cover up.

Marcus hurries back into the bathroom, and calls through the door. “I’m so sorry about that, but there’s no more towels in here.”

“It’s fine.” She calls back, her voice strained from the embarrassment. “I- I’ll bring you a towel.”

Marcus finishes getting undressed and is about to get in the shower when he overhears the girls talking outside.

“Are you going to sleep with him?” Hannah asks.

“If you mean sex, then no.” Rebecca replies, pulling a nightgown over her head.

“You need to loosen up.” Hannah says, scooting over to the edge of the bed. “He’s hot and you saw, he’s got a great body. Plus, he’s already seen your tits.”

“That doesn’t mean I’m going to have sex with him.” She says, pulling a towel out of her closet. “We’ve seen each other naked, and we’ve never had sex.”

Marcus hears the closet door close and hurries into the shower. The bathroom door opens almost immediately after he closes the curtain.

“Marcus.” Rebecca calls over the curtain. “I’ve brought you a towel. I also found some sweatpants that might fit. You don’t have to wear them, but I thought it might be less awkward than sitting around in a towel while the clothes dry.”

“Thanks.” He calls back. “My clothes are there on the floor if you want to grab them, or I can put them in the dryer when I get out.”

“I got them.” She says. “Take your time. We’ll be out here when you’re done.”

When he hears the door close again, he finishes his shower, using whatever soap he can find. Grabbing the towel off the counter, he dries off. As he steps out of the shower, he picks up the sweatpants and tries them on.

“A little snug, but better than nothing.” He mutters to himself.

When he leaves the bathroom he finds Hannah on the couch with a glass of wine in her hand.

“Care for some?” She offers. “It’s Barefoot Riesling.”

“Oh. That’s my favorite actually.” He says, walking over to the couch. The bottle is sitting on the table with two empty glasses.

Hannah pours a second glass before topping off hers. As Marcus walks around the couch to grab his glass, Hannah notices the large bulge in his sweatpants. She turns, putting up a leg on the couch. Her loose shorts make it blatantly obvious she isn’t wearing any panties.

“Um.” He clears his throat, trying not to stare. “Where’s Rebecca?” He swallows heavily, as he sits down next to her.

“She won’t be long. She’s just putting the clothes in a dryer.” She explains. “The dorms don’t have laundry machines in them, so we have to use the shared laundry rooms.”

Marcus nods, averting his eyes, he focuses on his glass. They sip on their wine until Rebecca returns.

“Hey, Becca,” She calls out. “We opened a bottle of wine.” Hannah pours some wine into the last glass.

As she walked over to the couch, the lights went out, followed by a loud, roaring crack of thunder. The girls both screamed.

After calming down, Rebecca said, “I’ll grab the lantern.” She walks into her closet and pulls out an electric lantern. Setting it down on the table, she plops down onto the couch next to Marcus, before picking up her glass.

“It’s a good thing you convinced me to stay.” He says. “I don’t think I have anything for a storm.”

“Well, I like to be prepared.” She answers, taking a swig of her wine.

When she finishes her glass, she sets it on the table. Marcus izmir escort bayan finishes his glass shortly after her and places it on the table next to hers, before grabbing the bottle to fill them up. Hannah quickly finishes her glass and sets it on the table too. Marcus refills all three glasses. After Rebecca collects her glass, she leans back into the couch, laying against Marcus.

Noticing this, Hannah grabs her phone and puts on some slow, romantic music. They all just relax and enjoy their second glass of wine.

“This is nice.” Rebecca says, as she nuzzles Marcus. She takes one last sip of wine and tries to place her glass on the table, but it falls into the carpet.

“Wow, such a lightweight.” Hannah teases.

“I’m not a lightweight.” Rebecca says, picking up her glass and placing it back on the table.

“Maybe if you were more than a hundred pounds, you wouldn’t be such a lightweight.” Hannah shrugs.

“I’m not a lightweight!” She repeats, followed by a hiccup.

Marcus chuckles and adds, “I’m sure the fact that you only had a single hotdog for dinner, doesn’t help.”

Hannah goes to refill her glass, but the bottle is empty. “If you want to prove you’re not a lightweight, why don’t you grab the next bottle of wine?”

“Fine.” She agrees.

Standing up with a slight wobble, Rebecca walks to the kitchen area. Hannah follows behind her and as she reaches up to grab the bottle from atop the fridge, she grabs her nightgown and pulls it off.

“Hey!” Rebecca exclaims, clutching her chest.

“Calm down, we’ve all seen them.” Hannah says. She pulls off her own shirt and adds, “Here. Is this better? Now we’re all topless.”

Marcus is still sitting on the couch, just watching this unfold.

“How is that better?” Rebecca shouts, as she lunges for her nightgown, but Hannah jumps back, avoiding her. “Give it back.”

“Nuh uh.” Hannah raises her hands overhead and Rebecca reaches for it, but she’s too short. She tries to jump for it, but still can’t reach it.

“Just grab the wine and come back to the couch.” Hannah says, walking away.

Defeated, Rebecca grabs a new bottle of wine and opens it, before returning to the couch. “So embarrassing.” She mutters, pulling her knees to her chest, pouting.

“I thought it was kind of cute.” Marcus says, taking the bottle and filling all of their glasses.

He hands Rebecca her glass, and she asks, “You don’t think they’re too small?”

Marcus reaches out and places a hand on her breasts, “A handful is more than big enough. You have nothing to be embarrassed about.”

