Surrender by Surprise


Veronica sighed softly, admiring the slumbering figure in her bed. He was much younger than she, with less experience as well, but that lent to the sweet eroticism between them. A dim overlay of light shone softly on his face. Feathery breaths escaped parted lips; dewy and rich, capable of broad, curlicue smirks. He wore a snowy shirt in bed, three buttons left unfastened at the hem. One of the tails had fallen aside and the other bunched shyly above the waistband of his trousers. With eager fingertips, Veronica lifted the shirt then smoothed down creamy bare skin; skating along his washboard belly to reach the closures of his slacks. The waistband of his white shorts was just high enough to glow softly above his closed fly. Nestled in that tender center was a subtle but telltale bulge. She unfastened the simple closures and more of the snowy underwear Escort bodrum was revealed. The slotted opening of his shorts pouted at the intrusion. Veronica’s dark eyes lingered there, marveling at the gentle rise and fall of Allan’s stomach and the stiffening apparatus below. Then a manicured hand reached inside the pristine underwear — so white against Allan’s peachy complexion — and robbed it of its treasure. Peeling back its unmarred sheath, she revealed the smooth expanse of his velvety cock.A breathy moan escaped Allan’s mouth, his captured member twitching for more. Veronica smirked. What was her shy lover dreaming about? Allan had always been introverted, but even more-so when it came to sex. But his unsure kisses and fleeting caresses were painfully, blissfully sweet. Veronica had to remind herself that Escort Kuşadası she couldn’t pounce on him and take him the moment he opened his mouth and welcomed her kiss. Allan’s reluctance also frustrated her. As she slowly pumped her fist up Allan’s cock—pulling along the foreskin—she was confident that she would have him: Tonight. Shifting, she bowed her head and swept a kiss at the start of Allan’s shaft. “Allan?” Her voice seemed louder than necessary in the deep quiet. “Wake up, love.”Whatever dream he was having, Allan didn’t want to leave it so soon. Clinging to sleep, which was quickly evaporating him, he frowned. “Fine,” Veronica muttered, opening her mouth to welcome the starved member inside, the hot silk of her glossed lips gliding slowly down the head until only the blushed crown was inside. bodrum escort Her tongue flickered against the sensitive underside. And Allan finally awoke with a crisp gasp. He instinctively cocked his head to the side, to peer at the scene below. Veronica glanced up, looking into the surprised green eyes of her young lover. Veronica pulled her mouth from Allan’s plush corona in favor of kissing a path up his stomach. When she reached the closed buttons of his shirt, she paused only to unfasten them, nibbling the fresh expanse of skin as she progressed upward. Allan sighed, his abandoned cock cooling in the bedroom air. When Veronica undid the final button on his shirt collar, she brushed the airy fabric aside, pleased to see the rosy disks of his nipples tightly puckered in anticipation. She bent, drawing slick circles around one, and then the other, then drew the sensitive skin in her mouth, encouraged by Allan’s sharp gasp and the way he squirmed beneath her. She released one nipple in favor of the other, gently sucking; her teeth scraping the delicate bud. All the while Allan writhed and moaned and bucked his hips, murmuring graces.

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