Turning Amanda Part 3


Sunday morning found us cuddled and comfy. We eased into waking up, with me opening my eyes first, seeing my sweet lover sleeping soundly. I laid there, not wanting to disturb her. She looked so sweet and innocent. Her actions and words last night were a stark contrast to the view I had this morning. I’d have to talk with her about that one question regarding her mother and I. It was hard to tell if she was joking or not. Her reaction to me swatting her sweet cheeks as she humped my leg seemed to me there were many more delights she might enjoy that were lying under the surface of the adorable facade she projected.I was wondering if I really should pursue the answers to my questions or just let it be.Today was one of those mornings for reflection. I thought of Keiko, Valerie, and Amanda. I had to smile at the thought of all three at once. Very kinky and utterly delightful.I could picture Valerie taking charge, bossing Amanda, and I around, saving Keiko for herself at some point. Oh, what delicious fun that might be.I started to get aroused as sleeping beauty stirred from her slumber. Amanda slowly opened her eyes, greeting me with a soft and raspy hello.“Good morning, baby. I hope you slept well.”She rolled away from me just enough to stretch her arms. I smiled, looking down her, breasts arched towards me, practically begging me to play with them. I refrained, smiling at her while thinking more naughty thoughts.She snuggled against me, burying her face in my neck. Planting a soft kiss, she whispered, “I did.”Silence swept over us once more. I was lost in lust, fantasies playing through my mind while she lay against me, trying to shake off the cobwebs of sleep.She nuzzled more, her hand gliding over my body, making sure I was still all there. It slipped down between my legs, pausing over my sex to rest there.”You must be thinking something yummy; you’re a bit on the aroused side, I can feel it.””I am, with you next to me, all my thoughts are yummy, sweet girl.”She giggled, “You’re not going to use the ‘L’ word again, are you?”I grinned, “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”She giggled, “We should have a long talk. But right now, I want something else.”“And what might that be, Miss Adorable?””You, Renee. You made me feel so yummy last night. I want to return the favor.”I smiled, whispering, “I’m glad you do. I enjoyed last night also. I think you let loose a bit more than you intended.”She buried her face in my neck, “At first when you slapped me I was shocked. Then as it continued, I got this feeling after each one that sort of tingled. I don’t know how to explain it.”I moaned, “There’s no need to explain. You enjoyed it, and that’s what counts. There are probably more things you enjoy but haven’t experienced them yet, so you don’t know. It’s like the Nigiri we had. You liked that, didn’t you?””I did, well most of it. I haven’t experienced a lot in life. You’ve opened my eyes to doing just that, trying new things.”“I’m happy I have, Amanda.”I got a sweet kiss on my neck before she began the path to my next orgasm. Her hand between my legs, her fingers playing. Escort ankara She nuzzled, kissed, and licked her way from my neck to my face. I lay still letting her do whatever she wanted. I felt like I was being worshiped, and it felt good.She teased my lips with her tongue and her lips. I’d expect her lips against mine; instead, I’d get her tongue so I’d chase after it. She’d giggle then kiss me full on. We played like that as her fingers softly rubbed my labia, teasing my aroused pussy.Gently brushing over my swollen lips, she’d move quickly inside to coat her fingers. Then back out to spread my love over me. She was getting good at teasing. My arousal would ebb and flow; depending completely on her actions. The girl had a lot of her mother in her I could tell. Valerie was similar in many ways, obviously more experienced at it.Her tongue teasing got the desired result; we both were warmed up. She licked her way down my neck, still teasing my pussy. She paused over my breast to look up at me. Inserting a single digit in me, I gasped. My look must have been one of surrender because she had an evil grin on her face.”You like that, don’t you, Renee. The teasing.”I silently nodded, biting my lower lip, trying not to whimper and look weak. I did feel it, though. I was supposed to be the teacher here. I was supposed to be ‘in charge’ like I was last night. This role switching was exciting for her as much as for me.She toyed with me, her fingers dancing within me, watching my face the entire time. When she’d had enough of guiding me down that path, it was her turn to do something she enjoyed.She murmured something, closing her eyes to begin playing with my breasts. Her tongue swept over one nipple, coating it with her saliva. The return sweep didn’t complete it’s path, stopping on top of my nipple tickling it with its tip. One more look into my eyes, then she engulfed as much as she could fit in her mouth. She was sucking hard, her tongue now dancing on my firm nipple she released my boob causing it to pop.Her fingers, those glorious digits, had doubled from one to two inside me. She knew she had control of me. Her thumb rested outside of my vagina at the uppermost part, her two fingers in me massaging my clit.At that moment, if she’d asked me for anything, I would have given it to her. I was at her mercy lost in a beautiful sea of lust and carnal desire. Her breast playing continued sucking and popping as I drew closer to the best orgasm of the weekend. When she began quietly nursing while focusing her touch on my clit, I couldn’t control my body any longer. I squeezed her hand with my legs, trapping it in me as I used both hands to keep her head and mouth on my tit.My body rocked the bed convulsing and writhing, holding her to me as my mind went blank. It was so intense I think she panicked a bit wondering if I was going to suffocate her against my boob. My reaction was quickly tempered when I realized what I was doing to her. I let go of her head only to beat the top of the bed with both hands repeatedly. She sat back, watching me avoiding Balgat escort my flailing arms until the series of orgasms subsided.I eased back on my leg hold, allowing her to remove