The real price you pay for shopping online


 It all started with me having too much time on my hands during the holiday season and browsing various internet sites looking for some exciting, new sex-toy. I always dreamt about a glass dildo, and I felt the need to tighten my pelvic floor muscles, so I was after a set of vibrating balls too. Unfortunately it was on the same day when my husband told me, we need to tighten our budget as well, and even though I bought them in the January half price sale, I’ve ended up paying more then I should have. And of course as I refused to pay for the pricey next day delivery, they haven’t delivered my precious parcel on the days when he was on morning shift and I was home alone. No, they delivered it into his hands. To make things worse it was also the day for my period to start.     I looked at my beautiful , piece of art glass dildo and wished I could feel it’s coldness inside me.”How much was this?” he asked seemingly not too Üsküdar Escort sure what it was for. It was a wand shaped double headed beauty. It was love at first sight. I was almost jealous of his rough hands for holding it.”Just a tenner.” I lied”And what the hell is this?” he asked pulling my remote controlled vibrating balls out of the protective bubble wrap. I lectured him on the importance of Kegel exercise. He seemed not only to appreciate my effort to work on my muscles, making sex better for him too, but he also seemed to get more and more turned on as I spoke.  He went to get batteries, as the free ones included in the package were presumably flat, then decided to try my silver balls inside his pants.I giggled as he pulled his jeans down and adjusted the balls inside his tight boxer shorts. He looked like as if he had 2 pairs of testicles, two under, and two in the middle of his Üsküdar Escort Bayan penis.”Hmmm, they are nice.” he moaned rolling his buzzing ‘fake’ balls on his growing manhood. I still stood there thinking he was just fooling around, but he was seemingly getting quite aroused.”I could use some help here.” he saidI wasn’t in the mood, having my stupid period, knowing for sure there won’t be any gain for me in this game, but his arousal was slowly getting to me, turning me on. I pulled his boxers down just to free the length of his cock and started gently sucking on the head. Then he had an idea on which I wasn’t very keen  first.”I have to punish you for spending my money on your silly toys.” he said on a serious tone.  As he was getting the handcuffs and flogger out of the depth of our wardrobe I was foolishly answering back, reminding him that it’s not really his money, but mine Escort Üsküdar too… I shouldn’t have.”Get my cock rings, kneel in front of me and shut the fuck up.” he ordered.I was on my knees with my hands cuffed behind me and was watching him rolling the 2 leather rings up his cock and fasten them with the little harness. The 3rd ring, the biggest one went around his balls.”This will keep me erect for long…Now, you really gonna get it.” he threatenedI still wasn’t sure I wanted to do this. But he was already so hard by playing with my vibrating balls…and his cock looked so delicious.  And I love cock, I love sucking them…especially his, because I am used to it’s size, it’s shape. I knew it’s curve, I knew every little vein on it. But now it was in the stupid leather harness meaning I could only take it in like half way. It just wasn’t enough. I had to accommodate the first ring in my mouth too, with the disgusting rubber taste. Sometimes I went further, trying to go for the second ring, which was on the base of his cock, but mostly I was circling my tongue on it’s head or suck on it.  Then he used the flogger on my butt, totally randomly: sometimes just ever so gently but sometimes roughly as hell.

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