Tom’s Ex Cums to Visit


This is part of an ongoing story over multiple Categories with common characters.

Ding! I got a text but was too busy to check. ??

On my knees, I gripped Aaron’s ass tightly as I moved my mouth slowly down the head of his cock, stopping to swallow a bit. Then down a bit more I went, stopping and swallowing my mouth tightening on his hard, thick cock.

“Man, you don’t know how good that feels Tom,” Aaron said.

I had to disagree. It feels really good when I have a cock in my mouth, hell, anyone’s cock in my mouth. I mean they are different of course. Marcus has that big, thick, long cock while Dave’s was shorter but tasty as hell. Aaron’s? Well, like I said, any cock feels really good when it’s in my mouth.

“Can I fuck your ass Tom?” Aaron asked.

I started to move up and down his cock now, faster, deeper, as deep as I could get it not my mouth. Aaron started to breathe quicker.

Now a cock in my ass? Oh yeah, I’m a slut. I like that too. Thick and deep inside me, feeling the heat when they cum in me. Only thing better than that is sucking a cock while I get my ass fucked but it was only Aaron and I right now so that was off the table. Yeah, he could fuck my ass. Because once he cums in my ass I can do anything I want to him…and he’ll thank me for it.

One, two, three more times going up and down. I felt his hands tighten on my shoulders, time to switch. I pulled away from his cock. I stood up and grabbed a pillow. Lying it on the edge of the bed I climbed on the bed, ass on the pillow and spread my legs.

“Cum fuck me Aaron,” I said with a smile. “Fill me up buddy.”

Aaron’s eyes widened and he smiled. Oh, it wasn’t his first time fucking my ass, he was actually quite familiar with it, he was just enjoying the thought of doing it.

He reached over to the set of drawers that held all my “toys” and grabbed the lube from inside. I watched and stroked my cock as he lubed up his cock. Grabbing his cock, he lined the head of it to my hungry asshole and starter to slide forward…slowly.

I love the way he fucks me, always starting slow, sliding down inch by inch, letting me tighten my asshole each time he stops. And once he’s balls deep, like now; he starts back out keeping the head inside me. The it’s back down deep inside me, no stopping and building up speed. In and out, in and out, deep as he can. I stroke my cock as he does it, it feels great.

We fucked that way for five or so minutes, nice and slow, then faster and faster my hand matching the speed as I stroked my cock in time to his thrusts.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

He was getting close. When you’ve had a friend fuck your ass as many times as Aaron has you can tell. Bam! Bam! Bam!

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck!”

He was cumming and it felt great. Bang, bang, bang! Hot cum spurted into me, I loved how it felt. One, two, fuck it. I stopped counting, I’d know when he was done, when he had emptied his load into me. I always do.

Aaron pulled back from me, shook his head slightly and fell back into the chair; spent. As he relaxed, I went to the bathroom, got a wet cloth, and came back. As I wiped his dick clean, he said “Oh fuck yeah, Tom. It’s getting better every time.”

Now what did I want? For sure I wanted his hot mouth on my cock. I grabbed him by the arm, pulled him from the chair, he went willingly, and he dropped to his knees. I began to stroke my nipples.

“Want something Tom?”

I laughed and looked down at him as he held my hard cock in his hand. Locking eyes, I said. “I want you to suck my dick.” As my hands went to his shoulders he replied, “That’s what I want too.” Down he went.

Holding my cock, he slid his tongue under the head. Right to the sweet spot and flicked it with his tongue. Quickly at first, then slower. In his mouth went my cock, first the head then he worked his way down my thick shaft. Hot and wet, I loved it as he went down, stopped, swallowed, then went down further. He loved sucking cock, well mine for sure, but I bet he was like me, any cock. Lord knows between him and I we’ve sucked a lot and I was always open to finding new ones. Oh fuck…

He was going faster now and so was my breathing. I could cum in his mouth but maybe his ass. Which one? He answered the question for me.

“Fuck my ass Tom, fuck it good.”

He slid off my cock and he knelt on the bed, tossing the pillow away. Facing away from me on his knees he said it again… “Fuck my ass Tom.”

I lubed up, stuck the head of my cock in asshole and slid in, head deep.

“That’s it,” he said. “Fill me up Tom. That’s what I want. Fill me up.”

Oh yeah, that’s what I had in mind myself. Deep I went, not pausing on the way till I got balls deep. Once there I stopped, he tightened his ass and it felt great. Back I started to go, and I fucked him deep and slow for a while as he encouraged me.

“Oh yeah buddy, I fucking love your cock up my ass. Slap my ass Tom!”