her fingers carefully. I was panting, heart racing, my face was crimson, and I was smiling.Amanda smiled back at me, licking my juices off her fingers while I caught my breath, searching for something to say to her that would equal how I felt at that moment.The best I could come up with was, “That was indescribably delicious, babydoll.”She grinned, “Is it safe to cuddle now?””Yes, kitten, it is.” I managed to whisper.She snuggled next to me as my breathing returned to normal. We were getting into the habit of laying together, enjoying in silence how we felt after making love. I enjoyed it.When the quietness of the room became too much, we whispered about our lovemaking. We lovingly critiqued Amanda’s lust last night with mine this morning. We were learning more and more about making love with each other. Knowledge is a powerful thing; knowing what your lover enjoys and dislikes leads to more bliss-filled moments. At least I think so.I asked her if she were ready for a shower during our talk. She replied she wasn’t, so we laid talking for a bit more. When she was ready, she kissed me full on the lips the quickly scooted off the bed. Wiggling her cute little ass, she bounded into the bathroom, turning on the shower while calling out to me, asking if I was going to join her.Teasing her, I yelled back that I was going to just stay in bed all day. I turned to look at my bathroom door, and there she was peeking around it a disappointed look on her pretty face. I laughed then got up, acting as if I was going to chase her, growling like a wild animal.She giggled then quickly entered the shower closing the glass door behind her. I followed, stepping into the stream, wrapping my arms around her waist as the warm water cascaded over us. We stayed like that looking into each other’s eyes, legs entwined. She felt so good to me. I wanted this to last forever. Unfortunately, my water heater is only fifty gallons. We soaped each other down, playing with each other as we did.I asked what she wanted for breakfast, and my silly girl just said, Renee. I smiled and hugged the little vixen. We finished up before we ran out of hot water still aroused and feeling good. We dressed in panties and robes figuring we’d be in bed most of the day, so why bother. Sundays are meant to be lazy anyway. I made coffee while she scoured the fridge and cupboards for anything she wanted. We ended up having a couple of bagels and some yogurt with our coffee. Sitting at the kitchen table where we sipped and dined, both wondering who would break the ice first to discuss what we were feeling.Amanda took the plunge asking about her mother, “Renee, I know you don’t want to talk about it. You know I’m curious as hell. How is my mom different than me? Is it that bad or kinky or what?”Luckily, I wasn’t drinking my coffee when she asked that or she’d have been wearing it. I coughed, clearing my throat Batıkent escort bayan along with my mind before answering her.”Amanda, it’s a little or maybe a lot of both. You and your mother are the first mother-daughter pair I have ever had the privilege of knowing like this. It’s weird, it’s sexy it’s unreal in my mind to make that comparison. You both have distinct personalities, as you know. I’m sure there are times when you see yourself acting or saying something just like your mother. I could tell you all sorts of things about your mom what good would that do? Just be yourself. If you like what we’re doing, then continue. Experiment, find someone who cares about you, and you trust. Communicate, don’t do something just because they want to, do it because you want to also.”She sat dumbfounded, “I didn’t think you’d get that deep, Renee. I understand, and I won’t ask again. I’m guessing by your deflections mom can get kinda kinky or very kinky.”She giggled, watching me blush, “I’m right! Wow, Mom!”I obviously shouldn’t play poker.“You are a brat. A cute one and very smart too.”Bowing her head respectfully, “Thank you, Ms. Renee. I got it from mommy dearest.”We both started laughing. Her foot brushed my ankle seductively. She was getting very comfortable with me, which was something I felt very good about. As she opened up, I could see more of her mother’s traits showing up. She knew what she wanted and would get it at some point. If those two ever teamed up, the girl in the middle would be in heaven and a tad bit of hell too.I smiled at her, “Feeling frisky again, babydoll?”She blushed, “Yes, and no. I don’t just want to have sex all day. I mean it’s nice ‘exploring’ with you. I like being with you. You’re fun. It’s beautiful out can we go someplace like the beach and hang out?”That made me smile, “You sure you don’t want to ‘explore’ with that little toy we looked at last night?”She shivered, “Maybe after we get back? I don’t want to wear out my welcome.”I placed my hand on top of hers, “I don’t think you could ever do that, Amanda. You are a doll. We can do the beach thing, did you bring something?’Smiling, she replied, “Yes, yes, I did. I didn’t know if this complex had a pool or if you even wanted to do anything like that. I took a chance.”I got up to put my coffee cup away, along with the other breakfast things we had out. She helped, giving me a big hug after we did. We got our stuff together, changed into bikinis, shorts, and tops slipped into sandals. I grabbed my little lunch box and put a block of blue ice in it with things to drink. Amanda had her sunscreen in her bag, and off we went.Amanda drove since I did when we went to dinner. We headed down to Santa Monica to join the tourists soaking up the sun and visiting the pier. On the way, we gabbed some more about music, cars, idiot drivers, and life in general.The beach wasn’t as crowded as I’d expected. The church-going families probably hadn’t gotten home and ready yet. We staked our claim not too far from the surf, laid out our towels, and beach chairs then sat back to people watch. We played a game of guessing where people were from, locals or tourists. Some were pretty easy, others we made things up. I coated my little love with sunscreen, and we kept an eye on the time so she wouldn’t burn. Both of us wanted to play later on, and if she were sunburned, it wouldn’t be much fun.

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