“See?” Hannah chimes in. “That’s what I’m always telling you.”

Rebecca relaxes and begins drinking again. Hannah walks over to her bed and grabs a silk blindfold.

Walking over to Rebecca, she says, “I want you to try something, Becca.”

“I don’t know.” She says, timidly.

“Just relax.” Hannah says, taking her glass and handing it to Marcus. She places the blindfold over Rebecca’s eyes, and ties it behind her head. Hannah goes back and sits next to Marcus again. He puts her glass back in her hand.

“Drink it.” Hannah encourages.

Rebecca takes a sip.

“All of it.”

Rebecca finishes her glass and Marcus takes it from her, placing it on the table. Then Hannah takes Marcus’ hand and places it on Rebecca’s stomach. Her skin is soft, but she tenses up, then relaxes.

Marcus leans forward and slides his hand up her leg, grabbing her thigh. He brushes his thumb against her skin. Rebecca leans her head back and relaxes her body.

Hannah reaches around him and presses her body against his, before grabbing his wrist. She leans into him, sliding his hand all the way up. Marcus moves his thumb to her panties and presses firmly against them. Rebecca bites her lip as he begins rubbing.

When he feels a wet spot forming, he moves his hands to her sides and slides them down, grabbing her panties. Rebecca lifts her hips to help him slide them off.

Hannah moves behind the couch and begins feeling up Rebecca’s chest, playing with her nipples. Hannah leans down for a kiss and Rebecca kisses her back.

As he pulls her panties izmir escortlar off her ankles, he spreads her legs, dragging his fingers down towards her moist peach. He gently rubs it before leaning in.

“This is even more beautiful than I was imagining.” His breath was hot between her legs.

Hannah’s tongue begins to explore Rebecca’s mouth, as Marcus’ tongue explores the lips between her legs.

With the building pleasure, Rebecca crosses her ankles behind his head. She squeezes her legs tighter until they buckle from the climax. Marcus and Hannah continue for a short period, causing Rebecca to twitch from the sensitivity.

It takes a moment for Rebecca to relax her legs and let go of Marcus. He sits back down on the couch, and Hannah walks back to sit next to him.

“Oh, hang on, Marcus.” She says. “Stand back up.”

Without questioning why, Marcus begins to stand up, but Hannah grabs his pants, pulling them down. His erect member springs up inches from her face. She reels back, shocked by the sheer size of it.

“Woah.” Marcus and Hannah say simultaneously.

Rebecca sits up and pulls back her blindfold. Without hesitation, she gets on her knees and takes it in her hands. She leans in slowly and presses her tongue against it, dragging upwards until she can wrap her tongue around it. Swirling her tongue around the tip, she puts as much as she can in her mouth.

Turned on by the situation in front of her, Hannah pulls off her shorts and sits on the couch. She spreads her legs and begins rubbing her clit. Marcus sits down next to her, and slides his hand up her leg. She gasps as she feels him slide two fingers inside of her.

Rebecca continues sucking off Marcus as he fingers Hannah, until she climaxes. Hannah pulls his fingers out and begins sucking them clean before she stands up and leads them both to her bed. She lays down on her back and spreads her legs. After Marcus climbs onto the bed between them, Rebecca takes his member in her hand and begins rubbing his tip between Hannah’s lips before pulling it inside.

As Marcus begins moving deeper inside of Hannah, Rebecca starts rubbing her body down, but Hannah pulls her up onto the bed too. Rebecca spreads her legs over Hannah’s head and she begins licking her clit. Rebecca leans down and starts grinding against her tongue, while reaching out and rubbing Hannah’s clit. Marcus and Rebecca lean in and kiss each other.

As the pleasure builds, Hannah clenches the sheets and tightens against Marcus. “I’m about to cum.” He grunts.

Hannah turns her head, “Me too. Don’t stop.” Rebecca and Marcus begin working harder to get Hannah to finish.

No longer able to hold it, Marcus thrust deep inside of her, filling her up with his hot cream. This pushes Hannah over the edge and she lets out a deep moan of pleasure.

Marcus continues a bit longer, cooling down, as Rebecca rubs Hannah’s body. She climbs off as Marcus pulls out. Hannah lays there, catching her breath, as Rebecca leads Marcus back to the common area.

She pushes him onto the couch, before sitting in his lap, her knees next to his hips. Running her fingers through his hair, she leans down and kisses him. Marcus grabs her ass and pulls her closer. As their tongues explore each other’s mouths, his hands explore her ass. She sits up slightly and he slides his hands between her legs, rubbing her still sensitive bits.

They stay like this until Marcus gets erect again. “Already?” She asks, eager and excited.

She reaches down and pulls him up between her legs, easing down slowly, letting out multiple moans as he stretches her out. Marcus moves his hips up, pushing further into her. Rebecca’s eyes roll as she leans her head back.

She grinds her hips on him a few times before sitting up and then sliding back down, letting out another moan. She continues riding up and down, growing faster as the pleasure builds. Marcus grabs her breasts and places one in his mouth, sucking on her nipple.

“I’m cumming.” Rebecca moans.

Marcus didn’t think she could get any tighter, but somehow she did.

“I’m so close.” Marcus grunts.

Rebecca throbs against Marcus, milking every last drop out of him. Out of breath they both slow down, kissing each other between breaths.

Marcus turns them and lays down on the couch, still inside of Rebecca. Exhausted, it doesn’t take long for them to fall asleep.

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