I slapped his ass while I fucked him. “Harder Tom!” I slapped his ass again and again. “Yes, that’s istanbul travesti it.”

After a couple of more slaps, I grabbed him tight and really slid my cock in and out. Fast, I went fast as I wanted to cum, and I did. Oh fuck!

I spewed a large load of hot cum into his ass. Bang! Bang! Bang! I moaned and took deep breaths as I filled him up, filling him with cum until I had to pull away. Now it was my turn to sit back on the chair as I was totally spent.

Aaron got up and went to get me a fresh hot towel, As I laid back in the chair, he washed my cock then gave it a kiss.

“You’ve got the best cock Tom,” he said matter of factly. “And I ‘ve sucked a ton of them thanks to you.”

I laughed. “I bet you say that to all the guys you blow.”

We laughed and he headed to my kitchen. “Want a beer?”

“Yeah, that’d be great.” It was early and with any luck I figured I’d be able to milk his cock for at least one more load. I reached for my phone to check the text.

It was from my ex-wife.


We have been divorced for a few years now, okay maybe ten, but always kept in touch. A text here, a phone call there. Nothing special, just “in case”. Life can take some strange twists and she was my “just in case” and I was hers. That one you would go to if the shit hit the fan, or at least you thought it was.

The text was right to the point.

Her: Hey babe. On my way back to New Mexico and will be going through AZ. Want to hook up?

Hook up? Wonder what that meant.

Me: For you anything babe.

Her: LOL. You always were smooth. Be in town tomorrow afternoon. Lunch? Dinner?

Me: I’ll clear out the day for you.

Her: Sounds good. C U soon. Mwah!

Rhonda and I had a very good sex life back then. Nothing crazy but maybe it could have been if we wanted it to be. I mean I’d suck the dildos before sliding them into her and she’d smile that “I know what you want look.” I kind of knew what she might have wanted. She had stuck her big black dildo on the wall of the bedroom many times and banged it hard while sucking my cock. That and she knew her way around her pussy with a vibrator or two. Yep, good times.

But people change, lives change, and we drifted apart. She went west to Cali and got a really good job. We had seen each other maybe once or twice and fucked but the last time was about five years ago. Yeah, I’d like to see her again.


“It’s been a while,” Rhonda said as she bit on the In n Out Burger. “Last time I was here In Out wasn’t.”

“Yeah, it’s been a while,” I replied. “There’s a few new places now, some good, some not so good.”

Rhonda had made it into town around one and she asked if I’d had lunch yet. I told her no and we decided on In n Out. Always good for a quick meal and, well, my group pretty much liked it.

“How long you going to be in town?” I asked.

She licked the edge of the burger and said “Maybe a day or two. Have to be in Albuquerque on Monday. Got a transfer.”

“That’s good,” I said. “Know anyone there?”

She smiled, “Not yet. I’m more of a loner now. Don’t do the social stuff that much.”

I nodded and continued to eat.

“Can I ask you a favor?” she asked.

“Of course.”

“Can I stay at your place tonight and tomorrow night? It’d save me some money,” she said. “Plus, I’d like some alone time with you. Catch up on things.”

I smiled and replied, “Of course. For you anything.”

“Anything?” she asked with flashing eyes.

“Anything and everything.” WTF, might as well take a chance. Worse case is she’d say no. Kind of doubted it.

Rhonda nodded. “You have a girl friend?”

“Not really. Nothing serious just friends.”

“So, no one that’d be pissed if we fucked?” Her eyes flashed again.

I laughed and smiled. “No, not one like that. You have a guy?”

“Not now, had a few of course,” she said as she took a long drink. “But nothing serious.”

“Cool.” I finished my burger and drink and we sat looking at each other. After we finished, we went out to my van. Once inside Rhonda looked around the van and said, “Reminds me of the one we used to have.”

“Yep, I though the same thing when I bought it.”

Looking back at me she asked “Get your cock sucked much in here? I know I loved doing it back then.”

Get my cock sucked in here? With all the cocksuckers I knew, she’d be surprised. I replied.

“Oh yeah, quite a bit too.” It was my turn to smile.

She nodded her head with an approving look on her face. “Bet the ladies must love it.”

“Guys too” I said matter of factly. Let’s see where this would go.

She looked at me with a questioning, half smile, look. “Guys too?”

“Oh yeah, been doing it quite a bit actually.”

Rhonda laughed and exclaimed. “I knew it! I knew you wanted to suck cock when we were married. Did you?”

Now it was my turn to laugh. “No baby, I didn’t suck cock until a couple of years ago.”

“But you wanted to,” she replied. “Like it?”

“Love istanbul travestileri it.”

“That’s way cool. I mean I’m glad you have a chance to do what you’ve always wanted to do. I know I appreciated it when I got my chance to spend a night with a girl.”


“Yes, quite a few times and I can say I understand why you like to eat pussy,” she said happily.

“And I can understand why you like to suck cock!”

We laughed and after a few minutes we were at my place.

“Want to sleep on the couch, or should I?” I asked.

“Oh, don’t bullshit me Tom. I’m going to sleep with you and we’re going to fuck,” she replied as she headed to the kitchen.

She poured a glass of wine and looked through the fridge opening drawers and moving stuff about.

“What are doing?” I asked as she continued on.

“Seeing what you have for tomorrow’s breakfast. I miss cooking for you….and others,” she replied with a grin.

Hmmm. I wonder what she had in mind. “I’m looking forward to breakfast with you baby. How many you want to cook for?”

She smiled and chuckled. Took a sip of wine and asked “Three, maybe four.”

I moved over to her and pulled her close. She took in a deep breath and I said. “Four would be good.” I slid my tongue onto her neck and downwards, she gasped. I continued, “With four you could check off all the boxes.”

She took in a breath as I began to go lower to her chest. She held me tight as I unbuttoned her top and pulled it downwards.

She moaned in anticipation. “What boxes baby? Tell me what boxes.”

I went lower. I could feel her undoing her pants and sliding them down. I pulled her shirt back, tight, her arms inside then pulled off. I knew when I first saw her today, she wasn’t wearing a bra. My hands went to her 38s, I had paid for them many years ago. I slid my tongue over one nipple then the next, a little bite here and there. She moaned in appreciation.

“I know a guy and girl you’d like,” I said thinking of Crystal and Aaron. Too bad Marcus was out of town.

She slid her hands to my shoulders pushing me slowly downward. “In fact, I know a wonderful lady you’d like. Wonderful personality; wonderful cock.”


I looked up at her and smiled. “I know a tranny baby.”

Her eyes lit up. “You’re shitting me.”

“No, and Lori would love being with you…you’d love being with her too.” I kissed her stomach, licked her belly button. She was quiet…too quiet? After a bit she said…

“I’d like that lover; maybe one of each?”

“For you anything Rhonda,” I replied as I pulled her panties down. She stepped back, pulled off her pants and stood there naked.

“You want to fuck me here in the kitchen or the bedroom?” she moved forward and pulled my t-shirt off me. I undid my pants; she grabbed my now hard cock as I got naked. She was down on her knees and licked under my cock. “I missed you.”

“I missed you to sweetie,” I replied.

“I was talking to your cock Tom,” she said as she slid her tongue over the head of my cock and began to go in circles, slow, wet, and hot. I put my hands on her shoulders, she didn’t like hands on her head either.

I started to slide the head of my cock into her mouth, she took it in slowly, stopping it and swallowing, then pulling me forward inch my inch. Wet and hot, the girl could suck cock. I knew it then and she was proving again now.

She started to go down, slow, and deep, pausing halfway to swallow once, twice, then all the way down. She was magic; I remember the first time she took my whole cock in her mouth, to her throat. Kind of guess it was one reason I married her. And a tight pussy was another. I pushed her away.

She looked up with a questioning look and asked, “Why’d you want me to stop?”

I reached down and pulled her up fast, grabbed her hair and pulled back her head, licking and nipping her neck I said, “Come to bed with me.”

“Fuck yeah lover.”

I grabbed her hand and we walked to the bedroom.

“Ooo, this is nice,” she said as we entered the bedroom. I went to the drawer and pulled out lube, Mr. Pink, and a couple of dildos. She walked over to the large black one and stuck the head in her mouth. “I don’t suppose…”

“Marcus,” I replied. “You’d like him.”

“Is he coming over tomorrow or tonight?” she asked as she walked up to me.

“No babe, he’s out of town,” I replied. “But I can let you know when he’ll be back in town. Just saying.” I took her hand, pulled her close and we kissed deeply. She was no stranger to what I liked and took my tongue warmly, then slid hers into my mouth. Out tongues meshed together and went back and forth as her hand grabbed my cock, me rubbing her nipples gently. She pushed me back on the bed.

Once there she straddled my legs and leaned forward to my cock. Looking me in the eyes she asked “Can I suck it Tom? I’ll suck it really good. Maybe even off.”

“You can suck me any time anywhere baby,” I said, and I wasn’t lying. Fuck, I’d traveled before after travesti istanbul we were divorced just to fuck her, and I’d do it again. She was doing it now.

Her eyes flashed, she loved sucking cock, whose since we got divorced? I really didn’t care; I’d sucked plenty myself. Plus, pussy and trannies. Damn I love trannies. Oh shit!

Rhonda had cupped my balls and started down my cock. No licking the head, just straight down. Slow. Damn she was taking it all and I was loving it. She rubbed my balls, moved a hand to her mouth and licked her index finger. Suck my cock, licked the finger. Down she went again, and I felt a finger at my, no, in my ass as she slid it in as her mouth went down. Fuck!

“That hurt baby?” she asked quickly then back to sucking my cock.

“No love, it’s good,” I replied, and it was.

“I figured you’ve had a lot larger up your ass,” she said with a laugh. Suck. Suck then, “Can I watch next time you get a cock up your ass baby?” Suck, suck.

“Oh, hell yeah,” I replied. She had a magic mouth and loved to swallow but not yet. I pushed her away, she laughed and said, “Getting close lover?”

I pulled her onto the bed and slid myself off. She laughed when I grabbed the pillow and shoved it under her ass, pulling her legs off the edge of the bed. “Ooo, something new lover?”

I leaned onto her and we kissed again, she was the best at it. She dug her nails into my back and scratched downwards. I moved downwards myself, to her large tits, spent some time there then kissed my way down to where I wanted to be.

I heard her take a deep breath as I reached her wet, welcoming, pussy. I looked at it, spread her lips apart and slipped my hard tongue into her tasty hole. Spinning around inside her a bit, just with the tip of my tongue, I came back up and licked her hard, standing up ready clit. It was like reuniting with an old friend.

As I began to lick, I slid a wet finger into her, she murmured “Oh yeah baby” as I added the second wet one. In and out I slid them as I licked first one way then the next.

After five or more minutes of this I pulled away and reached for a dildo. Not the big black one, the other one. I stuck it into my mouth getting it nice and wet for her. Our eyes locked and she said…

“Every time I saw you doing that before I knew you wanted to suck cock.”

“And now I do,” I replied. “Lots of them.”

I slid the dildo into her hot pussy, about halfway in. Down I went, my tongue to the dildo then sliding up to her clit. Then back down to the dildo then back up.

“Oh shit, that’s hot,” she said realizing what I was doing. “Have you done that with a guy and girl? Can we do it?”

Slide down the dildo, lick the clit; “Yeah baby, tomorrow night.”

She moaned. I reached over and grabbed Mr. Pink. I gave it to her after turning it on, she placed it right on her clit.

“Oh man, that’s good,” she said. I took the big black dildo and while looking into her eyes sucked it, got it nice and wet. Out came the dildo and in went the big one. Her pussy ate it up as it went in then deep inside her. She moaned. Anchoring the dildo on the pillow I got up on the bed and knelt next to her head. I pulled it to me, she didn’t need any encouragement. She grabbed it and pulled the head into her mouth. Pussy packed, vibrator on the clit and my cock in her mouth we banged away for a bit.

“I love seeing that black cock in you baby,” I said. “So hot.”

She moaned, her nipples rock hard as I grabbed and pinched one.

“I’d love to spit roast you baby, tomorrow. Yes, two cocks for you.”

She moaned loudly, as loud as she could with my cock in her mouth then pulled it away and yelled “I’m going to cum!” She shoved my dick back in her mouth then started to shiver, shake. She was cumming hard, moaning while sucking. After a few minutes she pulled away, tossed Mr. Pink to the side, and took a ragged breath or two. I pulled the dildo out of her and licked it; I love her taste.

I then stood up and grabbed her by the ankles and spread her legs wide. Grabbing my now crazy hard cock, I rubbed it against her pussy lips. Pushed and slid in. Grabbing the other ankle, having them both, I held them tight and started to fuck her. Her hands came up and she stroked my hard nipples.

My balls ached as I slid in and out. She still had that oh so tight, wet, hot pussy. Bam, bam, bam!

“Fuck me Tom, fill me up!” she said loudly. “Fuck me hard baby!”

I kept banging that fine cunt and could feel my cum rising, fuck skyrocketing up and then out of my cock. Her pussy tightened up around me as I shot four, fuck, five large loads.

“Yeah baby,” Rhonda said loudly. “Fill me up, fill me up.”

I did, then pulled away and fell back into the chair.

Except she wasn’t done.

She stood up, her fingers to her cunt. Scooping up the cum she came over to me and placed it in my mouth, followed quickly by her tongue. Once, twice, maybe three times we kissed that way, my still hot cum coming from her pussy each time. Then she pulled away.

“That was fucking great Tom.” She said matter of factly. “You’ve learned a lot. I mean you were a great fuck but now you’re so…nasty. That’s hot.”

“You’re a great fuck yourself.”

“We’re a great fuck,” she corrected.

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